NBA Picks Today + Odds to Trade for Blake Griffin & Andre Drummond | NBA Gambling Podcast (Ep. 128)

NBA Picks Today
NBA Picks Today & Who Will Trade for Sad Blake?

Locker Room Listener Call-In Recap

Ryan ‘Rich Fat Baby’ McKee, Munaf ‘The Machine’ Manji, and more of the SGPN #DegensOnly Crew get together live on the Locker Room app. The NBA Gambling Podcast group chat centers around NBA betting picks for today (Friday, February 19, 2021). They preview all 9 games on tonight’s slate and discuss lines, totals, injuries, best bets, as well as player props. Games include: Golden State Warriors (-4.5) vs Orlando Magic; Denver Nuggets (-8.5) vs Cleveland Cavaliers; Atlanta Hawks vs Boston Celtics (-4); Chicago Bulls vs Philadelphia 76ers (-8.5); Detroit Pistons vs Memphis Grizzlies (-5); Oklahoma City Thunder vs Milwaukee Bucks (-10.5); Phoenix Suns (-3.5) vs New Orleans Pelicans; Toronto Raptors (-2.5) vs Minnesota Timberwolves; and Utah Utah Jazz (-4) vs. LA Clippers.

Before NBA picks today, Ryan throws out the odds for which teams will trade for Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond. Both of the former Pistons stars are sitting on the bench until their respective teams can strike a deal. The Cavs will want good young talent for Drummond to go with Collin Sexton, Darius Garland, and Jarrett Allen. While the Pistons will likely just take picks for Griffin. Currently, the favorite destinations for Drummond are Toronto (+250) and Dallas (+300). Blake, on the other hand, will probably end up in his former college town Oklahoma City (+300) or Miami (+350).

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