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Super Bowl 55 Props From The Podcast


We gave out a ton of Super Bowl 55 prop bets from the podcast and in case you missed a pick or don’t want to write them all down here are all the picks from each episode. Don’t forget to tune into our live Super Bowl pregame show starting 2pm Pacific over on our YouTube channel and follow us on Twitter for live commentary @GamblingPodcast.

Super Bowl 55 Exotic Player Props

The guys are joined by Adam Pelletier (@AdamPelletier) to break down all their favorites exotic player props for Super Bowl 55.

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1Heads (+100)$50,000Tails (+100)$50,000Tails (+100)$50,000
2Thank First City (+650)$120,000National Anthem Under 1:59 (-140)$140,000Antem Under 1:59 (-140)$100,000
3Said First "Tom Brady is 43" vs Brady 10th Super Bowl (+110)$25,000Will Any Scoring Drive Take
Less Time Than U.S. National
Anthem Length? YES (-350)
$175,000Sack B4 Touchdown (+110)$200,000
4National Anthem OVER 1:59 (+100)$125,000Player To Be Shown First
During U.S. National Anthem?
Bruce Arians (-110) vs Andy Reid
$55,000Biden Mentioned Over 1 (+190)$50,000
5Will A Football Be Used As A Prop (NO -650)$100,000What Will Happen To The
Price Of Bitcoin During The
Super Bowl? UP (-145)
$145,000Under 8 Songs @ Halftime (+155)$50,000
6Will The Team Win Coin Toss Win Super Bowl (NO -130)$60,000Will Either Kicker Hit The Upright
Or Crossbar On A Missed
Field-Goal Or Extra-Point Attempt?
NO -550
$225,000Crossbar hit on FG/PAT (+325)$200,000
7Halftime Show End with Blinding Lights (-240)$24,000How Many Times Will Roger
Goodell Be Shown? U 1.5
$25,000Drake appears onstage (+400)$100,000
8Gatorade Color Clear Water (+700)$46,000What Will Be Mentioned First?
Tom Brady 10th SB vs
Tom Brady Age 43 +110
$30,000Your Eyes 1st Song (+450)$50,000
9What Will Happen First SACK (+110) over TD$100,000MVP to thank teammate 1st -120$120,000City first Thanked in MVP (+650)$100,000
10Scoring Drive Less Than National Anthem (-350)$350,000Gatorade = Water +700$35,000Clear Gatorade/Water (+700)$100,000

Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Player Props

The guys are joined by Danny Solomon (@DannySolomonn) to break down all their favorites Kansas City Chiefs player props for Super Bowl 55.

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1Mahomes 1st Pass Incomplete (+180)$100,000Mahomes 1st Pass Incomplete (+180)$100,000CEH Under 7.5 Rushing Att (+115)$150,000
2Mahomes Most Pass Yards (-150)$150,000Mahomes 1st TD (+1800)$25,000Mahomes Under 21.5 Rush Yds (+100)$100,000
3First KC Kickoff to be a touchback NO (+195)$75,000Chiefs call 1st Timeout (-110)$55,000Juan Thornhill INT (+1000)$50,000
4Any Offensive Lineman To Score A TD YES (+2000)$30,000Chiefs Over 3.5 Punts (+155)$180,000D. Williams scores a TD (+170)$200,000
5Travis Kelce 100 yards & KC Win (+190)$125,000Darrel Williams U 8.5 Carries (-110)$165,000N. Suh Sacks Over .5 (+300)$50,000
6Patrick Mahomes 300 yards & KC Win (+150)$150,000Chiefs Under 1.5 Sacks (+120)$50,000KC wins by 7-12 (+450)$150,000
7First REC Darrell Williams (+2000)$25,000Under 7.5 Chiefs w/ catch (-155)$155,000Hardman Over 2.5 Rec (+115)$200,000
8Darrell Williams O 2.5 REC (+155)$100,000PAT miss = YES (+195)$50,000Kelce MVP (+1000) / (+1500)$50,000
9Mahmoes MVP (-105)$225,000No Score in 1st 5:00 (-110)$110,000Chiefs Def/ST TD (+2000)$25,000
10Sammy Watkins 150 REC Yards & 2 TD (+9200)$20,000Total Penalties U 10.5 (-110)$110,000Ariana Grande 1st Cameo (+650)$25,000

Tampa Bay Bucs Super Bowl Player Props

The guys are joined by Boston Capper (@Boston_Capper) to break down all their favorites Tampa Bay Bucs player props for Super Bowl 55.

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1Tom Brady First Pass Incomplete (+150)$100,000Brady 1st Pass Incomplete (+150)$100,000Brady O 295.5 Pass Yards -110$250,000
2Tom Brady U 295.5 Pass Yards (-110)$100,0001st TD Ronald Jones (+1800)$25,000Gronk anytime TD +225$100,000
3Leonard Fournette O 23.5 REC YARDS (-110)$75,000Over 2.5 Sacks TB (+115)$75,000Brady MVP +210$50,000
4Fournette > REC Yards CEH (-150)$150,000Antonio Brown 50 yds + Bucs win +350$50,000O 2.5 Sacks TB +115$100,000
5Scott Miller O 1.5 REC (+140)$100,000No made 2pt -230$115,000Buc ML +148$175,000
6Devin White First INT (+4000)$25,000Ronald Jones O 8.5 carries (-110)$220,000Mike Evans O 4.5 Rec$50,000
7Total Sacks U 4.5 (-135)$110,000Ryan Succop O 7.5 Pts -105$105,000AB First TD +1800$25,000
8MVP To Be A QB (-305)$305,0002nd half > 1st half -110$110,000Barrett O .5 sack +120$150,000
9Over 2.5 Players To Throw A TD Pass (+1100)$20,000Bucs -2.5 (+180)$100,000Succop U 7.5 -105$50,000
10Cameron Brate 120 REC YARDS
& 1TD & TB WIN (+10200)
$15,000Tom Brady MVP (+210)$100,000Brady at least 351, 4 TDS & TB W$50,000

Final $4,000 Super Bowl Prop List

The guys spend their $4,000 in winnings with their best Super Bowl 55 player props.

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1Cameron Brate 120 REC YARDS & 1TD & TB WIN (+10200)$20$2,040.00
2Sammy Watkins 150 REC YARDS & 2 TD (+92000)$20$1,840.00
3Tom Brady 43 before 10th Super Bowl (+100)$50$50.00
4Darrel Williams First TD (+1300)$50$650.00
5Cameron Brate First TD (+2000)$50$1,000.00
6Ronald Jones First TD (+1900)$50$950.00
7Patrick Mahomes First TD (+1300)$50$650.00
8Devin White INT (+1900)$50$950.00
9Clear Gatorade (+600)$100$600.00
10Highest Scoring Quarter Third (+400)$100$400.00
11Scott MIller O 1.5 REC (+127)$100$127.00
12Will there be a score in last 3:30 of fourth YES -175$100$57.00
13Will There Be A Missed XP YES (+240)$100$240.00
14Mahomes First Pass Attempt Incomplete (+180)$250$450.00
15Brady First Pass Attempt Incomplete (+175)$250$437.50
16Rob Gronkowski First TB Rec (+700)$250$1,750.00
17Darrel Williams O 2 REC (+100)$300$300.00
18Ronald Jones O 37.5 RUSH YARDS (-114)$300$264.00
19First Quarter U10 (+100)$500$500.00
20First Offensive Play Run (+100)$500$500.00
21Highest Scoring Half Second (-115)$810$704.00

Sean Green is co-host of The Sports Gambling Podcast. When he isn't giving out his free NFL picks, he works as a stand up comedian, writer and producer. He's currently the head writer and supervising producer on "Ridiculousness" but has also written for Crashletes (Nickelodeon), SFTHF (Full Screen) and Guy Code (MTV Digital). Sean also hosts his own late night sports talk show "Sean's Sports Show".


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