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NBA Picks Livestream for Friday, Jan 8 | NBA Gambling Podcast Bonus Episode

NBA Picks Livestream

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Hey, guess what! It’s the NBA Picks livestream! NBA Gambling Podcast is now doing regular live shows on the new sports audio social app Locker Room. It’s like podcasting meets sports radio call-in shows! Today’s episode was recorded live on their app. The audio quality isn’t as high as our normal standards since it was done on our phones instead of professional quality microphones. That’s why we’re uploading this as a bonus episode. However, we’re going to continue doing live episodes on Locker Room every Tuesday and Thursday at 11am EST and upload the recordings on our podcast feed for those who’d like to listen after the fact. For those of you who’d like to be involved, download the app, look for our live rooms every Tuesday and Thursday at 11am EST, and join in the discussion! You don’t have to be a sharp or a analytics nerd. You just have to love betting on basketball!

NBA Picks Livestream Recap

Today’s episode features Ryan McKee, Zach Broner and Munaf Manji. They break down the spreads, odds, totals, news and picks for Friday night’s full slate of NBA games. They pick every game against-the-spread, as well as debate some player props. Games discussed include: Phoenix Suns (-6.5) @ Detroit Pistons, Oklahoma City Thunder vs New York Knicks (-2.0), Washington Wizards vs Boston Celtics (-6.5), Charlotte Hornets @ New Orleans Pelicans (-6.5), Orlando Magic @ Houston Rockets (-5.5), Brooklyn Nets @ Memphis Grizzlies (-1.5), Utah Jazz @ Milwaukee Bucks (-6), Los Angeles Clippers (-7) @ Golden State Warriors, Chicago Bulls @ Los Angeles Lakers (-9.5), and Toronto Raptors (-5) @ Sacramento Kings.

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