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The End Of The Doug P Era? | Diehard Eagles (Ep. 12)


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The End Of The Doug P Era? | Diehard Eagles

The guys are back and they’re pissed. Is this the end of the Doug Pederson era? Could they have seen this Carson Wentz collapse coming? Is there anything that can be done to save Doug P & Carson? Do the Diehards want them to be saved?

The Diehard Eagles podcast is by Diehard Eagles fan by Diehard Eagles fans. Sean ‘Stacking The Money’ Green from The Sports Gambling Podcast hosts with his two fellow Diehard Eagles fans Robby & Justin as they break down everything that is going right and wrong for the Philadelphia Eagles. Tired of Philadelphia Eagles podcasts hosted by dorky sports writers? Then this is the podcast for you. Fly Eagles Fly every episode on the Diehard Eagles podcast. SUBSCRIBE NOW Apple | Spotify


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