Will Bob Baffert’s Authentic Nail The 2020 Preakness Stakes Victory?

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Will Bob Baffert’s Authentic Nail The 2020 Preakness Stakes Victory?

The Kentucky Derby this year has proven that it’s not always how you fall, but it’s the way you recover. Remember that the Derby last year has ended controversially due to disqualifying a real winner. A few weeks ago, amidst the chaos brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, the fans were left in awe after Authentic surprisingly dispatched a heavy favorite, Tiz The Law.

With Authentic’s huge win in the Derby, Bob Baffert has now set the newest record of most wins in the Derby by a trainer. He is eyeing for Authentic to win the Preakness Stakes as he now leads the poll in the odds ranking. Also, he’s the huge favorite for the Black-Eyed Susans this October 3 at Pimlico Park.

Will Authentic’s luck for the Preakness Stakes continue and make Baffert the best racehorse trainer in history? Can he sustain a tantamount speed given that the Preakness Stakes has the shortest racecourse among the Triple Crown jewels? Let’s know the Preakness odds 2020 of this colt and his edge against other horses why he deserves the Black-Eyed Susans glory this season.

Impressive Horse Racing Resume

Out of the thirteen horses running for the 2020 Preakness Stakes, Authentic has the most colorful horse racing form. Although he’s one of the horses who made less than ten racing starts, his placements are undeniably remarkable. Aside from making it to the Derby earlier this September, he successfully played some prominent horse racing competitions.

Last January 4, 2020, he started his career by competing at Sham Stakes and won the title right away. After that, he went immediately to Santa Anita Park, where he jousted at the San Felipe Stakes, still winning the crown. Although he competed at Santa Anita Derby and won second place, he bounced back at the Haskell Stakes and earned the title.

Undisputed Talented Trainer and Jockey

Authentic’s breeder Peter E. Blum Thoroughbreds, LLC, has hired Bob Baffert as a trainer after getting claimed on May 5, 2017. After that, Baffert has successfully handicapped this horse and made him one of the world’s strongest racehorses. Today, he aims to win the Preakness Stakes to earn the Hall of Fame Award once again.

Baffert isn’t the only key as to why Authentic won the Derby, but his jockey, John R. Velazquez, also made an impact. By building an excellent connection to the horse, they maintained a steady speed leaving Tiz The Law behind during the Run For The Roses. That said, there is no doubt they can repeat the same performance in the Preakness Stakes and win once again.

Unique Running Style

For a horse to win any racing game, especially in the Preakness Stakes, he must display optimum speed. His speed should not only come out strong in the beginning but until the end of the racing show. There are three areas where a horse can feature his running style: at the starting gate, in the middle, and at the nearing end.

Authentic was trained by Bob Baffert uniquely. He is a horse that starts the competition as fast as he can, maintains speed in the middle, and hustles harder as he approaches the finish line. It was the reason why Tiz The Law couldn’t keep up in the Derby as Authentic was more solid in making his speed stable.

A Winning Bloodline

Authentic is a sire of Into Mischief and his eight crops. Into Mischief was one of the leading racehorses in 2019 who recorded a total of $18,916,923 earnings. In 2018, he ranked in fourth place as the best general sire. It’s where Authentic got a winning bloodline of being the toughest colt in today’s Triple Crown generation.

Moreover, Into Mischief started six racing games after birth. Immediately, he earned half-title wins, and the other half were second placements. All of these were in Grade 1 Stakes, which is the highest category in horse racing. Considering the sire that Authentic has, there is no doubt that he has a brighter future in the upcoming Preakness Stakes.

Leader In Odds Ranking

If you look in any horse racing platform and online bookies, Authentic is leading the chart for the Preakness odds ranking. He is a huge favorite to win the Black-Eyed Susans and might sustain that when the racing day comes. Unlike other types of sports betting games, favorites always win in horse racing.

Thus, when you look for a colt to bet in the upcoming Preakness Stakes, Authentic is the best choice. Although you should not undervalue other colts in the competition, choosing Authentic can lead you to a winning situation.


Every year, many horse racing games are settling to highlight the best racehorses on earth. In the U.S., the Triple Crown Series is the most anticipated one. Now that the tournament is about to conclude, Authentic is close to nailing the prestige of being the toughest colt this year. Will he be able to win the Preakness Stakes? All we can do is wait and see.

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