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Dolphins vs Jaguars Predictions, Stats, Printable Cheat Sheet

Dolphins vs Jaguars Predictions

Hello, it’s Ryan McKee here. You might remember me from the NBA Gambling Podcast, or from our Slack channel, or as the managing editor of this very website. We’ve been publishing a lot of new content and trying out new things. Our boy Munaf Manji, who we met on SGPN Slack (seriously, if you’re not already on our Slack, join now), has been doing some amazing research and building matchup breakdowns by the numbers. They are just too good not to share with the world! I don’t know if it makes sense to publish as a PDF … but that’s what I’m doing, because we’re trying new stuff! You can print it out or just look at it on your computer. That’s for you to decide. Just read it! This Dolphins vs Jaguars Predictions & Stats Cheat Sheet for Thursday Night Football is worth studying in depth!

If you like it, let me know. Or let Munaf know. We’ll share more.

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Miami Dolphins vs Jacksonville Jaguarss Thursday Night Football


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