NFL Week 2 Survivor Pool Picks

NFL Week 2 Survivor Pool Picks

Survive and advance with NFL Week 2 Survivor Pool Picks. For those that didn’t agree with my pick of the Chiefs, I understand the rationale behind saving a top team. I just hope you didn’t pick the Colts, Eagles, or 49ers instead.

What did we learn from week 1? The Jets are probably the worst team in the league. In the running might be the Bengals, Dolphins, Panthers, Giants and Browns. Even in victory, the Chargers, Raiders, and Redskins aren’t very good either. It might be wise to pick against one of these teams this week.

NFL Week 2 Survivor Pool Picks

San Francisco 49ers (– 7 @ New York Jets)

This looks like an intriguing option for NFL Week 2 Survivor Pool Picks. Alert! This is a west coast team traveling across the country for a 1PM ET kickoff. The Jets are awful and I love the bounce back spot for the 49ers, but picking San Fran would go against a couple rules. Just saying.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-9 vs Carolina Panthers)

While the Raiders/Panthers game was entertaining, neither football team is very good. Meanwhile, the Bucs played against a top 5 team in the league and should find the Panther D much easier to move the ball against compared to the Saints. This game is tied for the biggest point spread of the week. Brady & Co should get back to .500 here.

Tennessee Titans (-9 vs Jacksonville Jaguars)

The other game tied for the largest spread of the week is this AFC South showdown. However, you have to be crazy to pick against Minshew Mania at this point. I’m staying far away from this game.

Arizona Cardinals (-6.5 vs Washington Football Team)

Both teams are coming off huge week 1 wins. Washington’s offense is atrocious, but they have a feisty D and have rallied around Riverboat Ron. The legs of Kyler Murray should be able to neutralize the pass rush while the improved AZ defense will force a couple turnovers in route to a 2-0 start.

Kansas City Chiefs (-8.5 @ Los Angeles Chargers)

While I’ve already used up my pick of the Chiefs, perhaps you went elsewhere last week. This is a divisional game on the road, but KC looked pretty damn good Thursday. Don’t expect them to stumble here.

New Orleans Saints (-6.5 @ Las Vegas Raiders)

Plain and simple, the Saints are a much better team than the Raiders. They should ruin the first ever game in the desert. Monitor the injury report as Michael Thomas may not play. Even if he doesn’t, the Saints should still roll. However, this goes against Vegas bad gambling juju as far as NFL Week 2 Survivor Pool Picks go.

NFL Week 2 Survivor Pool Picks Winner!

While I’m a lifelong Washington fan, I don’t see a scenario where the team travels across the country and starts the season 2-0 with that offense.  The Football Team’s D might be a top 10 unit in the league, but the O is most certainly a bottom 10 unit.  Arizona beat the 49ers last week and looks legit.  Kyler Murray for MVP anyone?  Let’s go Arizona Cardinals!


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