Fantasy Football Week 2 Rankings

Fantasy Football Week 2 SGPN Consensus Ranks
Davante Adams climbed to the WR01 spot in our Fantasy Football Week 2 Rankings

Week 1 is in the books! Hopefully, you used our rankings to dominate your league. If you lost, do not blame us! You probably misread something. Heading into Week 2 there are some juicy matchups and injuries to consider. Our Fantasy Football Week 2 Rankings take that into account!

As always, our rankers are: Sean ‘Stacking the Money’ Green, Ryan ‘Real Money’ Kramer, Jon ‘Show Me the Data’ Jackson, Nick ‘The Better Dantabase’ Dant, Rod ‘The X Factor’ Villagomez, and me, Adam ‘Talentless Mr. Roto’ Pelletier. Also, a special shoutout to my man Davy ‘The Spreadsheet Savant’ Johnson for building a spreadsheet that will automatically combine our rankings into one list. Without further fanfare, here are our Fantasy Football Week 2 Rankings.

Fantasy Football Week 2 Rankings

Quarterback Ranks

Position Rank Quarterbacks Pelletier Green Dant Villagomez Kramer Jackson
QB01 Lamar Jackson QB01 QB03 QB01 QB01 QB01 QB01
QB02 Patrick Mahomes QB03 QB02 QB02 QB02 QB02 QB02
QB03 Josh Allen QB04 QB01 QB03 QB07 QB05 QB05
QB04 Aaron Rodgers QB08 QB08 QB04 QB04 QB06 QB08
QB05 Dak Prescott QB02 UNR QB06 QB05 QB04 QB03
QB06 Deshaun Watson QB09 QB06 QB10 QB08 QB08 QB07
QB07 Russell Wilson QB07 QB04 QB07 QB03 UNR QB06
QB08 Kyler Murray QB06 QB07 QB08 UNR QB07 QB04
QB09 Matt Ryan QB05 QB10 QB05 UNR QB03 UNR
QB10 Cam Newton QB11 UNR QB13 QB09 QB10 QB10
QB11 Drew Brees QB13 UNR QB09 QB11 QB12 QB12
QB12 Carson Wentz QB22 QB05 QB17 QB06 QB14 QB16
QB13 Matthew Stafford QB10 UNR QB11 UNR QB09 QB11
QB14 Ben Roethlisberger QB12 UNR QB14 QB14 QB11 QB14
QB15 Tom Brady QB14 UNR QB12 QB10 UNR QB09
QB16 Gardner Minshew QB18 QB09 QB15 UNR QB13 UNR
QB17 Ryan Tannehill QB19 UNR QB25 QB12 UNR QB13
QB18 Joe Burrow QB15 UNR QB26 QB15 UNR QB15
QB19 Jared Goff QB17 UNR QB21 UNR QB15 UNR
QB20 Daniel Jones QB23 UNR QB23 QB13 UNR UNR
QB21 Jimmy Garoppolo QB16 UNR QB19 UNR UNR UNR
QB22 Philip Rivers QB20 UNR QB18 UNR UNR UNR
QB23 Derek Carr QB21 UNR QB20 UNR UNR UNR
QB24 Mitchell Trubisky QB30 UNR QB16 UNR UNR UNR
QB25 Teddy Bridgewater QB27 UNR QB22 UNR UNR UNR
QB26 Kirk Cousins QB28 UNR QB24 UNR UNR UNR
QB27 Baker Mayfield QB26 UNR QB27 UNR UNR UNR
QB28 Tyrod Taylor QB25 UNR QB30 UNR UNR UNR
QB29 Dwayne Haskins QB24 UNR QB32 UNR UNR UNR
QB30 Drew Lock QB29 UNR QB29 UNR UNR UNR
QB31 Sam Darnold QB31 UNR QB28 UNR UNR UNR
QB32 Ryan Fitzpatrick QB32 UNR QB31 UNR UNR UNR

Running Back Ranks

Position Rank Running Backs Pelletier Green Dant Villagomez Kramer Jackson
RB01 Christian McCaffrey RB01 RB01 RB01 RB01 RB06 RB01
RB02 Alvin Kamara RB05 RB02 RB04 RB02 RB04 RB03
RB03 Derrick Henry RB06 RB03 RB05 RB03 RB02 RB04
RB04 Ezekiel Elliott RB02 RB19 RB02 RB04 RB01 RB02
RB05 Dalvin Cook RB07 RB04 RB09 RB06 RB03 RB05
RB06 C. Edwards-Helaire RB08 RB07 RB03 RB07 RB08 RB06
RB07 Josh Jacobs RB04 RB05 RB07 RB08 RB12 RB09
RB08 Aaron Jones RB11 RB06 RB06 RB11 RB07 RB11
RB09 Austin Ekeler RB12 RB17 RB08 RB15 RB05 RB13
RB10 Nick Chubb RB10 RB14 RB12 RB13 RB10 RB18
RB11 Saquon Barkley RB03 UNR RB11 RB05 RB09 RB07
RB12 Kenyan Drake RB18 RB11 RB17 RB12 RB15 RB10
RB13 David Johnson RB27 RB08 RB13 RB10 RB17 RB15
RB14 Melvin Gordon RB14 RB09 RB20 RB17 RB19 RB24
RB15 Kareem Hunt RB15 RB13 RB21 RB20 RB18 RB20
RB16 Joe Mixon RB09 UNR RB15 RB14 RB11 RB14
RB17 Raheem Mostert RB25 UNR RB14 RB09 RB16 RB16
RB18 Jonathan Taylor RB23 RB15 RB24 UNR RB14 RB08
RB19 Ronald Jones RB19 UNR RB22 RB16 RB22 RB17
RB20 Miles Sanders RB17 RB10 RB28 UNR RB29 RB12
RB21 Malcolm Brown RB21 RB12 RB16 RB19 RB30 UNR
RB22 Todd Gurley RB26 UNR RB18 RB18 RB20 RB21
RB23 Chris Carson RB16 UNR RB10 UNR RB13 RB19
RB24 Zack Moss RB34 RB18 RB30 RB24 RB25 UNR
RB25 Nyheim Hines RB22 RB16 RB26 UNR RB27 UNR
RB26 Benny Snell Jr RB30 UNR RB25 RB22 RB23 UNR
RB27 Mark Ingram RB13 UNR RB19 UNR RB21 UNR
RB28 David Montgomery RB35 UNR RB29 RB23 UNR RB23
RB29 James Robinson RB20 UNR UNR RB25 UNR RB25
RB30 Devin Singletary RB29 UNR UNR UNR RB26 RB22
RB31 James Conner RB33 UNR RB23 RB21 UNR UNR
RB32 James White UNR UNR UNR UNR RB24 RB26
RB34 Tarik Cohen RB36 UNR UNR UNR RB31 UNR
RB35 Joshua Kelley RB24 UNR UNR UNR UNR UNR
RB36 Peyton Barber UNR UNR RB27 UNR UNR UNR
RB37 Antonio Gibson RB28 UNR UNR UNR UNR UNR
RB38 Adrian Peterson RB31 UNR UNR UNR UNR UNR
RB39 Myles Gaskin RB32 UNR UNR UNR UNR UNR
RB42 Leonard Fournette RB40 UNR UNR UNR UNR UNR

Wide Receiver Ranks

Position Rank Quarterbacks Pelletier Green Dant Villagomez Kramer Jackson
WR01 Davante Adams WR01 WR01 WR01 WR01 WR01 WR01
WR02 Julio Jones WR02 WR02 WR02 WR02 WR02 WR02
WR03 DeAndre Hopkins WR08 WR03 WR04 WR03 WR03 WR03
WR04 Chris Godwin WR03 WR05 WR05 WR04 WR05 WR07
WR05 JuJu Smith-Schuster WR06 WR04 WR07 WR06 WR10 WR11
WR06 Adam Thielen WR09 WR11 WR09 WR05 WR04 WR10
WR07 Calvin Ridley WR04 WR13 WR10 WR09 WR07 WR13
WR08 Robert Woods WR11 WR14 WR14 WR08 WR08 WR12
WR09 Tyreek Hill WR10 WR06 WR03 UNR WR06 WR04
WR10 Amari Cooper WR05 UNR WR19 WR11 WR09 WR06
WR11 DK Metcalf WR14 WR07 WR12 WR16 WR16 UNR
WR12 D.J. Moore WR25 UNR WR06 WR12 WR11 WR08
WR13 T.Y. Hilton WR07 WR09 WR18 WR13 WR20 UNR
WR14 Terry McLaurin WR26 WR17 WR33 WR20 WR12 WR14
WR15 AJ Brown WR16 WR10 WR23 WR15 WR13 UNR
WR16 Tyler Lockett WR23 UNR WR20 WR07 WR18 WR18
WR17 Allen Robinson WR15 UNR WR11 WR14 UNR WR09
WR18 Will Fuller WR20 WR18 WR15 UNR WR23 WR16
WR19 D.J. Chark WR18 WR08 WR26 UNR WR14 UNR
WR20 Marquise Brown WR12 WR15 WR17 UNR WR25 UNR
WR21 Keenan Allen WR21 WR16 WR30 UNR WR19 UNR
WR22 Stefon Diggs WR13 UNR UNR WR17 WR24 UNR
WR23 Cooper Kupp WR28 UNR WR27 UNR WR15 WR17
WR24 Darius Slayton WR30 UNR WR29 WR10 WR34 UNR
WR25 Mike Evans WR19 UNR WR22 UNR UNR WR05
WR26 Michael Gallup WR17 UNR UNR UNR WR17 WR19
WR27 Marvin Jones WR27 UNR UNR WR18 WR27 UNR
WR28 Kenny Golladay UNR UNR WR13 UNR WR28 WR15
WR29 Odell Beckham Jr. WR36 UNR WR32 WR19 UNR UNR
WR30 A.J. Green UNR WR19 WR34 UNR WR26 UNR
WR31 Tyler Boyd UNR UNR WR35 UNR WR30 WR20
WR32 Julian Edelman WR37 UNR WR28 UNR WR22 UNR
WR33 Courtland Sutton WR22 UNR UNR UNR WR21 UNR
WR34 Jamison Crowder WR40 UNR WR24 UNR WR31 UNR
WR35 Jarvis Landry WR24 UNR WR31 UNR UNR UNR
WR36 Robby Anderson WR35 UNR WR21 UNR UNR UNR
WR37 DeVante Parker UNR UNR WR16 UNR WR40 UNR
WR38 Sammy Watkins WR32 UNR WR25 UNR UNR UNR
WR39 Michael Thomas UNR UNR WR08 UNR UNR UNR
WR40 Parris Campbell WR29 UNR UNR UNR WR35 UNR
WR41 Emmanuel Sanders WR31 UNR UNR UNR WR33 UNR
WR42 John Brown WR33 UNR UNR UNR WR32 UNR
WR43 Allen Lazard UNR WR12 UNR UNR UNR UNR
WR44 CeeDee Lamb WR34 UNR UNR UNR WR37 UNR
WR45 Diontae Johnson UNR UNR UNR UNR WR29 UNR
WR46 Anthony Miller UNR UNR UNR UNR WR36 UNR
WR47 Russell Gage WR38 UNR UNR UNR UNR UNR
WR48 Sterling Shepard UNR UNR UNR UNR WR38 UNR
WR50 Mike Williams UNR UNR UNR UNR WR39 UNR

Tight End Ranks

Position Rank Tight Ends
Pelletier Green Dant Villagomez Kramer Jackson
TE01 Mark Andrews TE02 TE01 TE02 TE02 TE02 TE01
TE02 Travis Kelce TE01 TE02 TE01 TE03 TE01 TE02
TE03 Noah Fant TE09 TE09 TE04 TE09 TE11 TE06
TE04 Darren Waller TE03 UNR TE07 TE04 TE07 TE03
TE05 Hunter Henry TE15 TE04 TE05 TE08 TE03 TE08
TE06 Zach Ertz TE06 TE03 TE03 UNR TE05 TE07
TE07 George Kittle TE08 UNR TE11 TE01 TE10 TE04
TE08 Evan Engram TE04 UNR TE08 TE06 TE09 TE09
TE09 Jonnu Smith TE07 TE05 TE13 TE05 TE12 UNR
TE10 TJ Hockenson TE10 TE08 TE06 UNR TE08 UNR
TE11 Dallas Goedert TE05 TE07 TE09 UNR UNR TE10
TE12 Tyler Higbee TE16 TE10 TE12 TE07 UNR UNR
TE13 Logan Thomas TE12 UNR TE16 UNR TE06 UNR
TE14 Mike Gesicki TE14 TE06 TE10 UNR UNR UNR
TE15 Hayden Hurst TE11 UNR UNR UNR TE04 UNR
TE16 Chris Herndon UNR UNR TE15 UNR TE14 UNR
TE17 Jared Cook UNR UNR TE14 UNR UNR TE05
TE19 Austin Hooper UNR UNR UNR UNR TE16 UNR
TE21 Rob Gronkowski UNR UNR UNR TE10 UNR UNR


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