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NBA Sharp Off! Does Ryan or Zach Have Better Futures & Player Props Picks?

NBA Futures and Player Props Picks

Ben Simmons dreaming about making a three-pointer in the NBA Playoffs

There is a lot of great NBA gambling and daily fantasy coverage coming to SGPN very soon! We’re going to be spinning off a new NBA Gambling podcast feed where NBA Odds Pod will live. I’ll be doing five episodes a week, giving out betting picks and DFS plays for every game, alongside my regular guests Zach Broner and Chris Giordani, as well as new SGPN personalities.

Zach Broner will continue picking every NBA game against-the-spread and posting his picks for free, right here: But we’re adding a new wrinkle. I’ll be picking every game ATS as well and posting them alongside Zach’s. We’re going to track which one of us has the greatest return on investment by season’s end.

We’re kicking things off with our picks for Playoffs Futures and Player Props. We got 100 units each to divide up and bet any way we wanted. This is SGPN’s FIRST EVER SHARP OFF! The man with the greater ROI on our futures and daily picks will win $100 from the other guy. Personally, I wanted to make the bet a little steeper, but Zach is a poor law school student.

On Tuesday’s NBA Odds Pod, we talked about the reason we chose “units” instead of dollars. It’s a reminder that our clients should be managing their bankrolls by using Flat Betting. We have a great article that details everything you need to know about those concepts. It was originally written before last NFL season, but it applies to all sports.

Listen to the podcast for our rationale behind every bet, but you can check out all our picks in the tables below. You can find all those odds at if any of our bets inspire you to do the same.

If you have any questions or feedback, shoot an email to or hit me up on Twitter @TheRyanMcKee or Zach on Twitter @NBAZachB.


Ryan Rich Fat Baby McKee’s Picks
BetOddsUnits To Win
Bam Adebayo Playoff Average Rebounds: Over 6-1403021.42
Magic: More remaining regular season wins than Nets or Wizards-125 2016
Luka Dončić Playoff Average Assists: Under 9 -1201512.50
OKC Thunder Remaining Regular Season Wins: Over 5+1151011.50
Memphis Grizzlies Remaining Regular Season Wins: Over 4+1401014
NBA Finals Champion: Los Angeles Clippers+300515
Eastern Conference Champion: Philadelphia 76ers+750537.50
Eastern Conference Champion: Miami Heat+1000550


Zach Needs A Dope Nickname Broner
BetOddsUnits To Win
NBA Finals Champion: Los Angeles Lakers+1752543.75
NBA Finals Champion: Los Angeles Clippers+3002060
Will LeBron James test positive for COVID-19: No-240208.34
Will Ben Simmons make a 3pt shot in Playoffs: No-225135.77
Bam Adebayo Playoff Average Rebounds: Over 6-140128.57
Eastern Conference Champion: Philadelphia 76ers+750215
Eastern Conference Champion: Boston Celtics+550211
Eastern Conference Champion: Toronto Raptors+600212
NBA Finals Matchup: 76ers vs Clippers+3500135
NBA Finals Matchup: Raptors vs Clippers+2700127
NBA Finals Matchup: 76ers vs Lakers+2800128
NBA Finals Matchup: Raptors vs Lakers+2900129

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