80+ Funny Fantasy Baseball Names for 2020

80+ Funny Fantasy Baseball Names for 2020

As the calendar gets ready to turn to August, it can only mean one thing – time for baseball season to start! What a strange sentence to type, but these are strange times that we’re living in. And baseball is, indeed, about to start an abbreviated 60 game season, ready or not. Which means so is fantasy baseball.

Here are the best fantasy baseball team names, curated from the world wide web and served up to you, piping hot.

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First, some suggestions from our faithful readers via Twitter:






Now some choice cuts from Athlon Sports:

Bryce Krispies

Angels in the Troutfield

The Balking Dead

Springfield Isotopes

The Trevor Ending Story

Syndergaardians of the Galaxy

Joe Buck Yourself

Kershawshank Redemption

Houston We Have a Problem

Twist and Trout

We Down With OBP

The Notorious P.U.I.G

Upton Funk

Galvis Has Left the Building

Acuna Moncada

Smoak and Mirrors

A to the Rizzo

North Correa

Your Mother’s Father Determines If Ubaldo


Smell My Grienke

Up Your Pujols

RBI’d For Her Pleasure

Big Ol’ Tatis

Your Pujols Stinks

Eaton Her Posey

Designated Shitter

Votto-erotic Asphyxiation

Buster Nut In Her Posey


Now over to The Sporting News:

Zero Lux Given

Crap Out Of Lux/Press Your Lux

In Case Of Emergency, Break Glasnow

Knick-Knack Paddack Whack

Dee’s Nuts!

Just Say Noah

Correan BBQ


Don’t Bogaerts That Joint!

Vladi Dadi, We Likes To Party

Bichette’s Creek

Osuna Or Later

Throw Some Didi’s On That B****

Don’t Hader The Player, Hader The Game

Cain is Able

Tanaka-Knock Joke

Rhys’ Pieces

How Much Wood Could a Woodchuck Grichuk?

Gallo’s Humor


Three A-Puigos


And finally, some from Through The Fence Baseball:

Bryce Bryce Baby

All for Dunn, Dunn for All

Rusty Trumbos

PED-co Park

Reverse Cowgill

Up in a Plouffe of Smoak

The Duda Abides

Marmol Said “knock You Out!”

Dozier Huge Boobs

Everyday I’m Russellin’

Bust a Capps In Yo Ass

Wanted a Hanley and Got a B.J

Conner Lingus

Need TP for my Byung Ho

Youkilis Your Mother With That Mouth?

Where My Pitches At?

I like my eggs Odorizzi

Fister Til She’s Soria

Snell Hath No Fury

Stick it in her Buchholz

Suck My Markockis

Ass to McClouth

Joey Vottofucoco

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