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The Football Tournament Preview, Best Bets for Madden Simulations


The Football Tournament Preview, Best Bets for Madden Simulations

Back by popular demand, the boys have partnered with All Things Comedy for another Madden simulation tournament, except this time with a new twist! We’re replaying the 2019 NFL Playoffs to see what would happen with the latest 2020 rosters (yes, that means Cam Newton in New England!). Big ups to MyBookie who’s offering a prize pool of $10,000 in MyBookie credits as well! So what are you waiting on? Sign up at MyBookie with the promo code TFT, and join in for your chance to win big!

*For all information regarding The Football Tournament, visit here.*

Before I get into which teams to keep an eye on, I’ll first give you a couple of pointers on simulation betting. It’s no secret that Madden simulation betting can be very profitable, but the key is to first understand how the game itself works. I’m not going to dive deeply into this, but Madden has some questionable coaching and game management decisions at a quite frequent rate. As a generalization, you want to back teams with a good quarterback, a talented wide receiver/tight end pool and finally a good defensive line. If you look for teams with these three things, you will see a ton of success with your betting.

NFC Teams To Watch

New Orleans Saints

The first team on my list to watch is New Orleans, and those who participated in Madden MAYhem should know why. In our first Madden tournament, the Saints took home the crown after knocking off the Browns in the championship match. Drew Brees is a deadly accurate quarterback, and that makes a huge difference in simulations. New Orleans has a trio of solid targets for Brees to throw to in Michael Thomas, Jared Cook and Emmanuel Sanders. They also have a solid defense with little to no holes which makes them one of the best teams on the entire Madden game. You can take to the bank that the Saints will a team to watch.

Green Bay Packers

The other team that I have my eyes on in the NFC is Green Bay. We aren’t totally sure who they will play in their first contest, but the most likely result is New Orleans beating Minnesota which in turn would see the Packers play either Seattle or Philadelphia. Given how deadly accurate of a passer that Aaron Rodgers is (and it translates to Madden as well), I don’t see any team on the NFC side that can keep stride with Green Bay outside of Brees and the Saints. Green Bay’s defense isn’t quite as solid as others, but they can get the job done. It’s hard to not place some faith in the sure-hands of Rodgers.

AFC Teams To Watch

Kansas City Chiefs

My first team to watch from the AFC side is probably the most obvious. Kansas City has without a doubt one of the most high-powered offenses in all of the NFL, and the addition of Clyde Edwards-Helaire to their backfield is an upgrade. The Chiefs also have a nasty defensive front that is in the backfield constantly, and this pairs well with their high flying offense. I realistically don’t see any team in the AFC that can possibly take them down outside of my second pick (coming soon) or Baltimore. Lamar Jackson is a horrid passer in Madden as well, and the Chiefs should have an easy path to the championship game.

Buffalo Bills

My second pick, and somewhat of a longshot, is with the Bills. I am not a big fan of Josh Allen and I don’t think he’s a good quarterback by any means. However, the developers of Madden tend to disagree. Allen’s video game counterpart is much better than his real life version, and he’s quiet but solid in the Madden world. My biggest selling point on Buffalo which gives me hope is their stout defense. They arguably possess the best defense in this entire tournament, and that helps counteract games where their offense isn’t clicking. I wouldn’t necessarily take out a mortgage to bet on the Bills in this tournament, but a one unit bet on a team with a defense that can hold teams to low-scoring affairs is certainly not out of line.

Since I was a child, I have always had a love for all things sports, but especially baseball! Between betting and DFS, I bring six years of experience to the table with a winning track record behind it!


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