the football tournamentthe football tournament

SGPN & ATC Present ‘The Football Tournament’

SPGN and All Things Comedy are teaming up to run back the 2019 NFL playoffs by simulating them on Madden 20 with 2020 rosters. The games will be streamed live on the All Things Comedy YouTube channel and will include play by play from the Sports Gambling Podcast. Plus you’ll be able to bet on the games, including prop bets and in game wagering and you can enter the wins contest completely free for a chance to win your share of $10,000 in MyBookie credits!

Super Bowl Squares Contest

We’ll be giving away $500 in a squares pool for the final game ENTER HERE.

The Contest

1. Sign up at using promo code TFT
2. See where you are in the Contest Leaderboard.
3. Tune In!

The Prizes

MyBookie free play credit

  • 1st place – $1000
  • 2nd place – $500
  • 3rd place – $300
  • 4th place – $250
  • 5th place – $200
  • 6th – 10th place – $150
  • 11th – 30th place – $100
  • 31st – 50th place – $75
  • 51st – 75th place – $50
  • 76th – 100th place – $40
  • 101st – 150th place – $25

*Top 5 places will also receive one t-shirt from the SGP merch store
**Ties will split the allocated prize pool for the tied place.

To be eligible for any prizes your MyBookie account has to have been created with a deposit (to be eligible for 5x rollover, no deposit credit is 20x rollover) before 7/3 5 PM Pacific. Any accounts created after 7/3 5 PM Pacific will not be eligible for any prizes. One entry per person. All decisions and grading are final and at the discretion of SGPN & MyBookie.

The Schedule

Wildcard Round

Fri 7/35Buffalo Bills6+30044.514
8pm ET | 5pm PT4Houston Texans-6-18044.533
*Higher seed home
Fri 7/36Tennessee Titans4.515544.530
10pm ET | 7pm PT3New England Patriots-4.5-22044.527
Tue 7/76Minnesota Vikings6.5+20050.541
8pm ET | 5pm PT3New Orleans Saints-6.5-35050.524
*Higher seed home
Tue 7/75Seattle Seahawks-4.5-22548.526
10pm ET | 7pm PT4Philadelphia Eagles4.515048.517

Divisional Round

Tue 7/146Minnesota Vikings4.5+1504614
8pm ET | 5pm PT1San Francisco 49ers-4.5-2404619
*Higher seed home
Tue 7/146Tennessee Titans722545.513
10pm ET | 7pm PT1Baltimore Ravens-7-40045.534
Fri 7/244Houston Texans8.527553.516
8pm ET | 5pm PT2Kansas City Chiefs-8.5-55053.530
*Higher seed home
Fri 7/245Seattle Seahawks4.516549.534
10pm ET | 7pm PT2Green Bay Packers-4.5-24049.520

NFC Championship

Sat 7/255Seattle Seahawks+2.510050.527
6pm ET | 3pm PT1San Francisco 49ers-2.5-14550.524

AFC Championship

Sat 7/252Kansas City Chiefs-3.5-17553.533
8pm ET | 5pm PT1Baltimore Ravens+3.5+14553.518

The Big Game

Sat 7/255Seattle Seahawks+3.5+1255028
10pm ET | 7pm PT2Kansas City Chiefs-3.5-1755027