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Belmont Stakes Picks (Ep. 833)

belmont stakes picks

Podcast Recap

The guys give out their Belmont Stakes picks with the help of their newest contributor and horse racing expert Malcolm Bamford (@Mal_B_Sport). Plus the guys hit on the future bets for the SGPN College Football Tournament. Don’t forget to sign up with MyBookie to receive your $10 free Belmont Stakes bet.

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Speaker 1 (1m 13s):

Speaker 0 (1m 46s): Welcome everyone to the sports gambling podcast. I’m Sean stacking that money green with my partner in pigs ride real money Kramer what’s happening in dog. I was just getting angry with my computer over here. Oh no. What do we got? Good technical issue. No, just the transition thing. You know, it didn’t didn’t work as scheduled, whatever doesn’t matter, Kramer doesn’t matter. Cause we have an awesome night. We’re taping this on a Thursday, going to be out on a Thursday. This is the Belmont stakes podcast. Of course, Thursday and Friday night.

We’re doing the Madden Sims Saturday and Sunday, the college football tournament, elite eight. That’s eating up so much going on. And yeah, we just taped the interview with our new horse racing contributor from England and, and dare I say it, a star is born. However guy nailed it. And again, it’s just fun to hear, hear a dude. Talk about horse racing with an accent, brought a tear to my eye, just like Bradley Cooper and lady Gaga. And of course he’s a fellow D Jenn. And if you’re a DJ like Malcolm or us, make sure you go to buy bookie dot Agee, the presenting sponsor of this podcast, special a deal they got going.

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They set you up. They take care of you. ACE per G P

Speaker 0 (4m 24s): Joining us on the line. Newest contributor over at sports gambling podcast, horse racing expert, Malcolm bam Ford, Malcolm. How’s it going, man? Good evening, Jen. Yes. Good evening. Of course. We’re taping this a West coast time, like three o’clock in the afternoon and you of course are over you’re overseas there. Where exactly are you calling from?

Speaker 3 (4m 47s): I’m in new castle, which is Northeast England. Not far from the Scottish border. It’s particularly unpleasant the weather. Obviously it’s a beautiful place, but it’s not much, but it’s about 20 to midnight. So it’s getting on a bit, nearly bedtime, but happy to stay up to talk to you, gents.

Speaker 0 (5m 5s): Awesome. Well, yeah, I appreciate you staying up and talking ponies were just a little bit before we get into some pigs here for the Belmont. What’s your, what’s your kind of a background when it comes to horse racing? I know you’ve, you’ve written about it overseas there, but what, what got you into the sport and how long have you been following it?

Speaker 3 (5m 24s): Well, I’m a, I’m a DJ born and bred and boy, man, and boy, I’m a DJ. And we used to sit with my granddad and every time my grandma would complain about him having a bet, he would say, if I do one of the best every day, how do I know if I’m in the middle of a winning streak, which I’ve used that quote after I’ll use that quote for 45 solid years? Like, so I’ve got low. Yeah. Always watch the reason I’ve got a local truck. Newcastle is about a mile away. Yeah. And I’ve just always, always enjoyed it.

I’ll bet other things like my football, we got the premier league back here last night. Everything I knew about the NFL I learned from YouTube. Sure.

Speaker 0 (6m 4s): Doctor, the way that stands, if that stands me in good stead or not. Well, and yeah, quick sidebar, we put out kind of like an open casting for people who know horse racing and can write about it on the site. And then you hit us up and, and the email address I looked back and you, or you mentioned it in your email as well, that you are one of the, you, I think you were one of the winners of a free roll football contest. Right? I have got my hoodie on right now. I didn’t know if he would have pictures tonight I’m representing, but yeah.

Yeah. I think I would say 13 and 13, two and one in week 10 or 11. That’s awesome, man.

Speaker 4 (6m 42s): We have done a great, we have a great track record of mentoring, mentoring, some Brits looking to get involved, expand their DGN horizon.

Speaker 0 (6m 52s): Well, exactly. And of course we, we just put out an EPL returns, podcasts or boy, Billy, but Hotez covering all the footy ball on the network feed as well. So there’s really went two and zero last night. So he’s off. He’s just started where he left off again. He’s stuck in a handshake right now. So if you’re looking to play a little EPL, make sure to check out his podcast and the site. So getting, getting back to the horse racing, what, what’s the horse racing like a scene over there in the, in the United Kingdom?

Do you guys, or do they have major events like in the triple crown format? Is there just the league? How does that kind of break down?

Speaker 3 (7m 31s): It’s it’s the same book, different. We do follow the same kind of pattern. So all the three-year-olds the development of the weekend is the first of the big three ruled races, the classics of the year and we’ll follow the same pattern. And as we go through the year deal, there’s some large international meeting. So I was three year olds. I’ll come across the breeder scope, the Dubai world cup and the things that I think the main difference is that in America, it’s all on nearly, always a dirt track. It’s lefthanded where the in Britain, the such a huge array of race courses, there’s right-handed courses, left-handed courses uphill, downhill.

There’s really tight tracks. There’s big Gallup in tracks. So there’s a lot that way. It tends to be more situational in this country where in the U S they use a lot of speed figures. They use a lot of, it’s not necessarily true handicap because they’re all it’s just left on one corner. So yeah, it’s the same, but different in say our three year olds, it’s a good competition. Actually, when we get to the breeder scope at the end of the year, the Europeans will come across the French that brings some horses and then you’ve got the Japanese and the Australians and the Irish always bring a load of horses.

And they always said, you get out. It’s normally about November time. I think isn’t it. The Breeder’s cup over there. Yeah.

Speaker 4 (8m 49s): It’s in the fall. And Sean, I’ve actually had someone compare it to NASCAR versus formula one. In terms of horse racing over versus horse racing

Speaker 0 (8m 56s): Here, it’s true. Like our races are our three breed, three kinds. Well, basically two kinds. It’s either a straight track or a track where you turn left and CS. Sometimes there’s stupid fucking Trotters. Do you guys have Trotters over there by the way? No. Yeah. See, they have a fake again. Once again, we’re a bunch of hillbillies. Just turn his luck in the past anyway. Sorry.

Speaker 3 (9m 21s): It gets quite, if I’m having a lead night bet when all the family have gone to bed, you can’t get, you can’t access the stream of the race until you’ve had a bet. So I don’t know the names of the courses or anything. So I’ll pick a horse, I’ll put my $2 on and then the stream will pop up and it’s the trotting. And it’s the worst thing.

Speaker 0 (9m 41s): Yeah. The Trotters are clearly and karma always brings up that it’s probably the most, if there is, if there is a rig sport, it’s, it’s definitely the most growing up in New Jersey, the metal lands were a staple. It’s this, this concrete parking lot built in the middle of swamps with a, with a couple of stadiums and a horse track. And we were able to get in there. I mean, are you, I think I was as early, as young as 14 or 15, we were going to this track, seeing horrible degenerate things, as you describe people, the same people there all the time, but it was a Trotter track.

And the things that we used to see, we used to see heavy favorites, the jockey would foot fall out. It was just a fixed. And I, yeah, I don’t know. We recently were betting on some horses and we accidentally got involved with some Trotters and I just, I lost it. It’s just, it’s it’s, it’s not pure if you’re, if you’re in on the fix, it’s great. But otherwise stay away from the Trotters. All right. Bringing it back to the Belmont Saturday. I’m excited. It’s it’s the first leg of the triple crown. I know. It’s just, again, we’re, we’re starved for sports, but this is always a, it’s always a fun time to get involved in these.

You did a nice writeup, breaking down some of the, or actually a bunch of the horses. One of the descriptions that really stuck out at me when you were breaking down, one of the horses, his name is dr. Post. I think currently he’s like eight to one over at my bookie daddy, gene. And if you haven’t signed up there, make sure you do it. Use that promo code SGP, get a $10 free bet on the Belmont, in the little racetrack area of the site you described dr. Post ran like a huge baby winning the unbridled stakes at Gulf stream.

What is that is what do you mean by that? Exactly

Speaker 3 (11m 25s): Naive. The horse was naive. Everything that happened in the rear seemed to surprise him. I don’t know what he was expected and you just having a doubt and the next thing BOSH off the goal. And he just seemed surprised by everything. There was a, there was a horse on this side, there was a horse that he was having to look around. It was, and the longer the race went on, you could sort of physically see when the penny dropped and you could see the all right, I get it. And then it took off like being shot out of a cannon and wound by about four legs. So coming into this race on Saturday, you’ll know a lot more.

This is the whole thing you were talking on your, on the QB pod a few days ago, about the transition from year one to year two, you it’s all in Danny danger and all that trash. And this is what these horses are doing. They’re going from the two year old year, the three year old year. So this horse is learned so much in that race. And he did, he was let’s see, he was looking around, he was getting buffeted. He got called for speed. He just seemed surprised by everything. So he’s going to turn up. That was an education. He’s going to turn up this Saturday, knowing a hell of a lot more than he did.

And that there’s a, there’s a few in this race that a similar thing applies to.

Speaker 0 (12m 34s): Well, yeah. And that’s a, that’s a great transition point. Of course TIS the law. He’s the favorite. And I think, you know, it’s like four to five. It’s, it’s hanging around even money and even pointed out. It’s not, it’s not fun to bet the favorite. You know, it’s not a bet for the working man. Make the case for why is the law is, is such a huge favorite.

Speaker 3 (12m 56s): Does the law, there’s a couple of things when this boils down to, because there’s not been an awful lot of reason. This was actually quite a straightforward raise to look at. And I don’t mean straight forward and that it’s easy to pick the winner, but there weren’t many jigsaw pieces to put together because there hasn’t really been enough to cloud the issue. TIS the Lord’s got the form in the book is the only grid one winner in the risk. Everything he does looks effortless. It’s been working really well. The connections are sound in confident.

So everything that, you know, rock solid facts point towards is the law. The second part of it is what we just talked about with the likes of dr. Paused. And the other one I put up was max player. And these are horses that you want to improve to be able to challenge this law. So you pay your money and take your chose to you. Tick the one with Scott form and the book. Or do you look for something that is going to improve? Because undoubtedly the, some improvers in this field and with a big gap in there four months since they’ve sort of trained and run, and there’s a, there’s a big gap in the form book, which isn’t normally there.

So it’s right for a surprise.

Speaker 0 (14m 7s): Well, yeah. And you make that case. I know max player, 25 to one, you kind of highlighted him as, as one of the longer shots that you like, he’s coming in. Well rested. He hasn’t raised since February 1st. And it seems like just from reading all the, all the stuff on the Belmont, there’s that whole rest versus Russ, the same thing we see when, when there’s a long layoff, like, does the rest help them or does it hurt them? What, what do you think the rest is going? Will it help a horse player?

I heard, did you not hear this late breaking news that this, this horse was per allegedly participated in the Kyrie Irving call and is looking to rally the horses. They’re going to have their own race. I’m sorry. I just thought that’s great.

Speaker 4 (14m 52s): But yeah. Malcolm, what do you think is going to help these horses or, or, or is it going to hurt and other ones you think it’s going to help? Which ones stand out to you?

Speaker 3 (15m 3s): That’s something I never knew about because I see it in little write ups all the time. Every time there’s a race, you get the race in pools. You read the race card and at same about a horse goes well fresh, which means it’s one before after a layoff, some horses run two or three times a year, or the horses you can float to death. 12, 13 runs a year. So you get some, they’re like, they’re not machines, but they’re like, people you’ll get like a Christian McCaffrey, Derek Henry, you wrote them all day. They will just get up and keep on running. Oh, you get a real fragile type.

So really that no one knew that’s, that’s the sort of thing, the trade. And probably the trainer doesn’t even know if it’s the sort of thing that someone who’s guessing would say, Oh, that horse room’s well fresh or that horse doesn’t run well fresh. And really it’s such a small sample. You you’d be getting like, I’m not going to sit here and guess that’s not my job,

Speaker 4 (15m 56s): Sean. I do. I do find it interesting because the Belmont of course is usually the last race. And typically they have the, the, the ramp up in distance. So there’s a stamina question here, which I would imagine would when we’re handicapping the race, like, is that just a complete wild card? Because we, a number of these horses, we’re not really sure. Right?

Speaker 3 (16m 18s): Well, that’s the thing with the reason they’ve moved this race back to nine furlongs is because during the year there’s a natural progression that is getting old and they’re getting stronger. That’s the only three. So informants from now. That’s why does that 10% of their life they’ve added on the stronger, the new, a little bit more as we talked about in education before. So the usual progression the classics in England or the route over a mile in April, or may they then step up to a mile and a quarter in the summer and in the autumn is when they’ll take the mile and a half races on, which is exactly what we’re doing here.

So the regional authorities actually, I think I’ve done quite a good job in dropping this to the nine furlongs and then they’ll step up as the Eagles. There are undoubtedly some horses who would be better at the mile and a half. I mentioned that Farmington rule needs a little bit further. Modernist needs a little bit further. I think they’ll have their deer book. There might be in the autumn, these the two year olds. So that have run last year. They’ll have run at anything up to a mile. And so they’re sort of coming back at the distance they used to.

So yeah, I know what you mean. The Deliv being trained with the classic distances in male, the male and a half, but due to unforeseen circumstances, they haven’t been able to do that. So there’ll be some horses in here it’s taken that chance at the shorter distances.

Speaker 4 (17m 38s): Well, and Shauna, I mean, not a teaser alert. I’m, I’m going to have some action on max player because you know, I’m big Rosario fan. He’s a, he’s a, he’s a special place in my heart. And as someone who not see color or gender, now, Sean, I am now rooting for the first female trainer, Linda Rice and max player taken home first female trainer ever to win the Belmont.

Speaker 0 (18m 2s): Well, yeah, I’m also on max player. Malcolm sold me and it, you know, 25 to one 20 to one, whatever.

Speaker 4 (18m 8s): And just so Malcolm knows it’s it’s an honor and a privilege when Sean copies are picked. So

Speaker 0 (18m 13s): I, that, that was, that was on my list. Another one that we haven’t broken down, that I liked. That’s on my list, the giant dog for left right now, my book, he has him at 40 to one. I did a little research from what I gather, he’s done his best work on dirt. Put in two very strong morning drills over a track. He already proved a liking for when winning last spring. And he’s well rested. He’s on that dirt. And you kinda mentioned the difference in tracks. I think he’s also a, a horse from overseas that they brought over in June.

They’ve been working him out, getting him ready for left at 40 to one. That’s my play. It’s Doug O’Neill. We like him. Right? He’s willing to skirt the line of cheating might be slicing them up, put something in the notes. What do you, what do you think about a four left as a, as a long shot there, Malcolm?

Speaker 3 (19m 2s): Well, I think they must have supplemented this horse and I mean, they paid extra to enter it lead because it wasn’t in the original field. So they have an entry date. And if you don’t enter it by that date, you can enter it afterwards, but it costs you something like $15,000. So when I did my writeup on Monday, Sunday, I can’t remember this horse wasn’t in the field paid for it to get in. So if it’s worth 15 grand entry fee, they’re not just taking it for the out. So I wouldn’t put you off at all.

And like, I see this, something, this, this reason hasn’t been a graveyard for favorites, but the spring, some fancy prices as well. I think there was a run of five years out at six where there were double figure prices. So yeah, don’t be frightened to the fancy prices, Sean.

Speaker 4 (19m 47s): I mean also I would imagine using any store sort of historical reference for the Belmont stakes would be useless because there, there are often those massive favorites, but not necessarily because they’re a great horse, but there’s no horses running. The Belmont will awful often have a very tiny field. So yeah, I don’t know. I’m intrigued. I’m obviously going to go crazy. As I’ve advertised on this show, I may have a large sum of money in an account somewhere. My, promo Coda, sheepy from the Ryan McKees Xoom horse racing birthday party.

And I thought, why not? We’re going to be watching college football on the college football tournament, Sean Wall, I guess this is going to be a pregame to that. Right?

Speaker 0 (20m 27s): Perfect, perfect warmup. We’ll be doing the, the simulator game Saturday night, but watching this in the afternoon. Any, any horses that, do you feel like a stay away? Like no chance, just not a good match up here. Anyone that we should stay away from throwing in a trifecta or, or just playing them out. Right.

Speaker 3 (20m 47s): There’s one

Speaker 4 (20m 48s): That I didn’t want. And that was solely Velante only because it’s just been busy recently. And I think he ran 10 days ago and then they’ve struggled actually to get him to New York. The, there was an issue with the trade and what made me laugh in one of the, the, the FedEx, the horse to New York. Now in my head, there were Tiffany into a box while the, obviously haven’t done that, but they’ve had to FedEx the horse across and he said, he’s a closer, he’s all the quarters need looking running.

So there was just a lot of things that have to go, right? The horse will have to come back. We talked about the rest versus a horse. That’s out of a recent run. So it’s run 10 days ago. It’s been FedEx across the country and it’s got to come from the back. So there was a lot of things need to fall in place. I think that’s second favorite at the moment nine to two. And that was the one that I would be staying away from. I like that. Any, any, any other horses you like that you you’ve already identified that you’re going to throw in there?

Speaker 3 (21m 52s): Well, sorry.

Speaker 4 (21m 54s): No, no. I was just going to say honestly, like we, we kind of buried the lead max player was going to be my guy down the down the list. I’m completely not copied by the way. So I just want to throw that out there. I like your angle on F on, on four left, but for me, this is where things get dangerous. I have a large amount of equity to put down on the race. Yes. I’m going to be putting a large amount of equity on the favorite. Yeah. which, I mean, I would say if you were, if you’re asking me, Hey, what are you doing from a trifecta perspective?

Yeah. I mean, six, six, three, a one, tap it to win. Feels very hashtag knows beers. I feel like this is the, the DGN horse here. It’s on the post. When I saw it, tap it to when I just thought of like, I just thought of a horse doing cocaine. Like if we, if someone could do Photoshop out there, like this, this horse could be the nose beer hero, Hey, whatever it takes to win that belt. John Velasquez is the Jackie another Jackie, I fancy, but yeah, I, I would say one, three, six, and you know, I guess I’m giving away how almost half the horses, but if you’re a gun to my head, superfecta give me an,

Speaker 3 (23m 7s): He ate one,

Speaker 4 (23m 11s): Three, six one three six. There you go. So I’m also going to throw a couple bucks on the favorite just to cover my two low, longer shot bets. So I’m also going to have a nice little chunk on max player. And of course my super big dog four left. So, so the race is pretty late over there.

Speaker 3 (23m 32s): Yeah. A clock. Yeah. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to watch it. And I saw Lovett on one of the sports channels that I have access to and they were advertising at 11 o’clock on Saturday night. So that’s perfect for me, like help get a few, get a few beers and stuff. And I assume the rest of the card will be on before that. So I should be able to get stuck right into it.

Speaker 0 (23m 52s): Yeah. That’s that’s great. So you gave out the couple here, max player, dr. Posts. Those are some you like, and it sounds like you’re also going to be on the favorite a little bit. What other, do you have any other plans for getting down at the Belmont?

Speaker 3 (24m 7s): Nope, that is me. This is what I didn’t see you. American tapes, like all this crazy exotic thing. Like it’s a show in numbers out. We don’t do we pick a horse and we’ll bet it. If it’s a bigger price, we’re better each way, which I think is what, when please sure you would do. And that we very, very rarely, I mean, I’m speaking for all British people. We very rarely put an exact year or so. I was conscious of that when I, when I wrote the article was that to sort of put, put the favorite in just thinking it might be far too good for them.

And if it is, then you need to have some fun with it. So you, you need to know what’s chasing it all. So yeah. Bio exact as, or a trifecta with the three M max player, dr. Paulson is the law would be the three for me.

Speaker 4 (24m 56s): That’s the first thing, you know how they give logic tests before you come into the NSA or the CIA, right? The logic tech test for the DJs only would be, Oh, you have a minus one 35 favorite. You feel really good about do you a Bennett straight or throw it in the trifecta?

Speaker 0 (25m 13s): All right. Well, that was a lot of fun Malcolm and appreciate you calling in. Make sure you give him a follow on Twitter at mal underscore, be underscore sports, check out his blog. And I know you do some stuff for live sports FM. Give them a follow, check that out as well. Malcolm, appreciate your time and good luck with the race.

Speaker 3 (25m 34s): Oh, it’s been loads of fun. I look forward to it and we’ll do it again soon. Thank you

Speaker 2 (25m 38s): Again. Malcolm killed it. Make sure you give him a follow. Make sure you check out cushy dreams. Smokable C B D a. My wife says she was, she’s been firing up the CBD pre-rolls with their morning coffee. Big fan of it gets, gets the old brain going. And it is a kind of feels like decaf, weed, where you get some of the benefits of a, of weed without the downside of being high. When you, when you, yeah. There’s some times where you can’t exactly.

Sometimes you just want that CBD experience and cause she promo code SGP 15% off, and the prices are pretty cheap. I think the pre-rolls only a few dollars per smokable flower. Great Kramer. I know you’re a huge advocate. Peace and love. Peace and love. I mean, I it’s just, it’s a game changer. It’s a game changer. Unlocks my potential. Sean.

Speaker 0 (26m 34s): So cushy promo could S G P before we wrap things up framer, we pushed for it. Our boys over at my bookie, daddy G hooked up. They got us futures for the college football tournament. I’m loving management right now. Exactly. We’re firing on all cylinders much. Like when you have a, when you have a cup of coffee in that creative CBD, pre-roll from cushy dreams, everything coming into place, Kramer throw out, pull up the futures.

And what do you, what do you like in here in the NCA future markets? Well, if you head over to my bookie and you click on that sports Sims, you’ll see NCAA football Sims, and then the outrights here, the LSU leading the pack, plus 200 Clemson plus two 50 Ohio state plus three 50 Oklahoma plus four 50

Speaker 4 (27m 26s): Georgia and Utah, five to one. Wow. Utah, five to one that I, I thought, I think that might’ve come down, perhaps it’s at 97 rating. I think that they tout Baylor nine to one. Sean, still Val value on your bears.

Speaker 0 (27m 41s): I I’m I’m, I’m heading over there. I’m getting involved in neither one beatable and they’re very beatable. I mean, they almost lost outright after being what, like a 20 it, they closed like a 24 point favorite, almost lost. It’s kind of crazy. And now Baylor a very, I think very winnable path. Cause if they can, if they can take down Ohio state, then they play the winner of Clemson, Notre Dame. And then they’re there. If they can get past that, they’re in the championship. So I think a very, very makeable path to the final it’s Jeremy chips

Speaker 4 (28m 17s): Inside side of the bracket, for sure, because it’s really about Clemson and Clemson’s the team that’s going to derail them. I think if anyone derails them, let’s take a look. Yeah.

Speaker 0 (28m 23s): But I do think if they beat Clemson, they’re winning it all. That’s what I’m told. Wow. We’ll see.

Speaker 4 (28m 29s): Of course. Remember, I believe we touted touted that next week. Next round, the final four games will be held at a neutral location. Perhaps a bowl game or two Saturday night, 5:00 PM on the West coast, 8:00 PM on the East coast, Utah heads to LSU six and a half is the spreadsheet on 54 is the total let’s make, we should just make our picks now. So Colby has no influence.

Speaker 0 (28m 54s): No, I here. Oh man. So wait, sorry. You tell Alice you

Speaker 4 (28m 58s): LSU is minus six and a half.

Speaker 0 (29m 0s): I’ll take LSU at minus six and a half. Okay. And what are you, what are you looking for? The late games? Are you, you pick on the Lake game, Oklahoma, Georgia.

Speaker 4 (29m 9s): I’ll I’ll defer. And just give me Clemson on the Sunday game.

Speaker 0 (29m 14s): Okay. So you want, Oh and I get Notre Dame. Yes, please. You can pick whatever you want. Notre Dame getting 10. Thank you. Alright. And then of course also take Baylor. So I both dogs. And then why don’t I go both chock Saturday? We’ll keep that simple. So you’ll take road Sharma Oklahoma, Oklahoma, minus three in Georgia. That’s steep. You don’t want to go full blown sec on Saturday.

Speaker 4 (29m 38s): So I have just for the record I have Utah. Then we do some soaking and then I have Georgia. And then I have Clemson, Which Georgia, sorry. Georgia is three point home dog. 58 on the total Notre Dame at Clemson, Clemson minus 10 52 is the total Baylor at Ohio state, Ohio state minus three and a half. Is the total. Oh yeah. I just saw that was thrown out. I’m sorry. Three and a half 54 is the total.

Speaker 0 (30m 8s): So yeah. Give me Baylor plus three and a half Notre Dame plus 10 Oklahoma minus three, LSU minus six and a half. Tie that all to TIS the law and parlay accident. Oh man. It’s the juices are flowing Gamblin’s back.

Speaker 1 (30m 23s):

Speaker 4 (30m 26s): Let’s go Kramer any, before we go. Any, any future plays you want to throw out there for the college football market? I mean, if I’m, if I’m going to take, if I’m going to take a stab on a team, it’s probably Clemson. I play, it’s probably Clemson. All right. That’s what I’m saying. So you’re taking the shot over at Clemson and of course check out well, in real quick, Sean, if you are listening to this on Friday, we will be in the booth Friday night calling some Madden games. Of course it’s now week three.

Speaker 0 (30m 56s): Yeah. So w with the men’s schedule, we’re picking like the prime time games of each week. We’re now in simulated week three. And, and that’s why you’re seeing like Miami at Jags. Cause that was the Thursday night game. And then we picked the Sunday night game, the Monday night game, and then whatever the big Sunday afternoon game is. But yeah. And of course, if you want to check up on the tournament, see where you are with your bracket, just go to the sports gambling F T

Speaker 4 (31m 25s): Kramer. I think that’s all we got. Sean, thank you for participating in the sport scaling targets. And for this 14 minute podcasts, I’m Sean sack and the money green. And he is Ryan. Say it with me, tap it all to win. Hashtag knows beers. Kramer led .

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