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TBT 2020 Brackets, Favorites & UnderDawgs w/ Adam Pelletier | NBA Odds Pod (Ep. 42)

TBT 2020 Favorites, Brackets & UnderDawgs w/ by Adam Pelletier | NBA Odds Pod (Ep. 41)

Podcast Recap

The NBA’s return is still six weeks away, so host Ryan McKee discusses a more emanate basketball tournament, The Basketball Tournament (TBT). He’s joined by SGPN writer and first-time guest Adam Pelletier, whose diehard fandom of Syracuse basketball has led him to love TBT. The 24-team, single-elimination tournament takes place in Columbus, Ohio from July 4-14 and the winning team will get one million dollars.

With the majority of team sports still on hold, all of the games will be televised on ESPN and it’s a great way for basketball gamblers to get their fix. College basketball fans will recognize many of the players, as well as some former NBA players: Joe Johnson, Tony Wroten, Jordon Crawford, Markel Brown, and Jared Sullinger (as a coach). Many others will likely join teams before things kick off. Chris Paul and Floyd Mayweather are even sponsoring teams this year. Adam and Ryan discuss their favorite teams to bet on, if the odds are right, and things to keep in mind when filling out your brackets.

Check out Adam’s breakdown of every team here:

And check out our updated spreadsheet with every team’s roster:

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