EPL Return & RBC Heritage Picks (Ep. 832)


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The English Premier League is returning and the guys welcome on their soccer expert from across the pond Billi Bhatti to give out his best EPL betting strategies. Then they’re joined by golf writing legend Steve Schirmer to help break down the RBC Heritage and Bryson DeChambeau’s hilarious quarantine video. Plus they hit on the arrest of New York Giants kicker Rosas for his hit and run.

Bryson DeChambeau’s Quarantine Video

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Speaker 1 (1m 17s):

Speaker 0 (1m 49s): Oh, welcome everyone to the sports gambling podcast. I’m Sean stacking that money groom with my partner picks ride real money, Kramer tapping and cream dog.

Speaker 2 (1m 60s): Hello, Sean. We are here to, to talk about two of your favorite things.

Speaker 0 (2m 6s): Well, you’re joking about one of them, but you’re serious about the other, not joking.

Speaker 2 (2m 10s): You have been very concerned about the return of EPO, Sean. I think it’s fine. If you want to pretend like you don’t like soccer. I think it’s fine. If you want to point out that soccer has never caught on in this country. I think it’s fine. If you want to try to say that American football is better. Yes, but you, Sean stack the money green SIM God and DGN only is so desperate for sports to come back. You want it to be the EPO it’s gotten so crazy.

I may watch some games and what you’re going to find when you dabble, when you dip the toe in the EPL pool, as you’re going to find, wow, I’m gaining a respect for how physical this game is. Wow. I’m gaining a respect for how much fun it is. They gamble on these men who say words like fancy

Speaker 3 (3m 0s): And fit, very fit out on the field pitch. You know, who’s fit our presenting sponsor by bookie.aig. That’s right. Sports or back sports are dominating golf. We’re going to be talking to Steve later. RV, see heritage, all the pics odds, courtesy of my bookie.aig EPL action. You can find that all over my book, daddy G and special to this week, use that promo code S G P Natalie, and you get the sweet deposit bonus button, an additional $10 bonus in their race book.

So free $10 to bet on the Belmont stakes. You of course may recall me winning a shit ton of money on country house that we bought. We’ve both been down that road. Yes we’ve. We’ve had a number of huge wins horse racing. We’ll have another 18 to one. I believe we’ve had some nice runs. So I mean $10. You’re thinking, what can I do with that? Throw it on a 50 to one. I don’t know, whatever your throw a try box trifecta. Can I tell a funny, quick horse racing anecdote go for it? Well, of course, horse racing is back and this has nothing to do with our sponsors.

No one’s paying, but we, we may have spent a, a, an afternoon with site editor, Ryan McKee, betting on some horses on a zoom call, kind of having a birthday celebration. Yeah. And if you recall, I don’t think I’ve touted this on the air, but I slayed it. I did. I did the classic. Ryan is such a degenerate. He’s betting more on what he’s betting money to the point where he’s making people uncomfortable when it’s like, Oh yeah. What did you just cash on that? And everyone’s betting a dollar, $2, which is normal it’s horse racing. I may have been betting hundreds of dollars.

So anyway, long story short, you, you were trying to find someone to write some horse riding material, horse racing material for the sports gambling podcast. And I, it dawned on me, Holy shit. I still have all this cash in my account. Never. I knew if I took it out, I would never go back, but I left it in there and I was like, I’ll save it for the triple count crown, because I know they’re going to find a way to get those little men on those horses and run in circles for me and they are. And so Sean, long story short, I have four figures sitting in a horse racing account, right?

Well, of course it’s the, my buggy daddy G race book. And I have not enjoyed any sort of zoom activity or zoom call with the exception of Ryan Mickey’s little horse, horse racing, birthday party. He was legitimately fun. So if you’re looking for something to do the Belmont and of course, you know, whatever is considered the big race, I forget what number, but they’re running races all day and you can, you can bet on other tracks using the feed. So I would highly recommend getting a couple of your buddies together.

Or if you live in a state where it’s not controlled by fascist, and you can meet up in person, hang outside, don’t spread the germs, but bet together and get a little zoom action go. And it was a fun way to do quarantine poll. And here’s why it works. Right? Number one reasons zoom calls don’t work

Speaker 2 (5m 58s): Is because people are constantly talking over each other. Number one reason why gambling with your friends and watching horse racing works over zoom is because everyone’s supposed to be screaming at the same time. And it doesn’t matter what you’re saying. Right. And good. Let’s move on, Sean. There’s lots more to talk about.

Speaker 0 (6m 15s): There is breaking news, New York giants, kicker, algebraic, Rose sauce, who you’ve proclaimed many at times was the star of the, Oh, what no longer was well, formerly the star of the New York giants. He was involved in a, he T-boned another vehicle. He was drunk driving a hundred miles per hour at 8:25 AM in Chico, California hashtag T-boned the, the pickup truck and then fled the scene.

His vehicle, his SUV broke down. And then he started with her injuries. Yeah, he got, he got injured. He looks like he’s cut up in a bloody and go into jail. So Kramer already to arrest, going into the NFL season. Any thoughts on algebraic? Rosa? Do you suspend a kicker? What happens? Has he been

Speaker 2 (7m 8s): Convicted yet? No, but Sean, how reckless of you as an American to not wait lists and the due process. Second of all, if there’s ever a time where, you know, exert exhibiting a slight bit of crazy behavior, so you got quarantined fever. Well, do we have the dash cams? Do we know what the police were doing? Sean? I have questions. Okay. So maybe you have questions. Look, I think, you know, people want to write news stories.

I get it. You want to attack the kicker. You want to attack, you want to attack one of the teams.

Speaker 0 (7m 42s): It feels like right out of a scene, a scene out of like necessary roughness or something.

Speaker 2 (7m 47s): But I will say like to a, like eight to be wasted at eight 25 in the morning, kudos to you. You’re finding a way to have a good social distancing quarantine, Chico, California is a party town. But yeah, I mean, w w like, come on, dude, like just sounds like the kind of place where you just should drive on the dirt roads. Maybe stay off the streets, Uber . Why are you bringing this up? Cause you wanted to talk about football and you wanted to mention how we are going to be back in the booth this Thursday, this Friday, calling some fabulous, my bookie Madden games.

Some, some man games over on my book summer, we are doing this is week three. This is all about week three on the NFL schedule. We got dolphins, Jags starting things off on Thursday night, 5:00 PM on the West coast, 8:00 PM on the East coast. And then we’re going to be doing games both nights at eight and 10 on the East coast, five and seven on the West coast. We got bucks Broncos on deck for Thursday and the nightcap. And then we on Friday, we have Packers saints. That should be a good one. Saints are SIM God’s game of the year. And then we have chiefs Ravens.

Speaker 0 (8m 53s): Also, it should be an awesome game. So the are kind of a

Speaker 3 (8m 56s): Disappointing in the, in the SIM where every time, and then I keep saying, Lamar Jackson should have shouldn’t have been a receiver. And, and people in the check get all fired up. Maybe they’ll fix this with next year’s Madden version, which of course he’s the coverup and perfect way to crowbar it back to more promoting our content. I gave out my top 10 list as did you for the top 10 list of fantasy football quarterbacks, Lamar Jackson and Patrick Bahamas were not number one on my list. You have to download the podcast to hear who it is and the fact that he’s on the cover of Madden 21, I feel so good because we know the Madden curse is still alive.

Somewhat argue that Patrick Mahoney broke it last year by being on the cover and winning the super bowl. However, Patrick Mahoney didn’t put up amazing fantasy numbers last year because he missed a bunch of games. And in fairness, I saw, I saw something about this, my homes last year, they won the super bowl. Hard to say he was cursed the year before that, that, that freak knee injury. No, I agree. There was still a little bit, there was a little curse action. You can walk yourself back to the curse. Existing Antonio Brown had a monster statistical year. Again, you can retrofit why it was a curse.

Now a year before Tom Brady, 2018 won the MVP of the league. So perhaps the curse doesn’t quite exist. But as we discussed on that episode, Sean, I think we both expect there to be some regression, regression candidates do exist. Just so people are clear. Not only are we calling games as Thursday and Friday, we’re also calling games next Thursday and Friday and teaser alert the giants and the Eagles are on the schedule. So, yeah, and then Saturday and Sunday, of course the college football tournament continues Saturday and Sunday are for the, the colleges, as they say, the amateurs for the boys that are playing college football and ladies and boys who think they’re ladies and ladies who think they’re boys well, and the leaderboard is up.

And as you’ll notice tied for first place, Sean Green, with the perfect bracket, a K S G AKA, the SIM guy, Tim God is really filling in nicely. Well, Kramer. I think it’s time to transition real quick on the SIM God topic. Yes, this will, this won’t take much time, but someone asked me about my, my profile. What does this mean? Your down units, the Sean and SIM God. So funny anecdote had to explain what a SIM guy lame a lame stream.

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Speaker 4 (11m 55s): GP. You can become a bookie in just minutes. And if you use that link up to six weeks free, that’s right, six weeks free of some of the best paper heads, software, and hosting platforms on the market. Very easy to use, very sharp lines. Hey, it’s 2020 time to start. Your own business. Sports are getting back. We got golf action. You can book. We got NBA right around the corner golf. It’s all happening. Go to ACE per head.com/s G T.

Speaker 3 (12m 30s): Joining us on the line. Hosted the EPL show. The Buddhist league show you almost got league is show the fight, show soccer and MMA expert, Billy. Bye. Hi, Billy. How are you doing, man?

Speaker 6 (12m 45s): I’m good. You know, I tried to get that show changed to thus Belinda’s league. And so sometimes fun times I was adding, getting added up under that title. I was wondering if crime was letting it slip through or

Speaker 3 (12m 56s): No, no. I, when you, when I went the first time you submitted, or maybe I didn’t notice, but I saw the one time where you threw the proper, like uhmmm lots in there too. And I was like, Oh yeah, I liked this DAS boondocks league. And what you don’t know, Billy is that during the simulations that we broadcast from my book, you and I, and our Twitch stream, people have been requesting that. I say, DAS, this Liga. So they must be into it, you know?

Speaker 6 (13m 25s): Yeah. I had no idea. I think of that. I would go down that route. I did check though. The was because there was a male and female version of way to say the, when you’re referencing the book, it comes after it. So I had to look into this stuff as well, but I want it to get as authentic as possible seeing is we’re only going to be doing this a one time thing, because usually this show does exist on my website, but European football exists as one show over at lock bag. So normally we just did a regular EPL. So this was a chance to do a different

Speaker 3 (13m 55s): Well it’s cashing in on the opportunity with real men stepping up to the plate and playing sport. Sean, not like these pussies over here with American baseball. Yeah. That’s insane that they still can’t figure it out. The EPL, the soccer, the soccer heads over in England have figured it out. They’re going to be playing the footy. How excited are you for the return of a soccer? I mean, where are you, where are you really getting into Buena sleeker? Or was it, was it just kind of like the methadone until you got the EPL fix

Speaker 6 (14m 26s): Buenas, they use a higher level league. It’s the winner of the, the Buddha’s league, which is usually by Munich. They do contend for the champions league. So it wasn’t too rough because we’ve had Spain come back in the last week. Italy comes back in at the same time as the EPL. So everything coming back together, but in this league, it did have three weeks out by itself. We really suffered during a lockdown period. Cause we had to go all the way down to Byelorussia and football and guys are barely barely professionals. So that was a real struggle having to watch that standard and caliber of football.

But as things have slowly come back, but there’s the guide its own standalone three weeks or so, but now all of the real stuff is coming back with your boss alone has real Madrid’s you’ve Ansas and all of the crew from the EPL who all could contend for champions league all do contend to sign the best players in the world and all are highly competitive watchable leaks. So yeah, everything’s back to normal now it’s just a behind closed door stuff and I’m not sure how I feel about the, the backing track that’s been putting. Cause they’re basically playing crowd noises from, from video games and whatnot.

And I only worked out yesterday. This is an interesting thing. I only worked out yesterday that the TV companies are playing that track. I thought it was the stadium track that players could hear all this atmosphere and everything. But if you watch the feed on the bang website, so for example, bet three 65 air, all the games live, you can still then hear the proper behind closed door stuff where it’s the players or shouting at each other for the ball and very small amounts of noise. But when you watch it on a TV broadcast, they’re the ones that piping in all the sounds.

They’re the ones that have the sound collected and are playing it too. So I wasn’t aware of that. So yesterday I thought for about three weeks that the sound was being played over the stadium and the, and the players, don’t like, they’re actually in it.

Speaker 2 (16m 16s): So Billy, do you think this is, this is obviously going to clearly assist in road team’s ability to stay organized on defense and things of that nature. Have you seen that already in the Buddhist leaders and sorry, DAS Boone does Liga

Speaker 6 (16m 30s): In terms of, in terms of what,

Speaker 2 (16m 32s): When you go on the road, there’s no noise. So you like the back for the goalie, they’re going to be able to communicate a lot more. I would imagine that would help maybe keep scores down. I mean, have you noticed anything so far?

Speaker 6 (16m 44s): Yeah. Yeah. Well, I mean, what it has done is without the home fans there, the home advantage had been completely neutralized. And originally I figured that it would neutralize it to a less it’s lesser extent than it has. Obviously, if it would have some effect, if you don’t have your home fans, they’re putting it, putting on you to win and willing you. And we’re all essentially being totally against the other team that that advantage is completely gone because they’re not there. I mean, some themes, some very, very small selection teams don’t get any advantage from that because the crowds actually get on their backs and they actually find it difficult to play at home for the most cases.

But in most cases, 80 or 90% of the time, your home support is cheering you on and motivating you would be a positive factor. But what we’ve seen here is that with that, without that advantage, it completely has neutralized home advisor in the Bundesliga. I still thought there would be an advantage of knowing that this is your home ground being used at our facilities. They’re being used to the surroundings being used to the, the pitch even, but it’s had no advantage. Oh, as we come into this, this weekend with Bundesliga, all this midweek of Ben Gleeson, who actually is, we’ve had just 20% home wins, 11, 11 out of 55, 51% away wins and a 29%

Speaker 0 (18m 2s): Are they, do you have, they have the people sit in the lines? Have they adjusted that enough? Like I’m looking at the EPL, the EPL lines. And of course people want to check out your EPL show, dropping, dropping, no wherever great podcasts are, are found on sports gambling podcast, network feed, even gonna throwing an appearance on the SGP main feed as well. So I’m just kind of pulling this out of nowhere, but arsenal plus six 85 dog in man city on the three way money line there almost six to one, is there, is there more value than there would normally be?

Speaker 6 (18m 37s): There absolutely has to be more value than it usually be. If you’re looking at the data that you’ve collected from this small amount of bundles, the games with 51% away, winners, you have to think that that factor then rides on to other leagues. We saw four home winners out of the first 12 games from the LA Liga. As we, as we’re recording this show, there’s been some more games since, but yeah, I mean, it is not going to be as high as 51% of weightings because that basically tells you that without any prior football knowledge, you could have gone into the situation and for, ah, yeah, they’re not going to have their fans there.

This could be a neutralizing factor. I’ll blindly throw money on the away teams and you would have come out. You would have been a dummy for doing it on paper, but you would have come out with a whole load of money. We’re 51% away teams where 90% of the time, the away team is the underdog. You would have 51% on the dog. So there’s, there’s definitely premise to do it. And I don’t think you’re going to come in with those same sort of numbers, but yeah, there’s gotta be a, there’s gotta be an argument for doing that in terms of taking these awakenings in that particular fixture as well.

One of the things when we handicap these lines and look at picking winners where we do give them out, you’ve got to look at the motivating factors as well. One of the reasons why so many people wanted to get this premier league back is because people are in situations where they’re contending for champions league positions, the Liverpool one of winter league, cause they need two more wins. And then other teams are trying to get into the top four, all the top five, even cause if man city European band sticks, then it will be the top five premier league teams that carry on playing into chairman’s. They get out of the bottoms. Well, you have teams that want to get themselves out of the relegation zone.

So we have interest in a bomb at a table, which seems going down and interest at the top as well. But we always had these mishmash of middle teams. You have teams that can’t go outside the top four. You have teams that can’t get in the top four. You have teams that have low interest in a relegation battle at all, because they’re completely safe. These are all your favorable teams and Manchester city, although a much better team than ask though, they cannot drop outside of the top four. They’ve got too many points and they can’t win the league either. So they’re just playing out these nine games for the hell of it. It’s there, it’s there it’s compulsory it’s I have to do it.

Whereas arsenal, they have an opportunity. It’s a very slim opportunity to get into the top five and get champions, league football, but they also want to get Europa league football at a minimum. So that’s finishing inside the top seven. So you’re looking at a much inferior team that had a lot to play for against the bed. Same. I have nothing to play for all of these things have to factor in when you’re looking at who you want to bet or the football, it’s not just the case of man city have always been better than ours. They’ll have better players in arsenal and have a much better winning record against Austin over the last few years.

Speaker 2 (21m 13s): So real quick, because I know, and we should get this out of the way. Cause I know Billy you’re, you’re a big time hater of Liverpool. They’re your red socks. They’re your Cowboys. And they’re there. They’re the restart of the season really only means one thing. And that’s livable, levered. Liverpool is going to get, they’re finally going to lift the trophy. They’re going to lift the trophy after so many years. So what can you, are you happy that you know, all this social distance things going on, so you’re not going to have to deal with all these liver full fan assholes, no pride there celebrate like what are you just take me through the experience that you’re about to live through as, as someone, I mean, this is like the Cowboys winning the super bowl, Sean, like what would we do?

It would be horrible.

Speaker 6 (21m 57s): It’s it’s horrible, but I don’t live in Liverpool. So we’ve always had to dealt. We’ve always had to deal with these people on social media. And for years it’s always been a case of them telling us what they’re going to do and then mean complaining about our, how everything went against them and how the world’s against them and, and everything. When it, when it didn’t. I mean, they’re, they’re unbearable in so many ways. I mean, just generally that Liverpool as a, as a city, isn’t, isn’t a nice place to go. And it isn’t build was particularly nice people, but this, there was an ability to list.

There were a lot of man United fans that wanted to avoid this to the extent of where they didn’t even want the season to continue. Now, when I was, when I was doing my, if it all ended now shows I was actually ranking in terms of the teams that wanted to see star one of the season two to, to go away and be voided. Now, man, United’s they finished quite high on both charts, whereas there’s, there was half of supporters that really, really want this season to continue. And if there wasn’t a man United rivalry of Liverpool, you’d look at it and go right. May not. They’re still in the FFA cup.

They’re still in the Europa league and they are on the cusps of returning to the champions league because they’re inside that top five, they have all the motivating factors here for wanting this season to continue yet. They still have to chart high on the, on the other side of it. Because if you look on social media, despite the fact that man United are having a good season in terms of challenging for potential trophies and returning to the top four and bearing in mind, this is a transitional year for man United under a new manager where they are embedding all of these new, all of these new younger players.

And the real plan was to challenge for the league or to challenge at least to try and compete for the league next season. Instead, you’ve got all of these man United fans online saying, let’s cancel the season as candidates. And that’s because they just see a Liverpool wind. They won’t, they, they would rather all of our work be undone despite the fact that we need quarterfinals of the Europa league and cooler fighters of the FAA cup and on the cusp of returning to the champions they bought from our league position. And they want all of that undone because they just don’t want to see Liverpool ever win, win this league.

And it’s been 30 years since they’d done it. And to put that into perspective, Liverpool we’re well clear Manchester United in terms of who’d won this league the more times and under Alex burgs and man United just powered back and won around about, I think it was like 12 league titles before Liverpool had won another one. So it’s been 30 years since Liverpool won it and may not have captured 12 in that time, but have gone ahead of them. They lead them by 20 premier leagues to 18.

So at one point Liverpool were 10 Clare of Manchester United that thought years ago. And they about to suffer and watch us win over and over and over again on the Ferguson, the claw one back.

Speaker 2 (24m 48s): So if you’re like Sean, yes. And you’re, and you’re stepping into this, this, this soccer thing fresh because you’re, you’re, you’re a DJ then you’ve been betting simulations. You’ve been betting UFC, but you need more live sports to what your section. And by the way, you can watch a lot of the EPL is on MPA, MB, NBC sports, NBC. They have a great kind of like better than any NFL recap show called premier league match of the day where they take you through like 20, 20 minute highlights each game.

It’s beautiful. I mean, honestly you can, you can follow the league watching like two hours a week if you don’t want to watch any games, but if you’re gonna dip your toe back or into something new into the soccer wagering world, the football wagering world, as Billy would call it, Sean probably has some questions, but he told me he didn’t want to look like an idiot. So I’m going to ask these as if they were asked by the fans. Now, if I’m coming in to the EPL, now I already brought up the fact that I personally think games are going to be lower scoring. And I might look to take on nerves because I think the fact that there isn’t noise in the stadium as someone who played soccer, the number one thing crowd noise does to you is it makes you not be able to hear what’s going around you on the field.

You can hear people running, you can hear your teammates calling for the ball. You can hear the sound of the voice to know is that my teammate or is that the other player? So I think I, I’m going to approach this as I’m looking to play unders is there something that the novice soccer better should be looking at Billy, as far as their dip into the EPL pond?

Speaker 6 (26m 16s): The other thing is interesting because I, I addressed this on, on social media before, in terms of I’m going to ask me why it was seemingly more unders than usual imaginatively, just down to a couple of factors. There’s an adjustment period in terms of coming back and play it. You can train and train all you want, but doing defending is an easier thing to do is it’s easy to, it’s less skillful to get yourself organized and to stifle attacks and to get yourself into these, into these systems, to stop people from. And there’s a lot of premier league teams that play that way.

Anyways, Casey gets the bigger teams that use the setting up to avoid it, the fee. And this becomes a lot easier because the skill of scoring a goal and producing that moment of magic and being able to deliver shots and shots and decent policies that open up defenses that requires a level of skill, which requires a level of practice, which requires a level of repetition. So originally I do think that there’ll be more attacking Ross than defensive rust. And that’s just normal when,

Speaker 0 (27m 12s): Well, that’s a real quick, that’s almost a similar mindset when we’re handicapping NFL games, like the, the NFL preseason where the defense is instinctively ahead of the offense. Cause you don’t in this case, it’s not learned, you know, you don’t have plays or whatever, whatever you guys run over there,

Speaker 6 (27m 30s): Everybody’s learning a playbook. It’s still there. They’re learning what the new rule, the new, yeah.

Speaker 0 (27m 36s): But yeah. Sorry, sorry to cut you off there.

Speaker 6 (27m 38s): No, no, no. But that, that just goes hand in hand with the others as well. In addition to that, what we have without the crowds is, is that we don’t have, especially with the home team, if you’ll say, if you’ve got inferior army teams, for example, you don’t have this necessity in order to have that mindset of these people paid for a ticket. So we’re obligated to press forward and to try and win this game for our supporters. So be it worked both ways, all the people that pay to watch you in your home ground, who are maybe getting on your back because you’re playing too negatively or all you have, you’re traveling away supporters.

So sometimes you can have games in England where let’s use, let’s use new cars in Southampton, for example, where it’s a seven hour car journey where you’ve come from the South all the way down to new cars. So, and you don’t want to watch yourself and team with a shitty performance, putting 10 man at the back, trying not to lose. Now, bear in mind, these two particular teams that scenario wouldn’t have played out. The probably more likely to let’s say someone like a Southampton, traveling to Liverpool is only be a five hour journey, but still the tactic would be the same where they would be able to sit in and defend. And it wouldn’t be too entertaining for their traveling supporters.

Now who gives a shit because you can go and play whatever tactic you want and go and go and play. However you need to in order to get whatever you need from the game. It doesn’t matter. There’s nobody to apiece within the stadium or at least nobody’s going to get on your ass about it and, and boo you and, and, and cackle you and, and try and urge you to play a different game. Are the tactics that have been mapped out. You can stick to these strictly for the entire 90 minute period. And that in itself leads to unders to

Speaker 0 (29m 13s): So w w go ahead. Hi, Jack in here. No, no, no, no. I, this is all good stuff. As a, as a novice, a soccer better, who just takes a Billy’s Billy’s advice here. When you mentioned, I liked the psychology handicapping, the teams facing relegation of the teams facing relegation. And that may kind of end up being big dogs in some of these games still, who were these? Who are these like bottom five teams or whatever it is that are, that are possibly relegated,

Speaker 3 (29m 42s): Who is standing out to you as possibly like the best kind of dog to, to rise to the Villa. I’m sorry. Yeah. Aston Villa only 25 points, four and 17. And Billy Aston Villa could be a team that Sean adopts their star. Of course, just, just a guy that just to me, looks like someone who’s shown could get potentially Rudy a gree. I dunno. What do you think Billy

Speaker 6 (30m 10s): Grilly she likes to, he would, he would get behind a Greeley.

Speaker 3 (30m 13s): Well, he’s a man. He wears tiny shinguards because he’s a real man. He’s he’s from like, he’s a local lad. Like he’s playing for his hometown club. I like it. Yeah. I think you would like the story of Aston Villa. Sean. I think you would like it a lot, a little bit of that. Not necessarily parallels to the city of Philadelphia, but the team for sure. Crappy,

Speaker 7 (30m 36s): Although

Speaker 3 (30m 36s): Ask them below one stuff. At some point in the past, I’m like the Eagles super bowl, 52

Speaker 6 (30m 42s): Aston Villa, much like leads who are in the low league and just can’t get back into the premier league. They do have a history of, of being a successful club, but they’re struggling at the moment and they spend a lot of money to stay in the premier league. Unlike I Norridge, who pretty much knew that they were going back down and even a chef was United, but Cheryl United haven’t gone back down. They’ve actually ended up being a team who have stayed in the mid table. They actually seventh at the moment, but I think they may drop down to mid table without their support was there, which is a very helpful home support.

And they, and they do play up to it. I think they may struggle when we come back, but ask them better. They’ve massively underachieved. They bought a lot of players to stay in this league and they have got Jack Greeley says, well, who’s a player that could play for any one of the teams in the top six. He’s a highly raid, a young English player who would like to have stayed. I asked them Villa, they have turned down offers for him before. He’s been happy for them to turn down the office because it was his boyhood dream to be to copycat . But they have a horrendous running where we come back, despite the fact that they are only two points outside the relegation zone, they have one of the most difficult runnings coming back.

Now what has benefited them is that they did have some injuries and they got somebody’s players back. And that’s consistent throughout the entire premier league. If you’re looking at someone like Tottenham, they had Harry Kane out song out a load of players out. Now during this lockdown period, not only have they got all of those players back, but Marino who took over as a new manager, there’s someone you guys should be familiar with. He never really had a time to adjust and saw out this defense cause he’s a very solid defensive manager. Now he’s had almost a, an entire preseason during this lockdown period to really prepare his team.

And we’re going to see a Tottenham that are properly under the mold of Marina. So I expect them to be much better coming forward, but, but starting on point, ask them below was one of the relegation teams. I think they’re going to struggle. A Watford have lost one of their key players, Troy Deni, because he doesn’t want to play anymore. He’s got a son who’s years old with asthma and he’s refusing to play. We’ve got a couple of these players that are refusing to play because of this big crises. And they, they, they, they’re not gonna come back for their teams. So what for notoriously play worse without choy Dina, who’s their captain asked them, but they have a terrible running.

So I do think their teams that can get sucked in Brighton as well, Brighton or a team who looked like they’re safe, but they were dropping a lot of points before we were, we’ve always shut down for a lock down period. And that’s because they’re a team that had been in the premier league for so long and they installed a new new manager and the idea was okay, we’re established now. And now we’re going to play a different style of football because we’ve bought our fans to death for years and managed to stay in this league. So our finances are healthy. Now we want to play nice, pretty football and nice attacking football.

The thing is, is that they didn’t invest in the personnel and Brighton isn’t attract. Isn’t an attractive place to go to, to play football. It’s a seaside town, which is a fairly nice place to live, but you’re not going to attract the players that the big London clubs attract or all the top Manchester clubs, for example. So it’s going to be difficult for Brian’s or played his type of football and stay in the league. And they’re a good outside shell for a team to go down because they’re roundabout three to one to go down. So I think they could get stuck then as for Westham and Bournemouth, I think there are two teams that could get out of it.

I actually tip ball fat, even money to get out of this situation. Cause you can bounce him, stay up as well as betting on teams to actually go down

Speaker 2 (34m 12s): And you wouldn’t believe it Chumba West. They blow, blow, blow bubbles before the game. You, you would love it. It’s like, what do you mean? Like bubbles, like bubble makers, you know, anyway, you, you, you brought up some really good points, Billy. And, and, and to that point, some of the teams you mentioned are actually facing off against each other. And one of those match-ups, which is, seems really, really relevant is that Aston Villa team facing relegation has the pedigree has spent the money against the Sheffield, Sheffield United, who kind of shocked the world came up, they run a little bit of a unique system and they’ve had a tremendously successful season.

And while perhaps this is an angle where you can look to maybe back the team that is more desperate because as you pointed out Sheffield United, while they are the, on the fringe of Europe’s European soccer, that feels less likely. And if they fall back a little bit, that could be that. So that maybe this is a motivation angle. This is one of the leftover games that’s being played this morning, probably as you listen to the show.

Speaker 6 (35m 9s): Yeah, there’s, there’s two games to play because these four teams have played less. So they want to get these gaming hat. They’re called games in hand. They want to get them out of the way. And then the game weeks are all situated for everybody to play the equal amount of games remaining. But the game weeks are crazy as well because for television, because the television rights have been good, even across to the BBC now to BBC or world famous, but they charged the UK citizens, a licensing fee to get the channel. It’s automatic. If you a TV, you must pay the BBC for a TV license here in the UK.

So we’re forced to pay for it. And the complaint has always been that well, they give you a pile of shit. Like why do we pay for the BBC? He basically is just a news channel with a couple of programs and add some very limited amount sports. So now they have put their hand in their pocket and bought some premier league for the, for the remainder of the season. And then also BT sports, Amazon and sky sports are gonna cover it. And most of these games are going to be on TV. So you getting a crazy spreads. And when we come back properly at the weekend, starting on Friday, all the way through to Monday where man sit, you’re going to play in the final televised game and they get a bit of a break because they come, they just play on Wednesday as well.

So they’re playing on Wednesday and then they play on Monday. And then we go again on Tuesday immediately. The next game week starts. So the EPL show is going to be me doing a show. That’s going to be out on Thursday, which is going to cover Friday’s games. And then I’m going to drop another one on Monday because that’s going to cover the games that start on Tuesday. It’s going to be game after game after game to get these on TV, much like the, the NFL format where we see stuff happening across Thursday and then Sunday and Monday as well. And even during the, during the day those games spread, I, I, I would prefer NFL to just play on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday on Monday.

That would be how I spread the NFL would come down for it. That’s it? Yeah. Well, that’s how the EPL essentially going to be doing it. So

Speaker 0 (37m 5s): Speaking of the national football league, your, your green Bay Packers kind of shocked the world drafting Jordan Love in the first round as a packer backer, what do you, what do you think of this green Bay team? I mean, they made it to the NFC championship last year, 13 and three, but everyone seems to predict them as a team. That’s going to regress Rogers and low floor don’t seem to be on the same page. Hi, how are you looking at their seasons so far going into 2020?

Speaker 6 (37m 34s): I don’t know what to, what to make of that move. I don’t know whether it’s a step in a direction as to where we’re gonna change. Because when we got on the floor, we got a, we, we essentially bought even the guy who’s run the ball most of the time, who then inherited our Rogers. So when you have an Rogers, you don’t just come in and then play that. You’re going to just ignore the fact that you have him, but I dunno whether we’re evolving and moving forward to seeing are going to start running the ball more in a future and have a more conservative quarterback. I’m not sure if that’s the, that’s the idea or whether the idea is to kind of show Rogers that you do run the team and he doesn’t run the team.

It’s just, it’s just very confusing until we actually come out. And so we actually get to the season and see how this plays out, because I mean, you can see Aaron Rogers taking this as some kind of insult coming out, playing out of his mind this season and turn around and saying, that’s what I can do. Now. Let me get the fuck out of there. And then him not wanting to stay there. So I don’t really know how this plays out as well. I think everybody is scratching their as for like massive regression. I don’t think there’s going to be massive regression because it’s still a team that was just one game away from making the super bowl last year.

So I still think that there’ll be able to out the division and they will be playing in the, in the second half of the season. I don’t think this is going to suddenly be a team that doesn’t make the playoffs, but whether we, how are in another NFC championship game or whatnot, I don’t know. It just depends how the season plays out. Last year, nobody was talking about San Francisco and they ended up being in the super bowl. Nobody was counting them to be in the super bowl. So there’s always teams that just break out of nowhere and go a little wrong. But on paper, we were still among the top four teams in the NFC.

So I’m not too worried about the massive regression. I’m worried about where we’re going, because as a Pakistan, be it from Brett Farve to Aaron Rogers, we’re always used to being a quarterback team who are built around the quarterback. And I’m not really interested moving forward in us becoming a, a running team who have a conservative quarterback, much like how the San Francisco 49ers are built.

Speaker 2 (39m 39s): Yeah, no, that, that, that makes sense. You’re right. I mean, in the super bowl, they’re always, it seems like we’ve come to a place where we have one team that’s pretty chalk and then kind of another team that’s a little more surprising, a little bit more of a long shot. Okay. Can I, before we let Billy go, can I ask him because his, his boys, his Manchester United, they open the return, the return season against Jose Moreno and Tottenham, as he was pointing out, this is a revenge spot. This is a, this is probably a worst case scenario.

Is this not the easiest opportunity to back Tottenham?

Speaker 6 (40m 18s): Well, on paper, they have a lot of plays back. And this is a team that got to the champions league final last year. But the thing is, is that man United were having their best period before the lockdown period kind of back out. They Bruno Fernandez came into the team. He was a missing piece of a jigsaw. He’s settled really quickly. The defense took a while to adjust, but hiring McGuire’s coming their most expensive defender that we’ve ever bought most expensive defender in history to league even more expensive than van Dyke. And he has come in, he’s a future England captain and he’s coming in and he’s done a very, very good job.

He’s already our captain. And so behind all defense, we’ve got the Haier. We’ve got two very good fallbacks. The back four is all now working together. We now do have that creative mid-fielder in Fernandez. Scott Matamata is turning into a good defensive midfielder. And now during the, during the lockdown period, Paul has got himself fit and they call them playing, playing Fernandez and group, because I think you have to do that because if you don’t, you’ll have to let but go and you have to go and get your 150 million for him, but the prospect of them playing together, if this is the motivated Paul pug, that now sees that, yes, finally, all of, all of the hope is on my shoulders and I can be more free and I can just play.

I’m not carrying the weight of this team because originally he was the 88 million pound man who was, single-handedly expected to rejuvenate man United from the dark days that we’ve dropped into since we were winning everything on the Alex Ferguson. So all of the owners was on Bagua. Now there’s more pieces around them. And of course, Marcus Rashford is back as well. This is as strong as Manchester United have been. I believe since Alex Ferguson left. So I expect us to come back and be stronger, or at least pick up from where we were. And if that’s the case, then we shouldn’t be losing to top them.

But at the same time items, he taught them as this big underdog that they’re priced for in that game. They are being massively disrespected, but at the same time, again, a 51% away teams, one in the Buddha’s league is so you have to take that into consideration. I’m a, not a neutral field. Mandy Knight are currently a better team than Tottenham. So there’s, there’s so much to factor into every single game. I’m still going to go down the route of handicapping each game individually, in terms of, yes, I will take into consideration the neutralizing factors of having no crowd, but at the same time, we still have data that we’d have to look at for between different head to head matches between your teams, plus what they’ve done this season.

One thing that I will warn people about though, and I’ve seen American cap, American cap is on gambling to air, or at least want to be cappers claimed to be, they’re getting absolutely hammered on overs. They are getting handled on the overs. They’re just blindly taking over as they’re looking at all of the districts in the Bundes league. And that was the both teams to score statistics and the statistics. And they’re seeing these over, over teams come together and they’re just bang it out. It’s not worked out for them at all. It’s also not worked out taking I’m taking teams to hammer other teams as well.

Like today, Barcelona played against Lebanese and a lot of guys had Barcelona too, to score a whole load of goals for these things get massively over. Even I got sucked into an over for this game because Barcelona, it looks so impressive on the, on Saturday when they returned, but it didn’t land, but I’ve been a lot more cautious in terms of taking over. And they have, because they blindly just taking over as overs over as overs. They’ve not moved away from their stats and they’re gone home team, home team, home team, and they’ve been crushed.

There isn’t anybody that I’ve seen on Twitter, who claims to be an expert. Soccer is making any money.

Speaker 2 (43m 52s): And that’s why you have to subscribe to the sports gambling podcast network. So you can get the DAS booned us league a show. You can get the EPL show, you can get the champions league show. And most importantly, you can find out where to get all of other Billy Billy’s other stuff real quick to close the loop on it that, that midfield or that 150 million pound midfielder that Billy was referring to Paul . He is the cam Newton of the EPL I needed to, I needed to do that to Sean. So Sean will be on Tottenham this weekend, for sure.

All right, Billy, appreciate it as always make sure to check them out on the sports gambling podcast network, feed, EPL show, fight, show, lack, bedding dot. Thank you, Billy.

Speaker 6 (44m 32s): And just, and just to say that just in terms of soccer, like it is one of those sports where I know it’s a very American thing to do, and this isn’t a knock on you guys as a company or, or, sorry, not as a company, sorry, it’s a country. It is a case of you running the numbers all the time. You just run numbers, run numbers, run numbers, but the eye test is so important in soccer and also looking at motivating factors as well. You need to actually do each game individually. You need to watch football. I always say it like, that’s one of the key things that I do.

I’m, I’m actually somebody that would watch football anyway, regardless I’ve been doing it since I was five years old. I have to watch, I have to watch the game. Yes, for the shows. And in terms of running a service where I’m giving out bad tips, but I’d be doing this anyway. I, I would, I enjoy doing it. I will watch as much soccer as I possibly can. I don’t think your other campuses are doing it. And this isn’t a blind sport where you just go in and say, run numbers for what they’ve done this year and what they’ve done against each other. If you’re capping, stuff like that, and you’re not doing, and you’re not using your gut and you’re not using your eyes, which are two of the most important thing to soccer, you’re going to get absolutely crushed to death.

So I wouldn’t be following anybody that’s using just statistical data and isn’t watching it. And isn’t sitting there during the games and giving you like rundowns and whatnot, because gut you got in your eyes. It’s just cycle.

Speaker 2 (45m 50s): Let me recap. This for everyone is the best. He’s so good that Sean, a noted soccer hater has allowed him to has allowed affiliation to Billy and his soccer knowhow for over showing you wouldn’t believe it. 2014, the two, the 2000, I think it was the 2014 world cup. Billy came on slate and he’s been slaying it ever since. So again, subscribe to that podcast. He gives her, I mean, we, there, it’s funny because there’s a couple of fans who they get angry.

If Billy’s podcast isn’t on time and it’s just like every week there’s winter. So I would, I would highly encourage you to subscribe, especially if you’re new to the sport. And, and most importantly, the most important thing about Billy and his, a capping of the fit, fancy sport of soccer. He has the proper accent to do it. So Jersey doesn’t go with the pitch quite as nice as London. Let

Speaker 6 (46m 46s): Me say one final thing as well. If you could, guys could give me a follow. I have a new Twitter. It’s very easy to follow. It’s SGP EPL, the lock bang bond is gone, and I’m not sure it’s coming back. So I’ve been having this feud with this guy in the wrestling industry because it happened ever since we both had verified Twitter accounts and we the only verified, verified wrestling journalists, and he had a real issue with that. And he’s targeted me for a long time. And I gave him the rope to hang me with a few years ago. When I talk negatively about women’s wrestling and he launched this whole tirade and campaign against me, where I was portrayed as a sexist and whatnot.

And if you can get enough complaints against you on Twitter, they will take down your account. And when our on Twitter and I was quietly sitting there for three years just doing gambling, but recently I’ve taken on a new job on the wrestling fund where I’m doing a show with rinse Russo and rinse Russo is the guy that wrote all of the good, the good wrestling that you guys liked in the late nineties, wood stone, cold, Steve Austin, and the rock and undertake it came mankind. He was writing all that stuff. It was all coming from his mind. So he’s very, very well known in the wrestling industry and I’m doing a show with him.

So this put me very much back on the map in terms of I was on there promoting all of my Twitter thinking I was going to get all of this business from these dozens of people that I could convert into gamblers to win money, being on wrestling, at least. And it just made him aware of the fact that I was there on a different account and he immediately got it deleted so very, very quietly. This is the account sup EPL. I’m not going to be talking about this account at all in front of these wrestling losers. So I’m just going to go there, do my wrestling show.

And I’m going to promote my wrestling Instagram instead of arresting Instagram, which is going to be completely safe. And my gambling stopped because I need to be on there. I need to be on gambling. Sway is going to be SGP EPL. So easy says balls going in poker, SGP EPO.

Speaker 4 (48m 43s): Again, give it a follow support. Billy Behati fellow cut handicapper. Billy appreciate it as always. And before we move over to Steve Schermer and our RBC heritage preview Kramer want to give a shout out to cushy dreams. That’s right. Cause she dreams you’re living that CVD life Kramer cause she dreams smokable CVD. They got a bunch of greats CBD, free rolls, creative. I like Kramer. You’re a big piece guy and they have a smuggled CBD flower, completely legal, all 50 States.

All you gotta do is go to cushy dreams.com, K U S H Y dreams.com. Use the promo code SGP 15% off that’s right? Cause she dreams.com promo code S G P for 15% off smoke your CBD because he can, I was hoping you throw it to me. Okay. Sorry. I thought you were gonna poke your CBD because you can

Speaker 0 (49m 43s): Joining us on the line golf expert for SGP N Steve Schermer Steve, how excited are you that golf’s officially back? Oh, I’m over the moon. I mean, you know, there’s been NASCAR on, I’ve tried to, you know, that’s kind of held my attention. There’s Korean baseball early in the morning, but golf is just that’s my bread and butter, you know? And it was so good to see the guys out there last week. And it was an incredible leader boards. It was a lot of top names out there and it’s just, it’s great to have it back.

Well, and, and we’re doing this podcast. Normally we don’t do a podcast breaking down the RBC heritage, but with the limited slate of sports, the end, these guys, that delay, it seems like you just said the big names are coming back. So in a way, these almost feel like mini majors, like those premadonnas in baseball, the golfers are like, we will play, Oh my God. Yeah. I mean, we could do another 20 minutes on golf, on baseball. I was ready to watch baseball. They’re just, I, I can’t tell you how many, how little amount of baseball I’ve watched and these pig headed just idiots.

Can’t figure out. You could dominate the summer. People could fall in love. It could be bigger than Maguire Sosa for the sport. And they were like, eh, we don’t want to get a bad day. Steve. You know, things have gotten bad when Sean is excited for the return of the EPL. So yes, we’re talking to EPL in this podcast as well, but Steve’s on the line. We’re talking RBC heritage. So give us a little course breakdown tips. What kind of golfers it favors?

Speaker 9 (51m 16s): Sure. So Harbor town was built in 1967. It’s a Pete dye golf course. So you typically see a Pete dye golf course and TPC Sawgrass. There’s a couple of other ones on the tour, but they’re mostly known, you know, Pete died, tried to set up a golf course to make it as hard as possible. And to basically just make it like three hours in a, in a dental chair, you know, he has little nuances about the golf courses that just drives you nuts. So the one thing about Harbortown is it’s a very tight golf course. There’s a lot of trees everywhere now.

It’s, it’s a, it’s a popular golf course for a lot of, you know, the public because you know, it’s not overly long. The bunkers aren’t very shallow. It’s actually a perfect golf course for one of those old guys who just hits the ball straight every time.

Speaker 0 (52m 4s): It sounds like it’d be good for me where I’ve just given up on hitting my driver and I’m hitting three wood off the tee. I’ve just said, you know what? I can’t hit the driver straight. It’s not worth it. I lose the 15 yards and just hit a three wood down the middle and, and kind of enjoy golf more.

Speaker 9 (52m 20s): And that’s exactly it. If you have a slice or, you know, if you have trouble off the tee, this is definitely not the golf course for a year. Gonna lose a lot of balls. But overall, you know, one of the things we saw last week, because it was interesting how they set up the schedule with the return of the PGA tour. You had two similar golf courses that favored a certain skillset. It was mostly favored, some shorter hitters. Some guys who were a little more accurate, a little better with irons. And what we saw last week was when you got, have a really strong field with long and straight hitters, they can just bomb it over all the trouble on a golf course.

And that’s what we saw last week at colonial. Now this week with the position of the holes and how just, I mean, if you, if you, when you watch this tournament on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, you’re going to see immediately, you cannot take those aggressive lines like they did last week. It’s gonna demand a lot more accuracy than did last week. A lot of guys, you’re not gonna be able to say driver, you’re gonna have to take your medicine, lay up off the tee and play it as Pete Dodd does designed it.

So I think this tournament while I’m not, I’m not saying that it’s not going to have a big stack leaderboard. Like last week, guys, aren’t going to be able to dictate how the golf course plays. They’re going to have to play it as is.

Speaker 0 (53m 43s): Yeah. And, and when I was looking to put together my lineup and some of the pics, I read your article, I got keyed into that fact. So I look to driving accuracy and strokes gained on the green. Cause that to me is kind of, it’s kind of the formula for potentially a winning lineup. If you’re watching this on YouTube, you may be asking yourself, why do we have a photo of Bryson, D Shambo flexing. Now, Steve, you, you really did us a great service. You, you turned us on to this 15 minute video of that Bryson put out and video is selling it short.

It’s almost like a, a silent film. There’s no dialogue in it. It’s just 15 minutes of different B roll of what Bryson did in the, in his quarantine. It’s one of the unintentionally funniest things I’ve, I’ve seen in a long time and just like motivational quotes will flash up and it’s just him being cool, driving his Bentley. And then a lot of workout scenes. I just saw how he said, like, I read that little blurb where it’s like, it’s all about the business and the body and the quarantine or whatever.

Jesus. So what Daishin Bo walk us through this. He’s had a crazy transformation coming off a good week. What’s in store for his future.

Speaker 9 (55m 1s): Well, I mean for, I mean, can I just touch on this video first? Because I mean, when I watched this thing, first of all, after, I mean, I I’ve watched it probably 10 times and I can’t just stop laughing at the whole thing. It is the most self serving ego maniacal thing I have ever seen, but, but after I watch it, I’m, I’m wondering what purpose does it serve? What does he want you to know? And I think there’s three things. There’s three main takeaways from this video. Number one, he wants you to know that he has abs and that’s a direct shot, actually, Brooks Capco, because I did you guys know that he, he does a Twitch channel where he plays fortnight?

Oh, I didn’t. So he I’ve a couple of bloggers, you know, they basically camped out and watched, you know, him play Fortnite, which, I mean, I kind of want to blow my brains out if that’s like, you know, if I had that job, but was one of his Twitch followers, ask them about Brooks, Capco and the body issue and BR and Bryson made a comment of, Oh, you know, Brooks doesn’t have apps. You know, I have apps. So, and, and, and a minute into the video, you see him shirtless walking into the kitchen and just cooking this big, giant slab of bacon, which, I mean, I can’t imagine he’s going to abs a lot longer if he’s eating an entire slab of bacon with all that, you know, trans fat and grease in the pan there.

So that’s takeaway number one, he wants you to know that he has abs number two. He wants you to know that not only is, is he big and strong, he’s also a graceful athlete because he can walk on a tight rope. You know? I mean, I think he just, he wants you to know that he’s, you know, more than just this muscle bound guy and number three, the most important thing to take away from this video is he wants you to know that he, it looks like he wants to a foreclosure auction for a local gym and just bought all of the machines. And then for the last four months, all he’s been doing is just lat pull downs and just, you know, hammer curls.

And, you know, maybe it’s a message to all those bullies in high school. There’s stuff in a locker that he’s big and huge.

Speaker 3 (56m 57s): Well, and I, if you look at the photo, like the photo itself paints a great picture of a guy who clearly had no idea what a gym was ordered, a bunch of gym equipment as you state. And then when the guy showed up, he was like, ah, I guess you just roll it all in the garage. And he’s very cluttered. He’s just like someone sent him some free shit. He’s like, Oh, I guess I should use this. Yeah, there’s, there’s a lot of product placement. And just him going for jobs in the Bentley sounds like we should be reaching out as now that we’re a colleagues on Twitch together.

He’s probably new to the casting life. He might need some tips from us. He’s a fellow, God SIM God. So yeah. As far as this game, do you think, do you think it will hold up this week?

Speaker 9 (57m 42s): Well, I mean, so, so what I mentioned earlier was guys, aren’t going to be able to bomb and gouge Harbortown like they did last week and that’s mostly a direct reference to Bryson. I mean, he, he was, I mean, he broke colonial country club. That that is not how the golf course supposed to be played, but when you hit it as long and straight as he does, there are very few golf courses that can provide enough defenses against that. But Harbor town is one of those things. He can’t, the tee box is very claustrophobic.

There’s a lot of trees. He’s not gonna be able to hit it over dog legs. He’s gonna have to dial back with an iron and basically just set himself out for the second shot. Now, the one thing about this whole biotransformation that has been surprising is you’ve seen guys chase distance before and they tend to lose skillsets and are parts of their game, but that hasn’t really happened with Bryson. He’s still an awesome iron play store. Really good putter. So, I mean, I don’t want to doubt that he can’t perform well at this tournament, but if he thinks he’s going to take the same approach as a colonial, he has another thing coming.

He’s going to have to make some adjustments within game, which he probably can do. He’s a very smart player. And while I’m temporary, my expectations a little bit for him this week, it wouldn’t surprise me if he proves everybody wrong just as he’s proved everybody wrong for the last five months.

Speaker 3 (59m 5s): Yes. You know, the theme with my draft King lineup, when it comes to golf is all about that. Drip, drip, this guy is super wet. He’s extra drippy and real quick, you know, I was reading a little bit about how he was focusing on his body. Of course, we all should shine. It’s our, it’s our own temple. And it made me think this guy’s not, if he’s maintaining the flexibility to swing a golf club with hand with arm cannons like that, cause he, he’s starting to look more like one of those long drive guy.

So I got, imagine he’s working in some yoga, he’s working in some Pilates, he’s working in some things that maybe he didn’t show on that hyperreal, that might be a little embarrassing, but core strength. That’s how you get those abs. I don’t see how you, I don’t see how the drip squad is going to go without mr. Bryson this week, but we’ll get to that. Well, real quick, before we start putting together a, a little a DFS lineup, Rory, he was in the mix he’s it was funny because I don’t know how many years ago was he kind of had that little bit of a run and everyone’s like, he’s the next tiger look out?

Rorys bore is the guy and the hype. Really? He, he kinda hasn’t lived up to the hype. He’s had some good performances, but certainly not like the dominant next guy that he was kind of heralded early on. He was in the mix last week and then kind of fell apart. Why do you think he recovers this week?

Speaker 9 (1h 0m 28s): I don’t know. There’s something going on with him. And that’s in his late weekend. Collapses are kind of becoming a little bit of a pattern, which is weird that I’m criticizing Rory because I mean, all his ball striking numbers are great and he’s won. Yeah. I think he won three times last year and he’s world number one by a mile. I think so, but it’s strange that we have this perspective of Rory as this guy who just can’t close. Like I remember looking last week, he was three back onto the final round and his odds before Sunday was 14 to one.

And I on one hand, I’m like, well, I’ve seen Rory shoot a 62 on Sunday. And like the field up, he did that last year, the RBC Canadian open, but I just had no inkling to bed because I just, I didn’t have any faith that he would actually show up. And he didn’t, he didn’t, he fired a file around 75 and that’s been a little bit of a pattern for him this year. He was in the mix of the Arnold Palmer before the COVID break. And he had a similar bad round on, on Sunday. He was in the mix of the Genesis, had a pretty subpar round there too last year, the WC GC FedEx in the final group and Brooks just completely took him to the, you know, the woodshed.

It’s just, you gotta wonder, like maybe he has, he achieved, maybe everything he wanted in golf. I mean, he’s won Fort, he won four majors. He achieved so much success early on his career. Does he have that edge still to really be this killer that I think we all want him to be because in this generation of golfers in this decade, you’re right. He’s been probably the only guy that we’ve seen that can touch, you know, Tiger’s dominance just, you know, you get on this massive hot streak, you know, termin after tournament, after tournament.

So I don’t know. I mean, Harbortown is not really a golf course for him. Kind of like, you know, with what I said about Bryson, you know, when you take the driver away from Rory, it, you know, when you ask them to dial it back off, the T’s not as strong, but he’s 11 to one this week. I just, I don’t have any desire really to play him at all.

Speaker 3 (1h 2m 37s): How old would you say Rory is? That’s a great question. Off the top of my head. I would say 26 31. Wow. Turn professional 2007. And I think a lot of what we speak of him is unfortunately because he, you know, it’s always bad to be the guy who follows the guy. And honestly, the fact that tiger was so dominant for so long, really bit some of these guys in the ass, because if you look at how dominant Rory was for the period he was, and as you point out, he’s still a number one. He had a great season last year, and yet we want someone to be like tiger.

And I think it’s a product of the fact that everyone works out. Everyone is more dialed in, like tiger just hit the sweet spot. He was great. He came into the league at a time where he had a physical advantage. He worked harder. And now I think we’re, we’re measuring everyone up against that. And, and it blew my mind when I saw how old worry was. Cause I was like, God damn, I’m getting old because I remember when he was the next guy and then it was Jordan speed and there was Brooks. And I think the reality of this situation is golf’s fucking hard and tiger might be the greatest player we will ever see because of his, the time he was dumping it dominant.

And the, the long to the fact that he was winning golf tournaments by, you know, dozens of stroke. Just anyway, I think, unfortunately I know you have a, you have a special spot in your heart for Rory. Yet you share a lot of things. You share your heritage of being Irish. You share your height of being 1.7, five meters. And, and most importantly, you both lived in Hollywood. Did you know he lives in Hollywood, Northern Ireland?

Well, and he’s the only one actually, but Northern Ireland, which is kind of the bad Ireland as I like to point out on the golf podcasts. All right, Steve, let’s get to it. Let’s start putting together a DFS lineup. We’ll let you kick things off. Who you going with first here?

Speaker 9 (1h 4m 31s): All right. Well, my first guy is someone that I write about a lot, you know, mostly because I love his game, but he also plays in almost every single tournament every single week. And that’s sung J M at $9,700. He does a little bit of everything. Well, he has a really good combination of length and accuracy off the T’s a good scrambler, really good putter, really good iron player. Those are all really good combinations at Harbor town. He came back from the COVID break last week, looked like he didn’t miss a beat.

Very quietly, had a top 10 finish would put up some really good balls, shrinking numbers. So I, you know, a lot of similar attributes that you’d like to colonial. You’re gonna like at Harbor town. So I’ll start my lineup with him.

Speaker 3 (1h 5m 12s): 9,700 Kramer. What are you doing? Oh, hi, I’m sleeping. No surprise. Let’s start. The drip is going to start with a drip drip in the moment. And that’s the man who spent social distancing. He spent the quarantine focusing on his business and his body. And in fortunately for me and the Kramer gang, our business is his body. Yeah. I’m to, I I, of course I was going to start with him. Look at that picture. Daysha doesn’t even know how to flex, right? That’s the funniest part. This is the weird flex.

He’s a he’s 10,700. I was very proud of myself because Steve has not put out any, any picks yet on the pod, on the unsportsmanlike podcast.com yet officially. And I have some J M as well, 9,700 very tight, efficient game. And coming off of 10th plates finished shot a 67, the last round that’s that’s what I want a guy like, hang he, I think he got 10th, right? Within striking distance, 9,700 great value. You know, sell me on the Koreans.

You know, Steve, what’s your second guy.

Speaker 9 (1h 6m 18s): All right. My second guy is someone who was really in the weeds for a long time, and he made an equipment change over the, the COVID break. And he came back last week colonial and was awesome. And that’s Justin Rosa, $9,200. I love what I saw with the TaylorMade back in his bag. He had his best ball striking weeks since the farmer’s insurance opened last year, which was his last win. And that was the, actually the first week of that deal we have with Hama and the way he played last week after ditching the Hamas clubs, I don’t know anybody who would want to actually buy those clubs ever again.

I mean, I mean, he was awful for a solid year. So, you know, Harvard, town’s a ball strikers course. If what he showed last week at colonial was legit. He definitely should be in the mix to get back into winter circle.

Speaker 3 (1h 7m 8s): Love it, Kramer, what are you doing there? Just a second guy. I’m going, I’m going, I’m all over the place. Not in any sort of order, but I’ve been told by my, my people, Sean. Now, now that the Kramer gang is growing, I have people and I’ve been told that mr. Hatton hailing from England has been hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot. So I saw He was actually one of the last guys I filled into my roster sitting at 8,000. I, I know not much more than as you, as you heard with my first pick, this is all about the drip.

So I want guys in good form and I fancy his current form. Sean, I’m scrambling, trying to find my notes. Was it the yes. The Arnold Palmer he won. Is that correct? Steve. So hot, hot, hot, let’s go. Mr. Hatton, eight grand. I’m cashing this weekend. Alright, next up. I got a guy for $9,500. Give me a Decky Matsuyama. Okay. You told me you didn’t see color, Sean, this guy, maybe, maybe there is a possible trend in my lineup, but I think he was playing pretty well prior to things closing down.

He got second place in the zone championship tied for third and the CJ cup at nine bridges, a tie for fifth at the Genesis invitational. He’s coming back. I, I, I, I trust the guy like Hideki, his game fits as well. And as far as the guy who was probably doing stuff in quarantine and won’t come back really rusty. Cause I think this is his first event after the break. I think a Decky is one of those guys, 9,500 lock me up for Matsuyama. Can I ask, do you have a question?

Is it this, this guy just disappoint. Like, he’s the guy you take when non-majors are here, but he just disappoints most of the time,

Speaker 9 (1h 8m 60s): His price point is crazy. Yeah. I mean, the thing with Matsuyama is he’s so good until you get to the green and then once you get to the green, he is one of the worst players on tour. I mean, he, I, and especially on Bermuda grass greens, like they had this week, he is particularly bad. So I was tempted to go with him just because of how good of a ball striker he is and how important that as a Harvard town, but just I’ve been burned so many times by him in the past that I just, he he’s got some repairing he needs to do to my heart before I pick up again.

So I mean, I mean, maybe he used the COVID break to be a little better putter, but I, I need to kind of see it first before I’m ready to start jumping in on him. Who’s your next guy there? Steve, my next guy is a guy who disappointed pretty much the entire golf DFS world last week. He was, I think the chalk is play on the board and that’s web Simpson at $9,000. It was a really uncharacteristically, bad performance for web. You know, you think about a guy like web symphony.

He’s a good iron player, a good putter. And he lost multiple strokes in those two areas over his first two rounds before missing the cut. He was a little better on Friday. And I think he’s going to bounce back this way just because, you know, there’s you expect a little bit of regression to the mean, and Harbor town is basically a golf course built for him. You know, it really depends, you know, it relies on accuracy, good iron playing, good putting. So I dunno, I don’t think he’s going to win this week, but I think he’s gonna have a much better showing and be pretty useful for a DFS lineup.

Speaker 3 (1h 10m 40s): Kramer, what are you doing here? I mean, I just, now, you know what I like to do right after I get some drippy guys, I go for guys who just know the course, right. And hashtag Steve Schermer AKA part of the all rise, Joe judge gang. He’s going to agree with me that Matt Koocher knows how to get around this course and at the price point of 8,300, again, you’re going to see a lineup. I didn’t, I didn’t punch anyone. So Matt Koocher and you know, what’s funny here. He has, he lacks drip so badly.

I think he has drip. So Matt Koocher Brent come aboard. We’re gonna, we’re gonna make forehead tan, sexy again, Sean, he’s going to be dripping out on Sunday, Matt Koocher Matt coach.

Speaker 9 (1h 11m 24s): It is fun to just say, coach. I also took a web Simpson and I’ll steal all of us

Speaker 3 (1h 11m 29s): For 9,000. Steve, as he’s giving out, this was already, already put together. It’s a web and possibly it was from reading his article. I think you may have already hinted at like in web Simpson did have a good round, only 9,000. I think there’s some value there. Give me a web Simpson bounce back spot from my boy web. Who’s your, who’s your fourth golfer there? Steve.

Speaker 9 (1h 11m 53s): All right. My fourth guy is probably going to be someone who’s pretty proper this week, but just based on his form last week and before the COVID break and just overall, you know, at the type of player he is, I’ll go with them anyway. And that’s Joel Damon at $7,500. He had, he had great ball striking numbers before the COVID break. And last week too, he picked right off where, right where he left off. He’s an accurate player. He’s a pretty good putter, good iron player. Scrambling is a little bit of an issue for him. But if he’s as good as with his irons as he has been, he’s not gonna miss a lot of greens.

So he’s been cranking out top twenties pretty much all season long. And I don’t really see that ending this week. So I’ll take him.

Speaker 1 (1h 12m 35s): Okay.

Speaker 3 (1h 12m 35s): Like it crammer. What are you doing? My next pick.

Speaker 1 (1h 12m 39s): Okay.

Speaker 3 (1h 12m 40s): Once again, I’m digging in the number. I’m trying to find a guy. I don’t know anything about this. Guy’s drip, but I saw a guy. You know what I did. I heard, I heard, I saw with Steve’s words about this course and how the driving distance is not going to be a valuable thing. So I said, well, what if I sorted the other way? What if I say, give me the shortest drivers and find some accurate guys, Steve Abraham answer, I’m digging deep and I’ll tell you what, I just Googled this guy.

I just Googled this guy for the first time ever. And while he doesn’t appear to be a guy with much drip, dangerously, low levels of drip, there is a picture of him standing next to tiger looking equally as stoic. So I’m going to assume if you can look like tiger, you can act like tiger drip on my friend, Abraham answer. And I think I pronounced that, right. And I believe his price point was 8,000.

Speaker 9 (1h 13m 45s): Can I say, I’m sorry, can I say one thing about answer? No, I’m not going to shut that. I love the player. I think he’s, I think he’s a great pick this week. What I’m going to say though, is if you were watching the coverage last week, they had, did you know, you saw the confessionals that they had. They had the microphone where players just got in front. So they showed Tony Fino talking question. And I think he’s like six to six. So he’s, he’s a tall guy. And then they went to Abe answer afterwards. And I think he’s two feet shorter. Barely got up to the microphone. He’s a short guy, but no, I mean, he, I mean, he’s actually a little longer than you think, but he he’s a very accurate driver, good iron player.

He struggles a little bit on Bermuda greens, but you know, he he’s got a role right now. So I like the pick.

Speaker 0 (1h 14m 33s): All right. Five, seven, Sean, you got, gotta feel good. You tower over that, dude. I dominated him $7,500. Give me Joel, how’d you David? No, I’m kidding. I do have a guy for $7,500. This man, I think he’s, he’s helped me a number of times when I’ve played him at the right spots. Gimme bang Hoon on beyond Hunan or as I just call them beyond. It’s very simple strokes gained around the green in 2019.

There’s one man who dominated that’s on he’s only $7,500 I think is putting will come up huge here. Didn’t have an amazing efforts tied for 60th and the Charles Schwab challenge, but he had, you know, he had some issues, little inaccuracy off the green, so that’s are off the tee. So that’s a little dangerous, but I think the Putin is going to save him. And, and I, I think it’s worth the risk at 7,500 Steven. My crazy for playing on here.

Speaker 9 (1h 15m 34s): No, because my next pick is also beyond home copying me, but I’m going to more articulately explain why he should be a good pick this week. So yeah. So you actually have it all wrong Potter it so it’s as Potter. That’s awful that usually holds him down. He’s normally, yeah. He’s normally, he’s one of the worst potters on tour. I mean, he’s exactly like Jackie Matsuyama, just gray ball striker, but once you get them on the greens, he is, you have no idea what you’re gonna get from him now

Speaker 0 (1h 16m 6s): Real quick. What has strokes gained around the green meat? Is that not good budding or is that, is that, is that chipping then that’s chipping and scrambling. Yeah. See, that’s what I meant.

Speaker 9 (1h 16m 16s): Yeah. So, so that’s an interesting comment. So last week he had a horrific ball striking week and he was horrific around the greens too. And that’s really uncharacteristic for a guy like . I think that’s going to reverse course this week. I think that’s going to regress a little bit to the mean now the putting while, while I say with her donkey, that he’s not very good at being the, to greens. I mean, Ben on is a terrible Potter, but when he is competent, it’s usually on Bermuda. So I’m going to gamble a little bit and hope that maybe he can find a little magic on putting surfaces a little more comfortable on.

So, and I think at that price point there there’s a lot of other shocky plays around, you know, that high to mid seven thousands. And that’s a nice, I think contrarian play just based on how we did last week

Speaker 0 (1h 17m 5s): Kramer. Now that now that my pick has been vindicated by Steve, what are you doing?

Speaker 3 (1h 17m 11s): Well again, questionable drip here, game matches. He’s a bit old Jim, fewer 7,100. I would imagine his game matches this course based on what I remember of Jim Furich and you know, again, 7,100, I didn’t want to have to dabble in the six thousands this this go about. And so I, I, I, this is my cheapest guy. I don’t really have much else to say. I always say to fill out the roster. I also had a Jim puric.

We mentioned how, or I think so you’re copying me and Steve, Steve had it up there at the top. It’s perfect for those old guys and Jim, Furich not super old, but 50 years old and maybe this is the distance isn’t there, but the accuracy, the tightness can help him get a decent score. I did want to ask Steve a question because I had a potential Fillon who I think may have a bit more drip and maybe fit the squat a bit more. And that’s a guy by the name of Gooch also also matches up with coach

Speaker 9 (1h 18m 12s): Good Taylor Gooch, Taylor Gooch. I mean, he had a little bit of a run last year. He had a pre he, I think he’s trying to gather like three or four really nice ball striking tournaments in a row. He’s kind of irrelevant now. So he’s not gonna be very highly. I liked the play of Europe better than

Speaker 3 (1h 18m 36s): I just saw the Gucci name. And it felt, felt like it went with the drip squad. Right. Steve, who’s your, who’s your last guide around, out to your

Speaker 9 (1h 18m 43s): BC heritage squad here? Alright, well, I agreed with Kramer, just the fact that I didn’t want to dip into the six thousands either just cause I looked at who’s down there and I didn’t really like what I saw. So my last guy is someone who I liked last week at colonial. He started to kind of find his sea legs on his rookie year on the PGA tour. And that’s Maverick McNealy at $7,100. He’s a little bit like Jane and the fact he does a lot of things, pretty much everything really well. You know, he’s he’s, he has a nice combination of length and accuracy off the tee good iron player.

Pretty good Potter. So, you know, he, he had a good show at colonial last week. I think he was top 30 on the leaderboard. I think he can have another solid performance at Harbor town

Speaker 3 (1h 19m 29s): Tremor. Last guy. This is another in the same vein of Matt couture. Another guy who’s had some success on the course and that’s Ian Poulter again. You know, if you look at my roster, typically I go with the couple big guys and just fill it out this time. One big guy, one of the biggest guys to lead the drip squad. After that, Shawn 8,000 8,300, 8,000 7,100 7,600, I left 300 on the table. I’m ready to cash that million. I’m ready to join the ranks of you.

Great DFS players, Kramer, my final guy. And if you have you Google photo of

Speaker 0 (1h 20m 8s): Him, I don’t know how he didn’t, how he didn’t have on this guy earlier. He’s kinda like if Eli Manning had a mop top and just a big smile and his name’s bud, bud Cauley, $7,200 coming off a, he had two under six 68, got 29 place in the Charles Schwab challenge. But again, the main reason I picked him was I went to the 2019 stats strokes gained around the green, which as we know is chipping and scrambling ability.

He was second behind my boy B hung on. And so a bud Callie at $7,200 felt like the right time to hop on the bud train. And this guy just seems like a lot of fun, a fun guy to root for his name’s bud. How could you not want to root for a bud in a golf event? Steve, am I crazy as, but it’s about awesome.

Speaker 9 (1h 21m 2s): No, I mean, I, so I think my pics column is going to drop probably tonight or tomorrow. I listed out a couple of guys you might want to consider for a top 20 prop. And he was one of those guys, you know, he stood out, he stood out in my stats database there of the prototypical type of player who would do well at Harbortown. He had a decent week last week. So he’s definitely on my radar.

Speaker 0 (1h 21m 26s): Love it. Let’s yeah. Let’s close things out. What do you maybe throw in like a, a lower value guy to win it all and maybe a couple props? What, what what’s jumping out at you right now over at my bookie dad AIG.

Speaker 9 (1h 21m 40s): So like I said, my picture column is going to come out probably tonight or tomorrow. So if you want the full gambit of everything, I like you can go check it out. But one guy we didn’t really talk about tonight as far as one of the big favorites. Again, he underachieved last week, but it wasn’t quite as bad as what people made it out to me. And that’s John Rahm at 18 one. That’s actually a really good price for a guy of his caliber. A lot of people think he’s just a bomber, but it’s very versatile player. He’s one on all different types of golf courses around the world.

He’s one on Lynx golf courses. He won he’s won on bombers courses. He’s one on these narrow, tight treeline, Spanish golf courses, which kind of remind me a little bit of Harvard town this week. So I think he’s a little under priced this week and I don’t think he’s going to be affected all that much by dialing back off the tee as far as a longer shot. Hey,

Speaker 2 (1h 22m 35s): Real quick, before you get to that, I always actually trolling around the first round leader props and I noticed John rom was one of the guys he’s very, still one of the favorites, but 33 to one to lead after the first round. And that also allows you to maybe mitigate some of his, you know, I’m too fat. I can’t make it through 72 hole problems that he’s had in the past. But yeah, no, I, I, I, I, again, in general I wanted to kind of hijack Steve for a second because these first, the first round props general, like the overall

Speaker 0 (1h 23m 7s): Leader, 22 to one. So the, the, the favorite is 22 to one. It seems like there could be some value there. Do you ever dabble in the first round leader market?

Speaker 9 (1h 23m 16s): Honestly, I mean, yeah, I dabbled a little bit with just last week with Jordan Speith just, and just on a gut hunch and I mean, he played well in his opening round, but golf is, there’s so much variance in golf that, I mean, you’re going to end up seeing a guy who is maybe like 150 to one to 201 to win the tournament just gets out to a hot start there. I mean, there’s really no rhyme or reason to guys who got out of the hot starts or not. So I don’t typically dabble in it, but I mean,

Speaker 0 (1h 23m 48s): Well, real quick to catch up there just for a second first round leader, my play for first round leader, Jim, Furich at a hundred to one again, it’s kind of crazy, but I think we’ve seen this before where old guys, they wake up it’s Thursday, their backs backs down bothering them. They don’t, they don’t have, they haven’t played three days in a row and maybe he’ll falter as the tour goes, you know, as the event goes on. But I think that round one leader, we see the crafty old guys kind of sometimes pull it out and jump out to that crazy lead.

Speaker 9 (1h 24m 21s): Yeah. Sometimes then sometimes it also depends too on if they have a farewell tee time. Like, I mean, if, if a good place, if you want to do a first round leader, probably be some of the places like the open championship, where if a certain draw of the tee times gets a lot of wind, you can maybe cut the field in half at that point and then focus on guys, you know, in a more favorable draw. But I mean, otherwise it’s, it’s, it’s basically Russian roulette that those props, so a longer shot that I liked is a guy named Christian he’s 120 to one.

I mean, he’s not very well known on the PGA tour. He mostly plays on the European tour. I mentioned that John rom plays well on these Spanish golf courses, Christian Zane, who won a golf tournament at a place called Valderrama over in Spain last year. That’s another treeline golf course, very tight, you know, it’s less than driver. He played pretty well over in the United States, in his debut on the PGA tour, before the COVID break, he had a good ball striking Lee week, last week didn’t putt so well, but when he was down in Florida playing those tournaments, he putted pretty well on the community to surface.

So, you know, he might be a guy that surprises on the leaderboard at the end of the weekend. And then as far as a prop goes, I’m going to go to a matchup prop. I already mentioned Joel, Damon’s a guy like this week, he over on my book, you can get them at minus one 30 over Jason Day. I don’t know if Jason Day really wants to play golf anymore. He seems totally unmotivated. And ever since he won that major and got to world one, I, there was always some questions.

There’s been stories written about him in this child about how motivated he is, whether maybe he won his major and got to world number one. And that’s, that’s all, that’s good enough for him. I mean, for a guy of all that natural talent, he has become a really bad ball striker, especially with his irons. And he was really skating by for a couple years with his Potter. And that’s not as good as what he used to be. So that’s a bad combination for Harbor town. I like Joel Damon over Jason Day. And that might be a prop that wraps up by the end of Friday.

Speaker 3 (1h 26m 39s): Like it, we like that cash in pocket, Sean, indeed Kramer throw out some, throw out some winners for the people. All right. Well, that’s what I do. I just refreshed my page. But what I can tell you is one of the things I really enjoyed was I went over to the 10, the top 10 market. Cause I, I feel like sometimes when you like, it’s like, if the guys you like in DFS, that aren’t going to win the Torney, but they’re going to score. Well, maybe they can squeak into the top 10, top 20. So one of the guys I wanted to play both guys on the course angle, both Poulter and Matt Koocher in any of their top 10 or top 20 markets Koocher is four to one in the top 10 market Poulter is seven to one in the top 10 market.

And then if you look at the top 20 market Koocher is I believe like minus or plus one 75 and Poulter is plus two 70. So I, you know, of course, familiarity making the cut, things like that. If you’re, if you want to, I’ve had some fun with these kind of playing my DFS lineup in these top 20 markets. Cause you can actually get that partial return as far as a winner. Sean. Yes. You want me to, to, to hit bombs like mr. Mickelson, or you want me to throw out some chalk for the, the crowd?

Because I throw one kind of like Chuck you’re playing, then throw out like the super low, Well, I’m going to, I’m going to re re I’ll give out Koocher as a guy. Cause he’s 40 to one. I think it’s a good range, but no I’m gonna, I’m gonna roll. I’m gonna roll some, some coin. I’m on man. Bryson. I understand he’s people are saying he’s going to be disappointed this shit this week. I understand that. I understand people are coming after him now. Cause he’s got the abs. He’s got the guns, but listen, what, what state are they in?

Carolina, South Carolina, South Carolina. I believe you can carry. You can legally carry guns like that. So it doesn’t need a man price in 14 to one is the favorite car. Matt Koocher at 42. One is going to be my like middle tier guy. And I’m going to throw out Tyler hat and 50 to one as another guy. I’d probably throw a third guy in there too. If you want to take Poulter I’ll ride with that same angle, but you know, spread, spread, maybe a third unit across those three guys. I’m bro, I’m going to bet more on the top 10 and top 20 market this year or this week in general shear too, because I feel like the past cup or last weekend, I did a little of that.

I didn’t, I barely watched the tournament itself, but when I went and looked, I was like, Oh, I catch some of these. It wasn’t like you lose all the guys who were kind of like boomer bus. I do like one of the three balls. My boy Decky give me a Decky at plus one 50 Pete now Dustin Johnson and Gary Woodland. A lot of the distractions for a Dustin Johnson that South Carolina Hilton head area. And who knows what he’s been involved with after the quarantine? Same with Brooks, right? Yeah, those guys, they like to party a little too much as far as long shots to when I threw out the Furic to win the first round crazy ads on that, you know, around plus a a hundred to one soon, J M at 28 to one over my bookie.

Dad, AIG love that. And then rolling the dice on my new friend, bud Cauley, 120 to one flow. And I think you brought up cause I wanted to bring it to a, what is rapid port calm. Stickman. Yeah. Legendary sick Brooks. Caprica Dustin Johnson heads up matchup. Dustin Johnson’s minus one 15 on the course. Of course we know Brooke’s cap is like minus 5,000 off the course, but in this heads up matchup Steve gun to your head. Who are you taking?

Speaker 9 (1h 30m 20s): Oh man. Both guys have been really bad. That’s why it’s a hilarious man. They’re certainly gonna be partying. I mean gun to my head. I think I’m probably taking Brooks because he is a little better suited for playing a style of golf where he has to dial back. I mean with DJ, I mean, he’s, he’s not a young buck anymore either. I think he’s like 35 or 36 and I mean, he might be washed now. Like I know he got the knee surgery in the off season, so maybe so trying to recover from that.

But his iron plays really bad as scrambling is bad. I don’t think he has much distances what he used to off the tee now. Like I, I don’t know. I, I, he might be on the downside of his career. So I guess gun to my head. I don’t like Brooks at all this week, but if I had to pick between the two, I’m going to take him.

Speaker 3 (1h 31m 10s): Yeah. I didn’t know. Dustin Johnson was from South Carolina.

Speaker 9 (1h 31m 13s): Yeah. He wants a coastal Carolina up in Myrtle beach

Speaker 3 (1h 31m 16s): And that’s even, you know, you get back hanging out with the old friends more trouble for Dustin Johnson. Yeah. He’s just the close the loop on it. He 35. Oh crazy. It feels like a, it feels like he’s a bit older than that. Steve appreciate you calling in, man. That was awesome. As always make sure you check out all of Steve’s writing over at sports gambling, podcasts.com before we get, let them go real quick. How’s your win total projection for the giants gone up yet? This summer

Speaker 9 (1h 31m 45s): Is it affected by all the guys who’ve gotten arrested? This is off season. I’m not seeing anything. What, what did I set it as I think I said, I think my excitement that they didn’t completely screw up their pick. Got me a little too excited. I mean, honestly, if they go seven to nine, I think it’d be happy. There’s still a lot of holes on this roster at this point. I want to see, I want to see Daniel Jones make progression. I want to see the offensive line do well.

Speaker 11 (1h 32m 16s): Mmm.

Speaker 9 (1h 32m 17s): And I want sake want to be healthy. If I can get those three things this year, that’s, that’s going to be a win. And then next off season, build the defense and then really get a legitimate team on the field. There.

Speaker 0 (1h 32m 29s): I’ll talk to you. I’ll get you more hyped up offline. Next time you’re coming on. It’s 12. It’s 12. I’d love to hear it. Steve, get a legitimate team next year. I appreciate that. Appreciate that honesty. And that’s how you know Steve is not a bullshitter. No, no Homer action there. Make sure you check out all his great writing over at sports gambling, podcasts.com. Join our Slack channel. Just, just for the chance to hang out with Steve on a, you know, Sunday. I’m sure it’ll be a checking in on the chat room. So go to Slack dot sports, gambling podcast.com Steve, as always appreciate it.

Thank you for participating in the sports gambling podcast and for the sports gambling podcast. I’m Sean stacking, the muddy green and he is Ryan greatest golf writer on the old internet Kramer, let it arise. .

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