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nba playoffs betting

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The guys put out an episode dedicated to NBA Playoffs betting with the help of Ryan McKee from the “NBA Odds Pod.” They break down the restart of the league, the eight game warm-up regular season and get into NBA playoff player props and the fact that NBA teams won’t be drug testing for the rest of the season.

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Speaker 1 (1m 38s):

Speaker 0 (2m 10s): Ooh, Comm everyone to the Sports Gambling Podcast I’m Sean staggering, that money Greene with my partner picks Ryan real money Kramer. What’s happening in Kramer. Holy shit, Sean. We’re not talking about video games. Nope. We’re not talking about people who we’re going to end to talk to. I guess, an interview. That’s what they call them. Yes. We’re not talking the super bowl champion have a stranger in the studio. I’m not sure. I recognize people at Colby joining us in the studio editor of the Sports Gambling Podcast and host of the NBA Odds Pod on these Sports Gambling Podcast Network Ryan reel a fad or a year.

The baby McKee I keep for him. I gotta write a diet rich fat baby. My key is better when he says it. It’s better. What he says. Let me try it again. Wow. Colby, one day

Speaker 2 (3m 0s): You got to shake a hair cut. Now that is Ryan Rich, baby. McKee rich fat baby. I’m just happy. Now there was a third thing and I’m just happy to have someone sitting next to me that isn’t going to smack me on the back in 15 minutes. I have, yeah, I will not touch you. Or that is a promise I will give to you. I like it. Setting boundaries here at Sirius and often Sports or back Sports or back.

Speaker 0 (3m 26s): And this is in some sort of like, Oh, Hey Sports or back here’s a Payton Manning Garfield. This is Sports back. This is the hard one. And we’re working ahead of the game, but why not? The Odds are over. They’re up. There are over at MyBookie dot. AG used the promo code. SGP all the odds. I got a whole list here. I got liens on what hotel they are going to be staying at apropos of nothing, but its plus 300. So you know, I’m all over it. I mean they already have Playoffs profits up player totals when total’s for the remaining eight games playoff Odds NBA special beds to the championship prices.

All of it’s Use the promo code SGP boy, when I get paid.

Speaker 2 (4m 14s): So if you ask a serious question yes, because I was looking at the fine work that I put into the, the, the NBA Odds fraud contest. Yes you do. We rehydrate it and still great it, even though we’re having a shortened season. Yeah. I feel like we have to go to have to do that. Has to go out and let’s do it. It’s eight there’s eight more games. Let’s see. I was, I was hoping to move in with, would have forgotten about that so we could keep the $500. Nice word Kramer.

What a big, most people did forget about it, but well, now we know who’s the man of the people. Right? I forgot about it. It was Sean, Sean keeping the green. What, what are the exact rules I’m blanking on it? It was, it was, it was who, which teams would move a pool. Yeah. That was a loser. Who and when the fewest games. Yes. And so I guess it still works, right? It does kind of So up, but it does work, but the worst teams aren’t playing anymore. Well, see that, that shows that.

And that’s kind of makes sense because they think the contest, if it works, because if you’ve got to this funnel 20 to right, that means you are doing well. And so you’re now punished by racking up potentially more wins in this Many eight game season before the Playoffs actually happened. So I think you right, it’s still, it still works. I mean, it is, it’s been a real shit show over at the Sports Gambling Podcast basketball fantasy league, that Iran, they were trying to figure out how to end the season and, and you know, the guys who are kind of in first place already, they want to just end it and you know, get that.

But then you, no, not at all. Players are playing. And so it’s difficult. That’s a tough, that is a nightmare for

Speaker 0 (5m 58s): Season long, fair to say, you know, no, we don’t. We focus on the big victim’s of COVID-19 but a season long NBA fairness. See how that’s going to get decided one of the overlooked aspects here. I mean, if you’re an, a keeper baseball league, are you going to be a year of eligibility back? What’s going to happen? No, I only brought this up cause there’s five tabs in the spreadsheet that I built a track, this fucking thing. And so we’re going to see it to completion. Speaking of that let’s if, if, if people are just tuning in or maybe you’re listening to this podcast in July, mid July, right before they kicked things off, this thing is, is going to be evergreen for a while here.

What I’m McKee walk people through the process. What is w basically the remaining chunk of the season, the play in thing. Just walk people through. What’s going to happen now.

Speaker 3 (6m 43s): All right. So there’s going to be 22 teams coming back on as things stand right now, July 31st playing in the ESPN sports center in a Disneyland or

Speaker 0 (6m 59s): The Disney world is I’m sorry. You say Orlando, the ESPN zone, the NBA in Orlando.

Speaker 3 (7m 7s): And it’s turned to teams. It’s the 16 teams that are already in the Playoffs plus eight additional a and the way they came to that was if you were six games with, if your within six games have the eighth seed, you got to come back. So that is only Washington in the East. And then what bug? I know its it’s a sons Portland

Speaker 0 (7m 35s): And it’s very loud, right? Its only one. Yeah. There’s 13 in the West. I got coming back. I just had them. I went to a different patient, so many props. A Oh wait, I have it. I have it on Sports spurs. Yeah. I’m an to have the full list here. We can go through them. Yeah. Sons, spurs, Kings pelicans, blazers, those or the wildcard. The team’s that aren’t in the top eight in the top eight for the West Grizzlies at eight. Then Mavericks, rockets, thunder, jazz nuggets, Clippers, Lakers. And then the East, the top eight seeds from eight, going back to one magic nets.

76 years. Pacers, heat Celtics, Raptors bucks. So what about this? Isn’t a hundred percent. This and I have a hundred percent. It’s definitely it’s a hundred percent. Yeah. Yeah. I don’t know if they’ve, I don’t think they’ve released the The eight games that they play for the seating every day.

Speaker 3 (8m 27s): Okay. So what they’re saying they’re doing right now. They haven’t totally locked it in, but they right now, as it stands is the teams are gonna continue playing the schedule of that. They had left, but say they have a game coming up against the Atlanta Hawks. They just skip that one until the next game they have that was on this schedule is against a team that is there.

Speaker 0 (8m 46s): Okay. So you could probably figure out what the actual schedule is, but that sounds like a shitload of work. Maybe a, maybe a Zach Bronner or a John boy Jackson. One of the other people had SGPN could figure that out for us. That would be awesome. Cause I think that we’ll help and breaking down a, some of these bets, it will help, but, or does it really matter? I mean also when I heard 22 teams, I assumed they were throwing conferences out the window. They are keeping the conferences and what their doing is the one aspect we haven’t talked about the play in thing.

So basically if the nine seed is within four games, have the eighth seed, then they have a little a, was it just a two to three game series? It’s in the car and got a plan. Tournament but if it’s, it can really just B one game because if its an eighth versus the night and seat, if the eight seed wins the first game, they went over, it’s over by if the ninth seat is able to win two games in a row, then they would jump into the 18. All right. I like, I liked him.

I like mixing it up a little bit. I would have just done away a lot. I don’t know, just figured out to make it a giant packet with the 20 to teams and possibly buys. But I guess they want to give the other teams some games for seeding and to get into shape. I guess that was the angle. I mean a lot of people was saying, Warren, did they just bring back the 16 teams? But they still want it to get a little bit of, I mean, money is part of the reason that went and more games to play, but I think they wanted it to get everybody back in shape eight games before they jump right into the Playoffs.

If you give those teams that were still close enough to Memphis, technically Washington is still close enough to that eighth seat. Give them a, a legit chance to try to get their, you pointed this out in the Slack and of course you can join our Slack Slack that’s Sports Gambling that a little loophole hear when the whole COVID thing happened, the NBA stopped drug testing players and they’ve decided they’re not gonna restart that. So it was just game on its been. Yeah, it’s totally lawlessness for the NBA right now for as far as weed smoke and goes, talk about recovery a better way do to encourage a faster recovery, say for recovery then with some of us, some good old CV or sounding like a good buddy, a gym McMahon who was just on the, Podcast a huge spokesman for marijuana and his recovery for me.

I think he is what you try to stay there. Yeah, exactly. That what’s going on to make sure you check out of that. Pod and, and the Don BB Podcast let’s get to it. There’s a number of different style of bets here over at my bookie. Let’s go around regular season remaining regular season win total. So there’s eight games left. Let’s throw out some best bets as far as over under for the eight games remaining. Can we just real quick, just all agree. This is like, this is extreme DJ in behavior, right? This is an extremely good, this is, this is throwing weight.

You mean a, an eight game wind. Total is a degenerate move. Of course you want to have some and Kramer, you want to go play some carnival games two after this, we were talking about this, like how popular will this eight game thing be before the Playoffs hit? I think it’s going to be huge because it’s still gonna be early August. So NFL hasn’t started yet. College hasn’t started yet. And I think they’re going to be running the games back to back to back. Cause they’re all playing in one stadium. So your going to have a, it’s not going to be quite the same as March madness, where you have like eight games in one venue, but it could be kinda close.

And, and, but the fact that we didn’t have March madness, there’s this constant they got besides DJ and man is of course, which was brilliant. But this is where for as far as real games go, this is going to be as good as I think people are going to get jacked up for this. Alright. And it was kinda that they are doing away with home court advantage and that something to keep in, keep in mind here. But I did read that one proposal that they’re thinking to try to give some element of home court advantage. Is there going to actually whoever they’re going to fly the different courts out from their home arenas and then reset it up in, I guess they have the ability to do this in Disney world and then they’ll play on their floor.

Yeah, that makes, I mean, I think the eyelines are another important thing about being at home, but I do think that different courts have different fields so that the eye, but also, I don’t know if transporting the court and your sitting on top of the concrete, like it might not, it might not. Or the refs on and making calls like in a crowd will and that you’re a big guy, a pickup star. What does it really does it really make a difference? What caught your playing on it? For me, it does because if they, you know, if they’ve swept recently, that is always good.

Cause I needed a lot of grip. A, you know, I was signing up for the mid range jump. I thought you were gone. The angle that you’re hoping the floor is extra dusty because it levels the playing field. And that does it. Probably, it probably does work into my favor, but my allergies kind of counter counteract, any sort of advantage. It’s not the cutting it down to your allergies. It’s mostly the allergies when you’re moving too quick, you’re kicking up all that dust, bro. They had a number of just horrible ideas. The floor being one of them, the other one was they allowed it. They would allow the home team to get first dibs on the hotel.

Like decide what hotel they’re staying at. Another one was they would allow one player to have seven fouls, which is just an insane. And it, it just doesn’t seem like it even really helps you that much because they’re still like getting to the line or whatever. Yeah. Yeah. I don’t know. I have a feeling that they’re going to do away with all of those and, and then just there’s this weird enough as it is for these players. I think it’s going. And that is one thing that we talked about at NBA Odds, Pod what Zach Bruno were in last week when they first announced this is that this shouldn’t be an asterick season.

This is a really going to be a difficult Tournament for people to, to win and go through with everything going on and having to be like cut off from there family for the first few weeks and everything on the side

Speaker 2 (14m 52s): Pieces and deciding which side piece is you let into the corn team. That’s a way that is probably the biggest that the biggest issue for a lot of these NBA guys is deciding

Speaker 3 (15m 3s): Who do you bring to Orlando? There’s gotta be like some side and not just these guys, but also the teams go there’s a lot of thought into the 35 people they’re allowed to bring, do they bring certain trainers? Did they bring secure guys a lot of to bring a 35 team to bring a 35. So with a staff member’s and stuff. So which train does it, do they bring, do they bring the kids there? Security guys, like stuff like that. You know, I do that and they’re NBA players, like they’re all gonna be out of shape.

I know they have time to get back in shape. They’re still gonna be out of shape and that weed, this,

Speaker 2 (15m 41s): You gotta be. I love that guy. This is going to be a, I mean, yeah. I mean, to your point about this being must watch TV that’s mainly just because it’s Sports I mean, we saw see the handle’s that these UFC cards are doing. It’s not like the UFC has just gotten popular again, like Tito Ortiz as in back. It’s just that there’s nothing else going on. Absolutely. He’s still trying to hook up with Jenna Jamison or to move. All right. Let’s give out a two of our favorite, a regular season remaining regular season wind totals. I’ll I’ll start thinking. Oh no, no Kramer.

Why don’t you go first? What’s a, one of your two best bets. I mean, I just think that I just get the sense that the Greek freak is going to be in shape. Like if there’s one guy that I can bet on got into my head is going to come in and be in shape and they’re going to apply and they’re going to just plow through this. Its the box. I actually just went to go because no matter what the total was for the box, I was going to take the over, I think the box, the box go over. Cause the GRI, like for some reason I just have a feeling like everyone else is playing video games and just like getting fat and smoking weed. And he’s just working out gear opposite.

I like where I, like Ryan said

Speaker 3 (16m 47s): Plus 100 to go under six games. So they have no room because home court advantage is gone. Now they have no real reason. There’s six games ahead of the Raptors right now in the span, half a dozen and a half and get it at the head of the Raptors. And it doesn’t really matter if they, and even if the rappers were to pass up much, I don’t see happening, but it doesn’t really matter if they play the magic or the nets or the wizards. If the wizards, somehow those teams are out pretty much the same bad. And there goes the Brexit going to roll over that and it’s better to rest of their best players.

Yes they do the rest and all summer baby, why I’m saying get Let Let there kind of there bench get some run. And like I’m not saying they are completely going to eat free. Yeah. They don’t want to do to win.

Speaker 2 (17m 33s): Here’s my take on this. I think any conventional wisdom about teams needing to win teams, not needing a When all of these teams have no chemistry at this point. The season’s restarting. I think, I think we’ve been off long enough where we can safely say this is a restart. And for that reason, like you, you will see what my picks are, but I’m cherry picking teams that I know to be good teams because I think they’re going to come out. They’re going to get the cobwebs off and they’re going to plow through this eight game sled. So it just, the theory of mine, the Kramer gang can stand up and follow me.

The fade Kramer gang can start.

Speaker 0 (18m 5s): No I I’m kind of leaning in a fade. Kramer gang similar do some of the logic. I like this team. Once they get to the Playoffs, however, absolutely in the eight games remaining, I’m going under five and a half for the Raptors and I’m getting plus one 10. They only need to lose three games. Again, it’s a similar type situation. They have a three game lead on the Celtics. They’re not going to catch number one. They’re pretty, they’re almost locked at number to Nick nurse, a a a, a real, a tactician. When it comes to load management, I mean, you saw what he did.

He is already there with the COO. He knows this team. He knows who to play one to play it. When the rest of them that night, I under a five and a half for them at plus one 10. I love it. So give me the rafters under five and a half criminal. What’s your second one.

Speaker 4 (18m 54s): No,

Speaker 2 (18m 55s): Well I’m going chalky again. And this, this is the Lakers. I’m doing the same thing. I think these teams, I think the same thing. I think LeBron, although damn like, and now is the time to come out and be bald bro. Like it’s okay. We’ve all, we’re all at our worst right now. Just the lean in to you get to do it again. I’m juicing this one. I’ll be like, honestly, the way I, I hope it goes the other way and he’s just been growing it out and it’s just real patchy. And granted, if you had like a, just let it lay in a new and man, like just gray hair, start a fire flying out of your body.

When you stop cutting your hair. It’s just amazing. You’re just like what? Like what the fuck is going on here?

Speaker 0 (19m 33s): Just lean into the male pattern. Baldness. If he came out with like a David Letterman style haircut up, top it off,

Speaker 2 (19m 39s): It would be in Vogue Anthony Davis. Rock’s a unit row. Yeah. Objecting into it. That’s the way worse than male pattern. Baldness. Your LeBron James, your kind of slowly growing into that old man. Kyrie character. Yeah, he really slowly but steadily are the character or the male pattern. Radness I’m going to leave it at that. I’m laying the Jews. If you can parlay eye. I saw, I dunno if it was, my boss is MyBookie alone. Parlay is on this one because I would go over five and a half parlayed with the, a Greek freak because I do think, I specifically think LeBron is going to do is definitely going to want to get, get ready in this eight game.

I really don’t think they’re teams are going to close to say that the Brian was putting a lot. I mean, he was paying a lot more a man than some of the, even the Greek frequency despite him.

Speaker 0 (20m 25s): And also as far as like, who has the best equipment, the best train are the best of your attrition, all that shit at home. That probably is still keeping up with that stuff at home. I would put LeBron in that way.

Speaker 2 (20m 37s): No, not to mention LeBron or you have to also factor in that he’s at The his kid, his at the age where his kid is probably started to think he can kick is dad TASS. Yeah. LeBron is not

Speaker 0 (20m 48s): Like he’s had to make sure he stays out that home, which means he’s hitting the gym. He’s staying in shape plus five. I mean, he seems like he’s got a good home life too. Also I’m running six miles a day just at a like boredom. Like what do you think these NBA guys sum should definitely. I think here’s where it is. Here’s how its your bench max up to Sean while we’re talking about it. The government won’t allow me to lift weights. It’s too dangerous. I got the perfect pushup. It’s a work around my, my angle. And this is the veteran’s that like are doing enough or the veterans that realize they have to stay in shape.

Those are the guys I think that are going to come out and have really good seasons. There’s veterans like James harden. We’ll probably get to him later who I don’t think are staying in shape. And I think the young guys are taking there. Just being always in good shape for granted. I think those guys are going to be in trouble. I haven’t been real. I’m really worried about Joel and beat for that. Exactly. I actually think you’re wrong about James’ heart and James’ heart. And I think, I think he’s one of these quiet like Peloton dudes. No, I’m not even kidding you. I have a feeling James heart is not going to be out. A shell clubs have been closed.

That’s what I was going to say, I think. Or does he get his power from a strip club? I don’t know first. What’s your, what’s your second a wind total here.

Speaker 3 (21m 60s): Okay. So I actually like the over a five and a half at plus one 20 for the Celtics because they actually have something to lose in or gain in the standings. So there are three game is behind the Raptors right now. And if they’re able to overtake the Raptors who they might be doing load management so they could get there, they can in second in that second, see where they would have to play like magic or the nuts versus the 70 Sixers, which is a vast different in town.

So I can definitely see Brad Stevens, great coach getting his guys up young team. But,

Speaker 0 (22m 40s): And this is what, this is like a, this is like a March madness tournament. So former college coaches might have an advantage of it.

Speaker 3 (22m 47s): It’s a good angle. It, yeah, absolutely. So I really like that’s that’s, that’s my locker right there. Celtics over a five and a half

Speaker 0 (22m 56s): And we, we, yeah bro. I mean, Steven’s, he’ll, he’ll have him up for this. This is the perfect format for them. I’m a, and you could probably throw the jazz in here as well, but I I’m just playing the high elevation angle nuggets over five minus one 30. There’s all these news stories about being ripped as shit and in really good shape. And they’ve just been, they’ve been living at elevation, doing their workouts. That’s gotta give you an edge, even if it’s just those first couple of games instead of winning for, they went six instead of five, they went seven.

I think

Speaker 3 (23m 28s): The Hertz that they’re taking away from that home advantage of the elevation that they are so used to having.

Speaker 0 (23m 34s): That’s true. That’s certainly one way to look at it. I’m just looking at is do you know how much oxygen there are going to be able to pull up like pump through their body at measly sea level? They’ve been staying at one and they’re not, they’re not going and forth. They’re not traveling. They’d been at mile high for what? Three or four months straight. Its the same reason we, they always take the, a Broncos. The first two are the names of the regular NFL season. I think it applies to the nuggets here, especially in this situation. And I think that advantage probably wears out by the time the Playoffs start. Right? Yeah. But, but for this eight game thing, ah, over five and, and the team’s been jealous to take you to our Denver, I took Denver or you could probably make a similar case for Utah.

I didn’t look at their number, but a Utah with the whole Rudy Go bear thing that has been a lot of talk about how so to a lot of discourse between that team to get to Donovan Mitchell as well. And that there is a God bless My bookie. MyBookie daddy did a promo code SGP they did throw at a prop bet a wheel. He tests positive for coronavirus. What I saw that was morose, but also like it is impossible kind of a well, and we don’t know, but again, it’s interesting that the MyBookie scientists are, are putting it out.

There is a good example to show children on what happens when you act like an asshole. Like the, like if he, if he doesn’t do all that asshole stuff, Donovan, Mitchell’s not that mad at. Oh no. Yeah. It’s one thing if you just like gave it to him and be like, Oh yeah dude, I literally got this thing is bull shit. Like in touching off his point of view, hugging out of his teammates in my moments where I’ve said coronavirus, this bullshit, but I haven’t gone out and like touch people in the face and like rubbed that at home and just text your wife.

I mean, I mean I did, I did rub these mics all over the place. A great don’t worry about it.

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Speaker 0 (26m 44s): Off your first monthly box. When we sign up a box of enter the code SGP box of code SGP for 20% off your first box. It’s weird. Shaun. My box came with a duffle bag, not a head what’s up. Mine came in with a duffle bag, not a head, sorry back with you. Okay. I mean, I ate, it took me a little bit to do the math. I did it. And now I’m enjoying that reference.

The duffle bag is sweet. The only thing that was disappointing was I had it scheduled to come right before we were kind of flat to March madness, said like this, you know, kitten on the jet suite, like private plane with my sweet, you know, Bespoke Post code and private jet. It just have like a bunch of cash in there ready to destroy. And I’ve just moved that dream to the first week of NFL. So that’s where it’s gonna make its debut Kramer. Let’s talk Playoffs Odds in particular. Will they want, they will start actually let’s start off with McKee.

What are the, in these a Playoffs while they won’t do it, which one’s a, which one’s do you find? Interesting. Alright, so

Speaker 3 (27m 56s): Is going to go ahead and go with the, the two I picked right here. And one of these is obviously going to lose, but I like both the Grizzlies at plus one 40, but then even more blazers at plus five 50. So I do think is

Speaker 0 (28m 14s): That

Speaker 3 (28m 16s): I’m putting some money on the Grizzlies because I plus one for me, they already have a great advantage coming into this. A if they are just able to stay in the eight C, which I want, I believe they’re a three or four games,

Speaker 0 (28m 25s): Three and a half hours going to ask you this. Why are there Odds so delicious. B what am I missing? Well, cause it’s, there’s eight games and these teams are like five or six games back at. Some of them were almost impossible, but the Grizzlies, the Grizzlies there they’re there, like you said, plus one 40 and they have the three and a half a advantage lead over the trill. But it was also side note. NBA said they will determine it via winning percentage, which is something to keep an eye out because it get some gas when they cut it off.

Speaker 3 (29m 0s): Some teams that already paid like two more games than the other teams at that point in the season. So it is just winning percentage. It’s not how many games above 500 you are or whatever.

Speaker 0 (29m 10s): Yep. So and Dallas also doesn’t have their, they are the seventh seat, but they are not officially locked. I mean, they’re, they’re up a decent number of games on like 10 and a half games on the blazers. So if you left Memphis, right, they have a three When lead over Portland for loss lead and a way for wind lead over the pelicans three loss. Yeah. Same with the King. So I guess it would be sending it.

Speaker 3 (29m 38s): And it is weird if you look at the winning percentage for travelers, because they have played like one more game over the pelicans in the Kings, they got like a 0.01. Wow. And so if they go four and four and the other team go for four on four and they actually having an advantage over the pelicans and wait, sorry, who had the advantage if they both go for and for Portland? Okay.

Speaker 0 (29m 57s): No, that’s a good nugget and one more nugget, of course. And not to overlook in these, in these will they won’t they write now if the game ended or now there’s three teams tied for nine they’re all within 40

Speaker 3 (30m 11s): The games have the AC, then they would how they have a tie breaker for that yet. Well, and then that would be right. Like I said, like for me, it’s winning percentage. So a like, but then there is still be an eight and nine play each other, but it would be the top number nine, right there is still doing kind of this same. Right there, there is still a really in the tie breaker is the way they would like Memphis has plus one 40 because the plane does not count as the Playoffs. Right? Yes. Yes. And also, yeah. So if it says, otherwise you look at it and you’re like, if, if Memphis wins three games flames, they can’t be caught, but they can be caught because the math play and really they need to win like six or something.

Yeah. But they still, I mean, when, at one point in the play, that game they missed when the first game and they were in.

Speaker 0 (30m 59s): Okay. So I like your strategy. I’m I’m doing a similar strategy. I’m not taking in Memphis. I am taking two teams in the West to make it one of the San Antonio spurs. Now, granted, they are for games back from the Grizzlies. And we just mentioned Kings pelicans, blazers, all three and a half games back. This just feels like a Popovitch time to shine a rally, the troops, they had that crazy streak of years making the playoffs. This to me, we always identify these spots.

This could be the spurs super bowl, just getting into the Playoffs, just getting together, making a run and doing, you know, kinda winning one for pop So. And the, the odds are so high plus six 50. Love it.

Speaker 3 (31m 44s): And then he is a rumor saying that coaches over 60 will not be allowed to be on the bench one. Yeah, that’s fucking, that’s one thing they’re talking each of us now, just because of the higher, I don’t think that’s gonna fly. Nah, come out. And I might not be in the bench.

Speaker 0 (32m 1s): That’s that is a good nugget to know the other one pelicans make the Playoffs plus five 50 NBA. They would love to see this guy get to the Playoffs. So whatever they, whatever they have to do to see young Zion make it. And you’re telling me the NBA isn’t going to do a little finagling to get a Scion

Speaker 3 (32m 21s): Bron round one, Western town. Stern is no longer the commissioner, but come on just the NBA of all the leagues. I think it’s mostly because fouls are the biggest judgment calls in sports, in basketball. So it leaves your, your kind of get away

Speaker 2 (32m 40s): With the, or get away from me here. And the pelicans are playing good and Zion a, they allowed by it. And I think, cause you had an injury or something. They allowed him to train at the facility the entire time of the shutdown. So he’s a guy that will be in shape and, and maybe shed a little bit of that baby that we’re clear. How have we seen him? What do you mean? I have not seen photos of him. Have you seen photos? Because he like, he, he takes a week vacation. He puts on 40 pounds, but also he plays fat and it still good.

I like personally, I like McKee his game theory the best. I mean, I do. When I looked at this, I circled Memphis because it didn’t make sense. Now that I’ve explained it to myself with the plan thing, that makes more sense. Portland, just, I mean, which team that isn’t in now that could be in, has a better collection of dudes that you believe could get, it is going to say that Damien Lillard, they didn’t seem to my car and there great. And they have, they will have use of NERC, which back that’s a big thing that they didn’t have all season that they have a big player. They’re getting back to that. They were so good last season with him.

And so they can, even if he plays 15 minutes a game, they still have Hassan Whiteside as well. So I really like them coming into this eight games. Portland is a good a dam. That is good quick. Then other than that, there’s not, I mean, there’s not much to throw out. I mean, or, you know, Washington is, is there, I guess as like a circus side car, but like Orlando goes in it’s minus 1200. There is no value. And I guess I would more advised don’t don’t get suckered into a wizard is plus six 50. But yeah, I don’t think that’s wise.

I mean, I’d probably like you don’t get into like the long shot sons, you know, even as a suns fan, I’m I glad to see them to come back, but they, they they’ve been S I can’t remember which expert did this, but they been running like 500 different simulations and, and, and they have the 500 suns. Got it. While they were able to force the play in one time. So it definitely that don’t throw away your money on those long Odds. I feel like if you want to take a fun bet, I think McKee through it out there.

And it’s, The, it’s the blazers, the place at five plus five 50. I think that’s great. Odds coz you have that, you have the key things, right? Your, your key players are the ball handlers so that they are, the other players don’t necessarily have to show up every night. Yeah. And both of those guys are capable of carrying that team and have shown they can carry their team in big moments. So it, I mean, five 50, that’s a fun bet they have had Playoffs success already. So absolutely. And also Dame, he seemed kind of fired up a little bit of a chip on his shoulder so I could see that, make it a run.

Speaker 5 (35m 20s): All right. Can you talk a playoff player props right there to get to player props up over at MyBookie daddy G but if you’re a thinking about starting your own sports book, Oh, you have to do is head to ACE per head. That’s right. Become your own bookie, all inclusive professional Betting site. All the lines are updated to the second wages graded immediately. Top-notch customer support on 24 seven, and some of the sharpest line’s in the industry, plus a few offers live Betting and an amazing mobile experience get started today.

ACEs offering up to six weeks free. If you use our link, a super ACE for G P

Speaker 0 (36m 6s): McKee. What was your, what was your mindset here? As far as these player props

Speaker 3 (36m 11s): A So I was looking through these. So these are player props just for the Playoffs that including the eight games, which is good to note. So I went through these and, you know, these just came out within the last few days. So if you’re listening to this in mid-July cause change grossly, but it made, so, ah, the first one that really stuck out to me, and I’m not sure why that they put it at this number.

So bam at a bio, they have his average rebounds per game set at five seems low. It seems very low. Cause he averaged 10 half rebounds per game. What the hell? This So now. And you can see people are jumping all over it. Cause this is that mine is one 50 right now, but still I think that is yeah. Given a lot, the HEA rebounds over five a game. So when this happens, I sit down and I say, well, how does it not have, how does this not have to gets injured?

That’s the one, that’s the only way. Because even his rookie season, he averaged

Speaker 0 (37m 19s): Over five and a half rebounds per game. That even, even if he gets injured, now this is an average and they only need to play four games to hit the average. If you read the rules that were on my So as long as he plays four games and then he gets hurt, your fine. And I think, I think if it’s under for games, it’s actually no action. So I don’t even think you really have to worry about injury unless it’s like something he’s playing through and it’s impacted his game. But yeah, I just don’t see how he doesn’t hit five, rebounds a game.

So that’s, that’s a lock right there for me. My first one, I’m going to give a joke over a 10 and a half rebounds again, kinda gone to back to my elevation theory. He’s I Zack for honor share that article about him being really in shape. And I mean four out of the last three in the last four games you had like over a dozen rebounds, he seems like a guy that’s going to be trying. Although I am worried about the foreign Disneyland aspect. I feel like Warners, when they get excited, they get distracted.

They’ve never been, they want to go check out. They want to go see what it’s all about. I feel like foreigners, the park is supposed to be back open. By that point he made here the ladder of the children and get distracted. I just have, the foreigners are drawn to Disneyworld. This isn’t that of a Joel and be

Speaker 2 (38m 36s): A problem. I can also see him, you know, just tearing through some churros, hanging out and a, you know, on the teacups or whatever. I’m a little worried about, but over 10 and a half rebounds, that’s my first one Kramer. And I’m going right to Embiid a and I couldn’t decide. So I was, I figured I’d asked the better MBA Ryan if your going to attack and under for Joel Embiid. Yeah, because he’s going to be just eating up food. Every work. This is Orlando, that’s this artificial. So it, is it the 12 rebounds the effort’s that? Or is it the 23 and a half points?

Cause my ass thanks said, said go after the rebound prop points could go either way. At least that was my thing.

Speaker 3 (39m 17s): No, I feel like points or a harder to predict than the others. So I would say if you’re going to try to fade Joel and bead, I would go effort,

Speaker 2 (39m 24s): A lazy angle with, and it’s under 12 rebounds. I mean, he’s got an average, I guess over a 12 point 12.1 would would defeat me. Yeah. I just, there’s a couple guys who, I I’m certain, this is not going to be a good, healthy experience for them and Joel, and be like Joel, and be living in a, in a hotel at an amusement park. I mean a God for the guy who loves Charlie. He is in vending machines there. His favorite drink is the Shirley temple. And he’s going to Orlando that may come on and have we seen pictures and worried about speaking of that,

Speaker 3 (40m 2s): We were talking as in Xi’an photos, how have we seen pictures of Joel and leave yet? I mean, he might be 500 pounds.

Speaker 2 (40m 6s): It is it’s troubling. Cause he, I mean him and Simmons, they just need to have someone just, they need a tougher coach. That’s it? That’s my biggest issue with them. See, what’s your, what’s your second player proper.

Speaker 3 (40m 19s): I really like Donovan Mitchell under four and a half assists per game. And that’s minus one when he’s never averaged more than about four, a cyst per game a year. And last Playoffs he averaged 3.2. It says per game. And before that 4.2, so a under four and a half assists for a game Donovan, Mitchell. And he has Mike Conley there now.

So he doesn’t have to, it says he doesn’t have to handle the ball as much.

Speaker 2 (40m 55s): It makes sense. Kramer, I’m going to another under and that’s, never, never, never averaged five, five assists ever. I just went over at a basketball reference to verify this he’s averaging five assists this year on this Clippers team. Never a Comm near that in the Playoffs I’m taking under five assists per game. And, and especially the Leonard, once it goes play time, he’s not afraid to just be like, okay guys, I, you know, it’s just going to be be here for the fourth quarter. Well, and I think it’s one of those bets that the average, the average Joe public say what he’s going to have the ball in his hand so much.

I’m going. And just in

Speaker 3 (41m 34s): General, these bets right now, like if you’re, if you’re taking bets now your buying under is right. Your waiting on over is your buying except for that crazy. Yes, they miss it.

Speaker 0 (41m 44s): That might’ve been at miss Sam price. I’m going to go Harlan under six and a half rebounds. I just don’t see him. And you make, you guys make a case. Maybe he’s in shape. Cause he’s not going to the strip club every night. But Florida is just going to be pure trouble for this man. And, and Florida is way more opened up. It also he’s from Texas. They probably do have strip clubs open now in Texas, Florida, I’m sure it’s came on it. I’ll be taking a road trips up to Tampa, just for the world class facilities.

The guy had his Jersey retired by a strip club for spending a million dollars. There isn’t an evening. This is a guy you’re going to take under six and a half. When all the weird conditioning things, the schedule, he may have a good series. He made play well in the Playoffs, but I just don’t see him chasing down a lottery.

Speaker 3 (42m 32s): Yeah. I, I don’t hate that. And I’m a, I’m actually going to stick with the same team and I, somebody I, who I think will be in very good shape and it will be wanting to really get his points because the Playoffs all eyes or on him is West of a respirator. Oh no, I’m going to go over a 26 and a half points per game. I know I already said points or tough to predict, but he was averaging 27 and a half points. When the season shut down there, he really seemed to be coming into his own. When they traded away all of their centers, then they decided to just go all small by the time the all small thing.

Yeah. So I have a feeling that he and heart and our going to be there, main scores and on the other guys just stand in the corner and a Jack up threes. So I definitely look at Westbrook over 26 and a half Playoffs for us, man. Yeah, absolutely. Do you

Speaker 0 (43m 24s): Get that extra padding? He is going to just take some of those coast to coast Kramer. What do you got? What’s your final to not give to out? You know, we’re doing three. Oh Jesus Christ. Alright. I’ll do, I’ll do mine. My third and final NBA Playoffs prop. Give me Ben Simmons will not make a three in the Playoffs a high, like mine is 200. I mean, first off, how many games did they play?

They played what? 65, a year, 65. This season in those 65 games, he only attempted six and he made two of those. So how’s that he’ll make one. It is. I mean, it’ll be crazy if he even attempts, I’d be surprised if you even attempt more than one and he’s shooting. He is two for six. He is shooting 33%. So no mine is 200. It’s a very well it’s very well possible. They they don’t make a pass to the first round or if they get to the third round, how many is he hitting?

I just know minus hundred is just so easy and he’s doesn’t have his legs. And also, no, he doesn’t like taking three pointers. He did it in like crazy situations. Maybe he takes one of those last eight games, but not in the Playoffs. Are you kidding me

Speaker 3 (44m 45s): And with you? Cause I feel like they’re the more eyes that get on him, the more conservative he

Speaker 0 (44m 50s): Plays. So absolutely. He only does it. I think all six attempts were at home and everyone’s like, yeah, the place is going nuts. And he’s like, all right, I’ll I’ll do it. I’ll try at three pointer, but he’s not going to do that in, in the real Playoffs in Orlando, the front of goofy in the gang Kramer, there was probably more, there’s probably more efficient ways to play this, but I’ll go Dame lit Lillard over 29 and a half points. Yeah. And I mean, obviously they have to get there. I would lean to unders overall.

But I think your case for points is just lack of effort on the defensive side and teams being out of shape, yada yada, your degree is Willard’s going to be ready to play. Like when you have that question of, is this guy going to be ready to play well with others going to be ready to play in it. It involves them getting in to the playoffs. So if, if they get into the playoffs, it probably means he’s playing pretty well. I mean, honestly like the next, the next market we’re going to look at. That’s where I’m really pouring most of my money into all right, let’s move over to NBA specials.

This is just a crazy, just basically everything except the a win the championship Odds there are some Zion ones in here. There’s some the eight C in the West, which again, I think you can get better price on just we’ll they want, they make the playoffs vs. Taking them in the eight seat who will a guy who’s eight. See in the East Mickey there’s a ton of, of stuff is kind of left out of here. Actually do

Speaker 3 (46m 21s): No. I liked the AC in the East for the nets because it says plus 300 Odds and their only a half the game right now, a head of the Orlando magic, a Kyrie and Katie have already come out and said they are definitely not playing. So I don’t see why they couldn’t easily. It doesn’t make much sense to them. Doesn’t matter to them if they’re in the seventh or eight seats. So why not take the better Odds

Speaker 0 (46m 50s): That’s true too, is that it is that for the net’s to be the eighth CDE to drop back. Oh, because they don’t give a shit.

Speaker 3 (46m 59s): That’s what I’m saying. They only a half game they had of the magic. So why wouldn’t the magic potentially pass them? So

Speaker 0 (47m 6s): I’ll take it. I liked, they have a number of a way. Where will the Lakers stay? If they resume, play and less all these Orlando hotel rooms. What I did was I did a little bit of research and I Googled the most expensive hotel in Orlando. No way the Lakers, the cheap it out. They did top notch

Speaker 2 (47m 31s): Organization. They are not afraid to spend money. It’s the Lowe’s L a L O E w S Sapp fire falls resort. Plus 300. I looked it up. It’s like $640 a night. So I think if they’re going anywhere, that’s what they’re going. Some of the other options are like Walt Disney, world dolphin, the resort world Swan resort, the Hyatt house. Maybe they go Ritz Carlton. I just share a funny anecdote with these bets. There was also Margaritaville resort is on the list. So of course they have the Canadian team pegged.

The favorite Margaritaville, coz that’s the word Canadian were to go when they were visiting Disney world. Like what, why is it only the favorite for anyways? This is really funny because they have no Canadians on there. Actually. I actually have some insight info on this. I’m pretty sure it’s safe to bet Ritz Carlton for the Clippers. Ooh. Let’s just say, let’s just say your, your real money. Kramer knows a person who knows a person and apparently that’s, they’re the preference for the Clipper’s when they’re traveling. So a nice lock that and its at plus 200, it makes, I mean its the favorite, I don’t know how they came up with these orders.

It didn’t again, I don’t think I’m sharing any sort of confidential information here, but the NSF, what the hell do they priced this? They seem like, it seems to be like, well, like it’s almost like they’re making fun of the origin of the team. They have the Canadian team. When the team from Texas staying at margarita though they have the, the, the LA team’s staying at the re the high end of the Boston and LA team staying at a higher end places like a, you know, Milwaukee is gonna stay at the, a, the Lowe’s Royal Pacific resort.

It’s that like a movie theater is that, you know? Well that, I think that’s the similar one to that one. I had the load. A Sapphire was a lot. How do you pronounce it? SAP fire and buy a Sapphire. A there’s just peas and Sapphire. Now I have, now I will say The I I’m very confident if you want to have some deeper dive in new York’s I’ve stayed at the Walt Disney world Swan resort for a conference it’s partner. It’s a cross it’s kind of in a very isolated area with the Walt Disney world, a dolphin resort.

So I definitely would, I would look to maybe bet on those locations because of how isolated they are. It would make a lot of sense. There are smaller. Yeah. I don’t know. Why did, why did we both gravitate towards a breaking down in the hotel situation? It is. MyBookie has some up and fuck it. Where hashtag

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Speaker 0 (51m 38s): God damn it. All right, let’s do it. Let’s start like a long shot for the championship. Odds and kind of a chalky play. I think I was kind of on this team even before all this went down and now that its gone down, I still liked them a lot for my long shot. Bet. Give me the Toronto Raptors at plus 1700. This is just a, it’s just a well rounded team. Like they really seem to kind of answer the call of Kauai thing and he is too good for Canada or you know, their coach, Nick nurse is good.

They have like spicy P Lowry. They have they’ve jelled. And I think teams that are truly teams will kind of Excel in the, in this new weird format. Although they used a plan in Canada. I dunno, maybe that helps them. And kind of, of the main reason I liked them is how good their win loss record is on the road, 23 and nine on the road, Milwaukee and the Lakers are a couple of games better, but not by much. So I think they’ll dill Excel playing away from home.

Give me the Raptors plus 1700 Kramer. Where do you like for a long shot?

Speaker 5 (52m 45s): It’s hard to want to go anywhere other than the favorites. Because again, I think the fact that these guys will be relatively well rested and you know, it’s going to come hell or a healthy too true, but they got to help the guys like Kauai and LeBron and in some, in some of the favorite teams. But if you’re asking me to go down that line,

Speaker 0 (53m 3s): The list and find a team that I’m gonna throw a dart with, you know, if a teams is going to shock the world, they’re going to shock the world and who better to own that team than Mark Cuban. The Dallas Mavericks, Shawn 40 to one, one S

Speaker 5 (53m 23s): If I’m Betting in the NBA, now it’s tagged

Speaker 6 (53m 26s): As and solely

Speaker 2 (53m 27s): Take. I’m one of the LA teams out of the West. But if you’re asking me to have a little bit of equity on someone down a little bit further down the list, it’s going to be those Dallas Mavericks. And at 40 to one, Sean, I only need to put a quarter unit on there to have a nice return. I like that too. The Mavericks actually have a really good road record So and they also have the makeup have a team that could just like accidentally like almost like they don’t know any better. Yeah. You know, two young to be scared. I like that angle at 40 to one.

McKee what’s your, what’s your long shot. I’ve got a much longer shot that and you gotta make your boss and you know, you guys, Oh wow. I am going 90 to one.

Speaker 6 (54m 8s): No.

Speaker 3 (54m 10s): Oh, I see thunder move. So a kind of goes right back to what you were saying with the Raptors in that this seems like a, the seeming like a real they’re there in the mix. They’re a real team that jelled. Well, during the season they have all the Jetstar with Chris. Paul he’ll be rested. The hip kind of always his thing. The injury was yeah, he would. Where down at the end of the season, and then you’d never have a good Playoffs. He is going to come in fresh to the Playoffs are the first time they have a very long time and he, they have a great well-rounded team.

Good coach, Billy Donovan. I like him at 91. Why not?

Speaker 2 (54m 47s): Well, and especially it wouldn’t just be the year that Chris ball wins a championship. Wouldn’t this be the year something weird. Like this happens. They the rest thing is a great point because yeah, that’s all his injuries have been clearly just from playing to learn about Billy Donovan, having a relapse returning to the scene of the crime, or you had a cry and beg for his old job back after re re re nagging it at the Orlando magic. Well, certainly, certainly there’s a lot of concern.

Speaker 6 (55m 14s): Let me back to Florida, please.

Speaker 2 (55m 16s): No, you know, biggest being the Clippers in the Lakers in the same conference, but it’s 90 to one. No, it’s it. It does it, you know, My 17 and what it looks like I said, look at Chris Paul on the player Pod props market to cause again, if he’s healthy, he is capable of putting a big time numbers of, especially with his depressed assist, a total of like seven or something like that. It’s really low. So if you like him, for sure that that’s an a, I like that. Not slighted by both the clovers and the rockets. Yeah. It’s got a big chip on his, a little shoulders and the Lakers, right?

Well, it wasn’t a wasn’t he wait, if it was supposed to be, he was supposed to be traded like this. Right. I don’t know if he, but that was, that was a statement Sara. And that shot that, that maybe you just met the Lakers to, I guess they were trying to trade for it, but Nieto stern. Alright, Shawn, can you see, this is how you should really invest your money as much as I do think the bucks we’ll we’ll plow through that eight game pre play off schedule. I don’t know if I agree that they should be that big of a favor.

I agree with, I think this is again, I think we’ve hit the reset button a way and it doesn’t really matter how good of a team like cool. You’d built up that awesome When but like, you’re not gonna get home court. It’s not gonna mean a goddamn thing. So should you really be six times better or five times better odds than the Boston Celtics. The Toronto Raptors. I was going to throw out the rap there, Sean, but I’ll I’ll pivot because I’m just fine throwing out a team like the Boston Celtics as well. Honestly, what the fuck, man, what I would almost advise here is how to fight fire at a drone strike on your way for taking a pause.

It wouldn’t you just fill your portfolio with Boston, Toronto, and even throw in a Miami or a Philly in there. Yeah. I mean, Toronto is, you’re gonna, it’s a positive Ed as long as someone takes down in the box and in a season like this and an in a shortened Playoffs condense, play it off like this. I think it would be silly to do, to play favorites. And you really want to look towards those variants plays, right? Which, which is the team that can accidentally fuck around and get this done so well. And coming back to My Raptors long shot pick to the two seat right in the East.

So they were there the odds on favorite in the Eastern conference finals, Sean, for the fact that you were calling in a long shop, pick out there, like the Wolf is 17 to one, they’re the fifth favorite. Alright. You don’t get to call that a lot. A medium shot, a medium shot, but imagine it goes chalk one and two in the East one too, in the West and your sitting on a plus 1700, you’re going to have a number of out’s there. Massive Ed potential. What’s your, what’s your chalk. You’re a play a McKee

Speaker 3 (58m 1s): You know what I mean? I, I understand what Cramer’s talking through there, but I just don’t see anybody in the East taking down the Lakers or the Clippers and I have to pick one of those teams. I’m definitely going with the Clippers. Oh, I love the, we talked about this last week on NBA Odds Pod Zach and I both agree, Zach, our main NBA handicapper We just liked those long wings. We think they’re very, they’re built for how the MBA is going and they have a deeper bench than the Lakers they have.

But with Harrell and Lou Williams coming off the bench, they just have a stronger punch off the bench than anybody else in the league. I feel like So yeah, give me,

Speaker 2 (58m 49s): Whereas all the way I help Clippers when just to see them deal with the, a formality of actually planing, the Clippers parade, like what would they be? Where would they go? Where we’re they weren’t doing it there a way this year, when I went to see the Coopers a couple of times, including that opening game against the Lakers and that they were the better team, then I think they probably will be the better. If I had a, if you’ve gone into my head, I gotta pick one of them. I’m going to back. Paul George and, and, and,

Speaker 3 (59m 12s): And a lot of people were saying that the Lakers home court advantage was, is going to be the thing that put them over at the top. And they’ve

Speaker 2 (59m 18s): Taken that away. Cause if they did play the Western conference, so it would essentially be

Speaker 0 (59m 22s): Seven games in the staples center. What’s the word like an inflatable Jack Dahl on the sideline or the Lakers, make him feel at home. I’ll go. You, you made a good case for the Clippers. They had Lakers, but you know what? Fuck the Lakers. I’m going Clippers. Give me the Clippers out of it. I was a clipper. I forgot it was a clipper fan. The Chris came in days briefly when the Sixers we’re horrible. And I want to root for a team locally that wasn’t the Lakers.

I’ll stand by the Clippers, Sean models, his footwork after the great Chris came in and Sean, remember I’m, you know what? It’s going to happen. The Playoffs are you going to, basketball’s going to start the Playoffs are you going to start? And we’re going to be like, God damn it. We gotta bet on LeBron again. Yeah. I could see myself. I’ll definitely have some, some fun in the back of your head. You have to be thinking, Holy shit, like this, this, this legitimately could be that the last run and this weird season has given me a chance to be fully rested and ready to like go out and have I feel like this is that emotion can get in LeBron’s head.

He can be overly emotional. He is going to be away from his wife and kids for the first part of this. Whereas Kauai, he’s a robot. He does not. That’s true. He’s a terrible, he is going to be at the, is going to be like an animatronic in Disney world. It’s going to be the hall of the presidents. There’s just going to be quiet Kauai. But in the back there, I can’t wait to see the picture of next to the wax Kauai. It’s like, which one is the statue? Oh, all right, man.

Got it. Got a bunch of NBA Playoffs Betting thrown out their of course. Check out. The Jim McMahon. Podcast check out. The Don BB Podcast super bowl champs back to back. That was a lot of fun. And we got a big SIM. Summer is underway Thursday and Friday. We’re doing Madden mayhem in June, just Madden Sims, early game and a late game. Same time as always eight o’clock Eastern for the early game, 10 o’clock East for the Lake. And that is Thursday and Friday and Saturday and Sunday, we continued our college football.

Tournament if you want to see where you’re at with a bracket challenge, you just go to Sports Gambling Sports Gambling F T. And yeah, that was games are a Saturday and Sunday night. Same time, eight o’clock Eastern for the early game. 10 o’clock used for late game. Sean, can I plug chirp plug away, sir? I mean, people should definitely subscribe to the Sports Gambling Podcast Network not all while they here, the man The the Ryan to my ride on the NBA Odds Pod right, but Billy Bahati he’s doing double duty.

He’s got DAS Boone to us league show up and the EPL is coming back. That’s firing. Yeah. We’ve been having weekly fight shows for the UFC. What am I missing? Three doctors, three dogs, Thursday. And of course the college experience that’s on its own separate feed. And if you’re really a junkie for, for more database, more pict on D I think we have a gimmick in the works where he may break down every single time micro Podcast at a time he might do 130.

Oh my God. Jesus Christ. That sounds exciting. Sounds like a lot of work. McKee what can people check over at? Sports Gambling What’s in the works. I know golf is back to Charles Schwab challenge. Our boy is Steve. Schermer the golf expert, the guru of all gurus.

Speaker 3 (1h 2m 58s): That’s right. We have a will have Steve’s golf picks. We’re going to have a DFS golf coming back. That’s going to be fun. We have a lot of, of where are you digging into fantasy football, dynasty,

Speaker 0 (1h 3m 10s): Six fantasy football, dark horses for dynasty rookie drafts. A yes, please. I’m flicking on that. I dunno if you saw what showed up in the old corporate Google drive, but there’s now a folder called office of the commissioner. So stay tuned more and more, more fun stuff is happening with a yeah. We’re going to have to be doing some sort of a, are you going to get in the Football dynasty?

Speaker 3 (1h 3m 31s): Oh, I’m in, Oh man. I’m into it this year. We’ve been debating how to put it on the spot right now. I didn’t know that but a, my knee jerk is to say yes. In addition to golf, DFS, we have NASCAR DFS. Steve is putting his same psycho analytic break down into the watch to see pics right now. Every Sports, you know, bill is going to be starting back up with his EPL picks.

We’ve had Buddhist Legos pics every week. So

Speaker 0 (1h 4m 7s): It was a guy on the Twitch streams who loves hearing me say, boom, this league, this is a weird dude. There’s some weird ass Mar thing going on. They’re and Brian Ryan Brian, does it realize I’m playing into it? You realize what he’s causing on the other end. All right. Thank you. As those for checking out, this is spending in the Sports Gambling Podcast make sure you stay subscribed rate review Cher for the Sports Gambling Podcast I’m Sean.

Second, the money green. And he is Ryan congratulations to the 2017 completely fake Virginia tech Hokies for winning a national championship in a completely fake video game. Cramp. Let it go. .

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