Jim McMahon Interview (Ep. 829)

jim mcmahon interview

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The guys welcome on Super Bowl Champion QB Jim McMahon (@JimMcMahon) for an amazing interview covering Jim’s time with the Chicago Bears, Philadelphia Eagles & San Diego Chargers.

Jim talks about the time Michael Jordan tried to bet him $1 million dollars on golf, playing for legendary coaches like Buddy Ryan & Mike Ditka and a truly disgusting act his center once pulled. Plus McMahon makes his case for why cannabis should be used to treat players in the NFL instead of opiates.

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Speaker 1 (1m 42s):

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Speaker 4 (7m 56s): Oh, it’s actually going very well right now. I’ve got a little overcast sky here in Scottsdale. Arizona brought the heat down a little bit. So only about a hundred right now. So it feels pretty good.

Speaker 5 (8m 7s): We have, we have equal weather out here in sunny, California getting rained down a little bit, but I, you know, as you state it is nice to get wet a little bit once in a while.

Speaker 4 (8m 16s): Yeah. Nothing along with that.

Speaker 2 (8m 18s): Exactly. What’s a, what’s a summer day. Like for Jim McMahon you, you out there hitting the links.

Speaker 4 (8m 25s): I actually I’ve played a big rounds of golf at the last three months and no BS cope stuff. Go on. Um, and uh, you know, I’ve just been around my house, working around a yard and tried to get things set up so I can, if I eventually sell this thing here shortly, I’ll get a little more money out of it.

Speaker 2 (8m 46s): There you go. Flip flipping houses with Jim McMahon that could be its own a reality show

Speaker 4 (8m 51s): And not slipping. I’m not real handy with the like electrical and have a, more of a good guy, you know, manual labor, digging it.

Speaker 0 (9m 1s): I like it. You’re a blue collar, a blue collar guy. And my dad told me don’t mess with electricity and we’ll get you burned.

Speaker 4 (9m 9s): Yeah, I tried it once I ended up across the room

Speaker 0 (9m 11s): And do that again now, a, you know, it sounds like you’re like us, you, you you’re trapped inside. Were you watching some of that? Uh, the Michael Jordan documentary. I mean, that’s gotta be interesting for you because you were, you, you were kind of a King of the Chicago as well, you know, free in the Football area, a similar time as Jordan, what was it like kind of, uh, reliving those times in the documentary.

Speaker 4 (9m 34s): I actually saw, I think, uh, three of the, a three out of the 10 and like you said, I was actually living there at the time I was growing, you know, I was right in the middle of all that, a M J and I, we, you know, we played a lot of golf together and he was over at my house playing pool and, uh, you know, so I’ve known him for a long, long time and it was great to see that, you know, relive some of those memories. I mean, the guy’s unbelievable.

Speaker 0 (9m 59s): I heard there was a, I saw this in an interview or something that Jordan tried to try to bet you a million dollars on a round of golf. Is that true?

Speaker 4 (10m 9s): Only on the back nine,

Speaker 0 (10m 11s): What he tried to do on the front nine?

Speaker 4 (10m 15s): Well, he was losing

Speaker 0 (10m 18s): On the back

Speaker 4 (10m 20s): And, uh, I would have loved to have done it because I’ve actually played in a pretty well back then. But, uh, I told him, I said, dude, out of and a half a million dollars for one. And I said, I played through the Bears, You know, I should say for some odd reason, he’d something I’d get lucky or get hot on the back in. And I lose that back. I said, my kid won’t go to College

Speaker 0 (10m 41s): No,

Speaker 4 (10m 43s): Keep up in the a hundred dollars Nassau. I bet. I think we had gone. I said, that’s fine. That’s a big enough that’s for me.

Speaker 0 (10m 49s): Did you end up, did you end up winning that back nine then?

Speaker 4 (10m 53s): Uh, I don’t know what happened on the back line, but I ended up waiting for the day. So that was good.

Speaker 0 (10m 57s): Yeah. I know as a gambler that would’ve killed me if, uh, if you ended up winning and you’re like, Oh my God, I could have had Jordan’s million dollars, but a, I mean, that’s awesome that you still came out up ahead. A speaking of a, you know, you’re time with the Bears there’s a great photo of you. I think it probably was like the first day of training camp. You’re checking into training camp. You’re also bringing, it looks like a coup a couple of coolers, a bud light. Did you, uh, did you go pretty hard and your you’re a Chicago days?

Speaker 4 (11m 26s): Well try and the cap, you need a, something to replenish the fluid You’re out there in that heat twice a day, man. He lose a lot of bodily fluids and, and, you know, I, I noticed early on at most of the guys that were getting cramps at dinner in the field guys with, you know, whatever the drink, it didn’t seem to cramp up much. So I made sure I always had plenty of Bears.

Speaker 0 (11m 52s): I liked that. Got to stay hydrated

Speaker 4 (11m 54s): With some bud light. That’s a good teammate. Well, I don’t know. Mike the bud light, whoever was giving out beer that

Speaker 0 (12m 3s): Your like your like us, if it’s free it’s for me, who was, uh, who was, who was, I mean, you have, you play with some legendary characters there who was the biggest drinker of like that 85 Bears squad. Like, I guess I can just imagine the fridge, if you’re hanging out with him at night, he could put down like a 30 pack himself who was The, who is like the big drinker of the group

Speaker 4 (12m 24s): About 15 minutes for, yeah.

Speaker 0 (12m 25s): Huh? Huh.

Speaker 4 (12m 27s): A fridge fridge could put them away. A, we have a lot of guys that’s like put them away in McMichael was a, he, he liked hard liquor, more. Uh, I remember Mike art in San one of our defense, the bands loved this beer. Uh, and we had a lot of guys,

Speaker 0 (12m 43s): Hey man, you know, you gotta, you gotta have a little fun there at night. And I know, I know you went to college at BYU and, and I look back at my college experience of Penn state and a lot of partying and hanging out and BYU very strict with the off the field of rules and regards to any sort of, you know, drinking or any kind of there of a extracurricular activity. What was it like going to BYU and, and still being a stud athlete

Speaker 4 (13m 10s): A Friday nights and Saturdays were awesome. That’s the play of the rest of the week was, was tough. I mean, I, I grew up in Northern California up to the San Jose. And so I grew up in the brothers with the Mexicans and I’d never even heard of a Mormon until I moved to Utah. What’s the what’s happened to be my junior year in high school. Well, that that’s really, that sucks to have him to move in the middle of your high school. But, um, a really frustrated me. It was my older brother got to stay and finish his senior year in California.

And since I had two years left and, uh, and a police record, I had to get out of the state, I guess. So I moved to Utah and, uh, played in my last on there and then ended up a BYU, which is, you know, it was not what, what most people had a college is college life was like, I mean, it was nowhere near what other colleges were. This was maybe oral Roberts or something like that. But

Speaker 6 (14m 4s): Do you think that perhaps that was like a blessing in disguise because Lavelle Edwards was the coach of BYU. So when you got there, you know, like we, we just recently had June Jones and, and, and Mike Leach and how money on it. They all come from that tree in a way they all studied Lavelle. Edward, do you think that really helped you as a quarterback going to play for Lavella Edwards?

Speaker 4 (14m 26s): Oh, there’s no doubt about planning. That offense was that prepared me to play in the NFL. I mean, it was the best offense I’d ever played in and, and still after playing it on seven different proteins, it was the best offense I played for. Uh, it was a very simple offense. People talk about it being a complicated deal and it was not complicated at all. I mean, everybody was on the same page. The Lyman knew what their what’s, the backs of the receivers did. The receivers and backs knew what blocking assignments alignment had a kind of quizzes they would give you during the week.

So that we’d appreciate what everybody else did. I was not all about the guys school and the touchdown. It’s a guy who’s up front without those guys doing their job. Nobody gets anything done. So it was a, it was great that everybody was on the same page. And it was, it was a hell of a lot of fonts. I mean, throwing the ball, you know, we through with them in the late seventies late, they’re doing it now in the pros. I mean, I wish I could have done that when I got to Chicago, but I got there and we were running football team. Well, it wasn’t bad handing off the Walter Peyton, but I would have liked to follow the ball to hell a lot more.

Speaker 6 (15m 30s): Yeah. I was just about to ask you that, you know, you were, you were, you were with Buddy Ryan and Mike Dick, a very conservative all offenses. And you know, we’ve, like I said, we just had June Jones on his stuff and I, I sat there and watched your highlights, a watch that SMU game, you know, studying up for this and I’m sitting there like, gosh, you could throw the ball around. I could only imagine what would have happened if you would’ve went to Houston or the Kagan in Buffalo or something like that or anything going currently now. So do you actually like wish you would’ve played in today’s era as opposed to then?

Speaker 7 (16m 1s): Uh, no. Why is that? There is, well, you can’t even get near the quarterback anymore and I just, well be a seven on seven sessions. Way’s going on right now? Where do you hit anybody anymore? It’s ridiculous. But, uh, and then Plus, you know, with all this social media, I wouldn’t, I probably wouldn’t

Speaker 0 (16m 22s): Social media may be not Bing kind of the eighties and nineties, a gym McMahon now you, you cut, you did play with, to have some of the, the best all time defense is The 91 Eagles and the a and the 85 Bears, I’m an Eagles fan. And to me, that 91 Eagles season, that’s like a great, what if, because Randall goes down in that first game, you come in, you play really well. You, you leave the team to an eight and three record, but then you’re also injured. Uh, I mean the team goes 10 and six cause they, you know, they couldn’t, they, I think they’d lost three or four games when you weren’t, uh, when you were injured, this was a great quote though.

A you had a, you basically had a bruised heart in the 91 season, you broke five ribs and had a bruised heart still played. And I think that kind of speaks to your character. And, and you’re talking about how the games change. I can’t imagine any player playing right now with a bruised heart, but walk us through that 91 season.

Speaker 7 (17m 21s): Yeah, that was, that was a lot of fun. Like you said, that was the closest DePrince of, I’ve never seen it. They’re already five. And in some, some aspects, I think they were even better than already five 10, uh, before I even get onto that, our 86 defense was actually better than the 85 be depressed statistically without Buddy Ryan. And so that should tell you what, what kind of players that we had as in the 86 season, which we were 14 and two that people tend to forget, but anyway, but one was, yeah, Randall goes down in the first game and a half a day to be up in green Bay where I love to play.

Cause we played against him twice a year for seven years. When I was with, with the bears, we ended up winning that game and going on and I got injured again. I blew my knee out and then my elbow was, I had a torn, torn tendon and a broken bone in my right elbow that they kept telling me was tendonitis. So I was fighting through that all year. Um, but our, the parents was, this was unbelievable. A Jerome Brown, Reggie white warn her. I mean there a gallon, I mean, go on and on and on. And you guys were, we’re a very players.

Uh, if we could have helped him at all. I mean, if we were in one of those games, when I was hurt, we can just one and one were in the playoffs because we, I think we made the, a halfway point. I believe we were three and five and I told Richie Go tied at the time. I said, we have to when all a game, but we’re not gone. And you should know, we went, we went at 10 games, what go to the playoffs. And I said, you know, at the time, uh, I think Washington and the giants were ahead of us in the, in our division.

I said, they don’t take three people from the same division. You got to win all these eight and ended up, we were 10 and six, so we didn’t win or didn’t even go to the playoffs. So, but yeah, they were, they were a really fun defense to watch great guys and, uh, wish we could have helped him out a little bit more.

Speaker 0 (19m 13s): Yeah. I mean, it’s unfortunate because you’re right. If you just get to 11 and five and you get in the playoffs with that defense and with you healthy at the helm, I think that 91 team woulda had a, had a real chance to make a run at it. I always remember though, a, I think 91, you were rocked that black visor with the Eagles where you wanted the first players to wear that, you know, the, the face helmet, a visor there.

Speaker 7 (19m 39s): Uh, I don’t know I was one of the first, but I just know that, you know, as soon as they came out, I was getting one because a, you know, I’ve had an eye problem since I was six years old. So anytime I can put on some shades to cover up my Iris and I’m going to do that. And yeah, I enjoyed playing with that on a main things, a lot easier. They didn’t know where the hell you were looking for one. I don’t think they knew where I was looking anyway. Cause most of the time I ride, I was close.

Speaker 0 (20m 6s): What you played, you played a lot of times with your eye closed and you just use your left eye.

Speaker 7 (20m 12s): Well, any type of light hurts my eyes because I stuck a fork in it. When I was six years old, he went right in the middle of my eye, back in the NIC, my Iris I mean my retina. And so they had to do a lot of repair work on just to save in my eye at the time. And this was 1965. So the guy who the hell have a job back then his team and save it. And then I’m over the years just, I got used to playing without really. I had no depth perception. I, the right side, the field was pretty much a blur to me.

And, uh, I was to get, when I got hit in the pocket, it was usually from, from my right side, what should should, I should be able to see, but that was my blind side. I could see the guy over my left shoulder from my left tackle, but I got hit a lot from a ride. Cause I couldn’t see for me the right to that, but people never figured that out. They, I think they thought I was just the SME when I was wearing sunglasses.

Speaker 0 (21m 6s): So Jim, you were talking about a, you know, kind of feeling that pressure from your left shoulder. It took a lot of hits over the years and uh, you know, had a lot of issues with your health after, after the game was over. I know you’ve, you’ve been a big advocate for using cannabis and CBD as part of your recovery.

Speaker 7 (21m 25s): Oh, no doubt about it. Uh, it’s been a godsend for me and a lot of other people, I’m glad it’s finally, you know, people are finally getting the truth about it and we’ve been lied to over a hundred years about this. Uh, our government’s had a patent on it for over 75 years. They knew how good it was, but here in this country, they don’t want you healthy. Now they want you to taking their pills and, and uh, you know, just being part of the herd and not mentioning anything, that’s not speak up, but I’ve been an advocate since 1973 when I enjoyed my first joint and I’ve been ever since, but I didn’t know how good it was for my body until probably about 10, 12 years ago.

Uh, I met, uh, a dr out of Boston, dr. Ramadan, a ball, and she speaks all over the world about this. She’s a Harvard trained doctor and, uh, she stopped me more about the plant and what it does to the body. And I said, all I know is it made me feel good, made me eat, made me sleep. And she said, that’s what it’s supposed to do. You know, we have receptors up and down our spine and in our brains for this plant. Um, and, um, you know, we were supposed to be using this, but you know, our government pushes their pills because the farmer pretty much runs this place.

Speaker 0 (22m 36s): Yeah. I mean, its kind of sad. Did you feel like when you went to the, the train or after a game and said, Oh my shoulder’s sore my back or would they just kind of push opiates on you? Did you feel pressure to take a pain medication while you were applying?

Speaker 7 (22m 51s): Oh, I had to take pain medication to play. I mean, I was there, there was times where like, you know, we talked about earlier, I, you know, my ribs and in my elbow, my knee. So I mean I had so many painkillers before the game and I, you know, I didn’t feel much during the game, but after, when it wore off, it was, it was not real pleasant. And that’s the thing about those things, you know, they’re very addictive. They, they just keep you in a fog. Um, and I couldn’t sleep very well. I didn’t eat very well. I was on them and you can’t even go to the bathroom.

That’s the bad part.

Speaker 0 (23m 25s): No. Yeah, yeah.

Speaker 7 (23m 27s): Uh, but cannabis has been, you know, I tell everybody for those who believe I said this, his dad to get to us. I mean, it’s a way that’s why it’s so pungent. Cause back in the day, people had to find it to heal themselves. And uh, we’re finally waking up here and around the world it’s to realize how good this plan is for you. Okay.

Speaker 0 (23m 47s): Now, as far as The

Speaker 7 (23m 49s): NFL is that they’ll push all the opiates on you that you know, that you can, that you want, but to go home and try to sleep, you can’t even, you know, smoke a bowl. I mean it’s ridiculous things and how to,

Speaker 0 (24m 1s): Yeah, it is very weird. The NFL stance now, especially because in what, like half the States it’s legalized and still it’s illegal in the NFL and, and they’re still just kind of staying, staying true to the a, the opiate angle. What do you think the NFL can do to kind of put players in a better spot when it comes to CT and being able to treat their body?

Speaker 7 (24m 22s): Well, they’re always telling the players, you’re responsible for what you put in your body. Some guys get suspended for something that they, that was in a cop medicine or something like that, something ridiculous, but they don’t test for the opiates if they pass out all the time. But uh, you know what they’re doing. I mean, their, the awareness is a lot, a lot more, uh, out there, you know, they got the little tent, they get, they bring guys, I didn’t even know what the hell they doing the test,

Speaker 0 (24m 51s): Hang out. They’re a little party in there.

Speaker 7 (24m 53s): Yeah. It’s just, I don’t even know what their protocol is. So, but they are trying to protect people, but it’s a violent game and people are going to get hurt. And, and it’s just, I was just saying, Hey, just take care of the people that have played the game that made the game, what it was that’s the NFL was struggling back in the early eighties. And I think, you know, they’re, there’s a lot of the Bears and there was in the mid to late eighties, really captured a lot of people around the country and, and, and kind of brought Football back and, uh, to where it is now, these guys, I went through two strikes and these guys are making a hundred million dollars a year now.

So it’s not that they just don’t take care of the guys that made the league what it is. No, once you’re out the league, you’re on your own, got to get your own insurance and this and that. And, um, I couldn’t even get into insurance for the first 10 years I was out of the league cause every part of my bottom was excluded. So if I, what I bought it, I couldn’t even paid for it. So I had to go 10 years without a surgery. And, uh, as soon as that 10 year period ended up, I got my knee done on my shoulder done again.

So like I couldn’t sleep at all.

Speaker 0 (26m 4s): Now in your estimation, obviously, obviously the NFL has had some egregious oversight when it comes to the way they take care of their, their former players. But you, this is that be, I mean, obviously the NFL is a fault, but how much of this falls on the players union?

Speaker 7 (26m 18s): Uh, I think a lot goes there too. Um, and I remember talking to Roger Goodell and uh, mr. Smith, I believe it is, uh, of quite a few years back right after I first seen the doctors that are still seeing back in New York, um, about my head and about my neck and tell them about the concussion issues. And I said, every player and every team should be listening to this guy. And I, as soon as I met and they said, well, where did he practice this?

And what is he, is he a neurosurgeon? I said, no, he’s a chiropractor. And then the conversation stops. And he said, Oh no. Now we just paid Harvard a hundred million dollars to do this study. I said, yeah, a study. This guy has already done 25 years. And he, this guy speaks all over the world and uh, you know, they told me over the phone, they’re the, these are the guys that found me. I didn’t find them after that sports illustrated came out when I was on the cover. And, and um, they said, come to New York. We think we know what’s wrong with you. And, uh, sure enough, they sat me down and explained to me what they thought was wrong.

And as soon as they put me in their MRI, their conclusions were correct. I had the stoppages in my neck and in my head that were not allowing my spinal fluid to flow properly and was backing up. And whenever stuff sits on your brain, they, they believe this is what causes it. A lot of the CTE, cause it just eats away at the brain. And um, so they, they, they have this machine that’s called the eye machine. I think it’s called image guided Atlas treatment. You know, your Atlas bone is supposed to be sitting, I think, perpendicular to the spine.

And when they found mine, it was almost, almost straight up and down. I had a lot of issues, the issues of the killing themselves do. Yeah.

Speaker 0 (28m 7s): Well, yeah. I mean, it’s good to hear that. I mean, you certainly sound like you’re, uh, like you’re on a, a healthier track right now and that’s great to hear. I think what, Oh, I was always a big fan of was not only the way you played the game, but you’re, you kind of brought a sense of humor. And I think a lot of other fans enjoy that one incident in particular, you got to, I think he got find like $5,000 for wearing an Adidas headband, a the then commissioner, Pete Roselle find a five grand. And then the next week, instead of not wearing a headband, you wore a headband without a logo, but instead Roselle written on the headband, what was that like?

Speaker 4 (28m 45s): Well, I was pointing out the ridiculousness of the find for one, I’d been wearing a headband for a while. Um, I dunno how many years and I, all of a sudden it was a big deal cause were in the playoffs. And I found out later that’s the only reason I got fine was cause the Adidas wasn’t paying the NFL at the time. And they said that that was giving them free advertising. And I said, well, I’ve been wearing for a year and a half, two years. Nothing, not a word was said to me, but now it’s a big deal cause were in the playoffs.

And so they did, they find me the five grand and in the division of a playoff game. And then right before kickoff in a, um, was in the NFC championship game. Uh, I was sitting there right in front of my locker thinking, what can I do? I mean, what can I write on there? I really wanted to write a few others. Uh, I bought hell, I’ll just put his name on, see what he says. Yeah. How can we get mad at that? The one that was coming out of the tunnel, I remember Madden was doing the game and I just kind of lifted my helmet and let him see it started laughing and I didn’t get fine.

He actually called me the next week and thanked me for the free advertising for the super bowl. You know, I got sent probably thousands of headbands from all in all across the country that know with just people’s names on it. You know, Fred, Joe and I, and I had gotten, somehow I gotten a hold of the rule book, you know, we had two weeks before the super bowl. So I’m just stumbling through this thing, tried to find out the section on why I got fine and there was nothing in there.

And so I thought, you know what? I think I got them now. So I decided I was going to wear all charities, uh, during the super bowl. I figured if they, if they find me for charities, they’re gonna look like idiots. So, and, and Adidas had offered me a good chunk of change, two to wear the headband. And I said, look, I can’t wear it on my head, but I have a good idea. I said, you’ll be able to see it proudly. You know, everybody will be able to see it. And, uh, what happened was it? I had the regular Adidas one on, in the pregame warmup and a head referee was chasing me around on the field.

Hey, I can’t let you on the field with that. So yeah, no. And, and it just comes to the national Anthem and I’m standing there with Walter May and then the head referee as soon the Anthem was over. I go how to put my helmet on. And the riff grabs me, says, like, I can’t let you on the field. And I looked at him and I said, yeah know, but you can’t do squat about this. I pulled it down around my neck and he just started laughing at me cause yeah, you’re right. Yeah. I grabbed the first a charity, which I believe was, uh, juvenile diabetes.

Uh, my attorney sun was a diabetic. So I threw that on their, for him to start with the game. And then, uh, every series I had different a charity. And then at the, I think the final one I had on was Pluto and everybody thought, you know, I’d gone to, I’ve gone out of space on them. At that point, it was actually of the nickname of a, a good, a friend of mine that I played college ball with Danny plater, uh, who was a wide receiver of BYU. He was actually on the Bears a roster in 80, 84.

And they found, uh, a, found a brain tumor to his head. And so he had just gone through his second operation, probably three or four days before that super bowl. That’s why I put that on there for Pluto too. And that was his nickname. So, so you know that, uh, I was thinking about

Speaker 6 (32m 21s): Now Jim no, no, you mentioned, uh, Walter Peyton there. Ah, the, the youth, I feel like, you know, they always say, and I’m not taking anything away from Barry Sanders, but they always say, Oh, Barry Sanders has the best back ever. Now when I put on the highlight tape and I see Walter Peyton play, I’m like, Oh, this guy’s incredible. What would you say the youth about Walter

Speaker 0 (32m 40s): Peyton?

Speaker 4 (32m 43s): Well, he’s, he’s the best that I saw. I’ve seen, uh, you know, tapes of Jim Brown who got that. He, he, Jim Brown might’ve been the best Sabbath, but from what I saw personally, uh, nobody, nobody worked as hard as Walter. Nobody, uh, didn’t want to be tackled like, well, it’s debate. I mean, he did not want to go down know, I don’t think he ever saw him run out of bounds. If he was getting close to the sidelines, he looked somebody up to hit and he said, I’m going to have to tackle me to get me, you know, to get me on the ground.

And, uh, I watched him Mike some of the most amazing 30 yard runs the only game two yards, especially the first couple of years I was in Chicago cause our office has a blind was not good at all. And I handled the ball and just watch him do these, you know, bounce off person after person. And I thought I was going to get hurt getting in the way sometimes I didn’t know where it was going. And that was just incredible, but he’d never said a word in the huddle. I never said, give me the ball. He was a consummate professional, a big jokester, very great teammate.

And uh, he was just, you know, people just Googled him and watch some of the runs he makes is just, uh, and his poetry in motion. I

Speaker 0 (33m 59s): Oh, so the greatest nickname ever sweetness. Yeah. Tough to beat that.

Speaker 4 (34m 3s): He’s used to sit in the house all and answer the phone. Like he was the secretary

Speaker 0 (34m 7s): Have no idea. That’s so funny.

Speaker 4 (34m 10s): Yeah. He would do a lot of things. You know, here’s a big jokester, love to his guns, the poster for him. And I did Chicago vice whey back in the day were, were in soldier field and, and that’s his car. I don’t know. I don’t know if it was his Lamborghini or Pentair, whatever it was. And then, then the guns that we had in the shoot were actually his, so,

Speaker 0 (34m 30s): Oh, wow.

Speaker 4 (34m 32s): The shoot. And for sure,

Speaker 0 (34m 34s): Now you’re talking about jokes and there’s of course a you, you played for Mike Dick, a, a kind of a character. Was there any sort of a locker room behind the scenes story of Ditka that really stands out in your years playing for him

Speaker 4 (34m 47s): A boy? Well, supposedly have time of the Miami game at 85, the only game we lost that year that supposedly him and Buddy took some swings out here

Speaker 0 (34m 57s): In the background

Speaker 4 (34m 59s): And confirm that I’ve just heard rumors, that there was a lot of screaming and yelling, but the funniest one, I think it was 1983 were playing the Colts and they were still in Baltimore at the time. And, uh, we came in after the game and Dick was to start on a rant and he turned and he hit the locker room. He punched a locker where his hand and, uh, he turned around, he was screaming and yelling at everybody and he turned around very quietly and he looked at somebody and said, you say the prayer.

Speaker 0 (35m 30s): And he walked away. But his hand, like that reminds Me of a, I had a special teams coach in high school did the same thing. He, he punched through a chalkboard and then quietly walked over to the trainer and had in the whole hand wrap. And yeah, he had a cast on the next day. Just got a little out of control of a special teams. Coach is I’ve always found where kind of the craziest, I actually had this on my list of questions. And, and you, you, you set it up perfectly in their prime.

Who do you think would win a fight Buddy Ryan or Mike Ditka

Speaker 4 (36m 5s): Uh, well, I’ll tell you Mike Vic was a hell of a lot bigger than Buddy, but you know, Buddy Buddy was a war veteran for the Korean war. Uh, I believe he was a Sergeant drill Sergeant or something like that. It’s funny. Uh, I wouldn’t have, I wouldn’t put it past and even if there was a weapon or weapons had Buddy was fine when I bet.

Speaker 0 (36m 28s): Yeah, he was scrappy, man. He always a, you know, he kind of did with did whatever it took to get the job done. Then of course punched Kevin Gilbride on, on the sideline there didn’t, wasn’t a clean shot. Buddy he definitely a connected a little bit there with Gil bread.

Speaker 4 (36m 43s): Well, he was a, he was a little upset as he, and he should of been to those guys, all get to do is to run the ball every play for the next two quarters and they win that game. But that’s what the Buddy was mad about, I guess.

Speaker 0 (36m 55s): Yeah. Just super fired up. Um, yeah, I mean, uh, I saw this other as far as like interesting anecdotes your time down to the Chargers, uh I’ll I’ll let you kind of tell this, but there was a story involving a center and, uh, you, you kept saying like, Hey, we gotta use a shotgun. We gotta use the shotgun. They wouldn’t, they kept wanting you to go under center. Something happened and you were eventually able to use the shotgun. Can you walk us through this one?

Speaker 4 (37m 24s): Well, we never did get to the shotgun. What happened? A Dan hinting, our head coach had just come from the Redskins and Washington and they, they didn’t believe in the shotgun at the time Joe Gibbs. It was not a big fan of it. And, um, you know, I always loved it to get away that way. They, the Lyman could not step on my feet if I was five yards back. And then, um, so I can’t remember who we were playing, but it was a rookie center, a hell of a player.

Uh, but he was, he was also in the kickoff return team. They’re kicking out to us. I think, I think, I don’t know if it was, there was a run back or was fair Cotter or a, we get it up to 20. I can’t remember, but as I’m filming in to the huddle to Senator Graham, he, and he says, Hey, I’m sorry, but if your hands start to smell is, cause I just cracked my

Speaker 0 (38m 14s): Right.

Speaker 4 (38m 18s): I just turned around and started walking on the sideline. I burned a time out of this stuff and handing it of course was upset, you know, yelling up and down at me and I should look, this is exactly why we need this.

Speaker 0 (38m 32s): Okay.

Speaker 4 (38m 32s): The second accident. And I’m not sticking my hands in there a while. So in Philly cleans it out. And so he left the game didn’t he didn’t even go to the locker room, I guess he just the trainers, you know, circle around out. And he did his business and he ended up coming back in the game. But I’d say my hands stumped for about two weeks.

Speaker 0 (38m 53s): This is why you have Jim McMahon on, you got some of these, some of these stories they don’t, uh, they don’t normally have in the NFL fist. Wasn’t in the sports illustrated article real quick. Your, your thought on the 20, 20 Bears I know, uh, they brought in Nick foals, any, any sort of thought as, as who the Bears should start when it comes either. what would you do if you were coach in the Bears

Speaker 4 (39m 16s): And that’s why I’m not a coach on that. Wouldn’t those guys have to have a thankless job, man. I liked what a coach ag is doing up there. I think they got a hell of a team. They’re young, they got a lot of talent and um, I think foals is really going to help them whether he starts or not, you know, he’s experienced, he’s already want a super bowl. So he’s been around, he’s been in that offense was the same offense that he hadn’t Philadelphia a Peterson came from Kansas city as did Nagy under Andy Reed, my old center in College I’m not center.

He was my, a tackle in college. But, uh, I think they’re, you know, whoever starts, they’ve got, they’ve got a pretty good shot. I thought last year they were, I think they were actually picked to go to the super bowl last year, after the year before. And, uh, they were everybody in Chicago and I was disappointed with a year they had, but I think there’ll be better with foals whether or not he starts, I don’t know. And I, you know, I’d have to sit there and see ’em in a meeting to see ’em on the field and a practice field. See, ’em in a game, in a game situation to see what, you know, how they actually react.

You know, some guys just don’t do well when the game starts, they’re a great practice players and knew everything right. And the, in the meeting rooms. But when they blow the whistle, sometimes that doesn’t translate. So

Speaker 0 (40m 33s): Yeah, that’s kind of where full Shan’s though when he, when he gets out there and he almost does better as a backup. Well, Jim appreciate, uh, I appreciate you calling in. Appreciate the time. Makes sure you, uh, give Jim a follow on Twitter at Jim McMahon thanks. A lot of Jim and have a great weekend.

Speaker 4 (40m 50s): Okay, guys, you to take care,

Speaker 0 (40m 54s): Can’t wait to have a Jim McMahon back on love. Then he answered the Buddy Ryan versus a Mike Ditka I, I think that’s how I expected the answer to go. Ditka has the size and the reach, but you don’t underestimate Buddy Ryan and his scrappiness on in Korea. Yeah. A guy who fought in the Korean war is going to be scared of Mike Ditka no, thank you. It’s a little like the Doug Marone Jalen Ramsey conversation, right? Like Jalen Ramsey, active NFL player, but Doug Marone, massive human being a giant dude.

All right. Before we wrap things up here, want to give a shout out to ACE per head. That’s right. Think about of starting your own Sports books. Start

Speaker 2 (41m 34s): Starting your own business. The economy’s back jobs are back the stock market through the roof. Perfect time to start your own Sports business. I’m going to do is go to ACE for a head.com/sgp. Gets it up. Get ready to go. MBA’s going to be going live here, NFL right around the corner. You can even take NFL future bets. I a have a friend who a uses this, a spearhead locally loves. It’s a very easy to use. He’s not a huge computer guy, much like a Kobe net, not a huge computer guy, but he could even use ACE per head.com.

It’s just that easy and use our link, a spread.com/sgp get up to six weeks free ACE per head Ditka

Speaker 0 (42m 16s): Man. That was a it’s tough. How would you power rank the stories in the a Jimmy Mac? Interview to me, the, the, the center of the shit. His pants has to be up there and I wanted to, I wanted to drop in with a bat, but I knew him when you’re doing the interview on a cell phone, it’s tough to crowbar in some sound effects.

Speaker 5 (42m 37s): I just love how it’s a guy that, you know, obviously he’s, he’s suffered some injuries and, and, and, and we, we went through that in the interview, but he, I think he still would prefer to play in the old school. NFL know, CTE here, shut up.

Speaker 0 (42m 51s): Well, I do, I do like his, uh, you’re right? I mean, the dude played with a bruised heart. And I think when you play with a bruise heart, you get your ass kicked. It’s a, it’s the same way. Like if you’re in a fraternity, right? If you got Hayes and then you see these, the next class come up and they’re not getting hazed, you like, what the hell? I thought we were all supposed to get hazed. Any bird, have a great point to where he was talking that he went through two different strikes so that these guys could get these huge contracts. So he’s fine with them getting paid, I think, but come up, but also get your ass kicked.

So we could still watch a fun and exciting physical game.

Speaker 5 (43m 25s): And I’ve never really heard this discussed. And I don’t want to dive into the, the, the union versus the, the NFL, but it, why, why is the player’s union never solved this problem by matching with the NFL, his control? Like, why are they, they’re making hundreds of millions of dollars dudes. Like Jim McMahon are clearly affected. Although, look, I love him. I loved this man, because he is a, he’s an advocate. He’s a, he sounds like he’s doing a lot better to cause no shit because he’s not taking those opiates. Sean, look, we’ve a, we we’ve seen people around us, a struggle with, with opiates before.

It’s not cool. Now me, I’m laughing thinking about the person. There’s a couple of people, but I think we’re thinking the same person, but there’s also just that, you know, I, I don’t know. Jim McMahon productive. Member of society loves weed, dude. He’s like Ryan Kramer. A productive member of society loves cannabis, loves that cushy coincidence between him and Theismann. Man, we got like two quarterbacks. See, I always say like, dude, you know, nowadays quarterbacks, pussies, like Theismann last to wear the face mask, Jimmy McMahon slide.

I missed that. He played with him playing with a bruised heart. Like his rib cage was so broken and damaged his literal heart that his, a quarterback as a quarterback, as a leader of your team and that 91 season when I was a kid, that was just so heartbreaking because he’s right, like that defense and I kind of led him with the question and they’re like, that was greatest Stevens of all time. Right? Jim say it. I mean, he’s like, yeah, yeah, it was. But I mean, even sometimes you just gotta do that. Other, the third string guys behind McMahon were so horrible.

If the one of those guys could have pulled out one victory for that defense, that 91 defense, you didn’t want to face that team in the playoffs. And Sean, when you’re the host of the Podcast, you get to ask the personal questions. I mean, do you think anyone else gave a shit? If bud foster said yes, we would have beaten USC because Xavier DB was shutting down Reggie Bush, other than me now of course now, but I still wanted to hear him say that’s flexing the rank. Right? I thought, I thought you were going to bring up you crowbar. And, and you’re a, you’re mad in a second place team using Jim Warren. I wanted to give him credit.

He was, although, I mean, candidly, you know, we’re, we’re getting down in the wrong path. Let’s let’s move on. Let’s get back to mr. McMahon. No, no McMahon was awesome. And a, yeah, a big, thanks to Colby. I’ll put out with these guests bookings, office manager, Cole let’s kill. Let’s keep it up, man. And of course, uh, tuned in we’re going hardcore in the Sims in June Thursday, Friday, Madden Simms, Saturday, Sunday, College football sins got the college football. Tournament going, it’s all happened. And so much Football content Kramer.

And I are going to be breaking a we’re going to start getting our fantasy stuff, going early, jumped with the fantasy stuff. Top 10 fantasy player. Podcast while in a little, a little like just tug behind the curtain. And I would imagine we’ll be starting up, uh, like a dedicated to season long fantasy channel over@slackdotsports.com soon, because back behind the scenes in the dark, dark, the dark, the dark layers of the SGPN offices, we’ve established the commissioner’s office and we will be creating some form of a awesome keeper, big boy league.

And I think we should reserve a couple of spots for some, some DJs. Um, and uh, it’s going to be SGPN Podcast personalities. SGPN writers. Uh, let’s see, what do we call him? DJ, maybe Jimmy Mac and so on. I would expect to see a Dick Olson. Ah, there we join the crowd. I would expect to see a Boston capper joining the crowd. So stay tuned for that, Sean. That’s what management’s going to approve. Right? We’ve got, we’ve got to give out a couple of a couple of things about a couple of spots.

Do we do one or two fans spots hit up at Gambling Podcast about why we should know why you should be led in the, behind the scenes employees, friends of the program only a Twitter queer Tofor squints. Yes. Tofor squints. He will be the commish. So all complaints, AK Chris G or Donnie RDFs stuff. This is a very quarter baked idea, but it’s common. Can we sorry, Sean, this is the only way to gain momentum has just to throw it in the deep end.

You know, this is what I tell my kids. We didn’t learn how to swim the right way we were thrown in the deep end. Suck it up a quick anecdote. I was a, I was not, you know, I was kinda messing with, with the kids. We were at a, Oh, we rented a place with a pool over the weekend or this past week. And uh, you know, one of the things that I might’ve been done to me when I was a kid was like, we would just do things to make sure we were drown proof, right? Like get tugged under water real quick. Makes sure and a, you know, doesn’t work with little girls crying and water boredom. I’m a huge ass when the man’s opinion on that, man.

And he’s probably an agreement with you, man. Anyway, I digress. Let’s get to it. So yeah, if you want to be involved in the, a keeper dynasty league, big boy, and here it might be, there might be a super flex in there and I’m going to get crazy. Are we Kramer? We should talk about this. Are we gonna be on one team or two separate teams? There’s two angles here. One it’s nice to meet you and fantasy and talk a bunch of shit. It won’t happen in involved in evolves MI doing a lot more fantasy work, which I’m already, I’m already bailing on a couple of weeks. Here’s the thing we’ll we’ll see what kind of a demand there is.

Perhaps we can consolidate, uh, for both of our best interests. Cause I do have a new personal policy for those out there wondering, Hey, real money Kramer. I’m hearing that you’re already doing some of these best ball leagues. Those I can do by myself because you don’t need to manage them. But new rule for Cramer enterprises this year, no solo fantasy teams, period. Wow. No solo fantasy team spirit, which means I might be partnering with my ah, with one of the children that could be they the loophole I a, I, I see him doing there, but yeah, I think we’re going to be on the same team, Sean.

Let’s not. Um, and, and it frees up one more spot for the listener. So see though, we’ll state your case as the why you should be in the hashtag engines, only dynasty league tweet us at Gambling Podcast you for participating in the Sports Gambling Podcast four Sports Gambling Podcast I’m Sean stacking the money green and he is Ryan jumbo. June Kramer, let it ride.

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