June Jones Interview & Madden MAYhem Recap (Ep. 825)

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Podcast Recap

The guys welcome on the legend June Jones to talk about his career coaching football at every level including high school, college, CFL, USFL, XFL and the NFL. June shares some nuggets about some of the great athletes he’s coached including Tua, Barry Sanders and Deion Sanders. Plus June explains the story behind the Jerry Glanville Elvis’ tickets. Finally the guys recap the Madden MAYhem promotion.

Podcast Transcription

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Speaker 1 (1m 2s): .

Speaker 0 (1m 34s): Oh, welcome everyone to the Sports. Gambling Podcast. I’m Sean. Stacking them on agreement with my partner and pics ride real money. Crammer what’s happened at Kramer, Sean? We just witnessed history the first ever. The first hin history. Probably the first in the history. I think we can safely claim the first ever Madden MAYhem 32 teams, single elimination tournament with updated rosters. Joining us in studio as always coming to an AK, the database.

What’s up guys? Look, I don’t want to burst your bubble, but there are other Madden MAYhem is apparently out in the world to know what I mean. But her busters came on for a second there. It looked like you were reaching to grab something out of your pocket and I assumed it was the five units that you had ready to go, ready to hand me over and over to me as I went on. A nice run to close out Madden MAYhem up five units. You would have been up more if it wasn’t for that, uh, that, that replay for the challenge. The challenge for us. Oh yeah, you’re right. There were a number of prop bets.

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Speaker 0 (3m 55s): Well he also gave out a bunch of our cash, 500 bucks coaching for the new Madden MAYhem squares. Now we haven’t, we haven’t announced that yet. I think this week is going to be like an in between tournament week. We’ll probably figure out how to hop on a Madden MAYhem announced some more simulated Madden games before where we’re looking where were in the testing stages right now to do a college invitational now to play off at college invitational where we’re going to pick 32 teams based off a very scientific system.

Colby, Ryan, I know you guys were already talking about the uh, the requirements for this tournament and

Speaker 3 (4m 33s): That will define it being a playoff. I will tell you this, if it was up to Colby, he would just be making another invitation. But your boy real money grammar, it’s like I’m challenging the database. I’m challenging pig Dundee to think to think about it like a system. So we will have a programmatic way to establish most of the teams. Now what I will say the committee, the committee’s going to, the communities going to save some spots for, for for friends of the program.

If you’re a front of the program, we might find a way to get you into this thing, if you know what I mean. Yeah. So friends of the program, if you want to show us that you’re a front of the program, I don’t know Interview availability is always nice. Trade certification and certifications, fair trade certification. But yeah, Sean, I think, uh, I think a, the things that I’ve learned over the past two months calling nearly what, 60, 64 games roughly I think minus a couple.

Cause we’d never the stupid, we had 30 teams and NBA two K, so 62 games. Uh, we’re, we’re a world. This is a good format for us. B, we’re good at it. See these games are real to me. It’s still real to me. I mean, listen, I go inside and I can’t shit because we’re screaming out here like maniacs and I just get the O. You guys must’ve had a fun video game out there. You’re going to say I don’t like Colby because he curses. No, no.

Shoutout to the broad stuff. Aaron. All of the us and you know, and we have no problem with cursing. If anything, I curse less in my house. Good, good, good, good. Just shout out to the breath. Stop though. I don’t want to ruin that broad step. Of course they were airing the Madden MAYhem games. That was awesome. And uh, yeah, it’s, yeah, for sure. It’s college. We’re sure that’s the next move. I think we don’t want to lock everything in. We want to, we want to give herself some ads. Either way. We’re going to have a tournament going for simulated Sports in June. You can, you can lack that.

And Kramer you mentioned, it’s still real to me. I jokingly tweeted out the, it’s still real to me, the wrestling guy, when the XFL was unfortunately canceled. Kind of joking that that was Colby. But we all are huge XFL fans. And that’s why it was so awesome to get to talk to our guests. Coming up here in the second June Jones coach of the five and O XFL running, uh, roughnecks our champions of course before the stupidly had to go out because of a some bad suit. But Sean, you know what you would find if you followed me on Instagram at Kramer centric, one of those seven beautifully curated, handcrafted artists in photographs selected by yours truly is of me declaring I am patient zero of rough neck fever and Sean, let’s not forget my fandom virus was killed by an actual world pandemic check mate motherfuckers.

And to add insult to injury, the uh, the Madden MAYhem where he had two units on the Cleveland Browns, they had a chance to backdoor cover and the boat trip himself, Odell Beckham gets his hands on the ball in the end zone and cannot bring the catch, you know, and I thought of when I saw that play, Dave Chappelle, the nine one one died crying like a bitch. That’s Odell. He died crying like a bitch. Congrats to the saints. I think we’re obligated now, Sean, to do some sort of giveaway.

So maybe give away a Saint’s future. I just went over to MyBookie, daddy G promo-code SGP and I saw that the saints Plus 1000 to win the quote unquote real Superbowl. So maybe that’s an interesting, I feel like DJ nation maybe get her, this could be like our, I dunno, I’m not going to say they’re really my team, but it would be fun if the Eagles don’t wait if somehow the saints weight and that would be a nice little tribute to the saints. Much like the Maui invitational is typically a good sign for teams in college basketball.

Perhaps this can be a yearly thing where we do a little off season maddening and we crown a champion. Could that crowning become somewhat of a good fortune, good luck charm for the upcoming season? It would be pretty fucking funny if the saints win

Speaker 0 (9m 10s): The super bowl. All right, let’s get to the Mallory man himself. June Jones but before we do, uh, get, uh, talk about our pals over an ACE per head. That’s right. ACE per head leader in paper head providers and make it super easy to start your own Sports book. Sports are happy to man. We just, the capital ones, the match just gave out a bunch of winners for that. You could have been booking action on that. NASCAR happened in late at night. NASCAR. That’s fun. It could be booking action on that NBA close to announcing their return.

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June Jones June. How is the, how’s Hawaii treating you right now?

Speaker 4 (10m 19s): Well, the blue sky and Palm trees and a beautiful day in paradise every morning.

Speaker 3 (10m 25s): It’s a real, it’s a real move. When the guys from LA LA, Los EP, sunny California are like, damn, I wish I was in Hawaii. The rest of our listeners are like assholes

Speaker 0 (10m 37s): Now. Right before we started the interview you said you’re getting out, going to get some golf in. Uh, I mean, what, where are you playing out there in the Y?

Speaker 4 (10m 45s): Um, I’m a member at wildlife country club where they’d play the Sony open every January, which they, the, uh, uh, didn’t get to play I don’t think this year. And uh, hopefully they’ll, uh, hopefully they’ll continue, uh, on, on the PGA tour stuff and the middle of June and late June, early July.

Speaker 0 (11m 4s): Now you mentioned didn’t get to play and we were big fans of the XFL in particular the Houston roughnecks we were, we were big supporters of, you guys loved that dynamic offense. You were running down there. It was a, it was really unfortunate. You didn’t get to see the end of the season. Uh, how disappointing was that your guys were five at AU look like couldn’t be stopped.

Speaker 4 (11m 25s): Yeah, it was very, it was very disappointed. And, and you know, it, it is always takes a little time to get the players doing what we do, which is the all on the same page. We’re reading coverages at the same as the quarterback adjusting routes. And so, you know, we were five and O but we were just, uh, in fact, I remember the Thursday practice, we’re going to go play in New York, New Jersey on Saturday. And after the first the practice, uh, I remember walking, the coaches may said, okay, these guys are Finally get the, this is gonna be fun this last part of the year.

And then we just this point and we didn’t get to finish.

Speaker 3 (12m 3s): Well, one bright spot is your quarterback there for the rough necks. He was able to assign with the Panthers, uh, you know, sinking up with his old coach Matt rule there. What are your thoughts on PJ Walker as a pro? Because everything I saw on the exit fell, I just, the eye test. That kid seemed like a guy who can play at the next level.

Speaker 4 (12m 21s): Well, he is, he’s very dynamic. Uh, kid. He’s smart. He, uh, uh, got more accurate throwing the ball. Um, the more he played. Uh, you know, the beauty of, of his opportunity is you just said at Mount Royal had him at temple and uh, you know, he can pull the ball down, he can, he can make you look good as the coach and those are the type of quarterbacks you usually you like out there, they can tend to make things happen when, when you got to see a breakdown somewhere else.

Speaker 3 (12m 51s): Yeah. And, and, and speaking to that roughneck roster, how has Kim Phillips, he, how has the receiver, how has he not on the roster right now in the NFL?

Speaker 4 (13m 1s): I was just texting back and forth with him yesterday. He’s got a, he’s going out to Detroit, uhh, to see them. But the, the uh, the thing about, uh, cam was this is how, you know what it’s evolved to. Um, the, most of the Scouts in the league, NFL now are computer guys and he ran a slow time at the combine when he went up there. I want to say it was like in the fourth, seventh, but he is a four, four, five, four for kids.

And uh, you know, the, you know, the film doesn’t lie. That’s your resume. And if anybody watches the film of him playing with me, I mean, you’d sign him. He just signed him right away. So I don’t really quite understand. He’s a make it guy. He has all the abilities big. He’s can make a difficult catches, great body control. He can run. And uh, you know, it’s a shame that he hasn’t signed already.

Speaker 3 (13m 57s): Yeah. Well real quick, Colby, I don’t mean to step on your question, but watching him for, for a year. I’m a Virginia tech grad, so I watched him in college and the dude knows how to catch a football and he knows how to get open. So I’m with you coach. I’m waiting to see him get that opportunity. Yeah,

Speaker 4 (14m 12s): I think he, I think eventually will, I just disappointed that if somebody has jumped on his bandwagon yet.

Speaker 6 (14m 19s): Yeah, no, exactly. And that was the same knack. What? I know you were close with bill Walsh from the San Francisco 49ers in the same knock was against Jerry Rice when he was coming into the NFL. And that worked out pretty well for the Niners I’d say.

Speaker 4 (14m 31s): Yes, it did. Everybody passed on him.

Speaker 6 (14m 34s): Yeah, exactly. Not now coach Jones. Um, I, I’m, I’ve been a huge college football fan since like the early nineties, and I still believe that what you did in 1999 is the greatest coaching job in college football because you took over a Hawaii team that was, had lost their last 18 games there. Oh,

Speaker 3 (14m 52s): Oh. And 12 the season before you come in, you win nine games, part of the WAC championship, his share of it and go to a bowl game. And I believe you got to win against Oregon state and the bowl game. Talk to me about that experience and what made that, you know, turnaround so drastic. That was amazing.

Speaker 4 (15m 9s): Well, it’s, it’s uh, it’s a combination of getting the players to believe in themselves, believe in the systems that we’re running. And I knew that, uh, wherever I had been before, even though that was the, uh, on my first, uh, uh, headshot in college, every NFL team I’ve been on has been the worst when we got there and we turned it around once the playoffs went to, uh, went to a playoff games and the, you know, I just knew that the off fence, if the kids would believe and just execute that we would get it turned around.

And you know, it’s really kind of funny about that, a story and it goes to the show. And, uh, cause the same thing happened in Hamilton when I went up there, but in Hawaii and 99, there’s 20 for starters, which are including two kickers. So you got 11 on and the only players that were not on that team were the two tickers is directly the same starter. He said I’d lost all those games in a row. So it says something about being able to get across to the kids, you know, and believe in themselves and believe in the system.

And then we, you know, mouse taught me how to do that. And Jerry Glanville taught me how to do that. So I been able to, uh, get that through to kids.

Speaker 3 (16m 32s): Now you’re, you’re, you’re of course are referring to the mouse Davis. He was a, he, he was the legendary coach to introduce you to the run and shoot offense you had, he had a couple of great seasons at Portland state. Uh, almost 50, 800 passing yards, 50 touchdowns on only 20 interceptions. Is that, is that what really sold you on the run and shoot offense actually running it yourself from the quarterback position?

Speaker 4 (16m 55s): Absolutely. I had never been a part of it. I had known of mouse as a high school coach and the, in the early seventies and late sixties when I was in high school. And, uh, and there was always, you know, we were running those, the single wearing and I threw like three passes a game. The guy down the street, the Hillsborough mouse was at sunset. We’re throwing it 40 or 50 times the game. And, and you know, he just changed basically all of the football, I think more so than, than anybody else, uh, in the business.

Uh, you know, it, it was fun. It was fun to be a part of it at the early stages. And, and then the last few years at Hawaii, bill Walsh, I was fortunate to really, uh, become close with him and I, you know, if you’re not, you know, he told me, he said, June, if you’re not tweaking what you’re doing offensively, you know, 15 to 20 every year, he said the defense, this will catch up with you. And so I always remembered that. And so he, he, I put in a lot of, uh, of his concepts, we still run, uh, along with mouses and you know, it’s become a real fun office to be a part of both as the spectator and a player.

Speaker 6 (18m 9s): Yeah, yeah. In the 1980s, uh, you were running the running shoes, uh, you know, all over football, whether it was the USFL or, or NFL.

Speaker 0 (18m 18s): And

Speaker 6 (18m 19s): I recently saw an interview saying the new England Patriots, over the past decade I’ve been running, you’ve seen a lot of your plays being ran in the NFL. And I can only imagine that back in the eighties, there was a stigma against running shoot. And now you’re seeing teams win Superbowls over it. Like how, how does that feel?

Speaker 4 (18m 35s): Well, it just confirms that we weren’t communists.

Speaker 0 (18m 41s): No real real USA Patriots.

Speaker 4 (18m 45s): Yeah. So, so, uh, it’s, it’s, uh, it’s fun to watch. I mean it’s, it’s, it’s gratifying to see the past and the spread formations, uh, uh, throughout college and the national football league. It’s, it’s, it’s, it is, uh, fun to watch, watch the guys play.

Speaker 0 (19m 4s): No, this is a pretty interesting, I can’t confirm this, but you are a coach that’s coached high school, college, USFL, CFL, XFL, and the NFL. I feel like you’re probably, I can’t think of another coach who’s ever done that. Which of those leagues was the most fun? Like, just pure fun from a coaching experience?

Speaker 4 (19m 26s): Well, uh, I think the, uh, the, uh, time I had in Hamilton in the CFL only and then 2005 and six in Hawaii, I was able to have mouse and Jerry on my staff in Oh five and Oh six. And that was probably those where the funnest times I ever had coach. And then I added Jerry as defense coordinator when he was head coach at the Hamilton. And that was another, just a fun fund year to be there. And you know, the, when the game is about people, uh, both the people on the field playing and the people in the front office are the people that you’re coaching.

And, and when you have that right chemistry, it’s so much easier to win.

Speaker 0 (20m 11s): Totally. And, uh, you know, I kinda through in high school, uh, coaching there and, uh, maybe a lot of people are, aren’t aware that he actually coach to a, uh, who’s now in the NFL. What was that like Andy? And even at the high school level, did you have any idea that this kid could go pro one day?

Speaker 4 (20m 29s): Well, I, I, he had all of the talent and he even showed more talent in high school obviously because he was running, he was a runner as well. And my, I coached them his junior year. Um, my receiver coach, Ron Lee, uh, uh, when, when, uh, the guys at Hawaii got let go, he back to the st Louis high school. And so, uh, being able to coach with Ron, uh, I knew that this kid was special because he was so competitive. And that’s, you know, when you get a competitive, uh, attitude and a guy with talent, well he’s got, you know, the star, the sky’s the limit for them.

And I saw that right away. In fact, if you were to ask to do anything, I think I coached him into, to sliding. I said, I don’t want you to run an old E. And when he breaks into the secondary, he’d look for somebody to go run over.

Speaker 0 (21m 21s): I’m going to fall back.

Speaker 4 (21m 23s): Yeah. Like a full back. And I said to him, you can’t, you’re not going to be able to do, you got to learn to get out of balance and slide. And uh, I think that’s probably why he had a lot of injuries cause he still was, it was, uh, it was tried to be physical.

Speaker 0 (21m 37s): Well yeah. And you mentioned, of course, we just brought up to a, you of course a coach, Jim Kelly, Warren moon, Andre rise and Barry Sanders does, of those pro players or maybe one we missed, is there a of those guys, does one stand out as far as just like an awesome experience coaching them and you just saw their physical ability and it really jumped out at you?

Speaker 4 (22m 2s): Well, those guys you mentioned all have, uh, outstanding. The ability to Deion Sanders probably was the number one athlete that I, that I ever, uh, uh, had a, the opportunity to coach, uh, Barry was special. Um, you know, as soon as soon as we had Barry we put in the blocking rules, uh, uh, we called them Barry rules. And so the, you know, when you’re, when you don’t have a tide in the, usually everybody was playing us in, uh, for one or five in the box package cause they’re trying to stop our passing game.

And, uh, as soon as we signed Barry they put six in the box. So they always had one defender that we couldn’t block if we handed it to Barry. So we, we, we put in Barry rules on all of our runs and we told Barry, which guy we’re, we’re, we aren’t gonna block and you got to make the mistake and I’ll be damned if he didn’t do it. Uh, every time nobody tackled it. And we just left one guy on blocked it. It was, it was the most unbelievable thing ever. And I remember talking to Barry after he got on the plane with Bobby Ross that he retired.

And, uh, uh, basically he told me, he said, Joe and I, and he says, I, I, and this side formation, they got eight and the box nine in the box, sometimes 10. And the box, he, he says, I’m not gonna play anymore and I’ll be damned. Cause he didn’t retire.

Speaker 0 (23m 29s): He just didn’t want to face the load. The box. You got. He got it. I mean, how, how’s it, how surprised were you when, when Barry Sanders officially called it quits? I mean, Detroit has had the unfortunate, um, experience of both him and Calvin Johnson, two huge stars, two great athletes to first ballot hall of Famers retiring with, uh, you know, ostensibly a few years left.

Speaker 4 (23m 56s): Well, right after, uh, uh, right after that time, uh, when Bobby Ross was there are the job was open in Detroit and I was the, uh, uh, very, very interested in going back to the Detroit if I could get the head job. And basically I called Barry, I said, Barry if, uh, if I get the head job, uh, in Detroit, uh, are you, would you still retry? He said, absolutely not. I’ll play two or three more years because he knew that his skill would, uh, would Excel in what we do.

He knew the Barry rules and then he says, you leave that one guy for me and I’ll make a mess. And, and I, I can tell you right now, there’s a, I don’t want to mention any names, but this is the Chicago bears. I know that the Barry rules ended a hall of fame, a hall of Famers career because we left him on block. And he never tackled Barry and very rushed for over 150 yards. Every time we played the bears, his sin.

Speaker 0 (24m 54s): Well, maybe, maybe Mike Singletary. Well, Hey, it’s just

Speaker 4 (25m 1s): So the righteousness of,

Speaker 0 (25m 5s): And, and, uh, unfortunate for lions fans who when they’re listening to this podcast, they’re like, I knew it. I knew he could have figured out a way to keep going. He wasn’t even Alliance fan, but I remember as a young, a young man, maybe a boy, I don’t remember, but I was sad. He was my guy. That was my favorite player. That wasn’t a New York giant. So very, very sad, very sad that it didn’t happen a different way.

Speaker 4 (25m 28s): Yeah. I’m um, discipline. I’m just part of the Barry cause I really think, how do you play them in my office and a mouse is off. That’s, uh, for another three to four years. He would be, he would hold on to the records.

Speaker 0 (25m 41s): Now we, we just had a Nick role of itch on the podcast who of course, uh, you coach for, uh, for his years in Hawaii and now he’s a head coach over at, uh, Washington state. He was pointing out, we were talking coach and plastic with him that you were kind of ahead of the game when it came to coaching of your players by nappy in the, you know, the, the, the, the guy in the army just yelling and screaming at the players, but kind of being calm connecting to them and almost like the Phil Jackson Zen approach. Is that something you were conscious of or is that just a personality thing?

Speaker 4 (26m 13s): I think the combination of both. I read everything Phil Jackson had ever written and I, and I was fascinated by his ability to, to, uh, put, put different types of people together and have them play as one. Uh, and so I, I was the big Phil Jackson fan. I think, uh, that’s my personality by and large anyway. And uh, I just knew, you know, I did things totally different facts. You know, you read now the NFL doesn’t have pads on and practice except for like 12 practices.

Uh, uh, uh, a year. I think it is a, and I was doing that when I was, uh, got my first head job in 1994. Uh, we didn’t wear, we didn’t wear pads anytime. Well, no, we didn’t tackle in practice. Nobody ever was on the ground. And you know, we, we just, I just, you know, the players got it. You know, they understood I was for them. You know, I, I wanted them to be, if they were gonna get her, if they were going to get to get her in a game, not at practice.

And so we had fun. I mean, we laugh. We, we, uh, we just had a good time. And, and I think when players, uh, chemistry, the intangible part of the game is the chemistry and that is what wins is not the X’s and O’s.

Speaker 0 (27m 33s): Well, you mentioned and fun guys and, uh, you know, kind of locker room characters. Is there one particular player that that stood out as far as just a guy that got a ton of laughs, you know, maybe not the greatest player, but just a great locker room guy. Great glue guy.

Speaker 4 (27m 50s): Well I think this guy was a great locker room guy and I think he was a great player too. Craig Ironhead Heyward.

Speaker 0 (27m 56s): Oh yes, yes.

Speaker 4 (27m 57s): Two years ago I knew I had so much enjoyment of being around him and I wanted them, he didn’t get until his sixties and I think, uh, he was drafted on the first round by new Orleans and went to Chicago and he ate himself out of the league basically. But he, I think the most yards he ever rush for was 350 in new Orleans when year. And so I, I call and after he goes, I tried to sign him. I tried to get us to draft him in Atlanta, uh, and st speak to it and then, and then I’d tried to sign him in free agency and he wouldn’t come.

He went to Chicago and then I finally got him when nobody else wanted them. And I told him, uh, on June 1st when free agency, uh, was allowed to go sign some of the players, uh, they, uh, he weighed 365.

Speaker 0 (28m 50s): Oh man.

Speaker 4 (28m 52s): And I, and I told him, I said, now I’m going to sign you. I’m going to, you’re going to run, you’re going to be my guy and, and, but I want you to 60 by the first game. So he lost, we’ve played the first week of September. He lost a hundred pounds. He weighed up to 60, the Friday before the first game. And so he ended up that year rushing for 1300 yards for me. But if there was a guy that could block a laugh, have fun and just loved the game of football, it was on it.

Speaker 0 (29m 22s): And you, and you see his, his son Cameron Hayward is dominating the pits. I mean, he’s a great player on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Speaker 4 (29m 29s): Yup. No, I followed, I followed him this whole career too.

Speaker 0 (29m 33s): Yeah. Um, so, so coach, walk me through this year. You, you got Hawaii to top 10 in the nation. Um, that’s the first off.

Speaker 6 (29m 42s): Unbelievable. But we are big proponents of a larger college football playoff. I’m wondering what your thoughts are. And I saw, I think the year before you got to the top 10, I think he played at Al at Alabama and you almost won that game. Um, but I just, I just believe that we should have more teams, more representation and, and I want to know your thoughts on, on the playoffs and if you think they should expand.

Speaker 4 (30m 5s): Well, I, I, I would like to see the expanded, uh, because I don’t think you’ll ever see, uh, a UCF out of Hawaii. Uh, you know, all of the Utah, you won’t see them unless they go undefeated. And even then, there’s no guarantee that they’ll be in that group. You know, we went undefeated. You taught one of the repeated one year to get in and sort of UCF, but that, you know, that’s, that’s unfortunate that that’s the window that that is the only way of not power five team can get in there.

So I think it should be expanded. I think the fans would like it and there’s no reason why he can’t be expanded. You know, they’re, they’re, they’re talking about, uh, you know, the league is the season’s so long now and thought it out of God. Well, guess what? Shorten it. Shorten it a little bit. And at the game’s on the end where the playoffs can happen.

Speaker 6 (30m 59s): Yeah, I completely agree. I completely agree. Um, uh, well, uh, walk me through this here. Jerry Glanville is the guy, apparently I was doing some homework on your June and July. So from what I heard, Jerry Glanville, uh, saw your film in, in at Portland state cause you weren’t drafted. And, and then he was at defensive coordinator, I believe from the Atlanta Falcons at the time. And then went and told the general manager, Hey, we got to sign this guy. This guy’s throwing the ball over the field.

Speaker 4 (31m 28s): That’s the true story. Uh, uh, he, he had happened to, uh, be going, uh, talking with John North, uh, uh, who is the running back coach at that time? He used to be the head coach at the same, it’s years and years and years ago. But anyway, he was on the last staff and he happened to be watching the old 16 millimeter film and he’d called Jerry and the room. And, uh, he says, you got to look at this guy. And so Jerry uh, you know, Jerry took the, took the tape and went, walked down to Eddie LeBaron and Tom Brocks who are the guys and, and that’s how I ended up signing in Atlanta.

Speaker 6 (32m 7s): And that’s crazy, man. And then when Jerry was with you in Hawaii, was he still leaving two tickets for Elvis?

Speaker 4 (32m 15s): No, but we still talk. We still talk about it. Laugh, but all that,

Speaker 6 (32m 19s): Was that, was that an urban legend or what was he, was he actually doing that?

Speaker 4 (32m 23s): No, we were doing it. In fact, it was really funny. We were going to play a new England in Memphis in 87 or 88. I can’t remember it. And I drove in the work that day and there was an Elvis impersonator. Somebody say that he was alive. He called into the radio show and they were replaying the audio and, and uh, so I told Jerry, I said, man, you got to, we got to leave. We were on a jog at noon after practice and I said, you need to leave two tickets for a Elvis we’ll call.

I said, that’ll be, there’ll be all kinds of TV cameras every day. And so we left. And so he went the press and he did do it. And then this is really funny, you can find this somewhere. I, I’m sure. Uh, Jerry uh, you know, he said that he actually played in the game and nobody knew who he was in the uniform. And then the press and the, the, uh, uh, in the stat sheet that the NFL passes out on after every game it has in there.

Elvis cut a pass for 12 yards.

Speaker 0 (33m 30s): Wow. That’s awesome. No, no. Glanville uh, you know, I, I don’t know how true this is, but is it true he essentially black Rose when, when, when, when you, well, I guess you stayed on with Atlanta and he left.

Speaker 4 (33m 40s): Yeah, that’s the true story. He did that with every, every coach that ever left or, or he had a squabble with him, he would, he was the FedEx of blacks.

Speaker 0 (33m 54s): So how did you rekindle that relationship?

Speaker 4 (33m 57s): And I know, well we, we didn’t, we didn’t talk for, gosh, 10 years maybe, and I just happened to be on the internet one night and Oh four Oh five and he said that Jerry Lavalle wanted to get back into coaching and it was going to North Dakota state. And so I just called him. I said, Jerry, I just got, I’m just looking at this thing. I said, my defensive coordinator just left a to go to the pros. I said, do you want to come over here and take over the defense? He immediately said yes.

Speaker 0 (34m 28s): And when that,

Speaker 4 (34m 30s): So he, he, we, we had a blast those two years.

Speaker 0 (34m 34s): Now you’re of course talking about your years over in Hawaii, and I don’t know if everyone knows this, but you actually kind of turned down a more lucrative deal with the chargers, you know, for more money. But instead you decided to do a go coach Hawaii. What was, what was kind of the, the mindset there?

Speaker 4 (34m 52s): Well, I always, I always had wanted to be the university of Hawaii head coach and the time it was open prior to that was 1994 and I, and I, I took the Atlanta job that same year. And I said, well, that’d be me. Maybe my only chance that I would’ve got the job and a wife. And uh, so when it opened up again, uh, I remember when they fired Kevin Gilbride at San Diego, uh, Bobby better, you know, wanted me to take interim head job.

And I said, Bobby, I said, I’ll take it, but here’s the deal. I just want one thing. I’ve always wanted the university of Hawaii job and you know, and I want to be able to have that Interview uh, if I sign this contract, I want to be able to have that interview and leave if I, if I can, uh, if I, if I decide to do it. And Bobby said, no problem. So we ended up, I went through that season and, and Bobby wanted me to, to, uh, be the head coach. He extended the, the, uh, contract for five years for $6 million, which was a lot of money at that time, uh, in 94 and 99.

And so, um, um, I just made the decision I’m going to, I’m going to Hawaii cause that’s where my heart was. And so that’s what I did.

Speaker 6 (36m 16s): Gotcha. Gotcha. Now, now coach, we just had how mommy on the show who mommy was your offensive coordinator at SMU anyway, he was telling us a story from the XFL where he broke his leg against you, a coaching against the Dallas Renegade’s against the Houston roughnecks. What is the worst injury you’ve had on the sidelines and have you played through it?

Speaker 4 (36m 34s): Well, well, I tell you, I was, uh, I had, uh, uh, I always, uh, stay. I was, I got my jobs and I played quarterback, so I was like, you got to think you’re smart. Okay. So I always stayed behind the line of scrimmage. I never was at a place where somebody would run, run out of bounds or, or run into the eye. I violated that rule one time and I got run over in Hamilton couple of years ago because that CFL field, they, they, they, they put both teams on the same sideline sometimes.

So you can’t stay behind the ball, you know, behind the line of scrimmage. And I paid a price for them. He had to tear up my knee.

Speaker 0 (37m 19s): Now you of course, uh, I mean looking at your coaching resume, it seems like you’re, you’re one of these guys that’s just addicted to coaching the XFL. Who knows what their future is right now. Do you have any plans? Have you, have you talked to anyone about, uh, 2021 or, or down the line as far as where you may coach again?

Speaker 4 (37m 39s): Well, I tell the thing that is the COBIT 19 things. He goes, I got a couple of thoughts and, uh, I already have an agreement, uh, to do some CFL work, uh, in the NFL training camps, uh, on a scouting and of it and which, which will keep me kind of involved. And you know, I don’t really chase after jobs. I don’t really, you know, uh, try to get them, I, I would rather have somebody say, Hey, let’s go get that guy.

And, uh, uh, so that’s kinda the way I’ve done it all of my life. Uh, I’m, I’m made, I thought about doing high school, get here again, if I ended up still in Hawaiian when football season starts. I kinda think this is just my feeling. Uh, I don’t think high schools and colleges are gonna play this year. Uh, I think the NFL will, but, uh, I, I’m not optimistic with the college and the, and the other side of that.

Speaker 0 (38m 37s): Oh, it breaks my heart, man.

Speaker 4 (38m 41s): Yeah, I know. It breaks all of our hearts. I think to be quite honest, I’m not a believer in this thing anyway that we shouldn’t have the locked down, but, but that’s a whole nother thing.

Speaker 0 (38m 49s): Yeah. Yeah. I’m with you man. Um,

Speaker 3 (38m 53s): So, uh, alright man. I’ll, we’ll, we’ll, we’ll let you run here. Uh, yeah, we know you got to take the time to get to appreciate you calling in. I appreciate the time,

Speaker 0 (38m 59s): Time, uh, coach Jones and give him a Follow on Twitter. Fun. Follow for sure. And he’s, uh, at coach Jones on Twitter or is it, sorry, is it coach June Jones there you go.

Speaker 4 (39m 13s): I don’t even know, but occasionally I’m on there. I read it every day. I try to Follow I’ll follow you guys.

Speaker 3 (39m 20s): Awesome. Yeah. Well we got to have your back when, what if we get college football back or if we get, you know, whatever sport we get back, we’d love to have you back on football. Yeah, exactly when, but yeah, I appreciate the time as always. And good luck on the links, coach.

Speaker 4 (39m 33s): All right, appreciate you guys. Aloha.

Speaker 0 (39m 36s): Can’t wait to go a coffin with June Jones out in Hawaii. I’m going to talk a little bit more Madden MAYhem announced the, uh, Hey, I’ll give the leaders a little a shout out there, but before we do want to shout out one of the, uh, friends of the program, newly minted friend of the program, a new smokable CBD company, cushy dreams, who doesn’t want to have some cushy dreams? Smokable CBD. If you don’t want to do the gummies or the vapes, you want to actually smoke the CVD.

It smells like weed. It looks like weed, but it gives you that CBD feel. You don’t get high like you do with marijuana can relieve pain. It should go in with creativity. I like to creative CBD pre-rolls and the pre-rolls are really, I mean this isn’t Colby in eighth grade trying to put together a joint and it’s like falling apart and there’s spit and cardboard all over. These are professionally rolled pre-rolls and a super tasty CBD. Cramer. You want to give a shout out to the CBD life?

It’s beautiful. It’s great stuff. I’ve been, I’ve been smashing it hard. Would love, would love some more for the studio. You know, putting in hours, talking about it repeatedly on the air. I’m going to need that extra soothing recovery. Really love the piece. Pre-roll. All you got to do to get your own. Just go to cushy dreams.com promo code SGP. Get 15% off. That’s K, U, S H Y dreams.com. Promo code S, G, P and again, gave out a ton, a ton of, uh, my book.

He died, AIG, uh, credits for this. Madden MAYhem Kramer, just one more time to confirm the Madden MAYhem leaderboard is updated, correct? Uh, I will, I can confirm that for you, but yes, I did. All right. Let’s see. I came in 722nd place. That’s really bad, Sean. That is pretty bad payment. You came in 500 and a or no. Did you also come in 722nd place?

Oh man, we suck. There’s someone who going buy the handle. Ryan kraut Kramer. He was ranked five 98. Who beat you by 20 points. That’s pretty awesome. Not only did good news, I beat my dad. He, he didn’t, he didn’t fare too. Whoa, Colby. Let’s see how you did in the, uh, the bracket. Wow. Even even worse than us. Colby 9,900, 18th place. 170 points. Alright.

Kramer, do you have a, the original what the original prize pool was? I think. Alright. Actually, you know what? Yeah, it’s on the, uh, he turns out it’s on this website. Sports Gambling, podcast.com and just getting, just figuring it out. Let’s announce the, we have some ties in here, so we’ll just announce the top four coming in at fourth place.

Speaker 2 (42m 31s): Ooh, winning $250 in my book. He died a G credits. Give it up for our man, Ethan Davis. 600 total points coming in. Third place was 610 points. Tyler gives out justice. Ooh, I made that up. 300 at $300 for him. Second place, $500 in my book, he died. AIG credits, 620 points. Kyle Gibson.

Oh 500 bucks to your MyBookie daddy G account and 1000 MyBookie credits goes to the winner. Winning by an astounding 50 point margin. Congratulations Scott Williams, who correctly had the saints beating the Browns in the super bowl. Wow. Had three of the four final four teams. Correct. This guy is, they might be the SIM guys. He could be the original SIM God. And of course if you’re, I mean we’re giving the prizes go out 250th place.

So if you’re in the top one 50 of the regular 32 team bracket, of course, uh, head over to Sports Gambling podcast.com/madden and you will, uh, you’ll see a form there to fill it out and claim her prize. Now in the sweet 16, the final AK, the sweet 1600, we’re giving away $1,600 in MyBookie daddy G credits. Everyone gets a a hundred dollars. They’re made the top 16. Looks like the top seven are getting their a hundred dollars, but places eight through 20, they’ll get a little bit less cause there are some times there is some tiebreaker situations, but just want to give a shout out to these guys tied for second.

Ryan Schmid Heizer

Speaker 0 (44m 22s): Some sort of sounds like some sort of awesome. Sounds like I fucking, I took her down to the basement. She fucking threw down and miss sizer

Speaker 3 (44m 33s): Sizer sounds like a bad guy. And Wolfenstein three day off of one of the ads I’ve been to the bread stuff, big ups to the Bronx. Stop Austin felons. Second place, 260 and Norman knew, well 270 points. Sean, don’t be lazy. Don’t stop there because welcome to the UAB in the money. Uh, friend of the program also cashed in the squares.

Speaker 9 (44m 58s): Ooh.

Speaker 3 (44m 59s): Yes, he’s old. He’s really enjoying something back here. You’re cracking me up man. All right guys. That was a, that was an awesome tournament. Any, any parting thoughts? Any closing thoughts? Kramer? We did it. We, we pulled off. So I, I would say for the first time of my life we legitimately, uh, set a trend in the industry. We did it in the world. We created something and people followed. So we will be back. We will be bigger and we will be better. Colby, maybe not, I don’t know.

We’ll see no bubble screens, no bubble screens. That really, that really pissed call the other way. We’ll be back in Colby, his pursuit of the perfect video game, one where no points are scored and ever it’s already out there. It’s called the super bowl, which I almost, if it wasn’t the game was tied or no, Colby got up seven. We did a, we streamed a techno Superbowl before the Madden MAYhem championship and I was hanging with Colby. I was really doing well. I was only down seven points late and fucking Calvin Williams fumbled on the kick return and Colby ended up winning by two touchdowns.

I want to revenge game, but just to be clear, Sean, people who won a prize, they should go to Sports Gambling, podcast.com/madden yup, and they’re going to see in front of their eyes when they go to this and Colby, I’m going to walk you through. You are the common man. When you come to this page, you’re going to see a section called collect your prize. You are the common man. Really. If you one fill this form out to collect your prize, there are two links. The link for the sweet 1600 version and the link for the 32 team version.

You pop that open, you fill it out, you need to put in your email. The email must match your entry from the contest. You’re going to put in your MyBookie eight account number so we can tell them to credit your account and you’re going to tell us what place you came in. We will validate that. Does the common man almost marry a Colombian girl? Yes. Three pieces of information. Just fire that away.

And a, and w we’ll get a, we’ll get your account credited. And then Sean also, do we have any outstanding debts on the squares? Well, everyone has already collected the square money and been paid. This is unheard of. And shout out to uh, Alyssa plates. Oh yeah. New of the podcast,

Speaker 0 (47m 30s): Sending a fun little photo there and definitely likes to throw out the plates. Sun’s out, guns out. Uh, awesome that she checked in and we already, the four people we gave out the $500 already. We’re recording this right after Madden MAYhem one, I was paying guys out in the middle of the game. Kramer. That’s how dedicated we are to hashtag tensions. Only make sure you get that money so you can reinvest it in the marketplace. Get some, uh, get some of that. Sports Gambling Podcast merge. We got a ton of great stuff. If you want to grab, uh, one of those face mass, uh, type things where we’re donating proceeds to charity.

If you believe in this covert 19 hoax, feel free support. We will be donating to food banks and some awesome non charity stuff as well. T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, the whole nine hats, suite S uh, mesh shorts and sweat pants cause you don’t need to wear real pants anymore. Nope, it’s pretty awesome. I did the math and uh, I haven’t worn jeans since March 12th. I’ve just worn, you know, mesh shorts and sweatpants and I realized the only reason I would ever wear jeans is to go out and do stand up comedy.

And that’s been canceled. So just been sweet. The summer of mesh shorts and sweatpants, really feeling alive. A lot of freedom. Happy Memorial day. Every one of the great United States of America. Do your RN. Amen. God bless the troops. We’re not counting this much like a June. Jones you have some sweet American music you go out with, no, I wish I did Kramer. I wish I did cause I would play that he could play the N.F.L., the Rocky music. That’s American music. God bless America. Have an amazing Memorial day and for the Sports Gambling Podcast some Sean’s second the money green and he has Ryan Kramer.

So let it ride.

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