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The crew welcomes on Super Bowl QB Joe Theismann (@Theismann7) to talk all things NFL including his days as a punt returner, the winners from the 2020 draft and his take on the current Redskins QBs. Plus he helps settle the debate of who the greatest QB of all time is, weighs on the Eagles pick of Jalen Hurts and even gives the guys some advice on doing play by play for ‘Madden Mayhem.’

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Speaker 0 (1m 35s): Ooh, welcome everyone to the Sports. Gambling Podcast I’m Shawn stacking that money. Green was my partner in pics. Bri. Real money. Kramer. What’s happening? Cram dog happy Thursday. Shawn is an awesome Thursday. Indeed joining us in studio third man in the booth. Colby, Dan, AK the day to face. What’s up guys? I didn’t even know it was Thursday with exception of DJ and madness, right? No. Madden Jesus. Jesus. You’re a gen Madden.

This is a great name. We’ve been making that mistake. It’s okay. But it’s Madden man football, his back foot. I mean my football juices are flowing. We were hours away from the kickoff of Madden MAYhem can’t wait. Bart Scott voice. And uh, we just recorded an awesome interview with Joe Theismann. I mean it was, I think it’s, don’t want to hype it up too much, but one of our better celebrity interviews all the time. He was a great character and it was just awesome.

A lot of good laughs in there, man. A lot of good laughs. Yeah. I mean considering he was a Redskin I’d say 10 out of 10. Yeah. I didn’t even let my Haight out the Redskins the end of the interview. He’s from Jersey but also we all know like, and a true NFC East fans have the teams that aren’t named the Redskins all feel bad for the Redskins. Maybe Cowboys fans hated the most of us. Feel bad for them and it’s a lot of the age group cause the risk is we’re a nasty for a while to spend a little while and been a little while. But yeah, it was a, it was an awesome interview.

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Stacking tons and tons of cash, NFL wind totals are out and available over at my booking dot. A G, use a promo code SGP for up to $1,000 in bonus bets. That’s my bookie. Dot Agee from a cold SGP play when it get paid. Joining us on the line, super bowl champ quarterback for the Washington Redskins Joe Theismann Joe, thanks for calling in.

Appreciate the time. How you, uh, how are you getting through? Oh yeah, appreciate it. Uh, I’m assuming you were a pretty excited to watch the virtual draft.

Speaker 2 (4m 46s): Oh, I couldn’t wait. I mean it was a, actually, I was excited to be honest with you. I found that to be very interesting. I thought it really went off with very few hitches. And the one element I really liked was a, they had cameras and so many of the guys houses, you could see the reactions of the family. And you know, it really I think humanized a, a lot of a game that’s, that’s tough at times. But I got a chance to, I got a real, I got a chance for us to, it reminded me a lot. I got a chance to enjoy it, but he reminded me a lot of when I was drafted, because back in 1971 150,000 years ago,

Speaker 0 (5m 26s): Mmm.

Speaker 2 (5m 27s): They didn’t, you didn’t have the, the surface that they have now, you didn’t have the people in the stands. And theoretically, a lot of these guys would have still been in school during the draft too. And you know, I mean, I was, I remember shoot, I was sitting in our public relations director’s office, Roger the Sherry at Notre Dame, and you get all these phone calls. It’s really crazy. People will tell you, Hey, if you’re around in the first round, we’re gonna draft you. If you’re a round in a second round, I remember the Eagles telling they weren’t going to be interested me, the Cowboys were interested in me, the giants, and you get all of your hopes built up and then you sit there and round one goes by and he goes, Oh, okay.

All right. I deal with this around to goes by. It’s like a little, you know, things ain’t going like I thought. And then round three goes by and it’s like I said, screw it. I’m going on. So I told Roger, so I’m going to play basketball if anybody wants to be called. That’s, and that’s what I did. I just took off and I went and played basketball for, you know, until the Miami dolphins drafted me on the fourth round. And then, uh, I was excited. I was, I was excited and disappointed at the same time, if you can believe that.

Speaker 0 (6m 38s): Yeah. A lot of people don’t realize you were actually drafted by the dolphins and then a few things didn’t work out with the dolphins. You ended up going and playing for the Toronto Argonauts for 30 seconds on. One quick thing to note back then, there were 17 rounds in the NFL draft, so you could have been waiting around a while.

Speaker 2 (6m 56s): Oh yeah, I know. I would have been, you know, I mean we’ve seen some of the pictures of some of these guys, like you know, the Aaron Rogers waiting as late as he went. And I guarantee you people told him, Hey, if you’re, if you’re going to be around, you’re a top 10 pitch and then all you see what happens is people get in your head and all of a sudden you get this idea that this is what’s going to happen in this is where you’re going to go. And you know, you’re so young, you don’t know if it’s a game for them. You know, it’s, it’s, well we think we’re going to take this guy and just throwing is thrown up a smoke screen to try and maybe ghost in a different direction and you wind up being the one, um, in the middle of it.

But yeah, I spent, I spent three years in Toronto, I loved every minute of it.

Speaker 0 (7m 36s): And then you kind of, you kind of did end up becoming a first round pick because the RI the Redskins gave, uh, gave the dolphins the first round pig to get your rights to play quarterback, but you ended up, uh, starting out the season as a punt returner. How did that happen?

Speaker 2 (7m 52s): Well, I spent my first two years as a fund returner was a Redskins. I came to town, there’s a, I’ve got a book coming out called how to be a champion every day. You can get it on the can preorder now online. It comes out. A matter of fact, I’m getting the first copies of it on Monday, but it’ll be out June 16. And in this time when we’re stuck at home, I hope people get a chance to enjoy it. But, um, one of the things I did is I, I tell the story about, uh, George Allen. Um, 1974 when I got, when I joined the Redskins, I came to town, Billy Kilmer was there, established Sonny Jurgensen was there to establish all the family.

And I came to town. He said, Hey, I didn’t come here to sit. I came to play with them.

Speaker 0 (8m 31s): Yeah,

Speaker 2 (8m 33s): Andy. And then, and then I started doing it and then I started doing a TV show critiquing games that, that didn’t go very well. And then I wrote a book on quarterback having never played quarterback. I wrote, I wrote one in Canada based on a, a goaltending book of Isiah, a plot. And you people who are listening, you can go Google his name cause you’ll have no idea.

Speaker 0 (9m 1s): Oh yes.

Speaker 2 (9m 2s): But he was a goal of was a goaltender for the Toronto maple, I believe is from April is yet. Oh no, the Toronto maple leaf. So, um, so I come to town and I’m doing all these things and Billy and I absolutely hate,

Speaker 0 (9m 13s): yeah, you’re writing books as a backup.

Speaker 2 (9m 16s): Oh yeah. I just thought of, you know, why not? So as a matter of fact, I’ll tell you another story. So this is part of it. So Billy and Billy ran the offense that coach Allen wanted. Ron. Ted Marchibroda was our offensive coordinator and Sonny just threw it all over the park. Sunny, you had the most beautiful delivery need to step up to the left and a belly. His would go out and bore that ball, which is floats through the air, like a dove getting ready to, to take off and fly. I asked him one day, is it sunny? How do you see the ball so beautifully?

Well, you don’t have to be from North Carolina. We’ll do a, you know, a stuffed pick the ball up to put my fingers on the laces and a political, that’s a lot. Wow. I just heard from the Dalai Lama of town,

Speaker 0 (9m 57s): it’s a very Zen,

Speaker 2 (9m 59s): but uh, so, you know, I’m not, I’m not playing and I want to play it. I actually started, people don’t realize this. I returned pots, my first seven games at the university of Notre Dame as a sophomore. I was a punt returner there, uh, until Terry handwrite. He got hurt and then I wound up starting the last three games of my sophomore year in the junior and senior year. So, uh, it wasn’t alien to me at all. And I would go out to the practice. I would for a half an hour after practice, I would catch the ball in front of me, I’d catch it behind me.

And so we’re playing the giants at our place. And uh, we, George Allen had, he had a guy by the name of her Molkey. Now George used to hold these like four or 500 player tryouts and he would find one or two guys and herb was really fast. So he was our kicked returner. He got hurt. Uh, Kenny Houston, the hall of fame safety was the other returner. He got hurt. So I’m standing next to George on the sidelines and we have a special teams coach by the name of Paul Lana. And I’m standing there and all of a sudden Kenny, he goes down.

So I, I walked up to the George and I was sort of added his vision a little bit and I said, Hey, coach Kenny is hurt, let me to return punts. So he waves his hands, just go ahead. So I go running by him. He turns to land and he says, what’s he doing out on a bus? He said you sent him in to return punts. I get ’em as well. Once I crossed the line. And George, who was the kind of person, if you could prove something to you, he believed in you and ah, and he hated brookies. He hated young guys. I mean, he is that you look at his history with veterans. I mean that’s all he asks because he believed that if you did make mistakes, you could win more games than if you lose money.

That actually applies today. Matter of fact, I always thought the game that would have pleased him most would of been a two nothing football game that’s a Redskins would of won

Speaker 0 (11m 43s): pizza and this

Speaker 2 (11m 44s): would have scored and the offense didn’t screw up. And that would have been, that was, that would have been Nirvana for him. So that’s actually how I wound up on the field as a part of return. I did that for two years, 74 and 75

Speaker 3 (11m 54s): it’s crazy to imagine a quarterback now actually returning punts. Well, and returning punts back again back then was, I mean, God bless you for that. That is a dangerous profession.

Speaker 2 (12m 8s): Well, you know Doug Flutie did it, you know Doug Flutie did it in a, in an exhibition game. Doug and I are really close friends and we laugh all the time and uh, indexes. I don’t know how he did it man. I said, well you know, I just, I’m just wanting to go out there and be on the field. I was, I was more quick than fast. I mean I wasn’t slow but I was more quick than fast so I could, you know, I could make people miss for 1215 yards. I may, I almost have a 10 yard average

Speaker 3 (12m 30s): I think. I think, I think the first year you, you, you were in the top 15 or 16 and the NFL for all of the returners for the year. I mean that’s just amazing. I don’t think he realized like I stumble upon this thing and I’m like, wait, what? And I’m like that’s the greatest achievement at MVP quarterback who returns punts, let alone also wearing a one bar face mask, man. A man, I throw that in there to the last quarterback or the last non kicker, a punter I think to where the one bar face masks we’re talking to Joe Theismann I think, right? Is that accurate?

Speaker 2 (13m 0s): Fathered him. Yeah. I was grandfathered in, uh, as a, as a to be able to where a single bar face mask and people will ask me why. And there’s actually two reasons. One I I explained to them is, and it’s true, when I handed off the double bar, just bothered my vision. I was very finicky. I didn’t want anything on my right elbow or my right wrist. I wear an elbow Pat on my left or a wristband on my left, but I didn’t want, I didn’t want him to go on my right. I didn’t like the ball tacky or sticky. Remember back then the guy’s like bulletin the cost of the lamb Barney, they all wore, they all had stick them and the, as the ball would get sticky and it was just a pain in the neck to deal with.

So that was one reason visual. The other thing was Billy and Sonny both for a single bars. Now what would I have looked like?

Speaker 3 (13m 48s): Soft.

Speaker 2 (13m 50s): The cons were in a single bars. Part of it was sanity. The other part of it was vision,

Speaker 3 (13m 58s): vanity and vision. Do you, could you imagine if you had to pick one quarterback now in the modern game, uh, to return Ponce, who would you go with?

Speaker 2 (14m 5s): Kyler Murray?

Speaker 3 (14m 7s): Yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (14m 8s): I’d say right now I think he’s, you know, he’s quick enough and fast enough and it seems like when he’s, when he’s in the shotgun and drops back, it seems like he’s on a bunk return anyway. I mean he’s got, he’s got so many people running at them all the time. It is, he’s like, he’s on a punt return and you know, that’s one of the areas I think Arizona has to fix as they’re on offensive line. But he, he’s quick enough. I think he be quick enough to be able to do it.

Speaker 3 (14m 30s): Yeah. That’s a real quick, and you throw a dart. My dark horse for that. Mitchell Trebatowsky, he doesn’t have to throw the four pastor and his attorney pawn. So I, uh, I would still pay heavy money to see Peyton Manning or Tom Brady return a punt, man. Oh man. You know, that’s not fair.

Speaker 2 (14m 52s): I’d say heavy money to see them catch it.

Speaker 0 (14m 55s): Yeah. Well maybe they would had a chance to beat in the Eagles there at the Superbowl of Brady.

Speaker 2 (15m 2s): Let me just say this guy’s, that’s why they attended the fair catch because those two would be smart enough to do it. He wasn’t a need to be. Both of them are good. They’re going to play a little exhibition was still in tiger, Tom and take them, they’re going to play. It could be a great painting, definitely as an advantage because Tom’s really been working for a living for years and Peyton’s been working on his game, so I’m looking forward to that too.

Speaker 0 (15m 26s): Well, and transition into Brady. What do you think about a Brady going down to the bucks? You of course win a Superbowl. The same team is stuck within the entire, uh, your entire career there in the NFL. What do you think about Brady’s choice to go down to Tampa Bay and give it another run down there?

Speaker 2 (15m 43s): I think it’s kind of gets great. I think it is. I mean, you know, Tom’s is going to be considered the greatest to ever play the game. And I hear people make that statement and I do, but I’ll give you a reason because you know, back when we played in the eighties when you had Joe Montana and myself and guys like that, we had the same team around us. For a lot of years, Tom has been dealing with a turnstile of people at every position on the offensive side of the ball. And there’s still the best aim in the ASC or pretty darn close to it.

And so, you know, and these, the reason why,

Speaker 0 (16m 20s): yeah, me and shad argue all the time, you know, he’s, he’s a Brady guy. I’m an Elway guy, but you make a fair point. There were plugging in people left and right. Nonstop. Um, so I guess that’s settles. We got a one professional’s opinion, one MVP.

Speaker 2 (16m 35s): This is the thing to think of. Look at the teams. I mean, look at the teams that Joe was on. John was on, you know, a green Bay with Brett. I mean, when you talk about guys at the elite level, like we’re, we’re Tom lives in Peyton lives and Peyton was the same way in Indianapolis for all those years. You know, they had, you had the same group of people around them and there’s a familiarity and there you didn’t, you didn’t have free agency, so you weren’t losing guys to big numbers or they could afford to keep, uh, two to three quality players and you build around it.

And in Tom’s case, it’s like, and I thought, I thought he would stay in new England Patriots. I thought Gronk was going to come back at the end of the year last year and you know, they’d ride in on their horses together and save the day. And, uh, and now that he’s down in Tampa with Tom, I think Tom just feels a, a degree of comfort obviously with him and a a degree of confidence. I will say this, Tom Brady will do exactly the same thing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that Peyton Manning did for the Denver Broncos with possibly the same result.

And that is raise the amount of the raise the level of accountability to everybody in that building. I’m not just talking about the guys on the field, I’m talking about the coaches. I’m talking about the, the staff. I’m talking about the Scouts, I’m talking about everybody that’s associated with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will have their game raised because of the presence of Tom Brady. It was the same thing in Denver when John brought a paid and then because you know, you’re throwing Tom Brady’s throwing a past to me and I drop it.

I feel bad. Yeah. You don’t want to disappear. I mean, I, you know, I don’t want to disappoint them.

Speaker 3 (18m 22s): I, I gotta ask you this though. Joe like Dan Marino recently said in an interview that in today’s NFL he thinks he could throw for 6,000 yards in 60 touchdowns in a season. What do you think about that? Like the game has changed so much,

Speaker 2 (18m 37s): especially if it was the best for you. Just call his own place. Shoot, might even throw it for 5,000. But I just think that, I think the way the game is and where we have evolved to a, and really the open-mindedness of somebody like Andy Reed, you know, love to throw it around. Mike McCarthy, love to throw it around. You know, Mike down in Dallas now. Um, they like to put the ball in the air and I still believe that running the football is, is, and that was a big part of the super bowl.

And Patrick did a fantastic job coming back. But you look at the Kansas city’s running game, that was important. Um, and so I think that, I don’t think 60 would be out of, out of the reach. I think you could average what 60, what’s at four? Yeah, for sure. That’s a pretty simple, I mean, the rules that they have strapped on the defensive side of the ball guys can’t be touched. You can’t touch a quarterback. Um, you know, you nuzzle somebody, you get a pie.

That’s the thing that amazes me at the college level. Real quick to just look at another IC quarterbacks throw the ball on goes out of bounds and I’m thinking, who’s coaching you? All right. All right. All you need to do is throw the ball up in the air high. Okay? If you could a single receiver side where a safety can’t get over, make a play on it, you throw the ball high in the air, the receiver has an unbelievable advantage. All you need to do is slow down a little bit. They’ll run over you the book and keep the ball in bounds.

I watch these kids throw the ball today and I’m thinking, you just, you might as well not even a call that play. You got to throw it out of bounds. Don’t waste your time on it, hand it to somebody, you get more yards out of it. Then you would throw it out of bounds. I just, I just, I scratch my head and go, why would you, why would somebody, yeah. First of all, I would be upset with somebody who did it all the time. But secondly, you know, it’s like, Hey, don’t talk the ball it about is the guy six foot four. I got a six foot four wide receiver. I got a five foot, 10 inch defense of bat.

Let’s throw it out of bounds.

Speaker 0 (20m 48s): Joe a jump ball. You either you think of a play on the ball.

Speaker 2 (20m 53s): Exactly. You either. You need to get a pie, you get a catcher, get an incompletion. You throw it out of bounds. They get a souvenir.

Speaker 0 (21m 1s): Well, a moving over to you a year. Redskins I know you were, you were all in for the chase young pick their at number two. How excited should a Redskins fans be for this DND?

Speaker 2 (21m 12s): I think he is. I think he’s, he is just something special. You know, he’s coming home back to the DC area. Um, with Jack Del Rio. Now as the defensive coordinator, you, you add a defensive end who were, which is really, he was gonna play on a four, three defense. This was, this was the big whole thing with Albert Haynesworth. When the Redskins signed Albert and he was a den to a Tennessee, he came to Washington thinking he would be a two gap defense event. Well that wasn’t going to be a case on for half of it, but you know, he was, he wasn’t interested in listening to anybody.

He just wanted to fight with Mike Shanahan

Speaker 0 (21m 45s): and I want to you

Speaker 2 (21m 47s): that is a war. He was never going to be

Speaker 0 (21m 49s): all right.

Speaker 2 (21m 50s): Never that in a million years. Was he ever going to win that one? But I think chase fits right into what the Redskins want to do conceptually. I mean, you look at the fund chase, young Jonathon Allen sweat and Daron Payne, they’re all number one picks. Um, but, and then Mike, I and I, a man and I did a great job. The thing that’s, you know, we have Reuben foster possibly, you know, hopefully coming back from injury again, uh, and another year to rehab. So I think it’s a, it’s a talented front.

There is no question. And we saw what can happen with a talented from San Francisco. I think he was led by their defense up front, those those guys up from where unbelievable. But how well will they play together? That’s the key is, is how will they mesh when it comes to the concept that Jack is gonna present to them and what kind of work ethic are they going to show? And one of my, one of the things I love to talk about is you show me a first round tick with a sixth round attitude and I’ll show you a guy with a 12 year career in probably a dozen, half a dozen pro bowls.

You show me a first round pick with a first round attitude. I’m going to show you a guy probably out of the game are a backup within three years.

Speaker 0 (23m 3s): Yeah, yeah, for sure. Well, switching over to the offense for the Redskins, what do you think Haskins needs to work on here transitioning into the second year to kind of really embrace and become that franchise quarterback that Redskins fans? I’m sure hope he becomes,

Speaker 2 (23m 20s): I think he started, well, you know Kyle Alan is there now too. Kyle knows the offense came from Carolina. Scott Turner is the new defensive coordinator. Uh, the offense they run actually is a similar offense to the one that I played in its a numbering system versus memorization and concepts. Um, it’s easy to pick up. It makes a lot of sense. All you need to know is the number’s from zero to nine in your ready to go and figure out where people are lined up on the field. That that’s a simplistic way to describe it. But I think Dwayne has to continue to grow.

What I liked, what I saw last year was he played hurt. He is a tough kid. Football’s important to him. He wants to win the job and then it’s going to be a question of execution. Um, and, and in, in his defense, the seven games he played, he had no idea what he was looking at on the other side of the ball. Daniel Jones was the same way up in New York that you and any rookie that comes out there and you think that they have an idea what they’re looking at, you have a misconception about the position. I think Dwayne will be much better off. You had a chance to play. He understands how to prepare.

He understands how to prepare for a game. I think he and Kyle both wound up starting on November 26th, I think was the date. Both of them played in the game on that date. So their careers were very similar as far as starters go. Um, I think Dwayne throws the ball down the field well uh, he gets, he gets a little antsy back there is not the, you know, he was a big guy but yet moves pretty well. Umm, and he just has to get comfortable with getting the ball out of his hands.

You know, the quarterback, we’re facilitators. That’s what we do. We facilitate the ball to the people that have to go and run with it. And that’s what you get him in and you’re never going to have everything perfect and you have to be able to make plays. I think young quarterbacks today, you look at guys, you have to make two to three plays a game. Whether its on a third down to pick up a first down, whether it’s getting loose and hitting a big play, whatever it might be. You need to make two or three plays a game with your legs to give you a team a chance to win. I think Dwayne can do that but I I I like I liked a lot about what I saw but there was absolutely very little to look at and say that you can evaluate him in a particular way.

I still think there is a bright future for him going forward and you have to sort of understand that it’s a learning process

Speaker 0 (25m 38s): now coming over from Karolina, he knows the system. He and Rivera brought him over so he must enjoy this play out and see some potential there. Can you imagine a scenario where Kyle Allen is, is competing for the starting job, especially factoring in the limited off season?

Speaker 2 (25m 54s): I can tell you right now that’s the case if I forget about foreseeing is absolutely every job. When a new coach comes in, you know chase Yung is going to make the football team. I’ll go out on a limb,

Speaker 0 (26m 4s): I know,

Speaker 2 (26m 7s): go and put on a limb, Jason, make the team so and so’s Jonathan. Okay. But there’s going to be a lot of positions where there’s competition. I mean, we really don’t have wide receivers. We drafted, you know, we drafted a couple of them. Uh, we drafted, uh, Antonio Gandy golden a at a Liberty.

Speaker 0 (26m 23s): I liked that kid. Antonio

Speaker 2 (26m 24s): Gibson out of Memphis. I mean both, both of those kids are pretty good as the guy that’s fascinating to me. His keys, a Ishmael, the Centre out of a South of San Diego state. And then the kid was a, he was an Outland trophy. Well a winter finalist. I mean, you know, the kid was a heck of a center, played a lot of football, played. He played all three positions on a, on the offensive line. He said to me is fascinating in and that we took in the draft, but I believe right from the get go there will be competition. And, and that’s the thing about having a new coach.

You, you have to prove to him it doesn’t matter where you were drafted, you know, I mean Tom Brady was a six round pick, Joe Montana, third round pick, I was a fourth. You’d go down the list of guys that weren’t one number one picks and you, you take the success of the guys who were drafted and laid around and put it up against the guys that were drafted. The success ratio of the guys were drafted in the first round. The later rounds I think outnumber that greatly. But I think, I think Dwayne has everything, every glean possesses everything he needs to to be able to win a job.

And so does Kyle and now it’s going to be a question of production on the field, which is going to be very difficult to evaluate because we don’t know what’s going to happen. I mean the league made an announcement I think yesterday, the day before that they may start five weeks late. There’ll be no by, we may play late into the year. Of course that’s going to screw up all the others seasons for people. But you know, football is, I think football having a chance to have football in this time where we are socially and where we are in this nation is a breath of fresh air.

That’s what the draft really was to beginning of football season. And I think, I think we needed it. We needed it. We needed it in this country. Uh, who, who would ever form is going to be in, you know,

Speaker 0 (28m 12s): the reason you can, you know, we needed it badly is, I mean really we’re reacting to seeing the commissioner, Roger Goodell, someone who’s not very popular amongst the fans of the NFL. And yet everyone would tell you it was such a great sight to see him out there. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (28m 28s): It really was. And I loved the fact that he had, you know, he had all those pre recruited booze ready to,

Speaker 0 (28m 35s): no,

Speaker 2 (28m 38s): he wasn’t taking any to them. I mean, if you can’t make fun of yourself, by golly, who,

Speaker 0 (28m 46s): yeah, I was, I was hoping his family would get involved. They were, he would bring them down to the basement to boom. Uh, speaking of the draft, I’m a huge Eagles fan. Big Carson went supporter. I really can’t wrap my head around the Eagles taking Jalen Hurts at 53. To me it feels like kind of a wasted opportunity. I would have brought in a vet like a Jamison Winson or Andy Dalton, Andy Dalton, maybe a guy that can teach when something, uh, as well as upgrading the backup position. What do you think about the Eagles taking Hurts 53

Speaker 2 (29m 17s): I love that pic. I love the fact that James Winston is in new Orleans. I think Sean Peyton is a tremendous playcaller. Got to be around drew. I mean you talk about a great deal. You were talking about, you know, um, somebody coming in to help Carson. How about drew helping Jamis I and I, you know, Jalen Hurts to me was a very curious the quarterback. If, if I’d have based him where he might go in to draft off of his performances at Alabama, I would have said maybe third, fourth round.

But he showed great improvement at Oklahoma last year. I thought he threw the ball pretty darn well. He is going to become Tyson Hill. He’s going to be the Swiss army knife for the knee, for the Philadelphia Eagles. Doug is a very creative coach. Um, I, and I think you’ll see him, you’ll see him in different positions. You’ll see him catching the ball possibly. You’ll see him running the ball, you’ll see him throw him the ball. I can see him doing that. And I, and I think they believe in his ability enough. And I, and like I said, I saw growth, which is exciting.

Speaker 3 (30m 21s): Yeah, I think he might be a good starter.

Speaker 2 (30m 24s): Yeah. I mean Jalen could be there three, four years. Carson will still be, they’re doing well and then all of a sudden, you know, they’re going to look at Carson and say, okay, this is going to be his third contract cause you’ll have the rookie contract they’ll have is the next one. And then all of a sudden it’s the third contract. He is into his early thirties. Jalen has been there two, three, four years and, and somebody says, Hey, we need a quarterback. Cause, let me tell you guys, eventually everybody is looking for a quarterback, you know, get six ed coaches. You got everybody moving around.

Phillip’s going to Indy, Tom bell in the Tampa. I mean everybody is moving all over the place. Nick going, I think the Nixon Chicago, right falls. I mean fall’s is become the Sam Bradford of football. I don’t play a lot but make a ton of money.

Speaker 3 (31m 10s): Well I would say I, we always like Joe. I absolutely love that. I think Shawn is going to chime in as an Eagles fan and pointed out the Nick foals did win a super bowl. Yeah, Sam Bradford. He wasn’t even want to play out.

Speaker 2 (31m 25s): I think it’s, I think it’s great. It’s but, but, but you’re, you’re Hurts so much. You don’t get a chance to really play. This is really what it is. I mean that’s the same thing with Sam over a hundred million dollars. I mean they passed the rule in the NFL because of saying no seriously. The Sam Bradford rule changed the way rookies are compensated. Every rookie in the national football, they can’t like Sam.

Speaker 3 (31m 51s): No,

Speaker 2 (31m 52s): because he got, he got 58 of the 78 I believe it was. The number of them was guaranteed and and the and the vets in the national players, football players association. Woo.

Speaker 3 (32m 1s): All right, we’re going to get Brookie this kind of money that’s out here, right? Yeah. Actually

Speaker 2 (32m 9s): I’m thrilled. I’m thrilled for Nick. I mean a great guy, just a great soldier. I thought, I thought they should have given him a big contract in Philly for one more year. Leave them there. Let him back up. Carson. Just in case something happened and it give Carson a chance to sort of get in a groove where he can stay healthy over a period of time. But I like, you know, the Hurts pick to me was, I wasn’t as surprised as watching the green Bay Packers move up for spots to get Jordan luck. Yeah.

That shocked me.

Speaker 0 (32m 40s): A lot of people are theorizing that this is almost a a power move by law. The floor to Aaron Rogers saying, Hey, I’m in control. This is, this is my franchise. If you’re Aaron Rogers, what are you thinking when they drafted quarterback and move up, uh, to draft a quarterback,

Speaker 2 (32m 56s): especially, especially with so many wide receivers available in the first round,

Speaker 0 (33m 0s): Denzel,

Speaker 2 (33m 1s): the wide receiver draft. And that’s something Aaron and you know, Erin got upset when a, when a majority left and wild and with the Raiders. I mean he got mad about that. Um, you know, they’ve run a bunch of receivers. So that’s why I the, you know, Aaron has to be considered one of the greatest too because of the changes that he’s been going through. All offensive line, wide receivers, running backs. You have to understand if you’re going to get to the playoffs and you’re going to compete for a title, that guy and that guy at that position with everything that’s going on, it’s gotta be special. And he is. But I think, I think Jordan, I think he is a project and I don’t think it’s a power struggle.

And I think it’s almost like the guy doesn’t, you know, tech, he was, he was, he was fourth on a lot of boards. Fift on others and not on some. Uhm, so to me it’s not a threat that it’s, it’s the question is not that he’s a threat at all to Aaron, but why would you take that quarterback at that spot in the draft and move up to get them when we have I think glaring needs as he sees it someplace else.

This is the first time Aaron is not been happy with the move to management has made.

Speaker 0 (34m 12s): All right. I mean he is throwing one touchdown pass and his career to a first round pick and that was a Mercedes Lewis so that that’s all you have to know about Aaron Rogers to see how great you are saying we’re going to look back and be like, wow, only one Superbowl. Yeah. Yeah. And the, it’s not like they were far off, they were 13 and three in the NFC championship. You would think you would get a player that can really get you over the hump. The backer edge rusher. Wideout yeah. Well, you know,

Speaker 2 (34m 39s): I think it’s going to be one of the great stories or one of the stories that will develop in time in the NFL as to what he’s going to be used for. What is, what is, what is his value? What will be his development? Now, keep in mind, we probably won’t see, and I don’t know what the preseason is going to look like. I was, you know, I do the Redskins preseason. I don’t, I don’t know if I’m going to be working. I don’t know what we’re going to have. You have to have something to be able to give the players have a chance to get comfortable with a new system.

So there has, that’s why you have to have preseason games. I mean, the starters don’t play in preseason now and there’s four of them. So you constantly wind up in that situation where you say to yourself, what’s it going to look like? Oh, my wife just loves me. Some vanilla Oreos.

Speaker 0 (35m 27s): Hi Robin. Hey Rob. My wife just said, hi, Robin. Hey Robin, I got my Oreos. I’m ready to go. Oh wow. We need another two hours. Good to go. Now they’re there. Everyone likes to throw out draft grades after the draft. I know a lot of people are very high in the Cowboys. A draft that the Ravens we’re seeing as a team that really had a successful draft. Is there, is there a team in your mind that really did a lot to help them in the short term and longterm in the draft?

Speaker 2 (36m 1s): Well for us, I think the Redskins did, I’ll put the Redskins in there. I thought that they added some players in neat positions. They’re young. I think they needed a wide receiver. They needed a tackle with the Trent Williams deal finally going downtrend, you know, figured out that he wasn’t a first round. They weren’t going to trade a first or second for him. And so it turned out he’s a, he’s in a good place in San Francisco with Kyle and I think he was in a good place, not in the Redskins locker room. There was too much bad blood there. But I thought the Redskins did well. I like, I like what Baltimore did. I think Baltimore restocked, um, again, Lamar, his development is going to be critical.

I, I, I could see him making the strides he made last year. Now it’s going to be up to him to make some more, I mean it’s a, it’s a tight end based on offense. Um, he’s probably going to still rush for eight, 900 yards. Wouldn’t be surprised. And he almost has to. Um, there was the number one rushing attack in football and anytime you had the number one rushing attack, it was the same with the Redskins when Robert Griffin was there, you know, your quarterback’s gonna rush for seven, eight, 900 yards. And, and you know, I mean, Kyler Murray is going to, I mean, there’s so many wonderful stories guys.

Kyler Murray, I think he’s, his size is an issue. Um, now people have a book on, I’m always curious about the second year a quarterback plays any significant amount in his first year because defensive coach, this is not like college football where you get 20 hours a week and three of the D in the game for it to be an a game. So you get 16 hours a week that plan a defense in and implement it. Our coaches in the NFL, that’s a a hundred hours a week. They’re going to sit down in and say, what do you do?

Well? What do you don’t do well? And we’re going to make you try and do the things you don’t do well and capitalize on that so that I’m going to be curious about exactly what’s going on. You know, where, where do people go with that? I mean, I’m like, I’m already excited about the football season and I, I pray for everybody’s safety. I think we have to continue to be smart and we’re at a time right now where everybody’s getting Nancy, everybody wants to get out. Everybody wants to get around people. And I even listen to some of the governor’s saying, Hey look, it’s time.

We have to take the chance to allow people to go out and live. The businesses have to get back. People have to be able to live. You know what’s would be, I’m calling it a new normal, whatever, whatever it’s going to be. But to have a chance to have, to have a chance to live their life. Being smart. I wear mask everywhere outside. I mean, it’s funny. I, you know, I get out, I get out of my car, I go into a fresh market. OK, there was a sign on the door, can’t enter the building without a mask line. Walked off to my car, go get my mask.

It’s, you don’t think of it. But, um, you becoming more and more aware of it. Wash your hands, do all the things that have been asked to do. And I have to say this, I don’t get into politics. The president and the team of people that are working on this for us, this is, they’ve never, we’ve never seen anything like this before. No, there is no book. There is no template that we go and say, well, you know, this happened in whatever year and we’ve expanded, enlist. This is all new to everybody. And uh, we’re, we’re trying our best to as people and you know, God loved the American people.

They aren’t stupid. They’re smart. We’re going to get through this. We’re going to be back. It’s going to be a different world, is going to be exciting world and it’s going to be led by the NFL. You know, we’re going to, we’re going to be the people that we’re going to be the tip of the spear that it’s socially brings people back out and gives us a chance to be able to laugh and cry and get our emotions involved instead of being at home Polish in the same silverware,

Speaker 0 (39m 38s): looking at the same wall. My house is so clean, will never be this clean again.

Speaker 2 (39m 45s): I tell you a Bravo, you know Robin, my wife, 10 o’clock at night last night, she’s got the vacuum.

Speaker 0 (39m 53s): Just to chime in on that note, turns out the walls in my house need to be painted, so we’ve reached that point.

Speaker 2 (40m 1s): Then you need to be quarantined for a lease. In other words,

Speaker 0 (40m 4s): the honey do list never ends. Joe real quick, a question here for you. We’ve been kind of trying to fill that void of live sports. We’ve been broadcasting Madden games and then the three of us have been doing play by play. You, of course were in the booth. One of the all time. Great three man booths. What advice do you have to us calling football in a three man booth?

Speaker 2 (40m 27s): OK, this is very important. Say things in sound bites. Don’t talk over a play like I hear some people do. I won’t mention it.

Speaker 0 (40m 39s): All right,

Speaker 2 (40m 40s): but don’t talk over. Oh allow your play by play partner to set the stage and then comment on what you see. Don’t guess what you think you’re going to see because you’ve already seen the game because its on Matt. Hey you know what? I think this is a really a great opportunity for, for for Erin to throw the ball deep. You already saw it even playing the game for how long.

Speaker 0 (41m 4s): Okay.

Speaker 2 (41m 5s): Make it to make it fun. You don’t what? And if you do come up with something else. No that’s the neat thing. Watch the game. But look for different things that you would normally talk about. You know the obvious past, the obvious run, you know the block by the offensive line and the block by the receiver. The line of their alignment. A D, you know, just something that us fans would be interested in. And I think it’d be, I think it’d be fun to do it. I really do. I think I’ve always, I’ve always wanted to create, I’ve always wanted to do a game.

Uh, not that I uncensored. Oh, the other words, your broadcast, your broadcast in the game. And it’s like a bunch of guys sitting around this guy talking and saying things about, I can’t believe this guy did this or the rest of that or whatever. Oh man. And I guarantee, by the way, you guys, I’m on record now. So if a show comes out and I have to Sue him for the right to do, is we know that the first happened to you and your pod.

Speaker 3 (42m 4s): Well definitely don’t watch our feeds at 5:00 PM Pacific today because we’re gonna be doing the first game. A game. What are you doing? We’re doing what you’re describing. The three of us calling games, having Betts on the game, drinking whiskey. We’re letting the computers play. The computer’s on Madden. It’s a whole thing. A fourth quarter is going to be fun. It’s going to be exciting. People are going to have to imagine what the fourth quarter is like because we’ll have absolutely no idea. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

You are correct. No. Joe I’ve got to ask you one more thing, man. Look, I grew up in the DC area. My dad, brothers, all diehard Redskin fans, diehard Joe Theismann fans. I have a Jersey of you from back when I was like seven years old. Now they want me to ask you though, why is Joe Jacoby not in the hall of fame and your thoughts on that?

Speaker 2 (42m 56s): Oh my gosh, I just, I can’t understand it. It’s just, it baffles my mind. I mean, Joe has had, Joe has had some of the greatest players in this game. Defensively. The Randy White’s the Lawrence Taylor’s. These guys have all written letters on his behalf talking about how great he was statistically. He was on a fortune three championships. Um, you know, the amount of sacks he gave up and the, all the sense of records that were set. It is. It is an injustice to, I think, professional football, to not have Joe Jacoby in the hall of fame.

I do not understand it. It makes no sense to me if anybody deserves to be there and everybody that’s there deserves to be there. I’ll say that. But Joe Jacoby certainly deserves to be among the greatest that ever played this game. He is a whole lot of Famer. The only thing that’s missing is the jacket and the ring. And I think, and I hope that’ll be rectified soon.

Speaker 3 (43m 53s): Well, Joe, I appreciate you calling in a, make sure you give a Joe, a Follow on Twitter at Theismann seven and head over to Amazon. Yeah, yeah. It’ll be a champion every day. There you go. Appreciate your time, Joe. I have red, a number of books during quarantine. I’m definitely gonna pick it up. Great chatting with you. Joe

Speaker 2 (44m 15s): thanks guys. Enjoy the ride.

Speaker 3 (44m 16s): And by the way, you’re the best quarterback ever because you returned punts and wore one boy a face mask. Come at me, Tom Brady. Come at me. Thanks again. Joe.

Speaker 2 (44m 28s): See you later. Bye. Bye.

Speaker 0 (44m 32s): Awesome. Awesome interview with Joe. Theismann make sure you check out his book. I know I’m going to be heading over to Amazon preorder on that thing right away and while you’re on the OLED a computer, make sure to check out ACE per head. That’s right. Thinking about picking up a job right now, what about starting your own Sportsbook UFC action right around the corner. You can be booking that NFL wind totals or out. You could be taking action on that Plus they even have their own online casino and ACE.

They make it super easy. You don’t have to, you don’t have to know much. You don’t have to know how to build your own website or start your own Sports book. They take care of the heavy lifting. Plus top-notch customer support. Go on 24 seven some of the sharpest slides in the industry, mobile wagering in game wagering, they got it all slash SGP get up to six weeks free. That’s a super G. P the way we were talking with Joe Theismann felt like maybe, maybe we got a fourth man in the booth.

He seems perfect to death it as uh, as a celebrity announcer for sorry. Coli. Mayhem yeah, we have to have great database. Hey uh, you know I’m okay then I’ll back up. A guy that returned punts and had a one bar face mask up until like 1986 there’s ag, there is an awesome photo of uh, of Joe Theismann in training camp just like shirtless wearing like this gold chain. And I just imagined a meme where its like the guy like you versus the guy she told you not to worry about and you is Colby his photo and the guy, he said don’t worry about the shirtless gold chain.

Joe Theismann awesome character. A lot of laughs and some great insight and it was awesome to have him settle a couple of the disputes. Of course he correctly said, Tom Brady is the goat. And he, he pushed back on me saying Jalen hurts because he say he did bring up a good point by saying he had so many different players, but I would push back and it didn’t have enough time to say the saying he had the same offense over 20 years or whatever. As long as he was career was. So don’t, don’t save it for Joe.

Theismann ran to Jesus just to another, to another in the Epic saga of podcasts where one Jersey legend talks to another Joe Theismann was inducted into the Jersey hall of fame 2011 so maybe, maybe we can get Kramer in there one day. Let’s be honest, maybe I was wrong about Elway. Maybe I was wrong about Brady. Tyson’s the best quarterback ever. Okay, well he came, he came on the show. So that skyrockets him. So to have any state championship rings in New Jersey cause you’re a boy.

Oh man, look, touch. Well as always guys appreciate you checking out the podcast, appreciate your support in a podcast. Things are, things are bleak out there. On the world, but we’re holding the Fort down strong, keeping the free train going, and of course the coal that drives the train as you, the listener. So throw us that five star review throws that five star rating. And again, stay tuned. Madden MAYhem every night. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 5:00 PM early game 7:00 PM late game.

Of course, those times are Pacific for the Sports. Gambling Podcast. I’m Sean stack in the money green and he is Ryan. Great chat with Joe Kramer, let it ride. .

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