NFL Draft Grades And Madden Mayhem Selection Show (Ep. 816)

nfl draft grades podcast

Podcast Recap

The guys give out their NFL Draft Grades for all 32 teams and Sean goes off on the Jalen Hurts pick. Plus the official bracket announcement for Madden Mayhem our simulated Madden betting tournament where we’re giving away $10,000 in MyBookie credits.

NFL Draft Grades For 2020

Arizona CardinalsA+B+A
Atlanta FalconsC+B-C+
Baltimore RavensB+A+B
Buffalo BillsB+A-A
Carolina PanthersB+BB+
Chicago BearsBB+B+
Cincinnati BengalsB+AB+
Cleveland BrownsA-BB+
Dallas CowboysF+D-F
Denver BroncosAA-B+
Detroit LionsB+AB
Green Bay PackersD+FC
Houston TexansDD+D
Indianapolis ColtsA-A-A
Jacksonville JaguarsB-B-B+
Kansas City ChiefsA-B+B+
Las Vegas RaidersC+C+C+
Los Angeles ChargersB+A-C+
Los Angeles RamsB-C+C+
Miami DolphinsC+A-C+
Minnesota VikingsA+A+A
New England PatriotsBCC+
New Orleans SaintsC-DB
New York GiantsD-A+B
New York JetsC+C+A
Philadelphia EaglesFC+B+
Pittsburgh SteelersBBB
San Francisco 49ersB-CB
Seattle SeahawksC+C+C+
Tampa Bay BuccaneersA-A-A
Tennessee TitansC+B-B

Podcast Transcription

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Speaker 1 (1m 18s): good penetration. Fucking, we’ll get your fucking shot.

Speaker 0 (1m 38s): Ooh. Welcome everyone to the sports. Gambling podcast I’m Sean stack in the money green. We’ll do, I partner picks, ride real money. Kramer. What’s happening Kramer? I mean one of our teams crushed the draft. Oh yeah. And one of our teams shit the bed. So I’m feeling great joining us. Third man in the booth. Colby, Dan AKA the database.

Wasn’t it a great just to get a sporting event for just, just a little bit. Even though it wasn’t like a full game or anything, it was just sports were happening. We could envision, we could dream. It felt real. It felt real. I was thinking about football, football. That was going to happen in the future, but I was, I was imagining roster changes and just do it for little computations in my head. Was that the quarterback change? Say that to say that we’re not talking about that first. No, we’ll save that for when we do the Eagles. Draft great people wanting Ryan.

It’s called base. This is radio. You promote something later on so people stayed tuned. Obviously. I’m not happy about the Jalen hurts page. Told me I get to it when we get there to it Craver. All right. Someone’s little upset. No whiskey either. No. Is he? I’m on. I’m on tilt right now. Are you more that

Speaker 2 (3m 0s): your team screwed up or that the giants just executed a flawless, flawless draft? Oh yeah. Oh Joe. Does Joe judge, he’s just like a young baby phase. Does he even, has he hit puberty? I think this guy is going to have tough time getting the locker room to do that. You know what? Let’s spin this the other way and I know you want to talk about your Eagles, but let’s talk about this. Let’s just unpack. Let’s peel back the onion a little bit. I, I’m watching the draft and I see everyone with their kids and their wife and their houses on these head coaches don’t give a shit about display in their houses.

These head coaches don’t want their wives and kids in the Sean. I don’t know what Kingsbury. Okay, well that was the bomb of baller. Move on. He’s a single guy. You know what? Do you know what Joe judge did? What’s that? He went to his, his apartment in Jersey where it’s Gumala is to do the draft. He didn’t want his kids around. He didn’t want his goddamn muddled lady around. He’s a grown man and at the end of the day, I love that power move. I loved that. He said, Oh, kids stay the fuck home, dude.

Bella check looked like he was at my apartment bell. He’s got a nice little, when there Belcher let you know what? I’m sorry. Sean you’re right. We should just go through the teams. Well, and when we go through the teams then we can, you’re right. I’m wrong. Let’s go in the order of your choosing. I’m about to fucking fight, right? Yeah. Where was that? Oh, Hey, shout out. Oh, fucking who gives a shit? Let’s do it. Wait, but do we, should we first talk about the, uh, the awesomeness?

What’s that? Just the awesomeness of the contest.

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A lot of fun. So again, sign up today, sports gambling and go to dad age promo-code

Speaker 0 (5m 58s): SGP play when he get paid. After we get through our draft, Guedes all the, all the little draft action, then we’ll kick it over to the selection show where we will be revealing the bracket. Doing a little early preview. Sean can I just pull a little, let me just pull back that curtain Craver. I was watching a little preview of the Philadelphia Eagles CPU players and uh, for those who are hating on the first round pick, I think he’s going to have some involvement in Madden mayhem first round, first round pick.

Jalen Reagan. I’m not even trying to troll right now. Rager is going to get involved out there. The second round pick. That’s another story we’ll see. I will say, I will say this in one of the simulations because we don’t turn injuries to zero like we did for college basketball. Carson Wentz did get hurt and one of the simulations. So it was pretty awesome because Kramer had these simulation going Eagles giants while giving me a haircut in the studio. I’m really, I really ticked off a lot of things on my to do have a photo of that just in case.

Put it up on Instagram. I don’t care. A great job on the haircut. You’re, you’re given the gal over at great clips that run for her money or 1299 could be in danger. But, uh, watching the pre watching another SIM that we did, Eagles were up, uh, I think 21, nothing. 21 seven. Daniel Jones threw three interceptions and Jalen rager first round pick of the Philadelphia Eagles. A pic. I shocked the world and correctly predicted. Can I tell you how that game ended? I, I should’ve taken a video cause it was perfect giants driving.

They come back, they’re only down four on the seven yard line. I kid you not, you could have been Eli Manning out there. 12 seconds left in the game. They go for an hour. The guys open pick six. Oh my God. Yeah. They end up losing by 11. Can you imagine if that happened in Madden mayhem that would have been a spread inducing. Horrible bed is the fun part. Anyway, football more so anyway, we’re not here to talk about actual CPU simulations.

W we’ll, we’ll get to that, but we’re here to give out grades I feel like you were baiting me to say my CPS during that process or I’m not. I’m not, I’m not doing it. We’re hanging on until, until Thursday. That for the live commentary. Colby, Dan, of course in studio, it’s a, it’s going to be a lot of fun. They’re doing the Madden mayhem all right, let’s, uh, let’s plow through these draft grades we’ll start with the AMCs Buffalo bills. They got, uh, a J EP and Enza from Iowa. Zach Moss running back at a Utah Jake Fromm.

That was kind of interesting pickup in the fifth round. I, I’m pretty happy with what the bills did and I think if you include Stefan Diggs because they didn’t have a first round pick, I’ll give a, I’ll give the bills a a minus. So getting up an Ebeneezer that, that far back seemed like he could have a first rounder and then they got him at 54. I think Moss also is a nice pickup. He was certainly a productive player. Are there at Utah. I mean, dude, if we go to him as Jake Fromm going pro early, look his, I got it.

Let me double check that as a top 10 pick. So maybe you had a bad workout or two. He drops five, five rounds. But you can’t say that’s a bad pic. Well and not by the nub of the bills and may be Jake made the mistake of coming out and maybe you should’ve went back for his senior year and really try to win a national championship. But as far as like a place where you, you can go, you’re not going to be in consideration probably for the starting job, but if anyone could blow that starting job, Josh Allen might be that guy and I mean Josh Allen, he’s fun to watch, but I kind of all over the place.

Jake Fromm doesn’t have to play right away. Oh, his eyes aren’t super close together like Josh Allen. That’s a positive, quick, quick tip for Buffalo fans. Jake Fromm is mom is pretty attractive. That was his mom. Jesus, will she be a part of Bill’s mafia? She’s going to be jumping through tables left and right. We’ve taken way too long. I go be plus for the record at the sports gambling podcast. If you traded for someone awesome that that gets included.

Yes. You get Stefan Diggs, who has that awesome catch radius for the, the, the way too close together. Eyes of Josh Allen. I give the Buffalo bills high praise. Sean I wanted to go pass fail only because I think grades are silly. But since you made me do grades the Buffalo bills, get an a minus K car, call me when he got, I give him a flat out a, I love this whole draft with exception of maybe the kicker moving onto the dolphins. Of course. What did you do? Sean if you’re listening, clearly I wasn’t.

I gave them a P plus dolphins. Okay. Miami dolphins. I got uh, to uh, of course at number five, rounded out their first round with the tackle Austin Jackson at the USC quarterback, uh, at, uh, Auburn Noah IG, benign heme or something like that, dude. And then, uh, I mean they had a shit ton of pigs. This is like five drafts. Yeah, they had three first rounders, two second rounders. Uh, I’ll give them, I don’t know. The thing is I don’t like the two a pic.

I don’t like Alabama quarterbacks. I think it’s insane to draft a guy number five who is a 19 on the Wonderlic. So I’m cause I don’t like the two of page 13. Right. Uh, maybe, maybe 19 was the second time he did and he got to love the pic. The Navy picked though, right? Seventh round. Uh, Malcolm Perry Seaver bill Bellacheck drafting from the islands, straight up gangster style. Like he, he drafted like I draft my fantasy dress. Right.

We’re talking about the dolphins there. Oh, I’m sorry. Yeah, I was thinking Bellacheck I’m lost

Speaker 2 (11m 54s): here. Just uh, Ryan’s all over the place. What’s your milligram intake right now? It’s the order. I’m blaming the order. I’m all over the place. Sean mixed up the order. We’re doing the teams last minute. We’re talking about Patty and not give them an a because I think the two picks a backpack. I like it actually. I’ll go see plus. What would you have done there? Oh, I would’ve not gone to, I can tell you that. I would’ve, I would’ve, uh, I would’ve went her answer the question. Uh, I probably woulda went O line with my, with my fifth pick and then, uh, maybe Jordan Love at 18 or something.

Maybe Jalen hurts at 18. Okay. I would’ve, uh, I would’ve went, I would’ve went and Herbert for the record camera when I do, I think they overhauled their roster in such a way where, sure. Maybe you don’t like it enough to give it an a. I do think I, I kind of have quietly fall. I think two is going to be a monster. Really. I’m on the other side. Nice one. He has some sort of hero chromosome and he’s going to do big things for this Miami dolphins to you and Trent Dilfer. I kind of believe in good company.

Right? Well th they, and they have a lot of, I mean they have a lot of guys that will contribute day one pro. I mean, you could argue their first six picks and one of them was named Josh Rosen. Josh Rosen not going to be on this team for you. To me. To me. I like their draft overall, but to me too is just, I don’t see it happening for two, so that’s why I’m going see plus the rest of the draft is solid, but if you, you got in my mind, you have to wait the number five pick overall more than the rest of the draft. So I’ll go see plus I love what they did here.

I’m going to go see plus as well. I don’t like the two Epic and I um, you’re both going see plus yes. I just think they had a lot better options than what they drafted. I love that. We like the corner from Auburn. We always disagree on the quarterback. I’m going to go, I don’t, I, Sam Darnold working out for you. All right. I still, I mean he’s fine. Just fine. You’re an Adam Gase the dolphins and a minus. I think they completely overhauled this, this team and it’s in the, it’s going to be going in a direction that they want it to and I think two, two is going to be great.

Sure. If he gets hurt, you guys can say, I told you so. But I think if it’s not an injury, there’s nothing else that’s going to stop him. Superman, new England Patriots of course, traded out of the first round, got a couple second rounders, three third rounders selected the first kicker in the draft. Justin Arar Suarez. More Wasser. Sorry. Justin war Wasser. I’m not even sure I know how bad Gettleman would go. Would have gotten murdered if he traded up for a kicker. I know it’s insane. And and traded up for a kicker who has a tattoo on his arm from the three percenters, which is a right wing militia.

That is, I guess he’s supports, I’m assuming craft made that phone call was like put them on the roster, right? He, I mean, I’m sure no one in new England would support a guy who, uh,

Speaker 0 (14m 52s): is in the three percenters. They’re like, they’re pro guns, anti immigrants. Uh, he also has the tattoos including give me Liberty or give me art. Sorry, Liberty or death. Don’t tread on me. And one celebrating the Dave Matthews band. Oh man. What? Shore embarrassing. I just found my most hated player in the NFL. Really, that the day Matthews band tattoo that is secretly the white power tattoos. When they say that offend me more than the 3% or crash into me.

It’s hard. I mean, so the new England Patriots draft it’s a lot of guys. You’d never heard her, uh, you know, tied in Dalton keen at Virginia tech. Yeah. Never heard of hedge rusher. Uh, Josh Uchi and a Michigan. He’s a good player. Don King. I mean, I, you know, I think he honestly like speed would be the problem with him. Uh, I don’t know. I think a lot of the, I think people give to Patriots too much credit for being smart when they make picks where you’re like, what the fuck?

Yeah. And we’re about to see if Bella check the GM. And that was always a huge argument between capper, uh, and uh, other Patriot fan. I’m glad Capra said. What the fuck when they drafted that safety from Lenore rods. Tugger I watch a lot of FCS football. I gotta be honest, Lenore Ryan, he’s not. I know, I know. That’s what I’m saying. I’ve watched division to man. I’ve watched mountain union that was one that drafted and I said who? I thought it was an actress or something. You know what I mean? And it’s, I want to give this greatest, see, but because Belichick is a good coach, he’ll probably get be productivity out of these guys.

So I’ll, I’ll go B. What? It’s like you watch the tape of this guy. It looks like Peewee football cause he’s just so much better. It’s like how I really, how, how much could you learn from playing with these little little pips? Hey man. But a lot of greats have came from other levels. So I will say, I will say, sure, sure. All right. Maybe I’m wrong. I gave, I went a little harder here. I went just flat C although Belicheck setup was boss. I stand by my brother. Come on man. What are you guys give us whatsoever? I’m going to give it a C plus C plus I to see Sean Colby goes, see plus show I’ll go B.

There’s potential for it to be a really good draft but he drafts Belicheck guys. So it’s, it would be, it would be like a C or a D for another team, but because it’s should me look at his draft from like three years ago and be like, I like the edge rushers. He got, I liked, I think both were, Whoa, hold on. We have to include Muhammad sun noon here. All right. Moving on. Last team, AFC East New York jets, MCI Becton 11 overall Denzel Mims 59th at a Baylor. Uh, you know, they picked up a quarterback in the fourth round.

James Morgan at a FIU got a P Ryan out of Florida. Yeah. Any relation? Is he, is he a brother? Let Michael P. Ryan. I would

Speaker 2 (17m 50s): imagine there’s some type of, of uh, you know, well, I know that because I’m a big time college football. You also own property in Florida. Maybe Bryce hall on the fifth is, is a nice pick out of, uh, out of the turds from UVA. I love that pic man. And you know, this is a guy that was projected a first rounder before he had that injury. Let late last season. Can I tell you the jets might get the high, I might have rated them the highest. And dude, I, people that don’t, they went, I mean, they went bust almost with their first three picks.

Come on. Buckeye backed in that mother fucker likes to cook more than he likes to play football. I think back 10 zero six, six, seven three 60, though. That’s a big man’s only likes to run in a straight line. And Ashton Davis from California, all he learned about up there and fucking Berkeley’s homeless people shitting in fucking freedom. Look, you don’t know what you’re talking about. All right. Cause look, I’m going to do it here at Colby. Look, and I’m normally like the biggest greater, the biggest, uh, you know, I, there’s my favorite draft we’ve had in a while.

Oh, ran a while, man, I think

Speaker 4 (18m 58s): I think can play. He stood out to me even when Petrino was at Louisville, uh, Mims, the value, cause some people had projected in the first, I like it. I’m a skeptic a little bit on unmemorized, but in that late in the second I like it. And then Ashton Davis was the pic pic I love. And then like I said, Bryce hall late.

Speaker 2 (19m 15s): Even like the James Morgan pic, he might already be better than Sam. I like the later picks better. I would say I like their, I don’t like drafting a punter in the sixth no, I can’t. I need to draft upon, why are you, yeah, J James Morgan. I I like the James Morgan pick. I like the Bryce hall pick. I even like the uh, Zynga. Is that his name? Yeah, I like the Cameron Clark tackle from Charlotte, so I’m not, I, I don’t mean to shit on it that hard. Although I do think MCI Becton is Eric Flowers a 2.0 I’m going to give them a C plus.

Speaker 4 (19m 46s): I’ll go see plus as well. I’m going to go, Hey,

Speaker 2 (19m 50s): there you go. Finally though, finally the jets, Homer in Colby comes out moving over to the NFC East Dallas Cowboys and Jerry Jones and his fucking weird ass Westworld type yacht that he was drafting on. Probably just suck down some STEM cells and caviar though that he has. Of course. Yeah, of course. You want me to glory hole? You pay them enough. They’ll, uh, they’ll eventually come around. They’re so lucky. We’re so lucky. They really, they really got a ton of breaks and Mike McCarthy, and it’s almost like if a, if a giant glazed ham was a person that is Mike McCarthy.

He’s just like, it’s like the modern is holding on to this giant fat head. He is like Chris Farley vibes. I never realized it before, but Mike McCarthy, just look at that DOE. Yeah. Whenever that meme came out with him in a spade for, for Jerry Jones and and back. Yeah. Oh yeah. That was cold. That was absolute gold.

Speaker 0 (20m 49s): Oh man. That’s what must have planted the seed. So they got CD lamb, uh, Trayvon digs out of Alabama second great pic. Even even, uh, the center out of Wisconsin, Tyler, uh, beatus,

Speaker 2 (21m 1s): well w who was the last good receiver to come out of Oklahoma, Keith Jackson in 1988. They are producing bus left and right.

Speaker 0 (21m 8s): Tell me what I need to say because I was all in on CD lamb before the draft but now I need the talking points for why he’s going to be a question. Why should we hate CD lamb? I need Oklahoma doesn’t produce wide receivers because they don’t

Speaker 2 (21m 21s): run real routes. That’s the argument. Lincoln Riley and, he’s my guy, he’s Carolina. Even when he’s at ECU are receivers got drafted high ended up kind of bus in the NFL. I’m a skeptic at at, at that all offense in general, the no transition and we’ve seen this too, right? Corey Corey Davis is a good example of someone who like looked great but then you realize his system in college required zero routes so he didn’t know how to run routes. And we S we know in seeing guys like coming from a pro system in Alabama, the wide receivers even coming out of LSU who are maybe lesser known in college, but they’re running more of a pro system.

They understand how to run routes and that’s the most critical trait and maybe that was the area I missed on CD lamb. I just think he’s so physically gifted. You have this going for you is he got drafted by the Cowboys where he’s going to be a two or three next year so that that’s going to help. I don’t want to go to anymore though. I’m saying though is that if he went to a team where I really think he can, he can flourish better than other teams. If he was going to be the one on other teams, I think you would’ve got killed. So I like what you’re saying. He sucks. He can’t run routes. He’s a piece of shit came from a high school and college. That’s the guy.

I have nothing against the guy. All right, let’s move on. Cowboys did really well. They know

Speaker 0 (22m 32s): they got great value across the board, but Colby is telling me I should obviously I’m going to give them a D minus. Yeah, I’ll go, uh, I’ll go F plus yeah, slightly below. Ryans you could make a case that they got a lot of players at a lot of great value, but you’re not factoring in there. The Dallas Cowboys. Colby, what do you,

Speaker 2 (22m 52s): I’m going to F because look, cornerback Trayvon digs. Look, I remember when the jets took D Milner with like the fifth pick in the draft or whatever. That is true. Bama puts some busts out there. Trent Richardson. Huh. You know, not safety’s though. They’ve put out some good saves, but yeah, perfect transition. Not valuable ones. Ones that they’ll give away now the Davies or you know, perfect transition to the New York giants who of course took Xavier McKinney at Alabama in the second round. Andrew Thomas at a Georgia. The tackled one tackle again in the third round mat.

PERT at a Yukon. They took someone from Yukon, they got a lot of nerve.

Speaker 0 (23m 28s): Got it. Got a bunch of uh, linebackers, edge rusher, some defensive guys. Kramer. I’ll let you start. What do you, what do you, I know you’ve had a rock hard erection for your New York giants. I mean you go down this draft for it and I think I said this on our

Speaker 2 (23m 46s): mock draft preview that while I think the common, the conventional wisdom has them taking works or wills that Gettleman really liked Andrew Thomas and he took, ended up taking Andrew Thomas in hindsight, has a lot of the same things that he likes. Love that pic. It’s, they didn’t, they didn’t screw it up. Next one, they let McKinney fall to him. This is a good pic. This is a defense that needs someone like that per, I think what people say is he’s a project, he’s as big a big fucking dude.

He’s like MCI back then, but you get him in the third round instead of the 11th pick giants crushing it homes out of out of UCLA. This is a pick that a lot of people, a lot of the draft Nick’s really liked he, he’s a smaller guy. They went hockey. They also, they love the loom Euchre I mean, again, Sean was so high on Oregon this year because of that offensive line. Lemieux is, was a big reason why, uh, he, once you get to cam Brown, I still liked that pic. Even then they took it.

They just fired bullets right there. They just went with a cough let, because they had to write like, Hey, his name’s Kauflin. Mr irrelevant. Um, was, was taken by the giants with Crowder. Uh, I dunno. They did great. They did it. They did an amazing job. They didn’t screw up a single pick. I’m going to say there’s not enough skilled players. You didn’t address the quarterback position. I like McKinney’s though. I like, I like McKinney and Thomas, I’m going to give it a B. I’ll go D minus or you don’t like the homes pick up buddy. I’m a bit, uh, I’m an I tell you.

Can I give you a hot take right now? Sean sure. I’m here. I think the giants are going to end up being better next year. One, because the offensive line will be better. So I’d take that. They might be better than six weeks. Take is going to be, everyone is talking about their past rush right now for not being there. I think they’ve built up enough on the backend that they’re going to surprise some people and they’re going to end up with some decent SAC numbers. Sean I know you’re shaking your boots over there.

I’m giving them, I’m giving Gettleman I want a plus a plus. Geez. I like how they went after the seventh round. Normally try to find, you know a lot of talent in the seventh round heavy trying to draft you. What are you guys doing? I give it a B I like, I like the top two picks. After that I I I find that the rest could be gambling. Yeah, I go D minus. They got a first round safety in the second round. Are you kidding me? I said, I just said I liked that Eagles Yukon moving over to the Philadelphia Eagles first round pick.

Jalen Ragnar. I love it. They need outside speed. They addressed outside speed. Justin Jefferson solid receiver, but he doesn’t, he can’t beat press coverage. You need a guy on the outside in this office that can be press coverage. The 12 personnel was Zachary Dallas got or Deshawn Jackson rager on the edges is exciting. He’s gotten talking points. No, no.

Speaker 0 (26m 44s): I used to rehearse this in front of the mirror.

Speaker 5 (26m 46s): What are you talking about? I was one of the few people that said I have rigor higher than Jefferson. I picked rager over Jefferson in our mock trial.

Speaker 0 (26m 54s): Sean I agree. His dad was a player. I give the Eagles aid a high first round grade, the third round. Davey Taylor, Colorado. He needs some work, but he’s athletic. I like it. That’s what I’m saying. A little undersized. But you gotta remember he was a Juco transfer so he hasn’t had that much experience really playing that I liked. I think there’s potential there. Kayvon Wallace who uh, they have, you’re listed as a quarterback or a cornerback. I’m pretty sure he’s going to be safety. Uh, he’s out of Clemson and this is a guy that Brian Dawkins personally endorsed on Twitter.

And you watch his highlights. I think it’s sacrilege to compare him to Dawkins, but his play out on the field from what I’ve seen so far is very exciting. And then the rest of, uh, the rest of the draft is, it sounded to me. What about the six round pick? Sean you want to talk about them? Sean Bradley Sean Bradley Loper kid. Maybe the next one is walk-ins. Southern Mississippi. Oh, Prince. Prince Tayga. John Hightower. Boise, one of Hogo. How dare you step on Sean mispronouncing his name.

Prince Tayga. Want to go ho? Why no, go. No go when God not going to work here anymore, right? Sorry. Sorry, I don’t have, I’m not up to date with all my Nigerian pronunciation. Got the talking points. Sean Prince is, uh, this is a guy that was talking about being like a second or third round pick. He has a knee issue. Uh, if that doesn’t prove to be fatal for Prince, then that could be a huge steel. He’s one of the Al of these late round guys. I really like a Prince as a, as a development candidate.


Speaker 5 (28m 30s): getting to the biggest mistake I’ve seen in my entire life. Drafting Jalen hurts number 53. Overall, it’s the most horrific pic I’ve ever in my entire life. I no exaggeration, this is the worst pic of my entire life. You don’t draft a quarterback and number 53. Here’s why. There’s a number of reasons why you don’t draft a backup quarterback in the second round. You just don’t do it. It makes no sense.

Especially when you have a, a quarterback, you have a franchise quarterback. You already gave him $100 million. Well, if he’s not afraid to as quarterback, what do you monitor? $1 million. You already made the decision that he’s a franchise quarterback. Oh, he’s injury prone. You need to upgrade the backup quarterback position. Fine. Bring in a vet, bring in Andy Dalton. Don’t waste a second round pick on Jalen. Hurts Jalen hurts a guy with 21 on the Wonderlic. You think he’s gonna figure out the office via virtual. You think he’s going to pick up the offense over zoom and he’s going to be the best he’s going to be.

Number three is going to be behind Nate Suckville. The fit makes no fucking sense. Student 3.08 seconds from snap to release. That doesn’t work in the West coast offense. The guy is, maybe he could be okay. Maybe he could be good. Not for the Philadelphia Eagles. Oh, Carson Wentz is injury prone. You need a backup quarterback. Great. Why don’t you know backup quarterback event that doesn’t cost a lot of money. Hey, look, Nick foals, he’s a backup quarterback. You want to super bowl. Perfect example. They brought him in in August for no money.

He knew the system. That’s who you bring in, not in developmental number two breaths.

Speaker 2 (30m 8s): Personally, I’m excited for the wishbone featuring hurts miles, Sanders and Jalen Ragnar. That’s going to be pretty exciting. Uh, it’s, it’s a horrific pic. I liked all the speed they added to the roster. What was running with them? An F for F you, Allie. I gave, I gave everyone an opportunity to win some cash by saying Jalen hurts will be a second round pick. Kuching look, here’s the problem with this situation. One. It’s hilarious that the depth chart reads, when’s hurts that needs to be out there.

Check sports gambling podcast Instagram because he gets hurt and uh, his name is once, uh, secondly, I don’t think it’s necessarily an awful pic, but now, but now they’re gonna like die. Like this is the problem with having lead letting a dumb guy win a Superbowl and he’s not a smart guy is now Doug. Doug P. Doug E P. this is Howie. This is how he’s Doug E P is going to be sitting here like, wow, I see Sean Payton has deployed, tastes a mill effectively down in new Orleans.

But the taste of Jalen hurts hat off, let me take Carson Wentz off the fields for a critical moment. The taste, some Hilton

Speaker 5 (31m 20s): work. We saw that saints playoff game. We had money on the saints. What killed breezes? Momentum was taking the ball out of his hands. Why did he fumble it’s right cause he was sitting on the bed

Speaker 2 (31m 28s): just saying, just a, just called out 21 million reasons why they like tastes them Hillen think he is effective. So for some reason there’s a virus going around the NFL and that’s that you need some sort of dynamic guy who’s going to get you value in the future. The model that the Patriots has the pool have deployed for a while is not to draft the guy in the second round to then turn around and hopefully get a second round or back. It’s it’s lateral moves to draft the guy in the fifth or sixth round and hopefully build him up and get a second or third rounder and return to me, gee, probably the best case scenario for this.


Speaker 5 (32m 2s): But when they drafted him, Tom Brady was 36 years old. That’s completely different and Jimmy G and Jimmy G, it was the best case scenario. Belicheck groomed in Belgium.

Speaker 2 (32m 12s): Love Jim Brady was not as injury prone as as wins has been.

Speaker 5 (32m 15s): But that makes no sense though because it doesn’t matter whether Brady was injury prone or not. They brought him in to to groom him as a possible replacement for Brady. That didn’t work. It wasn’t a good idea. They’ve, they traded him for a second round pick. It was a lateral move where you wasted four years on the guy instead, you couldn’t use a second round pick on a quarterback and maybe you don’t let up 44 points in the Superbowl.

Speaker 2 (32m 38s): Let, let me just play devil’s advocate here.

Speaker 4 (32m 40s): If, if, if you ha like me for the college experience, we’ve been saying Jalen hurts I think could be the best quarterback in the whole draft but I really believe that maybe you got a 21 on your Wunderlist. So, so, uh, I probably would. Um, so what, uh, this is what I want to play devil’s advocate though, is let’s say Peterson or you know, how he has, has them marked as their top quarterback or second best quarterback in the draft. You get to the second round, you’re like, Jesus, he’s now what’s taken. What I think is the second best quarterback in the draft. I understand though, you have $100 million invested.

I still know this is someone being, I mean this,

Speaker 0 (33m 14s): Oh, this is cute. This is, this is the same reason that how we probably got himself shoved in a locker the first time that the Philadelphia Eagles, I don’t actually know the full store. What, what got him out of the good graces the first time. Well, he wasn’t chip Kelly and chip Kelly had enough juice, uh, to say I want to make all the personnel decisions. How he’s just some fucking being counter, uh, put him in charge of managing equipment. That that’s really what it was, is it was a power play by chip and and Roseman or no, it was just like, all right, what I maybe chip Kelly had had the right idea here.

This fucking guy is getting too cute and I think the problem with this move, the PR, and this is the same reason that teams didn’t want to touch Tim Tebow or anyone else. Jalen hurts has a little bit of that with him, right? He’s a winner. He’s won places. He’s quote dynamic. I think he understands multiple offenses because he played like that. But at the end of the day when I watched that motherfucker throw a football, he does not look like an NFL quarterback. That’s the other thing he does all this aside. He doesn’t look like an NFL quarterback and you’ve, you had this full situation where it was awkward in the locker room.

Everyone always is calling for foals. You’ve, you had this QB controversy that you, that you was created because folds won the Superbowl and it was awesome and it was just this weird, unfortunate timing. Now the injuries, now you, you get rid of foals, you move on, it’s Carson’s team, it’s his locker room, and then you invite controversy back again by draft and that’s your best argument with this question. Carson Wentz is going to get at his locker. How does Jalen look? What do you think of the Jalen? It’s like he doesn’t need that shit. Get them picturing and base can’t defend that point.

Yes, the fan base is United and that we want to fucking murder Howie Roseman the fan base is not fractured. Everyone hates this pic.

Speaker 4 (35m 3s): But I, I think hurts and I, I’ve said this for a while, I think he, I, I would’ve taken him before too. I would’ve done that. Um, so the problem is even if you’re right, it’s the wrong move for the Eagles. Yeah. I mean look, but at the same time, what do you sign Andy Dalton? What would be the play? Because show saying the main point is even if they’re right, even if he’s right and it works, what do you do? Well, what happens if you sign Andy Dalton and and wins gets injured and Dalton looks great. Okay.

Speaker 0 (35m 32s): But then you have, then you have Dalton end, you still have the 53rd pick overall. You know, you know what they say? If you got two quarterbacks, you ain’t got a quarterback, Colby. Ooh, I don’t, I think you bring in a guide that no one’s going to ask. He should he be the starter over Carson Wentz. And when you draft a quarterback that high, you immediately create the expectation that he should be the starter. What about when the Niners traded for Steve young when they had Montana? That’s an interesting cause. Look that put pressure on Montana to elevate the game.

All right, so first of all, we’ve only done like six of these, so we got to move forward. Okay. But, but times were different back then.

Speaker 4 (36m 9s): I know there was no free agency, stuff like that. Yeah.

Speaker 0 (36m 11s): Yes. You draft the guy in the first two rounds, you’re sending a message to your starting quarterback nowadays period. And Joe Montana again was I will give us much older, I will be objective unless Sean I want, I saw as much as I’d love to agree with an F, uh, I’m going to go with a C. I do like they added a ton of speed. The roster, which is a glaring hole in the team.

Speaker 4 (36m 31s): I think I’m going to give it a B plus. I mean, look, the only thing that I find negative here is that is your angle of that wins. You have $100 million invested in a quarterback. No, I love the pick of hurts in general, but I do see the conflict there.

Speaker 0 (36m 45s): Let’s move Washington red skins. Of course they got chased young, uh, Antonio Gibson running back at a Memphis. Um, you know, I dunno Kareem curl or Cameron curl. Arkansas seventh round safety. I don’t know. I to me it seemed like chase young, obviously second round, second pick overall was the big play there. I like this kid. Gandy golden at Liberty. Okay. Antonio receiver. The receiver. Yeah. And, and I don’t mind picking up an SCC lineman, offensive tackle.

Siddique Charles. I do think the Redskins, I liked that. I liked that idea of just like you had a pretty good front seven on the defensive side and now you add chase young, do it. I mean they’re going to be a handful to be blocked. I still don’t think Dwayne Haskins is a franchise quarterback, but that’s not related to this, uh, to this draft I would just say the Redskins did a great job by not messing it up. So I’ll give him a B,

Speaker 4 (37m 41s): if anything. I think the only thing that Milena messed up was the Gibson draft bit cause I feel like they draft running backs every year. But,

Speaker 0 (37m 46s): um, well I guess his guys just, yeah, I think he’s shot right back. Um,

Speaker 4 (37m 53s): I’ll, I’ll give it. Yeah. I mean, chase young might be the best player in the overall draft if I had to pick. So I would say you didn’t mess that up, I’ll give you, yeah, but

Speaker 0 (38m 3s): I mean, is Gibson definitely playing, running back in? That’s a good question. I’m not sure. I mean if you watched Memphis at all, he was definitely more, I mean, he played wide receiver. He played kind of everywhere. He’s like an Eric Metcalf gadget type of player. I dunno river, but maybe he’s going to be riverboat Ron’s ACE up his sleeve. Uh, I think they did well, uh, up and down this draft and, you know, maybe they didn’t get enough value for, for Trent, uh, letting them go for what would they give a, get back a third and a fat to the 49 or so?

You haven’t really talked about that.

Speaker 2 (38m 36s): I think it was a third and a fifth. Uh, you know, who knows though. He hasn’t played football in a while. Like there’s always that. I knew you wasn’t gonna play for you this year. You had to get something. No, but I’m just saying these, these uh, yeah, I think they probably could have gotten more or an office probably fuck that up in some way. But also big guy like that, you know, he ha sure. Shit hasn’t been carrying all that weight this time, so we’ll see if he can get back. God, the San Francisco 49ers might be really good if he does. Uh, you know, chase young is the best player in the draft. I’ll give the skins a B, I’ll just go floppy.

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Speaker 2 (40m 3s): moving over to the AFC South Houston Texans don’t have a ton of pigs cause bill Bryan got rid of a mall. Oh wait, what was your grade for the skin? See, okay, we all went, uh, they took, uh, Ross Blacklock, TCU, a defensive lineman at 40th overall when edge rusher, Jonathan Greenert at a Florida and took an, I took another tackle. Their Charlie heck UNC. Did you see that? Uh, we include David Johnson and they’re draft sure. That’ll bring it down to a C minus. Uh, Laremy Tunsil negotiated his own contract.

Apparently he was a great deal to God. 22 million out of bill O’Brien. Amazing. So I’ll go, I’ll go see minus for the text. It’s not a good sign with a player like remember this is the dude who dropped in the draft because of his fucking gravity bond gas masks while I’m, there was a, there was a Lariat and he’s like, no, I don’t need an agent. Why would I give up 10% for this guy? There was a great news story. I mean 10% of 22 million, 2.2 million wah Watson, you get the savings. So it’s like, no, I cannot SmartPill pride myself. And I’m a guy who got filmed doing a gas mask bong.

The funny thing about that was there was a Confederate flag in the background that was hilarious. Laremy Tunsil is in the news recently, not with the contract, but he was giving out masks for covert 19 and everyone of course. Oh yeah, we walked right into that job. I’ll feel I’ll go a C minus with the Texans. Kramer, Colby, what are you guys doing? I fell down a rabbit hole of watching a decent amount of fate tape on the wide receiver from Rhode Island. He actually could be decent, but at the end of the day, the only reason they even had this second round pick is because they gave up Deandre Hopkins, which is horrible.

I cannot grade them positively if they’re, if they’re getting an asset by giving up the, would you rather have Ross Blacklock yeah, I didn’t Padre Hopkins. I didn’t factor in Deandre Hopkins enough. Give me the day. The Texans are going to be hilariously bad and a couple of years because every like the roster is ballooning in a bad way. I’m going to go, it’s gotta be a D. right? You can’t give it to you. Plus I’m going to give it a D. the only pick I really stands out to me. I liked, I liked the gurnard pick Jonathan Bernard, the edge rusher at a Florida.

I don’t hate any of the players they got, I just hate that they traded Deandre Hopkins. It just doesn’t. All right. So D plus for me. Sean Colts. They got a Michael Pitman jr, uh, received radio. See in second round, Jonathan Taylor also got him running back out of Wisconsin. Julian Blackman at a Utah safety. They picked up Easten a QBR to Washington there and the finger. Our guy in the sixth does. Desmond Petman. Oh yeah, the Seaver wazoo hashtag go kooks. Um, I, I like this Colts drafting.

Then when you factor in, they got deforest Buckner there to add to that already says Philip Rivers have Philip Rivers. Um, he might’ve hit the wall, but uh, I like the team around him and I liked the coaching. Give me, uh, give me a minus for the Colts. What’d you have for the, sorry, what’d you have for the text and Sean the we all had these. Oh no, you didn’t. Right. So here’s the thing. The Colts are going to be really good next year, assuming Philip Rivers can throw them off. Easton is strangely someone who I feel I could learn a lot from Philip Rivers if this virus hits and and rivers out.

16 months. Good situation for him. Uh, I mean, I like Jonathan Taylor’s a great pick. I don’t really get it. They seem to have some decent running back depth, but he, I mean, he’s a first, again, he’s a product of running backs being devalued because five years ago he’s a first round pick, no question. The safety out of Utah’s office. I like Blackman, hit Pittman. I mean, everyone loves Pittman, Pittman. I dunno, I dunno if I’m as high, but they seem to have, they’ve already, we’re rich with talent. I feel like they added some nice pieces across the board.

Yeah. Uh, one of the kind of unanimously more regarded front offices in the league. I’ll go, I was going to go be plus, but I’ll go a minus there. There’s not really a problem here. Even without the first round pick, I’m going to go, I’m going to go, Hey, I like this draft a lot, man. I even the later picks I think are I, there’s six round pick, Jordan Glasgow, I think it was a solid pick in the six round. So you gotta go at least, I think you can’t go below a B minus just because you’re getting your first round or as a pro bowl interior theme changing Buckner in their specialty.

Yeah, exactly. The Buckner thing is huge. All right. Jacksonville Jaguars. They took a cornerback CJ Anderson at a Florida ninth. Overall, a lot of people are saying he’s possibly the best quarterback in the draft. They also got chase sun

Speaker 5 (44m 32s): edge rusher at LSU. Your boy loveseat Livisca Chenaults at a Colorado at a bunch of pics. I love hard not to like this. Draft I’ll, I’ll go, uh, I’ll give him a B plus. I mean, it’s weird. I think it’s just so frustrating if you’re a jazz fan, it’s like they’re replacing all these awesome players they had on defense with possibly other awesome players. Yeah. It’s just weird resetting. Uh, I think they could have done more. Remind me on the offensive side, but I’ll go, uh, I’ll go B minus

Speaker 2 (45m 5s): the Jags. When the Cowboys sucked for awhile, they picked up Irvin Emmitt Smith and then got the quarterback last, right. Well, they traded Herschel Walker for like 30 picks, but, but the last, it was three years urban first. I think Aikman second Aikman came second. It certainly feels like this team is going to be loaded up for Trevor Lawrence because I, as much as I love mint shoe, I think Mitch, you can prioritize just laying siege to the city of Jacksonville and not have to worry about winning games. I think this team is, they, they get, they load up on guys that are going to be probably more helpful for them next year than this year.

And even Chanel who could be an exciting player, he’s coming off a core muscle injury. So that could be a longterm to me, like if Chanel it’s healthy. I was so impressed. I mean, look, I know I’m a Colorado fan, but I haven’t seen a player like that. I don’t know. It’s, it’s like a running back at wide receiver. He’s a very electric player. Like I would’ve, I would’ve guessed he would have been a top 15 pick. Hadn’t been healthy. Even the quarterback at Oregon state is intriguing. Yeah. Uh, Jake Luton. He was good man. As a transfer from a what? I think you went transferred from Idaho, but yeah, he’s good. I like the, the, the corner.

They got Scott from Michigan state, but it’s to Sean’s point, it’s like, yeah, cool. They got us the two first round picks, but one of them was from Jalen Ramsey. Yeah. Uh, would you rather have Jalen Ramsey or CJ Henderson? I guess it’s a, it’s a dollars and cents thing, but yeah, they’re clearly tanking for Trevor. I’ll give it a B. Plus though. I liked it. I thought it was a good draft. I, yeah, I mean, it is what it is. It’s not that hard to screw it up. When you’re drafting multiple times, every round you had 30 picks. And I think in general, the JEA, Jacksonville generally doesn’t screw up the pics.

It’s, it’s, you know, like, Oh, it’ll say portals was a bad one. But Leonard for now, where did he go? Where is the Rams? He’s, he’s back. I actually think he’s better than Jared. I’ll give, I’ll give, I’ll give Jackson Willoughby minus Tennessee tight.

Speaker 5 (46m 54s): It’s hashtag tighten up. Uh, tackle Isaiah Wilson. Georgia took him a 29. They got Christian Fulton quarterback at LSU 61st our boy call McDonald out of a Hawaii. If you want to hear a Nick role of ICH talk about, I mean on the role of ICH podcast we dropped a recently, you can hear him talk about cold transitioning to the pros, so didn’t have a ton of pic.

Speaker 2 (47m 18s): I love that. Darrington Evans pick man. I got to go to app state, go uh, back in October and this kid can play. I know they have Henry, but uh, you know, it gives them some depth. I think they probably need to take some office. His plate there. They appear like they’re good. Show you know, there, they bought the car and they’re uh, they, they’re leasing it made me their drinks in it and just driving it into the ground. But Fulton’s a bollard guys, Christian Fulton of LSU. I was really impressed with him in college. Yeah, I love the picks. I kind of like Fulton best if he was going to be a first rounder.

He was part of my over five and a half logic shocking to see him fall. I’ll, I’ll go see plus for the Titans. Uh, I think you got to go a little. I mean, they didn’t have a lot of picks. I think they did really well with the picks they got. I mean, maybe even highlighting that Hawaii quarterback, I mean again, Tana, Tana Hills, their guy, their guaranteed, someone else has taken some snaps in Tennessee this year, guaranteed at some point. Whether he gets hurt or something, someone, I mean, we will learn more.

Was Tannahill just on a magical run or was it the fact that he wasn’t with Adam Case and Adam Case is a fucking cancer. Dalton? I’ll say B minus and remind. Remember he still is. Yeah. Ryan Tannehill that could be a problem at some point. Colby, what’d you grade them? A. B. All right. Moving over to the, uh, NFC. South Carolina Panthers got Derek Brown at number seven. That felt like a steel. They got close. Manos, the ed Ruscha had a Penn state, 38th, Jeremy chin, uh, safety 64th.

Um, uh, that, that kinda is tape is unbelievable. His uncle Steve Atwater, that Jeremy chin, his uncles had water, he played in the FCS, but he looked real. I was really impressed by his tape. They also took Kenny Robinson out of the XFL. Yeah, that was awesome. He basically played in the XFL. His mom was like having a chemo or something or needed money for to fight it. And uh, you know, XFL folded. He was lucky enough to get drafted. So that’s a, it’s a cool story. I, I’m optimistic on rules. A first draft, a class here, I’ll, I’ll go, uh, seems light on offensive players, but do Derek Brown could end up being the best player in the whole, so he’s been like, basically they’re, they’re like, yeah.

So what we had last year, like just swap in Teddy Bridgewater and we’re good to go. Uh, PJ Walker, he’s rough neck swap, her bump and PJ Walker and we’re good to go. Is that the angle? Cause that offends looked pretty fucking bad at times. Yeah. And I need a lot of it will Grier to fix. I think a lot of it was at the QB position, but you have have Christian McCaffrey and they did bring in Robbie Anderson. Um, so they got that going on. I’ll, I’ll give him a B plus. I’m optimistic about what Carolina, everyone just, I feel like everyone is just assuming that Matt rules going to be completely effective.

NFL head coach. Yes and that everyone is like, you know all his picks are perfect. He’s going to fix the defense. The I think this is a solid, I’ll give it, I’ll give it a B because of the first three picks. How about I was about to say is like, but I I you didn’t do much to address your offense. That’s true at all and Christian McCaffrey is not a strategy but Brown really could be like, I know we said chase young, we think’s the best player in the draft. I think it Brett Brown very well could be like we’re looking back five years from now. The best pick.

Yeah. I mean often the top defensive tackles the top three picks. So I’m going to be calling me, what do you give it? I’ll give it a B. Plus. I like this. I mean, look, yeah, you definitely could have addressed the offense, but I do like their first three picks a lot. They have a lot of holes on offers. Maybe you don’t need to go.

Speaker 0 (50m 53s): Anyway, moving over to the box. Uh, moved up one pick to grab the tackle and worse out of Iowa. Got Antwan Winfield junior safety out of Minnesota. Love that. K Sean Vaughn. I like Vanderbilt. Good man. It’s a, it’s a pretty fun running back. Even Johnson in Minnesota. Yeah. Receiver Tyler Johnson for the gophers. I mean the fact that they got worse at 13 there. That’s good. That’s good enough for me. I’ll give a, I’ll give him a name on us.

Speaker 2 (51m 20s): Winfield also a pretty good pick. Doesn’t it make you feel old? Yeah. That his dad, his dad was like playing not that long ago. Not that long ago at all. Uh, yeah. The bugs did fine. I mean, look, at the end of the day, you gotta grow. Gronk was a fourth round pick. Yeah. That if you factor that into, it’s pretty nice. I like, it ain’t got one of the tackles. We we, when we did the mock, that was essentially what we said, you gotta get a tackle and they, they shored up their defense, their first four picks man. And now you look at what their defense looks like.

Kind of a sore spot. But last year who do they add? The linebacker from LSU with a top 10 pick and what? Devin white. Kevin White. And they still have a Maui, the big fat defensive lineman. That’s just what my kids call him cause he looks like a cartoon character. But Vieta Vasquez from Washington. Yeah. It was like, where are you going? This defense is star starting to look like they could be D half decent. And now with that offense, I forget about it. One little pet peeve of mine, and I’ll give this, I’ll give this an a minus one little pet peeve of mine is everyone is like, look at the office that Tom Brady in his books are going to have and they’re listing off like, you know, check Mike Evans.

He’s really good. Uh, who, God, when he’s really good. Gronk he’s really good and they’re still putting OJ Howard in there. Why, why, why are you listing him? He did Jack shit last year. Give me an a minus. Colby. What are you doing? Uh, I’m going to give it an a. I woulda gave it an a plus, but they still have this horrible uniforms. Wow. Sean are you, did you go also go,

Speaker 0 (52m 46s): I went, uh, I went, what did I go a minus st minus, let’s go, let’s go. Atlanta Falcons. Aja, Tarell, Clemson 16th overall. Uh, I dunno, I, I may have one CD land there. If you’re the Falcons, just say fuck it and see what you can do. I mean, you gotta you know, you got Julio and you got, um, brilliantly if you just kick them CD lamb over there. I know their defense was so bad, but it’s, let’s say that TJ Terrell, we’ll see if he is, he’s an impact player in this last season for a, for, I mean, the first twin first two picks were clear.

Like, Quinn’s like, cool. Well if I’m going to get, yeah,

Speaker 2 (53m 22s): one more chance. And not getting fired. I’m going to draft a quarterback who fits my style. Yep. Check nice and long. Thought he might slip to Zimmer but didn’t win earlier than expected. And then the pass rush or at Auburn, uh, you know, they were two classic leg. I’m just, I need my deep, I need my guys, you know. Yeah. I’ll give it a, I dunno, I just don’t feel great about, I’ll go see plus drafted upon her. I’m always going to see plus I’ll say B minus just because they, they went, they did exactly what they had to do.

Uh, he, he did exactly what we thought he was going to do and I think he did it all right. I think, I think the picks were fine. I’ll say B minus. So, uh, up next saints they only had four picks the first round or the, uh, took Cesar Ruiz at a Michigan. I like that. Pick a third round. They wanted Zach Bon, Wisconsin linebacker and then a tight end. Adam Trapman Dayton. And then for round seven, Tommy Stevens, Mississippi state were big, uh, Mississippi state guys cause the coach leach. But you have four picks and you take a quarterback.

I know it’s around seven, but that makes no sense to me. I’ll give you a, I gotta go B minus. You know what? It doesn’t make any sense to me when these God damn draft. Oh, the Sansar so smart in a top heavy draft. The saints decided just trade up and get top heavy picks. Why not, dude? The only fact we know about NFL drafting is that quantity matters. I’m going C minus because everyone’s going to hit your right. This is a great point. Everyone hits is going to hit between 30 and 50% depending on the quality of player and you know what?

They did all of those studies of the Baltimore Ravens and the great w jazzy news, Ozzie Newsome, and you know what they noticed? It wasn’t, his hit rate was higher in early rounds or late rounds. It was just that he had way more picks. Comp picks. Why is it that bill Bellacheck doesn’t get shit on for being a horrible GM? Because he has so many God damn picks. Eventually one wins. And you can talk about the successful picks and not all the shitty picks. So this kid Trotman from Dayton is tape is crazy, but it’s an FCS. So you never know how good he could make this draft really good for the saints.

We loved the Dayton flyers in basketball. They let us down and D gen madness. You can never, you’re never going to get a good grade for me when you only have four picks. I kind of give this a D. wow. I like the pics they made. I do want to know what drug that uh, Zach bond was trying to get away from with is diluted sample if that’s just weed. We’re cool, I’m guessing. But in Wisconsin, you know, I’ve heard meth has made it up that way and I’d be a little worried if I was the new Orleans saints.

I understand they didn’t have money picks, but I’m a the I’m going to give it a B. Well, I method linebacker, I mean you are a giants fan. And and that didn’t, amphetamine use didn’t seem to slow down. Uh, Lauren’s daylight. You just give that a B. I did Los Angeles chargers moving over to the AFC West. Sandy. Yay. Go superchargers.

Speaker 5 (56m 26s): Took Herbert number six, then traded up. Got Kenneth Murray linebacker at Oklahoma. It’s a good pick. Josh Kelly running back from UCLA. Um, yeah, Joe Reed receive writer Virginia. I mean I’m, I’m kind of on board with Herbert. I liked the Murray pic. I dunno if you trade up, I probably would’ve kept the 37 and 71 versus trading up again. The idea of just, you know, they’re more, uh, picks the ball, rolls of the dice.

Speaker 2 (56m 51s): I don’t know if I agree with that. I think, I think he, you know, you could argue that he’s the best pure like sideline to sideline guy.

Speaker 5 (56m 58s): Well, and now look at that defense like Joey Posa, Melvin Ingram, Derwin James. Now you throw Kenneth Murray on that. I like the strength on strength angle, but again, I still think you could have used two picks, but uh, I’ll split the difference. I’ll give him a B. Plus

Speaker 2 (57m 14s): I’m going to go, I’m going to go see plus. I like Kenneth Murray. I don’t, I mean Joshua Kelly, I think he struggled a little bit last year, two years ago. He had a much better year. So there’s concern there. I’m not sold on Herbert. Every big game Herbert ever played in. I was not impressed. So, uh, I’m going to go see plus. See I actually, I like Herbert cause he was going to be a top guy last year. He stayed and he’s got the raw skills. It’s just to me every big game in college, he always jumping. He doesn’t need to play in front of a big crowd here in San Diego and somehow here in San Diego it’s Lawson.

Thank you Colby for explaining my joke. Uh, the, the, uh, the, I, I do think that they did a good job of filling some needs and I, I also, it’s important to point out this team has tie rod Taylor on it and I think the defense is going to be much better. They already have some offensive talent. I really like KJ Hill as a seventh rounder. That seems odd to me. Hard to not like, look, I would have liked to see a couple more picks here. I’m going to trust any running back to the charges draft because they just hit home runs.

That’s a good point. And I would have liked for them to have a couple more picks. But I love the fact that they now have just absolute studs at every layer of their defense. Don’t look now. But I love this team led by tie rod Taylor to be and over team in the wind total category. I’m going to give this an a minus only because they’re lacking picks, but I, I like all of the picks they made.

Speaker 5 (58m 42s): Moving over to the Las Vegas Raiders, uh, took rugs 12th overall like that took Damon our net out of Ohio state 19th, which was a shock. I know Kramer you had under two-and-a-half Ohio state players. Fuck was that. He was like a consensus 70 to a hundred range and all these mocks really going against the grain there. And again, some of that is just like, Hey, fuck the mocks. Pick your guy. But when all the mocks are saying one thing and you can, it means you can probably get a much later.

Like you could have gotten him in round three.

Speaker 2 (59m 19s): Well he did this last year with feral, right? Yeah. Feral. You didn’t need a draft than

Speaker 0 (59m 22s): that. So I’ll go, uh, I mean I do like rugs. We’ll see an N I do trust, may act to whatever degree. I’ll give him a, I’ll give him a C plus

Speaker 2 (59m 32s): video games. This is and man rugs, video game player, Bowden value game. Motherfucker beat the by Hokies. Can’t throw for shit, but good thing he’s not going to play quarterback in the NFL. Uh, I, you know, see plus I’m going to back it back up. Sean here. See plus we’re not doing Kramer. Ah, they just kinda went to too much. Like I would have gotten some better defenders, I would’ve got yeah, they went, what they fill positions now.

Three of the first four picks value. I mean clearly they like, and I’m sure there’s some sort of connection to the Hawaii state program, which is telling him to do this. I like the rugs pick, but I’ll go with you guys. See plus as well.

Speaker 0 (1h 0m 15s): Moving over to the Denver Broncos, they had 10 picks, God, Gerry, Judi and KJ handler round one round two back to back, uh, added some defensive depth. Got uh huh. I mean I really, I mean the fact that you got Judy without having to give up anything or trade up, I think that’s huge because they got a guy named

Speaker 2 (1h 0m 38s): cushion Berry in Colorado. That’s awesome. That’s a cool new strain.

Speaker 0 (1h 0m 42s): Yeah. Center for, uh, how about let’s you, how about that fourth round pick? Sean what do you think about that? Albert OCHIN Wobben I Kuwait bond. Um, I cou Wayne been just an absolute dynamic going on in Missouri at the tight end position solid. Uh, I liked what I like what Denver did and um, I mean just Gerry, Judi and LAJ KJ handler I think’s probably a little light to play in the NFL, but I think in the second round, worth that risk, uh, given your young quarterback a lot of weapons, AKA good idea.

So I’ll uh, I’ll give them a, I’ll give him a ne felt good about that

Speaker 2 (1h 1m 24s): John Elway approach. This draft the way that I would after a couple of whiskeys in a couple milligrams. Right. Fuck it. Right? Yeah. I know. I took a receiver in round one. Fucking drew locks my guy. Let’s go. Hey, I went back to back receiver and a fantasy draft and it worked out great. Take a, took Godwin and Mike. Kevin’s, I’ll give, I’ll give it a B. Oh, okay. I’ll go a minus.

Speaker 0 (1h 1m 48s): The compliment. Elway moving over to the Kansas city chiefs. They got a Clyde Edwards Hilarie out of a Ellis Hillari. How do you pronounce Alair? Alair it’s French, bro. Okay. So, but someone tweeted at us, they, they thought Andy, Andy Reid, miss read the card and thought it said a Claire running back. That’s a great pick, by the way. Yes. That is the key to great pic. He’s a pass is a pass catcher, which is great for that kind of offense. Uh, Willy kid, junior linebacker at a Mississippi state.

Uh, edge edge rusher. Mike Dana had a Michigan. Oh, it seemed like they just kind of, they took one, uh, well yeah, running back one offensive skill guy and then just load it up on defensive talent in a, in an offensive tackle in there. I feel like solid strategy would give this a B plus however Andy Reid, uh, him and the Tommy Bahama shirt that bumps it up to an a minus there. A great, the episode photo is we’re using is any read in his Tommy Bahama shirt when they cell phone and noise canceling headphones on, which I dunno why it just tickles me pink to see man.

I mean I think, I think the first round pick a, I think a lot of people were like, Oh Andy Reid’s not going to do that with a running back. Andy Reid can make any running back productive. But we’ve seen this with a number of coaches who do that. When they see a talent they like, I mean this, he seems tailor made for this office the way that he can catch the ball and just be so elusive in space. We saw how dependent Joe burrow in this LSU team was on him. Yeah. In multiple games this year. I, the rich get richer. I think Kansas city did, didn’t really have many holes to fit going gay in the second round was, was a good pick to.

Wow. Wow. That was good. That was very nice. I, again, they didn’t have too many holes to fit. They didn’t have too many holes to fit, but they went gay in the second row. Okay. Uh, I, I say the chiefs hard to not like it. Sorry. I meant to ask you seventh round pick. Were you a fan? Say another like crazy pronunciation to carry his keys? No. Bow pet keys. Oh, I got you on a different source. Yeah. I like this Snead kid, uh, in the fourth round and I think he’s got potential.

I’m going to give this a B. Plus. Who are we talking about? The Kansas city chiefs. I’ll go be plus with you, Colby. Yeah. Why not? Yeah. NFC West Arizona Cardinals. Kliff Kingsbury of course, had his weird like, uh, I mean awesome at his house. Just, it was, it was pretty, uh, it’s pretty baller. He has a room that is, uh, the, the, the house, the maids called Coca ina. Yeah. It looks like he, it looks like he dabbles a Cardinals. Got Isaiah Simmons. I mean we were all over that said that w fits a need and he was probably the best player available.

Good pickup there. Yeah. What do you guys think about everyone talking shit about him now? Everyone’s talking about he doesn’t know a position. He’s not going to be a DC. Everyone like some random NFL executive thought he was incredibly overrated. I dunno. I just saw a lot, I’ve seen a lot of press about maybe people aren’t really sure about his fit. Well there is that thing where it’s like his versatility, uh, does it hurt you at some point? Because in the NFL you can’t really play a bunch of different positions and McKinney that people have been pointing out McKinney, uh, basically similar type of versatility in terms of playing back in the box.

Uh, the pick Isaiah Simmons, he can guard a tight end and they desperately need the that. So whenever you call his position, I think it makes sense for them.

Speaker 4 (1h 5m 21s): I like that photo pic. And I also a big fan of the, the final two pics. Evan Weaver was a beast at Cowen and you know, Benjamin and I, I can’t believe they got him in the seventh. I think this guy’s got met much better value than a seventh round pick. So I think he could end up being a player sticking around.

Speaker 0 (1h 5m 35s): And if we the if factor in Deandre Hopkins in into this draft hall, which they should then give it a name, it’s an erotic great 40 time. Not sure really about his ability to Excel at the next level. And we didn’t include Darius slay in the Eagles. Great. Uh, I’m still giving it an F because of that view. How he put a, I like the slave trade areas. Slaves who have that pick six and Madden mayhem look out baby for the Cardinals. I will go, uh, I’m going to go be plus. I’m going to go, Hey, I think it’s good.

I did like the Josh Jones pick as well. Me too. Rams know first round pick. But they, uh, had a bunch of sevens, a couple twos, couple threes, a cam Akers running back out of Florida stay. He can play the guy look in a real place. Curly band, Jefferson, Florida receiver. Uh, maybe the guy to, uh, replace. Who’s the, who’s the receiver? They lost God. Not some branches. Yeah. Uh, edge rusher. Tarell Lewis had Alabama, so decent haul. I don’t know any of these late round guys.

Honestly. I’ll give him, uh, I’ll give him Jalen Ramsey is technically their first room. Oh, you’re right. It’s not bad. Yeah. So if you include that, okay, I’ll go, I’ll go B minus for them.

Speaker 4 (1h 6m 47s): Kim makers in the second felt like a desperation pic. Oh. Then he’d tell me, obviously after girly being gone, but I and they took a run at that class year

Speaker 0 (1h 6m 55s): have sometimes Memphis, they have uh, Henderson, they have a Brown, Malcolm Brown. They have some, I don’t know. I love this pic. I mean, why did they ever get rid of CJ Anderson? Man, that was fun. It was hard to tackle. I like, I look at number of the middle round picks here or they did draft a kicker. We generally don’t like that. Plus C plus B minus. I’m with Colby. I think Ramsey in there. You get a little bonus. Yeah, I just think, you know, if there’s one big takeaway, everyone thought Sean McVay was coolest shit.

He’s not cool as shit. He’s, he’s like nerdy. He was, he was pretty dark. I mean Kliff Kingsbury was cool as shit man. Motherfucker. And he knows Sean McVay wet Seattle Seahawks when a little off the board there with Jordan Brooks, Texas tech linebacker, uh, took an edge rusher. Darrell, uh, Darryl Taylor, Tennessee. They also signed a Anthony Gordon wazoo quarterback undrafted, but they signed him,

Speaker 4 (1h 7m 56s): which is crazy cause when we were up there, I believe we asked the scout for the Washington Redskins, I was sitting next to us what he thought. And he goes, he the with Michu mania happening and with Gordon being a stronger arm and I think the second most accurate quarterback in the draft based off the stats last year, uh, that they would, he was a third or fourth round projection as of November.

Speaker 2 (1h 8m 16s): So it’s crazy. While I was going to say, isn’t, isn’t he a better prospect than men shoe? Well, I think the mint mutual has the leadership Gordon, that’s what he’s taller. He’s taller, stronger arm. But I think the one thing that the knock was elected leadership, I mean, you know, we, we, if you haven’t seen the movie draft day, check it out, but perhaps a reason no one was at his birthday party. I didn’t lose listeners with that, bro. They did. Uh, they did help out wrestle with making the connection. He was Bo Anthony Gordon was Bo.

They did help out a boy danger Russ with a tear offensive lineman. Damian Lewis, third round or third round though. Come on. Yeah, they got another big, I mean, I don’t know Sean trust Pete. Pete Carroll, in spite of Pete Carroll or because of Pete Carroll, this team is going to win nine or 10 games next year. So C plus. Plus you gotta give him a C just there. So unconventional. They’re the Thai dance from Stanford. Normally workout. I give them a C plus. Great.

Zach hurts, they drafted a guy named Dallas out of Miami. Buck, both like that’s just wrong all the way around. San Francisco. 40 Niners Javan Kinlaw uh, defensive lineman. It’s a loaded up. I like that pen after they left or they lost Buckner and the trade traded back up into the first to get Brandon out of Arizona state. So good over count. And Trent Williams too. Yeah, you may as well. So you throw Trent Williams in there and they took a, another tackle. Colton McKevitt out of West Virginia.

So I like the Kinlaw. Once again. Sean we’re seeing the smart teams in a top heavy draft go for the talent at the top. Uh, my boy Mike Dillard, Lombardi says, you know, overall history shown, it’s not a great idea to trade up unless you’re getting your quarterback. So with that in mind, I, I cause no other single position. Mal, you see this in bedding, right? W wide receiver line. These guys aren’t worth even a half a point. Maybe a quarterback is a good quarterback is worth 8.7 points.

So again, we discussed this earlier. The one certainty about the NFL draft is we know that people will hit and people will miss two. Your best bet is to get more. But if Williams pays off, Colby, I’m going to teach you a little math right now. 50% of six is three milligram dosage. 50% of 10 is five. Five is greater than three. That is the ESL draft in a nutshell.

Once again, way too light here. If, if, if a yoke is now again, they had an opportunity to take the right guy at receiver and they passed for a lower tiered guy. If it’s the wrong guy, this draft looks horrible. Again, I don’t like it. They only have a couple of meaningful so I’m okay getting minus. I got to give it a C. I’m throw in Trentwood beef William’s Poe plus, you know, if he, if he pays off, that might be that. Once again, we’re just assuming everything’s just gonna fall into place here cause I’m giving it a B.

I’m saying see moving over to the AFC North bangles of course took home Joe burrow, then they went T Higgins in the second round. He fell out of the first round. Love that Wilson kid to linebacker Logan Wilson. How do I, Oh man, that kid’s a player. Davis Gaither. I mean they went the first four picks. I like, he’s a, he’s a coach’s son. He’s just a hardworking guy. Why do they have to say that? I’ll give him, I’ll give the bangles in a, yeah, I’m with you. I mean, Oh you know what? I’ll go, I’ll go be plus cause they couldn’t figure out a trade for what?

Dalton before the draft a good point. Can we talk, why is T Diggins Higgins, what did I say? Dig in’s. Why is T Hagans anything in front of my pregnancy? These top guys. Wait, why is he any worse? Yeah. Like in terms of you, you’re looking, if you’re just like you watch him at Clemson, is he and is he that much worse than, than Judy or, or lamb or rugs? I know you don’t like lamb. I think. I think those guys are slightly more explosive. Higgins may be more a possession guy, but a, I drafted him getting him in the second round and getting your franchise quarterback.

Uh, Joey B. I like it. So yeah, I, I will knock them slightly for not being able to trade Dalton, but I’ll give it a B. Plus. Clemson puts out receivers. I mean, I would’ve took Chanel over Higgins, but I mean, Clemson receivers come into the league and know how to run routes. They’re professionals. We’ve seen some have a little bit of success. Rod Gardner. I mean, you’ve got to feel good about Joey burrows. That T Hagans that’s going to be a fun connection for them. Yeah, no, I like this. Draft I’m going to back you up. Give me a frame or maybe plus what do you do? I will. I mean, it’s an a, they got their quarterback about the Dalton mistake.

No. Who cares? Yeah. Yeah. Again, I’m the lateral damage and I’m pissed. They didn’t train me. The Eagles. Cleveland Browns did the smart thing. Took a tackle. Jederick Willis Del pits, a player, a grant. Delpit second round. LSU safety. Jordan Eliot. Boyd is Zuri Jones drop. What is that about? Yeah, six rounder at a Michigan. He was projected like a second round there in December. What happened? I don’t know, man. Speed. Yeah. I liked what the Browns did.

A kind of loaded up on the offensive and defensive line. Took a shot at a Donovan people Jones. So I’ll give him, I’ll give him an a minus. Tough to uh, tough to kill him on. The plus uh, they, they got the first two picks, right? So the first three weeks even, um, well first two for me, I don’t know. I’m not sold on Elliott. Ah, it’s the Browns that I’ll give him a D B P B, let’s go be flappy. Moving over to the Baltimore Ravens. Patrick queen got him 28th, J K Dobbins running back out of Ohio state’s, you’ve skipped the Steelers, didn’t you?

Uh, no. Oh, I did, but I’ll, I’ll come back. Okay. Uh,

Speaker 0 (1h 14m 12s): Devin Doover ne receiver out of Texas. I mean they had three third round picks. Uh, I think this is a great hall. I mean everyone always kicked kisses the ass of a, the Ravens, but at your Queens seems like perfect spot for him in Baltimore. A J K Dobbins kind of a, Oh my God, him and Lamar Jackson. Yeah. Like it seems like they’re going to be able to do a lot with this draft class. So give me a, give me a B plus for the Ravens.

Speaker 4 (1h 14m 38s): I’m going to give it a B just because, uh, Dobbins there are like, it’s not as obvious to me is a, you know, is equal Elliot or something. But I, I’m with Pat Patrick queen all day, but that’s why he’s not the fourth. I understand that. But I’m saying like, I mean, look as he, uh, um, claret was a bust. I mean, you see what I’m saying? Like you can sit there and make reasons. I think Dobbins is better ready for the pros, but, but I still, I could still see that not working out, but I’m going to back. The queen pick is great.

Speaker 0 (1h 15m 7s): Just so many pics in the third round. I think that this is what a good draft looks like. A lot of high quality, a lot of bullets. A plus stealers didn’t have a first round pick. Gave it up for Minkah Fitzpatrick case Claypool at a Notre Dame or boy Justin montane Eagles fan. He really liked to chase Claypool a receiver there. Canadian bro. Yeah. This McFarland junior pick out like yeah, he a fourth rounder running back at a Maryland. Took uh, Alex Highsmith, ed rush out of Charlotte.

Pretty solid steel Brooks out of Maryland. That’s going to be a pick where he’s going to be productive.

Speaker 4 (1h 15m 47s): Do for the Steelers, uh, Maryland, uh, based off, I don’t know how they only won two games last year cause based off of their, no, they were the 17th most towns, a team based off of recruiting rankings. So just go,

Speaker 0 (1h 15m 59s): they got destroyed a couple of games. Again, not, not enough picks. I obviously acted wins. They love the Minka trade at this point. You know, even though they only have a couple of what, what year or test true.

Speaker 4 (1h 16m 10s): Dang it. Factoring in the Minka then we got to give it a month.

Speaker 0 (1h 16m 13s): I still like don’t love gimme a B. I’m with you. Give me a B straight B’s moving over to, uh, who we and to next here. Final, final, uh, division air Chicago bears took coal commit Notre Dame product tight end. I don’t know. They have like did 10 tight ends on their roster at some point. What’s going on, Colby? You’re just skipping over teams left and right. But how, okay, I missed the DHR lines. I’m sorry to throw you off.

Detroit lions. Colby. Jeff Acuna, Ohio state a cornerback. I lock on the draft props episode under four and a half. Jason

Speaker 4 (1h 16m 53s): draft. And I’m a skeptic because the lines are the ultimate curse. You know what I mean? Like when they took Brian Westbrook, uh, the corner from Texas who was good for like two years and tore his ACL. So he goes down as a bust. Um, they crushed every pick. I love the draft but dude, cause it’s lions. You gotta think you

Speaker 0 (1h 17m 10s): gotta be a little, I’m going to bring it down one gray because it’s the Andrew Swift running back into Georgia and they, and they got loaded up on the interior Johnson and Deandre Swift has the potential to be like the most dynamic backfield in the NFL. Huntley in the fifth round. Dude Stafford can Stafford give them a good year? Cause they might’ve finally put some talent around him. He’ll wait. That’s right. Patricia is still the coach. I still think, you know, maybe draw drawing some controversy here, but give me an a, give me a beat. Just cause it’s the lions and their curse.

This Witwix Swift will tear an ACL which picked you hate. I know, I don’t, I I’m, I’m skeptical about a Kuta like there’s a lot of stuff coming out of a Kuda and he’s a cornerback that didn’t do a lot in the early years and just kind of came on as a senior drafting him that hi Eli Apple scary 2.0 yeah. So I’ll give him a B plus. But the Akuna pic could really submarine this whole draft but it’s another case where it’s like if you’re a lion’s fan, they just like couldn’t wait to get sleigh out of town just to draft the next guy.

It’s like, yeah, at some point you just have to pay a veteran. Now back to the Chicago bears Cole commit, even though they, at one point they had 10 tight ends on the roster. Insane. That, and I like commit, but it just kind of insane. Jalen Johnson, Rebecca Utah jazz fan of this Jalen Johnson kid. Man, I thought he dropped. I thought I hadn’t protected going into the first. Yeah. I may have given him a first round grade as well as, uh, Darnell Mooney at a two lane and you know, like they took some, uh, other corner backs, linemen, uh, yeah, the commit thing really, if he’s your top pick that that kinda throws me off there.

Especially when you have so many goddamn tied in. So cornerback at a Georgia, Georgia Southern has just a great name Kendallville door. Yeah. But they also got Khalil Mack because of this. Right. So we’re factoring that in. This is still Khalila. Yeah. Picks, right? Yeah. Uh, all right, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll give him a B then. That’s crazy. Here’s, there’s still crazy. That’s crazy, right? I mean, look, commit. He shredded the ho. He’s a good player. I think Johnson’s the steel man. What I said when he got picked was coal commit is going to be a fantasy darling.

If Nick foals is the starter. Nicola’s loves the tight end. It was part of the reason I absolutely fell in love with, forget his name now, the Jacksonville tight in this past year. Anyway, I think he’s a player and then like you said, Jalen John’s, I’ll give the bears will be plus. Uh, I’m going to give it a B plus to me. I like the Jalen Johnson picked me, you know, I have to support Ryan’s, but that GM for the bears, he seems like a douchebag. Ryan Pace, not doing anyone any favors. I’m moving over to the Minnesota Vikings. Of course Zimmer had all those animals mounted on the wall and was like just working on crazy dippers so that that could help us pics, man.

Yeah, they have what, like 15 picks here, Justin Jefferson, uh, Jeff Gladney in the first round and they went tackle, uh, took a cornerback at a Mississippi

Speaker 5 (1h 20m 8s): state, couple edge rushers in the fourth to fifth rounders to six rounders

Speaker 2 (1h 20m 14s): or seventh round Nate Staley, who’s the same exact person as Kirk cousins. Hey plus

Speaker 5 (1h 20m 20s): he liked that car. You like that? Love this draft yeah. Yeah. I’m going to give it an a, I was getting it, give it an a, but uh, since Zimmer was dipping on camera, that boosts it up to an a plus 15 pliers. That’s the point of the draft like get as many as possible. Yeah. And I didn’t like Justin Jefferson going to the Eagles, but I think in the Viking system he’s going to be productive. You know, it’ll be good to have opposite of a the and they really hit on guys. I mean, that’s the other thing, like Zimmer is a guy who at this point knows how to draft guys that will fit a system and you got to trust that if he’s taken a guy, it’s going to work.

So yeah, maybe that helps me boost it up. Last team, last team, Oh my God, the green Bay Packers in a receiver heavy draft I hae what I’m giving it an I O incomplete. I’m not going to grade this one for four years. Sean they go Jordan Love in the first round. Kramer. The fact that they didn’t draft a receiver for Aaron Rodgers, we could this be considered a hate crime because it has all the makings of Aaron Rodgers, particularly lifestyle.

Then the management just hates him not to give mercy, but they knew it was going to piss him off and then you throw Jordan loved their number one. If you’re going, and I don’t even think it’s that crazy to draft a quarterback of the future in the higher rounds when you’re trying to help out Aaron Rodgers, but none of these guys are going to help them this year and you have to, when you had the end of this Aaron Rodgers window, find a balance between helping them out and building for the future. This is all building the future eight

Speaker 2 (1h 21m 58s): even the Dillon pickle. I think Dylan has potential to be really good in the NFL, but the running back, yeah, they don’t need it.

Speaker 5 (1h 22m 6s): Really use some help. But maybe we’re wrong. I mean we saw this scoring output of the, of the Packers. To me it felt like more of the chiefs see fence in Madden man. Well

Speaker 2 (1h 22m 16s): I think what we saw was Aaron CPU, Aaron Rodgers fired a chip on his shoulder. But here’s what I’ll say. Blow blew me away that the Packers have not drafted an offensive player since Aaron Rogers in the first round. And I just want like at that, at some point, like the arrogance of laying down, we’re just going to get another second round smartest guy in the room and these fucking egg heads are ruining football. What? They’re just but to just six and and and it was a John runner got drafted in the six round by the Packers.

Sean give him, I just upgraded them from a D to a C. my figured you would appreciate that. I think they got some good players. I just, what are you, do you ha you have one of the best core? I get it. You’re, you’re gonna address your weaknesses are I get it. You know Alex Smith coming off an MVP caliber season when they drafted patcher went homes. Okay. Yes. Alex Smith and Aaron Rogers will forever be joined at the hip because they were drafted together in 2006.

But get the fuck outta here. Alex Smith may never use this leg again. You got to the co did they get to the conference championship? Yeah. Yeah. It was them versus the 40 Niners the God damn super bowl. They were 13 and three. They’re right on the edge. We’re a publicly held company, so we’re just trying to maintain stockholder value going forward for a nice five. This man in the first three picks when it’s all said and done, I think, yeah, I think all three will be good. F um, but you’re right, you get, I’m not going to give it an F because I think all three will be good.

I’ll go see minus. I’ll go see, because you didn’t have to dress up your team. I’m going deep. Plus sees too, because we’re gonna, we’re gonna talk, we’re going to be in the playoffs next year. God, God willing and a that we have a season. And uh, for a secondary, I think you said we meet and you’re talking about the giants. And I was like, what the fuck? And we’re going to be talking about how it would be really nice if the Packers had another quarterback or a pass rusher and they don’t and but they do have Jordan Love.

So Hey Jay Dillon too. You know when they have that a 80 yard hail Mary, uh, when they just had their quarterback just doesn’t have no, they have ever fucking Rogers. He can throw it on or yards in the air like what’s going on? All right, Jesus.

Speaker 3 (1h 24m 33s): Props are a lot of, lot of, lot of grades. And now you know what, who gets an a plus? We do for coming up with Madden mayhem kicking off Thursday, this Thursday, April 30th, get your bracket in before the first game kicking off at 5:00 PM. All you gotta do is have a account. He’s a promo-code SGP. Fill out your bracket for a chance at over $10,000 in MyBookie credits. First place, a thousand second 500 3,302 5,200 101st place to 150 place.

We’ll get $25 MyBookie credit. So tons of opportunity. Do they get

Speaker 2 (1h 25m 16s): paid? Kramer, walk us through this a sweet bracket graphic you got here. I’ve put the work in Sean we have a, I know a lot of people have been wondering how were you going to see the teams? What are you going to do? Well after uh, juggling multiple options. We have felt a lot like the college football playoff here. Like really just inventing fire and the wheel all at the same time. We as the committee decided what better way to celebrate the NFL and these CPU athletes than having pure good old fashioned division division first rivalries.

UpTop so what we did is essentially the first two rounds of this tournament and you know, Hey college football guys, feel free to copy this if you want. I won’t tell anyone. You guys can take credit and have your fucking dr pepper commercials. But what we decided was we’re going to have division on division crime. All fo all eight divisions seated one through four, the ones he’s going to take it on the four seed, the two seeds going to take on the three seed.

The higher seed will be at home. So for example, opening night Madden mayhem we’re going to see the a F C West starting with the Kansas city chiefs. Ho hosting the Los Angeles chargers. Oh my goodness. Super. Could we have an upset and then the nightcap we’ll be, uh, we’ll, we’ll see. The Oakland Raiders will head to Denver to take on the CPU Bronson. Great game. The best rivalry. So not the best, but that is, that is night one.

How do you want me to do this? Sean I can quick ramble off how, how the games are going to be coming out. Uh, basically we’re going to be taken from that point. We’re doing two games tonight. As Sean pointed out, we’re doing a 5:00 PM Pacific, 8:00 PM East coast game. And then we’re going to do the nightcap, which has 7:00 PM Pacific, 10 o’clock on the East coast. Night two will be the NFC South having the Buck’s head to the Falcons Panthers head to the saints night, three Saturday night dolphins, head to the Patriots.

That’s an intriguing one. He’s got there. It could be the debut for two or we don’t know who will be strapping it in for new England. Meanwhile, your jets, Colby, Dan, they will head to Buffalo. Bayou is a battle for New York having filled out my bracket, but I think Buffalo could make a little bit of a run. Uh, then the final night of the first weekend, Sunday night we have the NFC North where the Detroit lions will head to green Bay to take on the bitter CTU. Aaron Rodgers. We made the right choice Kramer and doing these division match-ups to see too, because every one of these games has storylines built right in Chicago heading to Minnesota for the nightcap.

That’s the first half of the first round. The second half of the first round will be the following weekend. Starting Thursday May 7th with the Colts heading to Tennessee, Philip Rivers having to take on Ryan Tannehill. There is so much CPU drama, potentially the Colts have some reinforcements coming via the draft Sean. Of course, our games, unlike the games you watch over on the competitor’s livestream, unlike the games you watch on the MyBookie live streams, we will have updated rosters with draft picks.

Friday May 8th we’ll have the Los Angeles Rams heading to Seattle to take on Russell. Meanwhile, the San Francisco 49 ERs, we’ll host Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals in the nightcap. Deandre Hopkins debut in the Cardinals uniform. Sean the night we’ve been, we will be waiting for the much anticipated Saturday night. NFC East battles Wolf, first up, Washington heads to Philly. Oh man, that’s going to be great and that could be an absolute blood bath.

And then the nightcap, the New York giants heading to a familiar place, big D, go home and get your fucking shit out of that. You just listed like 30 games and the only one that would be a Thursday night game in the NFL is the, is the Niners Cardinals. I feel like Jacksonville, Houston, the debut of Deandre Hopkins in that. True. That’s true with Kyler. And they actually were I think, uh, one of the Thursday night games, the Cardinals of all the teams play and tied them. Tough, covered both games.

And then the final game of the final night of the first round, the AFC North Cleveland heads, the Pittsburgh great go rematch of the whatever we were calling it. When Myles Garrett tried to murder, we were on a flight to Myles. Garrett will be there. We have it affirmation, I believe this place. Myles Garrett helmet. He got off his murder charges. Will there be any racial slurs? No, of course not. This is a computer. The CPU kids don’t do that. And the final game of the first round Cincinnati Joe burrow, Joey be, they had a Baltimore, they had the Baltimore to take on Lamar Jackson, fun first game for the Ravens.

Baptism by fire for the first overall pick. That’s a lot of games. And then from that point, obviously, uh, you know, the two winners will advance to play each other in the sweet 16 the following weekend. And then the weekend after that we’re going to have the AFC East champ take on the AFC West champ, the NFC North champ, take on the NFC South champ all the way on down NFC East versus NFC West and AFC North versus beautiful AFC South. It really is, uh, all the way down to a super Superbowl. So I don’t know, I mean I, I’ve been staring at the bracket.

I got to do some more work. Who’s performing? I have to have a super bowl and we don’t know that yet. We did do a preview game, Colby. You can do some standard Dave Matthews. We did. We did do a preview game. We know the games are going to be about an hour and a half. We know the games are going to be on every night. Like we said, we know that there’s going to be bending over at MyBookie and the prop bets. And if you, if you, uh, we know there’s going to be, we think there’s going to be like first TD type props. There’s definitely gonna be odd. Even going to be team total’s going to be half time. Davante Adams first touchdown, uh, plus 700 hit in that Madden SIM, the preview game, which was, I mean, just to see like a plus 700.

Hey him right in front of your face is awesome. It’s just got a stimulus check in the mail. I’ll go spend the thing, you know, the economy, this economy to work and shout out to Jake Paquin a listener to the show and he hooked it up with some, a sweet ass Madden mayhem graphics. So the graphics you see over on the page sports gave my back of course, get your bracket in. Only only thing you have to do is, uh, you got a computer, you’ve got an account over my bookie. Dot. Ag are good to go enter and Sean we expect there to be futures.

Yes, we expect there to be numbers for first round games up in the near like you’re listening to this probably on, on Monday. I think these numbers could be up as early as Monday night and and uh, yeah, I’m, I’m excited to see what else they dropped. I’ve also heard that once we get down to the sweet 16 we could have a get back additional Ooh contests. Nice. Stay tuned for that. That could be pretty awesome. Kramer, you’ve, you are the King of the Sims.

Oh boy. What a, any, any, anyone not be producing any sort of SIM data on this bullshit. I’m sharing the goddamn roster. I’m going to share a link to his Twitter page if you want to ask him. God damn questions. You go talk to them. All right, but you fully outsourcing this, uh, what’s that? Sean well, you’ve seen more Madden Sims. I’ve seen more Madden Sims than you. We will have porch clock management. That’s something we experimented with the New York jets. I didn’t know if that was, if that was just because the chiefs were playing or if that was so similar to D gen madness where we saw some teams foul a little earlier than others.

It seems to be something with the logic. Now I, I’ve to someone’s point, I think someone commented this, I haven’t seen anyone spike the ball yet in the first half, the second half. I don’t know if I’ve seen spiking, but I’ve seen at least hurry up offense. So we’ll see. I mean, again, at the end of the day, uh, the, the, uh, some of the schematics here were designed by the bookmaker because they’re the ones handicapping this. So it will be 15 minute quarters. Like I said, the game will take about an hour and a half, uh, as, as after doing the first game, calling it, I don’t know, I don’t want to speak for Sean or Colby, but I’ll say it was pretty intense, fast paced action.

You know, I toyed around with some ways to make it a little bit more real feeling with replays and stuff. But then we’re talking close to three hours a day and I think it’s going to be mint. I think people are going to love it as high casts are meant for three hours, not video. Guys. Someone told me as we’re doing a 90 minute show right now, as someone told me, this shit is making me wet bro. So I’ll leave you with that. There you go. Perfect. Way to go out again for participating in the sports together and podcast. Sign up for Madden mayhem sports gave my subscribe to the college experience on Apple iTunes podcast, Spotify, wherever podcasts, download podcast podcasts.

Just fine it right you can you, you know how to, you know, a computer works. Get Colby has some subscriptions. Stack that up and uh, yeah. Thank you guys for support your local businesses, right? Yeah. Seriously. We’re a small business. We could use your help. Spread the word about DJ and madness. Any, uh, don’t spread anything else but spread the word about you not spread coven 19. And actually I didn’t mayhem is what Sean meant to say. What did I say? DJ madness. Here’s the thing. Madden mayhem whoever has the best social media posts between now and kickoff about Madden mayhem about Madden may.

What should it include? Anything that

Speaker 0 (1h 34m 58s): hashtag Madden mayhem either on Twitter or Instagram. We’ll get $100 and it’s sports gambling podcast hoodie of their choice. Dang. Can I make it a little bit more intriguing? Sure. Cause I know you want to give away $100 what if we made it $10 per touchdown? Opening night of DJ. Of of Malcolm. Okay. All right. That’s fun. So you qualify for the toast down or one game.

I feel like it’s hard to, hard to do multiple contests and nights and we’ll just make it a single night thing, right? Yeah, that’s fine. Or do we have two winners? One for the early game, one for the late game. It’s Sean an eye on the side. Yes. One winner touched you. Enter into the touchdown pool. Pissed. He just wanted to give out $100. Then you got to like the M the guy and they’re like, Oh, I don’t have PayPal. What’s your Venmo code? And then I’ve got to reset the Venmo code trying to drink a glass of whiskey. It’s like, fuck you. It’s a huge pain. John loves the reset passwords, by the way, pulling back the curtain.

Kramer. It’s a security issue. Anyway, best social media posts using the hashtag Madden may ham. We’ll enter you into the TD pot on opening night. $10 per touchdown that Thursday. It’s just that easy. Thank you guys. As always, we’re participating in this sports gambling podcast and for this one is gambling podcast. I’m Sean stack in the money green and he has Ryan. Oh Ry

Speaker 1 (1h 36m 25s): Kramer. Let it ride.

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