UFC $49 Risk Free Saturday Gambling Preview – MMA Simulation

I have to admit I’m not used to this new world we’re living in. When I was asked to do a preview of the UFC fight card this Saturday night, I thought editor McKee had gone crazy (crazier?) – everyone knows that UFC 249 got cancelled, just like every other sporting event in the world.

Then he clued me in – it’s simulated fights that are going down on Saturday, run by MyBookie and – no surprise – you can bet on them. And it’s not UFC 249 – it’s UFC $49.

Here’s the scoop from My Bookie.

Fight Preview:

While the full fight card hasn’t been announced yet, we do know at least that Andrade and Namajunas will be having their much anticipated rematch (well, at least a virtual rematch).

In their first encounter at UFC 237 last May, former champ Namajunas looked perhaps the best she has ever looked in a fight. The thought going in was that Andrade would have the strength on the feet (as well as the physical strength edge), but that wasn’t the case as the champ Namajunas was lighting her up.

That is, for the first seven minutes or so of the fight, before she got herself knocked out via a vicious slam. This can truly be chalked up as a tactical mistake on her behalf, which her virtual self probably won’t allow to happen. Go with virtual Thug Rose in this one.

Next Big SIM Event: UFC$49 – Saturday, April 18th, 2020

Mybookie is hosting a UFC3 card for the ages with over 22 bouts on this SIM Card. Dubbed UFC$49, for the simple reason you can make a risk-free wager of $49 on the main event between Rose Namajunas vs Jessica Andrade. Win/win event for players, if you lose you win up to $49 cashback, if you win you win you simply win your wager.

  1. Bet the Winner of Rose Namajunas vs Jessica Andrade April 18th, 10:05 PM ET.
  2. Your First Cash Bet Qualifies. Pre-match fight winner. Straight wagers only.
  3. Winning bets win, all other outcomes will be credited back within 1 hour of the fight ending.
  4. A maximum of $49 will be refunded as cash.
  5. 1x Rollover on refunded bets.

Lines for this fight available Saturday, April 18th.

A Bet You Can Only Win. Your first wager up to $49 on the winner of Rose Namajunas vs Jessica Andrade either wins or is returned to you as cash with a 1x Rollover.
Undercard and Classic: 3 rounds, Legendary Setting, Clock Speed: Accelerated, Stand And Bang Mode.
Title: 5 Rounds, Legendary Setting, Clock Speed: Accelerated, Stand And Bang Mode.
Not all fighters are created equal. Before the fight a “handicap” is put on the fighter that is favored to win. The favored fighter is given a negative handicap and the underdog is given a positive handicap.
The handicap is based on a $100 Win (Favorite) or $100 Wager (Underdog)
Fighter 1 is -150 – you need to bet $150 to win $100
Fighter 2 is +150 – If you bet $100 you will win $150
There will be no action. All wagers will be returned.
If you lose your bet and it is credited as cash, you will need to bet that amount 1x before you can withdraw.


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