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The guys welcome on former Arizona Cardinals, Denver Broncos & Arizona State QB Jake Plummer (@SnakesTakes). The crew talk about the excitement surrounding ASU QB Jayden Daniels, the toughest stadium to play in as a QB and his Handball Dream Team. Plus Jake talks about his tech startup ReadyListSports a highly interactive web-based playbook and coaching tool. The guys also discuss their next #DegenMadness tournament a NFL bracket simulated on Madden.

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Speaker 1 (1m 27s): Get penetration. We’ll get your fucking shot.

Speaker 2 (1m 54s): Welcome

Speaker 0 (1m 54s): everyone to the sports gambling podcasts. I’m Sean stacking that money green with my partner and picks, right. Real money. Kramer, what’s happening? Crime dog. Good day mate today mate. Still engaged. Still going crazy, Sean, but you’re checking in. You’re losing a little bit, but Hey, that’s all right. It’s been 24 hours since you’ve last heard from me. Maybe less. I guess you probably just watch degenmadness well or maybe, maybe this is a, we don’t know exactly when this is going to be put out, but whatever night it is Degen madness we’ll be having in tonight and joining us.

The third man in this booth, Ryan Mackey, what’s happening guys? I forgot your what was a rich fat, maybe Ryan Rich fed baby McKee and my wife calls me that all the time now, host of the MBA odds. NBA pod just dropped a crossover pod. Really carrying the sports gambling podcast network right now. Yeah, just slinging content. Don’t have a lot going on. So I’ve been cranking out the podcast in the podcast and I gotta be honest, I’ve, I’ve consumed a lot more odd spot in the past since quarantines happens.

So perfect time to be appreciative of the content. Well, and the good thing right now is all the NBA content is evergreen because, uh, the games are on hold. But uh, still a lot of, still a lot of fun NBA discussions to be had. You just did a crossover podcast with a Colby Dan talk in an NC. Nick, I was very proud that I was able to get them on Skype. Them technically sat up and uh, uh, yeah, we talked all about the, the odds for the top NBA picks coming up.

Do, don’t sell yourself short. That is a phenomenal, I know disrespect NC Nick, I don’t know him at all, but if he, he’s related at all to the database, he needs a couple upgrades when it comes to technology. The fact that you got Colby on Skype is Colby is old school man. He doesn’t, he doesn’t, he doesn’t do these new fangled computers, which is ironic because his nickname is the database really brings that nickname to the next level. But I like how the, his sound effect sounds like a very old computer yet to us.

It sounds like a computer. He would actually still use it’s from um, vacuum tubes and shit. Yeah. What’s the, uh, Oh my God, it’s, it’s from the game show. Press your luck. Yeah, no worries. No whammies no whammies exactly. And it started in 1984 or 83 to 1995. So it’s definitely a show that Colby probably looks back on with fondness. the 70s and eighties were definitely the bebop computer era. I’m a computer, I’m working. All right. We got a, we got an awesome interview with Jake, the snake Plummer coming up here in a second.

I know this is weird how the interview came about because mutual friend of me and rod McKee, Ryan McKee and I, Ryan Makiah and I thank you. Live framer updates. Shout out to Ron Babcock who’s not listening to this because he only cares about soccer. He’s not a real sports fan. So he reached out to me and said, Hey, I want to get our buddy Makia cameo. Who do you think I should pick? And so I went on to cameo. Again, this is not a plug for Kamia, but, uh, we’re, we got the Wayne Gallman cameo.

There’s been some good ones over the years. It’s my boy, a real money. Kramer. I gotta pull that classic cameo is a fun, if you’re looking to have fun right now, just get celebrities to do random shit for your friends. Oh, we gotta put ourselves on camera. Oh yeah. What would, what would we charge for a cameo? I dunno. I mean, it has to be something reasonable. I mean, I looked up Jake Palmer, it was around $75. So it’s probably gotta be less than $75. We’re not, we’re not, we don’t put up Jake the snake numbers. So yeah. He said, who should we pick? I threw an Arizona Cardinals and Jake, the snake Plummer came up.

He’s also an ASU guy. I’m like, perfect for a Makiah. I went to ASU big, uh, you know, from Arizona big Cardinals fan. So there could be nobody more perfect than Jake the snake. And that’s for maybe Larry Fitzgerald. It’s not there, but I don’t think he’s cameos. Not yet. Not yet. Still. Did you also go to the university of Phoenix? I heard he just graduated. Finally. He did. They updated the commercials. Larry Fitz graduate, Larry Fitzgerald just ripped my heart out in college. I’m sure when he bird, I’m sure when he promised his mom that he would finish college before she passed away.

That’s exactly what she thought of the university of Phoenix. She was hoping he would go back to Pittsburgh, but instead he just was like, I’ll knock out these online classes and get a personal endorsement. It’s insane to me that a dude who was in college when I was in college is still playing wide receiver in the NFL and also still in college. Just got out. So congrats to Larry Fitzgerald J for though real bad, real bad ass. Awesome dude on cameo. Awesome interview.

Looking forward to you guys here in it. Before we get to the Jake interview. Got to give a quick shout out to my bookie, daddy G of course, presenting sponsor of the podcast and you’re home for Dejan. Madness game lines are up, totals are up, prop bets are up, future bets are up. Odd even point totals. Odds continue to dominate. Dogs continue to dominate so many hilarious trends, but again, tune in Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. Stream in two games at night, nine o’clock East or the early game, 10 o’clock East for the late game.

And of course, go to MyBookie. Daddy G gets signed up. Their exclusive Homa degenmadness he’s a promo code SGP to play winning. Get paid up to $1,000 in bonus bets. Joining us on the line, former NFL quarterback, former Arizona state quarterback, Jake the snake Plummer Jake thanks for calling in man. Appreciate it.

Speaker 4 (7m 47s): Of course, man. Preciate you guys, uh, taking my call.

Speaker 0 (7m 51s): Yeah. Hi. How are you doing so far? I know you’re a huge sports fan as well. What do you, what are you doing in these sports lists times?

Speaker 4 (7m 59s): You know, it’s funny you say that. I mean, I’m a big fan of sports. Um, I had not necessarily a fan of spending my day watching sports on TV. Um, you know, I just feel like with three kids all under the age of 10 and my own like old body trying to keep fit in shape and do good things and stay proactive that way. Um, to work when I can. I’ve got a business that I’m a tech startup, I’m part owner of. So, you know, I take time to do that.

A ride my bike, get outside, you know, I don’t have a ton of time left over to watch a whole lot of sports, but when football season comes around, I do watch the Cardinals Broncos and ASU and, uh, I make sure that I watched a shoe game and that’s the real team that I still root wholeheartedly for other, other than that, I just, uh, watch the game when I can. Yeah. I mean, I gotta say, uh, didn’t Daniels is my, uh,

Speaker 0 (8m 56s): the most exciting quarterback I think A.S.U. Has had since you, what do you take on Jayden Daniels

Speaker 4 (9m 2s): exciting. He’s definitely, uh, you know, this year was fun to watch him play his ability at times to step up. He was, he was really clutch. So for me, that’s what I really like to see more than anything was, you know, when there was a time when he needed to make a play numerous times this year, uh, in some big moments he stepped up and either made a beautiful throw or scrambled for a, a big score. And you know, he’s got kinda, you know, the ice in his veins doesn’t really get overwhelmed by the situation at hand.

You know, it’s gotta be why her Herm told me even before they sign this kid that he’s going to be pretty special. And then he heard me, he even told me before they, uh, before they made the decision and went through that process, he’s like, this kid’s going to start, he’s got something special. So it comes from the head, man. Herb was real mellow, real chill, just get your work done and know everything plays out, you know, the way it’s supposed to. And I think Jayden has an embodied that as the leader, that team, and that’s one thing I love about him is he’s, he’s, he’s six, two, 174 pounds and everybody said, you’ve got to get bigger.

Who’s going to get bigger as I give me a break, man, when I got dish, you guess how big I was? Guests, it’s not too hard to guess. Six to one 74 exactly to the pound the kids. Got it. Yeah man. It doesn’t matter what you got. If you’ve got 190 pounds or 230 if you got heart and you can make it happen, you’re going to have a chance.

Speaker 0 (10m 27s): And he seems like the tr the perfect type of quarterback for today’s game and where are the NFL is going?

Speaker 4 (10m 34s): Yeah, I mean as he grows in and fills out, you know, he’s going to end up looking like more of the prototypical QB that, that today’s game is looking for. That guy that can really make guys mu miss in the pocket, can get out of the pocket, can stand there and make every throw from the pocket. Um, a real high level athlete, you know, I think you could throw a basketball at him and challenge him to a game of one-on-one and you can see right away that, you know, he’s an athlete or throw a baseball Mitt Adam, he’d be able to put it on and probably turn a double play. I mean that’s the, that’s what I like to see in this quarterback movement is that they’re getting more guys that are just super duper athletes that are being allowed to play a kind of an athletic style, recent S kind of game once in a while or you just make things happen.

Speaker 0 (11m 18s): Now was, you said you’re still a big Arizona state fan, obviously Cardinal’s fan Broncos Ben was that senior year at Arizona state? Was that your favorite year of football? You guys, uh, went undefeated in the regular season pack 10 title Rosebowl appearance. What was, what was your favorite year between college and pro?

Speaker 4 (11m 37s): Well, I’m glad you said college and pro cause I was about to go to my junior year when we won the state title in Idaho. And uh, you know, for me it was like, that was the first real big championship I’d ever won, you know, besides the little league championship. And so, you know, it, it gets bigger the further you get. So, uh, at my whole career, you know, it’s hard to say what, what games were games where the best or the most memorable and which ones, I would say we’re not favorite, but you know, there was a lot of, yeah, man, that 96 season was full, some amazing gains.

That was one of my favorite years just because of the style of play. And then 98 with the Cardinals was something special because we were kind of written off

Speaker 0 (12m 18s): the Cowboys in the playoffs as an Eagles fan. I love that man. We love that here on the sports gambling podcast

Speaker 4 (12m 23s): so of course you do. The big thing about that, and I like to tell people is this, this is, I don’t have any Superbowl rings on my fingers, but the, the, the, the size and the grant, the, the, the, the actual weight of that game that we won when we beat Dallas for the first playoff victory in 50 years for that organization and the time that it happened and when it needed to happen, it was almost like winning the Superbowl because Cardinals let’s face it. I mean they’ve been there once but they hadn’t done much.

So it’s tough to say. Yeah, we beat Dallas and got beat by Minnesota. That was a hell of a year. And just because of the style of it, you know, we had numerous come from behind victories and when you, when you have a season like that and you win and it just imprints on your brain. And those memories are so strong because they were so much fun and filled the tanks and wonder and like craziness. And then you win. And it’s so exalting, so much fun and similar to ASU. And we, you know, went on that winning streak and had the few games we came from behind and find style and, and, you know, kept that said, you know, F-you to the nonbelievers and kept believing in each other.

Speaker 0 (13m 32s): Yeah. I mean, I was, uh, I was at ASU during that 98 season for the Cardinals and you know, I grew up in Arizona when the Cardinals came, I was so excited. We finally had a football team and then it was just real sadness. So when you, when you won that playoff game, it kind of reminds me of like the film major league, when they beat, they beat the Yankees. It’s almost, it’s not a regret, it’s not the world series. It’s just winning the playoff game. But we all treated it like it was a, the super book I remember as a giants fan, I remember we beat the crap out of the Cardinals every year.

Everyone forgets they were in the NFC East with the Eagles, with the giants. So yeah, it was just like they were a doormat for the longest time. And I, I do remember when Jake got to the team it was like, Oh, this is interesting. Yeah,

Speaker 4 (14m 18s): yeah. Jake does that play in, in New York? Man, it was so fun to play in New York because the fans just, we’ll go and they’d go crazy. And she had to get through that first series, which was usually a three and out because stray ham would just be, I don’t know what he’s, he was running on, but he’d come around that corner. I mean, maybe be just coming after you Armstead all those dudes, they were free. They were crazy. It’s so loud. But I love playing in the Meadowlands and then that was fun.

Speaker 0 (14m 40s): Now, what, what was the most intimidating stadium or environment to go to as an owner?

Speaker 4 (14m 45s): A way quarterback? Uh, man, uh, you know, the hardest place to play. I would say. It wasn’t that it was intimidating. It just that it, it was so loud was Kansas city. Um, and the fact that I don’t think I haven’t, I didn’t win one game against the Kansas city chiefs in Arrowhead my whole career.

Speaker 0 (15m 9s): You were 40 and 18 is a starter in Denver and that’s,

Speaker 4 (15m 12s): yeah, yeah, yeah. Scenario head numerous times. A hard place to play. And they’re loud. They don’t stop being loud. Even if it’s a incompletion, they just keep yelling. So that was a tough place to play. Intimidating but fun and always like a site was, you know, the pit in, in Oakland, uh, one of the best places to play. Man. One of the best places to come in and just see all the characters, the black hole. Yeah, man, it was amazing to go in there and uh, see the characters in that crowd and even see like nice, nice, pleasant looking old ladies and look like grandma’s, you know, you give him a wave, very warm ups and they voted the bird at gen tossed some nice, a nice compliment your way.

Like you’re a such and such this or that. You know, like that was a wild place to play. But I was never too intimidated. I mean, you know, the fans, as long as they stayed back in the stands, I was all right. But, uh, yeah, man, the metal lands were always tough to play. Philly was fun to play at because the fans, they were real fans. I mean, they really, they were rooted against you and said some vile, nasty stuff. And if you were a baller, you could sense their respect, like, yeah, man. All right. Like, I like you all right. If you were here, I’d like you, but know, those are the kinds of fans I really liked that were, they were nasty, but they respected your game if you had game.

Speaker 0 (16m 31s): Well, that’s interesting. You, you mentioned, uh, the Raiders because I know you got your nickname, the snake kind of as a tribute to Jake, the snake Roberts, and he got the name the snake kind of as an homage to Ken Stabler. Is that correct? Correct.

Speaker 4 (16m 46s): Well, I don’t know where Jake the snake Roberts got his nickname, but the DDT was a nasty move. Uh, I, I will tell you this though, that I, that’s happened before where people think that my nickname came from Jake the snake Roberts. I was, I watched the, you know, the wrestling growing up, you know, rowdy, rowdy Roddy Piper and the, the, all that good stuff, the Bolsheviks and the road warriors and all that. But my nickname came from it. Got him, basically came to be from my brothers.

They called me snake, uh, as I was real skinny and quick around around. But then when I read that, uh, Kenny Stabler book in about seventh or eighth grade, um, you know, then it was like, yeah, kind of the snake. I kind of liked that. I liked his style. I liked the way he approached the game. And you know, the sad thing about that is, is I don’t think we’re going to ever see another athlete like that in our environment we live in because for him and the things he did and the thing, I mean, the things he did would get, Peyton Manning would have been run out of town if he’d come back, dropped off in a, the morning of the AFC championship game.

He comes out of the limo, walks into the locker room. Like that would not float in today’s world of the hyper vigilant Twitter and texter. And everybody’s an armchair quarterback. And it’s sad because guys like Bernie Kosar who didn’t have the technique, he would even written out of the, even the opportunity to go to the draft because he didn’t take a proper three-step drop or have the right arm angle or look like the part that everybody thought, you know. And so I, I miss those times, but reading that book, that’s where I got snake and my name, uh, it rhymes with Jake and what it was.

I was skinny and quick and I can, I was pretty elusive, so, you know, it was a good nickname.

Speaker 5 (18m 32s): So, uh, I got to ask, even though you never played a game for Tampa Bay, you’d still technically retired in Tampa Bay, uh, or as a Tampa Bay buck. Is Tom Brady con copying you, hitting his career and type of day?

Speaker 4 (18m 49s): Yeah, probably not. But you know, I retired a Denver Bronco. Uh, they’ve traded my rights than case. I learned to come back to the, to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and you know, the NFL is a business. So Tampa Bay gave a six round pick for me to, to Shanahan who I told on the phone I was done. I’m not going anywhere to play. I’m done playing football. I will not play anymore football. I told him that and when I make a decision I stick to it. Well he traded me anyway, so I actually had to, the Buccaneers knew that if I came great, they had a chance to have their quarterback goon wanting to be bad, you know, he was gay.

I wanted to put me in there. And uh, if I go, they get their quarterback, if I don’t go, they could collect the three and a half million that was still owed to me by the Broncos and the mr Bole and wasn’t collecting on. So it was a money grab or player grab. It was just a nasty business of the NFL. And I told them face to face, I’m done playing ball. I don’t want to play it. They still, you know, they took that money that wasn’t theirs and mr Boland’s, but that’s, that’s the story there. So I’m not anything like Tom Brady’s, he’s, he’s not trying to copy me.

He only, you know, uh, wishes he could have beat me a couple more times and we played against each other. But uh, Oh like that, if he does know what he’s doing, you know, I think he should retire to be honest. I think you should just say I’m done and then we’d all be just fine with that.

Speaker 5 (20m 8s): If he retires and starts playing handball will you challenge him?

Speaker 4 (20m 13s): Yes. I would actually bet him a moon dollars and beat me in handball for the rest of his life.

Speaker 0 (20m 19s): Oh no. Now you got into, uh, I know you like a, at a pretty successful career post NFL in handball. Was that something you’re into, like while you’re playing the NFL or did you get into it after the fact?

Speaker 4 (20m 33s): That’s one of the first games I ever played. I mean, just throwing a ball around the court and then I started playing organized sports. Uh, you know, I’d always play handball with my dad and my brothers. Whenever we get around once in a while or flying a ball and a wall, we just start playing handball against it. So through high school played quite a bit, not a ton, but whenever, you know, go play with my brother who was really the handball player, the family, he, he made the elite eight and the collegiates and uh, he could have been a pro. How do you have the time and the money to travel around and go to tournaments. But I played and I really attribute a lot of my longevity and ability to, um, you know, play without getting hurt and have spatial awareness, mental toughness, quickness, arm strength.

You know, handball is, it hones both sides of your body. You gotta use your weak side. It’s, it’s really the best sport in the world. I didn’t get any athlete that, that, uh, does it at least look into play in it. You know, you’re shorting yourself cause it’s great for cross training and just, it’s a challenge. So it’s something fun to do that really kicks your ass. But it’s not the same thing you’re usually doing, you know, catching fly balls and you know, running, running and throwing the football repetitively. It’s a good sport to mix in if you’re a focused on one. And so I, I play all the way through college all the way, even in the NFL, uh, not seasons.

I get done and I’d go start playing a little bit and then go play in some tournaments back in Idaho and then come back the spring camp and I’d, I’d be good. My lungs will be good. I’d be ready to go. I’d be in great shape. And the handball have you had to steal something? I played. If you had to put together like a handball dream team of professional athletes out there, who would you select? Like, Oh, what kind of skill set do you think would translate to the handball court? LeBron James seems like an obvious guy, but I don’t know. I’m not as in it. Not as experienced in handball.

Yeah, he’s so explosive. You know, he’s just so two moves and he’d just be through the wall because he’s so big and strong fast. But if I just think back to guys that I played with or no, I’d say Frank Sanders would’ve been an amazing handball player. Phenomenal ball. Um, Larry centers, uh, doesn’t know it, but he could pick up a handball and in two minutes would be like, Oh my God, this guy’s amazing cause he’s just had hands, right. It’s, you’ve gotta have great hand eye coordination to play the game and then you gotta be able to move.

And those two would have been fun to play with. And then name anyone in my quarterbacks that I played with. I mean Braley van pelt, Danny Condell, uh, Dave Brown, you know that they all would have been good too. Cause we’re quarterbacks.

Speaker 5 (23m 4s): Okay. So in preparation for this interview, I was reading an old sports illustrated profile on you talking about your handball and it, and the writers said that, uh, your pregame routine was to pop a bunch of spearmint gum and bud light. And you said it looks nasty, but it really wakes me up. Is that true? And does it work?

Speaker 4 (23m 27s): I’d done that before. You know, I totally take the edge off with a beer and then throw in a little bit of gums. You don’t have that nasty beer beer tastes in your mouth plan. Handball but what I started doing after that was mixing some Gatorade with some beer and people thought I was crazy. But there’s an entire country, I mean Germany in Germany, you know, they, they actually do that. They mix their eliminated with their beer because it hydrates you and gives you that the carbs and it’s a great way to make it through the day when you’re out there farming and all that. And I have a day, that’s when they started doing that.

So yeah, I, I’ll do wacky stuff more. They’re more or less, it’s a keep my mind off of blah blah, off of what I’m about to go do. You know, cause handballs usually if you’re playing singles it’s man versus man, it’s gladiator gear in there. Just you and that opponent and a ball and four walls. Or are you walls if you’re outside and one wall if you’re in New York city. So it’s a, it’s a Beasley game. It’s fun. It’s, it’s a X game style. Uh, and, and the, the guys that play it are, are, you know, they range from lawyers all the way to construction workers and you’d never judge a book by its cover.

And the game of handball I’ve started to get your ass kicked

Speaker 0 (24m 34s): overlooking your opponent was like, Oh, this guy’s just some high priced wall street guy. Meanwhile dominates

Speaker 4 (24m 41s): go, Oh yeah, you look at him, he’s kinda got a beer belly and wearing glasses and you know, just looks like there’s nothing real special about him. Cause I mean, I’ve been in locker rooms and played against dudes that look like they could be gladiators. Right? So you step into a handball court and all of a sudden this flat-footed dude that walks with a little GIP is whooping your ass. Start respecting everybody.

Speaker 0 (25m 3s): Well, uh, I, I know, um, I, I read, uh, something where you said you had been taking CBD, um, it to help you kind of like post recovery from your football career, dealing with whatever ailments. I know you’re a big advocate for medical marijuana instead of opiates and that kind of stuff. We just had Al Harrington on a few weeks ago who started his own cannabis company, former NBA guy. Uh, what, what’s your kind of involvement right now with advocating for medical marijuana and using that in recovery

Speaker 4 (25m 32s): sports world? Yeah. You know, I, I got into that, um, you know, I grew up in Idaho with some pretty open minded parents, family. So I was w parents I knew full well, you know, that marijuana did it make you stupid and it didn’t mean you were going to go dive into like shooting up heroin and doing all that stuff and become a criminal. You know what I mean? I, I knew enough people that were high level thinkers and great friends and some family that were just great people that used it.

And it never dawned on me tell, you know, post career that it was not something to take to go to a concert or go take and go, you know, go to a party or use as an enhancer for anything other than when I, uh, got out of the league and, and was using it during some surgeries, uh, using medical, just to ease the pain and just sitting there with after my hip surgeries with nothing to do and just like my goodness, I’m driving myself crazy. And uh, it really helped. And then when hemp oil and the Charlotte’s web, uh, you know, they, they came into the picture with the former athletes trying to bring light to all of the CTE and the TBI and the brain caused by football and just the guys that were strung out on opioids and we’re searching for pain relief.

When I started taking this stuff, I, I w I noticed a change in a significant change through the winter where it didn’t bother me. My wrists were achy, my back didn’t hurt. I didn’t start drilling into a little ball cause it was cold. I didn’t, I didn’t do that. I have a lot less inflammation. I was sitting down on the floor with my kids playing with Legos and I’d pop up and run and run off and I’m like, wow. I used to have to take a few steps of creaky, like, Oh my knees and you know, it’s gone. That’s gone now.

I don’t even feel that anymore and there’s something about it that you know, our human bodies have endocannabinoid system in them. That’s the largest regulatory system in your body. When I got into this and we started helping these athletes about four years ago, I really learned a lot. I didn’t just dive in and start touting some product so I could get paid 200 grand, which sad to say, a lot of athletes are doing it in that right now. I was taking it and knowing full well like, Holy shit, this just changed my life.

Like I feel good. I can run now without the inflammation in my ankles or my hips. Now. Stuff would fall out of whack once in a while. But as I’ve progressed through my, you know, the way I use the medication, the medicine, the John made the herb for man and both hemp form and marijuana form, it’s really what the right mix allowed me. Um, you know, physical freedom. Again, I can run and jump and bike and chase my kids and do, do all kinds of stuff and uh, that allows you to do even more stuff like yoga and walking and hiking, stretching and, and continuing to be active.

Cause that’s the real key. When guys get inactive taking opioids, their pain level is such that they don’t even know really what it is. It’s mass. But then when these guys would get on him, it knocked that pain level down 2% maybe. But that was enough to get them off the couch and it helped him sleep at night and it helped ease that anxiety of like, Holy shit, I have CTE. And like it’s really an, uh, an amazing medicine man. So I’m a big believer in it. I don’t do much ag advocacy now because of the company.

Readylistsports are our digital playbook that I’m involved with, so I didn’t want to cross into that football coach mentality of hard line marijuana is a no, no, and you’re all on this team and I will kick your ass outta here. I didn’t want to go meet with some big coach somewhere and have him say, I love your product. I would buy it today, but you know what? I don’t like you advocating for medical marijuana because freaking puck first one thought I would just get it. Yeah, that’s what everybody thought. I was just a pothead out trying to get it so they wouldn’t put me in jail for it. But now people, whole minds have changed and been more open minded.

Especially in today’s world we’re living in like where your immune system is really the only thing you have to fight against something like covid. I mean if you don’t have a strong immune system, good luck with anything, anywhere, anytime. But if you can have a strong immune system and through the use of a medicine that grows in the earth and you are not a toxic, you know, body on this earth at the time, you know, you lot of people were realizing there was a better way to take care of your body and that that’s definitely something I’m a big believer in.

Speaker 0 (30m 0s): Well it makes sense and I’m glad to hear you shout it out. Yoga cause uh, Ryan makes fun of me for doing it. So, uh, listen, it’s cool man. I love you. Gotta love it man. It’s a chance to just make yourself feel good and it’s good for you. I love the medicine, however you want to compliment it. That’s cool. With me to my 60 year old father Dyer, an Eagles fan got addicted to hot yoga of all things and I didn’t see it coming at all. But Jake Shannon,

Speaker 4 (30m 28s): Hey man, I just, just to let you guys know too, like there’s not, there’s more stuff on the horizon. You know, there’s, there’s some big things being done with siliciden and mushrooms and you know, the fact that our species, the human species evolved with this magical plant. And so they’re doing things like opioid and heroin addicts that are coming, that are, that are using it, that are, that are recovering immediately. And so there’s a lot of big things on the horizon with Matt natural medicine and it’s fun to live in Colorado where there’s a lot of open minded people.

The one I’d be healthy.

Speaker 0 (31m 3s): Yeah. And uh, again Jake appreciate you calling in before we let you go. Uh, so you said, you said you started, uh, readylistsports and uh, it’s like a, it’s like a virtual playbook for coaches. Do you want to kind of walk us through that?

Speaker 4 (31m 18s): Yeah, man, it’s a lot more than just that. It’s really, it’s an, it’s a fully interactive digital playbook where we had it for lower level coaches from forum for flag all the way up to the pros and the lower levels come preloaded with everything you would need to put a playbook together. Formations, route, personnel groups, combinations of routes, even drawing up plays, all that stuff. But what we’ve done is we’ve streamlined the input process and provided a tool that the coaches can send out over a device, like a phone or through our app to their players were there players didn’t get the playbook that the coach Sims him, they can study it and multiple learning styles, uh, which give them more chance to up their retention rates.

And then once they study, they go and they take a test that’s auto-generated. It’s somewhat similar to the Rosetta stone for foreign language. So you’re testing and multiple styles or learning and multiple styles. Game has, has trickled down from like Peyton Manning, but he started, has trickled down down to these young kids at age 10 and want to be a quarterback. And it’s like, good luck if you’re not getting coached really well. If you’re 10 and you’re trying to read if the guy’s gonna hook because the corner sitting up high or the corner of that came down, now you’re going to take it and make, turn it into a go route.

Like you’re just your brain fucking these kids and you’re not giving them the tools they need to succeed, but you’re trying to push them to be that quarterback a young age. And so we’re trying to help these kids and help coaches coach better, help them save time, help them be more efficient on the practice field so you can learn the ins and outs of how to beat your opponent, not just learn where you go once the huddle break. So it’s a pretty robust tool. We’ve had a few pro teams using it, a few college teams, lots of high schools and youth leagues and we’re close here to making some big news with some, some other teams, especially in the environment we’re living in.

With remote learning, I mean we got the tool, you can send out exactly what you want. Kids test all those results come back so you’ll know like, yo, my kids are getting it. So when we get back to normal function and the games resume, my guys are going to be ready to step out of the huddle and go line up and play.

Speaker 0 (33m 22s): Awesome. We’ll make sure you check that out. readylistsports.com and make sure I’m in Jacob follow on Twitter at snake steaks. So a, again, appreciate it.

Speaker 4 (33m 33s): Snakes takes snakes, although you guys stakes is a whole nother story, man. I almost started snake stakes, finger snakes being of States. If you’ve ever had a finger stake, they were originated in Idaho supposedly at the torch restaurant and a finger steaks. I was going to do finger snakes, but whatever.

Speaker 0 (33m 56s): Yeah, that’s another, another Aztecs takes and it’s another idea down the road.

Speaker 4 (34m 0s): I’m going to get no followers out of that when they’re like, what does this handle? What the hell?

Speaker 0 (34m 4s): Snakes take stakes. All right, well appreciate it. Jake and you have a, you have a great a great rest of the week. They safe bro.

Speaker 4 (34m 14s): Yeah, you too guys. Thanks for the time. Preciate the plug and uh, keep doing what you’re doing and keep entertaining people and people need a ride now. Thanks Jake later.

Speaker 0 (34m 23s): Awesome. Thanks man. Great time. Talking to Jake, the snake. Plummer Hey Jake he’s a businessman starting his own business. He ever think of starting your own business, perhaps around in your own Sportsbook. If you did, I’d recommend going to aceperhead.com/ S.G.P. P aceperhead.com/sgp get started today. Over there, ACE is offering up to six weeks free. Are you kidding me?

What you’re thinking sports aren’t happening right now. Broncos UFC right around the corner golf. They’re going to be doing some golf action, their book, your friends action and again, you don’t need to know how to run a sports book. ACE does all the heavy lifting for you. They set the lines and the lines are some of the sharpest in the industry. Top notch customer support, graded or wagers graded instantly. Again, connect with them. aceperhead.com/as GP and before we hop back into it makes you check out propswap.com America’s marketplace to buy and sell sports bets.

Just cause you’re not in Las Vegas, doesn’t mean you can’t buy a Las Vegas sports bets. Again, when these futures get up and running, you’re going to want that extra cash. This propswap.com deposit bonus is a limited time. Cool thing about their deposit bonus. There’s no rollover requirements. All you do is deposit $100. You get a free $100 turn $100 into $200 when you go to propswap.com and use that promo code SGP propswap.com void where?

Prohibited from Lakota S G P fun time with our boy. The snake man. Yeah, I mean I think, you know, maybe he’s, he just, he may have just won a temporary seat at my uh, you know, five guys to sit around a table and get stone and need some kale with. Yeah, absolutely. It seems like he’d be down with the plant based situation. He’s a, he’s a health guy. I heard. Oh it a lot. He knows medicinal words. He ma, he must know that inflammation comes from animals shown.

Oh no. Are you going to try and convert Jake the snake to a soy boy lifestyle? If anyone is still wondering, my official comment on this is we’re, we’re at like, we’re at a time where you, I can’t be choosing, I need to be primal and I just seem to consume calories. So if those calories come from a shitty frozen steak and bean burrito, I’m going to eat it. If those calories come from Cal and artichoke, I’m going to eat that. I’m just gonna mix it up. Right. I’m going to be a herbivore sometimes with me, a current carnivores, sometimes just getting wild, but I will say when I start not feeling good again, I might go on a little weak plant binge.

Well, speaking of which Ryan are, are a wives connected together to order these uh, vegetables online is produce. I forget the company’s name and they’re not farm. Yeah, they’re not paying us, but definitely recommend it and farm fresh to you. Shout out, I get, I get a Slack message from Kramer. He goes, this produce is amazing. I will say I was way too excited about how good the PR, it literally came. It came in a cardboard box like no, nothing other, no other wrapping, but the produce just looked amazing.

The strawberries delicious. Apple delicious, right. Made like a grasping a motion with his hand when he’s describing like how awesome this protein is. Also kind of scary. He’s like grabbing a stripper. That dude, what else? We can do it. He is, this is all we got man. Yeah, no, no. She will say though, if anyone after this is over, after the plague of 2020 ends, if anyone is still going to the grocery store after that, you’re a real sucker.

I’m done. I’m cha. I’m tapped out. I’m never going again. Livery only. I just, I mean like this service. Great. Uh, even though the grocery store pickup services where you pull up and you just pop your trunk, they come out and put it in your trunk for you. Bam. You’re out. You don’t have to deal with any of the nonsenses of crazy like stay at home moms or the crazy like gross hygiene grocery store people or the California. I’m going to bring my dog to the grocery store. People, any of that. Anyway, well, I’m getting crazy.

I’m getting a little stir crazy. I’m waiting for Degen. Madness is my only, is my only hope. It does feel like we’re channeling our cabin fever into degenmadness fever. Again, tune in four days a week back to back to back games. It’s pretty awesome. It’s a brutal schedule just from the amount of whiskey. Oh, we’re putting it back during the live broadcast. Shawn, if you, in case you missed the pic show on Wednesday night, Thursday morning, definitely should check that out.

Big announcement in Degen madness land, we have secured the venue for a third place game that will happen as a precursor 6:00 PM Pacific on April 18th before the national CPU championship of all Degen madness 7:00 PM tip Sean. Yes. Um, I’m enjoying myself. I’m getting sane again, I guess. Well, and we, we’ve, uh, our next move is we’re going to be doing a Madden tournament or we can, as the lawyers cleared this, I’m so fucking excited about this.

Well, we w it’s in the process. We’re open to suggestions of what the Madden tournament is going to be like. My vote and I’m leaning pretty hard, uh, is to do a 32 team single elimination NFL tournament committee seating committee seating. We’ll do a selection show. It’ll mostly be based off their 2019 wind loss. But some teams will see down like the Titans to piss off the fans. But um, Mickey, what do you, what’s your take? I think the most fun is the two, the 2019 teams.

I know I’ve seen like some people do in the all time teams. I don’t know. To me it’s my vote is updated rosters. Yeah. Also because there’s more light rosters like wa like Tom Brady on the bucks. Oh Hannah, thank you. So we got to do, we’ll do that’s way more excited than just the 2019 sorry Sean spoke. Yeah, I was thinking we do. So our, our basketball Torney is going to take us through basically when the draft is. Yeah. So we post draft, we have the freshest rosters, we do a 32 team winner take all single elimination, dare I say, Oh this, Trump’s Degen madness this has the potential and I think we’re also going to call it degenmadness like football addition, whatever.

Cause I don’t want to make up another logo. And I liked the degenmadness one but also it’s just it really we’re, we’re serving the degenerates and it gives you a chance to fill out and follow another bracket. That’s what we need to get us through these times of get a bracket B. We get lines hopefully over at MyBookie dot. A G also you get us the live cow in the mix. I think we will have to figure again, one of the things we’re going to alter everyone. Anyone, Sean can SIM a game, 15 minute quarters, no big deal but we’re going to shorten the game.

We’re going to add some mayhem with some variants and we’re also going to make it consumable cause no one wants to sit and watch an hour and 90 minute virtual games. You guys have ruined Joe Buck for me. I can’t. I can no longer lesson two announcers that aren’t betting. That is something we kind of stumbled into, which is a real entertaining value is competing announcers in the same booth on opposite sides of the game. Because you realize as a better yourself, you look at a game differently depending on what side of the game you are on obviously.

Cause whether it’s the call goes in, goes out, whatever it is, it’s shaded by where you have the money on. And to have two different versions of that in the same booth. I think that the main street, the lame stream media companies think that that would actually be bad for business and they want their announcers to be neutral. More people are going to relate to the guy who’s complaining about the referees cause he’s making some bullshit calls or the guy who’s follow calling the other coach a pussy for not fouling.

Hey, you’re getting amped up right now having a game. I was just thinking about Mark few little bitch

Speaker 5 (43m 6s): and uh, and don’t forget about the website. Even though there’s those sports, we are still pumping out tons of great free content for you. And I have actually I’m, I’m proud to announce, I’ve tracked down the guy who created the James harden strip Cubs stat that went viral on Reddit. You also did a great wine about Charles Barkley’s to checkout on NBA Reddit. He is going to be, uh, doing an exclusive content for us starting next week. And then he’s also going to have him on the NBA odds pod to talk through his, uh, very interesting stat

Speaker 0 (43m 40s): for those who can’t see us, which is most of you because we’re not actually on video right now, social distancing. But Sean just got massively aroused with this content opportunity here. Love content opportunities. We’ve got some East sports picks and of course mock mock drafts. Uh, I got mine up there. Shawn burns is his, we got more common. And then of course the uh, Magna Opus or whatever you call it, a steam Shermer and its implications for revise 20, 20 golf schedule.

It is just, I’m laughing because it’s so awesome the time he took breaking down this new revised golf schedule and implying gambling applications. I dare you to find a better golf writer in the way there is. There you,

Speaker 5 (44m 26s): there is not, this is over 4,500 words. He gets into every nook. Anything

Speaker 0 (44m 32s): you need to know about golf coming up and how maybe to think about gambling on it, this article will cover it for you. He’s so good at it that we’ve now spoken about it in the past to podcast. Well, it’s worth, it’s worth noting and all that content, like all our content free of charge over@sportsgamblingpodcast.com throw us a free review, uh, over at our iTunes page and make sure you subscribe to the NBA odds pods. You can get that on the sportsgamblingpodcast network feed. Make sure to check out mucky on Twitter at the Ryan McKee correct.

And uh, for sportsgamblingpodcast. Thank you for participating in the sports together and talk. Yes, I am shown second the money green and he is Ryan. I’ll see you tomorrow, Sean Kramer. Let it.

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