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Degen Madness Week Two Recap (Ep. 809)

degen madness week two recap march madness simulation

Podcast Recap

The guys recap a wild week two of Degen Madness, SGPN’s very own March Madness simulation, that saw plenty of upsets, plenty of overs and plenty of odd point totals. Plus an update on the Degen Madness leaderboard and an early look ahead at some Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight matchups.

Degen Madness Highlights

Podcast Transcript

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Speaker 1 (1m 26s): Cox. Get penetration. Fucking wheel, man. Get your fucking shot.

Speaker 0 (1m 50s): Ooh. Welcome everyone to the sports handling pack hats. I’m Sean stack in that money green with my partner in pigs. Ryan, real money. Kramer, what’s happening Kramer? It’s all bullshit. It’s fixed. We’re bringing on our trailer, of course, not on the right side of some of these week to Degen madness pigs joining us in studio Colby, Dan AKA the database. I love this tournament it today. Oh man.

It’s um, any, I’m looking at my week two pigs here in a couple of the times I’ve changed my pick because it’s fun to be on the opposite side of Kramer for the broadcast and because I actually want action on it. I don’t want to impact the integrity of the tournament by bending over at MyBookie dot. A, I want to just bet Ryan personally, and for instance, when we did the week two or week two picks podcast we were both on West Virginia and then I said to Kramer before the show, uh, yesterday, I’m like, I’ll take West Virginia’s like, no, I want to.

So even even stuff like that is breaking the way for old Sean Green. It’s blah, blah, blah. It was great to watch the wire who’s come out with another big wind. Yeah. There. How is the Kramer FMOL tour bleeding into CPU simulations? Know how do they know my CPU is a neural net process, a learning computer? Are you going to hate me at some point? You’re gonna punch me. I love that. Or taping this podcast of course, after the Sunday night games, which were great Saturday night, the late game Saturday, possibly the greatest game so far.

Hands down in Degen. Madness you can, you can check out the highlight reel over an Instagram. Sports gambling podcast uh, and, and even, uh, even earlier the Thursday, Friday night games. Also really good. The trends have just been insane. The over keeps dominating the, I think the over is still what, I don’t know if we have the updated numbers but it’s, it’s only the unders only hit like I think over is like 14 and two odd point total is, uh, I’m pretty sure it’s like what 15 and one we’re really on some insane runs here.

And of course the dog’s 15 and one against the spread. Uh, I think 11 and four straight up off the top. My head, it’s been a wild wild tournament and Kramer, you simulate all these games. It just seems like something’s happening that gives us these the best game possible when we actually turn the bright lights on. Why don’t we actually start streaming this out to our YouTube and Twitch channels? What do you think’s going on here? I don’t know, man. I mean for, for one, the fact that UVA has weaseled their way into the elite eight is absolutely ridiculous.

Sean, the uh, uh, so we’ve played what, seven 14 games? 15 games we’ve played, right? No, 1614 first round year, right? 16 games. Yeah. 13 and three is odd is on, wow. 13 and three odd point total. A a a bet that my bookie was generous enough to offer at this point because OD has just been insane and much like a roulette wheel. You think, Oh, it has a memory, right?

It’s been odd 13 times at a 16 even as do. But if you know anything about math, it just doesn’t work. Like that doesn’t the Degen madness simulator, it doesn’t know that OD has been red hot. Much like the roulette ball doesn’t know that odds been hot. Uh, unders also are over is also 13 and three. Yeah, and dogs 15 and one. That’s really been the, the crazy a stat here. The crazy trend parlayed them tonight. So I’m feeling pretty good over here.

I mean, it depends if you’re considering Michigan state of dog, he was a dog at the opener. Finished as the favor closes the favor. Arizona ended up pulling that out. Of course. MyBookie dad Agee presenting sponsor the sports. Gambling podcast get in on that casino. You need your itch. Scratch that itch over. MyBookie daddy G he’s a promo code SGP play. When he get paid up to $1,000 bonus bets. And of course the only place where you can bet on Degen madness our live simulated March madness tournament in game wagering prop bets.

I know my Washington Huskies 40 to one looking pretty good right now considering they’re in the elite a but again, shout out to my bookie daddy G of course play. Want to get paid MyBookie beds. You promo-code SGP.

Speaker 2 (6m 36s): Can we, can we dive into the numbers a little bit more shown? Let’s do a deep dive because they’re absolutely absurd. The road teams against the spread 14 into 12 and four straight up dogs as you mentioned, 15 and wanting us to spread 13 and three straight up. I mean we just, we have, we have skewed to the numbers that just isn’t explainable show. It is a little bit explaining what’s NBA two K look, MBA doesn’t really have home court environments, so that’s why you’re seeing teams when they know these CPU kids, they know we’re here for the man.

They know the fans. They like dogs. They know the fans. They like go overs. They know the fans. They like double over time. Thrillers. By the way, I’ve heard some, both children have commented on how Colby has a girl scream. I played, uh, I played the highlight for them. Of course. I like to think it was a mixture of Sean calls the female officially bitch, which Lily thinks the old, my older one named Lilly is hilarious.

Yeah, of course. Anyway, don’t language Brian. Yeah, she’s old enough. She’s 12. Come on. I mean she’s, she’s been locked away in quarantine for, she doesn’t need to hear me yelling. Fuck you. Pitch to a female CPU. What w she understands that you’ve met her language is okay. He’s from Philly. Trust me. Listen, she’ll know. They are fully aware that he is a trash Eagles fan. Anyway. They did. They did find it funny. They, Colby has a very high pitched call.

Me. Uh, I’ve, I’ve done it a couple times to Colby from cutting together the highlights, a couple of voice cracking from pure joy, pure excitement. But it, I mean, watching these games, having a couple of bucks on it, you just get excited and drinking whiskey. I know people may think like, Oh, you’re just trying to sell us to get us over at MyBookie. But honestly like I’m gonna do with that. I was as skeptical as the next guy where I go Kramer, we were really just going to watch video games. This is was a skeptic too. And look, and even if we weren’t broadcasting this to the audience, if we were just sitting over here betting on it ourselves, yeah, it would be exciting.

But I think for the listener at home, for the viewer at home, you’re getting basically

Speaker 0 (8m 56s): a live podcast because it’s the same kind of comedy. We got the sound drops, you’re getting a live podcast, you’re getting a chance to bet on something and the same thing, like a chance to bet with your friends. Eh, I mean if I, if I was not hosting this, I would be texting Ryan and being like, dude, we should watch this. What side do you want? I’m on the opposite side. Let’s go throw it up. And the cool thing is now with like these smart apps and stuff, it’s so easy to watch it on your, on your big screen TV, throw up YouTube Twitch, whatever it is, however you stream the games.

And uh, it’s just been awesome. So yeah, I’m looking to us and Kramer killing me on the technical side. We have the, we have the branding, the logo Degen madness is in there. MyBookie at gambling podcast hashtag Degen zone do you want to buy some ad space? And of course we got to figure out, we’ve got to create a logo for barking dog partners. Get them on the floor as well. But it’s, uh, it’s truly just been awesome. All right, let’s recap some of the action here for people. Maybe they missed a couple of games, but again, if you want to check out your bracket, just go to or on the page just dropped down to the leader board.

You can see where you’re at. You can click on your bracket and look at it. I know my bracket. Um, yeah, I’d rather not look at mine. San Diego state who I did have winning it all is still in there. And the fact that I had Washington at 40 to one is a prop bet still alive. So that’s what I’m clinging to. My brackets destroyed. I do still have my champ date and the flyers, they have not yet had a chance to lose and I’m up four units on Ryan. So that’s what I’m holding onto right now. Villanova, a team I had making it all the way to the final.

They lost at home against LSU. LSU, five and a half point dog, but they won outright 50 to 45 Thursday night in the early game. Any thoughts from that game? Uh, I mean I was on LSU, came over here wearing my LSU tee shirt. It’s fascinating. We taggers sober and he a coach, a video, get into divorce. He’s a bachelor again. Oh man. Hold on to that Tagore. Listen, I had a great start to the weekend.

I destroyed you on Thursday night. Uh, I was all over LSU. I just, the dogs, I don’t, I don’t know why we just didn’t take the dogs every night, Shawn. Well we gotta, we gotta mix it up for the listeners and for our own gambling purposes, Villanova was in that game the entire time, just couldn’t hit in any threes. And three point percentage has been a big swing in these games as you’d expect. But, uh, the, the over hitting as well. One thing I’ve noticed things I feel like the more athletic teams have been winning.

Yeah. And maybe that’s what the simulation is leaning to. However, I mean, you look at some of these player ratings, Villanova, I mean top to better team

Speaker 2 (11m 54s): than LSU and just justice. You probably more athletic, like, yeah, maybe that’s a variance of Degen. Madness come on. It’s been pretty amazing. Do we want to talk about next, next week too? Of course, Matt, or should we, you know what, go to the next game cause they play each other. Hold on Michael Crighton flavor. So the Kentucky, Colorado game, Sean Chucky wild cats, they lost in Kentucky on Thursday night. 47 buffalos put up 60 points. Are you kidding me? Stampede? Uh, it was, I mean, I, I like Colorado in this tournament, but I was bummed that they, they drew each other in the first round cause I both teams were bet on teams for me in Degen madness I ended up going Kentucky fatal flaw there as they weren’t the dog odd point.

Total hit over point. Total hit a, it was just a Colorado just kinda ran away with the game pack. 12 strong performance by the packs off. We’ve got Washington, Colorado and Arizona pulling out some winds. I think Oregon was the only one that lay an egg. Right? Yeah. I mean they, they, this, I’ll say this, this Colorado team now, now we can look forward because they take on the LSU tigers. Uh, first of all, that was, you gotta be stoked. They got a home home game down there in the swamp. I feel like the LSU in Kentucky are kind of mirror images.

So that’s, and that’s what I was going to say, not that we’re previewing the game right now, but boy, it certainly looks like Colorado has a path to the elite. Eight. Yeah, I mean that should be, I mean, the main thing is really can they survive? Cause a Kentucky was winning early. Uh, if they can, Colorado’s needs a win the board battle Saturday night, 6:00 PM, that’s when you can see this game. Next weekend. It’s going to be an exciting match. Keep going. Florida state 38, Texas tech 45.

Unbelievable. At just another upset Texas tech again, out shooting and Florida state, uh, ACC has struggled in this tournament to say the least. Yeah. UVA, the lone bright spot for the ACC. Duke get knocked out. We’ll get to that. Uh, in a second here. Louisville knocked out Florida state. I thought they were just going to be a better team, but Texas tech came in and just play a better game. Both teams that went to the NCA championship last year, Virginia and Texas tech, uh, really, you know that even though Texas tech lost a lot to show key players that are from that team, uh, it’s paying dividends for them.

You gotta know how to do it and these CPU kids, they, they’re, they’re getting it done. I had some great CPU coachspeak by a ride over there. The CPU kids, he’s still got to, even though it’s a NCA simulation, you still got to throw out a couple of just sports sock cliches, you know, they just know how to get it done, know how to fill out the filter, who and you like to see them take to the road, face some adversity and get over that wall together as a unit. So I like the prospects

Speaker 0 (14m 53s): of this Texas tech team going forward. Seton hall, big Friday night matchup, Kramer, you were all over Seton hall in this tournament. In this game. They came up just short miles. Powell.

Speaker 2 (15m 3s): This is a free-throw non-factor. He missed a free throw that would’ve sent the game to overtime. Fucking loser, excuse my French.

Speaker 0 (15m 10s): Sweet it out. A clip of, uh, of that, of that play. You’re talking about miles pal, missing the free throw late. And I said Degen madness it’s where heroes and goats are made because miles pout goat of the tournament. Not greatest of all time. Just the old school goat. Houston 42 Seton, all 40 on rare, even point total for the simulation. Uh, yeah. I mean I was not scared of Seton hall. I Euston played a good game. This was another exciting one.

I mean all these games, even a couple of these ones with the bigger spreads, a lot of that came late, but I mean Thursday and Friday. Great games overall, but they got better as the week. I’ve got to say last night took the cake last night’s game. That’s cool.

Speaker 2 (15m 58s): Night started. You were very upset. We got off the air. Actually let’s, let’s, before we get there, let’s talk about Houston and Texas tech because that’s where they’re facing each other. I love how we, these in-state games of air, the lay higher state and then 7:00 PM Saturday, 1213 matchup. Don’t see that often. Houston is, was sneaky high in the Ken Palm ratings. I believe they were a top 15 team. I when the season ended, they certainly got it done in a tough spot.

Yeah. In Jersey against Seton hall and miles Powell. To me, Houston’s a team with the opportunity here. They have a home game now, which they have to be thrilled about. They’re the more experienced team if you’re comparing the two.

Speaker 0 (16m 47s): Um, so you gotta like that and it’s just a classic battle for recruiting right here. Yeah. All right. Well what do you w early look ahead to the line. Kramer, what do you see this Sentinel line

Speaker 2 (16m 56s): not run a single simulation and my data’s been just trash, useless trash. Uh, but I, I would imagine if I had to guess, uh, Texas tech will probably be favored. Yeah, I think so. I think I’m going to go out and say Texas tech minus two

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Like I said, you, you did the last minute switch. You, you did the disgusting act are betting on Duke. I uh, I stood tall with the mountaineers. They won 41 to 37. Another rare, odd point total. Dude. That was a tough game to get through though. That was the one that was like, I’m gonna fall asleep because both offenses couldn’t score. Colby was so mad after the broadcast was calling the game trash was like honestly mad about it.

He also goes on to say, this is what happens Colby, a guy who likes the dog, likes the mid-major, likes the small school. He tries to go contrary and against his own instincts and says, you know what? Fuck it. Tuk is gonna win favorites or do he does it and then it comes to bite him in the ass. That is an unhappy database, right? If I’m going to root for Duke, I at least want to make money. Yeah. You’re saying I’m selling my soul by backing Duke. I should at least get free CACs, man.

No heavy lose multiple ways like that. It’s crushing an outlier even point total and the under a very, uh, very unlike the Degen madness tournament so far. But West Virginia just played a better game. It’s really that simple. And Duke Duke from watching that game, crazy amount of turnovers for Duke didn’t expect them to be that sloppy. But Duke has a history of, of losing two double digit seeds as we know. They lost Lehigh years ago. So, not a surprise for the two blue devils to come up short, early in the Degen madness to now West Virginia, they hit the road and they take on our gals San Diego state as I liked that match up because you got both teams that are really uh, teams would defensive identity.

Now I know you could say it’s been much better on offense this year that a traditional San Diego state team, but both teams really get after the ball, uh, very aggressive defensively. I like that matchup. I feel like we’re going to see a lot of tight lines in the eight as we see the rest of the sweet 16 unfold. You know, the simulation data will be the simulation data. I will not apply mind bias, but you know, obviously it’s been all horseshit even considering I’m considering just making some numbers up and pretending like I simulate it because at this point, no dogs or 15, I mean come on.

Right. And this was the, this was the most exciting game of Degen. Madness a double over time. Epic thriller last night. Arizona, eking out a 70 to 63 repeat that score real quick. 70 to 60 with 30 seconds left. And if you didn’t watch it, you should go check it out and you’ll definitely want it next week with 30 seconds left. The score was 46 to 41. What was the final score again? 70 to 63. Yeah, look, look, this is a bet that I lost, but I was glad to give my money away in this because this is one that I literally am driving home and I’m like, that was a fucking awesome game.

Kramer. We were trying to leave after the broadcast. Kramer goes, no, we have to watch this. And he brought back the highlights and made us watch this. Uh, the, the highlight reel is worth checking out on Instagram, Twitter, whatever. Um, there’s a, there’s a buzzer beating three for Michigan state to end the first half. And you’re thinking this is crazy. They’re up by like, uh, I think their biggest lead there were adopt double digits for sure at some point in the game. And then Arizona state, uh, they hit a, they hit Arizona.

There was a, sorry, Arizona hits a crazy three. We were making fun of us. Sean, Sean Mannion and Nico man, Jesus, Sean, the quarterback for overheating Kramer of course, uh, referred to me as Nico Manian. I gave Nico fireball Mandion his name, then he went through a drought. Once you gave him that name, at first it was super cool and then the second half he started getting red hot. Took the three talk about big time, big time performance, uh, late in the game.

Very Reggie Miller S and then he hits the crazy three to send it to overtime. And then, uh, and the past, another original, no, yes. So sorry to send it to overtime. He, uh, like almost a full court assists to find the guy in the corner for the three to tie it. I mean it was really close. I think he got it off like point to one dude that was a, it was an insane, and then he hits the shot to send it to double over time and big shots in double overtime that that helped, uh, you know, make a Arizona dance.

I dare you to watch that game and not tune in next week. Yeah, I will co-sign that. Just watch the, uh, I mean the highlights alone, the five or six clips I pulled out and said, Shawn, we need to send out a blast. We need to dare people to not to not wash next week after watching that ad game, you’d be insane. And Arizona ended up being the dog as a tipped off. So of course that cashes over was way over.

Uh, he didn’t take a final shots and rod point, total head in the game. We’re like wow, under, under, we’re even saying like, Oh it’s under, is totally in. I don’t know how many first half points they have,

Speaker 2 (23m 46s): but I think, I think Arizona’s first half points, like 15. It was not good for Arizona early. It was an electric second. That game was the best game we’ve called. I mean there’s been a lot of great games and the bumpy nation, the player that game was a guy in Michigan state and they lost by seven cause it happened with like two minutes left in the fourth quarter. And then we get basically a full nother, a whole nother half a game on the irony there was that the player of the game for that they deem player of the game, uh, prior to the, to the buzzer sounding is the guy that actually cost him the game cause he shot the ball is 600 shot clock Cassius one.

If he just shoots it with one on the shop or go to overtime. This Arizona team, they had to the beautiful state of Nebraska. Ooh. To take on the crane blue Jays, the Creighton Bluejay and where I mean to me, you know, I think with now seeing everyone play while Arizona’s performance was impressive, Creighton was still the most impressive team we’ve seen there. The only favorite that covered.

But in doing so they looked pretty good. They now catch the red hot Nico fireball. It’s going to be a game that’s going to be a game led Arizona Wildcats in this pack 12 again showing that they are tournament made. Oh this is the game. I’m excited for her. It’s the opening game. The weekend. Next week. Oh 6:00 PM Oh I mean both.

Both three 11 matchups on Thursday. I’m excited. Those are going to be a electric games. We’ve had so much, so many great games, so many dogs covering somebody add points. But really we had spoke to see, we have yet to see the debut of the number one seeds, Kansas and Dayton, or just sitting on the sidelines licking their chops, waiting to destroy the chum. That’s the rest of them remaining bracket. Oh look, you got to love the Arizona Crighton ma match up. But that like, that’s when you circle.

But then there’s that Houston, Texas tech thing. There’s in-state battles that Dayton, Ohio state thing that they’ve really aligned pretty great. I think it’s okay to talk about it because the numbers are out. So before we talk about the sweet 16 games that already happened, let’s talk about the one seeds and these numbers.

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And then you can start buying Vegas bets even though you’re not in Las Vegas. promo code S G P Kramer,

Speaker 2 (27m 27s): sorry, sorry to interrupt. Before we start getting brick cap this first night of the sweet 16 you’re mentioning the lines already out. Well, I mean, before we get to the, the, the games in the sweet sixteens that have already happened. Michigan, uh, this Friday night, Colby, 6:00 PM Michigan heads the Kansas, this one is five and a half points favored for the home team. Kansas minus two 50 on the money line. 83 and a half is the total. Michigan plus one 75, but dogs have been hungry.

Michigan looked nice recovering after that buzzer beater to win by nine and over time, 49 40 against Butler. Kansas isn’t in the exhibition game. We saw just the monstrous size that Kansas is Xavier Simpson gonna take the uh, director’s car to Lawrence Case. Certainly hope so, listen, I, we’ve seen size impact these games. Yeah. And this is, I was really impressed with Kansas during that.

They’re in the SIM. It was like, you know, it was a exhibition game, but um, I wonder how consistent that will be. Like you, like you just said about Gonzaga, you said you saw them play Virginia and you know in an exhibition game and they, they, they destroyed Virginia so you were thinking, Hey, no way Virginia covers this and then Virginia not only covers it, they went out right by it by just destroying them in the second half. Yeah. If it’s going to be exciting, I mean I’m leaning Kansas, but again, how do you, how do you pick favorites right now?

I mean we saw that size though we and we saw what they were doing to a much better team in Dayton, just out rebounding, boxing them out of Michigan. If they hit their shots, there’ll be in the game. I do think Kansas should roll. How many times do you see it? Whether it’s March madness, whether it’s NFL playoffs, where the team that has played the game already, they’ve already got their nerves out of there. You know, you’ve seen it with the playing games. We see you go to the final four but long way off the schedule makers were cruel here. Yeah, that’s true. That is true. They play two weekends ago.

At this point and the second game, 7:00 PM that same Friday night, Ohio state date, and that’s a class that day up. We called for it. We thought the schedule makers were being a bit diabolical. Setting this up, Ohio state took care of business in the first round against Auburn. Now they take on the number one seed Dayton flyers minus five for the flyers minus two 40 on the money line date and wanted to see that 87 is the total Ohio state. Plus one 70 Dayton loves this matchup dated one Auburn.

Dayton wanted Ohio state. I think this is a show out, uh, for, for Crutcher or probably top in these guys. They’ve been, they’ve been waiting, they’ve been seeing the dogs bite and they’re not going to be complacent. They’re not going to be surprised. Kramer’s tuck him in at the favorites. I don’t know what’s going on. OB topping though. Guy from Brooklyn, New York wasn’t recruited by a lot of big time programs, so I’m sure he’s sitting there as a guy that’s about to go in the NBA draft lottery. This is my last shot to shit on a school that did not ever send me well.

Yeah. And you know, some of these guys, they’re not getting that March madness experience. What they are getting is the Degen madness experience and they’re making a name for themselves. One seeds. Also seeing an opportunity where they’re going to face a 12 or 13 seed if they can take care of business here. So they have a very nice path to get into the final four. I, I gotta believe they get it done. I’d be very surprised if you’re putting the gun to my head and saying, Ryan, one of these dogs, it’s going to, I know. It seems crazy.

I know. It’s these crazy, no, if, if you’re saying one of the, which one of the one seeds doesn’t advance this round, which one of them loses? I, I’d probably say Dayton. Yeah. Especially cause it’s a backdoor to civil war. Kansas has a match. Anyway, let’s finish the recap Sean. Well, Ryan, before we do that, maybe, well actually yeah, let’s finish the recap and then maybe we can take a look at the leaderboard. See how Degen madness is looking. Final night, Sunday night, which 16 action, right?

Sweet 16 action debuted. Wow. And it was a, again, exciting game. Early Washington Huskies pulled out the upset of the Louisville harness, if you’ll remember from the a week two picks. Podcast Washington money line was my lock. And of course money lines are being offered I think this was like a plus one 50 plus one 60 dog. Is that the team to watch? Really? Oh look, I know we mentioned there’s a lot of great games, but I, I really feel like the Degen fans are just sitting here.

They’re all on board with the Washington Huskies right now. Yeah. Why not? Why not? I mean they got, they got McDaniels, they got Stewart, the big names there, a 15 seat. But they also got this kid Marcus, the homeless coming out of nowhere. Who’s Carter? Carter had a good game. The player of the tournament so far, even though Stuart has won both player of the game, I mean right now if you had to mention like the top players to hone, this comes up there. I think after that performance on me go man. Yeah. But to me the two games now, real true three pointers to me.

Yeah. I’m, I’m my vote for is for him. What we’ve only seen one or two teams play two games, right? Yeah. Four teams. Louisville watching Virginia again, Zach, he’s only two winners out of that. So Virginia, I mean, what maybe maybe you go, let’s, let’s talk about coffee. Where Virginia Sean, late game Virginia 58 can zag up 45 can zag a 10 point favorite. Huge collapse. They were up, big caramel was calling for the blowout and then the Kramer FML tour hit into full effect.

It started at that full court shot, yet there was a, it was a near full court shot to end the half. UVA sunk, it cut the lead from nine to six and then things started getting walkie in the second half. UVA started hitting shots can zag a shot 25% from the field in the second half. Easy to see a tide turn says George w and I and, and my book is offered these lifelines. So if you see a team like Gonzaga shooting the lights out to an insane degree, you know, regression is coming.

It wasn’t obvious that it was going to be this kind of progression, but I think there is something to say like, Hey, the computer knows if you’re shooting 80% in the first half, that’s not going to continue. You almost want to fade those teams, especially like, like a, you know, I know this is a computer simulated thing, but the CPU is a learning computer. So, um, Tony Bennett, Tony Bennett, like this, this is what Virginia is emo has been for, you know, a decade now is you know, the Tony Bennett makes great adjustments.

We saw it in the beginning of the year when Virginia, it looked like a horrible team when they’re barely beating Navy. And then as the season progressed, you know, he’s making these little adjustments and he makes us, does the same thing happen. He does the same things within the own game. And we saw that second half, I think it was something like 31 to 12 and 19 point swing by the wa who’s and the first half we were both on Virginia cause we’re a smart, smart money gas and we were just bitching like UVA stopped the transition defense cause Gonzaga was just running up and down the court.

Dunkin left and right. Hidden open three is wide open and we’re, we’re just saying ourselves, if they can slow down the transition, they can at least get back in this game. I was a sick term. I mean that was a crazy term and they beat him late with three straight end session. It was that half court shot at. Yeah. When that went in, all of a sudden I thought, you know what? I got a chance to cover but down the stretch though, it was a key a Clark and and throwing it to Braxton key three straight possessions back door. Two of them dunks.

Well the third one, a layup that really went on. That was a crazy run to run just off those two guys and Virginia now sitting in the elite eight waiting to take on the winner of West Virginia, San Diego state. I’m rooting for our gals, but it still would be classic to see a little West Virginia Virginia match. You could host an elite eight game potentially against West Virginia. Uh, meanwhile the Washington Huskies are sitting in the elite eight awaiting the winter of Creighton or Creighton depending who you are.

And, and, and the Arizona Wildcats, which I’m convinced Washington can beat anybody. Yeah. It was watching team right now and this wholeness or every pronouncing Konas from does wholeness. That guy was amazing. And Stewart is a giant dude who’s just dominant in larger, had a big game. Carter, like they, every one of their role players are coming. Reading is a good point guard. Yeah. I mean it, and we kind of thought at least that first game like, Oh, this is an outlier. But we saw a lot of the same role players come up big in the second block, shots down the stretch for Washington.

Uh, I think it was McDaniels or, uh, or, or Stuart Stuart that just had some, some really brutal blocks. I would say to the audience, if you miss that game, that was a really great game that you can check out. Uh, you know, uh, whether gambling podcast and I’m really surprised at the number of people checking the game’s out after the fact. But it is kind of a warranty. Again, it is like a live podcast. So if you enjoy the commentary, which you’ve made it this far in the like give us like something I watched, you know, for games from week one 1989 NFL over the past 48 hours, guys.

So I’m saying, I don’t think there’s much of a difference between that and people watching it. An electronic video game, you know, and this, at least you don’t know what’s going to happen. You know, what’s going to happen in 1991, Randall Cunningham’s going to break his leg and the Eagles, amazing defense is going to go get some sand green tears. Yeah. You know, one to Jerome Brown is going to die in a horrific car accident. I’m going to cry when I write a letter to Reggie white that saying, no, God thinks you shouldn’t go to green Bay and free agencies like fun. No, that’s going to happen. You don’t need a watch it.

One thing to to know next weekend, our first situation where teams will have to play two games in the same weekend, so the Washington, Husky, Arizona Wildcat, Creighton Bluejay winter game will take place Sunday so that Arizona Wildcat, Creighton Bluejay team, they’re going to have to turn around and play another game versus the one Washington who gets a week off. Will that matter? Should that be taken into account in the number? No.

Washington’s a young team, man. They they, they’d be fine playing back to back anyway. I think it actually might even penalize has the time off. They might hurt Washington though. The way this Arizona team plays the cardiac kids. Yeah man. That your cat’s dead. Arizona, Michigan state game that’s going to go down in history. Dude, I’ve never screams. It’s, I mean, I’m in the same garage

Speaker 0 (38m 36s): where I watched, you know, the double dog and it was like a similar reaction of me getting up and screaming. I mean, we should be filming this just further reaction gifs alone. I imagine down the road there’s going to be an ESPN classic for e-sports and that game’s gonna be played on that thing. What if I told you that Michigan state was up five points a 30 seconds left and, and the announcers were making fun of SHA Nico minions hair, right? There was an, there was a, there was a moment in, what was it?

Uh, in the first overtime, Arizona is down one and there’s like eight seconds left. Eight seems like they’re holding the shot Shabbos out of bounds. It almost seemed like he’s holding for the last shot, which as a guy who in Arizona plus to dream scenario, you know, minus two minus two. So I’m like, fuck, he dribbles out of bounds. You’re panicking. I’m loving life. It was just a rollercoaster man. And then he ends up hitting both free throws, unbelievable bait. They have enough time to inbound it.

And of course Nico fireball Mannion trains a three in kind of a defender’s face. There was, there was a guy there truly unbelievable. It really, it’s been awesome. It’s, it’s been an awesome content. It’s been awesome. Just to have something to gamble on. I don’t know about you guys, I just get jacked up. But the fact that like, Hey, there is a live line. There’s something to bet on Kramer. I’m honest. It three days, nothing. Three days of boring ass regular life.

Nothing. I mean, let’s take a look at the Degen madness leaderboard. I’m going to hang out with the wife. Hey, I was about to say you’re fucking hilarious. We’re giving away $3,000 courtesy a barking dog. Partners Kramer. Yes. Who is a top of the leaderboard? I dunno. Show him. Okay. Who is Jordan Gillis with 170 points. Holy Toledo. Have the perfect bracket yet. No, Dan, he has Seton hall in the final. Um, he is, uh, I feel like everyone’s got a couple Creighton to win it at all.

Which, you know, they look like the best team. Yeah. Daniel Wagner right now in second place with 160 points, and he’s got West Virginia beating Dayton. Wow. He’s got both his final teams in there. And uh, he’s in the mix. Jamie Bezanson these Anson, that’s not, uh, that’s not the name of Johnson. Bizarre, bizarre. Sanghas Jamie Roseanne in Virginia in the finals. What kind of disgusting act is this? She has Virginia and the finals puts you as Michigan state went at all.

So, Oh, dagger. If you’re, if you think your brackets busted, look at these top three teams. Only one of them has a chance to have their final team. When Sean, what heartbreak to be winning 41 or 46, 41 with 30 seconds to go and you’re out. Your bracket is busted, cooked. So yeah, again, you can see, uh, Oh friend of the program, Justin man, Tandy, Oh, he knife a place with 130 points. Here’s Michigan beat and Dayton is Michigan, West Virginia and Dayton and Arizona.

He has his entire face

Speaker 2 (41m 52s): for alive. Another female. This is somewhat surprising, Megan McGrath, I think Washington in the finals. Love hands is she knew that size would matter. A woman also has Arizona taking on Washington had got that. Exactly right. Wow, that’s impressive. Look out. Also got Texas tech taken on Houston, so damn. So yeah, again, chicken. Check out your bracket, see how you’re doing. Sportsgamblingpodcast sports gambling fucking not sexy bracket.

Thank you for participating in the sports together and podcast make sure you check out Colby. Dan on the college experience. Podcast with this boy Patty C rate review. Sharon nineteens. C’mon guys. Your die hards. Get those five star reviews in for sports gambling podcast same Sean second the money green and he is Ryan Degen

Speaker 0 (42m 53s): madness show Kramer. Let it.

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