Degen Madness Week Two Picks (Ep. 807)

degen madness week two picks

Podcast Recap

The guys give out all their Degen Madness week two picks and announce the winner of The Bytes Bracket competition. Plus insight on the crazy betting trends so far in Degen Madness and some bonus Tiger King talk.

Week Two Schedule


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Speaker 1 (1m 50s): get penetration. Fucking wheel, man. Get your fucking shot.

Speaker 0 (2m 11s): Ooh. Welcome everyone to the sports gambling podcast. I’m Sean stacking them an agreement with my partner. Picks ride real money. Kramer, what’s happening? Crime dog. Well, yes Sean. We are sitting here today on Wednesday, April 1st happy April fool’s day shown. Thank you Ryan. We are not the fools, nor are you for listening to us because we as we sit here on the great first day of April, this 2020 we are, we are yet a mere 21 hours away from the next installment of Dejan Degen madness second week coming up Thursday night tonight, probably if you’re listening to this, probably 9:00 PM on the East, six o’clock on the West and of course bed on all the games were going to be picking the lines totals, odd, even points, all those different pets you can get.

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We’re going to be breaking down our week to picks for Degen madness. How many other shows are saying that when you tune in so much to get to so much to you too, it’s very obvious. This almost feels like an April fool’s joke where we’re sitting here breaking down lines about games that are going to be played virtually. However, watching these games coming in on these games, the juices flowing. I feel like I’m gambling on the games because I am gambling on it. The games, I’m betting you in all these games.

We don’t want to bet over MyBookie for you know, integrity of the tournament, but I feel alive. I felt that itch, that gambling niche, that whatever that synapse is in your brain, that that buyers away addiction. Exactly that synapse that just hits when you’re doing a possibly drugs, but mostly gambling that itches getting scratched, that synapsis firing and it’s, it’s just God damn awesome ride. And you know what’s even more awesome?

Sitting and looking at my bookie. Dot. AIG and seeing a number of lines for us to not only pick for our audience, to enjoy all of this originating from the SGP and studios. Sean feel like crazy. We’re, we’re picking stuff or stuff that we’re essentially creating right next to us. Proud parent moment. It’s really, it’s really come full circle and it’s awesome. We got the, we got the picks coming up, but before we do proud to announce the first annual ever bytes brackets coming to a close, I mean he’s one of those guys or we’ll get penetration and penetration.

He did penetrating to number one overall, congratulations John Madden on winning the first Daniel ever bytes bracket defeating a long Cox long Cox by a wide margin. 63% to 37% it makes me wonder how I could have done in the final. I just ran into a buzz. I almost took that. What the fuck? No one came closer to taking down Madden penetration than me show.

Well, I don’t know. You would have to say baby F and whale because it’s a baby fucking wheel man. In the final four baby whale put up 42% points against Madden penetration, 58 but it was clear Madden penetration, early sound drop and the fans of smoking and penetration is being crown victorious. That means it is is going to be hanging in the rafters. Ryan, when we get our a big new studio, which we shouldn’t even be talking about it, it’s so under wraps.

But once that giant news studio comes, we will be hanging a rafter from S GPN headquarters announcing that Madden penetration is the winner of the 2020 first annual pipes bracket championship. And I think we were tired, uh, Matt and penetration because it’s a, it’s a winner. It doesn’t need to do this again next year and make way for some newer sound bytes as we most likely expand the field.

Speaker 2 (7m 9s): I would propose that we, you are no B when you’re the champ you got to go on the victory lap and you got to drive in the pace car. Right. So you’re not eligible for the next year but you can be eligible for the shot. Yes. Like the guys who play mass, the masters when they want it like 1987, I think we upped the ante. I think we upped the end. Like, I don’t think we go straight green jacket, but there’s gotta we gotta think of something. Uh, lastly, if anyone has a, uh, a bust of John Madden plays, that would be great if we get many statues made up for the sound jobs that win.

And we, and we mostly just need to get Pat is Pat Summerall still alive? Cause we need to get his reporting of playing granulations the John Madden. I, you know what, maybe maybe Pat some roles on cameo. That would be awesome. Oh no, I just Googled and Pat Summerall died 2013. He is not on cameo. Oh, rest in peace. Rip a Pat. Great. My favorite kicker of all time. Well, any made Madden’s a, that’s not true. Matt bar in New York, giants by field goals take down the 40 Niners Oh yeah.

Right. Uh, you know, my favorite kicker of course is the current Philadelphia Eagles kicker. We kicked the 62 yarder helped him win the Superbowl. Jake frickin Elliot. But imagine a world where the genius of bytes bracket, which of course we were getting ready to announce the winner. We were close to that moment. Imagine then going off and creating something even more genius to the point where you’ve overshadowed they they kinda, they want as one was rounding down the other was ramping up, but still just so much genius bouncing around the walls in the S.G.P.

Pen offices. All right. Touting who

Speaker 0 (8m 56s): are we giving money to show $500 courtesy courtesy of us handing it out to Mindy Miller. $500 what the fuck? A female listener taking down the bytes bracket winning $500 cold, hard cash. 740 points. That’s pretty, that’s a pretty good score. Shout out to Josh Bixler in second place.

Six 80 Robbie Higbee a third place, six 10 so there was definitely some space there at the top. And Sean, how dare you apply your gender stereotypes. I know Mindy could be a guy. I didn’t mean to, uh, I didn’t mean to define her gender, but Josh and Robbie hit us up. We’ll get you some gear. Podcasts at sports, gambling and Mindy of course hit us up gal, so we can give you that $500 cold, hard cash, pretty awesome ride.

Because not only are you making up contests, we’re also making up ways to get these people paid. A DJ and madness would be cool enough, just the fact that people can game a lotta, but the fact that barking dog put up three grand as well to throw on top of that, I mean, let’s be honest, showing the federal government’s only putting up 1200 for you. So yeah, even if you’re, even if you’re married, you got someone living in your house, your entire, you know, household $2,400 we’re beating the federal government’s ass.

We didn’t realize this would be, I don’t think that Sean, I’d like to make an announcement. Sure. I am a, I am forgoing collecting any sort of any sort of funds from the federal government because here at the sports gambling podcast we do it ourselves. We do it our way coming up from our bootstraps now. Mudda obviously if we can get some free money we’ll take it and I will pass every penny I received from the federal government as part of this stimulus onto the listeners. This really is the old Degen.

Madness is the ultimate Corona relief package because not only are we giving people money but also an opportunity to earn money from gambling and uh, an opportunity to not hang out with their loved ones that they’re quarantined with and seclude themselves in an area where they can just throw it up on the big screen. And while we’re here, ride shout out real quick because I don’t want you to get off this point. I, I do think there’s a little bit of the, like the feeling I’ve had for the past couple of days, maybe getting a little little bit more irritated with, with some of my roommates, maybe.

Maybe. I think what it was is the fact that I had been, I had, I had gotten used to not having sport to, to have that rush to achieve that feeling of, of just pure degenerate endorphins releasing in my brain. And we got four

Speaker 2 (11m 54s): straight days of it and much like going to Vegas and just getting everything all at once.

Speaker 0 (12m 1s): That crash happened and I people people were looking for some methadone.

Speaker 2 (12m 6s): I didn’t have enough blueberries in stock because of the goddamn grocery stores cause this goddamn virus and I’d never know bananas and I’m not getting all, all the F the fricking the Bronto that my body needs

Speaker 0 (12m 21s): and it

Speaker 2 (12m 22s): today I realized that as I was working to get the numbers in the simulation data out last night, late last night, I realized that’s what it was all about and that’s the relief we’re really providing people. Right. Cause there’s a couple of ways to feel like that. Th th there’s a couple activities on this planet that gets you that feeling.

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The plumbing all of a sudden clogged up. Maybe you got a, a weird health thing going on. You want to be firing on all cylinders, locked up in the corn. The that’s the one thing that you can really, you really look forward to in your day of, and it’s a great, you talk about relieving the tension in your household. If it’s just you and your wife super angry, she keeps leaving the door open or, or whatever, not

Speaker 2 (14m 52s): uh, putting the food particles through the garbage disposal and just leaving them in the sink. You have sex. All of a sudden, none of that stuff matters. It is interesting because again, tying it back to that rush to that, that, that feeling of the dice being in the air week

Speaker 3 (15m 9s): we often, I’ve often joked with him, with

Speaker 2 (15m 13s): you in Las Vegas, Sean, that we go into this fight or fuck mode and it’s that same, I think maybe it’s fight, fuck or gamble because all three of them released something that allows your body to achieve that hide, to achieve that, that moment of realizing that everything else around you doesn’t matter because the dicer in the air and like you said afterwards, everyone’s good because everyone’s exhausted.

All our bullshit energy and great and until it gets pent up again your good. So once again, like for, for the, for the six or seven women that listen to this show who are married, you’re welcome. Like we’re relieving tension across America. We are held maybe, and maybe they’re also super pent up if they’re listening to this show, they probably had that same pent up, uh, yo desires when it comes to gambling that they can’t release. There was a video went viral today of of someone that Trump’s press conference asking Trump like, Hey, domestic violence has gone up.

Yeah, probably because of uh, uh, yeah, people being locked in the same house. Again, not being able to get the relief. And that’s where we come in where we’re probably saving marriages. Right now we’re probably cutting back on domestic abuse, domestic violence because guys and a very, very small percentage of cool chicks have an outlet and, and we’ve created that. He has come to the, what was the spa called in Florida. We’re essentially, we’re essentially giving out hand jobs.

All God bless, perfect transition. We got a full slate of games, eight games on tap week to tip it off Thursday night. Before we should we check back in with the leaderboard? I know we were, we were just done talking about one contest in one bracket let’s, uh, let’s check out the, which by the way, shout out to Tyler again for putting this together, but you can view all the brackets. Head over to the leaderboard sports gambling

It’s linked right there. Two guys are actually, I again, I’m doing the gender disposition because our, our demographic show, 97% of listeners are men. It doesn’t mean Ryan there. You can just assume that guys or people are like, why, why do they keep bringing this up? Jordan Gillis and Jamie bizarre Anson. Perfect brackets.

Speaker 0 (17m 51s): Perfect. Bracket Sean, they got w Washington, right?

Speaker 2 (17m 57s): And I, I don’t want to tease this too hard, but uh, Jamie’s got Washington going one more round. Ooh.

Speaker 0 (18m 3s): And uh, yeah, of course you can go to the leaderboard, you can see who’s winning and you can also check your own bracket the huge, we got like 20 guys again, 20 people.

Speaker 2 (18m 15s): It’s a great ready

Speaker 0 (18m 16s): joke that we got 20, uh, 20, uh, not identifying individuals at number three. So a lot of big bottleneck there. And then a bunch tied for 80, et cetera, et cetera. So,

Speaker 2 (18m 28s): and new to the website, new to the Degen madness

Speaker 0 (18m 33s): Paige,

Speaker 2 (18m 34s): second round matchup information, the SIM data, including SIM data and rosters side by side.

Speaker 0 (18m 43s): Very funny because clearly the listeners sunless tanners don’t really understand how data works because they’re all, all your simulations. It’s cool. It’s interesting. It helps you make the picks but they didn’t go as planned, right? I mean, what Washington had like a 15% chance of winning out. Right? And they did. And then people are like, what the fuck this SIM data’s useless. Well, when a long shot happens, right? Like a one, a one to 19, uh, opportunity happens, eight feels very much like a long shot because you know, in this case, a 15 seed beat, a two seed.

But in reality,

Speaker 2 (19m 24s): I was simulating this data enough to see that occurrence, right? So I see all sorts of interesting things when I simulate these games where I’m like, wow, that would be, that’d be horrible. I saw a 40 point game today doing some of the simulation, a 40 point game. Now are we blessed with exciting outcomes? Absolutely. Uh, am I sad that the, you know, the D it’s skewing a little over. It’s skewing a little dog. It’s skewing a little odd. Yeah. No, I would love for there to be more of a normal distribution, but that’s made them small sample size.

Guys, guess what? This is why you tune in for madness. All right. If every favorite and every under was coming in, you would hate us. I mean, you’d still love our amazing commentary, which by the way, if you haven’t checked it out, check it out. Games live six and seven

Speaker 0 (20m 15s): Pacific, Thursday through Sunday, anywhere you can follow us. You can watch video. But Sean, I don’t know where I was going with that. I’m just getting high shit. The passion ride. Anyway. We also have a SIM data. Yes. We’ve been doing some cool giveaways during in game, like doing 10 bucks per three point and that kind of thing. We have a challenge. So stay tuned to the end of the podcast to hear that. Alright, Kramer, read off a, walk us through the games slides totals the whole thing.

I dare you to watch a game on Thursday night and not stay for the whole week. Are you not entertained? Show. And to be clear, if people are listening, wondering about Ryan’s cough, it’s from a vape pen. So, Oh no, of course. Yeah. Uh, and lastly, just to pull back, if you haven’t watched, Shaun and I are taking opposite sides of every game, most mostly, and you’ll get to listen to us go back gamble real dollars on the game Thursday, this Thursday, Sean, today probably as you’re listening, 6:00 PM tip, the Villanova Wildcats host the LSU tigers.

We tigers lot of tigers in DJ and madness and we didn’t know about tiger King when we looked at a lot of their songs. So quick shout out to me, wrote up an awesome blog comparing the different tiger King characters as if they were NFL people. Really awesome. Couple of ones. I’m, I’m pretty proud of, uh, comparing Carol Baskin to bill Bellacheck that was solid and got a nice, a nice Photoshop done of Carol Baskin in the hoodie, the short sleeved hoodie.

That’s a honor Instagram as well. That’s pretty fun. Uh, comparing Jeff Lowe to Odell Beckam. There’s a lot of, I don’t want to ruin who Joe exotic is, but uh, just put it this way, it’s a NFL player who’s worn a scarf at a post skin. Don’t want to reveal who it is, but there’s a lot and people had a bunch of good ones that they sent in. A lot of people are saying, ah, Joe exotic should be Antonio Brown. That one’s pretty good because a lot of the same characteristics that drama, hyper confident, hyper confident, believes he has a music career.

Although Antonio Brown song isn’t that bad, but uh, and both have like kind of a mullet thing going on. So there’s a, it’s just a fun exercise. So if you got your own, tweet us at gambling podcast and uh, we’ll retreat. But yeah, check out, check out the blog. It’s, it’s pretty fun. The Villanova Wildcats host the LSU tigers where the tigers are a five and a half point underdog. 89 and a half is the total. We expect there to be money lines as you’re listening to this as well.

Um, Sean, you know, breaking down the aisle before you tell me why you’re going to be a Philadelphia Homer, I’m going to tell you to remember the fall. Remember when times were good and we were tiger Sean, so you’re defecting here. Obviously a tiger destroys a Wildcat. The simulation data, five and a half is too big. I, I agree with you. The simulation data shows this is a the should be a three and a half point number.

Now simulation is all over the place, yada, yada, yada. I think this LSU team,

Speaker 2 (23m 46s): they have a decently high ceiling and I think what you’ll see in the SIM day, this Sean, that max and min only being off skewed by five in both directions. I liked the ceiling this LSU team has and I think if Villanova is not draining those shots, LSU is alive dog. Well that’s the thing. Villanova’s going to hit those shots. They’re going to hit their free throws, they play the game the right way. They played clean and I just, LSU was going to have trouble going into Philadelphia and now I get all the white guy talking about Notre Dame football.

They do play, they play the game the right way. None of this fancy alley, oops, listen, I’m terrified of the dogs this weekend. They went seven and one last week. Favor or do for a regression towards the, towards the favorites and yeah, I mean I’m a Homer, but Villa Nova I think is a quality team. I have them going to the final, I’m blanking on if I ended up picking Villanova or our gals to actually pull it out, but I, those are the two teams I have going into the championship. And so of course I’m going to ride Villanova early and often feel great about taking a sideways way.

Jerome already licking my chops, much like the tigers lick their chops to shake. Take off that one girl’s arm. Uh, the wild cats are going to take down the LSU tigers. Uh, we’re going to bet 500 shekels on this, right Sean? Indeed, people fake Ben’s just one of the most ridiculous bits in the, in the universe. Thursday 7:00 PM another Wildcat team. Jesus, we’re so well, yes, we are going CAD heavy, but real quick, since we mentioned Villanova possibly went in at all plus 1300 right now as a future over at MyBookie, so wow.

Okay. Interesting. And, uh, and Washington, I throw them out there has, I’ve, I’m jumping ahead but I throw them out there as 40 to one 4,000 they have now moved all the way down to plus 2000 a lot of value there. Colorado is still plus 4,000 I think any of these crazy long shots, I mean worth a little spree. Interesting thing about Ashington I love going crazy is they own like they have a seven seat, you know like it’s not the career path isn’t that hard.

All right. Thursday 7:00 PM the Kentucky Wildcats, they host the Colorado buffaloes, Sean Bluffs, this th th you know this is an interesting matchup and I think you know, if I’ve, I think I circled this before we, even before we played any games at this might be a game to look towards the underdog. The simulation data certainly seems to back that out up only liking Kentucky by 3.4 points. The spread is of course four and a half.

84 is the total. Sean. I think this is one of those situations where Kentucky was winning a lot of these simulations by a wide margin, but Colorado would randomly when by 10 mm. They have a decent ceiling considering there are 13 seed. I think at the end of the day, Kentucky probably gets it done, but I don’t know where, what side you’re going to be on here. I’m guessing you’re gonna want to take Colorado. I’ll go Colorado, although I’ll let you have a Oh, you met at my sheets all messed up here.

Hold on, I’ll let you have. Do you want, I’ll let you go first. Ryan, what do you, what are you picking? Cause I could make a decent case for either get I will. What I was going to say is I give me Colorado because I, if you’re gonna make me, if you’re going to get me one dog, I want both the dogs. I don’t think we’re going to see, I don’t think we’re just going to see it. A Kentucky team role here. I think there’s a chance that happens, but what, what are we seeing all four nights? Really what we’ve seen in DJ ma Degen madness is the simulation data didn’t matter and they knew the lights were getting bright and they and both teams showed up to play.

I think Colorado, they realize that their season went to shit. This is a second chance. This is a reprieve. This is the relief can be Colorado. I’m going money line on that one. Well and there are lone dog man. This was unfortunate when we saw the bracket because Kentucky and Colorado, both teams, um, that uh, that, you know, I kinda like this year and I definitely think Kentucky had a legit shot to make a run in, in traditional March madness.

But um, yeah, I mean they just had the pedigree. They kind of were just that classic Kentucky team where they were getting overlooked because they were Kentucky and because it was such a wide open field, there are kind of off to the side not getting maybe the height that they deserved. We did, ah, I love the amount of analysis where we did the same thing last week. It’s great. How, however, again, the lines kind of high, it’s been dog heavy, but I’m happy to take Kentucky minus four and a half. We know Colby ultimate most.

He’s going to be back in his Buffalo. So true. That’s pretty easy to think about that. Uh, Friday night, 6:00 PM the opening tip is going to see the Florida state Seminoles talk about a team that was snake bitten this year when everything got canceled, they were having the season of seasons. They’re going to be hosting the Texas tech red Raiders. Once again, styles make fights. This is an interesting one. I feel like the styles are quite similar and this may be is not the team you wanted to see. If you’re the Florida state Seminoles line is three for the Seminoles.

77 and a half is the total one of the lowest totals we’ve seen. Sean. Yeah, we haven’t seen a sub 80 total yet. These teams have shown the ability to play games that don’t get out of the 20s as you see, both of them in the data had game. Their minimum game is in the 20s. Uh, that tells me that we have the potential to see a game where no one’s scores for a little while. And if you, you know, the style of both these teams, they have some big guys, they have some shooters, but they both play some defense.

So again, I’m generally never going to back the Florida state. Seminoles don’t, don’t care for him and that haven’t cared for him since they, since fucking 42 year old Chris Winkie,

Speaker 0 (30m 15s): Dan Michael Vick in the national championship. Oh man, they were the enemy when I, when I was so old when I was a young, uh, not Catholic boy in New Jersey, rooting for Notre Dame like everyone else. Uh, Florida state was the enemy, right? Like they were the bad boys. I’m not going for Florida state. Gimme, Texas tech, Ryan plus three. I’m, I’m very dark off your off your chalk. I’ll go, I’ll take Florida state all day and I’ll point to your own data. I’ll use your own SIM data against you ride.

You have the winning percentage here from Florida state and Texas tech 58 42. The spread is three. However you look at Villanova, LSU, exact same percentage of winning percentage 58 and 42 and that line is five and a half. So just going off those numbers, it feels like I’m getting a free two and a half points. I love free points. I love free money for SU all the way. Talk about a strange quirk with the data. I believe we had five matchup

Speaker 2 (31m 15s): in the first round for match-ups in the first round with this percentage breakout. All for happened to be the first four games of this weekend because the next game on deck, the Seton hall pirates who are hosting the Houston cougars, this one was also a 58 to 42 wind percentage. This one’s sees a spread for the seat and all pirates a minus four 82 and a half is the total. You know, I’m going to be on the team from Jersey. Sean, you don’t get a choice in this one.


Speaker 0 (31m 48s): how’s pow potential player of the tournament? Well, and I like Houston plus for here. I like Houston plus for here for the same reason. I like UNC, uh, to possibly win out. Right. But really they gave, they gave them a hell of a game. Anytime there’s teams where there’s a consensus and there is a consensus in Dejan madness a lot of people like the Seton hall pirates, they think Seton hall can make noise anytime there’s a consensus opinion. I love fading the public. I love going on the opposite side.

Houston catching four points. I’m all over that. They’re plus 2,800 twin at all. Seton hall though, however is plus 1600. I, I just think Houston plus for here, there is some value here. I’m happy to take it. 82 and a half probably right on the uh, numbers as far as the total button. Yeah. Houston plus for not a problem. I will say when I see Houston have the highest

Speaker 2 (32m 45s): scoring game of, of the bunch in the simulation data, that makes me wonder if the number shouldn’t be bigger because that’s probably an outlier. And I will say I did not apply any sort of complex statistical analysis to the data. So outliers will be in there.

Speaker 0 (33m 2s): Uh, but again,

Speaker 2 (33m 4s): doesn’t matter. I’m taking the team from Jersey, I’m taken the team with miles pow potential player of the tournament.

Speaker 0 (33m 13s): We’re on it and we kinda hit on some of these and the recap podcast but it’s worth bringing up some of these trends overs. Crazy seven and one odd point total. An amazing seven and one people were uh, they were par LN OD point total in the early and the late game. This didn’t go, the one didn’t go even until the last of the eight games. So there were three nights back to back to back where you parlayed odd points. You cashed dogs were seven and one against the spread, five and three straight up.

That feels like we’re probably due for a regression. And then, uh, the home road home court doesn’t seem to matter as much as you may think it was a four, four straight up for home and road teams. Yeah. In a weird way that

Speaker 2 (33m 59s): it kind of works. Right. The intent of this is to be on a neutral. We couldn’t secure any arenas that hosted due to the rules and everything. But yeah,

Speaker 0 (34m 7s): I, I will say, uh, you know, a little bit

Speaker 2 (34m 11s): diabolical on the schedulers part, but we put all the five, 12 and four 13 match ups on the same day there is, that is excitement. All four of these have a 58 42 win percentage, which means guaranteed one of them wins.

Speaker 0 (34m 31s): And at which gun? Deer head, which one of these favorites goes down? Well, the Seton hall pirates, the one dog I’m on baby and it’s awesome. Now they actually have money lines over at MyBookie for some of these live dogs cause they certainly are a bargain in a contest presented by barking dog partners. Perfect time to talk about are pals ACE, you ever thought of uh, being a Sportsbook starting your own Sportsbook it’s surprisingly easy.

I know what you’re saying, Shawn. Sports are on pause right now. Yeah, well they’re going to come back. You know, you think we’re just gonna live life the rest of our lives without sports know. And they also do online casinos. So aceperhead they get started really easy. Uh, they set up the website, they give you top-notch customer support going 24, seven, they set the lines and they have some of the sharpest lines in the industry. They also offer live betting and a really good mobile experience.

I know guys who use this local guys and uh, they love it. Crepe

Speaker 2 (35m 38s): paper, head service plus if you use our link, he can get up to six weeks free. That’s G P G. P.

Speaker 0 (35m 53s): all right Sean. So

Speaker 2 (35m 55s): we’ve gotten through Thursday and Friday on to Saturday. The last of the first round ups, both six 11 games will be played on Saturday. The first, of course, the Duke blue devils, they will be hosting the West Virginia mountain

Speaker 0 (36m 10s): mirrors.

Speaker 2 (36m 11s): Duke is only a two point favorite here at Cameron indoor Sean 85 is the total. I think this is maybe the one game we both have to agree. We’re just going to take West Virginia, right? Well, we’ll figure out another way to bet on,

Speaker 0 (36m 24s): well maybe you have to go out and even point totals, even though there probably is some value in, in taking Duke minus two at home. Yeah. And, and, but I mean you, you look at the, uh, the split there as far as percentage wins, it was neck and neck, 53 47%, slight edge with blue devils. But even your, even your max min point totals, they were almost identical with West Virginia’s highest scoring game being 60, their lowest being 32.

And then flip side for the devils a 33 and 60. So it should be a great game. Why not take the free points? And again, I’m not back into, that’s just maybe one additional way to look at the data. Again,

Speaker 2 (37m 12s): both teams having a max score of 60, but the max total game score only being 102, that stound stands out to me, uh, that both of those teams have had outlying winds with high scoring games. And so this might be a game where I look to take the under here and Sean, maybe that’s the opportunity because I think you probably, you’re, you’re probably thinking West Virginia high tempo, Duke efficient. I liked the over here, so maybe that’s where we can find our agreement to disagree.

But I would say looking at the data the under might be calling to me and I might just let it creep creep up because people are going to hear us talking about the overs being seven one last week and they’re going to be like, they really haven’t made much adjustment to these numbers. They’ve been out for a week, they’ve made out there

Speaker 0 (38m 2s): and MyBookie must feel confident in their position that things are going to regress down to the under because with the exception of the comically high, uh, 95 points, Michigan state, Arizona, they’re all pretty much similar numbers.

Speaker 2 (38m 15s): Let’s get to that game. Let’s do it because this, this was a really intriguing game looking at the data and that’s the Michigan state Speight and the Michigan state Spartans hosting statements, hosting the Arizona Wildcats, yet a nother Wildcat. Sean, you wouldn’t. It’s like we planned it tiger King in the air and we’re just going all cats. Arizona minus one and a half on the road. Now this is, this happened with Oregon and Louisville. It’s a rare, rare thing though. And to be the 11 seats favored over a six seed 95 is the total, like you pointed out again, the games in the data.

When you just look at mins and max and everything else, like yeah, higher floor to this matchup, so I get the higher number, but the, the Maxxis aren’t that crazy. Like this just feels like a matchup where they must, they’re just gonna wanna there’s a lot of running. There’s a lot of, lot of efficient scoring and I, it’s hard to want to take era. It’s just, it just feels like Michigan state. Tom Izzo, they’d been disrespectful.

Oh wow. Okay. I need a victory. I’m up. I’m up upon you pretty much. Then is obviously he’s on the ballot for player of the tournament without even playing yet. Like, he’s just, when you see him, when you see him take the floor, Sean, you’re going to be like, wow, that guy is special. He’s got something else. CPU, Cassius just has a different level, and correct me if I’m wrong, but Michigan state here is a home dog. They were home dog. That seems crazy. But I’ll still stick with Arizona. It seems disrespectful.

I liked that. The PAC twelves ability to score and I think that’s why the total is so high at 95 and 95 point total with the Michigan state team. That is not big 10 basketball. I know maybe they’re scoring a little bit more this year. I haven’t, I don’t have the numbers in front of me, but, and I have a feeling when you get your eyes on Nico Mannion mm, you’re gonna fall in love because he is who you would be as a basketball player in the matrix. Now is this, is this a super insulting, like the guys at the end of the bench that you claimed were inspired by him?

No, no, no. This is like a super quick guy with handle and and yeah, no, this is, I mean he’s the, he’s kind of a hilarious looking. I guess that’s the joke part of it but no, no. This is a compliment. I think you’re gonna love it. Should we move on to Saturday or Sunday? Look at Nico Mannion his hair. That is, that is awesome. I wish I had that hair Sunday and Sean, unlike unlike these other conservative tournament’s, we’re going to just jump right into the second round and, but we are not, we are going to hold our one seeds.

We’re going to hold them to the following set of games. Sunday 6:00 PM you saw them upset the number two seed. Baylor bears the Washington Huskies. They head to the road to take on the Louisville Cardinals were the Louisville Cardinals. Talk about getting a nice road. They are five point favorites here. 89 is the total. I’m Ryan. I’m going to jump in here. Back off for my Huskies. I was paying 40 to one. I’ve been all in on this team. This is the sweet justice I need for my, my blue balls.

That is my a hundred to one them to win the pack 12 tournament and a beat Arizona in the first round they were going to win it all. I was gonna cash you age a hundred bucks on that thing. God dammit. But I can’t pitch because uh, that’s not our style. Washington Huskies plus five. That’s way too much for this team. You saw how good they were. I’m all over the Huskies ride. Make your case for the Cardinals. You called this out earlier. But if you look at the wind percentage in the simulation data here, it’s 60 it’s almost 70 30.

And what you were pointing out earlier was to, to say this, the number was a little bit big for 58 42 this number is a little small for a, a game that is won by the Cardinals. Seven out of 10. I don’t love laying the points here cause I think Washington is, as you pointed out, a live dog. But I think in more of those scenarios, Louisville wins by a wide margin. And again, I think I, I do think once we get to a total of 16 games, this dog favorite split against the spread will come back a bit closer to 50, 50, obviously easy to say that your SIM data really gamble this.

Can I predict that we will be leaving this weekend? The dogs will be no better than 10 and six. Wow. Okay. So I’m saying no more than three dogs cover this weekend. That’s bad news for me cause I’m all, I’m still, what am I got right now? I think, I think I have more dogs. I’m, I’m actually going right. I’m going against my own logic here. Virginia 7:00 PM on Sunday, they had to the road after getting that, the upset over Maryland, uh, over the Scott van pelt led Merrill.

He hasn’t brought it up on sports center for some reason. He’s got waiting for the perfect tatting heading to the two to the West coast. Again, long trip here out to take on the Gonzaga Bulldogs can. It’s just an absolutely silly 10 point favorite. 80.5 is the total. Ryan, you can’t pick UVA. I mean, do you have to pick and Zach’s I’m happy to do that. Your case for this mega favor. Uh, the last simulation I did, uh, I actually fired up and watch the entire game just to, you know, spot check the arena, make sure everything looked good for the big show.

And I watched the game where Virginia had their lowest output of 19. The final score was 48 to 19. It was a slaughter. And while I think Virginia shows up in a lot of these and I think Virginia somehow, uh, much like in real life, they kinda, they, they, they lo you the sleep and they score efficiently and they play a little defense. And when can I, this game we’ll just come down if hits their shots, if Gonzaga plays their game and hits their shots, they went, they crush, they win this game by 15 to 20 points, but they almost lost to UNC.

And then you bring another ACC team, Virginia, UVA getting 10 points you saw that they did to Maryland, I don’t think can zag is going to be that cold again. Gonzaga. I wish I had a track. The number Shama they were cold. You know how the computer loves to give us good games on Sunday was the blow out in this could also, this could be the blowout spot. Come on dude. Gonzaga is one of the T there. Gonzaga is is going to lose next round. This is the classic Inzaghi let’s, this is classic can zag in that they get to the elite eight then lose.

Wow. Yeah, they don’t, they, you know, figure out a way to which of course Sean, these games were the sweet 16 for de Degen. Madness this is the beginning of the sweet 16. Louisville and Louisville, Washington and Virginia again zag. Both sweet 16 match-ups. That’s fun. That is fun.

Speaker 0 (45m 37s): We got it. We did it. We got our lock dog and tease coming up in a second. But before we do shout out to PropSwap. That’s right. PropSwap baby again, can’t, can’t buy any sports tickets right now. but you can deposit, get that hundred dollars bonusing. Cause when you, uh, when sports are back, they may not be running this promo and you’re going to miss out. But perfect time to deposit now gets set up. Government send you $1,200, turn it into $1,300 go to promo code as GP, get a hundred percent deposit up to $100 here’s the nice thing though is um, yeah, it’s not any sort of roll over opponents.

He literally just is a hundred extra dollars. So sports get fired back up. You see a ticket there for $200 you’re literally only paying $100. So not only are you getting the best price available cause you’re buying someone else’s hedge, you’re also literally giving a a hundred free hours. Hey, I mean as a financial advisor I cannot express, I mean that’s 100% return. You can’t have a better investment than depositing right now over a and use promocode S G P.

Speaker 2 (46m 55s): okay. Kramer. Amarillo. We actually going to do a T’s. Nah, cause I know my bookie offers basketball teases and I think it’s a four-point teas. So I just don’t know if I can, it’s not our style. We’ll do locking dog. How about lock dog and future? Okay. How will we give out one each give out a future we like. All right. You sir Kramer. Ah, putting me on the spot. I mean, again, I, I, if I had one game to circle before everything started, one dog that I circled because I think there’s a legitimate shot that they, they, they, they do something here.

It’s Seton hall. I’m laying the points. I think Houston has a disastrous floor. Seton hall has blow out potential. Where I think if Houston wins this, it is a, an absolute squeaker for my dog. I mean, Michigan state is a home dog is disrespectful, but that’s one and a half points that’s going to be plus one 10 I’m on. That’s not a real dog. I’m going to go and I’m going to fade. I’m going to fade. Coach cow, I’m gonna fade this Kentucky team. I have no faith that this Kentucky team has, has any, any interest in playing.

They’re all, of course, you know, they’re all going to the NBA. They’re, they’re not focused coach cows not focused in on on Degen madness. And I think this Colorado team sees this as a second chance, a second chance at an ed. If finishing a season, that could have been something. Absolutely disasters. And for my future, Sean, as I pull up the, uh, the book, the big board over at my bookie. Dot. Ag, uh, you know, I see Creighton and I see they’ve already advanced.

They’re eight to one, one of the more impressive teams we’ve seen. But is that big enough? I’m not sure it is and it probably is priced okay. But again, I’m going to go to Seton hall 16 to one 16 to one to win to win it all. I just, it just feels a bit disrespectful if I might, if I do want to make an investment in Creighton, I think I make that investment in the packs in region future at plus four 50.

Speaker 1 (49m 7s): Okay.

Speaker 0 (49m 9s): Alright. Kramer for my lock.

Speaker 1 (49m 13s): Uh,

Speaker 0 (49m 14s): Hey, hate that. It’s the first game, but give me fill a Nova minus five and a half. Okay. Love this team. They’re gonna, they’re gonna smoke the tigers. They’re just going to absolutely destroy, much like the tigers that Joe exotic put put out of business that he claimed were sick. They’re going to euthanize or possibly just murder LSU gimme Villanova minus five and a half for my dog. It’s the Huskies themselves, Washington plus five.

I mean, that’s going to be a nice and juicy Moneyline and I would even throw, I’m going to go away a 15 seed advances to the elite. Oh dude, this is teaching madness. Is that possible? Here’s also what I would do if I was contractually allowed to bet on my bookie dad, AIG, I would take a small amount and I would parlay, uh, the Huskies money line with Uvase money line creating a massive parlay opportunity for the gamblers. So my future is, uh, my futures or Villanova at plus 1300 and Washington.

They’ve already won one game there in the sweet 16 against the seven seed and there’s still 20 to one. Are you kidding me? Yeah. I’m just looking at this path that Creighton has the finals. Like they, they, they’re gonna, they get Michigan state or Arizona and then they get Louisville or Washington plus four 50 only go for it. You can hedge out against date and in the, uh, in the finals and we were going to be doing tonight, Thursday night, we’re going to be doing the three point challenge and we’re going to be awarding the three point dollars while we’re gonna run it back for our boy Jason, who only got $10 failed experiment with the AlleyOOP Jen for the AlleyOOP challenge.

But we’re going to bring along a buddy, Oh, maybe, maybe not of his buddy, but whoever we decide to pick that sends us the coolest setup for Degen. Madness your Degen cave. Tweet us a photo, uh, at gambling podcast of your setup, what you got going on, what you’re working on a drink wise, maybe get some snacks. You get the kids there, you’re brainwashing them into gambling the old lady. Whatever your setup is. The coolest, biggest, best, a celebration of Degen madness you will get picked to also join the three point contest.

We should have that contest B B for Friday night. So they have time to send us pictures Thursday of them watching, right? Well, I was going to say, well, here’s what we’ll do. Actually, we’re already running it back Thursday. No, why don’t we do this. We’ll pick the winner at the end of the second game. So you have to stay tuned to see if you’re the winner. You’re going to have to stay, stick around to the end of the, and we’re not saying we’re not going to tweet it out, right? You got to watch. Now you’ve got to watch.

We’ll be giving out a secret email address, possibly podcast. That’s that’s yet to be determined, but just know sending your photos of your setup right before tip Shawna videos. Okay? Videos are okay. Is it okay to include your attractive girlfriend or wife as some sort of center? So some sort of advertisement to how cool your places, how’s a slot? I got it. I’m not gonna complain about that. And we saw that reaction video, those kids in the dorm room that we hooked them up with a a hundred dollars to get some beer.

So if you’ve got a reaction video, tweet that in. If you have a bad beat that happens in the night, tweet that in. We will be awarding Thursday night after the Thursday game, the best clip or a photo, whatever it is, get creative. Just make sure your hashtag and T gen madness and tweeted at gambling podcast so we see it. Okay. So just so I got it Shawn or no actually sorry, just tweeted out hashtag Degen madness and we’ll find it. Don’t tweet it at us. Yeah, we want your nine followers to see it.

Um, what else? Kramer? So at the end of the Thursday and just to be clear, we’re running it back for our boy on Thursday. Jason. Jason, good dude. I dunno if I do we really need to run it back and then the winner of this contest we’ll get get in on the Friday action for the 3.0 okay. Yeah. Is that what we’re saying? I was going to say it counts for what happened on Thursday. Oh okay. I gotcha. That’s fine too. I like that. Cause then as the prize pool builds, people would be more intrigued to send in their photos and then we’ll announce it.

That’s, that sounds like an every night promotion. So 10, I mean, Jesus Christ Ryan were given out enough money, $10 per three point made. So 10 buckets are made during the, uh, during the games on Thursday night. You’re going to get $100 if we, uh, think your photo video, whatever is the best. Again, tweet it out and make sure you just hashtag Degen madness so we see it. All right, Kramer, thank you for participating in the sports scan and podcast and thank you guys for participating in Degen.

Madness really appreciate it and still get in those five star reviews. Helps us grow, keep this thing alive. Sports maybe on, but we’re, we’re finding a way to make it happen for the sports gaming podcasts. I’m Sean second the money green and he has Ryan see you tomorrow night. Sean Kramer. Let it, Brad.

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