Major Conference Tournament Megapod (Ep. 798)

major conference tournament megapodcast

Podcast Recap

The guys give out their picks for all the major college basketball conference tournaments plus they make fun of the Ivy League for canceling their tournament and talk about their upcoming trip to Las Vegas. Make sure to enter our free March Madness contest for a chance at $1000. They give out their best bets for:

  • Atlantic 10 Conference Tournament
  • Big 12 Conference Tournament
  • Big East Conference Tournament
  • Big Sky Conference Tournament
  • Southland Conference Tournament
  • Big Ten Conference Tournament
  • CUSA Conference Tournament
  • PAC 12 Conference Tournament
  • SEC Conference Tournament
  • American Conference Tournament
  • Big West Conference Tournament
  • Western Athletic Conference Tournament

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Podcast Transcription

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Welcome everyone to the sports gambling podcast. I’m Shawn stack in that money green with my partner and

Speaker 1 (2m 25s): picks right real money

Speaker 2 (2m 27s): Kramer. What’s happening creme dog?

Speaker 3 (2m 29s): I feel so bad for the folks for the many watch the where they say the millions watching at home on slash Sports gambling podcast the normal transition from image to Sean pointing at you the listener it took longer than longer. So All you caught was the end where Shawn was like this. You didn’t see any way Colby’s here. Let’s not be rude

Speaker 2 (2m 52s): joining us in studio. Colby did aka the dentist’ base.

Speaker 1 (2m 59s): What’s up? Call me. What’s up guys? I just listened to Rogan’s podcast. I don’t think about think about flaking out on Vegas. I mean, oh

Speaker 2 (3m 7s): wait. Sorry. That’s us enjoy Las Vegas. That is you being the wet willy the Nancy that is Staying home like fight the corona by the coronavirus. I’m calling you out coronavirus. You’re a coward picking on the elderly. Come at me. I’m a man. I’m almost 40 come at me Corona you soft viral piece of garbage.

Speaker 1 (3m 31s): Look of Yale and Princeton or canceling shit Yale and

Speaker 2 (3m 34s): Princeton for the all those Ivy League school. I’m really turning those are

Speaker 1 (3m 37s): smart people smarter than me

Speaker 2 (3m 39s): ivy league tournament has been canceled. Well, you can be smart and a huge pussy the ivy league tournament got canceled. Brian breaking news are your daughter’s playing soccer this weekend?

Speaker 3 (3m 52s): So no. Yes, they’re playing a lot of soccer. So they 7 soccer games between the two of them. The only game that has a chance of being canceled is the one that is in Glendale because it’s going to rain and they don’t like get the most

Speaker 2 (4m 6s): La thing and I’d only demic no, thank you Ray. Okay, that’s serious. We have there’s flooding the streets people don’t know how to drive. I’ve the stopping distance. It’s a little wonky. I mean, it’s

Speaker 3 (4m 19s): pretty awesome. I mean now that we’ve all lived here long enough. It’s pretty awesome that rain is an excuse to not do anything. It’s

Speaker 2 (4m 25s): great. I was always driving over here to the podcast and it started really pouring down rain, even though I have four-wheel drive in my awesome jeep that I won from $30,000 and DraftKings, even then I was enjoying the rain because it’s like oh this is pretty boss. I’m four-wheel drive, but I go should we cancel the podcast? It’s Even though it’s in a garage which has some leakage issues. But

Speaker 3 (4m 51s): I was I would you please the studio.

Speaker 1 (4m 54s): I feel like Ryan hit it on the nail last episode and he said like when we go to Caesars are we going to be have an empty audience? Because you know what the mac and now the big West they’re playing games in front of nobody. Yeah. So those what 200 to 300 fans,

Speaker 2 (5m 9s): what will they be doing? Maybe they will come to see us

Speaker 1 (5m 11s): live. You were one of them Cal State Northridge representing. Oh, yeah, I do

Speaker 3 (5m 16s): think A little this is just the fought the culture of following and in this case. No everyone be appended following

Speaker 2 (5m 22s): where Yeah, it’s just people don’t want to get hit with a

Speaker 3 (5m 26s): lawsuit. Well, that’s what it is. Right. They don’t want they don’t want to be the first one. Yes, and they don’t want to be the cause so but but here’s the thing not only are the little ones playing soccer this weekend in the reign of all place.

Speaker 1 (5m 42s): That’s letting it out. I think I think I see a lawsuit opportunity for you buddy lawsuit

Speaker 3 (5m 47s): Opera, but the school district sent an email out today Lee. Leaning into the fact that they are good with the situation. Wow, we had there been no cases in the city of

Speaker 1 (6m 1s): Glendale. Hmm.

Speaker 3 (6m 3s): And guess what spring break starts next Friday

Speaker 2 (6m 6s): perfect time to

Speaker 3 (6m 7s): quarantine. I’m sorry this Friday. They’re going to be deep cleaning all the schools. No mention of closure. Not only that now I’m kind of sharing internal Communications of the Walt Disney Company, but not only that Disney leaning into the Did if you’re not in one of these like, Seattle or New

Speaker 1 (6m 26s): York? Disney is very concerned about your well-being

Speaker 3 (6m 31s): but they’re not telling you to stay home.

Speaker 2 (6m 34s): Yeah, I mean, wow so Disney Manning up you rarely hear that from the Disney Corporation

Speaker 3 (6m 39s): is a company of good. It’s a company of

Speaker 1 (6m 41s): Animation Larry Scott the Pac-12 commissioner actually meant the first good thing. Maybe he’s ever done. Yeah

Speaker 2 (6m 47s): Ted conference games will continue truly the conference champions. We have so many conferences to break down including the Pac-12. But before we do that couple of Double news couple notes, you mentioned a Caesars. We will be there for March Madness

Speaker 1 (7m 3s): next Wednesday. Wow a

Speaker 2 (7m 5s): week from when we’re filming this. All

Speaker 1 (7m 8s): right? No even sooner

Speaker 2 (7m 9s): than yes, sir. Yes a week from when were filming this March 18th in at the Caesars sports book. So you’re going to be in Las Vegas if you’re going to be alive and you plan on walking around and interacting with other humans, we highly recommend that come check us out get you some drinks get it get the hang on. I’ll bring some lighters Wilbur the placed at no, of course not we’re gonna be enjoying a good time at Caesars

Speaker 3 (7m 33s): Sean. As you know, I’ve never been a huge fan of interacting with humans not I

Speaker 2 (7m 39s): meant that the Edibles isn’t a personality thing. We don’t know.

Speaker 3 (7m 43s): Wow, I now have the crutch known as the Corona virus like there. He goes. I’m gonna be in Vegas, but let’s maintain a

Speaker 1 (7m 51s): 12 foot bubble. All

Speaker 2 (7m 53s): right still try and get a selfie with Ryan just please. Please you no respect his five-foot barrier really if you do have to quarantine, March Madness, the conference tournaments couldn’t be a better time to quarantine right lock yourself down. And if you’re if you’re too scared to go out and place a bet in person, no problem our presenting sponsor. My bookie. Dad AG completely Corona free the only thing their Transmission in the only thing they’re transmitting its cold Hard Cash.

Cash in your bank account deposit or withdrawal using crypto currency. We highly recommend that all the odds you’re here in for this college basketball Mega pod of the major conferences. Sorry Colby. No, no need to insult. The other conferences. The major conferences the big dogs. All these odds are courtesy of my bookie Daddy G and every day Kobe Dan Patty see and his brother and see Nick you can get their picks for free from all.

Those my bookie lines and spreads 7 + O as a collective today 80s lock unlocks. I want poem 6. / oh, that’s a damn good spread and a damn good online sports book my book EDG. He’s a promo code SCP percent deposit bonus play win and get paid

Speaker 3 (9m 19s): Shawn. Are you in the bracket mother my bookie bracket? What do you mean? Are you in the contest

Speaker 2 (9m 26s): my bookie? They’re bracket

Speaker 3 (9m 28s): contest. Yeah. No, I’ve not join you I you’re always way ahead of the curve with this stuff. I figured I was just putting the ball on the tee. What do they got going?

Speaker 2 (9m 37s): I’m walking into my book here

Speaker 3 (9m 38s): $100,000 March Madness bracket, and if you Some sort of promotion here buy two get one free.

Speaker 1 (9m 47s): So oh shit. All right,

Speaker 2 (9m 49s): I gotta add that into the read. But yeah, my bookie $19

Speaker 3 (9m 52s): entry fee. So if you give a reason why wouldn’t you spend the 30? Why wouldn’t you market pricing

Speaker 2 (9m 58s): there? And again, we’re running our own our own contest. If you go to sports gambling slash contest. That’s right. We got our own March Madness against the spread contest giving away $1000 you Again, you join the group on BET

Speaker 1 (10m 15s): the sports gambling podcast, March Madness contest

Speaker 3 (10m 19s): Joe check

Speaker 2 (10m 21s): and then you make 40 picks between March 16th and April 7th. Nope,

Speaker 3 (10m 27s): can’t how could I possibly do that? Very easy. Oh, I’ll be set 32 picks right off the bat. I’m sorry 36 right off. The bat

Speaker 2 (10m 36s): spreads halftime bets totals all qualified towards that 40. So just 40 against the spread bets and First prize seven or 50 bucks second prize 150 third prize 50 50 bucks for last place again. You have to make 40 picks. This is against the spread percentage. So you’re literally putting your money where your mouth is and he secretary can get lucky and hit a hit on a bracket. It takes a real man or real woman or real non-binary handicapper to come in and dominate and against the spread contest like this and if that wasn’t enough you legitimately have a chance to win a million dollars read.

And the good crew over at Abbotsford satcom if you make 40 picks during March, March 16 to 31st the five top players in against the spread percentage will go on to their own little super contest. If you will their final four if you then go 12 and oh against the spread sides totals halftime, whatever you will win 1 million dollars. That’s insane to me. I don’t know what else you have to say. This is the biggest prize.

Speaker 3 (11m 43s): If ever been inside so I both want someone to win because a million dollars is awesome. But I also don’t want to have to attend a funeral

Speaker 1 (11m 50s): right and their weight. There’s no way Scott tolls in can fuck this up

Speaker 2 (11m 54s): it will there’s a decent chance got those genes listening to the podcast. Shout out to The Listener and trainer who gave me Scott told ziens LinkedIn profile. It’s on my list at well. Here’s the thing. So there’s a there’s a tool you can get from Full like dark web thing, but he can that I’ve used before what I’m trying to network in Hollywood. You can pull people’s emails off their LinkedIn profile. You just enter the LinkedIn profile the tool scrapes the email kicks it back to you. So I may or may not have Scott tools email. We’ll save that for the fantasy football.

That’s what I’m really going to have. My

Speaker 1 (12m 29s): revenge. I gotta be on that episode. I demand we own

Speaker 3 (12m 32s): that. I’m gonna keep this. It’s just a recommendation for the Scott doesn’t cost me a hat for the use of the Scott told

Speaker 2 (12m 40s): Zine. You don’t know the story. Just Google DraftKings winners are SEO dominates. The first thing that pops we have

Speaker 3 (12m 47s): to get like we have to do some scouting figure out what he’s into nowadays get him on to talk about some legitimate thing and just completely

Speaker 2 (12m 57s): bamboos. We can we can talk big 10 football. He it seems like he’s he’s like one of the he’s the QB coach for the bad.

Speaker 3 (13m 3s): Alright, so real Rick while you were talking about the awesome contest. Yes. I was just headed over to USP not trying to plug another website showing you. I know you hated are you and these are the headlines sources MBA moles moving games due to virus reports Seattle to ban Gatherings of 250 or more Mac tourneys close the public jackets games not Arsenal city called off players put in quarantine and wait for it.

Kowski close the deal

Speaker 2 (13m 36s): WWE. That’s the news we need. Oh

Speaker 3 (13m 40s): shit. Oh my goodness. I

Speaker 2 (13m 42s): mean is it man doing things now? Maybe this is maybe this is kids that maybe this was just I know grunk close friend close personal friend. We’re both former tight

Speaker 1 (13m 53s): ends and

Speaker 2 (13m 54s): maybe this was some sort of connection because I tweeted out a photo of me in an Eagles helmet in a three point

Speaker 1 (14m 0s): stance on

Speaker 2 (14m 2s): stage at a comedy. Show is it was Actually after the Eagles beat the Cowboys in overtime, it

Speaker 1 (14m 9s): was one of us and Bradford’s rare wins. And as we know he is not a franchise

Speaker 2 (14m 14s): quarterback. I got on stage. It was like an eagle’s bar. They do a stand-up show. Like they had a helmet on I mean, I

Speaker 3 (14m 20s): assume if you’re getting down a three point

Speaker 2 (14m 22s): stance God, no 3.8 said I use that photo to promote the show. I’m going to be at the Philly Comedy Club this Saturday in Philadelphia, March 14th 9 p.m.

Speaker 1 (14m 32s): From a coda Sean for ticks.

Speaker 2 (14m 35s): Maybe it’s just the the football Gods coming together because the announcement photo of Robin Caskey signing the deal with the WWE. He is in a three-point stance in the ring now if that’s not Synergy, I don’t know. What is this

Speaker 3 (14m 50s): was the most obvious thing ever and it happened. I’m

Speaker 1 (14m 53s): thinking maybe just maybe after XFL year one. They got to find a way to stop this roughneck fever and I’m thinking Andrew Luck comes back from Europe no Grand. House keys already got a deal with Vince McMahon. Yes. Um, hey, why don’t you come over to this league? And boom?

Speaker 2 (15m 9s): I already like Oliver Luck more than Andrew Luck is he drinks a beer? He drinks a beer and it doesn’t have to be like an IPA with his fellow German Backpackers. It’s not like well we took we took do some dolphin got this beer at the booth. I know work on my architecture the guys probably got coronavirus from not like mozzarella and fucking hilly. Meanwhile Oliver Luck Living the American dream helping to build a an awesome Molly get an awesome beer snake from all the Cubs.

Ooh, and he’s they let the players shotgun Seltzer’s Bud Light sensors on the

Speaker 1 (15m 47s): field. Oh man. I miss awesome. Yeah,

Speaker 3 (15m 50s): John and John Madden really must be rolling over in his grave seeing these football players play see that drink sounds there’s a

Speaker 2 (15m 57s): running joke that we act as if John, he’s me as may as well be like when they when they fire Joe Paterno here. I miss that was out in Mexico for a week Sean. Very

Speaker 3 (16m 7s): angrily just said Madden might as well be dead.

Speaker 2 (16m 10s): Well where they put them. He still wants to talk about football. He’s stored away on some our way Serious Channel the guy loves football. Why would they deprived it? Why does you know what I’m you

Speaker 1 (16m 22s): know, why is because he’s probably a truth or any probably realizes that all these bullshit calls, you know what I mean? No, but has its rules for them.

Speaker 2 (16m 31s): Agitate, he will

Speaker 3 (16m 32s): deploy it Wizard and podcast producer Colby Dan. Yes

Speaker 1 (16m 38s): to record

Speaker 3 (16m 39s): with mr. If the problem is that John doesn’t want to leave the bus will come to the

Speaker 2 (16m 45s): bus will bring a Bloomin Onion Jerry Glanville John Madden one Bloomin Onion to toxin talking XFL X is enough. Hit me on that. Look homey. That’s

Speaker 1 (16m 56s): my heaven. Yes

Speaker 2 (16m 57s): exactly.

Speaker 1 (16m 60s): I love me some job. Man, I really love me some Jerry

Speaker 3 (17m 2s): Glanville. I can’t wait till just the first thing that John Madden says that Colby just doesn’t agree with and next thing, you know, it’s a three-hour

Speaker 1 (17m 10s): argument. Well, I got glance will be on my side though.

Speaker 2 (17m 13s): Cleveland’s got awesome poo. That’s what are we doing? We got a lot

Speaker 3 (17m 15s): to talk about for those watching live. They know it’s late.

Speaker 2 (17m 20s): It is late on the west coast aka the best coast before we actually give out our it’s I’m quoting Biggie Smalls. Obviously, I’m an East Coast guy Dart. Before we have into it shoutout to our boys over at prop Ian. One of the founders of props He’ll be joining us for the March Madness betting strategies podcast taping late Thursday night West Coast time and who better to talk about March Madness betting strategies.

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Speaker 1 (18m 56s): prohibited What’s your Kramer? Let’s talk

Speaker 2 (19m 2s): Atlantic 10,

Speaker 3 (19m 3s): dude. We have so many conferences to get to let’s start with the Atlantic 10, of course being played at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. What were they? Will there be crowds? Where’s

Speaker 2 (19m 16s): Brooklyn At You know I forgot I should have enough

Speaker 3 (19m 18s): coffee. You should have had a crowd yes or no column here. Keep track of that of course played over the dates of March 11th through the

Speaker 1 (19m 26s): 15th. How close is this to Williamsburg? So I’m saying there’s not going to be there’s not gonna date for

Speaker 3 (19m 31s): heavy favorites – 305 Rhode Island plus 500 Richmond 1000 st. Louis XVIII to one VCU st. Bonaventure Duquesne Davidson all 33 to 1 George Mason LaSalle UMass a hundred to one Fordham George Washington, and st. Joe’s 200 to 1. Well, it’s a one-horse race. Oh be tapping baby. I like the Billikens as much as the next guy. I’ve seen teams from Richmond that can play basketball and we remember what VCU has done but this is Dayton’s year

Speaker 1 (20m 8s): st. Louis played them tough both times. That’s fine. I think there’s value and don’t sprinkling someone st. Louis moments later. It’s coming. I’m

Speaker 2 (20m 16s): also taking st. Louis because Ryan has you know in the Atlantic And over the past ten Seasons, the number one seed is only one the 810 twice with the number two team. Shut out. The number four seed has won in 2012 2014 16 17 number one seed only 2010-2013. It’s been 2013 how much has changed since then? That’s the last time a number one seed with the three seed 2011 2018 five seed 2015 16 last year.

St. Louis, I

Speaker 1 (20m 50s): don’t think any of them has been as good as as Dayton

Speaker 2 (20m 52s): is right there on another level as I wrap my flyers over here Colby’s rocking the Dayton Flyers it we got OB tap and going on the board – 305 probably the right pet to make if you’re looking to actually win money. However, give me a taste of st. Louis against how you taste it. There’s a team that’s gotten the closest to taking out Dayton. We got my boy. Hey Jordan Goodwin

Speaker 1 (21m 13s): ho X

Speaker 2 (21m 14s): Jordan Goodwin fifteen point nine points per game friendship thinking. The final, you know

Speaker 1 (21m 20s): dating doesn’t want to see that 1-3-1 zone. I think that could give us any trouble. I think the play each other before the finals. Well, you’re right

Speaker 2 (21m 26s): aside and actually look at the bracket, but just hang on hang on to your britches at St. Louis plus eighteen

Speaker 1 (21m 32s): hundred. I’m more scared that st. Louis. Like I’m I totally agree sprinkle some on st. Louis, but I’m nervous about the first round matchup against st. Bonaventure the same honesty Bonnie. Yeah, they were hot the second half of the season

Speaker 3 (21m 44s): so

Speaker 2 (21m 48s): You just gonna give the fans the boring pick of Dayton and – 305

Speaker 3 (21m 52s): their disappointing moments coming later. They’re gonna walk through this tournament. They’re not going to be

Speaker 2 (21m 58s): tested and you’re probably right. They do have blow through this conference tournament come in with a ton of heat and lose in the second round. I might get it all over I get it. It’s not

Speaker 3 (22m 8s): sexy to say hey, just lock up, you know take your $300 put it away for a couple days and it will come back with

Speaker 1 (22m 16s): for I think Dayton

Speaker 2 (22m 17s): is good.

Speaker 1 (22m 18s): Opportunity I’m way more sold on dating the name on San Diego State. I think I think dating is going to go far this date and team

Speaker 3 (22m 25s): is good and I would not

Speaker 1 (22m 29s): I really like this dainty me to read

Speaker 3 (22m 30s): II I mean, it’s chalk at this point, but

Speaker 1 (22m 33s): why not? Why can’t in this year? Yeah, but just sprinkle some on the Billikens.

Speaker 2 (22m 38s): Okay. I mean if you want to

Speaker 1 (22m 39s): burn it roughly the money and throw it on top

Speaker 3 (22m 41s): of the take all my

Speaker 1 (22m 42s): money. I’m gonna blow it all on

Speaker 3 (22m 44s): this right here. I’m not giving another pick for the rest of the podcast. I’m going on. All in on day and let’s move over to the Big 12 being played in beautiful Kansas City. I don’t believe the Corona virus has made it out West

Speaker 2 (22m 57s): yet. No, not a fan of Barbecue

Speaker 3 (22m 59s): Kansas plus 105 Baylor eat any read might eat it.

Speaker 2 (23m 3s): Oh my God, he’s destroyed the coronavirus single-handedly. It was in a you know, it was

Speaker 3 (23m 12s): You know, we’re going to learn in a brisket sandwich to learn that something in cigarettes is debilitating to the Corona virus. Oh, yeah.

Speaker 2 (23m 23s): I heard I heard cocaine cares coronavirus the guy who told me that was on cocaine. So we’ll see not the most medical of hands has plus

Speaker 3 (23m 32s): 105 Baylor plus 225 West Virginia plus 400, Texas Tech plus 800, Oklahoma plus 1300, Texas 20 One Sean Circle that one Ryan you real money is coming back to that one later TCU 45 to 1 Kansas State 100 to 1 Oklahoma State hundred twenty five to one Iowa State 200 to 1. Wow. How the mighty have fallen? Alrighty Hoiberg right the

Speaker 1 (24m 2s): mayor he’s in Nebraska. Now the

Speaker 2 (24m 4s): mayor bring it over to Jeju. I was listening part of my

Speaker 1 (24m 7s): take and they had what but

Speaker 2 (24m 11s): friend. Friend of the program ride big cat been on the show with fellow friend Wilbur. They they were talking about in Nebraska Holberg. He brought into two football players. Like he jasonkelly just sign on to football players kind of as enforcers or well, I don’t know what their actual job is

Speaker 1 (24m 32s): they only had like eight scholarships and they’re going into the Big Ten Tournament like eight healthy scholarship. So he’s like fuck it. Might as well take some

Speaker 2 (24m 37s): athletes. Yeah, just big dudes who

Speaker 1 (24m 40s): can really believe in that philosophy. I mean, they’re still not going to win the Big Ten but it’s gonna be entertaining. I mean

Speaker 3 (24m 45s): Julius Peppers was a decent back when a player just because he was a freak

Speaker 2 (24m 48s): football. Yeah, Jimmy Graham. Did you ever do you know Council gay

Speaker 1 (24m 52s): basketball Tonio Gates had a sweet 16

Speaker 2 (24m 54s): run. I just love the idea of some six seven 302 chilled on the sidelines

Speaker 3 (24m 58s): intimidated. You don’t know what Jimmy Graham LED his team in turnovers. Nope. Bowels who like he actually was the Bruiser

Speaker 1 (25m 9s): laws but a lot of former football players played like other sports Eli Manning did badminton, right?

Speaker 3 (25m 15s): No, that’s all right.

Speaker 2 (25m 18s): Call me step by step.

Speaker 3 (25m 21s): This isn’t the college experience which by the way on a new thank you. Can you can type that into Google or the search bar or

Speaker 1 (25m 30s): however, you use technology. It will ramp up ya

Speaker 3 (25m 33s): know that you’re not on that show. Step your game up, bro. Badminton gonna come at me. Come at me. I mean you don’t go after

Speaker 1 (25m 41s): right now right now. We’re on Pace for a DC Defenders Roughnecks

Speaker 3 (25m 46s): Expo. We’re also on Pace for a to our podcast.

Speaker 2 (25m 50s): Yes, Big 12, baby. I’m almost I’m going to I’m going West Virginia Kansas has this habit of winning the regular season Big 12, but not winning either the conference tournament or especially in the March Madness Tournament, West, Virginia. The third and adjusted defense in the nation. It just feels like they’re a team that’s going to be in the mix and at plus 400 I like the value. So give me give me West

Speaker 3 (26m 14s): Virginia Kobe. Why can’t Texas shocked the

Speaker 1 (26m 18s): world because they’re not good. Hmm. All right. I’ve been burned by him too much this year. I mean, they just lost at home to Oklahoma State by like 25 points and a game. They had to win. I am on The Jayhawks here and I think You’re gonna shocking indeed if you’re gonna take a a dog, you got to look at the Sooners, you know, they got Eric behind his nephew on the team. He’s used to you know, the be enemy families used to win championships happen to Colorado happened at the Kansas City Chiefs.

There you go. Okay, so, okay.

Speaker 2 (26m 52s): Okay. I’m just I’m just sticking with West Virginia coal be going Kansas City, Oklahoma Kramer with the big dog, Texas. I’m taking

Speaker 3 (27m 0s): Texas taking taxes you have fun with that

Speaker 1 (27m 5s): there. Gonna be great in your nightie.

Speaker 3 (27m 8s): I mean, that’s fine. They’re going to win this though 22 one way too much value Big East horny run.

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Speaker 3 (28m 43s): SGP. Keep you safe from the Corona virus when you’re surfing the old web, you know, yep another videos. You’re into Colby. Hmm. Let’s move over to the Big East

Speaker 2 (28m 55s): played at the mecca which by the way made made just one cup have we talked

Speaker 1 (29m 0s): and we talked about the Spike Lee

Speaker 3 (29m 2s): situation with the New York Knicks.

Speaker 1 (29m 4s): I feel like we haven’t hit on that. I I think it’s I mean, I’m not I guess I’m not a hundred percent caught up on it. But I feel like he created this himself. I guess if

Speaker 2 (29m 14s): this was if this was just an isolated event if it was just Spike Lee got thrown out for using the wrong entrance. You would maybe go by Spike Lee using the wrong entrance but James Dolan. Oh, he’s in a chain stole. It has a history of just trashy in these big Knicks fans. I mean Charles Oakley. He’s blood cells hizzy prize sweat. And blood still in that hardwood and you’re kicking that man out of the car. Yeah, that’s it should never happen. I like

Speaker 3 (29m 42s): Spike Lee’s movies because he’s a Knicks

Speaker 1 (29m 44s): fan. Oh,

Speaker 3 (29m 47s): And now they’re going to do them dirty like

Speaker 1 (29m 49s): that. Well, yeah tell me what come on,

Speaker 3 (29m 51s): you know, someone needs to take matters into their own hands and just look there’s a lot of guys who will do a do a lot to earn a buck in the big city in New York. Well, just like I wrote an article for his maybe good

Speaker 1 (30m 4s): trip. I wrote an article 5 years ago for Sports Daily podcast. If they delete 14 NBA teams, the league would be a lot

Speaker 3 (30m 10s): better. The next would not be one of them. They would get better.

Speaker 1 (30m 14s): Well, maybe I’m

Speaker 3 (30m 16s): torn It played in them at the mech Madison Square Garden, March 11th through the 14th. Greatly this right here for you. Great and plus 300 is the favorite Villanova and Seton Hall plus 350 Butler Marquette Providence. All seven one st. John’s 18 to 1 Xavier 22:1 Georgetown and DePaul 100 to 1 grew up at Georgetown fan really disappointing where the program is going and how it’s gotten there. I

Speaker 1 (30m 44s): actually think they would have been pretty darn good this year had their whole All team, not quit on Pat Ewing that Millennials but

Speaker 3 (30m 49s): that’s really disappointing. Well, you’re

Speaker 2 (30m 51s): like Five Guys. How about you? I mean,

Speaker 3 (30m 53s): you’re a Hall of Famer now, you’re a

Speaker 2 (30m 55s): chump now, but imagine Patrick Ewing is your boss or in charge of you. Imagine not giving a hundred percent effort. Imagine telling Patrick Ewing to go screw himself imagine dog. And if the guys intimidating as help, like three guys

Speaker 1 (31m 10s): announced they’re transferring after like the second week of the season and they’re like, what are you

Speaker 2 (31m 13s): doing? Even if you don’t respect his coaching thing like this, Guy intimidating and say what happened giant. What

Speaker 1 (31m 20s): happened? I’m what did he do? Maybe they saw maybe they saw skok

Speaker 2 (31m 25s): geez just destroyed the mentally broken well back

Speaker 3 (31m 29s): in his day. That’s how they broke you in they would beat each other with their cocks. So be scheduling we had a heat pad for his

Speaker 1 (31m 36s): cock in the middle there. You know what I mean? So we’re taking the long way

Speaker 3 (31m 39s): around Georgetown to Paul Hunter 2 1 I got to have seen Hall here. I can’t like that scene Halls mud. Drug scene Halls going to be my March drug.

Speaker 2 (31m 49s): Did you go through all the prices? Okay. I’m going you

Speaker 3 (31m 52s): weren’t listening to the show. That’s

Speaker 2 (31m 53s): fine. I’m going Villanova plus 350 completely unrelated to the fact that I’ll be at Villanova March 16th. Seven o’clock. I’m doing a panel conference the new era of sports betting panel. So if you’re at Villanova business of sports conference, come check it out. Say hi in a Big East that’s completely wide open. Why not back? Guy like Jay right? Why not back a guy like Jay Wright who’s 472 and 182 my weight loss at Villanova and you’re given that man + 350 and Sadiq Bay.

He’s really made a jump from the previous year’s eight point two points per game last year 16.1 this year putting up 33 points against Georgetown Patrick Ewing can’t teach him how to play defense. It’s a wide-open field. I’m gonna be a bit of a homer here and take Villanova, but they’re just just the pedigree and the program especially as a late and plus 350 value. Georgetown does have George marathon sun on the

Speaker 1 (32m 53s): roster. Okay. I mean, that’s just that entertainment right there. Look your you guys are both ignoring the hottest team in the Big East tell me the

Speaker 2 (33m 2s): Providence fryers. Yeah, and coolly.

Speaker 1 (33m 6s): Look I was I was high on this team preseason. They were struggling they’re

Speaker 3 (33m 10s): struggling will have to hear what cousin cousin Bush man on the street walk to send them to knows the Youth. Well, you know, it’s Providence at least he’s you know

Speaker 1 (33m 20s): that they’ve obtained him David Duke on their team, which is just surprised. Yeah, that’s

Speaker 3 (33m 25s): really weird. Look. He’s a baller though at the end of the day the the sports gambling podcast and the sports gambling podcast Network. There’s only one true coach and that’s Mike Leach and what is he like, he likes Pirates. All right, and he’s told us well

Speaker 1 (33m 43s): why Wildcats are bitches the sports gambling podcast in the podcast Network also has a former pirate in myself. Did you cry very aligned a pirate who now Empire

Speaker 2 (33m 56s): we got to look at

Speaker 3 (33m 57s): this chance. We got a lot of conference

Speaker 2 (33m 59s): left. So Kramer, you’re going Seton

Speaker 3 (34m 1s): Hall. Of course. I’m going seeing how this this scene Hall teams got revenge on their mind. They what they lost to Villanova and Creighton over the last cut last

Speaker 1 (34m 9s): we

Speaker 3 (34m 11s): revenging Sky. Let’s do it, Boise, Idaho, March 11th through the 14th. Northern Colorado plus 160 Eastern Washington, three, two, one Montana plus 450 Portland State eight and a half to one Southern Utah 12 to 1 Montana State 15 to 1 Sacramento State 22:1 Northern Arizona 32:1 the large x Weber State 50 to 1 Idaho State 100 to 1 and Idaho 100 to 1.

Boy, what a gripping confident Eastern Washington. They’re the team that has the red Turf, right? Yep. Yeah crack.

Speaker 1 (34m 48s): Aah, how come I am on the Eastern Washington Eagles? So am I

Speaker 2 (34m 54s): not only because their Eagles it’s also because he W you they’ve won seven in a row and they also beat Northern, Colorado and Belmont both at their home courts. I like the momentum. They’re bringing in Northern Colorado kind of the Ken Palm darling leaving the Out of the Night by then. I leading layout stats. They’re great. And I’m sure I’ll help them up. And as I was speaker and analytics conference, I’m coming but as a gut handicapper, ew, you talking to me number one seed and again there plus the respect 300 all over Eastern

Speaker 1 (35m 30s): Washington if you’re going to do another play, I think it’s got to be the Montana Grizzlies. They’ve came out of this this conference. I think the past three years. If memory serves me, correct,

Speaker 3 (35m 38s): we like Montana. We like to play it the way they play offense.

Speaker 2 (35m 41s): They’ve Kind of made a run. They’ve their kind of remind me of our Vermont as far as like the noise they make in the term and

Speaker 1 (35m 47s): occasionally, I would still think Montana’s got a better chance of witnessing the Northern

Speaker 3 (35m 50s): Colorado. Montana is my

Speaker 1 (35m 53s): pick Grizzly always beat the Black Bear right? Well and I think I’m at some

Speaker 3 (35m 57s): point especially in these small conference has some conferences just play bully ball, and they just know how to take care of their conference. They get their ass kicked when they come in as a 14 s. So, I’m coming Montana. I also would point out. You when diving into the numbers shown which of course we know you love the number big number man.

Speaker 1 (36m 18s): What southern Utah

Speaker 3 (36m 20s): Colby I we all know you like a good float soak soak and a flow Southern Utah. That would be my sleeper pick. Mmm.

Speaker 1 (36m 32s): I did just beat Montana.

Speaker 3 (36m 34s): Well, I’m maybe I’m hedging but like both sides of that one twelve to one. Maybe that will be my Degen only later on. Now, let’s move on the Southland know what come on now. He wants us to be here all night

Speaker 2 (36m 49s): Ryan II want you to be here all night. And I want

Speaker 3 (36m 53s): you going to hold another column and a whole nother Tab.

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You know the find out

Speaker 1 (37m 58s): your Alias is Ron Mexico

Speaker 2 (38m 0s): exactly. A lot of questions a lot of questions in person. And again, it’s just the for me it if you try and get an appointment with your doctor. It’s crazy. I mean just the time it’s a huge pain in the ass. You just got to go to get SGP for free online visit and two-day shipping get such as GP get your boner back baby. Get such as

Speaker 3 (38m 28s): GP. John Ryan, I think the camera is not plugged in know. Sean’s keeping it going plug it in the cord Southland Conference caddy

Speaker 1 (38m 44s): Texas you ever been there? Well, I have not

Speaker 3 (38m 47s): Stephen F Austin comes in as the favorite – 175 Abilene Christian plus 300 Nicholas State 575 Sam Houston State ten-to-one Lamar 25 to 1 McKee State McNeese State 32:1, Joe Dumars Northwestern State 55 new one and two. This

Speaker 1 (39m 5s): A&M Corpus Christi Corpus

Speaker 3 (39m 8s): Christi 62 one I was about to say that you don’t need to interrupt me. Next time. I thought you need help man.

Speaker 1 (39m 13s): Stephen F

Speaker 3 (39m 14s): Austin is the class of this conference. They walk here. I I’m I am blown away Colby that this number is only –

Speaker 1 (39m 24s): 175. Well, if it’s probably only because Evelyn Christian if they were in another conference probably deserves to get into but she’s Stephen at home with every team deserves to get is Stephen F, Austin. One at Duke when your conference your it’s not enough that they let they say every every shitty conference gets a team the Southland 28. Let me get this morning Ken Pon team leader telling

Speaker 3 (39m 45s): me two teams deserve to be in the

Speaker 1 (39m 48s): playoff how many how many are coming out of the ACC? I don’t give a shit because

Speaker 2 (39m 51s): the highest odds in the

Speaker 1 (39m 53s): ACC is Duke in the highest odds of this conference. Stephen F Austin Stephen F Austin one in Durham, North

Speaker 2 (39m 58s): Carolina SFA. Beat to baby.

Speaker 3 (40m 1s): That’s great. We don’t like

Speaker 2 (40m 2s): to talk to me lock and Stephen F Austin – 175 they’re given money way over my bookie Daddy G dominant team back only one conference loss. And if that wasn’t easy enough, they also the way they bracket set up. It’s a double by they only need to win two games and they have 15 wins in a row at minus 175. This is a steal of all steals. Give me Stephen F Austin running away.

Speaker 1 (40m 28s): I’m on Stephen F Austin.

Speaker 3 (40m 29s): Let’s head over to the Big Ten played in the former hometown of Sean’s former BFF. FF Andrew Luck the how he’s turned on the how Andrew Andrew Luck is gone right into Robert Mays coveting in the Esports Gallant. I

Speaker 2 (40m 42s): guess the guy won a lot of bats for me. So there’s there’s always a place for him in my heart. But

Speaker 1 (40m 49s): have you not been injured it’s got tolls and wouldn’t have been playing and you’d be a millionaire. You’re damn

Speaker 2 (40m 54s): right the throne to interception for a touchdown this motherfucker. All right. Now, I’m really pissed. I’m gonna hunt him down in my Could a country I

Speaker 3 (41m 6s): believe they’re playing in the football stadium. So for whatever forward it’s worth.

Speaker 2 (41m 11s): Oh sightlines sightlines played out there. Is

Speaker 3 (41m 14s): that true Colby that I feel like that’s true Michigan State and we see three two one, Maryland plus 350, Michigan plus 500 Ohio State 6-2 won Iowa, eight-to-one, Illinois, 10 to 1 Rutgers twelve to one, Wisconsin 12 to 1 as the 1 seed. Is that correct? Penn

Speaker 1 (41m 33s): State

Speaker 3 (41m 34s): 14 to 1. One Purdue 22:1, Indiana 41 with Minnesota and Nebraska and Northwestern 15. I’m sorry 152 one. What are you doing? Shawn? You get to go first here.

Speaker 2 (41m 48s): I’ll start out. This is maybe this is a DJ ends only play. Maybe it’s just a dog. Well, we’ll let the people at home to decide over me when I wrap things up at the end. Sure, you guys will make a case for all Michigan State, Maryland, Michigan. I’m going to make a case for Penn State University. Oh my they’ve ended their season cold just lost at Northwestern just lost at Northwestern. They’ve what better wake-up call then losing at Northwestern. This is a team that has some quality wins. They’ve won at Michigan.

They wanted Michigan State they beat in Maryland. They beaten Ohio State at home. This is a team who has potential called 14 to 1. You’re just looking for a team. Get hot and they have the potential to get hot no Hands-On opportunity to

Speaker 3 (42m 32s): 1 this is not a good

Speaker 2 (42m 35s): bad. I don’t encourage any of our clients best 1401. All right, fine and Maryland at plus 350. What do you mean and Maryland? Well because there’s some of these conferences we pick a favorite and a more long shot dog, Maryland would be my favorite of the of the top tier as you will Penn State Long Shot. There’s the 6 seed at into one Michigan’s the nine seat of plus 500 just putting that out.

Speaker 3 (43m 3s): Alright, so let me ask Colby this but

Speaker 2 (43m 5s): mr. Penn State has a Bye Baby lullaby and have plus fourteen hundred not of double by but they have a

Speaker 1 (43m 11s): by they’re gonna lose to Indiana

Speaker 2 (43m 13s): though. Yeah, who cares? It’s 14 to

Speaker 3 (43m 15s): 1 Ohio State Colby when they’ve been playing their best ball. Is there not a is there a better team in the country this

Speaker 1 (43m 22s): year? Yes. Are you shy I know that Hall was earlier

Speaker 3 (43m 26s): this year, but why

Speaker 1 (43m 27s): not even the best team in their own? State well, of

Speaker 3 (43m 30s): course not because the Dayton Flyers are ripping it up. I think this Ohio State team could do something and the fact that they play Michigan State in that second round game,

Speaker 1 (43m 40s): Michigan State just beat him by 15, but that’s motivation. Well,

Speaker 3 (43m 43s): what I wanted to say was I kind of want to just take whoever comes out of that game and pair the favorite with Michigan State with Ohio State at six to one. I’ll come out with something and I just I got a Feelin Ohio State makes him run. I’ll make that my

Speaker 1 (43m 58s): picture, huh? I’m just gonna go talk with Miss controversial plus 600 Michigan state has won. They just been really impressive the past like two weeks. They came back from down 20 at halftime to Penn State down 16, I think to Illinois on the

Speaker 2 (44m 15s): road. Does it appear that? I’m going to be able to bet on Jim Boeheim in the tournament, but I will still have my boy Tom Izzo as a staple as a building block of who depend on March Madness. I was

Speaker 1 (44m 25s): like are we taking we’re talking to are we taking to because of were taken to give me my my gig let me go Indiana plus 4000. Okay.

Speaker 3 (44m 33s): Can I give you another? Stay tuned Thursday late, as you pointed out Friday early the March Madness betting strategies podcast Sean. I will have five lead pipe stone-cold ways to make

Speaker 2 (44m 53s): money.

Speaker 3 (44m 56s): During March Madness call call it

Speaker 1 (44m 59s): the Manifest that one of those in with fading Penn State.

Speaker 3 (45m 2s): No. No, I wouldn’t I’m not I don’t come after Sean proactively. I wait for him to do it to himself.

Speaker 2 (45m 10s): Brian Eno Conference USA on

Speaker 3 (45m 14s): Deck so many more to do But before we do

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Speaker 1 (47m 35s): backs

Speaker 3 (47m 36s): when I was going to say Shawn. I didn’t mean except never never clicked that box in college the no box for me. Come on. Come on work with me.

Speaker 2 (47m 45s): I wish I had her room shot Conference

Speaker 3 (47m 48s): USA played in beautiful, Frisco, Texas, Louisiana Tech is the favorite with North Texas at plus 175 Western, Kentucky plus 350. Then the odds really fall off Charlotte 1401 Marshall 22:1 FIU 22:1, UAB and Old Dominion 25 to 1 UTEP, Florida Atlantic. UTSA all 62 one rice. 75 2 1 three dog race

Speaker 1 (48m 17s): Colby I’m going with the hilltoppers of

Speaker 2 (48m 21s): me some help. You read my pre season preview of the cover

Speaker 1 (48m 24s): to a say I was high on this team that their best player dig it out for the year after they beat Arkansas in Fayetteville, but this seems still good. They’ve been they’ve been great for me. I’ve been handicapping them all year. They’ve been I feel like I barely lost the game with these guys. So and I don’t understand how North Texas look they know Texas hadn’t won a conference outright in the regular season and 30 years. They’ve already blown their love. All right go with With the hilltoppers are name-brand whole

Speaker 3 (48m 51s): be and can spot a man whose blown his

Speaker 2 (48m 54s): load. I also like how Colby considers Western Kentucky and name-brand 6 and 2 in their lives those offers from the days of Chris Marcus.

Speaker 3 (49m 3s): They’ve had 12 seeds

Speaker 2 (49m 4s): before I’m also I’m riding with you as well. I like the value. It does feel like a three-team race. Why not take the biggest dog here again coming in had it six and two last date. It just seems like good value play. Give me Western Kentucky as well

Speaker 3 (49m 18s): sometimes. Son, you gotta take the chalk. Gimme La Tech

Speaker 1 (49m 23s): real you always were a caramel own fan with you.

Speaker 3 (49m 25s): I love me some calm calm alone. I also take a stab at what are you? Why not? Twenty five to one now?

Speaker 1 (49m 35s): Listen, Florida Atlantis got a better chance than owe to you.

Speaker 3 (49m 39s): If I was one of those Twitter guys who had time to write something down in notepad and then take a screenshot of it and then tweet that how idiotic is this. Why does this

Speaker 1 (49m 49s): happen? But I understand I want to use more care people that tweet pictures of their words like just write the words.

Speaker 3 (49m 57s): I understand you’re right trying to write more words than Twitter allows. I don’t want to read more words than Twitter allows just write the words. Don’t tweet the anyway, I would say a lot more work. Is about these pics but we have like 25 conferences to cover because Shawn doesn’t want to work an extra day. Let’s move over to the past 12. I’m just rambling lost fit. This is being played in Las Vegas team Kronos fans. Will there be people there? Call

Speaker 1 (50m 25s): me. Is this at MGM? Right? This is at the T-Mobile. Okay, because I saw the MGM close down the buffet was thinking of you.

Speaker 2 (50m 32s): Wow. All right. Look,

Speaker 3 (50m 34s): it’s Isis. I’ll say this buffets. One of those things you age out of most. Well,

Speaker 2 (50m 40s): here’s here’s the other guys as as fellow handicappers Will this wood leaving the Buffet open cause more deaths than it saves because I’m doing the math there. I’m looking at how this thing spreading the ashram ribcage. Can you eat and fucking veins believe a Vegas Buffet open for a week? What’s the casually yeah the death tolls. Yeah. Only there’s only been 30 people and dad in America coronavirus thankfully but imagine you leave the Buffet open for a week.

There’s got to be two three – yeah, how many people’s last meals been at a Vegas buffet? It’s got to be 10 percent. Alright, this is a quick sidebar, but my cousin my cousin who works at a buffet

Speaker 1 (51m 29s): chain who won’t be named

Speaker 2 (51m 30s): Golden Corral. They said that

Speaker 1 (51m 34s): the guy started going Corral from East Carolina University.

Speaker 2 (51m 38s): Insane

Speaker 3 (51m 39s): really easy to give these Carolina

Speaker 2 (51m 41s): so they have people come in

Speaker 1 (51m 44s): and they give them discounts. And

Speaker 2 (51m 46s): the reason they give these people discounts is because if you come in and show evidence show proof from your doctor that you have had your stomach stapled you will get a 35% off at Golden Corral that is little it’s they don’t advertise it as many humans. Are you want

Speaker 1 (52m 4s): to just one time? Yeah. What what

Speaker 3 (52m 7s): base? On the fact that your stomach is smaller. Your

Speaker 2 (52m 9s): stomach is smaller. That’s You Can’t Hide what is much damage in the buffet? That’s the most American thing I’ve ever heard some most you don’t really

Speaker 3 (52m 18s): sang. Oh my God, I mean now granted I went to school in the South and multiple times. Did I go to a buffet the the Super China Buffet in Christiansburg, Virginia where I did in fact see people with Ziploc Ziploc bags and Tupperware. Making sure making sure they hook nose people who are your

Speaker 2 (52m 41s): roommates at some leftovers pack college kid. It’s one thing

Speaker 3 (52m 45s): Pac-12 tournament in beautiful Las Vegas. Sean has now promised us. There will be fans, Oregon plus 180 Arizona plus 400 Colorado plus 4 10 Stanford plus 575 Arizona State and USC 1001 UCLA 13 to1, Washington 15 to 100, Oregon State. Three two one Utah 55 to one Washington State 75 to one

Speaker 1 (53m 12s): cow 82 1.

Speaker 3 (53m 15s): Why are they disrespecting my

Speaker 1 (53m 17s): Bruins? They are 13 to 1. Yep. Just just almost won the whole thing hottest team in the nation. Why is it 3000?

Speaker 3 (53m 26s): Is this just a product of the bracket

Speaker 2 (53m 30s): UCLA coming in super hot? I’m gonna I’m gonna get a little taste of UCLA who really just the second half of the Season just And figured it out and been very good. They lost that I mean that was a tough loss to USC. They covered the plus 3. So God bless him for that. Yeah beating him. Well, the other team had like at a similar price point is Washington again, like a team that’s just super talented almost similar to UNC where it’s like these got these huge in play. Yeah. It’s like these guys are athletes.

These guys are beasts. I actually 15 picks on that. Yeah. I bet this earlier when he was 25 to 1. It’s gone down to 15 to 1. I’m I’m probably moving lines. I know some people on Twitter. It’s like they think it’s their dream when someone the sports book moves aligned. I’ve seen people tweet that out. But for me, maybe they moved it because of my my action most likely not but Washington just watching them the past couple games the win against at Arizona and Arizona State sweeping Arizona this team felt like oh man, they got a little bit of momentum.


Speaker 3 (54m 35s): after queuing maybe just hit him with his dick. I couldn’t

Speaker 2 (54m 39s): happen. So you see Lan washing cream or

Speaker 3 (54m 44s): Dido? I’m so no one’s explained yet why UCLA is only 1301? Why are they right? Why are there six teams with better odds than UCLA

Speaker 1 (54m 57s): put me down for washing and as the long shot, I’m gonna go look they’ve been horrible. They’ve been ice cold like Penn State, but there’s something I should I pay attention to in college basketball, especially when tournament time comes around. And that’s senior experienced team. Yep. Who’s this great guard play one of the best point guards in the country. I’m going to go with the Colorado Buffaloes McKinley,

Speaker 3 (55m 20s): right? Again 16s with better odds than UCLA two of those teams are playing an extra game. Come on. Now. Hmm. I like the Colorado play though. I get down with

Speaker 1 (55m 35s): that. All they did beat those Dayton

Speaker 3 (55m 36s): Flyers. I mean look, I their their price is not that crazy. It’s for 10 like obviously they’re they’re they’re late,

Speaker 1 (55m 45s): but they’re ice cold right now. I’m gonna I’m

Speaker 3 (55m 49s): confident UCLA. Let’s go SEC over to Nashville Kentucky plus 250 Auburn plus 350 Bruce Pearl

Speaker 1 (55m 59s): the user so sales,

Speaker 3 (55m 60s): there’s someone that more obviously cheats. No, I don’t think so LSU plus 450 maybe the Hem, Florida plus

Speaker 2 (56m 7s): 600 mrs. Restate eight to one thing

Speaker 1 (56m 10s): that bag man in jail right now,

Speaker 3 (56m 11s): South Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas all 22 1 Alabama. 32:1, Missouri and Texas. Am 50 to 1 Buzz. Williams can suck it. Hey, they play better than George and Ole Miss plus 8,000 Vanderbilt 100 to 1 come, you know Buzz.

Speaker 1 (56m 34s): What

Speaker 3 (56m 34s): a real bitch move real bitch move. How are you going to go? To the school that spends the most

Speaker 1 (56m 40s): money on

Speaker 3 (56m 41s): Sports in the nation and and you’re playing like a bunch of bitches. I know it’s his first year, but come on.

Speaker 1 (56m 49s): Yep Buzz. Yeah, I’m Bo

Speaker 2 (56m 51s): 52 one. I mean that’s almost Virginia Tech

Speaker 3 (56m 53s): odds, right that they were gutted. They can’t what are not buying what happened to the hook used to they’re not buying players. We

Speaker 1 (57m 0s): have a toilet flushes. Oh, yeah. No.

Speaker 3 (57m 2s): Those are we doing this to me right now

Speaker 2 (57m 7s): because it’s all winners. But that’s the only one we got look we gotta get our shit going.

Speaker 1 (57m 12s): Mentally. They get your shit going to mentally you gotta go. You gotta go chalk here, right?

Speaker 2 (57m 16s): Yeah, I’m gonna taste the Kentucky at plus

Speaker 3 (57m 19s): 250

Speaker 2 (57m 20s): again in this in this wide open field just in general in March Madness a team of the proven coach and just stud athletes Kentucky at plus 250. Give me a little taste of that and in honor of friend of the program I Mike Leach and hopefully possibly Paving the way for us to be coming from Friends with the football team or a basketball team as well. Give me a little taste a Mississippi State just so I can stay hashtag Stark Vegas. Why not in on it early? But yeah, give it Mississippi State and Kentucky are my

Speaker 3 (57m 52s): place. You know, I pulled up Mississippi State because I want I wanted to be like, yeah, this is a great crossover. I’m obviously going to be talking about Mike Leach because we’re talking about college, but they really they do one thing great that I love which is offensive rebounding they also turn the All over a lot and it’s really hard to get behind teams that turn the ball over and these singular single-elimination formats because it just takes one bad. It’s six minutes stretch and that’s that. So you’re a hater run.

I’m not a hater and I’m with you. I’m all showered Stark Vegas. You have to go chalk. Yeah, you have to you have to take some

Speaker 1 (58m 31s): Franklin anything else. I like the Razorbacks spring a little bit on the

Speaker 3 (58m 35s): Razorbacks. My sprinkle would be on South South

Speaker 1 (58m 38s): Carolina Frank, Martin got him to a final four couple years ago. I like fiery coaches. Yeah, I can see that. You

Speaker 3 (58m 46s): know, what’s not happening. He ain’t canceling practices because the Quran – hey kiss one goddamn thing. All right Sean. We’ve done it. We’ve made it through March 11th. We now have three left to go heading over to Thursday, March 12th. Oh my God, you’re not doing it to me again,

Speaker 2 (59m 4s): right this free content train. It’s only free because the great sponsors and the support from you the listeners. Make sure to check out a Perfect time to start your own sports book He’s forehead. We’re here to help get you set up with an all-inclusive professional wedding site. I know guys I just texted me said man. I was my first time get in the paper head games start my run run my own little Sportsbook.

I log on set it up super easy. Super fast. If you’ve ever used one of these sites, they you’re basically just the webmaster you’re running the site the even the backend access super easy to use top-notch customer support going 24/7 some of the sharpest lines in the industry plus a spread offers live bedding and an amazing mobile experience are going to do is go to a spread that calm sgpa So I just up’ get up to six weeks free.

Again, you’re starting your own sports book do it over at a /

Speaker 3 (1h 0m 13s): SGP. Colby perked up when you said backend access. He was really getting into that heading over to Thursday. We like I said three more to go from beautiful Fort Worth, Texas from the Dickies. Is it the Dickies Arena? I don’t know why I wrote that down probably because I found it funny the American Conference where once again you have a nice a nice smattering of teams who all have a nice chat.

Chance here Houston plus 200 Cincinnati plus 275 Wichita State plus 400 Memphis plus 450 Tulsa six-to-one Yukon 14 to 1 SMU 25 to 1 South Florida temple, and you cf-52 one East Carolina and Tulane 100 to 1. Kobe I think I know where you’re going here. I’m

Speaker 1 (1h 1m 8s): going with the UConn Huskies. My dog’s a husky major mud. So

Speaker 2 (1h 1m 13s): look, he doesn’t look like a husky. I’ll be

Speaker 1 (1h 1m 14s): on these part husky. He’s part of

Speaker 2 (1h 1m 16s): huskies. Looks like word. Hello ski looks like more German. Well German Shepherd. Look,

Speaker 1 (1h 1m 23s): he’s half half buddy. All right. Okay half half. I think

Speaker 2 (1h 1m 26s): the has he ever like bark. He’s like they’re getting away.

Speaker 1 (1h 1m 30s): He does Hal if an ambulance comes by think that’s a that’s a that’s a husky thing, you know. I mean, that’s one rep. Look Danny Hurley’s got this team playing much better ball the second half of the Season. There’s Great Value in this play. You know, I obviously I was thinking maybe I think Houston’s the best team of the bunch but plus 200 not a lot of value there. I think Yukon can really do things here. I don’t trust a lot of these other teams. I know that Memphis and Wichita and sincere all on the bubble you can probably has to win out. I think this could be a conference that could steal a bid.

I would not be surprised if you con or SMU or

Speaker 2 (1h 2m 4s): Even tempt not going with Eastern Carolina or East

Speaker 1 (1h 2m 6s): Carolina. We now know not since the days of blue

Speaker 3 (1h 2m 10s): Edward so objective this dance event.

Speaker 2 (1h 2m 13s): Okay, I’ll throw a filly play in a temple 52 one just rolling the dice and then

Speaker 3 (1h 2m 19s): keep it chalky there with Houston.

Speaker 2 (1h 2m 22s): There’s a reason they’re plus 200 Stabler

Speaker 1 (1h 2m 25s): overthinking a little bit still mad at Houston from two years ago when 88% free-throw shooter missed free throws in Michigan hit that that happened shot. Jase

Speaker 3 (1h 2m 34s): yeah, I love I personally love Houston. I loved they get after the three-point line. So I think it’s

Speaker 2 (1h 2m 40s): and as far as Chuck plays plus 200 we’ve seen some of these other conferences where it’s clearly kind of stacked where it’s your – 150 – 175 so plus 200 for a team. That’s kind of the front-runner.

Speaker 3 (1h 2m 52s): I like the Yukon angle though.

Speaker 1 (1h 2m 53s): Yeah. It’s been playing a lot better one. That’s not bad early in the year. You come was losing all their games by like one or two points. Now they’ve kind of figured out they’re incredibly Young. I would like them going forward. I think next year. They’re gonna be really good.

Speaker 3 (1h 3m 7s): Yeah, I mean, I honestly it’s kind of a shame it turned into a program because it’s you’re running that you’ve been there

Speaker 1 (1h 3m 12s): campus. No, but they’re going to the big Easter. So it’s one of the worst it’s one of the worst place. Yeah, it’s just it

Speaker 3 (1h 3m 18s): no one wants you don’t need to go to Connecticut, Connecticut and Alabama you might as well be the same place Big West Conference and beautiful Anaheim,

Speaker 1 (1h 3m 25s): California no crowd.

Speaker 3 (1h 3m 27s): Well, yeah, I was going to say the Corona virus is everywhere down there.

Speaker 1 (1h 3m 31s): Are they just playing such Charger Stadium, huh?

Speaker 2 (1h 3m 35s): Call being come on. As the next fellow backer, you can’t lean well too much into this idea of fans that showing up for the

Speaker 1 (1h 3m 42s): coronagraphs. We had 13,000. Have you heard this conspiracy theory? It’s that

Speaker 3 (1h 3m 48s): the Chargers fans

Speaker 2 (1h 3m 50s): unleash the creative. I know they will the

Speaker 3 (1h 3m 52s): sari the Chargers ownership. They know they’re not going to fill the seats. So they went over to China concocted hate a guy to fuck a bad

Speaker 2 (1h 4m 4s): little Hans.

Speaker 3 (1h 4m 8s): What happens is in the Chargers kicker Steve? Come on, dude. He’s on the

Speaker 1 (1h 4m 15s): Falcons. Forgot man. I’m sorry.

Speaker 3 (1h 4m 18s): That’s very offensive. All right, come on, UC Irvine – 110 UC Santa Barbara plus 320 a why he’s wow. They’re letting him leave the island. That’s impressive +6 50 Cal State Northridge your Matador Sean plus 950 UC Riverside. It’s 975. Very exact UC Davis is 10 to1 Cal State Fullerton 22 to 1 in Long Beach State 42:1 the Dirtbag long Cox any reason they had to start late.

Why are they trying to make it about themselves?

Speaker 1 (1h 4m 52s): Because UC Irvine did damage in the tournament last year? They’ve they’ve been

Speaker 2 (1h 4m 56s): eaters. Yeah who’ve lost a Cal State Northridge. I’m an alumni

Speaker 1 (1h 5m 1s): split though because everybody did win in at Northridge. Yeah, but then they went into

Speaker 2 (1h 5m 5s): Irvine. And fucking yeah took care of that anteater knows that’s what a matador does. I’m a CSUN alumni shout-out to the TV radio program Matador fever their tenants six in the conference. They’ve won four four in a row. I just mentioned they’re coming off a plus 500 upset of UCI. The last time they had double-digit conference wins. They made it to the NCAA tournament Granite. They lost an adjournment. Not that double digit win.

Is being csun’s gonna win the big West they

Speaker 1 (1h 5m 39s): do have a classic used cars used car salesman head coach and Mark Gottfried for Morenci steak. Dish. He’s

Speaker 2 (1h 5m 45s): getting good town in there. He’s getting good talent. Like they have players. Yes. Ron Artest his

Speaker 1 (1h 5m 48s): son. Oh, I didn’t know

Speaker 2 (1h 5m 50s): that but I mean like it’s clear that they’ve kind of figured it out as the seasons gone along. So I look for them to make a run in a plus 950. Are you kidding me? There’s a good value. That is good. But I mean play a

Speaker 3 (1h 6m 3s): little defense right gotta play a little

Speaker 1 (1h 6m 4s): defense UC. Side,

Speaker 2 (1h 6m 8s): you know think CSUN Place defense rent. What are you pulling up your can Palm there?

Speaker 3 (1h 6m 12s): I mean, I don’t have it in front of me and I’m sure if you pulled it up you’d see they’re one of the worst teams in that conference on defense. I made that note only because I figured you would throw it out there. I think you have to go there

Speaker 2 (1h 6m 25s): to 34 according to Ken

Speaker 3 (1h 6m 27s): Tom. Yeah, you gotta go you see I mean again, there’s a time to be chalky and you agree Irvine is just an amazing team. I Imagine they have to constitute the majority of the all-conference team. This is a team that I think once again can can win games against real teams. So not a complete

Speaker 2 (1h 6m 48s): chump out against the team call the Cal State Northridge in

Speaker 3 (1h 6m 51s): the madness. I’ll happily take your take that, you know, I’ll add that to the UVA future if anyone wants to take a Cal State Northridge to win the big West. I’ll happily bank that moving over

Speaker 2 (1h 7m 3s): to I got a hunter on that to the

Speaker 3 (1h 7m 4s): last conference Sean. On the funnel cake the whack which of course

Speaker 1 (1h 7m 10s): stands for Western Athletic Conference

Speaker 3 (1h 7m 12s): the Western Athletic Conference. This is not being played in Madison Square Garden. Someone didn’t write down the street New Mexico state is – 220 Seattle.

Speaker 1 (1h 7m 22s): No. No, you don’t have to talk about the rest just take New Mexico State 6-2 one

Speaker 3 (1h 7m 25s): missouri-kansas city 850. You didn’t want to talk about University of Texas Rio Grande Valley for at 12:00 to 1:00,

Speaker 1 (1h 7m 34s): Utah Valley and not as good as that as they Last year house. How did Cal

Speaker 3 (1h 7m 38s): State Bakersfield not get into the big West? Well how disrespectful is that?

Speaker 2 (1h 7m 43s): 15? We got run off by the Baton of

Speaker 3 (1h 7m 46s): Grand Canyon, which is an online university is 20

Speaker 1 (1h 7m 49s): to 100 head

Speaker 3 (1h 7m 50s): coaches and Chicago state is nine able

Speaker 1 (1h 7m 53s): to do, you know whose opinions which we

Speaker 3 (1h 7m 55s): talked about this earlier this year. Who is it

Speaker 1 (1h 7m 58s): thunder Dan

Speaker 3 (1h 7m 59s): Majerle, it’s Dan Majerle. I did. It’s an online

Speaker 1 (1h 8m 2s): university right now. Oh, yeah. I think you’re thinking of Phoenix University. You can do something for ya.

Speaker 2 (1h 8m 8s): It’s actually I think it’s like a religious school.

Speaker 1 (1h 8m 10s): Actually, they’re supposed to have a awesome college basketball environment. They’re like, it’s supposed to be like a sellout crowd like just crazy fans. Apparently the talents not so good the hello.

Speaker 3 (1h 8m 20s): It’s in Phoenix,

Speaker 1 (1h 8m 21s): Arizona. Yeah with the Grand Canyon still like three hours away for hours away.

Speaker 3 (1h 8m 26s): Yeah, you know, it’s someone’s just working on that branding. All right, who we going with here, New Mexico State all John. Let’s go day go. Let’s go. I’m still mad you guys witness.

Speaker 1 (1h 8m 35s): I had a New Mexico State money on. Taken against Auburn they get failed shooting a three they’re down to if they make all three and the best player to real Brown and he was 1 for 3 and they lose. I can’t wait. I just

Speaker 3 (1h 8m 47s): can’t wait to watch a whole bunch of college basketball

Speaker 1 (1h 8m 50s): right Sports books gonna be empty too. Yeah. I’ll be awesome. No

Speaker 3 (1h 8m 54s): lines. Are we going still?

Speaker 1 (1h 8m 57s): I’m going to bring my my mask. I’ll bring you one. All right, I

Speaker 2 (1h 9m 0s): don’t know how it’s going to bring a mess, but it’ll be one of those bong master. So alright funny quick aside.

Speaker 3 (1h 9m 6s): So so I thought so I thought this guy at work was joking. He had a mask. I thought he was making a joke, but it turned out he was there was no joke, but like we’re in this meeting, of course. I’m at home. So I’m not in the I’m quarantined and in a room full of people Everyone decides to start eating. It’s a lunch meeting at Point he takes the mask off and just starts eating my mr. So

Speaker 2 (1h 9m 33s): I gotta put the mask on for some time

Speaker 3 (1h 9m 36s): now makes no sense world’s going mad. But where I come on crane know what you know, what the little ones watching on YouTube today.

Speaker 1 (1h 9m 43s): She’s watching

Speaker 3 (1h 9m 44s): someone play a video game where they’re playing a game where you have to create a virus and contaminate

Speaker 1 (1h 9m 50s): the world, huh time like I thought you gonna give her a hard time about watching someone play video games. Like I think Sean bets on someone playing a Video

Speaker 2 (1h 9m 57s): game I throw out some Esports picks Sunday Funday.

Speaker 3 (1h 10m 1s): I don’t know. Yeah right now the little ones really into rugby. We’ve been watching a lot of the Six Nations. It’s the weekly 7 stuff.

Speaker 1 (1h 10m 7s): I saw one of those games for like three minutes to the day was horrible. Okay? Okay. Let’s let’s

Speaker 3 (1h 10m 12s): give out a lot of dog. Let’s give out of luck. Happy birthday, which by the way Sean. I think the only thing I’ve gotten wrong in the first round of the bytes bracket is betting against myself with Shakira. I

Speaker 2 (1h 10m 29s): think you sure was surprisingly polarizing. I just put out the the final round one voting bracket is up and it is our boy, of course by

Speaker 1 (1h 10m 42s): the name of Lenny Dykstra.

Speaker 2 (1h 10m 46s): Squaring off against you ride? This is your second.

Speaker 3 (1h 10m 51s): I want a dick rubbed on me tonight well and that off against

Speaker 2 (1h 10m 55s): the slot house this lat it’s going to be a tough battle.

Speaker 3 (1h 10m 58s): Now. I know that this iteration of me is going down because I beat you Kara. I’m what else

Speaker 2 (1h 11m 4s): what else you’re playing with house money. I survived

Speaker 3 (1h 11m 7s): Shakira making that noise. I

Speaker 2 (1h 11m 9s): survived to Kara

Speaker 3 (1h 11m 10s): shaking her tongue like that. I survived a lot of things mere mortals would not normally see. Vive so Sean let’s let Cole should be like Colby leadoff. Probably copings off. Probably not ready. Should

Speaker 1 (1h 11m 21s): I go? Yeah, go first

Speaker 3 (1h 11m 24s): Colby. You’re not ready. I’m the mom is ready shame on you that isn’t the first time we’ve done this. Is it fair to give a lakh of I you know what I’m going to be creative because I know one of you bitches is going to throw out Stephen F Austin as their lock. I’m going to say parley with Dayton get that price down to about even.

Speaker 1 (1h 11m 44s): All right, so Steven, F Austin and Dayton parler ? parler

Speaker 3 (1h 11m 48s): those I’m going to for my dog play. Give me Seton Hall plus 350. Hmm.

Speaker 1 (1h 11m 55s): Why not Jen? I

Speaker 3 (1h 11m 56s): still got a little dress that feels like the Degen play but no you see a like 13 to one. Are you kidding? Like I almost made that my dog why I still don’t get why it’s 13 to 1 just look at the way they played

Speaker 1 (1h 12m 10s): recently. What was that recent recent

Speaker 3 (1h 12m 15s): I was writing my

Speaker 2 (1h 12m 16s): luck Stephen F Austin on parlayed eat it Ryan. I’m not scared of you – 175 it’s a lock for a reason can pussy for my dog. Give me Jay Wright and Villanova plus 350 for my hashtag dead Jin’s only I’m gonna go out and say I mean, I like UCLA. I bet on UCLA while we were taping the podcast

Speaker 3 (1h 12m 39s): hashtag ditching soon

Speaker 2 (1h 12m 41s): Lee Kim. Me Washington as well. I had already been in a 25 to 1 so I get Washington and UCLA like my chances Colby

Speaker 1 (1h 12m 50s): locking up. I’m just gonna go with New Mexico state if you want to do this just to this partly thing partly then with UC Irvine

Speaker 2 (1h 12m 59s): don’t recommend that bad or is he about to get corn baby

Speaker 1 (1h 13m 5s): dog play before DJ n Play. I’m gonna go

Speaker 3 (1h 13m 9s): keep what you and mud doing home to yourself.

Speaker 1 (1h 13m 12s): My dog played look, I’m sick with the Providence fryers Providence for 700. Looks like a monk and then you want you want the big time play of the big-time dog that degenerate only give me

Speaker 3 (1h 13m 27s): hashtag ditching

Speaker 1 (1h 13m 28s): soonly. Give me where don’t didn’t I take one somewhere in this in this thing. Give me your plus fourteen hundred the Huskies. All right.

Speaker 2 (1h 13m 39s): I mean Yukons always fun to bet

Speaker 3 (1h 13m 41s): on thank you for participating in these Sports gambling

Speaker 2 (1h 13m 45s): podcast. Make sure you check out the college experience call me Dan on the new feed check that out. Look it up on iTunes

Speaker 1 (1h 13m 52s): describe rate a few

Speaker 2 (1h 13m 54s): go to college experience that’ll director right there.

Speaker 1 (1h 13m 57s): Make sure to check out the BET

Speaker 2 (1h 13m 59s): Sports contest. We’re giving away $1000 40 picks against the spread Sports gaming slash contest. And of course, we got a wedding March Madness betting strategies podcast coming up March Madness podcast coming up our live event at Caesars sports book. Wednesday

Speaker 1 (1h 14m 21s): March 18th

Speaker 2 (1h 14m 23s): time to be determined but sees a sports book that evening and of course check me out Billy Comedy Club Saturday, March 14th 9 p.m. For the sports gambling pack has I’m Shawn stack in the money green and he is

Speaker 3 (1h 14m 35s): Ryan for those who continually asked every year. Do you actually bet all 36 honors? Yes, you can follow me at Kramer Centric on Instagram. Well, I will be posting at least one of those unders shocking.

Speaker 2 (1h 14m 50s): Kramer let it Brad.

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