XFL Week 5 Picks & College Basketball Conference Tournaments Part Three (Ep. 796)

college basketball conference tournaments xfl week 5

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The guys give out their best bets for the latest college basketball conference tournaments covering the American East, Colonial, Sun Belt & The MAC. Plus XFL Week 5 picks and DFS lineups.

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Speaker 1 (0s): This

Speaker 2 (2s): is XFL week five in college

Speaker 4 (4s): basketball conference tournament

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Speaker 3 (1m 19s): G p–

Speaker 1 (1m 21s): you’re listening to the sports gambling podcast exclusively on S GP n let it ride.

Welcome everyone. The sports gambling podcasts. I’m Shawn stack in

Speaker 2 (2m 5s): the money green with my partner and picks Ryan real money Kramer. What’s happening creme dog?

Speaker 3 (2m 11s): I’m sorry. I was just your voice had me captivated. I picked my head up to look over. Of course. You could watch me look over at Shawn youtube.com slash Sports gambling podcast. And what did I see you? What caught my high? What distracted me Colby over here type? What’s he is he

Speaker 1 (2m 30s): texting Joe? Joining us in studio Kobe Dan AKA The

Speaker 2 (2m 34s): Dan to

Speaker 4 (2m 35s): base. I don’t believe in texting. I’m a more of a pager guy more of a pager guy told you this for a long time. I believe

Speaker 2 (2m 41s): hopefully call me really Prides himself on being old-fashioned and not this is a little and hopefully you’re cool with me sharing this on the podcast Colby does not you’d open book. Now. I’m revealing some Colby Secrets cracking open the Colby, you know, basically peeling off the The Mask from behind the row. But that is the Dan to base as much as he is technology-based when it comes to predicting college basketball does not use GPS don’t know if it’s a religious thing.

Yeah, if it’s a if it’s a pride thing, it feels like a pride thing because Ryan mentioned like hey why it’s okay to use GPS. He’s like what you sayin? I don’t know what I don’t know where I’m going. I don’t know where I’m driving. You felt personally insulted that you might need a GPS device now. Yeah, I use the GPS device. I have a great sense of

Speaker 1 (3m 31s): direction. Well, they also that’s what they all say Colby.

Speaker 2 (3m 35s): Hmm. I have a great sense of direction but a lot of times you’re in Los Angeles. I’ve never heard of this ad just want to get a Thomas guide out or or what mean? What are you supposed to do? And then more importantly there’s a thing I misguide there’s this thing called traffic in Los Angeles and these these map programs that are on your your I don’t trust them.

Speaker 4 (3m 55s): I don’t trust them one bit. I don’t trust it one bit.

Speaker 1 (3m 59s): They’re out to get every time every time I’ve

Speaker 4 (4m 1s): been The car where someone tries to use that ship because I won’t yeah, we I feel like it always takes longer every Uber driver that says a it tells me to go this way. But

Speaker 2 (4m 11s): how would you know if you’re not driving the other

Speaker 4 (4m 12s): route, I’m just saying that there they just know it. I don’t do it again. Don’t take it enough where I know and by the way, I’m a you know, I’m a guy that likes to get lost Sean.

Speaker 2 (4m 24s): Okay, overall the main right then I guess that is

Speaker 4 (4m 27s): check out the city that is go for the bad parts, you know the good parts.

Speaker 2 (4m 32s): One of the bad parts call they feels like you’re you’re walking into some dangerous territory.

Speaker 1 (4m 39s): Let’s go West Hollywood

Speaker 3 (4m 42s): sleep on your

Speaker 2 (4m 43s): back. All right so much to get to we’re going to be talking XFL week five daily fantasy picks

Speaker 3 (4m 50s): Sean real quick. I know you’re talking about the important stuff, but shout-out to Chris Bivens over watching the feed on YouTube chiming in on the navigation conversation ways. Sucks. Well, yeah Kobe is correct.

Speaker 1 (5m 4s): Boom. I’m a man of the

Speaker 2 (5m 7s): people ways sucks. Everyone

Speaker 1 (5m 9s): knows what he says. What am I some driving Coast MapQuest on the books? There’s something called Google man. I don’t

Speaker 4 (5m 17s): trust I don’t want everyone knowing where I’m going. You know

Speaker 1 (5m 19s): exactly what know where you’re going. What are you? Let’s see you listen

Speaker 2 (5m 24s): to this true crime things. So Colby’s definitely killed people right the

Speaker 1 (5m 27s): only of course

Speaker 4 (5m 29s): it pings off a fucking Tower. You don’t like that. Don’t like that one bit. You know, they go through they can get all that. That’s why you gotta

Speaker 3 (5m 35s): use Apple Maps hatred Ager

Speaker 2 (5m 38s): Ager probably just watch his friends X-Files and worried. They’re going to set him up somehow. That’s true. If you don’t murder anyone, you’re not going to go to jail. He knows he knows because we you know, we went on a little tour in

Speaker 4 (5m 49s): August. Yes. He’s trying to go to sleep and I’m just deep into Forensic Files from 1991.

Speaker 2 (5m 54s): No, I’m also a huge Forensic Files. It’s

Speaker 3 (5m 56s): my favorite show to watch in hotel rooms the

Speaker 2 (5m 59s): official official show hotel rooms. Really USA Today and you watch an episode of Forensic Files and it’s a great. It’s a great Hotel

Speaker 4 (6m 6s): trip.

Speaker 3 (6m 8s): By the way that you mention that we have XFL coming up. Yes. I did still my only piece of roughneck merch. Wow, so I’m back at it patient zero, but I am patient

Speaker 4 (6m 20s): zeros if they win again this week. I think you got to buy you some more

Speaker 3 (6m 23s): merch man, and I’m not sure if we’ve discussed this on are Sean, but if I could get some breaking news, The Kramer FML tour is officially on hold. We are refunding dates. Wow all because of roughneck fever of course of which I am patient

Speaker 2 (6m 44s): zero well and that and that is unfortunately that is what’s going on right now in the XFL. I think patient 245. I got the Corona virus there was a guy working the concession working concessions at a Seattle Dragons game and got the corona. This here. This is how you know, the Corona virus isn’t a big deal and isn’t going to kill a ton of people is the guy working. The concession has the Corona virus and the CDC whoever’s in charge of diseases goes the the risk is low.

We’re going to still keep playing games in the stadium. Yeah. So clearly it’s not a big deal. And again, I put out a betting line for total number of coronavirus deaths. I said it at mm. I hammered the under. Oh, my you know my high school text group thread there. Saying I’m a maniac and they’re counting down from 2000 or 12 fatalities in now if you’re one of those 12 people if you lost a loved one and you’re watching this YouTube broadcast or podcast is a way of grieving. I apologize for your loss.

But let’s be honest 12 people die all the time in America. It’s not it’s a little overblown.

Speaker 3 (7m 53s): I still think I know that Sean is a statistical based handicapper. Yes. I’m

Speaker 1 (7m 57s): all really is looking at the numbers. I think it’s NBC propaganda the

Speaker 3 (8m 1s): the reason No,

Speaker 2 (8m 3s): they’re probably thinks NBC’s out get the XFL

Speaker 4 (8m 6s): playing Cahoots with the timings a bit

Speaker 3 (8m 8s): late now, but it’s Seattle. No one’s drinking Corona up there. So as we were talking again looking at the comments over at YouTube Brian Reese pointing out that there’s nothing like printing out MapQuest directions. Yep. Shout out to the

Speaker 2 (8m 31s): 90s. Mmm, tell I used that’s how I got to the up and smoked or and scrape Everything feels. I

Speaker 3 (8m 36s): saw that in the Brendan Byrne arena in beautiful the beautiful metal and lands as well. It was pretty great. Pretty great. And first time I’ve experienced the Full hot-boxed Arena. Oh, yeah, that was pretty neat very much way too many white people in the building to watch this event. Yeah. Well, right we’re going well. Oh, no, the MapQuest thing mused me into thinking that we Have to do a college campus Colby’s college campus tour is a MapQuest man.

Yes, let’s do that now

Speaker 1 (9m 11s): but he is our answer by map.

Speaker 2 (9m 13s): Queen wouldn’t want to use it actual map. Yeah when I went to see Up in Smoke. Oh, no,

Speaker 3 (9m 16s): call me would use a map. Oh, yeah an actual map. Yeah,

Speaker 4 (9m 19s): but I think I could lessen his car. I do like to get lost too though. But if

Speaker 3 (9m 22s): someone sent you a collection of maps you would put him in your car right? Of course,

Speaker 4 (9m 26s): of course looks Sean hit me up the other day. He’s the guy ago. He pulls over to the side of the

Speaker 3 (9m 30s): road puts his foot up on the tire. Fire both of the map out try to freely four klicks away, honey.

Speaker 4 (9m 37s): No, he Sean text me like two weeks because like do what he’s doing in Reno. I was like, I don’t know just took my dog drove had no destination ended up in Reno. I’m a guy that likes to get

Speaker 2 (9m 46s): lost. There you go. Classic psycho

Speaker 3 (9m 48s): move. I don’t think the GPS would have helped with that solution. I mean you you can

Speaker 4 (9m 53s): turn the GPS I hit stop and Reno well because I just needed the hotel. Okay, you know with my dog

Speaker 2 (10m 4s): And what he was doing was it legal and State Line? Yeah. Yeah, take it over to

Speaker 4 (10m 8s): Rita exactly myself. I didn’t ping either because I had that shit off.

Speaker 2 (10m 11s): Yeah, Colby’s really when you travel really worried about

Speaker 1 (10m 14s): that. Well, you’re worried about the police tracking you down like we gotta we gotta said

Speaker 2 (10m 19s): Drifter driving around Nevada will ping you’re gonna

Speaker 4 (10m 23s): get fucked if you got an ex-girlfriend that’s looking through your stuff. She’s gotta wonder why the hell you going through those spots, you know, I’ve

Speaker 1 (10m 30s): seen I’ve seen patties CC with it He goes to his ex girl’s phone or is not as exco. His current girls felt. Like I’ve seen him use the pings on the fucking deck, you know, I mean, he’s got issues. I don’t cheat but I don’t want to know where people know where the fuck I’m at. You know, I mean come on go on go on. I will and of course, we’re This Bites bracket update and this entire podcast presented by my bookie. Dad a ji-woo. Just cash Pig tonight’s I saw that Washington the Huskies were Down 10 I saw how they were playing them.

Like this team’s gonna come back went over to my booking at AG. I got plus 10 and a half on the line and took a little bit on the money line plus 285. I got it tons of live in game wage and opportunities over my bookie. Dad Ag and if that wasn’t easy enough money’s a promo code s GP and get a sweet sweet deposit bonus of up to $1,000. That is a lot of dough. Ours. All right. We got the

Speaker 2 (11m 37s): latest bites bracket updates Justin Decker.

Speaker 4 (11m 41s): I’m going all in on Trump. He

Speaker 2 (11m 43s): is going head-to-head with a with another prominent sound drop that he will most likely defeat and that is of course. Let me take me a second to pull this up Jesus. All right, I get a million fucking windows open up here and it’s gonna

Speaker 4 (12m 4s): All right. Where is Showtime on this is the way your GPS? No, I

Speaker 1 (12m 7s): know how to use the GPS. All

Speaker 2 (12m 9s): right. All right, we’ve all heard the show time I homes drop. So yeah right now if you want to get in your vote Decker off to a commanding lead, I don’t see how he doesn’t cover the spread and just dominate here all in on Trump 70.5% Wow Showtime Mahomes the 11 seed that you may have talked yourself into in the bracket. Just getting blown out of the water. Time my home’s from Bill Burr Bill Burr. No match for comedy Legend. Justin Decker.

Just go home and get your shine box Bill Burr. Justin Decker’s here. He’s going all in on Trump, which is if you know Justin, that’s exactly the opposite of his political beliefs. Should

Speaker 3 (12m 51s): I get some breaking news as well? Sure. Oh my

Speaker 2 (12m 55s): goodness. What’s Ryan? There’s fucking 40 sound

Speaker 1 (12m 57s): drops on the thing. I’m not your little sound

Speaker 2 (12m 60s): monkey.

Speaker 3 (13m 2s): I of course, you can follow me at Kramer Centric on Twitter where I endorsed officially just in Decker in this 24-hour election / boat.

Speaker 2 (13m 16s): Voting that really makes a difference and that really matters coming up. Next. We have another the next matchup in the Joe Buck region another one. Now this one I’m not as optimistic about Justin Decker surviving because San Diego superchargers. She’s going up against the number 11 seed which I predict will move on in command in fashion, and that is again. Again, it’s probably benefiting from the video will tweet that out as always the same Lane podcast.

Speaker 3 (13m 51s): Will you be lobbying

Speaker 2 (13m 52s): against the videos too funny? Not to

Speaker 3 (13m 55s): retweet it. Well, we also need to tweet out the full San Diego superchargers

Speaker 2 (13m 60s): video. Okay. Well track that down. We’ll get that going. Oh the sooner you go superchargers theme song that could be fun as well.

Speaker 3 (14m 6s): Justin Decker Lobby for himself on like Colby Dan to base tan.

Speaker 4 (14m 13s): You know, look, I’m a humble guy. You know what? I mean? We

Speaker 2 (14m 18s): will Mormon friend of the program writer contribute over at sports gambling podcast.com. He wants a line set Colby on how many people Colby’s killed. I’ll say one and a half and two separate incidents one time. It happened. He said he would never do it again and then one was an accident but the other one was on purpose. So I would I’d say it’s probably one and a half but I would take

Speaker 4 (14m 39s): the oh this one guy I was at a bar in like Modesto and he told me that Yak was a horrible college basketball conference and I had to just you know do

Speaker 1 (14m 46s): things

Speaker 3 (14m 48s): Cocoa bean his brother had a cornfield shoveling dirt over the beaten up carcass of Fat Joe Pesci.

Speaker 2 (14m 57s): All right, we actually do have some breaking news before we hop into we’re going to be doing a couple conference tournaments the American East Colonial the Sunbelt then get to week 5 XFL but they’re a couple things in the National Football League worth hitting on and that of course is a news item rumor possible breaking. Is is there a chance at Eli Manning will one day be named starter? Again? Eli Manning. It seems like it could be a the crazy rumor but that he was supposedly out at dinner with bears Personnel.

I’m really fingers cross God. Can you just do this one thing for me? I got to get Eli Manning

Speaker 4 (15m 37s): under 500 as a guy that appreciates the Bears. I just don’t I just can’t I I’m with you on that, but why can’t be another team? Why can’t the Bears get PJ Walker?

Speaker 2 (15m 46s): You’re here. I don’t care who it is. It is and someone tweeted that end to me on Twitter. They suggested PJ Walker’s back. And for Carson Wentz, I’d be all over

Speaker 3 (15m 55s): that PJ Walker’s better than mr. Biscay. Yeah, why are you so mad? He be the backup to Carson who Carson Wentz is better than PJ

Speaker 2 (16m 4s): walk up your Walker though is is very good. Are we sure them as a backup? Yeah. I mean Ryan he’s

Speaker 1 (16m 10s): certainly I mean he would put that guy in a body

Speaker 2 (16m 14s): bag. What are you? Yeah, if you put

Speaker 3 (16m 16s): are you sure you wouldn’t Doing what get almonds doing up there in New York.

Speaker 1 (16m 22s): Oh, all

Speaker 3 (16m 23s): right. Ready. Kitchens is there to you realize I like that Jason movement

Speaker 2 (16m 30s): bready kitchen. It is almost it’s almost like a puma

Speaker 4 (16m 34s): these other giant stuff. Yeah. Oh my God,

Speaker 1 (16m 36s): it almost feels like you

Speaker 4 (16m 37s): almost left for the Colorado. Yeah, right. Yeah. He’s on the Giants lie. This

Speaker 3 (16m 41s): is one of those All-Star super-stacked staffs. Jason. Garrett doesn’t have to do much of anything. Other than

Speaker 2 (16m 49s): clad almost feels like Ocean’s Eleven like in Ocean’s

Speaker 1 (16m 51s): Eleven, but it’s dead with

Speaker 2 (16m 54s): stealing Jewels. They’re just out to destroy the New York football

Speaker 1 (16m 58s): franchise. Like all right. We need a

Speaker 2 (16m 59s): Wheelman we need like a guy who’s good on the computer who’s going to be in the van outside. We need a jewel thief for some reason we need. Okay, of course, we need to like Seth Green’s at the airport

Speaker 3 (17m 9s): hacking like it’s everyone back.

Speaker 2 (17m 11s): That’s Freddy kitchens. He’s the computer guys just like slamming. It’s like chugging Monster Energy Bang. Drink, he doesn’t drink monster bangs got a little creatine in there as well. Oh, no, I’m going to fall down that pre-workout Rabbit Hole again. Okay, before we get to the American East Colonial Sunbelt nxf. Well

Speaker 3 (17m 32s): before we move away from the bites bracket real quick. Once again, congratulations to the committee all favorites have advanced thus foot

Speaker 2 (17m 43s): also in it like the one 16s were blowouts 215s get A little closer we done a pretty good job.

Speaker 3 (17m 51s): I’m assuming someone is gonna perform a recap 80s recap of the first round. Yes and the but of the bytes bracket, of course, the last thing we have to announce is that once the first round ends. We will be posting a leaderboard. Oh, yeah, because I think I think my paycheck is going to be a little light this month as we head out to beautiful Las Vegas because we’re giving away how much Sean $500

Speaker 2 (18m 18s): There’s and fake trying to fake their I’ve been playing real games. You’re gonna get paid on that. I’ve just confirmed with bet spurts

Speaker 3 (18m 28s): and oh, no, I’m not getting paid at all.

Speaker 1 (18m 31s): Okay, I mean this thing’s gonna go bankrupt. We’re gonna be you guys. Do we have to buy us drinks out in beautiful Las

Speaker 2 (18m 36s): Vegas not quite there yet for the bets for its announcement. That

Speaker 1 (18m 40s): will be coming up next week. We have a we have big guest scheduled Monday will throw

Speaker 2 (18m 45s): on the bedspreads contest announcement on that podcast as well. But of

Speaker 1 (18m 49s): course if you’re going to be in the Las Vegas area and why would you be for March Madness? Make sure you hit up the Caesars

Speaker 2 (18m 56s): Sportsbook Wednesday, March 18th time to be determined, but I’ll be at night and we’ll be there doing a live broadcast

Speaker 1 (19m 4s): me Kramer Colby McKee and we’ll be getting tuned up will be will hook you up with some drinks. Guess it’s better the fact that we’re going bankrupt. We’re going to be doing it all live from the Caesars Sportsbook. So make sure you guys come out. What’s up, and have a couple cocktails?

Speaker 4 (19m 21s): I just want to say that you guys did pay your employees this week. Yes

Speaker 1 (19m 26s): much like much like the XFL. We should announce that every time

Speaker 2 (19m 31s): every time we run payroll. We like just so everyone knows I don’t want to jinx it because every once in a while the month I’m doing I’m juggling the whole

Speaker 1 (19m 38s): numbers. I don’t want I feel like we put out a tweet that says we’ve paid all our

Speaker 2 (19m 43s): employees. Someone’s gonna come back and quote tweet at me like yeah, dude. That last one bounce where we have not bounce yet fingers crossed. But again, give it all back to well not everything but you know what, I mean to the employees to the fans were building a goddamn Revolution. Alright enough fucking around. Let’s talk about the American East Kramer toss it to you. Give us the ads. Of course courtesy of my bookie one of the Futures looking like, whoa, who’s the chalk that you’re taken?

Once again? What’s the second place team that I’m

Speaker 1 (20m 18s): And

Speaker 3 (20m 18s): with teaser alert, there will be no chalk. And this one for me American east of course played at campus sites all over the beautiful Northeast New England as some people call it March 7th 10th and 14th dates Vermont a massive. Favorite – 500 Stony Brook

Speaker 2 (20m 38s): plus what is a

Speaker 3 (20m 38s): catamount? It’s a dog with bad eyesight Stony Brook plus 5a T hat. It’s like high good heart. Furred +3000 UMBC +4000 New Hampshire 45 to

Speaker 2 (20m 54s): 1 Ryan. It’s some sort of tag

Speaker 3 (20m 56s): Mass Lowell 82 one Albany a hundred twenty five to one in Maine 500 to 1. I don’t know I have you analyzed the bracket Sean. Have you done your Deep dive into the matchups?

Speaker 2 (21m 11s): Well, here’s the thing is I don’t have a ton of knowledge about Stony Brook, but I’ll take them at plus 580 just because I think Vermont a minus 500 is crazy considering how outflow this Vermont team has has been and UMBC. I’m taking a little flyer. I don’t know if they’re going to be my DJ’s only pick will break down the rest Rivers but the retrievers UMBC getting hot as late 6 and 2 in their last eight and the some of those are conference games and you owe me see they’ve won at Vermont my boy KJ Jackson he in that Vermont came 60% from the field put up 18 points.

Don’t doubt this UMBC team. They are they got the nose to the ground there smelling the treat that is being dangled. That is the national championship. I’m sorry a tournament bid not enough.

Speaker 1 (22m 11s): Call me. You’re doing it all meaning the American East Kobe. Do you have a

Speaker 3 (22m 14s): crazy long shot on this one, too? No.

Speaker 4 (22m 17s): No, I honestly like I would never take the Vermont – 500 but I do think they’re coming out of there. But yeah, I think the only put their play Stony Brook. Yeah. All right, so you what’s your what’s your

Speaker 3 (22m 27s): play here? Stony Brook Stony Brook.

Speaker 2 (22m 29s): Yeah, because at plus 580 any team that’s kind of an especially in this American Eastward. So top-heavy I mean it feels like it’ll probably be Stony Brook in Vermont. Aunt in the championship. Why would you not take the plus five? Eighty now? You’re not going to get 580 Champions? Yeah, exactly. That’ll be down to like 328

Speaker 3 (22m 49s): lie, but I’m with Colby Vermont. What seed will they be

Speaker 4 (22m 52s): Colby who I’m gonna probably say 15, maybe maybe maybe 14 M

Speaker 3 (22m 58s): Palm has them as 25th toughest conference. So probably the 15 seed. Yeah, maybe that that name brand that thank Adam is the tournament a lot man. No, that’s what I’m saying. I think they could 14 yeah, just just because of the name brand

Speaker 4 (23m 13s): they gotta do to

Speaker 2 (23m 15s): I feel like Vermont’s in the tournament every

Speaker 4 (23m 17s): year. What’s his name lamb the bottom and is

Speaker 3 (23m 20s): adjacent UMBC was in there

Speaker 4 (23m 22s): Anthony lamb-lamb UVA one of

Speaker 2 (23m 25s): the few regrets. I’ve had from being in Las Vegas not putting it down. What’s

Speaker 3 (23m 30s): up, you have that

Speaker 2 (23m 32s): regret. I have that regret of not betting on UMBC. We were hanging out in the room. We were looking at the thing. I think we were originally thinking first. Half was like 20 to 1 and then we’re like well, why don’t we just go game like no, that’s crazy, but they might win the first half and then I think it was just I was kind of drunk and hungover or whatever just couldn’t couldn’t actually take the trip down to go put the bed in and then was just kicking myself.

Speaker 3 (23m 57s): It is crazy how

Speaker 2 (23m 58s): fast and let that be a lesson to a gambler if you have a hunch and it’s a crazy long shot head over to my bookie. Dad AG put that better when the old lady yelled at

Speaker 4 (24m 6s): me which one

Speaker 2 (24m 8s): no. No, that was that my was that my bad. Actually party or no that was different. That was a different

Speaker 4 (24m 13s): level, but she jinxed us after we lost every bet no no, we hit the Colorado we hit

Speaker 1 (24m 17s): Colorado game and then she put a gypsy curse on us. So he loves the rest of the other games.

Speaker 3 (24m 25s): All right, you guys done? Yeah reminiscent.

Speaker 4 (24m 27s): No, no. Yep. Yeah you where were you you make

Speaker 3 (24m 30s): I don’t know. I was probably doing some cool shit Sun Belt Conference that I surely have in the wrong location because I don’t think they’re playing they’re

Speaker 2 (24m 39s): not playing in Sioux Falls South Dakota

Speaker 4 (24m 41s): believe they’re in New Orleans.

Speaker 3 (24m 43s): Yeah, we’re going to we’re going to get that corrected in a second Sean while I do that while you do that Arkansas Little Rock is plus 290 South Alex. Is it south or Southern Alabama South?

Speaker 4 (24m 55s): Alabama South

Speaker 3 (24m 55s): Alabama plus 4 10 Texas State also plus 260. Wow hot. What kind of order is this Georgia State plus 385 Georgia Southern plus 1232 one for App State and UT Arlington Coastal Carolina. Hundred-to-one, Arkansas State 302 one in Louisiana 400 to 1 just to recap that the favorite is Texas state plus 260, Arkansas Little Rock plus 290 followed by Georgia State plus 385 and South Alabama of plus 4

Speaker 2 (25m 24s): 10. All right, and I think what’s throwing you off is you they’re actually in the right seat order but Texas state is the third season but it is they are actually the favorite and I’m taking Texas State here. I’m going chalk here my boy Nigel Pearson 18.8 points per game. They’ve won five out of the last six. I love it team coming in hot to the conference tournament and Ryan for you the man who’s Ken pom. Login. I’m currently sharing

Speaker 3 (25m 51s): Welsh they are number

Speaker 2 (25m 54s): two. No, sorry. This is actually didn’t come from Ken Palm. This is like from some team rankings at cam or whatever. They have a stat that Texas state number one in the Sun Belt in SRS. And that’s a combination of strength of schedule and point differential. They’re all their 5.1 compared to Georgia’s state which is like a 3.9. So and there’s only a couple other teams that are above

Speaker 4 (26m 16s): zero there’s one team to take right now. And that is Texas state. I disagree. You said you liked the hot team yeah, South, Alabama.

Speaker 1 (26m 26s): Has won eight straight games

Speaker 4 (26m 27s): including one over Texas state in the past week. This team is on fire right now. Right don’t want to play this team. I

Speaker 2 (26m 34s): forgot I did have one. We were gonna maybe squeeze South Alabama and the part 2 I did have or sorry Sunbelt in depart to the conference tournament. I did have a note to like look deeper into South Alabama, but you’re right I and maybe that’s a decent dog play if

Speaker 4 (26m 48s): there are two fire right now. Yeah

Speaker 2 (26m 50s): closing the season I’ll stick with Texas state, but that’s a good

Speaker 4 (26m 54s): pick. The thing that concerns you about Texas state that is they don’t shoot the three. Well, they’re a very slow pace team which they have some good big man, but they don’t shoot the three. Well, I’m all over a South,

Speaker 3 (27m 4s): Alabama. I think they do a lot of things nicely. They take care of the ball fairly. Well Taliban what we talking? Yeah, they shoot the they shoot decently from the three-point line. They’re like, you said not much of a three-point shooting team, but they’re not

Speaker 4 (27m 19s): bad. No, I was referring I was referring to Texas State. I’m sorry. I’m taking South Alabama.

Speaker 3 (27m 24s): Well, I also like South Alabama, you know, one of the things about South Alabama that you really like from a momentum perspective. They have they are ranked number two in the country in the experience

Speaker 4 (27m 37s): category. Ooh gotta love that

Speaker 3 (27m 40s): you put that together with the fact that they have one. I had a note that they won seven straight up. You’re telling me it’s eight straight, I believe so and all of that combined with the fact that they don’t use any bench minutes. They are in the bottom 25 and bench minutes. This is a team that’s poised to go on a mini run. Yeah and perhaps that many run is just in the conference tournament, but I thought I suppose it could be a dangerous job for this was my smart pick of the of this podcast.

I’m taking South Alabama not as my dog, but just as my pick to win this

Speaker 4 (28m 15s): conference

Speaker 3 (28m 16s): and I would say Colby what seed would they get it?

Speaker 4 (28m 21s): Women’s Conference, I’m thinking that’s a probably 15 or 14. Probably 14. I would say

Speaker 3 (28m 26s): the Sun Belt does have a good history. Georgia

Speaker 4 (28m 30s): state has done some damage in the 2008 before they’re ranked

Speaker 3 (28m 33s): 14th out of the conference’s so that’s

Speaker 4 (28m 35s): not so yeah, they probably maybe even 13

Speaker 3 (28m 38s): feelings like teen they could wiggle their way into a 14-3 matchup maybe a third maybe 13 for but again, they have a lot of the things you want to look for. And you know, hopefully they make it so we can talk about them more as a big big time upset. But yeah plus 4 10 give it to me

Speaker 4 (28m 58s): the loss to Auburn by one earlier

Speaker 3 (28m 60s): this year. They also have the pace thing. They can dictate Pace

Speaker 2 (29m 6s): dictate Pace, you know what my pace is for March Madness just relaxing actually, it’s not really that

Speaker 1 (29m 12s): relaxing. I mean, I’m sitting in a chair.

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ouch, so if you’re on the East Coast not gonna go outside, you’re just gonna watch college basketball XFL

Speaker 1 (29m 57s): NBA

Speaker 2 (29m 58s): March is the greatest month of all to stay inside get bundled up but you know, really and throwing a hoodie throwing an SG P hoodie

Speaker 1 (30m 6s): get planted on the

Speaker 2 (30m 7s): couch and just get to work relax and enjoy your burrow couch scratch and stain resistant again, whatever you’re into that’s a good feature if you have like me, you got a couple dogs or Jumping up on the couch right now. We’re as we’re filming this. I’m looking at Ryan this dog just rode out all over the couch. Probably getting that thing all stained up. We need a burrow couch in here ASAP. Plus they got a built-in USB charger. That’s a sauce that’s super comfortable.

If you’ve ever had it where or let’s say, you know wife’s out of town watching a couple of things on the old phone. You know, what

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Speaker 1 (31m 21s): Now

Speaker 2 (31m 21s): the evening of March 5th or 6th on the East March 6. You send that in there get that couch for March Madness baby

Speaker 3 (31m 30s): Sean, you know, it’s hard to stain a couch with a pager. It’s true.

Speaker 2 (31m 36s): Oh, it’s got a cat just got a nice read tag from Chris

Speaker 1 (31m 40s): Bivens in the in

Speaker 2 (31m 42s): the in the sports gambling Podcast chat Ryan. I means Borough give us a raise because we just sold a couch Chris. You’re definitely buying a

Speaker 3 (31m 50s): couch.

Speaker 2 (31m 52s): All right Kramer. What are we doing Colonial? Let’s talk about it.

Speaker 3 (31m 55s): Let’s talk about the colonial conference. Which of course is also played at campus sites seventh. See I’m guessing this was a copy and paste mistake again.

Speaker 4 (32m 5s): Well you sure it’s at Camp we’re going to we’re going to

Speaker 3 (32m 7s): roll with it. No, it’s definitely not a Cantor in Washington D c– entertainment and sports arena really that’s not a name. We need a deep dive under this there’s

Speaker 4 (32m 20s): there’s Really? I’ve never heard of that never grew up in the area. What horrible

Speaker 3 (32m 23s): branding what company is named the entertainment and stored Sports Arena. This is being played March 7th through March 10th, and the top speed top seed hash Hofstra is plus 220 North. Wow. Is this the seating as well Northeastern as the 60 plus 300,000 plus 450 Charleston plus 550 William and Mary as the to see tis plus 800 We’re + 650 32 one for Drexel Shawn.

That’s not great 61 for Ilan J. Mu 252 one and unc-wilmington plus 200 Patty see not a not a college basketball fan. I’m not a college. Am you know,

Speaker 4 (33m 10s): I mean the other they did win a tournament game. I want to say in the past 10 years or so, but yeah, no, he’s not a super super horrible. So

Speaker 2 (33m 18s): this brings up one of our listener questions. Know what shoutout to Tucker at James Bond Esq on Twitter Drexel as a sleeper or I’m Just a Filly Homer. Well,

Speaker 1 (33m 31s): you’re from one Philly Homer to another Tucker load up on the Drexel dragons are about to unleash thinking solely Fury Drexel. There’s seven and two in their last nine

Speaker 2 (33m 44s): Colby. No, but look at those two

Speaker 1 (33m 46s): losses. It doesn’t matter Cameron winter winter is coming. In baby, he has 11 20-point games. He’s gonna get hot hot hot give me a little taste of the Drexel

Speaker 2 (33m 59s): dragons my brother graduated at Drexel and that was oh man quick sidebar. So we had a we had a graduation

Speaker 4 (34m 9s): party for my brother when he graduated

Speaker 2 (34m 10s): from Drexel and bring my wife back or it wasn’t wife at the time. We’re all hanging out having a big party

Speaker 3 (34m 18s): and

Speaker 2 (34m 20s): So they decide everyone’s pretty drunk decided to make margaritas. Now when my wife’s making the Margaritas doesn’t realize that the margarita mix that they have already has the tequila in it. Like they bought it at the state liquor store already pre-mixed and then adds a bunch of tequila in it. One of the drunkest I’ve ever seen Cedar completely hammered to the point. She goes, you know Yaks in the middle of the night, but before she does that But the bedroom were staying in right next to my parents bedroom.


Speaker 3 (34m 54s): exits. I thought this was the story.

Speaker 2 (34m 57s): She exits are the bedroom where stated goes into my parents

Speaker 1 (35m 1s): bedroom,

Speaker 2 (35m 3s): like just completely lost and I just hear my

Speaker 1 (35m 6s): dad like go

Speaker 2 (35m 8s): Tess is

Speaker 1 (35m 9s): that you gonna

Speaker 2 (35m 11s): go grab my wife Fuller back. And yeah, I know it’s whatever I think attracts like I always think of that story, but they got they kind of got a solid Square.

Speaker 4 (35m 21s): You know what? You’re right. I was thinking of LaSalle.

Speaker 2 (35m 23s): Yeah Hofstra though for being the number one. See they’re 14 and 4 but their four losses came from the two to the five seeds wide open Drexel my decisions only play but according to Ken pom. I’m taking a little roll the dice here on William and Mary William and Mary and of all the teams listen and Ken pom in college basketball, which is all of them. They are the second luckiest team and then the best player

Speaker 4 (35m 48s): in the ca probably

Speaker 2 (35m 49s): and I don’t know what actually included in the lucky step, but I’m riding that and they have a 53.7 effective field goal percentage 26 in the nation that to me is enough to roll the dice said eight to one that and in a conference that feels pretty wide open. I really like William married 800 and of course shout to the dragon. So the

Speaker 3 (36m 11s): entertainment and sports arena is the home to the WNBA more Washington missed Mystics and the MBA g-league Capital City go go. Quick facts 80,000 square feet of Arena space at 30,000 square feet of practice facility space 4200 seats and get this 5,000 simultaneous connected devices on a tow 2.11 wave to multi gigabit

Speaker 1 (36m 39s): technology a that’s one of their fax something

Speaker 4 (36m 45s): hilarious. Look the play here. Look, I think hofstra’s are also an option. But the Delaware Blue

Speaker 3 (36m 53s): Hens. Yeah, that’s right.

Speaker 4 (36m 54s): Yeah, go baby. If you read my mm. I see a preview back in October. I was high on Delaware. They got four guys that can score the ball. I must have missed that one. Yeah, I put it was on Sports Kelly podcast.com. You know, it’s hard to get everything the Blue Hens a good man. They’ve let me down in the middle of season. They got in a little slump. They broke out of it. Let they lost a game to Charleston last week. That was like they were up the whole game. Ya blew it late. I think they’re in Their shit together mentally for this for this little tournament here.

I see what you did. That was

Speaker 3 (37m 26s): good. That was good Kramer. What are you doing here? Well, I so, I think I heard you take did I hear correctly. Did you actually take Drexel

Speaker 2 (37m 36s): you Drexel? Could I mean again, they’re the they’re in the running for my jeans only play. But my my pick my official pick for this conference is William and Mary at a

Speaker 3 (37m 47s): why is William and Mary as the to see they to 1

Speaker 4 (37m 50s): because cuz they’ve never gone to the NCAA tournament. Never

Speaker 1 (37m 57s): ever. So you’re saying there’s a

Speaker 2 (37m 58s): chance call me. Hey, they’re shooting the ball lights out. And again, like I said, there’s a second luckiest team according to Ken pom. If not this year than what year they kind

Speaker 4 (38m 8s): of had a year like Delaware to where like they started out in first place for a lot of it and then they hit a big-time slumping now, they’re coming back to life. So it’s not a bad play.

Speaker 3 (38m 18s): So you’re telling me I should just take the take the Blue

Speaker 4 (38m 20s): Hens go just go chalk. All right, I think is probably give

Speaker 3 (38m 24s): me Hofstra plus

Speaker 4 (38m 25s): 2T Jersey guy right Hofstra,

Speaker 3 (38m 28s): please curb a talk about the cross so that I mean isn’t Hofstra where the Jets did the training camp for all those years and then they’re the Hofstra connection with Wayne chrebet.

Speaker 4 (38m 39s): It had a quarterback that Niners drafted to that back then Giovanni something. They stop their football program this those cowards though. They stop their football program

Speaker 3 (38m 47s): cowards. All right.

Speaker 2 (38m 50s): Do you want we we don’t really have enough info right now. Out to do the mac and it’s kind of its kind of fun in a weird window, of course check out the college experience which has its own feed that you can subscribe to an apple on Apple Spotify wherever great podcasts are

Speaker 3 (39m 5s): sold not on pages though. Not on page working on that working on

Speaker 2 (39m 9s): that. Do you want to do you want to chime in any thoughts right now on the Mac? We actually have a we have a couple listener questions it

Speaker 4 (39m 18s): up right now has a conference. I feel like it’s up. There is a lot of parody a lot of good teams. Teams

Speaker 2 (39m 24s): at bball bedding 101. He wants to know here’s my question can the max sneak in a and at-large bid with Bowling Green if Akron wins the tournament. So Akron wins. The tournament does is Bowling Green sliding in there? No, so they’re only getting one.

Speaker 4 (39m 42s): Yeah. Unfortunately, there are tougher conference than they’ve been you know in a while. I haven’t seen this much parody and like there’s a good amount of quality teams wealth

Speaker 3 (39m 50s): according to Ken pom. Hi, Tom

Speaker 4 (39m 53s): Lead out Bowling Green gets in there highly highly doubt. They would need a lot of breaks in my opinion because I just see them pretty far down that ladder. I think Akron those the team team that gets in there. Hmm if I had to go this is you might as well just take a dartboard and label each spot on the dartboard Mac teams and just throw a fucking Dart because that’s I mean even Western Michigan who has started off the year horrible has came on strong much more competitive than they were playing earlier, but You have Buffalo who’s been been there the past couple years Arizona and Arizona state in the tournament.

They’re playing good ball. I would say the Buffalo our Akron would be the team’s I would favor. Hmm after that then it trickles down to Kent State Bowling Green ball States not planned bad ball. Yeah. I kind of

Speaker 2 (40m 40s): have Bowling Green circled here. But again, well actually see what the price is come out at getting back to the

Speaker 3 (40m 47s): Colonial Real coin either early a crazy crazy. What if play Eastern Michigan? Yeah.

Speaker 4 (40m 54s): Yeah, I don’t know what

Speaker 3 (40m 55s): the odds will be really don’t want a dog shit offense, but they can they can wreak people a little bit on the defensive side of the

Speaker 4 (41m 0s): ball. The one you don’t want to touch a central Michigan. They were playing good ball or they almost beat Texas at Texas. But that’s our mission is lost. I think like eight or nine in a

Speaker 2 (41m 8s): row. We got a quick question though jumping back to the Colonial and Kramer. I’m doing the record-keeping here you want with Delaware? Did you slide on Delaware’s he went after her

Speaker 3 (41m 20s): it was the first time I went shock

Speaker 2 (41m 21s): to our boy a shout-out to tied at poker God for 20. He wants to know does Towson have a shot at a 3 as the three seed realistically. We didn’t really touch on towels and

Speaker 4 (41m 35s): they’re clearly much better ball the second half of the season. I’ve locked them up a few times. X over on our on our spreadsheet at sports gambling podcast.com. This

Speaker 3 (41m 44s): isn’t thousand the Maryland version of Radford. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (41m 48s): Yeah. What a weird. Inhale

Speaker 4 (41m 51s): that fits the Stratford of the East right baby Frostburg State. I don’t know one of the two but but no Taos is playing much better ball second half of the season. I think they’re very capable of winning this

Speaker 2 (42m 1s): conference. All right. Well, let’s let’s give out a loc dog and ADI Jen’s only play and then after that we’ll get into week five XFL so much content right now Kramer. Do you want to kick things off with your lock Doug and D Jen’s only live south

Speaker 3 (42m 19s): Alabama. This is I mean, I guess is that should that be the dog?

Speaker 2 (42m 21s): I guess. Yeah. It’s south of Obama’s plus 4

Speaker 3 (42m 25s): 10, right a lock-up Hofstra. I’ll dog I’ll dog up South

Speaker 2 (42m 29s): Alabama. So Hofstra plus 220, South, Alabama. 410 over at my bookie data EG. What is your D Jen’s only player

Speaker 3 (42m 37s): Stony Brook Stony peanut Degen

Speaker 4 (42m 40s): Zone if you like, what is that? I think I mean, he’s really coming in there. All

Speaker 2 (42m 44s): right, Colby. What are you gonna

Speaker 4 (42m 47s): do lock Vermont coming out of there.

Speaker 1 (42m 50s): Wow that for my $100,000

Speaker 3 (42m 55s): unit million whale

Speaker 1 (42m 57s): play in

Speaker 2 (42m 58s): Wheelman, big Vegas Vegas. Call me over. Were here with this Mega

Speaker 4 (43m 3s): whale – they’re the best bet if you want one that’s definitely going to be in the tournament out of all the ones he all right. Come on Vermont is the play dog wise. I’m gonna go I’m gonna back up. I’m going south Alabama. Let’s do it baby. And and for my DJ n Play Let’s Go with beautiful beautiful. Blue Hens Delaware.

Speaker 2 (43m 26s): Yeah, + 650 not really. I mean, all right.

Speaker 4 (43m 30s): Let’s take a deep breathe deep. You know, what fucking delete it. Let’s go. Let’s

Speaker 2 (43m 36s): go. All right, Delaware. Come on, right.

Speaker 4 (43m 39s): Here we go. I’m in Delaware. I’m gonna I’m gonna take you up on the Coastal Carolina at plus. What is that? Plus? What is it? What a

Speaker 2 (43m 52s): 10,000? Yeah plus ten thousand hundred to one Coastal Carolina. That’s the kind of D.

Speaker 4 (43m 58s): Jen’s only play. I’ve been in the murder of a make

Speaker 3 (43m 60s): one more recommendation to our fans only because of course, it’s all about the client Sean Yep. They’re going to hear me say Ken Palms name a lot. But I’m also I will bring In someone else to the table. There’s a new guy to the party. Hmm. Have you hung out with with our buddy our new buddy our new friend? Whose art Bart torvik now check out Bart torvik.com. I’m not going to tell you what’s there. It may be college basketball Advanced metrics it maybe

Speaker 4 (44m 33s): maybe something horrible 2 Girls 1

Speaker 1 (44m 35s): Cup, you gotta trust your

Speaker 3 (44m 36s): boy Ryan real money Kramer

Speaker 2 (44m 40s): our tow vehicle right? Check him out torvik torvik. So if you’re mine, I lock give me a Texas State. I think that’s a plus to 64 my dog William and Mary plus 804 my

Speaker 1 (44m 53s): hashtag kitchens.

Speaker 2 (44m 54s): Only the Drexel dragons. I gotta I gotta we gotta get like a Cisco sound drop for yeah, the Seattle dragons and for Drexel dragons when they see how they make drinks. We

Speaker 3 (45m 6s): drink real quick show. I noticed I noticed you put as Hofstra and the sheet ha. Yeah, I was watching the rugby sevens. Tournament that was played in what’s that? It was at the Dignity Health Center down and beautiful cars Chargers. Don’t mean the Wildcats had your anyway, the Big celebrity in the house for this rugby exhibition was David Hasselhoff.

Speaker 4 (45m 30s): So hey, you know don’t hassle the Hoff eating a cheeseburger on the ground in Vegas. We might be doing that in the next couple weeks that guy

Speaker 2 (45m 40s): that was one of the

Speaker 1 (45m 40s): all-time all-time viral videos.

Speaker 3 (45m 43s): I’ll have a smoothie. My

Speaker 1 (45m 44s): hand David Hasselhoff. Maybe not a

Speaker 2 (45m 48s): bright future. You know who has a bright future you guys when you head over to prop swap doc cam perfect place to pick up some Futures. You gotta eat a Cinderella

Speaker 1 (45m 59s): you had a glass slipper. You’re looking to find that Cinderella

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Speaker 3 (47m 40s): ride you and that Philly thing man.

Speaker 2 (47m 43s): Yeah. I’m riots in the way of you sounding

Speaker 3 (47m 45s): smart. All right, everyone time it made you seem smart. Yeah in time

Speaker 2 (47m 50s): exactly and well 2 times if you count the time, I won 200 thousand dollars on

Speaker 3 (47m 56s): DraftKings. That was all about Tariq

Speaker 2 (47m 58s): Owen. Yeah, and and the Eagles defense and Carson Wentz it was a the end and

Speaker 3 (48m 4s): Kurt’s right you fart. Are we ready to talk about some spring football?

Speaker 2 (48m 11s): All right. Rapidfire recap

Speaker 3 (48m 13s): pendants is down the league. I’m hearing the you can’t come on.

Speaker 2 (48m 23s): That’s the sound the battle Hawks make hashtag call is the law

Speaker 4 (48m 27s): cock opening up the second the second.

Speaker 2 (48m 32s): Story in that Stadium. I can’t the upper deck upward or the st. Louis battle Ox the March 21st. Again, we would be heading out

Speaker 3 (48m 38s): say I’m like to personally apologize to the fans at this point for feeding Colby whiskey the tonight. He’s the Denture base is slowing

Speaker 4 (48m 47s): down. Yeah. I was ahead of stop by a few skyscrapers make sure everything was working

Speaker 3 (48m 51s): correctly. This new character. They Colby has the construction

Speaker 1 (48m 56s): Builders my favorite one,

Speaker 3 (48m 58s): but Nick velvet got ran out of money and had to get a job and he’s working construction. All right, rapid-fire. Recap Sean. Let’s do it Guardians

Speaker 2 (49m 9s): won outright 17 to 14 against the Wildcats. We were all on the NY G + 7 and a half even talked about how probably decent pet outright ugly game, but Guardians you can’t make a team from li7 to have Point Road favorites in cold weather the under hit as it always does in the XFL moving on to the battle Hawks kah kah indeed battle Hawks 23 dragons 16. You guys had the battle hog, slaying 11 and a half I even though I have the heart of a battle Hawk.

Speaker 4 (49m 42s): This game was mind-boggling because it’s like the coaches did not understand the point of seeing people. Well, you know with this league having one and two and three points I was wondering you scratched your head because each coach doing bonehead plays that mathematically there. It makes no sense to do these things. I was about to cover until the battle Hawks want to kick a field goal. I was like, there’s still only going to be up six points. You’re going to be lucky. It was mind-boggling dragons dragons cover that 11 and a

Speaker 2 (50m 11s): half. Not a problem Roughnecks, hashtag roughneck fever picked him every week covered every week and it’s been awesome Cramer also on the the roughneck bandwagon cold. Be selected the hated Dallas Renegades in the battle for

Speaker 4 (50m 27s): Houston. The interception of the 2-yard line was money that was

Speaker 2 (50m 30s): crazy. And that really helped the under again unders now 11 and 5 hashtag all unders. I just write it down every week put the bets in over my poke Daddy G. They may have to cancel the sponsorship because I’m went in a ton of money and I’m instructing everyone very clearly 11 and 5. And again, we gave out thirty eight and a half in this dragons battle ox. Game the closed at 39. So there’s a chance you got that under a if that kind of I didn’t see where it close that because I bet at three and a half.

But if we got to like thirty nine and a half you may have hit that one as well. You may have went for know you’re at least 11 and 5 possibly 12 and 4 Roughnecks look good and their defense came up defensive

Speaker 4 (51m 13s): touchdown. They look great on defense.

Speaker 2 (51m 16s): Yeah their defense and I got to look up his name. One of the cornerbacks to the Roughnecks just talks a ton of shit. He’s really funny. We got to hit that guy up and get him on the show. It

Speaker 3 (51m 27s): seems like neither. Can I think there’s one team that’s definitely Head and Shoulders above all others. And that’s my Houston as you can see on my chest my Houston Roughnecks. I will say this is Houston this bat not I that’s I’ve been there bro. Tiny bit of time. I had a layover cool, but it’s not about that. It’s just about it’s a mentality well because we

Speaker 4 (51m 50s): learned we learned next man up. When people

Speaker 3 (51m 54s): die we often celebrate the life and if we learned one thing from Mamba mentality just like roughneck fever its day in and day out. It’s not it’s not about where you’re from. It’s not about what you like to eat. It’s not about your favorite flavor of ice cream Colby. It’s about that mentality and me PJ Walker cam Phillips. We share. We share now the granted they’re not patient zero spitting in these are not patient.

I’m patient

Speaker 2 (52m 28s): zero. All right. Well unclear where Kramer’s going with that but Defenders 0 vipers they got they went into the snake pit and Raymond James Stadium, Jerry Glanville. The team rallied actually win about this is that I want to Glanville to get a win.

Speaker 4 (52m 45s): Yeah, you know what? I mean?

Speaker 2 (52m 46s): Yeah, they’re great quote about how uh, he’s got to get a win because they’re not going to give them a free Bloomin Onion at out back. If he’s old and I’m gonna let him in the Outback now

Speaker 4 (52m 55s): that we’ve shut somebody out. He’s thinking he can get a free blooming.

Speaker 3 (52m 58s): Who are we kidding? He’s gonna go hang out on the Madden bus get all the Bloomin Onion. He wants

Speaker 1 (53m 5s): he’s one of those guys who will get

Speaker 2 (53m 7s): penetration of Glenville definitely is so we were on the Defenders naively thinking the Defenders. I think just the Defenders do

Speaker 4 (53m 15s): not travel is what we’re learning. Yeah, but we did give out some some money on the DFS side of things. Did we

Speaker 3 (53m 21s): know? Yeah. I did

Speaker 4 (53m 23s): I mean system cash machine over here

Speaker 2 (53m 25s): right some serious cash give it out on the DFS side. And let’s do it. Let’s talk DFS lineups quick a little sidebar. I was on the DFS subreddit stumbled upon this free promotion. And normally I don’t do this because we’re not getting paid but I shared it with the fellow DJ ends in our slack Channel. DraftKings is running this thing you click on the link you deposit twenty dollars. They give you a free 20 bucks. And there’s no other sort of like again. It’s just straight up $20.

We’re not getting paid on it. But I put the link in our slacked Out Sports gambling podcast.com. So if you want free 20 bucks, which it’s better than a kick in the face that under the XFL part of slick. I know no I kicked it in the general. So regardless of what you’re doing over at DraftKings 23 bucks.

Speaker 4 (54m 13s): That’s pretty awesome. It is you know,

Speaker 1 (54m 18s): Especially if they listen to our lineup

Speaker 3 (54m 19s): Sean is just looking out for

Speaker 2 (54m 20s): everyone. I’m a company man and a DJ ends. Only man looking out for my fellow DJ ends. All right, let’s break down this line up Colby. What are you doing at the

Speaker 4 (54m 28s): quarterback position this week? Look, I know I went chalk with Vermont. I’m going to stay going chalk and go with PJ Walker. How do you not pick PJ walk with Seattle on day

Speaker 3 (54m 39s): 13 points per I guess the concern is they get up and they call offense Off the Bench. This Houston team is in Colin off and he died. Now listen, really there’s no cure for roughneck fever yet. Let’s go p– jaywalker 12,000

Speaker 2 (54m 54s): more people are infected with roughneck fever than the coronavirus quick sidebar. Yeah all over PJ Walker. He’s twelve thousand dollars, but for good reason, he’s averaging twenty nine point five fantasy points per game. The dude is straight onions cam Phillips kind of ghost of them last week. Don’t know what’s going on there possibly little drama it down in h dad hashtag for the

Speaker 3 (55m 17s): h button. No, no drama.

Speaker 2 (55m 19s): There’s a there’s a he just didn’t look to his side of the field don’t know if it was a matchup thing. We’ll see if he bounces

Speaker 3 (55m 24s): back and they were going they were double cover in my boy. Cam Phillips.

Speaker 2 (55m 28s): What are you doing at the running back position? Call me. I’m going

Speaker 4 (55m 31s): Cameron artist pain main reason. Why here I mean, he’s the top running back, but also Phillip Nelson starting Landry Jones is out for a few weeks from Nelson East Carolina guy shot at ECU, but Philip Nelson loves the thought it was running backs. And this is the how Mommy The way broke his leg Yeah. You see that broke his leg while coaching. This is our Mike Leach has you know him and started the air raid stayed on the sidelines calling the plays with the broken leg. That’s fucking football.


Speaker 3 (56m 2s): So you called out a very good reason to want to take a running back in the Dallas backfield. You took the wrong one. It lands lands on bar is going to get checked down City this week and I love the logic. I just think he’s going to be the guy not Cameron artist pain and you can save a couple thousand

Speaker 2 (56m 21s): dollars. Let’s see what it’s Dunbar 22 catches so far this season on 25 targets $800 love that play Ryan. I went a little stingy eyeball that receiver and flex pot. And this is a

Speaker 4 (56m 35s): blanket on the guys name running back though.

Speaker 2 (56m 37s): Yeah. Yeah. He went I said, I want cheap and running back. Okay, I got you injuries have ravaged. My battle Hawks Kaka. Very unfortunate Keith Ford. Seemingly the only healthy running back they have on the roster going to get a ton of carries. He’s averaging nine point two fantasy points per game, but with the increased

Speaker 4 (56m 56s): touches, I really like the battle Hawks running back. So questionable.

Speaker 2 (57m 1s): Yeah, but it seems like they’re not going to be playing who According to some according to God changed my Lenna the hoarding the like XFL dude 5/8 for on Twitter Keith Ford is the way to go. So I’m going to ride that and it’s extreme value will see again, maybe switching it to him. Owen perhaps will these only $4,400.

Speaker 3 (57m 20s): Well, you also didn’t it’s DC at home. Perhaps they show up. Maybe it’s a tougher matchup. Yeah, they really have turned into a giant pussy. I

Speaker 4 (57m 27s): mean cartilage It’s gotta be tough to be you express. I mean, we express the Wildcats well,

Speaker 2 (57m 38s): but he has had her sari isn’t had a ton of targets and and work but he has two touchdowns already. So yeah Jedi Keith Ford. Okay battle Hawks are banged up at running back Keith Ford should get a huge workload this week at DC hashtag XFL. This guy official overseas.

Speaker 4 (57m 56s): Just like me talking there. Yeah, it’s the XFL. What do you mean? Is he

Speaker 3 (57m 60s): official It’s News.

Speaker 4 (58m 4s): Okay next play.

Speaker 2 (58m 6s): Yes, we’re kicking it over to the receiver position. What are you doing? Call

Speaker 4 (58m 9s): be a guy that treated me. Well last week stay with Nick. Holly. Look Kim Fields had his time. Hmm, Nick Holly’s the play here. Tim Phillips going to get doubled Nick Holly’s Betsy the Wes Welker of this team. Yes, and that’s not just because

Speaker 2 (58m 24s): he’s white ten targets. He catches 97 yards and a touchdown all over Nick Holly as well 70 100 bucks

Speaker 3 (58m 31s): Kramer. That’s the the second threesome. We have the same stack Nick Holly yet. Lots of targets teams of figured out they can Phillips is good. They’re going to cover the shit out of them. So the ball is going elsewhere now. Guess got up got to pick another receiver. Who’s your second

Speaker 4 (58m 47s): receiver? Go look Sammie Coates is out for the Roughnecks. So I’m going to ride a little sample of it’s a Mobley.

Speaker 3 (58m 53s): Are you double

Speaker 4 (58m 54s): dipping? I am because I don’t think cam Phillips the play anymore. I think the other receivers are what you attack Moby’s going to have a big game how these going to have a big game Roughnecks going to ride off into the sunset dare. I

Speaker 3 (59m 5s): say, why do you say dare I

Speaker 4 (59m 7s): say because it’s a western-themed, you know is the sunset of possibility. I don’t think so.

Speaker 2 (59m 15s): Okay Kramer. What are you doing?

Speaker 3 (59m 18s): You know, I kind of want to take a shot on Keenan Reynolds. Hmm

Speaker 4 (59m 22s): or so. Here’s the problem

Speaker 3 (59m 24s): here. I need someone on Seattle. Who do I take us? Yeah,

Speaker 4 (59m 27s): I was ready to try to do. I just

Speaker 3 (59m 28s): take Austin Parole. No, he’s dogshit to he’s a white guy playing receiver. Well, I was

Speaker 4 (59m 33s): going to tell you that I was gonna take off some Pearl but then I saw Jim Zorn is I thought be J Daniels clearly proved that he’s much better than

Speaker 2 (59m 42s): Keenan Reynolds is your guy

Speaker 3 (59m 43s): run. That’s that ran until he’s that not who I just

Speaker 4 (59m 46s): said. Do you want Anna Silver’s?

Speaker 2 (59m 47s): Confirming I’m

Speaker 3 (59m 48s): going Keenan Reynolds. I think they’re going to

Speaker 4 (59m 50s): be in catch-up mode. Do you realize the quarterback position? He’s not going with Daniel’s. I don’t it’s 5050. I

Speaker 3 (59m 55s): think I don’t care Reynolds is just a football player. He’s the guy from Navy,

Speaker 2 (59m 59s): right? You know, he’s a football player.

Speaker 3 (1h 0m 1s): Love America. Give me him 6,500 Keenan Reynolds

Speaker 2 (1h 0m 4s): Nelson Spruce. Unfortunately, he’s not playing which means look for another gigantic name Norwood tray McBride. Oh quel EST Wildcats number 15 on your roster number. One in your hearts $9,700, but the Wildcats are at home. That’s where they succeed. But even in New York last week 12 targets eight catches hundred twenty seven yards and a touchdown. He’s a he’s up there. He’s putting up cam Phillips numbers just not getting quite the recognition.

He has 13 catches so far this season on three touchdowns. He’s emerging as Nelson Spruce has been out for last game and he’s already been ruled out this game Trey McBride $9,700 that

Speaker 4 (1h 0m 47s): Like that, but

Speaker 3 (1h 0m 48s): I like probably so it kills me and I like Colby go. Well actually Kobe you go first. Yeah, call me how my story

Speaker 4 (1h 0m 56s): throughout another receiver or Flex. Well the yeah, I’m we’re at the flex spot. And this is why you should pay attention to make sure because I think I’m going to alter this I had Matt Jones in here. And the reason why I thought you would play is because he used to play for the Redskins. He’s going back to DC figured. He would Revenge get some Revenge going but if he’s out monitor this that’s all. I said monitor this because you know, obviously he’s not going to play you switch up maybe take the receiver for the Wildcats. But but I that would that was my entry coming into this.

And yeah, so it’s on to you buddy Kramer already done.

Speaker 3 (1h 1m 31s): So Trey McBride of all of our Ela Wildcats, right?

Speaker 4 (1h 1m 38s): Yes, we can have as many

Speaker 3 (1h 1m 42s): I am in a Starbucks on the west side. Guess who I bumped into Trey McBride. I don’t know that it’s Trey McBride, but I see someone getting into some sort of altercation with a larger lady. And she keeps saying fuck you try fuck you Tre so I look over he’s wearing A Wildcats t-shirt.

Hmm it no idea. If it’s true a McBride I assume it’s trade McBride. I’m doing my prep work today. I’m like, oh shit and this guy pops right at the top of the target list. It’s gotta be the guy saw so and and special shout out to the guy at that Starbucks who decided to go. He sees that what’s going on? He goes go

Speaker 4 (1h 2m 34s): out. Well cat fever I told ya it’s a real

Speaker 3 (1h 2m 38s): thing. Wow, I quickly address the situation and said listen buddy. I got roughneck fever. And if you haven’t heard I am patient zero. I’m also on Trent McBride I snuck in with the flex spot dick. Olson would not be happy. All right pinochle. What’s your point? There’s a lot of targets to be had especially against this Tampa team coming riding high off of win.

Speaker 2 (1h 3m 1s): Yeah II spilled he’s East

Speaker 4 (1h 3m 4s): Coast to West Coast flowers came. But then demanded a trade what’s going on

Speaker 3 (1h 3m 7s): there? What is going on with the X 1/2? How will they make the end? I

Speaker 4 (1h 3m 12s): don’t know of course their pet. Are they paying their player

Speaker 3 (1h 3m 14s): John II flexor know your first flex.

Speaker 2 (1h 3m 17s): Yeah. I’m first flex and that is its. It really sucks to keep throwing this guy in there, but he’s a freak and as a fellow tight end. I gotta show some tight end. Love to Donald Parham of The Dalles Renegades. He’s probable all accounts that I follow that of exit fell in their name are saying Parham is a go. Go this guy. They just literally I was watching the game and the announcer just go there running the same play every time and they would just run this little dragged underneath dump it to par him. He’s like, I don’t know how tall is this guy?

He’s kind of a free

Speaker 3 (1h 3m 50s): looks like a guy that should be in the

Speaker 4 (1h 3m 53s): NFL. Yeah. I think you probably will be

Speaker 2 (1h 3m 56s): get six eight. He’s almost one of those guys that is maybe Too Tall. We’re like it when you have you know, like man if that guy was her or some of these safeties I could You know destroy him

Speaker 3 (1h 4m 7s): imagine if that guy was LeBron James how much bigger will LeBron look with football pets

Speaker 2 (1h 4m 12s): on that is I mean yeah LeBron’s right up there so par him he’s $9,500. But that dude is any guessing he doesn’t cave in the China. Yeah. Wow, he’s gonna Feast Adam the Guardians. I don’t think they’re going to travel while so Dallas bounce back game. Yeah. Give me give me a Parham at home. 9,500 Colby second flags. Look, you’re going to hate this play.

Speaker 4 (1h 4m 34s): Yep, because the Eagles took. A high draft pick on him but that he had a lot of targets last week and I’m gonna go with Donald Trump Pumphrey heat

Speaker 2 (1h 4m 41s): pump. Yeah. I know you you’re convinced that a huge fan of his

Speaker 4 (1h 4m 45s): he got blasted in the first game, but look, he’s back home in DC. It’s going to get the rock some the other running backs out or questionable. So I think he’s going to get a bigger workload. So take some money and put it on down upon for you.

Speaker 3 (1h 4m 59s): So I don’t have much money at all and I’m scrolling around and looking for someone to slot in I had $3,200. What do I see the slot? How is this lat? I see a fellow Ryan Ryan Davis from the Tampa Bay vipers. Mmm.

Speaker 2 (1h 5m 15s): I need a skin. Someone find a fight like a like a snake

Speaker 1 (1h 5m 20s): sound. You know, we need we need a little

Speaker 2 (1h 5m 22s): rattled even though vipers

Speaker 3 (1h 5m 23s): don’t ride on. Oh, we need the DodgeBall bad guy T him sound. Ben Stiller going.

Speaker 2 (1h 5m 32s): Yeah, it’s great. That’ll be perfect

Speaker 3 (1h 5m 34s): Piper’s. Yeah, so I went with Ryan Davis I had 3200 Chum. What am I gonna

Speaker 2 (1h 5m 39s): do? I’m also I’m also scraping the bottom of the barrel. I went over to sports gambling packet statcom. I clicked on our buddy Chris G or Danny’s. I think he had this guy in there and he said take a shot at heed black null. He’s a he’s a value play at $3,600 much like Trey McBride. Ride, he didn’t get him a fight at Starbucks, but he did see an increase in targets. He had one catch for 42 yards and a touchdown Nelson Spurs still out.

I love the matchup at home. You know,

Speaker 3 (1h 6m 13s): what do you think the odds? It’s just a random guy named Trey who’s a fan of the

Speaker 4 (1h 6m 17s): Wildcats? Well Wildcat fever is happening Upon Us in Los Angeles. So I think there’s a decent

Speaker 2 (1h 6m 23s): cheers. Here’s the real question. If that would have been Hunter Henry. Would any of would anyone recognize Yeah, if he was wearing

Speaker 3 (1h 6m 33s): charger, something’s definitely that they wouldn’t know what it charges

Speaker 2 (1h 6m 36s): look sir. Please lie. What do you think if you the bathroom coat sir, sir? You’re not welcome here. But I play for the Los Angeles charges sir. You’re clearly on something sir. I haven’t read Harry Potter. You don’t have to worry about your wizard shit out of here. All right Cole be like close things out. Who’s your defense? Here’s the

Speaker 4 (1h 6m 57s): play guys. All right. Look, I was convinced. I was going to go with another defense and then I hop on to Twitter and I see that mug line might be starting. Oh no, so I go I’m going to go with the Dallas Renegades

Speaker 3 (1h 7m 12s): Okay, because I’m going not good. Yeah,

Speaker 4 (1h 7m 15s): some not they just want a game. They look good with Perez Christian

Speaker 3 (1h 7m 18s): Hackenberg was a better college quarterback than a member that all right. So yeah, I think this is an easy week for defense is there’s a couple good matchups. I didn’t have the money. So I saved a little Bit and I went with the Wildcats because they’re taking on the Tampa Bay vipers coming off of a

Speaker 4 (1h 7m 35s): massive our trip for our trip

Speaker 3 (1h 7m 38s): and they’re just coming off their first win. Yeah, Glanville is going to be just Glutton filled with Bloomin Onion. I wasn’t gonna be

Speaker 2 (1h 7m 47s): here. So I’d love to take Wildcats. I had no money. I just went Defenders that I think their defense is actually okay at home, even though I’m playing one st. Louis guy

Speaker 3 (1h 7m 56s): at st. Louis defect or their offense is good. No, No, I think it’s good, but

Speaker 2 (1h 8m 1s): it could just be at home when they got the cut cause

Speaker 4 (1h 8m 4s): going and the boo my Dome they’re gonna have to go out the cold weather now. Yeah

Speaker 2 (1h 8m 8s): be surprised if DC shows up a little bit at home, but it’s what we’re kind of leaning into our pics here before we get to that shout out to Ace her head.com. Think of a certain your own sports book. You’re not you should be it’s great opportunity great. This opportunity. The business is booming baby.

Speaker 1 (1h 8m 31s): Get in

Speaker 2 (1h 8m 32s): on the Gold Rush become your own sports bookie. That’s right. All you gotta do is go to a spearhead.com /s gpas forehead.com even up to six weeks free use that a spearhead.com. /

Speaker 1 (1h 8m 44s): SG p a

Speaker 2 (1h 8m 46s): spearhead is one of the leaders actually they are the leader in paper and providers Mobile in gay marriage in you want to get down with that. They got you covered Ace is the place baby check them out. Out a spearhead.com /

Speaker 1 (1h 9m 1s): SG P. Stop trying to just beat the

Speaker 2 (1h 9m 5s): bookie and become your own bookie set you up with a

Speaker 1 (1h 9m 9s): website 24/7 customer support and of course some of the sharpest lines in the industry a spearhead.com / s GP

Speaker 2 (1h 9m 20s): Let’s do it Kramer week 5 picks

Speaker 3 (1h 9m 23s): week five in the XFL Saturday 11:00 a.m. The Seattle dragons and dragon the sea dragons the ca the Seattle Sea Dragons.

Speaker 2 (1h 9m 34s): They had none of that col vs. Just keep saying it’s driving me crazy.

Speaker 3 (1h 9m 40s): So take on my Houston Roughnecks Sean. The Roughnecks – 12 and 1/2 minus 500 on the money line dragons. 446 is the total. This is a massive Line This is a massive line. And I think the squares at the table are going to tell you ten 20 points and still many points to lay and the excess not with my Roughnecks not against the Seattle Team away from home.

The Roughnecks role here – 12 and well and my lock of the Year Shawn my mega, super duper lock lay the – 500 on the

Speaker 2 (1h 10m 23s): whole. There you go. That’s partly that was Vermont to win the conference. Turn you down at – 250 not a bad price. Yeah. I was I was gonna get cute and take the dragons, but you talked me into it Ryan. I’ll take the Roughnecks minus 12 and a half. I think they light it up on the scoreboard. And again, I have a new trend here. I’m going Fade teams that are coming off a game in which one of their concession workers were diagnosed with the Corona virus. So I’m looking to that Trend I’m gonna dive deep in the analytics to give me Houston – 12 and 1/2 call me.

Speaker 4 (1h 10m 53s): Look, I’m one with the Sea and the sea dragons you

Speaker 2 (1h 10m 57s): say it one more time.

Speaker 1 (1h 10m 59s): It’s like it’s like Chris

Speaker 2 (1h 11m 0s): Evert. The

Speaker 4 (1h 11m 3s): sea dragons are coming in things are happening. All right, they’re gonna cover this line as long as they play BJ. Yells. All right. Hey Jim, Zorn. You crazy bastard get Brandon Silver’s out of the game right here. He’s thinking about starting again. It’s going on. Did anyone watch the anyone watch Brandon silver tried in play offense the past two weeks BJ Daniels is your man. He’s gonna light it

Speaker 3 (1h 11m 25s): up. It’s get

Speaker 4 (1h 11m 27s): sprinkle some on the money line.

Speaker 3 (1h 11m 29s): It’s just hard to see Seattle scoring enough. They’re

Speaker 4 (1h 11m 33s): literally sprinkle some on the money

Speaker 3 (1h 11m 35s): line. You’re absolutely Maniac. This Houston team is a James scoring almost two touchdowns more per

Speaker 2 (1h 11m 42s): game.

Speaker 3 (1h 11m 44s): They’ve scored 16 touchdowns as compared to the Seattle nine touchdowns. Like

Speaker 4 (1h 11m 49s): let’s be J Daniels is the

Speaker 3 (1h 11m 51s): man. Okay. Good luck dying on that island. Let’s move on to the afternoon spot the New York Guardians. They head down to Dallas to take on the Renegades mine in my own living and Eli not playing. He owns Dallas. He won’t be playing this one, Dallas. Lane

Speaker 2 (1h 12m 11s): not been named starter. I’m worried about taking Matt McGloin

Speaker 3 (1h 12m 14s): Dallas length 7 and 1/2 minus 315 on the money line Guardians plus 250. 537 is the

Speaker 4 (1h 12m 20s): total. I mean they got has got to be a joke, right press has got to be playing right they can’t really like they watch how bad they were with

Speaker 3 (1h 12m 29s): alkaline. I just think we have to look at New York as a team. That’s a home Road split get team. So they’re on the road. They’ve looked absolutely horrible on the road great at home. Can’t trust them on the road this Dallas team sure. They’re there. They’re kind of the opposite. They are two and oh

Speaker 2 (1h 12m 52s): quick quick not to interrupt on but I was I was doing a little mat McGloin research here to

Speaker 4 (1h 12m 58s): see if we could get an updated

Speaker 2 (1h 12m 59s): status on whether he’s starting or not. Now this is from March 4th, but Matt McGloin was listed on the injury report full participant the injury. He was listed for thorax. What how do you injure your thorax? Is that isn’t

Speaker 3 (1h 13m 16s): that the dr. Seuss character? Anyway, something has to give the Guardians haven’t won a road game. The Renegades haven’t won a home game and go with your the

Speaker 4 (1h 13m 26s): Guardians.

Speaker 3 (1h 13m 28s): I know it’s hard to want to trust them Dallas. Who’s Talk to me about Dallas. What are we

Speaker 4 (1h 13m 34s): doing here? Yep are hematite and you got a nice Carolina pirate at quarterback. They might just win the whole XFL.

Speaker 2 (1h 13m 40s): Yeah, I’m gonna go. I’m gonna go in YG catching the big number. No II don’t want to get too Chucky here. I already did it with Houston Renegades. They just they’re just a team. They kind of remind me. The Dallas Cowboys a lot of a lot of talent to just can’t quite put it together much like they fumbled away that it reminds me. They’ve already had moments like Tony Romo who’s getting paid right now. So yeah, give me give me n YG + 7. + I’m gonna

Speaker 4 (1h 14m 10s): back you up on that. I’m gonna go with myg, but

Speaker 2 (1h 14m 14s): Dallas seems like they have a good players. They just can’t figure it out. I love I love Parham to have a big game, but I seven and a half’s too

Speaker 4 (1h 14m 21s): much but but pay attention if mug line. Is starting this game I’m taking Dallas. Look do a

Speaker 2 (1h 14m 27s): late sure to scope is thorax

Speaker 4 (1h 14m 30s): before Perez is starting. I’m all over, New

Speaker 3 (1h 14m 32s): York. So I guess I would put it like this. I think there’s two right now to me. There’s two clear top two teams. And that’s the battle Hawks and the Renegade or I’m sorry the

Speaker 4 (1h 14m 43s): Roughnecks. Well, you said the Renegades

Speaker 3 (1h 14m 44s): and the Renegades lost to both those teams at home. They did find to travel on the road and win a road game in Seattle. They went to LA and beat La would granted talk. Say what you will about those teams. I think we have to throw out these losses Dallas is probably the next tier down. And candidly Houston and st. Louis are so much better offensive. Ly than everyone else. Yeah. I like Dallas a lot here. I think enough the Guardians have done nothing to suggest to me there any good then it’s good running game.

Speaker 4 (1h 15m 19s): So

Speaker 3 (1h 15m 21s): I’m going to roll with the points here. I’m laying the points. I’m taking Dallas. I’m doing a disgusting act Sean.

Speaker 2 (1h 15m 29s): That is a is a disgusting act

Speaker 3 (1h 15m 32s): Kobe. Who did you take it? You took the took the Guardians. All right, so you’re on the guardian Sean’s on the Guardians. I’m on the Renegades Mount up Mount up.

Speaker 2 (1h 15m 44s): Separate XFL sound weird but we do I got so many good ones right now,

Speaker 4 (1h 15m 48s): especially with the Vince McMahon. Welcome to the

Speaker 2 (1h 15m 50s): XFL That’s a classic, you know,

Speaker 3 (1h 15m 52s): Sunday morning how many

Speaker 2 (1h 15m 53s): X’s for extreme

Speaker 3 (1h 15m 55s): 10 a.m. The st. Louis battle Hogs cook. They had to our nation. Guess they had to our nation’s capital Take On The Defenders five-point Road favorite – 205 on the money line and Defenders plus 175 38 and Half is the money

Speaker 2 (1h 16m 14s): line and now the does the underperforming the spread by 21 points and getting points the following week as a home dog. It should apply here DC to know at home. I think they defend their home very well battle Hawks get a little ahead of themselves again. I like the battle hugs heart of a battle Hawk cough fucking cop, but DC at home catching that big five. I’m all over the

Speaker 3 (1h 16m 41s): Defenders. Well miss Defenders. Team has been outscored a comical 64 to 9 over the past two games. They’ve been absolutely embarrassed. But when you look back to their splits, they took care of business in those other Home gift. I still have question to how good this DC team is it’s what if they’re going to rebound if you believe in your DC Defenders Colby, this is the weekend to take on this is the spot to take them because st. Louis is stock is probably as high as it’s going to be And DC is I mean think about it two weeks ago.

They were clear clear XFL title Contender now, there are no they were right in the mix. They’re going to rebound here. Give me the home dog.

Speaker 4 (1h 17m 27s): I’m gonna go battle hakan. You kakaka

Speaker 3 (1h 17m 29s): cock I do like that offense,

Speaker 4 (1h 17m 32s): but mainly because cardale Jones I watched that game against Tampa and I you know, he pulled a little bit of a map of lying to me try to blame other teammates. I don’t like the seeing that my quarterback. I think that’s an easy way to turn it off. There’s a great

Speaker 2 (1h 17m 47s): meme in the XFL subreddit. It just has a photo of Matt McGloin. It goes Matt McGloin was right because he’s he said they need to change everything on

Speaker 3 (1h 17m 56s): offense. So yeah, I do worry that just st. Louis and Houston are just that much better than everyone else. But I think these D. This is one of those like two game losing streak to game roads. True Road game streak. The

Speaker 4 (1h 18m 11s): fans showed up the first two.

Speaker 3 (1h 18m 13s): I saw that snake of beer cups. That was pretty

Speaker 2 (1h 18m 15s): cool. Yeah. So Kramer, you’re on DC + 5 mondesi plus 5 and Colby you’re going battle. I

Speaker 3 (1h 18m 20s): am kakaw. I’m fortunate last up for p.m. On Sunday the to shittiest teams in the league. Maybe not maybe not completely accurate. I definitely LA’s offense. Why is this the primetime game on Sunday? I don’t know Tampa Bay heads to Los Angeles to take on the

Speaker 2 (1h 18m 39s): Wildcats. This is this right. It’s a 4 o’clock

Speaker 4 (1h 18m 42s): kick. No, it’s six o’clock cake, I believe what six o’clock West Coast. Yeah

Speaker 3 (1h 18m 47s): 6 p.m. Yes. So I am all right. Yeah, so interesting. I took these from a prominent betting site that may be the presenting sponsor on

Speaker 4 (1h 18m 57s): this. Are you sure? She’s 33 West

Speaker 3 (1h 19m 1s): the first game is actually at according to the XFL is website. The first game is at noon on Sunday. The second game is as at 3 p.m. Okay that

Speaker 2 (1h 19m 13s): Sir, yeah, I’m I’m gonna jump out here and just I love me some wild cats at home. They went to these coasts. They lost a tough game against the Guardians. Come home weather’s nice again Tampa Bay getting those soft bellies from those Bloomin onions coming out to Los Angeles Wildcat fever. Why is this only two and a half? I don’t know but give me the La Wildcats – two and a half –

Speaker 1 (1h 19m 37s): you he’s he’s the only thing that

Speaker 3 (1h 19m 38s): scared – 140 on the money line Tampa Bay plus 1 2014 is the total. Only thing I knew I was definitely doing this week was taking the Roughnecks and fading the Vipers bade the Vipers. Give me l a jury still out Colby. I think this could be a good weekend for your team’s though. Thank you. Have a nice Sunday. Maybe do a Defenders Wildcat

Speaker 4 (1h 20m 2s): parley? Yeah, buddy. I mean look the the Wildcats often the starting to move. I think it’s Bruce Beck there with Josh Johnson is one of the better quarterback in this

Speaker 2 (1h 20m 10s): league. Yeah and again training. Yeah, Trey McBride has really emerged post Nelson

Speaker 4 (1h 20m 16s): Spruce. Imagine when they’re all

Speaker 2 (1h 20m 18s): healthy. Yeah. No, I think gun to my head. I would say Wildcats are going to be the second team in the championship against the Roughnecks.

Speaker 4 (1h 20m 26s): Really here we go. That’s why I’m saying, I don’t think Wildcat fever

Speaker 3 (1h 20m 30s): buddy. I mean, I think the Wildcat like watching Josh Johnson look really good as like he’s that’s what an NFL quarterback and eye

Speaker 4 (1h 20m 38s): candy, but he hasn’t had McBride and Spruce going at

Speaker 3 (1h 20m 41s): the same time. I’m with you I think. Think you know when I wrote down the Futures this week on The Sheiks. I wanted to talk about a real quick my Roughnecks 180 battle Hawks 300 Defenders 400. That’s just not there’s no value there rather. You said 500 Guardians nine to one Wildcats twelve to one vipers 18 to 1 Seattle

Speaker 2 (1h 21m 1s): 31 Seattle. 32:1 Tampa Bay 18 to 1 that don’t know what pray tell is the team LA’s a good value at 12:00 sharp. I

Speaker 3 (1h 21m 9s): agree if you’re going to dabble in a team at this point. I’m taking the what are we looking at standings? Why is there not that far out?

Speaker 2 (1h 21m 17s): We’re doing know how the playoffs are

Speaker 3 (1h 21m 19s): configured. So we everybody

Speaker 2 (1h 21m 21s): make the playoffs. I think the top two, right

Speaker 4 (1h 21m 23s): but here’s the thing though. That’s

Speaker 2 (1h 21m 24s): not a playoff or top two and he’s in each conference

Speaker 3 (1h 21m 28s): the Wildcats have I’m guessing that touchdown differential will matter that’s why they show

Speaker 2 (1h 21m 33s): it, you know plus 2 in touch,

Speaker 3 (1h 21m 35s): even though they’re one in three there plus 2 and touchdown that also tells me that if we were to apply some form of Pythagorean to the XFL that they would tell us that the LA

Speaker 1 (1h 21m 45s): Wildcats have been unlucky and thus are due to

Speaker 4 (1h 21m 48s): regress Johnson’s injured game one. Yeah didn’t look fully healthy game to spruces out game three. Well, you

Speaker 2 (1h 21m 55s): look you look over to the XFL

Speaker 4 (1h 21m 57s): East and I’m sure no one knows what teams are in what but in

Speaker 2 (1h 22m 0s): the XFL East the battle Hawks are plus 4 and touchdown differential there three and one leading leading the East but the other two teams The Defenders Guardians and Vipers. Defenders are – foreign touchdown. Guardians -3 vipers minus 2. So the Wildcats a plus to touch on differential a team that owing to on the road one-on-one at home. I think they’re going to win this Sunday. So I think yeah get a

Speaker 4 (1h 22m 28s): little taste of that. Yeah, Wildcat Wildcat fever baby Wildcat

Speaker 3 (1h 22m 32s): fever Wildcat fever 31 touchdowns scored by the XFL east teams 28 touchdowns scored just by the Roughnecks and

Speaker 2 (1h 22m 41s): Wildcats. Oh Who XFL least am I right

Speaker 1 (1h 22m 45s): guys?

Speaker 2 (1h 22m 48s): All right. Let’s close things out strong do a lock and a dog. I’ll start give me the La Wildcats – two and a half for my dog.

Speaker 3 (1h 22m 57s): That’s not be your lock vendor Sherlock know what a nice dog. He said that Allah was his dog. Sorry

Speaker 2 (1h 23m 3s): La Wildcats – two and a half smile lock Defenders plus 175 is my dog forever. What are you doing? Same thing? Are you going Houston for your luck?

Speaker 3 (1h 23m 13s): No, I think La is a there’s no way this number should be where it is. Tampa Bay not still not good. Right?

Speaker 2 (1h 23m 19s): No, I mean that was that was a situational game like yeah as XFL handicappers. You got to know a spy when you see one

Speaker 3 (1h 23m 30s): else you’d like to add.

Speaker 4 (1h 23m 32s): What do you want to be

Speaker 2 (1h 23m 35s): locked up LA – two and a half right Kramer and your dog is also the Defenders you copied me.

Speaker 3 (1h 23m 41s): No, I might my dog’s gonna to be the guardian warty

Speaker 2 (1h 23m 44s): ins LaGuardia ins. Okay plus 255. All right,

Speaker 3 (1h 23m 48s): no get the fuck out of here. What’s wrong with you? Yeah, of course.

Speaker 2 (1h 23m 52s): Okay. So you’re also in the

Speaker 3 (1h 23m 54s): defendant. I only have one dog. What do you want me to

Speaker 2 (1h 23m 56s): do? I have you taken New York plus 7 and a half. Is that not correct? No.

Speaker 3 (1h 23m 60s): No, I’m taking Dallas. Colby’s taking New York.

Speaker 4 (1h 24m 3s): I am taking your car but I am a lot but I’m locking up the battle Hawks kakaka. Really? Yeah. I this card out Jones thing is let me down.

Speaker 2 (1h 24m 13s): And there is a great feed on the XFL. There’s like this running joke going of when cardale Jones tweeted out that he saw Sonic the movie that his life is basically falling apart. They lost two games getting hurt. Like did you

Speaker 4 (1h 24m 27s): see the Instagram when I put that photo of a card? Oh, yeah quality, right? It’s great on Rea instagram.com. So I Sports gambling pack has tons of good

Speaker 2 (1h 24m 35s): stuff putting up a bunch of great classic March Madness Clips fun.

Speaker 4 (1h 24m 39s): Follow a little but I haven’t gave my dog and who’s your dawg? I am going you only have one option. So no, I took two dogs.

Speaker 2 (1h 24m 48s): Right and you use one on your

Speaker 4 (1h 24m 49s): lock. What do you mean the st. Louis? They’re not at all. I thought you said Seattle. My bad. Shawn’s not pay less my dog is this now? I can’t take the dragons. Give me give me the

Speaker 2 (1h 25m 2s): Guardians LaGuardia ins plus

Speaker 3 (1h 25m 4s): 255. Thank you for participating in these for scaling

Speaker 2 (1h 25m 8s): podcast. You listeners appreciate the participation to us as Solid rate review And subscribe on the iTunes you listen to this entire podcast. You must like it you got to the end do us a favor. You’ve clearly experienced a free an ice-free chunk of content. You get Colby’s free college basketball picks tons of free content, of course the college experience available, wherever you

Speaker 4 (1h 25m 36s): can get a podcast check it out places. Check

Speaker 2 (1h 25m 39s): it out Zone separate feed no longer on the sports gaming. Defeated

Speaker 4 (1h 25m 43s): grew and we don’t use MapQuest.

Speaker 2 (1h 25m 45s): Nope. Don’t use MapQuest again. Neither. One of those Colby need the hosts are fans of Technology. Don’t

Speaker 4 (1h 25m 51s): need Google Maps to find the college experience right now. You don’t know, you know, you just

Speaker 2 (1h 25m 56s): need Apple iTunes Spotify Google Play and he sort of podcasting device you type in the college experience get that figured

Speaker 4 (1h 26m 4s): out. And again, thank you as always for participating the sports gambling

Speaker 2 (1h 26m 9s): podcast for the sports gaming podcast. I’m Shawn stack in the money green and he is Ryan just some quick feedback for

Speaker 3 (1h 26m 16s): Kobe Dan. This comes from at Brad Gary 13, if you guys are going to regularly do two hours plus, can you please let me write grow some time stamps in the show notes. I dig you guys, but I find myself just not listening if you’re going to talk about the XFL for instance, but He says thanks brother. Here’s the thing. I hope you enjoyed our hour-and-a-half

Speaker 4 (1h 26m 41s): podcast and I love it. Hey, I’ve only done one to our one recently. That’s it.

Speaker 1 (1h 26m 46s): What is Raymer let it brown?

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