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College Basketball Conference Tournament Preview Part Two (Ep. 795)

college basketball conference tournament preview part two

Podcast Recap

The guys give out their best bets in part two of their college basketball conference preview including a lock, dog and a degens only pick. Plus the guys announce their live Las Vegas broadcast plans and reminiscence about preview Vegas trips and some fun Sister Jean facts.

Podcast Transcript

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That’s props object calm promo code s GP. We’re also brought to you by Borough makers of the internet’s favorite sofa get $75 off your purchase and free one week shipping at such SGP that’s bu SGP for $75 off at Borough finally. We’re also brought you by a Spur head Ace is the leader in paper head providers and they make it super easy to start your own sports

Speaker 2 (1m 11s): book plus Ace is offering up to six

Speaker 1 (1m 13s): weeks free over days. / SG P. That’s a / SG P. You’re listening to the sports gambling podcast exclusively on his GP n let it ride.

Welcome everyone to the sports gambling Pockets. I’m Shawn stack in the money green with my partner and picks. We’re I real money Kramer. What’s happening creme

Speaker 2 (2m 10s): dog? Well, it’s a backwards hat kind of day. Oh, okay, like it coming in. I’m coming in hot. First of all, what the fuck is she doing up on the screen over over the Great Dan to overshadowing the Great Dan to base Nick velvet. I it’s a comment this I mean, this is perfect Vegas. Yeah Dan to base. I got the a Time Nick velvet night time. I got the Louisville Jersey on you know, shout out to Travis enemy this but at the same time when I go to Vegas, I plan to eat 40 pizzas.

And thirty four nights. Okay. Wow.

Speaker 1 (2m 50s): Okay. Lots of impacts are taking the Papa

Speaker 2 (2m 52s): John’s. Yeah, I gotta do that right live it

Speaker 1 (2m 54s): living it up for Papa

Speaker 2 (2m 56s): John. I think there’s more of the challenge making sure your Edibles maybe some of your Edibles to get me through this, you know, we should probably start with this because this happens every year someone like Colby is like, oh yeah. This is the year get it going to need some edibles. Now when we get out to Vegas and I go hey who wants some? Oh, no, not me not me. Not not around.

Speaker 1 (3m 19s): And then it just hold on. Hold on. Hold on one second here. Look last

Speaker 2 (3m 24s): time you were a pusherman last time. What’s a pleasure

Speaker 1 (3m 28s): mean? It’s not a word call me Curtis Mayfield you a push a man. You

Speaker 2 (3m 31s): know what? I mean? Come on, get the fuck out of here. It’s a

Speaker 1 (3m 34s): pusher is the term for a drug

Speaker 2 (3m 36s): Pusher Curtis. Mayfield has a hit. Yes. It’s called pushing me. I’m sorry. You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about here, but it’s about that anyway. I’m in Vegas. I mean, I’m in the hotel room and you go you offer everyone wanted a bunch of you guys take one and you look over me you like you want one and I got probably for recreational purposes.

Speaker 1 (3m 56s): It’s just entertainment purposes. Only

Speaker 2 (3m 58s): you guys you want with Kobe I got now, I don’t fuck with that stuff, right? I’ve been down that road before you go. I have a much smaller ones. You should take the much smaller one just to like be in and I’m like, no, I don’t want to say come on. It’s like a Tic Tac.

Speaker 1 (4m 9s): Hey, I’m like, all right, dude. I’ll take what ruin my fucking night.

Speaker 2 (4m 14s): I’m Adam a nice dinner. You’re buying me $34 cocktails and I can’t even I can’t even fathom like what I’m putting in my mouth my God. Damn it. I’m in a mental battle is this why you stopped showing up to corporate

Speaker 1 (4m 26s): events. You have you have not participated in a number of team building events presented by SGP and you’ve been completely missing perfect transition to our breaking news March 18th. We will be broadcasting live from the Caesar sports book in beautiful Las Vegas. It is the night before the real tournament tips off not the first for so round 2 Eve of the tournament. We’re going to be in the sports book doing a live broadcast.

Obviously if you’re out in Las Vegas, Come stop by say hello get a lighter get a free drink like the place on fire now. Don’t do that. But it’s going to be a it’s going to be an awesome Hank and a bunch of bunch of cocktails to enjoy and yeah, you know, I’m it’s just excited to we’re getting the March Madness playing going ready ready to go. And then if you’re not in March Madness, you can watch of course slash Sports gaming podcast be streaming over on Twitter as well. It’s the whole it’s whole plants come

Speaker 2 (5m 27s): together. Thank You Velvet Wilco we be there of course,

Speaker 1 (5m 32s): well, I don’t know I mean you’re like I mean, I would say you’re like – 150 I feel good about you showing up but there’s a decent chance. Oh, hey my car there was an issue. I had to drop my dog off

Speaker 2 (5m 45s): somewhere and never faked on March Madness. All right, I might have

Speaker 1 (5m 48s): faked on NFL weekend.

Speaker 2 (5m 51s): All right, or your little little steak dinner in Pasadena. All right, but wow.

Speaker 1 (5m 58s): Well, okay

Speaker 2 (6m 1s): participating in this for something a lot like a bitter 15 seed who got beat by a 2 seed in the first round of the but I voted against me buddy.

Speaker 1 (6m 12s): Let’s do it. Let’s do a update on the bikes bracket. Of course the bikes bracket and this podcast Sports gaming all presented by our good friends over at my polka dot AG head over to my bookie that AG get that sweet sweet deposit bonus get ready conference. It’s March Madness NBA live in game wagered Esports. They even got bets on pinball. They got it all over at my book eat at AG get a little taste of the action and of course the custom prop builder huge favorite personally.

It’s so awesome. Just go over to my bookie that AG he’s a promo code SGP get up to $1,000 in a deposit bonus play one of get paid using the promo code SGP. Let’s do it. Let’s check out the bites bracket Jason Garrett region course Madden penetration cruising by the classic clock Other news we have in the Joe Buck region. What the fuck AKA Kramer’s Saundra what the fuck cruising past Shakira?

A lot of people had Shakira is a possible dog, not physically but her ability to move on Kramer. You possibly picked against yourself if it was video Shakira would have won I agree and I didn’t realize this before putting two bites bracket and this is why it’s great to I didn’t realize how controversial Shakira was. I thought you was just a lead pipe block a huge fan favorite because she comes over so because it was Super Bowl hat. I have a going just so going to the elite eight. Sean. Some people don’t like the Shakira sound drop even friend of the program Pat Fisher said, you know AI I’m not feeling it some people have strong anti Shakira playing the government’s that I was not I was not aware of I realized some people well, Doesn’t work for some people works for me.

You know what it

Speaker 2 (8m 8s): is. They haven’t they haven’t had an experience with the Colombian on this is yeah, I was gonna say this is we’re hanging out in Vegas. We’re risking Our Lives going to a strip club with the Corona virus outbreak and we look over at Colby’s in the corner. Mmm-hmm.

Speaker 1 (8m 29s): But the sound call me makes walking receiving a lap. Dance. Call me ready to come Colombians. Only those from Colombians. Well, we don’t get Credit card.

Speaker 2 (8m 38s): No, that’s just it. I spell Ricans. It’s Pitbull. That’s

Speaker 1 (8m 40s): it. That’s the call for help in the strip club. You see right here in the back room. All right, we gotta get out of here. I can’t believe I won currently right now 14 hours left as of tape time. Word. Of course recording

Speaker 2 (8m 56s): this late west coast. I’m on a Tuesday night. We

Speaker 1 (8m 60s): have. Oh hot hot hot squared off against I won’t be some glory hole. He’s from Gloria. Mmm in the adjacent pair region right now glory hole only a few percentage points behind its 54 percent for hot hot hot 46% / I want me some Glory Halls. It’s too close to call. Some networks are already already calling it. They’re already giving the oh hot hot moving on. I’m gonna hold off because I think there could be some late entries people are getting back into checking out some college basketball.

They’re like, oh I’ll get over to Afghan lead podcasts. Let’s swing know it on. Oh my God, one some glory holes about to go run off the chords A Grassroots effort here for one some

Speaker 2 (9m 43s): glory hole. Can we talk about the seating now? Awesome are seeing has been Ryan. All right. We shouldn’t be that. It’s stoked the top eight teams have would have advanced. I don’t like the ceiling because I don’t I didn’t deserve to be up against huh? Very fucking well, you know me,

Speaker 1 (9m 59s): but that classic

Speaker 2 (10m 0s): coma he didn’t deserve it. Can we

Speaker 1 (10m 2s): send these are classic Colby the committee’s out to get me they’re not I mean it’s rigged now next

Speaker 2 (10m 10s): are blue moon your blue 15 seed blue moon, but you just enjoy your mango coconut. Listen, this this is some delicious organic coconut water flavored like mango. Our top four seeds all advanced a little surprised I Advanced with yeah, what the

Speaker 1 (10m 26s): fuck? I thought there’d be more upsets possibly the 512 C. We just talked about could be an upset, but it’s shaping up to be a classic 512 battles. So again kudos to the committee. Next up in the Joe Buck region. Thank you for participating in these Sports gambling podcast. Thank you for participating in these Sports gambling podcast going up against the 12C the loc Dog Tease the kind of his brutal here like dog tease carried by Ryan singing the t’s there more time, please.

Speaker 2 (10m 59s): This is a good one. This is a good one. This is a

Speaker 1 (11m 1s): ready and it’s a staple of the show. But so is thank you for participating in the sports gambling podcast. I think the 5 seed may move on here, but maybe this is when we get our first upset and then of course we’re going to be moving on to six 11s, and that’s where stuff is really I do think

Speaker 2 (11m 19s): the true fans the fans who have been with us for the Long Haul the Boston cappers of the situation while they may enjoy here. A fan turned into a sound drop it’s not them. So they’re obviously going to they’re going to they’re going to lean more towards that sentimental value of the walk dog tease. They probably also remember where they were when they first heard me sing that beautiful rendition of Marilyn Monroe singing happy birthday to JFK said who was that’s who I was supposed to be fuck.

You couldn’t you

Speaker 1 (11m 52s): couldn’t tell you couldn’t tell what the way I was in right? Don’t don’t undersell it. Hey look over. At slash Sports gambling podcast. I am rocking in support of the loc Dog Tease. I’m wearing the like dog tease t-shirt really cool logo, of course get your ears Sports gaming slash Birch very comfortable shirt. You can wear it for lifting which of course they do a ton of I actually this was I don’t like you I wake up in the morning get a cup of coffee start scrolling through the email and I get this email.

Oh man. This was this is just This really this really got me going. All right, hold on. I regret not having this ready to go before that’s okay, but this is it’ll be it’ll be worth it. Trust me. Okay. This is my personal email. Hey Shaun T green. I stumbled upon your Instagram account. And it looks like you’re absolutely killing it which is true. I work for a brand called FNX at FNX underscore fit and I’d love to hook you up as an FNX Ambassador if you’re down below is our guideline of what we’d be able to offer you.

And then they break down, you know. Hey, you get 25% off our products 10% blah blah blah. Whatever. You’re

Speaker 2 (13m 8s): doing a pyramid scheme.

Speaker 1 (13m 10s): No, it’s not a pyramid scheme. Just just instagrammed this FNX fits, which they have pre workout. They have protein supplements. They saw me rip this shit. Hey go man. This guy is our ambassador. Don’t listen up. Don’t sign. This is It’s a human body optimization. You want some resilience collagen protein so BCAAs Yes, I’m slamming down Branch chain amino acids left and right. It must have been the they must have seen me having a having a conversation with pre workout because last time we talked about pre-workout all these listeners hit me up one guy said he had a connection for steroid.

So thank you for that. Thank you, sir. We live very close to Mexico. Yeah, the am protein blend. They got it all man. So so you signed

Speaker 2 (13m 58s): up be aware you get you probably just signed up like a timeshare. No.

Speaker 1 (14m 2s): Is not this is not a scam. This is a great business opportunity that you may or may not be here here on the podcast down the line in like a month.

Speaker 2 (14m 13s): He doesn’t want to you got to show Sean. He’s serious and make sure you bring your checkbook.

Speaker 1 (14m 18s): Yeah, exactly. He’s gonna be like you want you guys want to

Speaker 2 (14m 21s): stay at this condo for like two weeks and

Speaker 1 (14m 23s): Anaheim. We just have to listen to One presentation about their pre-workout one more piece of business a little anecdote. This is just kind of epitomizes Sports in Los Angeles

Speaker 2 (14m 34s): wait, so you are you an ambassador now? No, I

Speaker 1 (14m 36s): did not sign up yet. I’m considering it but the problem is I got so much so many recommendations from the fans. There’s a big there’s a big pre-workout discussion happening over at Shanti grain and a lot of guys going back and forth. None of the brands. They mentioned were this brand so I don’t know if I can go against all the great pre-workout advice I

Speaker 2 (14m 57s): received He said guess what had this great pre-workout discussion on the show last night

Speaker 1 (15m 6s): one quick sidebar La not a sports town at all. You know that if you’ve been out here to Los Angeles, I don’t say

Speaker 2 (15m 13s): it’s a pretty big Wildcats down

Speaker 1 (15m 15s): it it would certainly Wildcats more than just like how you go to the Dick’s Sporting Goods. There are while there’s Wildcats gear. There’s not a Chargers jersey to found know. There’s Rams gear Dodgers Lakers Clippers the whole nine I went to trade. JoJo’s I had to pick up a

Speaker 2 (15m 29s): couple things

Speaker 1 (15m 31s): and normally wife does a grocery shopping. But once in a blue moon, I have to I have to run to the store to get some play. Sometimes we like to switch things up here. But I warm up your erection at Trader

Speaker 2 (15m 43s): Joe’s

Speaker 1 (15m 44s): I went to Trader Joe’s

Speaker 2 (15m 46s): to become dark chocolates and aphrodisiac. You

Speaker 1 (15m 48s): know, that oysters are really you want to put some wooden pencil get Roman you have a get Roman and some oysters. I was getting this. Oh my God, I was getting vegetables. Terry and cheese or whatever first off that was a whole fucking thing where like I had I go to the guy I’m like, you know, what vegetarian cheese is. He’s like vegan cheese. I’m like vegetarian cheese three different Trader Joe’s people and Trader Joe’s super competent employee know what? Yeah. I should hit Kramer up

Speaker 2 (16m 14s): sidebar Trader Joe’s puts the plant-based stuff in the right area. It’s in the plant area. Not the meat area

Speaker 1 (16m 20s): like Ralph. Sorry. I don’t know what vegetarian cheese is. Neither. Does this like 38 year old dude with a goatee? It’s

Speaker 2 (16m 27s): gross. That’s what it

Speaker 1 (16m 28s): is. Whatever we find a vegetarian cheese. I’m checking out and the Trader Joe’s people are so nice. They always try and make small talk with you and the guy I’m wearing my Sixers hat and the guys like desperately trying to make like a sports thing. So you go. Okay, hopefully there’s no cheating this year like you motherfucker. That was the Astor’s that’s baseball. The Sixers had I have as a giant basketball on it. You dumb motherfucker instead. I just said yeah, that’s wild and then They score a goal unit this weekend.

Alright, we’re going to start getting into it with the conference tournament previous the Northeast conference the Missouri Valley Conference the West Coast Conference, but before we do shout out to new sponsor on the program Borough, baby. Burro, that’s right. It’s a new year. Why not get a new look in your living room by scoring a new couch, March Madness right around the corner conference tournaments. We’re talking about them the XFL the NBA March is the official month of the couch.

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Speaker 2 (19m 12s): Colby. All right. We are talking

Speaker 1 (19m 15s): Northeast conference Kramer hit us with the what are the odds?

Speaker 2 (19m 20s): Whoa, we’re going to head over to the n e c. Of course. This is tipping Sean March 4th, which you’re probably listening to this the morning of so, hopefully you can get down on some of this sweet sweet Northeast action, of course played a campus sites all across the north the NEC. I love the acronyms felt like I was looking up an old video game system, March 4th 7th and

Speaker 1 (19m 44s): It will

Speaker 2 (19m 44s): be the dates and Robert Morris plus 180 a I can’t read my own writing plus 160 along with st. Francis Sacred Heart plus 300 Bryant 12 the one Long Island 28 2 1 Mount st. Mary’s 32 1 FD Fairleigh, Dickinson 50 to 1 and st. Francis, New York 62 1 What do you want me to say something? Am I supposed to

Speaker 1 (20m 12s): talk? I’m all over Sacred Heart

Speaker 2 (20m 14s): here. Sure. Colby’s your name woman in the podcast the reason you shit, but you say hey database. What do you think of this? Well, the dancer base was slow yesterday. I didn’t want to put the Dan to based on the spot, but I figured eyeballs would give you the cue. Well, Mary Mack one this conference, but since they just jumped up a division to D1 they’re ineligible. They’re ineligible for the first year that makes no sense. Why explain this to me cold? In football to as we saw is this like to protect

Speaker 1 (20m 43s): them understand if they’re going down but clearly they can hang with the competition. I won The

Speaker 2 (20m 47s): Confidant get it either. They just did it. Someone just didn’t football team. It was it app state that first year was Bowl eligible and I didn’t let him so it’s stupid. It’s stupid. It’s

Speaker 1 (20m 58s): saying basically like this is your penalty.

Speaker 2 (21m 1s): Look I get it. You don’t I don’t think they’re thinking they’re going to be that good because they had a lack of scholarships before and D2 but why one what is the logic of the rule? If it’s especially with basketball, I understand it more in football. Yeah, I mean, I don’t understand it in general but I’m saying I kind of understand it. And so you got who you got. I’m gonna go Sacred Heart. I think the good value here. I don’t trust Robert Morris because I was just lost money on them and past week. Yeah, but yeah Sacred Heart they’ve been treating me.

Well all year.

Speaker 1 (21m 34s): I’m going to save some value there plus 300 st. Francis. They got a home record 11 and 2 8 and 1 in conference and they’re what they’re the

Speaker 2 (21m 44s): two seed. So the they’ll be getting a bunch of home games and they’re

Speaker 1 (21m 47s): obviously really good at home. They have best offense in the league. Couple good couple good players, Keith Braxton, Isaiah Blackman II don’t like to go. I always like to look at like the second or third most those guys on the old conference tournaments. Yeah. So since Francis strong home record coming in 8 and 1 in conference plus 160, I like that, but this could be my DJ. Is only pick for the conference Fairleigh Dickinson at +5000 you’re getting Reckless.

Why am I getting Rhett? Robert Morris lost twice to Fairleigh Dickinson. Am I wrong? Call me? No, you’re not. I just think that’s a that’s that’s Robert Morris is the favorite if the A Team at 52 one has beat the favorite twice. That is a team. We look to

Speaker 2 (22m 35s): good matchup. It’s a good matchup. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (22m 39s): Are they going to get are they going to win? No, but it’s 50 to 1 all you want this the sweat. You don’t want to actually win this you go with my Sacred Heart Pioneers plus 300 is good value.

Speaker 2 (22m 48s): They say one of the things you want to check out with basketball team on a special on the mid major level is they spread the ball around I got four guys averaging over double the double digits. This is true. They’re named after the nicknames the Pioneers. That’s true. I mean, that’s just a badass nickname. Not really not really not CD players were also named pioneer. That was not bad ass either. Look, let’s get you were going down the path of saying you like Sacred Heart. I do.

Meanwhile Shawn you like st. Francis. Yes. I too like saying France is because much like Radford the whores of st. Francis. All right. Listen, they are the only the only team that has a unit that is shaded green on Ken Palms website is the st. Francis off. So you just go and analytical and also the way when dabbling in the shit conferences and we’re talking like this is one of the shit conferences that 27th.

So not horrible, you know, they’re added 32 conference. Not the worst. Yeah. We’re looking at a 15 seed here. I’m calling Sam Francis says that as that way Fair do we need to talk anymore about the NEC by the way, for those of you listen to part 1 of

Speaker 1 (24m 3s): the surely Dickinson doesn’t have a horrible draw. That’s all I’m saying if they have a Horrible drawing if they beat Liu and Robert Morris moves on they knock out Robert Morris there in the championship, which they’ve already done twice this it’s a telling you when you got to watch out for wait. Hey, it’s not an easy road to 50 to 1 but there’s a gr. Said you can play ball.

Speaker 2 (24m 29s): I would love just love a live. Look of Sean doing curls studying NEC conference. Like just looking at the brackets. I alright. Alright. Let’s Branch

Speaker 1 (24m 37s): chain amino acids pumping through my veins. Doing hot yoga to look out.

Speaker 2 (24m 43s): She’s Christ. Oh, you’re being serious. Yeah, but you

Speaker 1 (24m 47s): mean I thought he was being sarcastic on the text change. No

Speaker 2 (24m 50s): dude Sean’s and all they did get a good

Speaker 1 (24m 52s): sweat. You know, what’s next after that? What’s that? Soy? No way. I love Hot Yoga and I love dude

Speaker 2 (24m 59s): bone-in rib eye. I was gonna say like hot soup. If you’re all about

Speaker 1 (25m 3s): maximizing last time either one of you guys is wet intentionally from working out.

Speaker 2 (25m 8s): I mean I ran past 36 hours. Sweat sweat intentionally. Yeah does intense overtime moments and youth soccer count because I

Speaker 1 (25m 20s): will try was the last time you like did 20 minutes. I don’t even it’s a

Speaker 2 (25m 23s): cardio. I mean if you want to downplay any I go hiking pretty frequently. So if you want to count that you want to cut you want to count doing a cool stop doing competitive things when I lost my 97 if you want if you want to talk about doing a couple thousand feet of elevation and eight miles. Let’s knock. Okay, let’s talk. Let’s talk You can fucking when the zombies come you can rip those plates to the cows with you camping at me hugging my ass out of here, weren’t you camping out and like Catalina over Thanksgiving. We all know about the dudes who lived spent a lot of time in the gym lift throwing up plates because they can’t play a real sport.

All right, we’ve been there before Sean’s well on his way to not being able to wipe his ass because he’s got that barrel chest chicken leg look

Speaker 1 (26m 2s): going. Let’s move over to the Missouri Valley Conference, which is going to be played in st. Louis

Speaker 2 (26m 7s): March 5th through March 8th teams. You’ve

Speaker 1 (26m 9s): actually heard of in this one.

Speaker 2 (26m 11s): Including sister jeans very own Loyola Chicago is a plus 350 the favorite, of course Northern Iowa who I won lots of money fading. Mr. Bill self and the Kansas Jayhawks their my point and when the conference Indiana State plus 800 Bradley also plus 800, Missouri State 10 to 1 Valpo 22 125 to 1 for Southern, Illinois Drake 50 to 1, Illinois State 75211 and Evan.

Will a hilarious 752 one

Speaker 1 (26m 45s): and what’s crazy is they want at Kentucky this year,

Speaker 2 (26m 48s): but what people don’t know is they went winless in their conference and that’s because their head coach Watcher McCartney McCarty Makara. I think he might have had some sexual activity

Speaker 1 (26m 58s): with some students are made a pass. He got fired

Speaker 2 (27m 0s): midseason absolutely beat, Kentucky and thank you again. I’m trying to bond with his place. I was just trying to say hey, look, I don’t even know the full story, but I got a feeling I went something like this. Like hey, I think you’re pretty attractive cheerleader. No, not me. What are you doing? What are you doing? After after after the game today?

Speaker 1 (27m 19s): Alright next does not do well after hours.

Speaker 2 (27m 23s): That’s and that we need you to one more drink mix velvet needs to wake up and we’ll Circle back to this will check in with you in a little bit Sean.

Speaker 1 (27m 32s): I’m going to class things up and talk about sister Jean horse. We have her up on our monitor. Shout out to sister Jean just turned 100 in August of that. Is she alive? Yeah. She’s alive and I didn’t know she was alive. I’ve been on our Instagram. I’ve been putting out clips of like great March Madness moments and I had one scheduled in our social media thing and in the hashtag it said our I put in our IP sister Jean just assuming that you was dead and then I actually looked up I go. Oh my God, she’s still alive and she’s alive and well, this is insane about sister Jean.

Did you know this sister Haines fact, she maintains an office in the Student Center onk-onk. Campus and she gives advice to people and stuff and hey, that’s cool. Hundred year old lady. Hey, what’s up? What’s the secret to life? This is the insane part. She lives in a freshman dorm. Really imagine being a Freshman at this college and sister GI and beers is like a hundred one year old woman next to you. Are you just like late at night stumbling around knocking on doors. That was the move like hey, what’s up its sister Jean answers.

That’s well, you like dislike blue and and wrote an old-school your my voice is All jokes aside. I like Loyola at plus 350 there’s some value to me. It’s all about Cameron crud wig 6 9 Jr. Big man like that. You can just keep ya keep keep giving him the ball in the paint getting the board’s moving things around I + 350 I like the

Speaker 2 (29m 3s): value. We like the coach right and importer Moser. Yeah. He’s a good coach Colby. Tell me why I shouldn’t Take Loyola Chicago because Northern Iowa’s better than everyone in the country. They’re really good. They are AJ Green is one of the best players in the country not worried about Jacobson’s defensive. Match up Ben. Jacobs is the same head coach that did when you money. Yeah. No, I know long time. They’re very much. They’re going to run some crisp offense. Yeah, they rebound. Well, they shoot the three. Well, if you’re going to go for the you know D Jen only play.

What’s that? I’m going to say Bradley Again

Speaker 1 (29m 39s): Bradley plus

Speaker 2 (29m 40s): 800 Looking I still think Northern I was coming out here. But if there’s any chance Bradley can still a lockdown play defense. It’s just a struggle on

Speaker 1 (29m 46s): offense. All right. So you guys are both a Northern Iowa.

Speaker 2 (29m 50s): No, I’m on I’m on loyal. I’m like, I think I missed that I think I’m going do can both of these does Northern Iowa get at large. But if they don’t win there’s a strong chance of that. There’s a strong chance that they want at Colorado this year. They wanted to be they just been money all year man. Tell the truth. Yeah. My concern would just be if they if Loyola Chicago can’t stop their three-point game. It’s going to be a long long game. And and when Look into the numbers, you know what their absolute weaknesses as a team, even though they are a very good defense who we talking about which team really Chicago.

Yeah. I’m teetering him. I pick right now 321st in the country defending the three-point line. That’s trouble get me Northern

Speaker 1 (30m 37s): Iowa the dancer the dancer baby talk. All right, just me and sister. Jean hanging out in the Freshman dorm room getting into semantics like we do she’s definitely taking ecstasy, right Ambien. Whatever the Rocks you wanna just you just sat on one the room. You want to see the Holy Spirit sister take some of this.

Sister Jean we’re all of Chicago. They were involved in the March Madness Miracle getting that team to the final four. Hmm. Uniqlo Chicago has a chance to win it. All you go to prop pick you up a college basketball future. They have crazy long shots like that and they have more reasonable ones as well. Even if you’re in a state that doesn’t have sports betting right now. You can still legally by bets over a prop swap. Come and again what the kind of the math is is people who plays bets and they go.

Oh man. This was a hundred to one now. It’s probably only 50 to 1 and then they want to hedge out and you’re buying their hedge. So you’re getting a better price than they would normally get on the sports book a lot of fun bets over there and the best part if you go to prop so I have to act calm and use the promo code SGP you get a hundred percent deposit bonus of up to $100 and there’s no roll over stuff. It’s free. We money, it’s great guys over a prop swapper really cool. It’s just cool to see they you know, fellow small business owners good dudes last week a San Diego State Championship future hashtag our cows originally Pat for $100 at 400 to 1 odds.

I want to hang onto that if I was the guy but again, I don’t hedge I buy other people’s Hedges that tickets sold in prop swap for $1,200. So he made out he did he turn a hundred dollars into twelve hundred dollars. That’s a For him and the person buying it. They got odds basically 32 to 1 which is better than anywhere else you can get right now. So that’s kind of the math there and prop give them a follow Kramer and I will be selecting our futures I’m taking an eye right now. I get it.

You can buy a Penn State ticket for $140. That’s just a nice to win $7,100. Yeah, baby. I weigh the game tonight not a good showing up by 20 like halftime and they lose. What about BYU? Seventy dollar ticket to collect $10,000. So so so so this one is this one is fun and and certainly an interesting option there. I see Texas Tech and Maryland Maryland right now $161 ticket, you could buy and collect 4990 $9.95.

So maybe Maryland Gets In the Mix whatever it is buy or sell props promo code SGP.

Speaker 2 (33m 31s): Not buying my Hokies right now, really not not a smart ticket to buy it steered clear that one. All right, guys, let’s move over to the West Coast Conference played in beautiful, Las Vegas, Nevada. Hmm. Do we know? Where is this at the circus circus though? And I think that one might be that that one that one of the greatest venues and all the land if you ever had if you had not had a chance to be visit beautiful Las Vegas, the circus circus is one of the few relics of the past. Definitely check it out.

Also a great place to get fucked up. If you’re a college kid low limits on the table. Oh, yeah. Here we go. Watch out for the

Speaker 1 (34m 9s): distractions all over the place. Especially

Speaker 2 (34m 13s): from those BYU boys. This is gonna be played from March March 5th through the 7th and then again the ninth and the tenth, why do they have that break in between Well only to do mundane. Yep, did absolutely lit in Las Vegas Gonzaga – 435 BYU plus 500 St. Mary’s plus 700 Pacific 52 one Santa Clara 61 San Francisco 90 to 110 who Pacific’s head coaches Pepperdine 101 Nola merriment 201 along with Portland and San Diego Damon Stoudamire got coach of the year stottlemeyer.

Speaker 1 (34m 53s): Interesting the interesting format here or the interesting thing. It’s a weird format where the top two

Speaker 2 (34m 60s): teams go bye-byes Gonzaga and BYU. They they’re basically just need to win two games to win at all.

Speaker 1 (35m 8s): Yeah, which is it’s a really I don’t know. Why are they came up with that? But yeah, like some of the eight or nine seeds you have such a crazy. It’s really hard to have an upset just because you have to get so incredibly hot

Speaker 2 (35m 21s): without them wanting them to have Gonzaga in the tournament of you which I mean, yeah. Maybe this is

Speaker 1 (35m 28s): gonzaga’s here. I mean Mark Few has a great history of a good program. They keep getting in. They just don’t get in has he ever been into a final four of them went to the championship in Lost to North closely? Yeah. Could I make a suggestion but they’ve they’ve underperform historically in

Speaker 2 (35m 42s): that’s another way to align 10 teams into a tournament format would be to have the one and two seeds get a single by the eight nine play for The winner to play the 1 seed and seven 10 versus what you know, yeah again, there’s a way to do this and not have the stress. This is not a tournament. Unlike what Dr. Pepper figured out with the four-team college football playoff. What the West Coast Contour conference has done is insulting.

Yeah to any committee out there.

Speaker 1 (36m 14s): What is this? Yeah. It’s very easy. Just have two teams won by yeah instead of instead of this crazy for by

Speaker 2 (36m 22s): situation I have Said that why would anyone taken Saga – 435 what would they be? So this is they’re going to play two games. Yeah, what would they be favored over? I don’t I guess Pacific is the highest seed I can tell you this San Francisco gave them trouble this year both even in Spokane. They had that they were losing to San Francisco at halftime had to come back but isn’t gonzaga’s like one of the best teams in the country they are

Speaker 1 (36m 50s): but it does seem like st. Mary’s would be the other team. You’re not going to kill you. Why you or Gonzaga to me the gaels? It’s BYU. They have to win two games and their plus 500 and this BYU team has really had a good season. They were excited year one. Great great great season for BYU.

Speaker 2 (37m 7s): What are they doing? Baller out there in Utah. Well, they

Speaker 1 (37m 11s): put out your honor not that caffeine. No fluoride knows living a healthy life. They’re the only West Coast Conference team to beacons Agra and their plus 500 to win two games one of which is probably against Gonzaga. BYU has dominated against the spread 19 and 11 80s. So I really I mean just the way the tournaments formatted the the value is so strong on BYU. Am I missing something here

Speaker 2 (37m 36s): Colby? No, I think it’s a good play. I think it’s a very good play. I would I like st. Mary’s to it 700. I obviously think I don’t think you’re taking zygous a Mary’s if they can win the pace battle with a team like guns agates. It’s or any really like there are just a tremendously. Slow team Pacific as well would be the other team I’d Circle there, but if they can get their way Pace wise

Speaker 1 (37m 59s): against one of them even yeah Pacific and st. Mary’s they they basically have to buys instead of that extra by but st. Mary’s they have to play they have to win three games at plus 700 to me. I’d take BYU to win two games.

Speaker 2 (38m 11s): So it was five if San Francisco wins. I’m a little confused on the layout here if San Francisco beats Coast San Francisco play Gonzaga.

Speaker 1 (38m 20s): Yes, so San Francisco and have to win. Against the winner of LM you are seeing Diego and then San Francisco would have to be pacific then Gonzaga. Then the winner of whoever’s in the BYU say

Speaker 2 (38m 32s): yeah, that would be the hard part because I can see this and I could see them being Gonzaga. I really could but

Speaker 1 (38m 37s): sometimes even get there. It’s just it’s just a crazy. It’s just a crazy layout. I don’t really

Speaker 2 (38m 42s): go play as BYU. I think you’re right. The play is BYU. Play is BYU what he’s crazy take the San Francisco Dons? Bill Russell baby, of course the Dons of San Francisco Where Are

Speaker 1 (38m 56s): You Gonna? Are you gonna make that possibly a DJ and pick Colby? I would need a

Speaker 2 (38m 60s): 1 I will DJ and Pig doing the

Speaker 1 (39m 2s): dance. Do you have do we have any history of like what was the greatest Conference tournament upset long shot.

Speaker 2 (39m 8s): I know last year’s day. I hit on you I hit on Bradley and they’re like they were pretty far back last year. Maybe like a 20-something 2001. Yeah, I recall that. But now we’re here in the in the current in the present in this tough it the dancer base exists in all points and in places along the time continuum, but we’re going to talk about March 6th the Southern Conference or as they call it on the internet the so come on this conference is good.

I wish it was so cochon. Oh, I think I called it soak on Twitter. I’m trying to get that going. Okay. I

Speaker 1 (39m 44s): think you called it in college LPR Soco Southern Comfort liquid panty remover movers the SoCo and lime and

Speaker 2 (39m 50s): ISO: lime at least in Virginia Yak. It was called the liquid panty remover.

Speaker 1 (39m 56s): You can we not talk about this before the podcast in early 20s. That was our you know, mid-20s whenever we started hanging out and drinking a lot. That would I mean I was drinking a lot since I was 13, but that’s a separate conversation over here. I just used to you know, get drunk by the Hang out the railroad tracks and the river and he was said by every yeah, it was it was Lehigh River. No just drink. I had to I buried a cooler in the woods and I would just store Bush lights there and drink by myself.


Speaker 2 (40m 32s): Jesus trip by yourself, too. Yeah, and

Speaker 1 (40m 34s): I would also drink with friends on the weekend, but during the week start another business and other activities, so I would just take my dog for a long walk and drink near the

Speaker 2 (40m 42s): railroad track. You got the dog, but bags with third string tight end wasn’t taking a by your time.

Speaker 1 (40m 46s): Yeah. Well turns during the season but there. Is an offseason ride or if I had a tough day working at my uncle’s hardware store. It was actually a Fastener supply house, but I call it a hardware store because what if I said faster supply house, no one knows what that is. I could talk Fasteners all day where I was getting at was we used to in the early Vegas days when they’re still getting out of Punch drink tickets So Co and lime that was the like, hey, let’s turn it up before pre vodka Redbull that you discovered Brian probably late 20s

Speaker 2 (41m 17s): for you.

Speaker 1 (41m 19s): So Online was kind of the drink and in our in our slack because we’ve been hyping up the Vegas trip people have been chiming in and we’re throwing out some like all time. Hey throw this song on to get jacked up and get ready to drink. There’s a song from this dude called little white and it’s

Speaker 2 (41m 36s): just little white little white is very no Lil. What he’s

Speaker 1 (41m 43s): the whole song is just make us Marcus cranberry vodka some drinking makers and the hook is just I’m getting fucked up man. I’m getting fucked up. Did you ever just blast that pre-gaming in our Vegas hotel room and then just go out and I’d lose a bunch of money at Blackjack and push people around it was a great time. What’s the difference between

Speaker 2 (42m 4s): learned about that that song in Atlanta? I believe this is where the origin came from in Atlanta. I was there for the Bridget the First Virginia Tech Alabama game and one of one of my buddies busted into the hotel room at like 4:00 in the

Speaker 1 (42m 18s): morning and

Speaker 2 (42m 19s): Crank that shit up all the way and it just stuck. I mean it’s a hilarious song. Anyway, shout out to our Instagram. Where did you put that

Speaker 1 (42m 27s): I haven’t put it anywhere. I put it in slack. How can people join slack? What’s that cost Sean slack dad Sports gaming It’s free. It’s we say all the stuff that we can’t say on social media, which is a lot of stuff. So you’re telling me judgement free zone in the slack space. I

Speaker 2 (42m 42s): could slide into Colby Dan’s DM’s if I just join the sports gambling podcast lack some say some say that’s a liquid panty

Speaker 1 (42m 52s): remover. Whoa. Wow, whoa back to the Southern Conference, which of

Speaker 2 (43m 1s): course is played in Asheville, North Carolina from March 6th through the 9th speaking of that liquid panty remover lprs. That was the name of our rec league basketball team for a little while in college. We had these uniforms that were t-shirts that my ex-girlfriend drew a girl’s legs with the Anyway East Tennessee is showing it was a it was a it was a female artist. So it’s okay sure. You understand how it

Speaker 1 (43m 25s): works your art show. He’s cat our East Tennessee

Speaker 2 (43m 28s): state is the one seed plus 125 Furman plus 325 unc-greensboro plus 425 Western calendar Carolina 1301, Chattanooga 18 to 1 Wofford special place in my heart for Watford. There’s good value and well-fed man and Mercer 24 to 1 VMI. Anyone with Sanford And The Citadel? Yeah, right. There’s a great value in Wofford Wofford just played Furman and let him off

Speaker 1 (43m 58s): the hook. They had their welcome whole

Speaker 2 (43m 60s): game. And I mean, that’s the DJ and pick there is take one for that 2400, but I am going to take as my luckies Tennessee State might have that out.

Speaker 1 (44m 11s): Right did

Speaker 2 (44m 13s): I was gonna say they’re right on the bubble again at LSU can Palm has them right at the in the in the The seven spot which probably at what’s up? What’s the bracket ologist? What’s Joe? Lunardi dubbed by the way, we need to send the data base to the Joe. Lunardi Bracketology

Speaker 1 (44m 29s): class. What is that is

Speaker 2 (44m 31s): class. He teaches an online class. I believe it’s still the case called Bracketology, huh? Yeah. Well competition look out keep you on your toes. I’m gonna go with UNC Greensboro low as the play here, but but I do like Wofford. A little bit of love for

Speaker 1 (44m 50s): you know who beat unc-greensboro Kobe 8167 my boys add a Furman. They tied the school record 25 wins. You were always a

Speaker 2 (44m 59s): big Mark Fuhrman guy wearing. Yeah

Speaker 1 (45m 0s): exactly. He got a bad rap. Come on what he said a couple things you’re not supposed to say. Sorry. He’s not up to date with your PC culture. Call me Jesus Christ. One of these sjw’s social justice. Yeah woke bro. It’s just blue lives matter call me for him was just doing his job. I’ll Jokes Aside Furman 25 wins they haven’t been in the tournament in the past 40 years that to me feels like a team. That’s do Jordan Lions. He’s been killing it. They’ve won ten of their last 11.

I love a team coming in hot they split with Eastern Tennessee. So I think they’re right in the mix and it plus 325 feels like some good value that

Speaker 2 (45m 42s): game was two months ago. This East Tennessee State team is really good. They pop off the page chuck chuck. We’re not well. Terms of a team that I’m looking at for Value in the real tornament. Yeah, they shoot their just efficient. They they crash the offensive glass efficient. They don’t turn the ball over. They turn you over. I mean just go down the list the things the only concern would be maybe their ability to knock down free throws. They don’t rely on the three-point game so that it’s a high variance team.

I’ve watched him all year and I think they’ve lost a couple games off of their free throw shooting. Well, that’s that’s that’s the weakness and maybe that’s a reason to not late. Points with this team as far as grabbing the future. I’m totally okay with it. Like I said, they there just isn’t that I’m sorry. So like this and they have experienced. This is a this is a veteran team. They are going to get it done. I think there’s they’re not going to run into the size that will give them trouble in their conference. This conference is way way way up, it’s good. Yeah. It’s a really good conference man. I think I saw they were in the the top 25 for kemp.

Let’s see right here. It’s no sorry 15th there above right. Of the ivy league. Yeah campgrounds got really good man. I mean with if if you took VMI in The Citadel in Sanford out, every other team is capable of you watch them. They’re good teams. Yeah, it’s the Realty. This is the this is maybe the first conference we’ve talked about that has a lot of green shading in the camp. Um, Missouri Valley is like a little well

Speaker 1 (47m 9s): of these of these teams. Do you think ETSU as I like to call them? Can they go in and win a game in the

Speaker 2 (47m 15s): actual tournament? Yes. They did it a few years ago. What’s their seating going to

Speaker 1 (47m 18s): be? What are we? Going at

Speaker 2 (47m 19s): here potential 12 thing potential. I was going to say to me they strike me as maybe an 11. Yeah, probably more of a 12 and again the way that they play the way that you have the veteran presence. They don’t turn it all letter to dude. They are one of the most efficient to point scoring teams in the country and we know that is a stat that will translate to tournament success because as the lower seed typically you’re relying on variance. This team does not need to do that. So I think they can roll with it. Think their weaknesses height.

Yeah length, like they’re gonna at some point they’ll run into just one of these, you know Baylor type teams or whatever these just stupid long teams and gives them trouble Syracuse cocks, but for now Let’s go. Give me the money.

Speaker 1 (48m 6s): So you’re also doing ETSU Colby. No, I’m

Speaker 2 (48m 9s): calling for UNC greensboro’s my place, right? There’s no value in these CSU. So so I’m going Greensboro and then my DJ pick is Wofford

Speaker 1 (48m 18s): washer you back me on

Speaker 2 (48m 19s): Wofford. No, I mean, I think what about Mercer? Not bad, I think Wofford and if yeah, if you want to have us some fun take your unit chop it in half and put half on Mercer and have fun while

Speaker 1 (48m 33s): for ya. I would say this to Mercer does have an easier path

Speaker 2 (48m 37s): to the the championship here because they

Speaker 1 (48m 40s): only have to play Western Carolina and then the winner of

Speaker 2 (48m 42s): ETSU and

Speaker 1 (48m 45s): you know, so many TSU moves on they have to beat them and Western Carolina and then their Championship Wofford as to beat the Citadel then beat firm and then beat the winner of unity Gregory Chattanooga and then little well, but then it just adds another extra game sister

Speaker 2 (49m 2s): jeans like running running. The point, you know, like they do I will say I kind of agree with you Sean. But really I think Wofford might have a more manageable path black one at North Carolina this year. But if you anyway either way, you take Murphy Mercer Mercer and Wofford you have some opportunities to have do the very fun hedge out leverage prop swap if these are real tickets. If not, talk to your boy Shawn stack in the money green Healy.

Yeah, because he’s a Buyer of people’s

Speaker 1 (49m 35s): Hedges where we got a we got some live chat going on rocks. Sam’s shout out to Bronx Sam’s Alaska in the house the awesome. The WCC will have three teams in the sweet 16. I mean, hashtag dead. I love I love your spirit kid Colby. How would you how would you actually called Kobe’s about to be like, I know we already we already hit on the West Coast. Conference but what would you price that out as this is your own happen?

Well, I guess I just plus BYU BYU Gonzaga. And st. Mary’s know and those are three good

Speaker 2 (50m 15s): teams. But I mean st. Mary’s has historically had trouble like the first runner at least a hundred 100 is good man. What would that total be though number of what WCC teams in the sweet 16, would you set that at one with crazy juice? The lake or one and a half with crazy juice on the under. Yeah. Yeah one and a half. I think one and a half the

Speaker 1 (50m 41s): number. Yeah because BYU feel I mean

Speaker 2 (50m 43s): they’re good. They’re good

Speaker 1 (50m 44s): BYU. I think I’m going to have making a little rum will see how they show up in Las Vegas in the

Speaker 2 (50m 49s): withdrawal. Yeah that matters but I agree. I like the Cougars and this conference is to this guy’s credit, you know, like Pacific with said Damon Stoudamire and and Santa Clara these teams were traditionally bad. They’re up this year conference is deeper. Last year, I had a good year to but but five years ago this conference of shit you look now and you’re like damn man. They really got a deep conference very deep. Very deep number nines. Not bad you watch pepper and they have talent.

Speaker 1 (51m 17s): All right or two one. So

Speaker 2 (51m 19s): are we going to we’re going to do one more. Are we done with that? Kind of one more one more? Yeah. Let’s head over. This is the seven worried before we do, right? Oh Jesus Christ. Oh,

Speaker 1 (51m 30s): okay. It’s very festive to hear this. You know, this is from the girls going. Wild Joe Francis. He started his own business. He did it the wrong way. Did some shady things no, that’s good. I mean that’s a whole other we could do a documentary on Joe Francis House there not been a Joe Francis documentary. I’m getting sidetracked. Really you should start your own business start your own business the right way with Ace per head Dak come that’s right a the leader in paper head providers.

You want to start your own sports book. So one day you can be hanging out in a Caribbean Island listening to steel drums drink a daiquiri. That sounds like a great life. What are you gonna do set up your own online sports book and you can do it over to his / SG P. That wasn’t easy enough Ace because they’re friends with us and you’re using are linked as forehead that comes such as GP. They’re gonna give you six weeks free who doesn’t want free stuff. Everyone wants free stuff and sub trying to beat the bookie beat The Bookies fun.

But you know, what’s even more fun becoming a sports bookie? Key, and you can do that with your help with the help of our friends over at a / SG P top-notch customer support 24/7 some of the sharpest lines in the

Speaker 2 (52m 52s): industry. Sean yes speaking of enjoying steel drums and starting your own small business quick some movie watching advice for those out there if anyone missed the movie Runner Runner because they saw Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake and said that must be some horrible dog shit. I did miss it Circle back. Hmm Circle back and watch that one. If you’re a Trudy Jen you will love this and not only that tagged engine soon. I’d be willing to bet that you might be a little bit more into Justin Timberlake after you watch this movie.

He’s a gambler soy boy speaking

Speaker 1 (53m 32s): well and did you know Brian koppelman was the guy who wrote it? He also really don’t know shit. He’s the creator of billions of you like that bleats. He know he’s a he’s actually like hashtag djn only himself. And of course, he wrote The Great film rounders The Rounders was the first film I ever wrote. Any was just a dude who hung out in poker rooms in New York was pursuing his dream of being a writer and would just wake up early and write every day and

Speaker 2 (53m 58s): had this great story and that became his first movie that got ever produced so

Speaker 1 (54m 4s): Runner Runner not as good as rounders true rounders in through the glass ceiling under Runner Runner is fun. If you like, it’s Runner Runner to me is in the Two for the Money category where that’s a horrible. If you’re just that’s a fucking horrible movie, but if you like gambling you can

Speaker 2 (54m 20s): Enjoy two for the money is a bit more of a serious. Parity Runner Runner has real moments where if you’re a real gamble your be like who I prefer 80s, let it ride with Richard Dreyfuss. Laughs

Speaker 1 (54m 34s): that’s

Speaker 2 (54m 36s): a good one too. We like to say that on the show. All right last conference for the night. Of course Sean. When will the conference tournament college basketball March Madness preview series continued

Speaker 1 (54m 50s): Thursday night or Thursday night will tape in Thursday night will do XFL was at week five. Now. We five in the XFL breaking down a Colby’s DC Defenders who are now bottom anymore James bottom doubt. They got they got bit in the snake pit down in Raymond James. My Wildcats are 1 and 3 not exactly a center. It’s like yeah combine three and five Colby’s 1/4 the leak. So let me do an XFL picks DFS all that doing. More of the conference tournaments and then just conference tournaments keep coming and coming and it’s just gonna be us like I’m coming when I go to the gym.

It’s like I’m coming when I was doing the impression of art of yeah. I’m coming

Speaker 2 (55m 34s): checking in to know the chat over on slash Sports gambling podcast on Johnny Mac pointing out that take your unit chop it in half soundbite potential. Perhaps a bubble team next year for the bites. And 21 bites bracket Summit conference hosted and beautiful. Soy Falls, you must loss

Speaker 1 (55m 58s): and slips Falls South Dakota. You try to get a piece of Saw. Yeah. I got to get run out of town again quick

Speaker 2 (56m 12s): thoughts on that. The good news is they probably have some nice lean meats like elk or bison up there. So I would be willing to You come back over to the dark side. This will be played over the dates of March 7th through March 10th, where we see South Dakota State plus 150 the by seven North Dakota State plus 325 all the jackrabbits screwed me so bad. Was it like Dom the past two years mom passed John Oral Roberts plus 400 South Dakota plus 450, Nebraska Omaha plus 1700 North Dakota plus 2400 Purdue Fort Wayne plus 35.

a hundred Denver plus 6500 Come on, man. It’s Sean’s gonna take North Dakota

Speaker 1 (56m 57s): stashed advice and strong and now not only am I picking North Dakota State because home with the great

Speaker 2 (57m 3s): Carson Wentz hashtag Ginger Jesus.

Speaker 1 (57m 8s): I really like what North Dakota State. I like the brand of basketball

Speaker 2 (57m 11s): date. They put

Speaker 1 (57m 13s): together. I mean the summit conference. It’s just basically every year is at North Dakota State or is it South Dakota State

Speaker 2 (57m 19s): South Dakota’s not bad though.

Speaker 1 (57m 21s): No, they’re not still a few times and that’s that’s Why they’re the favorite a plus 150. No, not South Dakota State South Dakota, South Dakota. Okay. Yeah that plus 450 I like what North Dakota state does as far as play good defense there experienced team low turnover percentage. They’ve had a good record historically against SDSU. So those reasons and mostly because Carson Wentz went there. That’s why I’m rolling on NDSU and a decent price of plus 325.


Speaker 2 (57m 51s): back in him. Yeah. They’re I’m back in them then. Me Vinnie Shahid is a

Speaker 1 (57m 55s): baller. He’s he’s a guy he’s one of these classic. It’s my guy and he’s Vinny Shaheed. We could be in a sports book at the Westgate. Yell and Vinny shade as they cover or maybe eke out a early tourney think it’s more a shot here. The shot is up and go style. But this guy doesn’t there’s the number one seed at plus 325 how much more math do you need?

Speaker 2 (58m 20s): Well, they look they’ve lost to South Dakota State year after year after year. This year I feel like the tide is going to turn there was no Mike dumb. Mike Dom is gone. He graduated. Maybe he was the problem. What do you mean? He was wearing a very varied. I know it’s another Ewing Theory. I got ya. I guess you finally out of that. This isn’t a very efficient Chuck jackrabbits. It’s kind of my style. But yeah, why not they screwed me last year. I’m do you ever eat rabbit?

I have eaten rabbit. I’ve never eaten Jackrabbit did watch a jackrabbit. Yeah, Kebab

Speaker 1 (58m 55s): Bobcat is Jack Rabbit. Is it really a different animal than a rabbit is much

Speaker 2 (58m 59s): different animal. Really? I mean, it’s a larger rabbit. Okay.

Speaker 1 (59m 3s): Well then that’s basically the same thing it’s a

Speaker 2 (59m 5s): style you have same as Kobe. No, I’m not throwing up to 25 nice and

Speaker 1 (59m 10s): strong buddy. Yeah, I say, alright. So rabbits are kind of pussies the jackrabbits. Okay. I get your I get here

Speaker 2 (59m 16s): which are closer to kangaroos John

Speaker 1 (59m 19s): like I’m complimenting his paint play throwing just toss and

Speaker 2 (59m 26s): what are we doing? The combine? There’s digital plan. We doing the combine. He made that 45-yard field goal plates. That’s I have no concerns sent me footage of you kicking a soccer ball or something, you know,

Speaker 1 (59m 37s): so clearly camera trick. I had the little one hope just so why would you not be kicking in the XFL? Why would you not walk yourself down the Wildcats and go give me I mean, oh my God, we even got it. I got the it. Mail from the publicists over at the exit of water that

Speaker 2 (59m 52s): we we have. We have a commitment we’ve made to the genes only to make all this sweet sweet content. Okay and going off and being a pussy kicker and the

Speaker 1 (1h 0m 3s): XFL will not for the lady of my goals would be the greatest thing for the podcast not only to see you succeed on the field. I know you’re mostly a hiker and you don’t, you know participate in competitive sports, but it would be awesome to have an inside source. Locker room for information data and then hey every once in a while. Hey, you know me morning will be you’re gonna miss one. Kick one key kick. That’s all we

Speaker 2 (1h 0m 28s): need. One of the one of the people at this table played a real Collegiate sport. Whoo. Whoo. Whoo.

Speaker 1 (1h 0m 34s): Yeah. Frankie’s baby.

Speaker 2 (1h 0m 36s): Let’s what was it a rugby? We don’t wear pants. Well pussies come on, just because some League started coming weeks ago does does it mean you know is that lettuce isn’t used are really what are we done? We’re done. We’re done. We done

Speaker 1 (1h 0m 50s): we locked in Colby and I went NDSU you went

Speaker 2 (1h 0m 54s): SDSU feel like I did a lot of chalk this week. Yeah tonight your chalk Master.

Speaker 1 (1h 1m 0s): Alright, so now we’re going to do a lock a dog, which is a moderate dog, but nothing crazy and then they D Jen’s only that just goes completely off the rail Ryan. I’ll let you start and what is your what is your lock as far as part 2 of

Speaker 2 (1h 1m 15s): the conference tournament college basketball preview? Well, I think I think I’m going to walk up. Eastern Tennessee, okay, and what is that for the people at home

Speaker 1 (1h 1m 27s): online book? 125. All

Speaker 2 (1h 1m 28s): right. Thank for my dog. We all kind of went there but let’s do BYU. Wow.

Speaker 1 (1h 1m 35s): Okay. Yeah you plus 500 gonna

Speaker 2 (1h 1m 36s): have the same dog relax, and for my dead genes only play. I think like I said earlier, I think you’re going to split your unit. And I think you’re going to sprinkle a little bit on wha for half an hour on Wofford half unit on Mercer hedge out of the East, Tennessee. Is State position

Speaker 1 (1h 1m 55s): so when you’re giving me two teams for

Speaker 2 (1h 1m 57s): Wofford? I’m offered at Mercer Wofford and Mercer half unit each at 24 to 1. Hmm. All right, you can buy my hedge later Sean. Well, maybe I’ll head over to prop Swap and pick that up for me. Okay, Colby. What are you doing? What’s your like? What is your best play? My lock is Northern Iowa – 110. That’s smart my dog. I’m gonna take it over to UNC Greensboro. Okay plus 425. I like that good squad.

Made my D Jen’s only Ford engines only. I’m going to go let’s go with hmm. I gave Bradley last year. I’m going to let’s switch it up. Let’s go Colby very prepared for this moment. Let’s go. Let’s go Wofford. Yeah, it’s a smart move. Yeah, they got the new coach thing proving people wrong thing. Beat, North Carolina. They suck this year. I don’t know if that’s something you’re looking to brag. I think there’s plenty of value in North Carolina winning the ACC tournament.

Oh, we’re not there yet. We’re not sure on next week. I’ve got a couple emails and Pages wondering if we’re going to be doing any sort of contest for March Madness. We do have something scheduled, right? People are wondering if that guy those things are going to cost money. Is it going to be

Speaker 1 (1h 3m 17s): yeah, generally we’re

Speaker 2 (1h 3m 19s): they see they see the industry in the trending of the industry with pay walls. And with these massive Acquisitions have no fear dead chickens. We’re not going anywhere. There you go. Not yet at least not until someone brings the big the big bag of money

Speaker 1 (1h 3m 36s): bags to bring truck up. All right for my lock. Give me Saint Francis. What’s that plus 160 it feels like a lock to me for my dog. I’d like BYU. But Ryan stole that sister. Jean is on the screen. She’s awesome to party with in the dorm. Just not look healthy. This is a year ago, dude. She’s a hundred years old the fact that you’re alive means you’re

Speaker 2 (1h 4m 2s): healthy vagina herpes sore on your

Speaker 1 (1h 4m 4s): lip. Yeah. She’s in college. Did you head over to get So I just EP It treated you don’t have to do an in-person interview sister Jean just Skype in they’ll get you taken care

Speaker 2 (1h 4m 17s): of freshman dorm. And Airborne herpes think she does the the rubber rubber shoes in the shower.

Speaker 1 (1h 4m 25s): You know, she’s got some probably some like no

Speaker 2 (1h 4m 27s): no get some young you some young strapping freshman. All

Speaker 1 (1h 4m 35s): right cut

Speaker 2 (1h 4m 37s): cut. No, we’re not

Speaker 1 (1h 4m 38s): cutting get out. Let’s get out of here pick something Shawn fairly. Dickinson at 52 one is my hashtag dead. Jen’s only play.

Speaker 2 (1h 4m 48s): All right

Speaker 1 (1h 4m 49s): Dickinson plus 50 plus 50 to 1 that’s going to be insane. All right, thank you for participating in these personnel and podcast Good Times. Make sure you rate subscribe and review over on iTunes here in the Philly area, March 14th npm Philly Comedy Club Shawn Green use the promo code Sean. And of course, we will

Speaker 2 (1h 5m 10s): be broadcasting live from the beautiful sports book in

Speaker 1 (1h 5m 14s): Caesars in Las Vegas. March 18th time yet to be determined but stay tuned at gambling podcasts and for the sports gambling podcast. I’m Shawn stack in the money green and he is Ryan.

Speaker 2 (1h 5m 27s): Good luck to everyone

Speaker 1 (1h 5m 30s): Kramer. Let it ride.

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