Bytes Bracket Selection Show (Ep. 789)

SGPN Bytes Bracket


Podcast Recap

In the first annual SGPN Bytes Bracket the guys reveal the 32 sound bytes that made it into tournament. Enter your own bracket here for a chance to win $500! What drops will move on? What drops missed the cut?

Podcast Video

Bytes Bracket Seeding

East Region (Jason Garrett Region)

  1. Shine Box
  2. Baby F’n Whale
  3. GusGasm
  4. Madden Penetration
  5. Hot Hot Hot
  6. All in on Trump
  8. I can delete that right now
  9. Mr Jones…
  10. We got to get our shit going mentally
  11. Showtime Mahomes!
  12. I want me some glory hole
  13. Classic Lock
  14. Boat Trip Music
  15. Dantabase
  16. Masters Music

West Region (Joe Buck Region)

  1. Disgusting Act
  2. Long Cox
  3. DMX Dog Bark
  4. Wwwww what the fuck?
  5. Thank you for participating in the SGP
  6. San Diego Super Chargers CHARGE!
  7. Sam Bradford Not a franchise QB
  8. Lenny Dykstra How’s The Slot?
  9. I want a dick rubbed on me tonight
  10. #Dejins only
  11. Oh my God!
  12. Lock, dog, tease
  13. Shakira sound
  14. X-Files theme 
  15. Hubie Brown jerking off
  16. Homer Simpson Nerd
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