Mississippi State Coach Mike Leach Ranks All The SEC Mascots [VIDEO]

Coach Mike Leach expertly ranked the PAC-12 mascots while coached at Washington State University, so Sean Green, Colby Dant, and Ryan Kramer asked Leach to rank the SEC mascots, since he’s now coaching Mississippi State University, during the most recent episode of Sports Gambling Podcast.

Watch the video above or read the transcript below to learn everything you need to know about the SEC’s mascots.

“Well, I think all the mascots are outstanding. First of all, you have a tiger (at LSU), which is a hard one to argue with. However, a pack of bulldogs — we’d probably have more than one of them, while a Tiger is solo. An elephant (Alabama) is afraid of a mouse, and we’re a bulldog, so I’ll give the bulldog the benefit of the doubt.

Now, gators hate dogs. I know that for a fact. They seem pretty ambivalent about people, and I don’t know if it’s because a dog is wiggly or something. I don’t think it’s the food source, it’s more hatred. They just hate dogs. But we have a number of dogs and gators obviously hate bulldogs so we’ve got to go with a bulldog.

Gamecocks, you know — he’ll have his razor sharp and be ready to claw and do all of that stuff. I have to go with a bulldog again. Georgia I’m going to say copied our bulldog so I’ll go with our bulldog. Auburn, it’d be better to fight the eagle than the tiger probably.

Now, the commodore, you have to dodge some cannon fire. He does have a sword so you have to keep your head on a swivel. But again, a bunch of bulldogs — kind of like those wild dogs in Africa. Now, Wildcats are fierce, no question about it. About as serious as I can be, you have go with a bulldog.

Now, the rebels — or are they a bear now? …. razorbacks you know, oftentimes you use dogs to hunt razorbacks … Yeah (Texas A&M has Reveille) but we have a bulldog. Missouri — I didn’t realize until you walked me through all of this: Three tigers in the SEC? That’s what makes it a tough conference. You have three Tigers. Think about that. Three Tigers.” — Mike Leach

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