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NFL Championship Picks Video from MeganMakinMoney

Bullet Points

Kansas City Chiefs

  • Titans will try to slow the game down but Mahomes showed what kind of damage he can do with little time needed.
  • They came out rusty against Texans after a long lay off but don’t think it happens again.
  • If Chiefs start fast, Titans will have a lot of trouble catching up with Tannehill’s passing game as focal point instead of Derrick Henry’s rushing attack.
  • Feels unlikely that Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid will lose two conference championships in a row at home.

Green Bay Packers

  • Aaron Rodgers last stand.
  • Last week, Rodgers had no turnovers and was 3 for 3 in red zone opportunities.
  • Aaron Jones should get more carries than Dalvin Cook did last week.
  • He’ll give 49ers trouble rushing up the middle, which has been their weakness if they have one.
  • Green Bay’s D is no slouch with studs sprinkled around like Clark(Dt), Martinez(LB) and Alexander(CB)

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