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NFL DFS Week 4 Pivot Plays (Sunday, September 29th)

NFL DFS Week 4 Pivot Plays (Sunday, September 29th)

What’s up fellow degenerates the purpose of this article is to find some spots to pivot in a GPP. The fact that Sean won $200k on a single bullet in the Milly maker should give us all hope that we can take down a big GPP as well.

The hard reality though is that rarely fucking happens. The chances are slim to the Eagles winning another Super Bowl.

What fun are cash games though? So, if we want any chance to take down a GPP,  we need to make some stands and pivot off the chalk. You definitely need to have some contrarian plays but your whole lineup doesn’t need to be that way. The chalk is the chalk for a reason, so let’s not light our money on fire trying to get too cute.

NFL Football Week 4 Daily Fantasy Picks For DraftKings, FanDuel (Sunday, September 29th)


The Chalk: Mahomes $7500, Wilson $6100, Jackson $6900

The Pivot: Jared Goff

Look, I know Goff is useless without his daddy McVay reading his defenses for him. HOWEVAH, he is playing the Bucs this week who just allowed a private school pansy to throw for over 300 and 2 TDs. He did this with one legit pass catcher on the whole terrible team.

Goff has Kupp, Cooks and Woods to throw to as well as a dead-ass run game that isn’t doing anything. So I’m buying a ticket to Jared Goff Sucks Island this weekend.

NFL DFS Week 4 Pivot Plays (Sunday, September 29th)


The Chalk: Eckler $8000, CMAC $8800, Gallman $4600

The Pivots:

Chris Thompson $4500

The collective agreement is that Gallman sucks balls so why is everyone rushing out to play him? I get he is cheap and will get touches but how much quality are those touches going? I’d rather take Thompson and his 5-8 targets a game he’s not sexy but a high target floor with a few rushing attempts mixed in at less than 5% owned I’ll take that over that scrub Gallman.

Dalvin Cook $8300

I know I know the Bears D blah blah. Look he’s a fucking stud and he’s coming in at less than 8% ownership. You don’t think he can break a big one? He’s got the volume, opportunity and the talent. Obviously, he can fail but so can Eckler. The Chargers could get a couple of defensive TDs, Jackson can vulture one they both have paths to fail I’ll fade the chalk in a GPP.


The Chalk: McClaurin $4500, Lockett $6300, Allen $7600

The Pivots

DeAndre Hopkins $7700

Look, Allen is a great play in all formats but Hopkins is going to come in with half the ownership. He’s back home in much better match up. Even if he only gets eight targets. That means he’ll catch seven at his average depth of target he’ll be fine. He hasn’t scored in two games — it’s coming.

Brandin Cooks $6200

Cooks is going to come in sub 8% and makes for a low owned stack with Goff. Picking Rams WRs is like playing a game of whack a mole but he got 12 targets last week. I don’t expect that many again this week but he is more than capable of putting up 100+ and 2 TDs  on way less targets with 1/3 of the ownership of Lockett.

Phillip Dorsett $4700

Dorsett has become one of the G.O.A.T’s favorite targets he always talks him up after the game about what a good player he is. Combine with the fact that Jules and Gordon are both banged up and our non-existent running game he could be in for a big game. Kid has great hands and the Bills defense is not as good as everyone says Brady owns the Bills this will be their yearly reminder that they still sit at the kids table.


The Chalk: Kelce $7200, Dissley $3600, Waller $5200

The Pivot

OJ Howard $3900

Honestly, Dissley is probably my favorite TE play and I believe he is good chalk. But if you want to change it up, go with Howard. The panic meter was full after the zero point game two weeks ago. He got 4 targets last week and in a game that they should be able to throw over the middle he’s in a good spot.


Chalk: Chargers $3800

The Pivot: Da Bears $3400

Kirk Cousins….end of analysis.

NFL DFS Week 4 Pivot Plays (Sunday, September 29th)

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