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Top AFC Teams Against The Spread Last Season

Top AFC Teams Against The Spread Last Season
Before the 2019 regular season kicks off on September 5th, let’s take a quick glance in the rear-view at the top AFC teams against the spread and some interesting trends that developed during the 2018 season.

2018 AFC East ATS Results

1. New England – 12-7

2. Miami – 8-8

3. Buffalo – 7-9

4. New York Jets – 5-10-1

Interesting ATS Trends

· New England led the way with a 7-2 home ATS record counting the playoffs, but Miami surprisingly finished 6-2 at home ATS.

· Buffalo finished 4-4 on the road ATS which had them slightly ahead of New England who finished 4-5 ATS on the road.

· Miami and New England both were 4-2 ATS within the division.

· In conference games, New England went 8-6 ATS and Miami ended up 7-5 ATS.

· New England went a perfect 3-0 against the number in the playoffs.

2018 AFC North ATS Results

Top AFC Teams Against The Spread Last Season

1. Cleveland – 10-6

2. Cincinnati – 9-7

3. Pittsburgh – 8-7

4. Baltimore – 8-9

Interesting ATS Tends

· Cleveland went 5-3 at home ATS

· Cincinnati led the way in the division with a 6-2 away record ATS. Cleveland and Baltimore both finished 5-3 ATS on the road.

· Cincinnati as a favorite went 4-2 ATS, and Baltimore struggled as a favorite going 4-8 ATS.

· Pittsburgh was undefeated as an underdog going 5-0 ATS. As a whole, the division was great in an underdog role going 22-10 ATS.

· Cleveland and Pittsburgh were a combined 8-0 ATS in non-conference games.

2018 AFC South ATS Results

Top AFC Teams Against The Spread Last Season

1. Indianapolis – 9-8-1

2. Tennessee – 8-8

3. Houston – 7-9-1

4. Jacksonville – 5-9-1

Interesting ATS Trends

· Tennessee went 4-4 at home ATS which was the best in the division.

· Indianapolis was the only team with any success on the road going 6-4 ATS.

· Houston led the division with a 7-5-1 record ATS in conference games.

· Tennessee and Indianapolis both had a 3-1 record ATS in non-conference games.

· Jacksonville finished 2-0-1 ATS as a home underdog.

2018 AFC West ATS Results

Top AFC Teams Against The Spread Last Season
1. Kansas City – 10-7-1

2. Los Angeles – 10-8

3. Denver – 6-9-1

4. Oakland – 6-10

Interesting ATS Trends

· Oakland struggled overall ATS, but they finished 4-3 ATS at home.

· Los Angeles had a great ATS record on the road going 8-2.

· Kansas City led the division with a 9-5 ATS record in conference games.

· Denver finished with an ATS record of 2-1-1 in non-conference games which led the division.

· Kansas City and Los Angeles went a combined 8-2-1 ATS as an underdog.

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