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Season Long Fantasy Football Preview w/ CJ Kaltenbach | Inside Vegas (Ep. 82)

Season Long Fantasy Football Preview W/ CJ Kaltenbach | Inside Vegas (Ep. 82)

Podcast Recap

Christian Pina welcomes on CJ Kaltenbach of Arbour Pro to break down strategies for the 2019 NFL fantasy football season! The guys dive into draft day prep, different types of leagues and their advantages, different leagues available to you in Vegas, the most polarizing players this year, high stakes fantasy football leagues, and how to identify who you want shares in.

"Inside Vegas" is a sports gambling podcast hosted by Las Vegas local and professional gambler Christian Pina (@ChristianPina). Each week "Inside Vegas" gives you a behind the scenes look at the world of sports gambling with insightful interviews from both book makers and handicappers. SUBSCRIBE ON APPLE | SPOTIFY

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