How To Choose The Best DFS Soccer Contest For You

How To Choose The Right DFS Soccer Contest Type

Soccer is by no means the most popular daily fantasy sport here in the United States. But if you are like me, you love waking up early on Saturdays to watch games in the English Premier League or you are always finding yourself hiding the fact that you are watching the Champions League at work on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

A good way to capitalize on your knowledge of the beautiful game is to play DFS soccer. If you put the right team together, you can make a lot of money playing DFS before the clock even strikes noon on any given Saturday.

There are different types of DFS soccer contests and picking the best one for you is almost as important as choosing a lineup. Each contest type has different rules about how many people can participate and how much each person can earn. This article provides players with a helpful guide on how to pick the right contest for you.

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Double Ups

I put this one first because it is personally my favorite type of contest. Also, this type of contest makes it the most obvious as to how DFS websites make their money. In a standard double up there are usually 11 teams participating but they often can have more. Out of these 11 players the top 5 get their money doubled and the rest receive nothing. The top five receive the money from five of the losing players and the odd person out has their money go straight to DraftKings or whichever website you use. I prefer this contest because your odds of cashing out are not quite 50% but are still very high and I know exactly what I how much I have to gain or lose.


Multipliers are similar to double ups except the amount of profit you make is increased and your odds of cashing out are decreased. You choose the amount you want your multiplier to be before the contest. Multipliers can be 3x, 4x, 5x, 10x, all the way up to 40x your buy in on some sights. Keep in mind though, the higher the multiplier the lower the odds you have of cashing out.

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Tournaments are kind of the staple of any Daily Fantasy website. On the surface, they seem very similar to multipliers. The difference is that in multipliers everyone who finishes in the money receives the same amount of money. Whereas, in tournaments, the amount of money you win is determined by how well your team performs. The first few people who cash out usually win their money back and then as the teams get higher on the leaderboard so does the amount of money they profit. These tournaments can range from three entries to thousands. Obviously, when there are more people in the tournament the amount of money to be won is a lot greater. But when there are more people in the tournament the odds you have of winning are much lower. Usually at least the top 30% make at least some money.


In the 50-50 contests there is always an even number of players. That’s because, as the name would suggest, the top 50% of players get paid out and the bottom 50% of players get nothing. Everyone in the top 50% gets paid the same amount. In this contest you have the highest odds of cashing out but the amount you can win is limited. If you do win, your money is not fully doubled because some of the money has to go to the site running the contest.

Head to Head

This contest is exactly what it sounds like. You and one other person put your lineups up against each other and whoever finishes with the most points wins the pot. Your odds of winning are exactly 50-50 and the money you win in return is just a bit less than the money you put in. It’s basically just a 50-50 contest except here you only have to outperform one other team.

Picking The Right Contest For You

So I don’t know what you are looking for when you are playing DFS soccer. It all depends on risk reward. If you are a player who is not afraid to risk a lot of money to make a lot of money, I would suggest entering a tournament or a multiplier. If you are a player who wants the best odds to win but doesn’t mind a smaller payout, I would suggest a 50-50 or a head to head. Personally, I prefer the double up because it is right in the middle. Neither the payout nor the odds to win are too low for me. Happy playing!

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