NBA Top Over/Under Teams At The All Star Break

NBA Top Over/Under Teams At The All Star Break

When we talk handicapping, it’s often about the spread. However, another profitable avenue is betting the totals, which could be the total score of a game or team totals. Below are the top over/under teams at the All-Star break and some points of interest.

Top 10 Teams to the Over

1. San Antonio Spurs – 36-22-1
2. Washington Wizards – 35-22-1
3. Boston Celtics – 34-24
4. Atlanta Hawks – 32-26
5. Houston Rockets – 29-24-4
6. Golden State Warriors – 31-26
7. Brooklyn Nets – 32-27
8. Toronto Raptors- 32-27
9. Charlotte Hornets – 30-26-1
10. Minnesota Timberwolves – 29-26-2

Interesting Facts

• The Wizards have played a bunch of games that have gone over the total, but the real value is when they are playing at home. They are 18-9 towards the over which has hit at almost 67%.
• The Celtics are right behind Washington with a 20-11 record to the over in front of their home fans.
• The Spurs have been fantastic on the road this season playing 21 overs in their 30 road games.
• The Warriors have been brutal against the spread this season, but they have played high scoring games away from Oracle Arena. On the road, they have a 18-10 record to the over this season.

Best Teams to the Under

1. Memphis Grizzlies – 36-22-1
2. LA Lakers – 34-22-1
3. Indiana Pacers – 34-24
4. Dallas Mavericks – 30-23-4
5. Chicago Bulls – 32-25-1
6. Detroit Pistons – 30-24-2
7. Phoenix Suns – 32-26-1
8. Orlando Magic – 32-27
9. Milwaukee Bucks – 30-26-1
10. New York Knicks – 30-28

Interesting Facts

• The Grizzlies have been an incredible under team this season. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise since Memphis is last in the NBA in points per game.
• When the Lakers have played at home this season, 74 % of the games have gone under the total. At first glance, this makes sense since LeBron James has missed a ton of games. However, in LA’s away games the over has hit almost 52% of the time.
Oklahoma City is the fifth highest scoring team in the NBA this season, but they are 17-12-1 to the under this year on the road.
• The Pacers are 22-8 at home this year to the under. This is something to track with the injury to Victor Oladipo. The Pacers have played well without him so far, but I think it will catch up to them at some point. Indiana currently has the 22nd highest scoring offense in basketball.

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