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The Eye Test: Divisional Round

divisional round recap

Well, we survived that.

The AFC games were unwatchable from the jump. Anytime the Colts or Chargers did something remotely positive, there was this wishful enthusiasm that that would be the play to turn the game. Dallas hung in there if you had the points, but came up just shy. Philly cashed tickets ATS, but anyone who had Big Dick Nick fever was saying fuck the points, give me the moneyline.

Lower seeds bent over for the rested home teams all weekend long. The 1 and 2 seeds on both sides advanced to the Conference Championships, continuing the recent dominance of teams off of a playoff bye. If we’re being objective and honest, these have been the 4 best teams consistently throughout the season. You could make an argument for the Chargers I would say, but the best teams come out strong in big games and that clearly wasn’t the case for them.

Pass: Home Teams Coming Off The Bye

There are always those comments this time of year that are just there to fit a narrative. The higher seeds were clearly the better teams in all 4 games this weekend. Sorry Philly, you looked like you might throw a wrench in this during the first quarter, but then New Orleans stepped on the gas pedal.

Scenario 1: “The 1 seed was just the more rested team and the 6 seed has been in win or go home mode for a few weeks now. 6 seed was just too run down to continue their run.”

Scenario 2: “The 1 seed got upset because they had last week off, the starters rested Week 17, and they haven’t really played a meaningful game since Week 16. The white hot 6 seed came in and just had too much momentum for this 1 seed to keep up.”

It seems as though the time off has been beneficial to teams of late, as this season yet another clean sweep by teams coming off the rested week. But you know damn well if the Eagles would have pulled off that upset in New Orleans, the fucking media would be writing the second scenario I just laid out. Come on dude, you can’t have it both ways.

The bye week is obviously advantageous, and all 4 teams made the most of that opportunity this season. There have been times in which 1 and 2 seeds have gone down, but we have to assume those are the exception to the rule.

Like I mentioned earlier, these are the 4 best teams of the season and they deserve to be playing this weekend. This theme appears across all professional sports typically, which brings up the futures markets. When we are mid-season in any sport, there are usually a couple of teams that pass The Eye Test when it comes to sustaining success. As fun as it is to chase long shots, it’s important to note we see these dominant teams late in the season more often than not.

Super Bowl Odds at

  • New Orleans Saints            +160
  • Kansas City Chiefs              +200
  • New England Patriots       +240
  • Los Angeles Rams              +270

Fail: Dogs

Just. Fail.

I can’t believe I went into this weekend with any optimism for some Wild Card teams to advance.

Philly, how do you put up 14 right out of the gate like that and then STOP FUCKING SCORING. New Orleans is the better team, and they proved it by dominating from the second quarter on. How poetic that the run ends on a Foles’ interception. Yes, I know, Alshon Jeffery should have made the catch. But Cody Parkey should have made the kick. So quit your bitchin’ Eagles fans.

The only thing to say about the Chargers is, when the broadcast is measuring your first downs with the opponents touchdowns, it may be time to just throw in the towel. Cold weather Phillip showed his true colors. Belichick let LA know that their cute little season wasn’t going any further.

The Cowboys got beat at their own game. The Rams ran the ball right down Dallas’ throat. It was not the same Cowboy defense that we saw all season long. And Jason Garrett’s play calling on 4th and 1 could not have been more predictable. When you need it the most, you’re going to run Zeke up the middle? I mean, come on. My 3 week old son was calling Zeke up the middle there.

Indy. Oh Indy. It was a fun season guys. I managed to make a whopping zero dollars on futures with your name on them. I’m seeing some 20/1 out there for next season, maybe I’ll take the bait and enjoy Captain Andrew Luck for another season.

Looking Ahead…

Here we go. This is the time of year when every radio show and podcast reminds us that there are only 3 more NFL games left. Start the buzz going early, drop the mortgage on a moneyline parlay, and let’s enjoy this last weekend of multiple games.

One of the rare sports fans from Boise, Idaho that follows sporting events outside of Boise State football games. Brand new father! High school baseball coach and umpire. Degenerate gambler.

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