Game Of Throws: The Best Streaming QB Option For Week Twelve

Game Of Throws: The Best Streaming QB Option For Week Twelve

The Rules:

This is a win/loss format column with the goal of 250 yards passing + rushing and two touchdowns. Every time a quarterback selected finishes the NFL fantasy week in the top twelve or accumulates 250 yards passing/rushing and two touchdowns, it will be graded as a win. Anything short of that, you guessed it-a loss. 

Using ESPN standard scoring / PPR leagues, the quarterback of the week must be 30% or less owned.

Week Twelve Game Of Throws Selection

Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens

Here’s the deal. Do I think Lamar Jackson is going to be this pocket passing quarterback throwing the ball all over the yard? No. But the reason I love mobile quarterbacks so much is that rushing yards literally count for 250% more than passing yards account for. It takes 25 yards for a quarterback to gain a point through the air, yet it only takes ten on the ground to get that same point. Rushing touchdowns count for six while passing touchdowns count for four.

This was the reason Michael Vick was such a force in the beginning stages of fantasy, well before the DFS boom. Lamar Jackson isn’t going to rush for over 100 yards every single game, but even 70 yards gets you a seven-point floor, to the point where 70 rushing yards counts the same as 175 passing yards.

The best part is he gets to go against the Oakland defense, which just made Josh Rosen look decent and more importantly gave up monster play after monster play to David Johnson running the ball. If Lamar Jackson is going to get 20+ rush attempts against one of the worst rush defenses in the NFL, sign me up.

Game Of Throw’s Season Record:


Week One: Andy Dalton W

Week Two: Alex Smith L

Week Three: Ryan Fitzpatrick W

Week Four: Joe Flacco W

Week Five: Ryan Tannehill L

Week Six: Jameis Winston W

Week Seven: Baker Mayfield W

Week Eight: Andy Dalton W

Week Nine: Joe Flacco L

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