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Primetime Emmy Bets Picked By An Emmy Winner

emmy odds and betting picks

Hello, I am Emmy-winning producer and sports gambling loser, Ryan McKee. I have NEVER left Vegas with money.

You do not want my advice when it comes to picking teams. However, I am an insider in Hollywood … in that I live inside Hollywood (or nearby at least) and I am a member of the Television Academy — the group of people who vote on the Emmy Awards.

While I cannot personally place bets on the awards, as that would be unethical (and I’m pretty sure against some rules), I will provide the loyal readers of with my takeaways from looking at the odds. Plus, because I’m not placing bets, that means this advice might actually work, because I didn’t jinx it.

Drama Series
The Handmaid’s Tale (-480)
Game of Thrones (+250)
The Americans (+1100)
The Crown (+1800)
Westworld (+2100)
This Is Us (+2800)
Stranger Things (+4000)

Cut-n-Dry: The Handmaid’s Tale
You’re boring if you bet this, but it’s most likely a win.

Down-n-Dirty: The Americans
Final season of a criminally underrated show. It’s as politically poignant now as Handmaid’s Tale, even though it takes place in the freaking 80s. Game of Thrones and Westworld will split the large HBO vote, which leaves FX’s longtime drama with a chance. At +1100, it’s worth a shot that voters finally feel guilty enough to give The Americans its due.

Comedy Series
Atlanta (-200)
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (+100)
Barry (+1100)
black-ish (+2800)
Curb Your Enthusiasm (+2800)
Glow (+4000)
Silicon Valley (+4000)
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (+4000)

Cut-n-Dry: Atlanta
The first season blew everyone away. The second season is even better. Spread your money there and on front-runner The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (+100) and assure yourself some return.

Down-n-Dirty: Barry
The comedy series about a contract killer who wants to be a Hollywood actor. Hollywood LOVES shows about them. Also, apparently, HBO has the big contingent of voters in the Academy. Not sure how or why, but it’s something I always hear. Those voters are definitely more excited about Barry (+1100) than old favorites Curb and Silicon Valley.

Lead Actress Comedy
Rachel Brosnahan (-1200)
Tracee Ellis Ross (+450)
Allison Janney (+900)
Issa Rae (+2000)
Lily Tomlin (+2800)

Cut-n-Dry: Rachel Brosnahan
Mrs. Maisel is absolutely delightful and should win. With those odds though, you’ll have to put down more money than the show’s entire season budget to see any return.

Down-n-Dirty: Issa Rae
Up against Brosnahan, Insecure’s lead (+2000) is a long shot, but her show trends on Twitter every new episode. Her cult following just keeps growing. A win would surprise everyone, but no one would argue it.

Lead Actor Comedy
Donald Glover (-480)
Bill Hader (+200)
Ted Danson (+1800)
Anthony Anderson (+2800)
Larry David (+2800)
William H. Macy (+2800)

Cut-n-Dry: Donald Glover
Everything I wrote for Atlanta applies here, ON TOP OF THE FACT some of the older voters just learned he’s also Childish Gambino. Seriously, people are still figuring that out and they love it.

Down-n-Dirty: Bill Hader
The second worst odds doesn’t make this an exciting pick, but it’s the only other one worth putting money on. Everyone is tired of voting for old white guys. And as great as Anthony Anderson is, it feels like he’s been around longer than Ted Danson.

Supporting Actress Comedy
Kate McKinnon (+100)
Alex Borstein (+135)
Laurie Metcalf (+300)
Megan Mullally (+1200)
Bett Pilpin (+2800)
Leslie Jones (+2800)
Zazie Beetz (+4000)
Aidy Bryant (+4000)

Cut-n-Dry: Kate McKinnon/Alex Borstei
McKinnon is a talent supernova. No one dislikes her. Just try to hate her for one second … doesn’t feel right, does it? That said, longtime voice actress Alex Borstein should win for stepping in front of the camera of Mrs. Maisel. It’s a toss up between those two.

Down-n-Dirty: Zazie Beetz
+4000 jumps off the screen! If you haven’t been paying attention to the rest of this article, everyone LOVES Atlanta. Zazie is electric, funny, sexy, and caustic in it. Plus, she is a scene stealer in Deadpool 2. I know that’s not supposed to play a factor in Emmys voting, but voters are only human.

Supporting Actor Comedy
Henry Winkler (-300)
Tony Shalhoub (+280)
Brian Tyree Henry (+500)
Tituss Burgess (+650)
Alec Baldwin (+800)
Kenan Thompson (+4000)
Louie Anderson (+4000)

Cut-n-Dry: Henry Winkler/Tony Shalhoub
Another toss up. If you’re not a fun person, put your money on either or both. Everyone loves these guys.

Down-n-Dirty: Brian Tyree Henry
+500 isn’t the +4000 of Zazie, but the same general argument applies. Brian Tyree Henry kills it as Paper Bo … plus, again, people are tired of voting for old white guys.

Deeper Down-n-Dirty: Kenan Thompson
After 15 seasons on Saturday Night Live, Kenan gets his first nomination in this category. This weekend at the Creative Arts Awards, he came on stage to be a presenter and I could feel the energy in the room change. His charisma filled Microsoft Theater. I immediately wanted to go on a long long road trip with him – just the two of us. At +4000, it might be worth a few dollars to bet on how much Hollywood types love him.

Lead Actress Drama
Elisabeth Moss (-425)
Claire Foy (+280)
Keri Russell (+500)
Sandra Oh (+600)
Evan Rachel Wood (+2000)
Tatiana Maslany (+2800)

Cut-n-Dry: Elisabeth Moss
Handmaid’s Tale … blah blah blah … last year’s winner … blah blah blah … brilliant actress ….

Down-n-Dirty: Keri Russell
It’s The Americans last season. Russell has been so amazing on it for so long and few have noticed. This could be the year people feel like she finally deserves her due.

Lead Actor Drama
Sterling K. Brown (-160)
Matthew Rhys (+100)
Milo Ventimiglia (+650)
Jeffrey Wright (+1600)
Ed Harris (+2000)
Jason Bateman (+2800)

Cut-n-Dry: Sterling K. Brown
He won last year and people just freaking squeal when they’re near him. Seriously, my wife barely held her shit together when he walked by us last weekend. It was embarrassing. But … his character didn’t do much in this season’s This Is Us, so that could leave an opening.

Cut-n-Dry-ish: Matthew Rhys
The same applies here with what I wrote for Keri Russell. The only difference is this category doesn’t have Elisabeth Moss at the top.

Down-n-Dirty: Don’t waste your money on anyone but Brown or Rhys.

Supporting Actress Drama
Ann Dowd (+100)
Yvonne Strahovski (+150)
Thandie Newton (+375)
Lena Headey (+600)
Vanessa Kirby (+1200)
Alexis Bledel (+2000)
Millie Bobby Brown (+4000)

Cut-n-Dry: Ann Dowd/Yvonne Strahovski
Toss up between these Handmaid’s Tale stars.

Down-n-Dirty: Millie Bobby Brown
I mean, there’s no way a 14-year-old beats all these talented adults. BUT stranger things have happened …. (see what I did there?). Real talk: people have been sleeping on how great Millie is in season 2. It’s possible the adult actresses split the vote and Millie mind-magics her way on stage.

Supporting Actor Drama
David Harbour (-300)
Peter Dinklage (+350)
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (+3300)
Joseph Fiennes (+5000)
Mandy Patinkin (+5000)

Ehhhhhhh – probably the least exciting category. Dinklage should win. He should win every category he’s ever nominated in.

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