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What Are The Odds James Corden Gets An NFL Workout?

Late Late Show host James Corden just put all 32 NFL teams on notice. He thinks he’s got what it takes to be a journeyman kicker in the league. All he’s asking for is a shot.

Okay, we know this is a joke, but what if … and stay with me now … what if a team that’s 0-10 in November puts Corden on their roster for one game to boost fan interest? That could be Tampa Bay. What if everything Hue Jackson is preaching in Hard Knocks implodes again this season and Zane Gonzalez is more missing extra points than Mike Francesa misses cultural references? Do the Browns give their fans some excuse to brave the cold by watching Corden at least try a kickoff?

I get the odds are insane, but seriously, what would to put them at? After all, Corden’s recruiting tape is much more impressive than some four-star recruits put together.


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