Sunday Night Baseball Preview: Subway Series Conclusion

6/10 Sunday Night Baseball Preview: Subway Series Conclusion

This is one of my favorite things in baseball Mets-Yankees classic city rivalry. It’s the best small dick contest in the 13 colonies. Why do Chicago/LA/Bay/NY fans feel you have to hate the other local team that plays in the opposite league? I get true division rivalries. Yanks/Sox, Mets/Braves etc. But why do Cubs and White Sox fans beef so hard? Dodger fan shows up to be an asshole from San Diego to San Francisco in division games.

Dodger fan showing up to be Dodger fan in Anaheim/Oakland is like watching your drunk friend put an anal suppository in with an oversized foam digit. It makes no sense. I happen to be an Angels fan. Now the #1 thing I’ve ever wanted to see in my baseball life is a real Freeway Series. Not the bullshit exhibition before the real games start. Not the Interleague bullshit. I’m talking a real World (Freeway) Series up and down the 5 for seven majestic games. Therefore I root for the Dodgers to be good enough (they’ve been much better than my Halos) for that dream to come true.

New York Fans

New York fans really piss me off in this regard where they had three teams there consistently creating subway series (pre ‘Nam), still got a modern version of it (in 2000) and they constantly try to make this a rivalry. This isn’t Israel/Palestine the Mets weren’t even a thing until the 60’s. Mets colors are a combination of Giants and Dodgers colors because they wanted the new NL team in NY to represent the past when the Mets joined the NL (I hate nostalgia.) The Yankees were originally the Baltimore Orioles for the first season of American League play then moved to Polo Grounds (shared with the Giants) and became the Highlanders (Yankee Stadium was built in the 20’s hence House That Ruth Built.)

Let’s cut the bullshit already and act like these teams are on some kind of collision course with destiny. They happen to play in the same city in separate leagues. Not much of a rivalry to me outside Queens. Ironically the history of these two crack me up. Like clockwork if the Yankees ever have a downtime it seems the Mets happen to put decent teams together (1969, 1973, 1986, 2015.)

That said Luis Severino is pitching for the Highlanders tonight. He’s one of the few truly elite pitchers in the AL. Fuck the props. Load on the Yankees. I want to give you a bunch of awful props but the best way to make money on this game is to ride the Yanks.

But……Mets first score is +178. That’s so kinky. It makes you want to hook up with with a colostomy bag. No one reading this wants to fuck shit even at +150. Smart people throw three units on Yankees and a side unit on the Mets first score just to hedge the turds. I’m guessing Severino gets in early trouble and deals the rest of the way.

DFS Picks For Sunday Night Baseball

Load on Severino. His strikeout rate should be enough. Don’t get weird with hitters. Aaron Judge is worth the price. But for shits and giggles take Greg Bird in a solid matchup for him.

Well, that is for this week. Next week I’m going to torture goldfish at a church fair! Follow me to hell @Scott_Bowser.

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