50 College Basketball Games To Watch This Weekend!


  1. Virginia @ Pittsburgh (Sat 1pm ESPNU) – Pitt is winless in the ACC and Virginia is one of the best teams in the country I know, I know but if UVA for sure wants a shot at the one seed in the whole tournament they need this game.
  1. Old Dominion @ Western Kentucky (Sat 4pm STAD) The 2nd and 3rd ranked teams in the Conference USA square off for higher seeding. Both these teams are the top challengers for Middle Tennessee.
  1. UC Irvine @ Hawaii (Sat 9pm) – UC Irvine is the top placed team in the Big West currently after a huge blowout home win over UC Santa Barbara. Now they look to keep the 1 seed for their conference tournament with a big road win. Hawaii is 5th in the conference but plays much better at home than they do on the road.
  1. Charleston @ William & Mary (Sat 11am) – Charleston is red hot and in first place in the CAA. William & Mary who was in 1st for a lot of the season is currently in 4th place and would love to knock off the top seeded team in their own backyard. Conference seeding is at stake here.
  1. Wyoming @ Fresno State (Sat 7pm ESPNU) – Fresno State is the third place team in the mountain West while Wyoming is currently 7th in conference but this is a big game for conference seeding in the Mountain West tournament.
  1. Davidson @ Duquesne (Sat 9am) – This Atlantic 10 matchup is strictly about conference seeding. Davidson is in third place but VCU isn’t far behind. Duquesne is currently in 10th place and could really be a tough first round draw for someone.
  1. UAB @ Middle Tennessee (Sat 4pm STAD) – Middle Tennessee is the top seed in the Conference USA. UAB is 6th in the conference and would love some confidence heading into the Conference USA tournament.
  1. Towson @ Hofstra (Sat 1pm) – Hofstra is currently 3rd in the CAA and with a win here they could go for 2nd place. Towson is currently 5th in conference and is looking to jump to 4th as conference tournament play is right around the corner. This is a big one for both schools.
  1. Harvard @ Princeton (FRI 4pm ESPNU) – Harvard is looking for the top seed in the IVY league. They are currently 2nd. Princeton is currently 7th but this is a classic rivalry spot so throw the record books out. Plus Harvard could be looking ahead to the matchup against top seeded Penn.
  1. Wofford @ East Tennessee State (FRI 4pm) – East Tennessee State may be the top seed in the southern conference but this conference has some good teams like Wofford who’s currently in 4th place. Don’t sleep on Wofford, this team beat UNC in their own backyard earlier this year. Plus conference tournament seeding is at stake here.
  1. Providence @ Georgetown (Sat 9am CBSS) – This is a must win game for the Friars who are just barely in the tournament as we speak. Georgetown has been playing better of late and would sure love to play spoiler on the Friars postseason chances.
  1. UCF @ Temple (Sun 11am ESPNU) – Temple needs this game so much. The owls are already on the way outside looking in and they need some wins both here and in the conference tournament to really make a run at getting in.
  1. Tennessee @ Ole Miss (Sat 10am SECN) – Tennessee is still playing for the top seed in the SEC tournament which makes this almost a must win game for them. Ole Miss is playing inspired ball after upsetting Missouri after losing their own head coach who resigned.
  1. Iowa State @ West Virginia (Sat 3pm ESPN2) – West Virginia is 3rd in the Big 12 and looking to jump up in the final days of the regular season. The Mountaineers are also looking for revenge on a Iowa State team that upset them in Ames just a few weeks ago.
  1. Minnesota @ Purdue (Sun 1pm FS1) – this shouldn’t be much of a game but if Purdue wants any shot of winning the regular season championship they need to handle this game.
  1. Santa Clara @ Saint Mary’s (Sat 3pm ESFC) – Saint Mary’s needs this game. Gonzaga is playing at BYU who beat the Zags in this same very game last year. If that happens again and Saint Mary’s can find a way to win this game then Saint Mary’s would walk away with the 1 seed for the conference tournament.
  1. Washington @ California (Sat 1:30 PACN) – Washington laid an egg Thursday against Stanford which probably knocked them back a bit. The Huskies were on the verge of being the final four teams to make the tournament. Now they need to for sure win this and then do some more work.
  1. Harvard @ Penn (Sat 4pm) – The top two teams in the Ivy League go head to head for the top seed in the conference tournament. Can’t wait to catch this one.
  1. Boston College @ Miami (FL) (Sat 11am ESFC) – Boston College has really improved from last year and although they won’t be in the big dance they’re still a solid team. One that could be trying to play the spoiler role. Miami is currently in the big dance but they are not a shoe in, meaning the Hurricanes still need to do some work and well this is their chance to gain a nice win.
  1. Michigan State @ Wisconsin (Sun 10am CBS) – This shouldn’t be much of a game right? That’s what Purdue thought when they visited Madison and look what happened. MSU is playing for the regular season title and top seed in both the conference tournament and the big dance.
  1. Seton Hall @ St. John’s (Sat 9am FOX) – The question will be which St. John’s team is going to show up? Seton Hall would sure like another win on the books as they try to improve their seeding. This is a real dangerous game for the Pirates.
  1. Arizona State @ Oregon State (Sat 5pm ESPNU) – Oregon State almost knocked off Arizona on Thursday and now they get a chance to knock off ASU. ASU needs as many wins as they can get with how inconsistent they’ve been playing the past month.
  1. Georgia Tech @ Clemson (Sat Noon ESFC) – Clemson is coming off a couple losses and just needs to handle this game. For a couple reasons for their own confidence and for conference seeding. Georgia Tech would love to play the spoiler role here.
  1. Marquette @ DePaul (Sat 9am) – Marquette isn’t officially all the way dead yet. Which means this is a must win game here. DePaul is a bit better than their record indicates. Can the Blue Demons play the Devil here and ruin Marquette’s postseason hopes?
  1. Michigan @ Maryland (Sat 9am ESPN) – um here is your chance Maryland. The Terps are on the way outside but this is a huge opportunity for them. If Maryland can find a way to win this to end their regular season and then have a good Big 10 conference championship performance maybe just maybe the Terps can sneak in to the big dance. Michigan is also trying to preserve or improve their conference and tournament seeding.
  1. South Carolina @ Mississippi State (Sat 12:30 SECN) – Mississippi State is currently in the tournament. South Carolina is a team on the way outside but the Gamecocks are still very much alive if they can come up with a few more nice wins. Here’s their shot for a nice win to keep them alive.
  1. Syracuse @ Duke (Sat 3:15pm ESPN) – Syracuse is 18-10 and coming off a home loss to North Carolina. The Orangemen are currently as much on the bubble as you can possibly get. Some have them in the tournament some have them out. This is a big chance for them to make the case for being in the tournament. For Duke it’s simply a seeding game at this point.
  1. Notre Dame @ Wake Forest (Sat Noon ESFC) – This is an absolute must win for Notre Dame who despite all their injuries still has a shot of making the tournament. Sure, they’re on the outside looking in right now but considering what they’ve had to deal with it’s impressive they still even have a shot. This is a must win game though. Wake has been disappointing all year but they are very well capable of winning this one in their own backyard.
  1. Wichita State @ SMU (Sat 11am ESPN) – Wichita played great with a nice road win at Cincinnati that basically put them in the drivers seat to win the American regular season title if they can just win out. SMU has been a disappointment all year but they did upset Wichita in their own backyard so this is not only a revenge game for Wichita this is a absolute must win if they want the top seed in conference tournament play.
  1. Dayton @ Rhode Island (Fri 4pm ESPN2) – Rhode Island needs to keep winning so they can get a 4 seed. Dayton has had a disappointing first year under Anthony Grant. This game sure could help things for the program.
  1. Tulsa @ Cincinnati (Sun 9am CBSS) – This is a must win game for Cincinnati if they want to win the regular season conference championship and get the one seed for their tournament. Tulsa who isn’t necessarily out of the big dance yet. They lack the big time victory on their resume to get them in the tournament well guess what here’s a chance at a big time victory.
  1. LSU @ Georgia (Sat 11am ESPNU) – This is an absolute must win game for Georgia who is coming off a bad loss at South Carolina. The Bulldogs are still on the outside looking in and they need to end the regular season strong and have a decent SEC conference tournament performance.
  1. Texas A&M @ Vanderbilt (Sat 1pm ESPN2) – Texas A&M is finally healthy and have played their way into the tournament but not by too much. Vanderbilt is just 11-17 overall but they’ve been a real tough out at home in Nashville where this game is going down. This is somewhat of a scary game for A&M.
  1. UCLA @ Colorado (Sun 1pm ESPNU) – This is a must win game for UCLA especially after losing to Utah on Thursday night. The Bruins are a bubble team that’s on the outside looking in at this very moment.
  1. Gonzaga @ BYU (Sat 5pm ESPN2) – last year Gonzaga lost this game. If the Zags lose this game and Saint Mary’s beats Santa Clara it would be Saint Mary’s grabbing the one seed.
  1. Ohio State @ Indiana (Fri 5pm FS1) – Woah this is a big one when you consider Ohio State is battling Purdue and Michigan State for the top seed in the Big 10. Then there’s Indiana who isn’t completely out of the tournament yet. A huge win here and a nice BIG 10 conference performance and the Hoosiers could find themselves in the tournament.
  1. Arizona @ Oregon (Sat 7:15pm ESPN) – Arizona needed overtime to take down Oregon State on Thursday and now they’ll face a Oregon team that’s been playing much better as late.
  1. Missouri @ Kentucky (Sat 5pm ESPN) – Both teams are currently in the field of 68 but this game has got tournament and conference seeding written all over it.
  1. Arkansas @ Alabama (Sat 3pm SECN) – Both these teams are projected in on the big dance so this is strictly all about conference tournament seeding.
  1. St. Bonaventure @ VCU (Sat 5pm CBSS) – St. Bonaventure needs this game. As one of the last four in on my Peoples bracket predictions this becomes a huge game for them. VCU is 4th in the A10 and would love the opportunity to potentially jump up a spot.
  1. Auburn @ Florida (Sat 5:30pm SECN) – This is a huge game for Auburn seeding wise and well Florida is in need of a big time win. This is a must watch game.
  1. Louisville @ Virginia Tech (Sat 10am CBS) – Virginia Tech sure could use a win here. The Hokies are still in danger of losing out on making the tournament. They are currently in right now but they could use a nice statement win for the committee to see. Louisville is coming off a couple tough losses and would love to get back on track.
  1. Kansas State @ Oklahoma (Sat 3pm ESPNU) – Can Oklahoma actually win a game? Kansas State is a good team and Oklahoma has lost 6 games in a row. The Sooners desperately need a win here after losing to Kansas by 30. Both teams need the win the question is who will get it?
  1. Florida State @ NC State (Sun 3pm ESPNU) – The 6th and & 7th placed ACC teams doing battle in a game where both teams really need a win. As of right now both teams are projected in the big dance but they are not safely in the tournament which means each team really needs this game.
  1. Oklahoma State @ Texas (Sat 11am) – This is another huge game between two bubble teams. Texas needs this one more but man this should make for a great matchup. Conference Tournament seeding is on the line as well as tickets to the big dance.
  1. Villanova @ Creighton (Sat 11:30am FOX) – Creighton has been money at home for almost the entire year. Villanova needs this game if they want to the 1 seed in the conference tournament. Creighton needs this game for not only conference tourney seeding but as a statement game for the big dance.
  1. USC @ Utah (Sat 11:30am PACN) – yes, yet another desperation game that is basically a playoff game. Utah is coming off a huge home win against UCLA and if they want to make the tournament then they need this. USC is coming off a nice road win at Colorado that probably put them in the final four teams in the tournament as I write this, so a loss here would probably bounce them out. This is must watch tv people.
  1. Baylor @ TCU (Sat 9am ESPN) – okay this is going to be great two so called bubble teams going head to head for the chance of postseason play. Sign me up. Baylor is the more desperate team here but not by too much.
  1. Penn State @ Nebraska (Sun 2:15pm BTN) – Talk about a huge game with tons of big dance implications? Both these teams are barely on the outside and looking to get in to the tournament. Both teams need big victories as they close out the regular season. Both teams will need to have a nice performance in the Big 10 tournament. So here we go. Can’t wait for this one. At the moment it would appear that Nebraska is slightly closer to making the tournament than Penn State is but just ever so slightly.
  1. Kansas @ Texas Tech (Sat 1:15 ESPN) – Will Kansas finally lose out on a regular season conference championship? This game is most likely for the top seed in the conference tournament and for the regular season Big 12 title. Plus it’s two teams that are capable of winning the entire tournament. Must watch TV.
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