Guess The Bubble Teams For March Madness

I’ve deleted the team names of 11 bubble teams fighting for the final four spots in the NCAA Tournament. Hopefully this will force you to judge the teams strictly off their resume and not just their name. The answer key is at the bottom along with my First Four In & Out for March Madness.

TEAM A (Overall Record 19-9)

Good Wins: New Mexico State, Middle Tennessee, Utah

Bad Losses: vs SMU, vs Princeton, @ Stanford

My Take: They’ve beaten a couple good mid majors and a decent Utah team but the big wins are missing. Plus the losses to SMU and Princeton are pretty bad. @ Stanford isn’t a terrible loss.

TEAM B (Overall Record 19-8)

Good Wins: @ Kentucky, vs USC, @ Arizona, vs Utah

Bad Losses: vs Colorado, @ Oregon State, @ Stanford

My Take: Some great road wins at Kentucky & Arizona and two nice wins against USC and Utah. The losses aren’t terrible either. At Oregon State is probably their worst.

TEAM C (Overall Record 18-9)

Good Wins: @ Louisville, @ Miami (FL)

Bad Losses: St. Bonaventure, @ Wake Forest, @Georgia Tech

My Take: Losing to St. Bonaventure isn’t a bad loss since they’re a tournament team at the moment but it’s a tough home loss. Games at Wake & GT are bad losses.

TEAM D (Overall Record 15-11)

Good Wins: @ Oklahoma, vs Texas Tech, vs TCU, vs Alabama

Bad Losses: Baylor (2), vs Kansas State

My Take: Some nice wins against tournament teams. The losses aren’t bad losses at all. I like the resume.

TEAM E (Overall Record 21-6)

Good Wins: @ Oregon, New Mexico (2), @ Fresno State, @ UNLV

Bad Losses: @Iowa State, @ SMU,  @ Wyoming @ Utah State

My Take: This team is tied for most wins of anyone of the eleven. The Iowa State loss isn’t bad since Iowa State has beat a ton of quality teams in Ames, Iowa. The other three are somewhat bad losses. SMU okay. Wyoming and Utah State are decent but overall those teams aren’t great.

TEAM F (Overall Record 19-10)

Good Wins: @Ohio State, vs Ohio State, vs Nebraska

Bad Losses: vs Wisconsin, vs Rider, vs Minnesota @ Northwestern

My Take: Two wins against Ohio State is great and a nice home win against a solid Nebraska team. The losses are pretty bad though.

TEAM G (Overall Record 15-11)

Good Wins: vs Tennessee, @ Florida, vs Florida, vs Alabama, vs Temple, @ Marquette vs Saint Mary’s

Bad Losses: @ San Diego State, @ UMASS, @ Vanderbilt

My Take: Quality wins here that’s for sure. Including a sweep of Florida. San Diego State is a up and down team and sure their record isn’t incredible but it’s not that bad of a loss, still bad but not that bad. Umass is a terrible loss while the Vandy loss isn’t that bad considering how many quality teams have lost in Nashville.

TEAM H (Overall Record 18-9)

Good Wins: @ Kansas, @ USC

Bad Losses: @ Oregon State, vs Stanford

My Take: Two nice road wins that’s for sure and the two losses aren’t that awful. The Oregon State one is the worst of the two but those aren’t that bad.

TEAM I (Overall Record 17-9)

Good Wins: vs Missouri, @ Arizona State, @ Washington

Bad Losses: vs UNLV, @ BYU

My Take: Some nice wins but the two losses stick out pretty bad. UNLV is much like San Diego State where it’s not a awful loss but the BYU one is pretty bad.

TEAM J (Overall Record 17-11)

Good Wins: vs Creighton, vs Texas, @ Texas, vs Texas Tech, vs Kansas

Bad Losses: @ Iowa State

My Take: This is a great resume because they have a bunch of good wins and only one bad loss at Iowa State where just about every good team that plays at Iowa State goes home with a L or a close win.

TEAM K (Overall Record 21-9)

Good Wins: vs Michigan, vs Boston College

Bad Losses: @ St. Johns, vs UCF, @ Illinois

My Take: This team is tied for the most wins of any of the eleven but there’s not many great caliber wins. Boston College is improved but that’s not that great of a win. The Michigan win is great. The loss to St. John’s isn’t as bad as one would think when you consider St. John’s also beat Villanova, Duke & Marquette. UCF is decent but still that’s a tough loss but the Illinois loss is a bad one.

My First 4 In Would Be:

  1. Team J
  2. Team D
  3. Team G
  4. Team B

My First 4 Out Would Be:

  1. Team H
  2. Team C
  3. Team K
  4. Team F

The Last Three Out Ranked:

  1. Team I
  2. Team E
  3. Team A

And here is the key for the teams.

Team A = USC

Team B = UCLA

Team C = Syracuse

Team D = Texas

Team E = Boise State

Team F = Penn State

Team G = Georgia

Team H = Washington

Team I = Utah

Team J = Baylor

Team K = Nebraska

That means my last four bubble teams in are

  • Baylor
  • Texas
  • Georgia
  • UCLA

With the other 7 teams on the outside lining up like this.

  • Washington
  • Syracuse
  • Nebraska
  • Penn State
  • Utah
  • Boise State
  • USC
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