Floyd Mayweather Fights T.I. At Las Vegas Fatburger

Floyd Mayweather Fights T.I. At Las Vegas Fatburger

Floyd Mayweather is known for his big name title fights in Las Vegas, but early Sunday morning he went toe to toe with a heavyweight in the music industry T.I. No word on what triggered the melee, but chairs were being tossed all over the Las Vegas Fatburger.

Witness claim Floyd Mayweather was eating and T.I. came up presumably talking trash before things got out of hand. T.I. also took a swing at Floyd, but didn’t appear to connect, no word if Floyd’s pattented shoulder roll was involved. Floyd Mayweather also seemed to suggest to T.I. that it would be a good idea if he “controlled his b****”. No injuries were reported, except a Fat Burger employee who got slashed with a knife and latest refused to corporate with police.

Tale Of The Tape

Floyd Mayweather vs T.I.

Fighting Out Of: Las Vegas, NV – Atlanta, GA
Notable Opponent: Juan Manuel Marquez – Ludacris
Size: 5’8″ 151 lbs – 5’9″ 170 lbs
Experience: 46-0 in professional boxing – Once tried to choke out Ludacris’ manager
Reach: 4.94 million followers – 5.14 million followers
Rap Sheet: 90 days for battery – Two terms county jail, one term federal prison
Odds: Considering T.I. has no professional boxing matches under his belt and Floyd Mayweather is one of the greatest of all time the Las Vegas would have T.I. as a 5000:1 underdog.

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