NBA First FG Props – April 4

First FG Props April 4 - NBA First FG Props - First FG bets - Come tail along with these gems today with usSome people like to sweat out a bet for 48 hard minutes – others like immediate satisfaction. Count us as being in the latter, which is why we like to get down with NBA first FG props. And we’ve decided to pass that knowledge on to you with our first FG bets for April 4. Go here for NBA Championship odds.

Of course, there are plenty out there taking blind guesses at this stuff. It’s easy to pick the most popular player or look at what happened in the last game. However, we spent the time pouring through the analytics to make sure that we give you the best odds to stay in the green on these first FG props for April 4.

Come check out what we have cooked up for this slate of games.


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NBA First FG Props – April 4

Sacramento Kings vs. New York Knicks

Tipoff – 7:30 pm EST
Madison Square Garden – New York, New York
Broadcast – TNT

The Knicks and the Kings have the exact same numbers when it comes to first bucket success this season. Both have played 75 games this year and both have scored first 38 times. Not exactly much there to find a lean on. However, there is always the tip that serves as an excellent tie breaker.

If you look at the season averages for the two teams on the tip, the lead is clearly in the favor of the Knicks. In fact, the Kings are the second worse team in the league when it comes to winning the tip. That doesn’t account for the different guys taking the jump for the Knicks though. Isaiah Hartenstein is not the jump guy for the Knicks and he’s winning just 22.5% of all his jumps. That’s 6.8% behind Domantas Sabonis and is worst in the league with at least 40 tips.

The only two players consistently showing up on the shot log early in the game for the Kings lately are De’Aaron Fox and Keon Ellis. Being that Ellis took just one shot last game, it’s a big longshot to use him here.

First FG Bet for April 4: De’Aaron Fox (+650)

Denver Nuggets vs. Los Angeles Clippers

Tipoff – 10:00 pm EST Arena – Los Angeles, California
Broadcast – TNT

The Nuggets have every advantage to speak of in this game. They rank 7th in the league in first bucket success rate, which is 18.0% ahead of the 29th place Clippers. They’re also 8th when it comes to winning the tipoff and are winning 59.2%. That puts them 31.2% ahead of the Clippers, who just happen to be the worst team in the league on the tip.

Aaron Gordon has taken one of the first three shots for the Nuggets in each of the last three games. While I like that action, I also like how active he’s been on the first bucket spreadsheets lately. He has eight first scores on the year, but three of them were in the last month. Six of them have been since the turn of the new year.

First FG Bet for April 4: Aaron Gordon (+550)

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If you’d like even more info to help make your first FG bets for April 4, check out the NBA Gambling Podcast. They’re dropping episodes five days a week to make you the smartest guy/gal at the bar. 

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