“The Bootlegger’s Grandson”: Interview with Heath Schneider of Iowa Legendary Rye | Old-Fashioned Football (Ep. 105)

"The Bootlegger's Grandson": Sextro Rye Interview with Heath Schneider | Old-Fashioned Football (Ep. 105)

As the legend goes, Al Capone sat back in his chair, sipping a rye whiskey, and declared, “This is the good stuff”. That good stuff was a  specific rye whiskey. It came out of a small town in Iowa called Templeton. The bootlegger in charge of making this rye whiskey was Lorine Sextro. Closing in on 100 years later, the exact recipe for that whiskey has been 100% preserved throughout the family. Not only preserved but still being made today. You can taste it yourself in Iowa as Iowa Legendary Rye. You may also see it labeled as Sextro Rye outside of Iowa. Join us as we sit down with the bootlegger’s grandson, Heath Schneider.

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“The Bootlegger’s Grandson”: Interview with Heath Schneider of Iowa Legendary Rye | Old-Fashioned Football (Ep. 105)

Join Old-Fashioned Football with Heath Schneider as Heath walks us through what makes Iowa Legendary Rye not only special to him but also special to history. Jump into the time capsule that catapults us back to the 1930s with the same prohibition-era recipe that his grandma was using.

Heath and everybody at Iowa Legendary Rye are determined to stay authentic to his grandma Lorine Sextro’s original ways. From using the same ingredients, the same processes, and even the same-sized 15-gallon barrels. They buy the grain from the same family Lorine got her grain from. The still she used sits in the tasting room as a great reminder of where it all started. Tune in to hear the fascinating story on how they even found her still.

Iowa legendary Rye

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Their growth and expansion into new markets and new states isn’t about seeing how many bottles they can sell. It’s not about the money. That’s obvious when you think of the small three-gallon batches they produce costing the same as distilleries producing 100 times the amount. Their small-batch is priced like any regular batched whiskey. Because it’s about preserving Lorine’s legacy and the Sextro family history in American history.

We hope you enjoy this journey through history all the way from the prohibition to your glass as much as we did. You can find more information on Iowa Legendary Rye and how to purchase it here. Also make sure to follow their social media pages to get notifications of new products! Don’t forget to ask your local grocery store or restaurant if it’s something they can get.

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