2024 Dynasty Quarterback Rankings: Is C.J. Stroud the Dynasty QB1?

2024 Dynasty Quarterback Rankings: Is C.J. Stroud the Dynasty QB1?

The 2023 NFL season is over, and the 2024 Dynasty season has already begun. Startups are happening, mock drafters are mocking, and the 2024 dynasty rankings need to be updated. Superflex is becoming the norm for dynasty leagues, and that is where we will start. The QB position is important in all formats but obviously carries more weight in SuperFlex. I am going to go through my top-12 Dynasty quarterback rankings for 2024.

Several quarterbacks busted this season, and some lost value to their dynasty stock. But, where the fantasy gods taketh, they always giveth. We saw a bounce-back season from Baker Mayfield. How high is too high for C.J. Stroud? I think C.J. Stroud is already the Dynasty QB1. Jordan Love is already inside my top 10 Dynasty Quarterback rankings. The market has moved a lot. I wanted to get some updated rankings out and discuss.


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2024 Dynasty Quarterback Rankings: Is C.J. Stroud the Dynasty QB1?

This offseason, we could see some more veteran quarterback movement. Russell Wilson could be cut or traded this offseason. Big question marks surround draft day and what that means for Mac Jones, Daniel Jones, Sam Howell, and other quarterbacks.

The first pick overall is owned by the Chicago Bears. Do we see Caleb Williams going to Chicago and Justin Fields getting traded? This will be a fun offseason. We will put out content all offseason to help keep you up to date. It will be interesting to see where the rookies land in future dynasty quarterback rankings.


1. Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills (Age 27)

Josh Allen had one of the best fantasy seasons we have ever seen from a quarterback. We have gotten so used to it that people aren’t really appreciating it. Josh Allen finished as the QB1 this season, and it wasn’t even his best performance.

Allen has been special for fantasy football. He has three of the top-10 best fantasy football seasons all-time, not including this year’s QB1 overall performance.

Josh Allen’s rise to fantasy greatness started with the addition of Stefon Diggs. But, even when Diggs has had his struggles over the past two seasons, Allen has been fine. His rushing ability is a big factor in this. Allen has led his team in both passing and rushing touchdowns in each of the past four seasons.

Everyone laughed at the Cam Newton comparisons. He has been prime Cam Newton, and he has been better. It might be time to sell while his value is so high.

Unfortunately, the “Bills” are coming due, and Josh Allen’s new contract comes into play this year. The team is going to have to find a way to build around Allen at his new price. Likely this will mean that they do not retain Stefon Diggs and possibly Gabe Davis.

Josh Allen’s consistent high-end production solidifies his spot at the top of my dynasty quarterback rankings. Whatever rookie wide receiver gets paired with him will be in high demand.

2. C.J. Stroud, Houston Texans (Age 22)

The only thing C.J. Stroud did wrong this offseason was his S2 test. Now the creators say his results were inaccurate. Possibly a blessing in disguise as he avoided the dumpster fire that is the Carolina Panthers.

The pairing of Stroud and this coaching staff has been a perfect one! Stroud put up gaudy numbers for a rookie and elevated the players around him. Nico Collins became an absolute star!

Stroud may not have the rushing upside of Josh Allen, Jalen Hurts, or Lamar Jackson, but this kid is 22 years old!  I am fine with Allen or Mahomes at 1 in your dynasty quarterback rankings, but I would not put Stroud any lower than #3.

I could also make an argument for Stroud to be the QB1. Age alone is a heavy factor is enough to consider him as the number one. I do think you could get more value from Allen, and that is why I have Allen higher.

His 19 points per game was better than Mahomes and roughly 5 points per game less than Allen. Can Allen keep up his rushing without getting hurt and having a long career? History says that is going to be difficult. He is obviously more than a rushing quarterback.

But, as he gets older, he will not be able to maintain this level of rushing. When Stroud is 27, Allen will be 32 years old. There are not many 32-year-old quarterbacks rushing for 600 yards and 15 touchdowns.

3. Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs (Age 28)

Mahomes is in no way an older player, but we saw a dip in fantasy production this year. Travis Kelce’s decline was tough, and the Chiefs’ wide receivers led the league in drops. The rise of Rashee Rice late in the season was a glimmer of hope. Kelce could end up retiring, and we should know more about that soon.

Mahomes is in the top tier, and there is a good argument to have him 1, 2 or 3. He has been fantastic for fantasy, and he will be for many years.

Mahomes might even be considered a buy-low candidate right now with everything going on. If I had the opportunity to get him, I would absolutely do it. He has been untouchable for the last two years, and now might be the time.

Tiering down from Allen is something you could consider, depending on what you are getting with Mahomes. He won’t be cheap, but anyone who had him this year did not get what they expected. This is just the first time in a while that he won’t be the consensus number 1 in every dynasty quarterback ranking.

4. Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles (Age 25)

Jalen Hurts was amazing last season, and he was really good this year as well. Unfortunately, the Eagles regressed as most Super Bowl losers do. The hangover was real, and the Eagles were picked apart this offseason. They lost 11 players, including 7 starters from their 2022 Super Bowl team.

Their coaches were lost as well; five coaches, including both offensive and defense coordinators, left. This team was crazy efficient in 2022, and everything came crashing down.

The 2023 season was not great for the Eagles, but Jalen Hurts still had a fantastic #2 overall fantasy year. It might feel like he had a bad year, but he did not. He was only 15 points behind Allen and was 32 points ahead of Lamar Jackson.

The Eagles’ difficulties on offense were mild compared to the dysfunction on their defense. Hurts and the Eagle’s offense was not the same without Shane Steichen but they were still one of the top offenses.

Hurts has a lot going for him and still carries a ton of value in Superflex leagues. He plays behind one of the best offensive lines in the league.

The team has a top-five wide receiver duo and one of the top tight ends. Look for Hurts to continue his fantasy success in 2024. Hurts is a young player, and his rushing upside makes him very valuable in all dynasty formats.

5. Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens (Age 27)

Lamar Jackson has put together an amazing season. This might not have been his best fantasy season, but he has grown as a passer. The weapons are better and he played really well in this new system.

Jackson is still young, and this year, he showed us he could stay healthy. Last year, he missed the end of the year with some injuries; he also was a lame duck due to the contract situation. That got resolved, and Jackson really rewarded his dynasty managers.

He has the best set of weapons he has ever had, and this group might even be better next year. His offensive line played well, and Todd Monken’s offense was a great fit. They said they would not take his superpower away, and they did not.

Jackson’s 148 attempts were the 3rd most in his career, and his 821 yards ranked 3rd as well. In total, he had 29 touchdowns and accounted for 4,499 yards of offense. At 27, Jackson has many great fantasy seasons to come.

6. Justin Herbert, Los Angeles Chargers (Age 25)

I am likely higher on Herbert than you are and higher than the ECR. We still don’t know who his Head Coach or his offensive coordinator will be.

He could move down as this is a close tier, but I believe in the player. Herbert showed us a rushing upside that we just have not seen recently. Injuries have hurt his fantasy production and taken away some of that rushing. There are a lot of different opinions on his dynasty quarterback ranking.

Los Angeles will have a new General Manager and have a great opportunity to help support Herbert. They are picking at the 5 spot, meaning they could get one of the top playmakers. Keenan Allen is getting older, Mike Williams could be out of town, and Quentin Johnston underwhelmed in year 1.

But this team could snag Malik Nabers, Romeo Odunze, or even Brock Bowers with their first pick. They have a great opportunity on Day 2 to address the offensive line.

Herbert has proven to have the upside we are looking for, and he is just 25. I am projecting a bit, but not dropping him any further. This team will look different next year, likely without Austin Ekeler as well.

But Herbert just signed a massive contract, and the team has a new general manager to help build around him. He is a player I would absolutely try to buy low on right now.

7. Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals (Age 27)

Joe Burrow is an interesting player right now. He has missed 12 games in his career, and this season, he struggled with injuries for the first half of it. Burrow struggled and his fantasy production was really bad to start the season.

He was quarterback 26 through the first seven weeks and the 23rd-best fantasy QB after Week 8. Weeks 9-11, he rebounded; he was QB8 for those three weeks. Then he got hurt, and his nightmare season was over.

Burrow is a pocket-passer and a lot of people felt like he was safe. The injuries have been tough, and he has two top-5 fantasy seasons sandwiched between two top-25 seasons.

This year we know he is losing his offensive coordinator, Brian Callahan. Taylor will still call plays, and that is not as big of a concern as potentially losing Tee Higgins. Cincinnati had to pay Burrow and some other players. They have Chase’s contract coming up.

This is not a franchise flush with cash, and realistically, they probably can’t afford Higgins. Tyler Boyd is also a free agent, and Burrow might have a new supporting cast in 2024. Some dynasty quarterback rankings have Burrow in the top 5, and some have him lower than I do.

You can see how he could be a buy right now. He is a talented player, and he still has Ja’Marr Chase. I would check in on Burrow’s price; it could be an interesting tier-down option or affordable if tiering up.

8. Kyler Murray, Arizona Cardinals (Age 26)

Kyler Murray is very interesting, and you could make an argument to put him in the top 6. Josh Dobbs was fantasy-relevant in this offense, and Murray played well when he returned. This team has a decision to make with Marquise Brown, but they look to be all in on Kyler Murray.

As of now, all mock drafts have them locked in on Marvin Harrison Jr. If this happens, Murray’s stock will rise, and people might already be projecting this. Kyler will be a year removed from his knee surgery. We saw him rushing last year. This should give you confidence in his recovery.

The team also drafted Michael Wilson, and we saw Trey McBride emerge as a weapon this year. Arizona has plenty of draft capital and some young pieces to help support Murray. He was my number 1 buy low and rebuilding target last year. His 2024 dynasty managers will be rewarded for their patience.

9. Jordan Love, Green Bay Packers (Age 25)

Jordan Love and Brock Purdy were two of the best values last offseason. The return on investment was amazing, and it carried over to the next year. Both have solidified their roles as starting quarterbacks and their dynasty value. You could easily cash out after they both gained so much in value, but it’s hard to find young quarterbacks.

They both are in great situations paired with fantastic player callers and a young set of weapons. I absolutely love me some Love. I would be targeting him in startups.

Love has a little bit of rushing upside to go with his arm talent. What he was able to accomplish with this set of weapons was really impressive. His playoff performances were really impressive, and his dynasty stock is at its highest. Green Bay was smart and extended his last season, so there are no questions about his contract.

He was without a lot of key pieces this season and he performed regardless. He has skyrocketed up the dynasty quarterback rankings.

10. Trevor Lawrence, Jacksonville Jaguars (Age 24)

Trevor Lawrence made huge strides in 2022, but this year was a letdown. The expectations were set pretty high, and this entire team fell short. Lawrence himself struggled through injuries and inconsistent play all year.

This year, he is going into a contract year, and expectations will be extremely high. But, blind resume you put Lawrence next to Daniel Jones or other players, his career is not off to a great start. He will need to prove it this year if he wants the big contract.

To help support Lawrence, the team is going to have to invest in the offensive line. They struggled all year, and this really hurt their team. Eventually, it got Lawrence hurt, and this will be a focal point of their offseason plan.

Lawrence is another player who you could consider as a buy-low target. We know he has talent, and his rushing upside is intriguing. Calvin Ridley is a free agent, but the team still has Engram, Etienne, and Christian Kirk.

11. Anthony Richardson, Indianapolis Colts (Age 22)

Anthony Richardson is the 8th most valued quarterback via keeptradecut.com, and all of that is projection. Yes, he was fantastic last year in a short sample size.  Gardner Minshew and this offense were really impressive this year. And, yes, this team has an amazing set of weapons.

I love the coach and love the situation; I just need to see Richardson stay healthy to move him up my dynasty quarterback rankings. He got hurt in literally every game, which is concerning.

The Colts are obviously aware and will do what they can to help coach him. Richardson has Josh Allen’s type of upside, but availability is the ability he will need to prove.

He is still very young, with limited game action in both college and the NFL. We can only hope he can stay healthy and we can truly see what this guy is capable of. Michael Pittman Jr. really solidified himself as a top wide receiver, and Josh Downs is a great second option.

12. Brock Purdy, San Francisco 49ers (Age 24)

Last year this time of the year, we did not know if Purdy was going to play in 2023. The rumors of him needing surgery, the perceived threat of Trey Lance. I ran dynasty price check threads, and Lance was coming in as a mid-late 1st. Purdy was worth a late 2nd or early 3rd.

I really hope you were able to catch a deal for Purdy like I did. He was the perfect quarterback two this year and a major piece of some winning teams for me.

The best part is that your value gets even better when he is the starter in 2024 too. Purdy is young and in the perfect situation. His cheap contract doesn’t provide a lot of job security, but he is very valuable to the team.

San Francisco can’t afford to pay all of those players and steal Javon Hargrave without his cheap deal. Purdy had some lows this year, but overall he played great.

He has had more fantasy relevance than Jimmy Garoppolo, with a better deep ball and a more aggressive approach. Purdy could be higher in my dynasty quarterback rankings, but I don’t think he carries the same trade value as the rest of the group.

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