IDP Dynasty Rankings – 2023 Inside Linebackers

IDP Dynasty Rankings: 2023 Inside Linebackers
IDP Dynasty Rankings – 2023 Inside Linebackers

The 2023 Inside Linebackers Dynasty IDP Rankings are being presented early this offseason. So expect updates here and there as NFL events like free agency and the NFL draft all play out.

There are a ton of free-agent linebackers this year. From what we see now, a few notable inside linebackers could make an impact. That’s if they land with the right scenario and team.

There are also other positional dynasty IDP rankings either on the way or already available on our SGPN fantasy football page. The dynasty IDP rankings are also for the majority of all balanced scoring formats.

They’ll be put in tiers for now, and we suggest taking that more to heart for now over the numbers. That’s if you are a novice or rookie IDP owner and new to the defensive side of the ball.

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SGPN Dynasty Rankings 

SGPN Fantasy Football Rankings

IDP Dynasty Rankings – 2023 Inside Linebackers

Tier One Inside Linebackers

1 – Roquan Smith – Baltimore Ravens

Recently paid as the NFL’s top paid inside linebacker. The Raven traded in-season with the Bears in 2022. But either way, he’s been sitting right here number one whether he did or not.

So his five-year, $100 million extension contract. Which also comes with an extra $45 million in guaranteed money via Baltimore and in Roquan Smith‘s pocket.

So Smith might not be the youngest of tier-one inside linebackers. But at just 25 years of age. This proven and elite NFL linebacker will continue to anchor IDP rosters from this point on. At the minimum, at the same level tier for the next five years.

2 – Nick Bolton – Chiefs
3 – Fred Warner – 49ers
4 – Foyesade Oluokun – Jaguars

5 – Micah Parsons – Dallas Cowboys

Our swiss army knife of linebackers. Edge rushing slash inside linebacker Micah Parsons is set up for a very long time with the Cowboys.

Proving himself as an overall yearly play this past season. One with a few disappointing outings in 2022 that hampers ever considering the top 3 overall. That’s even if he is elite and despite his great sack opportunities.

6 – Devin White – Buccaneers
7 – T.J. Edwards – Eagles (UFA)
8 – Tremaine Edmunds – Bills (UFA)

9 – Pete Werner – New Orleans Saints

If anything, this ranking of Pete Werner will get some attention. And yes, it’s right where it should be in this dynasty IDP rankings.

Because if the tier-one production Werner had at the beginning of 2022 signals anything. He likely deserves to be higher when he averaged LB1 numbers with nearly nine total tackles on average.

Adding multiple game-changing statics that also helped pad his IDP box score. As PFF agreed at that time, it was at a way above par level pre-injury in multiple contests.

So we really like his odds of blowing the 2023 dynasty IDP rankings up worldwide, especially when he plays a full season in his notorious third year for breakouts in the NFL.

10 – Shaquille Leonard – Indianapolis Colts

There will be defensive writers for fantasy football who disagree with this ranking. Either choosing to believe Shaquille Leonard earned another offseason top 5 or not.

But believe it or not, the breakout of Zaire Franklin had more meaning than it might seem. So as far as those writers who will rank him lower this year.

As far as we’re concerned, this is all the credit we’ll give him after his 2022 debacles when he was first off the board for so many but crushed all hopes pretty early in the season.

So keep this in mind when he drops in some dynasty IDP rankings. So hence, we think ten is “fair” but risky and depends on a big rebound on trust at this point on his part.

11 – Logan Wilson – Bengals
12 – Frankie Luvu – Panthers

Tier Two Inside Linebackers

13 – Dre Greenlaw – San Francisco 49ers

Ever since the NFL went to more coverage packages with defensive backs quite a few years back. There aren’t many triple-digit duos inside linebackers in the NFL anymore on a yearly basis.

So playing second fiddle to our higher-ranked Fred Warner, Dre Greenlaw also hit triplets. Recording 127 to his 130 in total tackles. Not forgetting to mention, PFF believes it was done at an elite level, which the film doesn’t argue with.

There’s no reason to doubt he won’t come close to repeating that performance again. He deserves to be the first of the second-fiddle ILBs in this dynasty’s IDP rankings.

At least based on his outstanding consistency when he isn’t the main linebacker for the 49ers. But he rivals Fred Warner and could be ranked just as high as him if he played for someone else, that is.

14 – Quay Walker – Packers
15 – C.J. Mosley – Jets

16 – Zaven Collins/Isaiah Simmons – Arizona Cardinals

As odd as it might be, this early in the offseason. There’s not any reason to split the tree trunks here. Both played as starters, with Isaiah Simmons averaging 80% on the year and Zaven Collins 92%.

With a split that’s leaning Simmons way in fantasy football points and in the film room for most of the 2022 season.

So we’re going 16 A and B here. When both of them are still very young and still developing together for at least the next couple of years, that’s “if” nothing breaks beforehand.

Because neither is even close to being above par after double-checking the film again, we also shouldn’t discount another swing in the draft or one of the many solid free-agent ILBs this year.

They’ve done weirder things, you know, like drafting a high-profile linebacker, both times, Collins and Simmons. Right after signing a veteran who did a solid job for them, a.k.a.’s Jordan Hicks and De’Vondre Campbell.

So A and B may just be more than a ranking; it just depends on how we’re looking at it and who to really trust right now.

17 – Bobby Wagner – Rams
18 – Zaire Franklin – Colts

19 – De’Vondre Campbell – Green Bay Packers

This time last year, Quay Walker killed De’Vondre Campbell’s dynasty outlook as a Packer from the moment they drafted him.

We just didn’t think it would or could happen, considering Campbell just got paid great by the Packers. But in the end. Walker earned his dynasty IDP rankings.

Knocking Campbell down, considering the ages versus starting as one of the two ILBs for the same team. Taking into account Campbell will be a free agent again way before second-year Quay Walker is.

20 – Drue Tranquill – Chargers (UFA)
21 – Jordyn Brooks – Seahawks

22 – Patrick Queen – Baltimore Ravens

More of a thought here than a ranking take. But with Roquan Smith now the highest-paid linebacker in the league. Could Baltimore trade Patrick Queen, who could start for nearly any team in the league?

It’s just something to think about if he pops up on any trade blocks anywhere.

It’s our view he’s now expandable by the Ravens with just one year left o his contract. Noting, too, this is about him jumping to the next tier up if moved on from, not down. Queen is a high-quality linebacker, for sure, in coverage.

He’s just never developed into the Grade-A traffic run stopper and block shedder. That this particular inside linebacker role needs to run the defense efficiently, so a change in scenery sure could make a difference again.

23 – Matt Milano – Buffalo Bills

Matt Milano has an upside heading into the off-season. Tremaine Edmunds is an unrestricted free agent that is due to get paid, which will happen, but not likely by Buffalo.

At least by our estimates of the scenario after looking at the entire Bill’s cap situation. So when Edmunds does leave. Matt Milan will see an increase in opportunities to absorb more tackles in theory.

Then at least for 2023, he would break in a new inside linebacker and likely do it as the duo’s main play caller, whether it’s via the draft or free agency.

He’ll probably need to take even more of a lead role with Edmunds elsewhere. While we also know his best attribute is in coverage.

So, it’s also possible we see a positional change to the middle linebacker from the weak side, which would certainly shoot Milano up even more a tier in updates if it did.

We’re just inserting him here until the Edmunds signing happens. And the nice thing, as is, Milano fits in as a tier two option either way it goes.

24 – Cole Holcomb – Washington Commanders

This completely depends on Washington resigning Cole Holcomb. If they do not, he lands elsewhere. We’re not even sure if it would be under consideration to sign him as a locked starter by another team or not. He’s had a great career with the Commanders, and that’s not in question.

It’s just too bad it’s only been spent with about half the games he should have seen because of multiple injuries. We also expect that if he signs elsewhere, and depending on that new scenario.

Holcomb could easily drop from the top tiers altogether when we update our 2023 dynasty IDP rankings again later this off-season.

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