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Best Podcasts to Listen to for the Super Bowl

It is official. The Philadelphia Eagles will play the Kansas City Chiefs for the Super Bowl LVII Championship title. The Eagles qualified after a solid 31-7 triumph over the San Francisco 49ers while the Chiefs defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20 in a hard-fought battle.

For the first time, the Super Bowl will feature two brothers, Jason and Travis Kelce, on opposing teams. Get all the action and everything to expect from Super Bowl LVII by subscribing to the following popular NFL football podcasts.

Around the NFL by the NFL Crew

The NFL’s official podcast is not just popular. It’s also regularly ranked as the best football podcast by fans and critics alike. The podcast consists of three football experts: Gregg Rosenthal, Marc Sessler, and Dan Hanzus. 

The crew talks about everything football, from news, lineups, previews, and recaps. What makes the podcasts so popular is the crew’s chemistry, expertise, and appreciation of the game of football.

Around the NFL makes podcasts feel interactive. What’s more, you don’t need to be an avid football fan to enjoy this podcast. The crew talks about the game in general. And if they must go into details, they use a language that’s easy to understand for football novices.

Listen to Around the NFL here or here.

The Ringer NFL Show

The Ringer NFL Show features different hosts every day to help football fans get different perspectives of the beautiful game. Sometimes the crew breakdown game previews to help football betting fans make informed decisions.

Sometimes they invite football fans to share their insights on the podcasts. Or, they might spend the entire time trading jokes and banters for the fun of it. Owing to that backdrop, the Ringer is a great platform for football fans looking forward to betting on the SB.

It can help you get powerful football insights you could consider in your decision-making process. However, it all depends on the bets you plan to place. If you plan to bet on the halftime show props, focus on studying Rihanna’s past performances.

What songs does she like to perform the most? What is her favorite song to end a performance? The explanation is that halftime show prop bets primarily center on the performer’s songs.

Listen to the Ringer NFL show here.

Move the Sticks Podcast with Daniel Jeremiah

People who love Move the Sticks enjoy this podcast for one reason. The two hosts—Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks are all about football. They avoid distractions and stick to previews, recaps, news, and insights.

To spice up the podcast, the two hosts regularly invite football experts to provide different perspectives. Now, not every guest adds value to the podcast. But in many cases, they bring people who add entertainment value and keep the fans hooked with their in-depth knowledge of the game.

On the downside, this podcast is plagued with commercials every few minutes. Also, the hosts avoid criticizing mistakes made by officials during NFL games, probably because they work for the NFL in different capacities.

The Sports Gambling Podcast

The Sports Gambling Podcast is a one-stop shop for all your sports betting needs. From basketball and football to hockey and soccer, this podcast provides previews, betting predictions and DFS picks for all the Major Leagues and college sports.

Although the podcast covers multiple sports, it features new content every day. Importantly, it has content for different sports fans. You can visit to listen to the crew’s SB LVII predictions. 

But if you’re more concerned by college basketball, you can navigate to the episodes where they share top NCAA basketball picks. Most episodes last less than an hour, packing purely informative content and none of the rants you will find in most football podcasts.  

Subscribe to the Sports Gambling Podcast here.

Pardon My Take by Barstool Sports

Pardon My Take is one of the most popular football podcasts for a good reason. It’s owned by Barstool and features high-profile media personalities from time to time.

The podcast dubs itself as the best place to get correct football takes. Beyond that, the hosts have so much chemistry that they often deviate from football to trade banters and jokes that aren’t always about the game. 

In other words, Pardon My Take is a pardon you will either love or hate. There are no in-betweens. You may like the hosts’ constant banters and off-the-topic remarks. Or, you might get annoyed by the behaviors. 

Listen to Pardon My Take podcast episodes here.

The Fantasy Footballers

If you love Fantasy Football, subscribe to the Fantasy Footballers podcast. It’s arguably the best-rated football fantasy podcast out there. The hosts—Jason Moore, Mike Wright, and Andy Holloway—are hilarious. They’re informed and correct with most of their picks.

The Fantasy Footballers don’t just offer tips to win DFS competitions. They also preview football matches for betting fans. The show posts two episodes per week and the content is always top-notch.

Check out the Fantasy Footballers’ podcast on Spotify.

ESPN Fantasy Focus Football

This is yet another amazing podcast to follow if you love fantasy football. It stars Matthew Berry, Field Yates, and Stephania Bell as they talk about the latest news in world football, from drafts and injuries to player performances and upcoming matches.

ESPN Fantasy Focus is a great podcast for people who love to consume football news through podcasts. Learn about where big names will go during the offseason, coaches being interviewed for different jobs, injuries, and everything else a good football podcast should have.

Listen to ESPN Fantasy Focus football here.

Ross Tucker Football Podcast

Ross Tucker is an accomplished former NFL player and a broadcaster with CBS. In his football podcast, Tucker breaks down everything you need to know about football in roughly 30 minutes.

Similar to many podcasters, Tucker regularly invites NFL executives, former players, and fans to give their insights about football. All the same, the hosts run the show to ensure it’s packed with insightful football takes and not just random rants.

Obviously, Tucker jokes about different teams in his shows. But he’s factual and objective when breaking down plays, calls, and drama in the NFL. 

Listen to the Ross Tucker Football Podcast here.


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