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Bottom Line Bombs – NFL Divisional Playoff Round

Trevor can’t see how KC could get louder than Gary here

Host C.J. Sullivan recaps last weeks winning wild card plays and why everyone has 20/20 rear view vision when it comes to the Tampa Bay loss.   All of the losing assistant coaches get fired, and Tony Dungy would gives his quiet hate speech.  C.J. then detonates 4 Divisional Bombs for the JAX/KC,  NYG/PHI,  CIN/BUF, and DAL/SF games.   Analysis includes:  Waffle House fighting,  Philly Trash Night Fights,  Jungle Fumbles with illegal blocks, and White Angels!   Finally, the “Man in a Box” segment talks about the idiotic blueprint to get caught committing a murder laid out by Brian Walshe a murder.  Clean out your Google History kids and use these picks with bits!  For tobacco use only.


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