Michigan Panthers’ Roster: USFL Draft Results, Rosters, and Roster Analysis

Michigan Panthers’ Roster: USFL Draft Results, Rosters, and Roster Analysis
Michigan Panthers’ Roster: USFL Draft Results, Rosters, and Roster Analysis

The Michigan Panthers’ draft is complete.  The Panthers and seven other United States Football League teams have completed the 2022 USFL Draft and filled their rosters.  The USFL draft took place over two days and involved thirty-five rounds!  Each round of the USFL draft had to draft a specified position.  The first day consisted of 12 rounds, drafting quarterbacks, defensive ends, offensive tackles, and cornerbacks.  The second day of the USFL draft consisted of rounds 13 through 35.  Positions drafted included wide receivers, safety, centers, guards, linebackers, kickers, punters, defensive tackles, and long snappers.

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Michigan Panthers’ Roster: USFL Draft Results, Rosters, and Roster Analysis

What Kind Of Team Will Jeff Fisher Run?

Before breaking down the Michigan Panthers’ roster, first, we have to consider what kind of offense head coach Jeff Fisher will run.  Criticized for his lack of success in the NFL, it is difficult to say what Jeff Fisher will do.  His previous offenses have failed to adapt to the new wide-open scheming most NFL teams have turned to.  While his offenses have been a little basic in the past, Fisher has stated that they plan to open the offense up, but we will believe it when we see it.  Fisher normally runs a 4-3 defense, which consists of four linemen and three linebackers.


Shea Patterson
Paxton Lynch

The Michigan Panthers’ draft started with the number one overall pick.  With this pick, the Panthers selected Shea Patterson, out of Michigan.  Patterson was the top quarterback in the country coming out of high school and started at Ole Miss before transferring to Michigan.  However, coming into the NFL draft scouts were worried about his size and lack of a powerful arm.  But Patterson doesn’t let that deter his play on the field, where he plays with toughness and energy.  He has experience in a pro-style passing attack, which Fisher will most likely implement.  He spent time with the Chiefs, BC Lions, and Montreal Alouettes but has never started on a professional team.

Perhaps there will be a quarterback battle as the second quarterback added to the Michigan Panthers’ roster was former first-rounder Paxton Lynch.  After throwing for 8,863 yards and 59 touchdowns at Memphis, Lynch was drafted by the Denver Broncos in 2016.  He started only a total of four games and threw for 792 yards, four touchdowns, and four interceptions before bouncing from practice squad to practice squad.  Lynch most likely will play with a chip on his shoulder, wanting to prove he can still compete at a professional level.  He is 6-7 and plays with great athleticism.  He plays the pocket quickly and can scramble if needed.  Will be interesting to see which quarterback leads the Michigan Panthers’ roster on April 16th.

Running Backs

Stevie Scott III
Reggie Corbin

The first running back taken in the Michigan Panthers’ draft was Stevie Scott out of Indiana.  Scott is known for having muscles upon muscles.  He’s a hard runner who keeps his legs moving and hits like a train once he gains momentum.  Scott doesn’t panic and will let his blocks develop.  He is also very capable of pass blocking.  Scott will most likely serve as the Panthers’ early-down and goal-line back.  Scott scored 10 touchdowns in each of his seasons at Indiana and rushed for a total of 2,543 yards.

For the thunder that Scott brings, the Michigan Panthers’ roster also added some lightning.  Out of Illinois, Reggie Corbin has drawn comparisons to Giovani Bernard.  He’s an extremely intelligent runner who can accelerate quickly.  Corbin can change tempos quickly to throw defenders off their closing angles.  However, he’s not just a runner as Scott has also shown good route-running ability.  Corbin ran for 2,361 yards and 18 touchdowns at Illinois while also having 343 receiving yards.

Wide Receivers

Quincy Adeboyejo
Lance Lenoir
Ray Bolden
Jeff Badet

The Michigan Panthers’ draft saw them take a total of four wide receivers.  The first added to the Michigan Panthers’ roster was Quincy Adeboyejo out of Ole Miss. Adeboyejo is 6-3 and has a really good height and speed combo.  He operated out of the slot at Ole Miss, but I expect for him to push to the outside in the USFL.  He has a high football IQ and will create matchup issues on the field.  Another receiver taken was Lance Lenoir out of Western Illinois.  Lenoir’s skillset has been compared to Stefon Diggs.  He spent time on the Cowboys and the Bills but was mainly utilized on special teams. Lenoir is Western Illinois’ leader in receptions, receiving yards, touchdowns, 100 and 200-yard games, and consecutive games with a reception.

Two other receivers added to the Michigan Panthers’ roster in the USFL draft were Jeff Badet and Ray Bolden.  Both of these guys will push for time as gadget players due to their speed.  Badet played college at Oklahoma and was used as a kick returner as well as on sweeps and screens.  He started his college career at Kentucky where he had 1385 receiving yards over three seasons.  Bolden, out of Stony Brook, started three years.  During that time, he amassed 2,081 yards and 15 touchdowns.  Both of these players will require fast cornerbacks to keep up with them.

Tight End

Joseph Magnifico
La’Michal Pettway

The first tight end in the Michigan Panthers’ draft was Joseph Magnifico out of Memphis.  Magnifico is a durable tight end who is a very physical player.  Standing at 6-4, he has strong hands and doesn’t drop the ball.  He’s also a physical runner once he has the ball.  Magnifico can run block, pass block, and catch the ball, making him a good all-around tight end for the Michigan Panthers’ roster.  The other tight end added was La’Michael Pettway out of Iowa State. Pettway played wide receiver at Iowa State and even though he doesn’t have a lot of stats to back up his play, he’ll be a welcomed addition to the Michigan Panthers’ draft given his receiving abilities.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they used him as a wide receiver and a tight end.

Offensive Line

(OT) Keith Williams
(G) Marquel Harrell
(C) Sean Richard Pollard
(G) Daishawn Dixon
(OT) Teton Saltes

(OT) Joshua Taylor
(OT) Joshua Dunlop

When the Michigan Panthers’ draft finished adding all the linemen to their roster, they had seven very versatile players.  Out of Colorado State, Keith Williams is a 6-7 monster who gets everything out of his big frame and brings great length.  He moves well and is quick to square up against edge rushers.  Another tackle added to the Michigan Panther’s draft was Teton Saltes out of New Mexico.  Saltes is very quick to get to his lateral blocks and moves more like a tight end.  He has exceptional athleticism.

Joshua Taylor out of Mississippi Valley State will serve as great depth as well as enter when needed.  He can play all five positions on the line, has great footwork, and is very powerful.  Finally, Josh Dunlop out of UTSA has played both right and left tackle and made honorable mention to the All-Conference USA selection in 2019.  He also stands 6-7 and brings very athleticism.

The interior of the line from the Michigan Panthers’ draft also has versatility, starting with center Sean Richard Pollard out of Clemson.  Pollard has starting experience at every position on the line and is known by his coaches for having excellent character.  The guards on Michigan Panthers’ roster include Marquel Harrell and Daishawn Dixon.  Harrell, out of Auburn, can get low and uses his hands very well.  Dixon is 6-5 and has great technique and quickness.  He’s a big-bodied guard that will push linemen around.

Defensive Line

(DE) Adewale Adeoye
(DT) Jaquan Bailey
(DT) TJ Carter
(DE) Cavon Walker

(DE) Chase Demoor
(DT) Kyshonn Tyson

The first defensive player added in the Michigan Panthers’ draft was Adewale Adeoye.  Adeoye is a two-year contributor out of Utah State.  He finished his college career with 83 total tackles, 18 tackles for loss, and 8 sacks.  Adeoye is a physical edge rusher with good quickness.  On the other side of the line Cavon Walker, out of Maryland, was added to the Michigan Panthers’ roster. Walker most recently played defensive tackle in the XFL and led the league with 4.5 sacks.  The other defensive end taken was Chase Demoor out of Central Washington.  Demoor is popular for partaking in Netflix’s dating show Too Hot to Handle.  However, Demoor is very athletic on the football field and has a very strong and physical game style.

The defensive tackles taken in the Michigan Panthers’ draft will be led by Jaquan Bailey out of Iowa State.  Bailey is the school’s all-time leader in sacks and tackles for loss.  He was a full-time starter for most of four years and has a very high football IQ.  Bailey piled up 44 tackles for loss and 25 sacks at Iowa State.  Next to him, TJ Carter out of Kentucky, played defensive end in college.  He’s a 6-4, 245-pound lineman who is used to pushing offensive linemen around.  In college, he totaled 71 tackles, 12 tackles for loss, six sacks, five pass breakups, and 10 quarterback hurries.  Lastly, Kyshonn Tyson out of Grand Valley State was taken.  Tyson is a 6-3, 253-pound lineman who used to play defensive end.  He’ll look to continue to develop his game and provide good depth as a rotational player.


(OLB) Terry Myrick
(ILB) Justin Lorenz Hughes
(OLB) Frank Ginda
(OLB) Tre Threat

After the Michigan Panthers’ draft, they had some playmakers at linebacker.  The first linebacker, Terry Myrick out of Eastern Michigan had been talked about in the upcoming 2022 NFL draft.  Instead, he opted to go in the 2022 USFL Draft.  He was a very productive three-year starter.  Myrick can fly all over the field and has great speed.  He’s a true sideline to sideline linebacker.  Another outside linebacker taken in the USFL draft was Frank Ginda, out of San Jose State.  Ginda adds a true tackler to the Michigan Panthers’ roster.  In his last year of college, he had 94 solo tackles and 173 total tackles.

Playing at the inside linebacker position, Justin Lorenz Hughes out of Kansas State.  Hughes had a season-ending injury in 2019 but bounced back to finish his college career.  He’s known for his great personality and excellent leadership.  Playing in rotation with these three will be Tre Threat out of Jacksonville State.  Threat originally went to Auburn where they played him at both defensive end and outside linebacker.  It was after they switched him H-back that Threat decided to transfer to Jacksonville State so he could go back to playing outside linebacker.

Defensive Backfield

(CB) Tino Ellis
(CB) Jalin Burrell
(S) Orion Stewart
(S) Kieron Williams
(CB) Jameson Houston
(CB) Dominique Martin

The Michigan Panthers’ draft consisted of four cornerbacks and two safeties.  The first was a former four-star recruit out of Maryland, Tino Ellis.  Ellis has excellent hands as a former receiver and is an aggressive cornerback.  He finished his career with 22 pass breakups, an interception, and 71 tackles.  The player I think will win the second cornerback spot on the Michigan Panthers’ roster is Jalin Burrell out of New Mexico.  Burrell has excellent cover skills, stays physical, and has a very high football IQ.  Next in the defensive backfield is Orion Stewart.  A four-year starter at Baylor, Stewart compiled 260 tackles and 12 interceptions.  He is a ball-hawking safety who hits hard.

Providing depth in the defensive backfield on the Michigan Panthers’ roster starts with Jameson Houston out of Baylor.  Houston plays quick on the field and is able to get his head around and bat down balls.  He spent some time recently on the Cleveland Browns.  The other cornerback drafted was Dominique Martin out of Tarleton State. Martin didn’t switch to cornerback until his senior year of college but logged 41 tackles, five interceptions, and 15 pass breakups.  He has a lot of raw talent and could work his way to starter.  Lastly, Kieron Williams out of Nebraska was taken at the safety position.  Williams didn’t get a lot of playing time in Nebraska his senior year but will look to develop behind Orion Stewart and wait for his chance to show what he can do.


The last pick of the Michigan Panthers’ draft was punter Michael Carrizosa out of San Jose State.  Carrizosa was a four-year starter at San Jose State and averaged 47.5 yards, which is a school record.  He also punts with a 4.8 to 5.2 hang time, which makes it hard for the opposing team to return the ball.  Carrizosa may also fill in for field goal duties.  He was originally brought in to San Jose State after the coaches saw a video of him kicking a 63-yard field goal at a kicking camp.  Regardless, Carrizosa adds value to the special teams part of the Michigan Panthers’ draft.


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